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  1. We are moving back to Victoria and our unit is coming up for rent, We are so close to the beach and wonderful neighbours http://www.realestate.com.au/property-unit-qld-redcliffe-411000431
  2. Yes thanks, we have bought a new house in Creswick, an area I love because of its history, and is usually overlooked by migrants but there are so many opportunities as it is only 15 mins from Ballarat
  3. We are moving to Victoria in first week of October. We are currently renting an apartment 200 metres from the entrance to Suttons Beach. We have been here in the rental for 4 years, there are 8 3 bedroom apartments on 2 floors. They comprise of 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms double garage. There are 2 families recently from UK one is member MickyB. Everyone gets on well together. We have a large 50 foot balcony and anther 12 foot off the master bedroom. We pay $400 per week. The owner owns them all and are teriffic to get on with. Anyone interested and want more info of photos let me know. BTW there is a lift which is a bonus especiall in a 2 storey.
  4. BRISBANE is knee-deep in Pommies, who are spurning migration to the southern states in favour of a life in the Sunshine State's capital. A survey commissioned by British bank NatWest has found Australia has displaced New Zealand as the top destination choice for Brits abandoning the mother country. Brisbane has also overtaken Perth as Australia's most popular destination for migrants. One in ten Brisbane residents are British ex-pats | Courier Mail
  5. kernow43

    Taylors of Harrowgate Tea

    A lot dearer than Woolworths though!
  6. kernow43

    Taylors of Harrowgate Tea

    For those who like Taylors tea it is now available in Woolworths supermarkets @ $4.99 per 100 bags. You will see it in the box with the red stripe in the normal tea section:biggrin:
  7. kernow43

    Deception Bay

    Been here in Redcliffe 10 years now & still loving it, house prices have fallen slighty
  8. Already Bligh has been caught out. Queensland cannot afford them. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/leaked-document-reveals-games-blow-out/story-e6freon6-1226225313615
  9. kernow43

    Australia: From lucky country to land of rip-offs

    Have a look at BBC 1 Wednesday nights called Rip off Britain. Same things. I have been here over 40 years, I know things have gone up, but being on an Aussie pension we are far better of than when we were working.
  10. kernow43

    Name of animal which makes strange noise

    Sounds like a bat!
  11. kernow43

    Hobbies and Collectables

    I collect china trios [cup saucer & plate] has to be at least70 years old. have a few from the 1700's
  12. kernow43

    Bakers De Sneeze

    The people handling food with gloves on, then take & give money with the gloved hand!
  13. kernow43

    City and guilds

    Mine was accepted after I paid $500 for a check to be done to see if they were genuine, Mind you this was in Queensland! In 35 years down south never had a problem, in fact they wern't interested in C&G, only if you could do the work. The way it should be!
  14. 54 countries in the Commonwealth, and only two were interested! Strange! 30,000 new full time jobs, I don't believe it. It is a political stunt by Bligh Work it out $1.1 billion cost, 30,000 jobs @ say $1000 each per week, taking into account super, holiday pay etc. That mean the money would be spent in 9 months, and that is not counting material cost. Nope election is coming up and you can't believe or trust Bligh. I am glad it is over the other side of town to me. I would find it also difficult to see any gain to the taxpayer. Sorry just read a statement from Juliar Gillard, the cost is now $1.92 billion plus any over runs. lol As the ex Lord Mayor Jim Sooley said," The Commonwealth Games are archaic today" At least Rudi you will be busy with B7 B
  15. kernow43

    Your Worst Flight(s) EVER.

    From Dubai to Kuwait City with Balkan Bulgaria. I would never fly with them again.
  16. kernow43

    Juliar Gillard

    I meant fail to consult like Rudd failed to consult.
  17. kernow43

    Juliar Gillard

    She wan't step down, she loves the power too much, no she will be stabbed in the back, just like Rudd. That's the way the power brokers work here in Australia.
  18. kernow43

    Juliar Gillard

    Makes rash decisions, fails to consult like Rudd, and she is just an obnoxious person, who will go down in history as the most hated & incompetent PM ever. Can't wait to see her gone. About 30 of us are aready planning a party for her dismissal. Also she is a downright liar.
  19. kernow43

    Juliar Gillard

    Hope my prediction will come true! original post 26-2 2011
  20. kernow43

    How will carbon tax work?

    Don't ask Julia 'cause she don't even know
  21. I fully agree Rebetel is the best by far.
  22. kernow43

    Gadaffi dead

    So if your theory is right we can expect to hear from him in the next few days!:biglaugh:
  23. kernow43

    Gadaffi dead

    Just like Saddam, found in his home town hiding in a hole
  24. kernow43

    Gadaffi dead

  25. kernow43

    Gillard = IDIOT