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Found 32 results

  1. just a general post to find out when you decide australia was or wasn't for you,we have been here 2 years now and made some truly great friends ,work is going well (a bit too well)the children are happy but we still don't get the feeling that we will stay here we aren't unhappy so are just going to give it another year and then think again we may do this for the next 20 years who knows.
  2. Sheep tiping , most country Australians don't have much to do at night so they go cattle and cow tiping. They wate untill they are asleep, the cattle and cows they all ways sleep standing. You go quietly up to them carefull not to wake them up and push them over and see how many you can push over in say one hour . A great Australian tradition.:cool: You just need to watch out for the farmers:realmad: as they don't like finding there cattle and cows in the morring laying on there sides as it hard to get them standing again.:unsure:
  3. Guest

    Staying in Oz on a 457 visa

    My company are in the process of getting me a 457 visa for an 8 month contract in Warrattha on the LNG plant,if i was to go and enjoy working in Australia what would i have to do to stay after this job finishes,would i have to get another company to sponsor me....or is my best option to apply for a visa when i am in Australia......does it cost the same when applying for a visa if you are already in Australia. This is all new to me,any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some comments/thoughts on the following situation: If you had been married to an Australian for a decade and spent most of your working and adult life in Australia, would you stay or return home after your divorce? (looking at it from the point of view of a single woman with no kids in her late thirties) Family at home, but no friends there anymore. Not a lot of work opportunities and even with a good job not enough money to pay for living expenses and paying off debts. Good friends and better working opportunities in Australia but worried about homesickness & the possibility of either staying single in a place far from home or in a relationship but having to raise a family far from home. Any comments would be appreciated.
  5. Hi All Hope someone can help or had experience of this and can give me benefit of their experience. My husband has a job offer in Perth so our visa application was lodged on 1st July (yay!!) We have included our 2 children on the visa aged 17 & 19yrs. My 19 year old is at uni and adamant that he will not be coming to live in Australia with us and the migration agent has told us we have 6 months from grant for him to validate. The 17 year old can't make up her mind but I guess the question would apply to her should she not come with us. Once he has validated the visa does he have until my husband's visa ends if he changes his mind and wants to come over? If we apply for residency how does this effect the kids on the visa if they are not living with us at the time? My guess is they would then not be able to come out as the original 457 visa would have been changed to a residency visa? If they are not dependent would they be able to come out on a family sponsored visa? Any advice would be great thanks Candice
  6. One minute we are going ~ The next we are staying We just cant all seem to decide that its what we totally want :unsure: Please help ~ Im going crazy :wacko:
  7. Im 20, and pregnant, due 3rd Decemeber!... I have a nan who lives in australia (i've been twice before), and i was supposed to be going over on a 1year working holiday (then extend it 2 years when im over there), and now have found out im pregnant, so what is the longest visa that i can stay in OZ for with a baby? ... Thanks! :wubclub:
  8. Guest

    staying in australia

    there a section on pio that is called (moving back to the uk) on this section many people give there views on returning to the uk--so i thought id balance this out a bit by posing the question (staying in australia) it seems like a balanced thing to do--so why are you staying in australia:wubclub:
  9. Hi, I am currently in the process of getting a working holiday visa . I am coming over in September . I have got family in Perth , 2 uncles ,2 aunties and 3 cousins . I am going to work the 3 months to gain my second year of my working visa . After the second year runs out will I be able to apply to stay in Australia or will I have to return to the uk ? I am 23 years old and have just qualified as an electrician . I would be grateful for any help , Lee
  10. mickyb

    Staying in the cold !

    The shippers came amonth ago , set sail on tuesday , finished work a week ago , sold all my remaining tools ,dogs been rehomed to really nice people ,one in wales ,one in portsmouth right by the sea , gave all remaining clothes ,including all winter wear to charity ,all plates kitchen utensils and everything gone . hotel booked at heathrow for saturday night ,flights booked for sunday morning ,two nights in kuala lumpar then on to brisbane .wednesday afternoon,transfered all our money to ANZ bank bar acouple of hundred pounds, dentists and wife gets a safe to fly certificate from the doctor then thursday morning .... awoken by strange noises coming from the ensuite ! 5am and the mrs b is sat in the shower 'i think my waters have broken ' so down to the hospital and after a lot of contractions at 4pm she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who despite being 41 days early weighed 5lb 6oz . he needed CPAP for 12 hours but is breathing fine now just abit of trouble feeding so got a tube in his stomach but he's in great hands at kettering general hospital and a big thanks to all the wonderful staff that assisted in his delivery and in the dependancy unit and my lovely wife .but what happens next ive no idea !kids ay !:unsure::rolleyes::spinny:
  11. gazsmith

    Children staying in the UK

    Hi All, I am desperate to start the process of migration to OZ and desperately need advice on the question of Medicals for my children who will be staying in the UK. We have been led to believe that they are required to have medicals as part of this process but my gut feeling is that the Ex will not allow this due to her own personal gains, I still wish to pay for them and so forth but i am worried i will spend so much money on assessments etc only to be let down by this! I need to know if there is a way around this and would appreciate any help from anyone who may of encountered this or a similar problem when going through the migration process. Please Help!!!! we need to get over there and start a great new life!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. After many weeks of to-ing and fro-ing (after we had "definately" made the decision to return to the UK), we have decided to stay. The reasons? Well, the children were born here and are settled and were feeling pretty traumatised about going back. Another reason? My husband has a well paid job here and not much possibility of another one being offered in his field in the UK(specialised IT), it seemed foolish to upsticks and go over with no job and no prospects. Another reason? Well, the 'lifestyle' that I mocked before is actually quite important for my children (two with mild autism). They have space, privacy and nature on their doorstep and are happy. Me? I am adjusting to staying. I am beginning to wake up and smell the roses. I was homesick but you can never really go back to how things were. I am gaining a new appreciation of life over here and with the prospect of yearly visits back to Scotland, I think I will cope! I just wanted to be honest and post how things are now. What an emotional rollercoaster it has been. :spinny:
  13. Guest

    Dependant staying in uk?

    Can anyone answer my question please? My son is 16 and is included as a dependant on our visa application. Can he come back to the uk temporarily after activating the visa with the family, to continue his studies? He will be over 18 when he finally comes to join us in OZ.
  14. Guest

    856 ENS staying with employer

    Hi, Does anybody know if on an 856 ENS visa you have to stay with your employer for 2 years or as I am a permanent resident this doesnt matter? Thinking of setting up my own business is why I ask. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Just wondered if anyone on here lives in/around Rockingham and commutes to and from the city. Just arrived in Perth Thurs 28th, checked out Rockingham yesterday, seems nice ... wonder how easy the commute may be and any info on buses. Thanks Nats
  16. My stepson made the decision not to migrate with us but we have added him to the visa application anyway incase he changes his mind. Will he beable to validate his visa when he comes over on holiday (probably about a year after we arive). he wont be permenantly living in the country so would his visa expire eventually?
  17. Hey guys, Here is my situation...... -I am British, My partner is Australian. -We have been in a De Facto relationship since February 2009. -I have been in Australia since June on a Working Holiday Visa. -We are planning to apply for the temporary/permanent partner visa in 6 months time when we have been living together for one whole year. -I have recently scored myself a great job with excellent prospects and would like to stay on with them for longer than 6 months (those 6 months will end in February). Now, I have worked out that I can happily apply for the partner visa whilst on my WHV but can I then keep on with my new job as I will then be on a different visa (without the 6 month restrictions) or will I still be under the same rules as before? Any help would be amazing. I have searched for this all over the place but can't seem to find an answer. Thanks in advance!!! Helene x
  18. Hi All, Briefly i would just like to say we are now staying put as Mark doesn't want to risk losing all we have built up in our 20 years together.. he is scared it might not work in oz and as we work as a team the decision has been made. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have helped and you know who you are and to wish everyone Good Luck for the future and i hope all of you who are waiting on your visa get to hear soon. I will still pop on to see how people are doing and Thank you PIO for being there to help everyone. I must just say a special , public this time, Thank you to Gill who is great and also a big thank you to Chris Mac and Nigelinoz, I have meet some great friends here again you know who you all are and i don't want to embarrass you lol, oops sorry, this wasn't brief at all lol, Bye for now Gail and Roma 2 (Frankie) x
  19. well were do i start,me and the 2 kids were due to leave brisbane for uk on 18 may the wife was going to follow in october !!!!!!!!!!! on friday motherinlaw and wifes gran came over for a month. by the saturday after lots off tears the decision was made to stay. the reason on the sat morning my ex boss phones me up offering work for the next 6 months at least. i am a carpenter and has struggled to find any work since xmas. also one off my mates phones me up and tells me that he wants me to do chippy work on his new house which will be ready in about 6 weeks,i could not belive it....so here i stay for the forceible future. also as tickets were non refuntable i am going for a quick trip back home for just over 2 weeks as wife has reallys over i have been given a pass !!!!!!!!!! at least i get to see climax of footy season and hopefully see united lift 2 trophies !!!!!!!!!!!!! so roll on my future in australia. didnt really want to go home in first place,but there was no work,but funny how thinks change so quick.:jiggy:
  20. lizg

    Dream is Over - I'm Staying

    Following my fourth visit to Oz last month I finally got a reality check. It's not for me! All along I've let my heart rule my head but just in time the reality sunk in. Please do not let this post put any of you off your dream - it is not meant to be negative and relates only to my personal experience and my situation. I was following the Contributary Parent Visa route which requires a first instalment of £700 then a balance of thousands which I would have had to raise from the sale of my house. I've already paid the Australian Government £700 for the first instalment of my visa which I will lose but if I had kept going I believe I would have lost much more. I will miss not seeing my grandchildren as often as I would like but in 8 years time I will be retired and be able to spend 6 months of every year with them on a temp visa. My reasons for staying? Here are a few: I will own my house outrigt in 4 years but in Oz I would have had to rent for the rest of my life. If I stay I will have a decent pension but if I left now I wouldn't If I was able to find a job at my age (55) I would be lucky to get a third of my current salary If I go I will need to take any money from the sale of house and use it to cover living expenses and my son and grandchildren will lose their inheritance I would have been very lonely on my own without my friends around me It took me 5 days to pluck up the courage to tell my son I wouldn't be joining them but luckily he listened to my arguments and agreed - maybe it was the inheritance bit that did it! Anyway, back on British soil I am much more content now that I have reached my decision. While waiting on the visa I was in limbo. Couldn't make any long term plans. Now I'm redesigning the kitchen and garden and even buying new winter clothes! Hope I haven't put anyone off, especially the CPV's still going through the process. I just thought I would give you an update on my situation. Good luck to all of you pursuing your dream - it just isn't mine anymore. Liz x
  21. Hello again everyone. I'm sorry i couldn't make the Bush Fire fundraiser but at short notice i had the offer of a couple of weeks work in Perth (expenses paid). If there are still raffle prizes left, i will happily buy some and put the money into a bank account or paypal account. Anyhow, as a result of the Perth work, i now have full time employment:biglaugh: Unbeknown to me, they were using this job to check me out. I must have done okay because they have given me a great package and a gurantee of work for at least a year. That means once i go back to Scotland at the end of May, the rest of the gang will be following. You should all be prepared for the experience of meeting Jack is all i can say. Really looking forward to meeting all the people who have given me words of support or help on here and thanking you all face to face. Just means another 9 weeks until i see the rest of the gang:sad:. Cheers Graham
  22. The Pom Queen

    Top 5 Reasons For Staying in Oz

    Ok guys We have a thread on the Top 5 Reasons to Leave Oz, I think it's only fair if we have one for the Top 5 Reasons to stay in Oz: I will start us off. 1) Weather is sooooo much better, even in Melbourne 2) So many outdoor activities for the children to get involved in 3) There are sooo many beautiful places to visit, I think it will take me a lifetime just to see everything Victoria as to offer let alone the other states and the bonus is most of the sights are free. 4) Wildlife, I just love seeing the parrots flying around, the roos in the parks etc 5) Everyone is so laid back and a lot less stressed, a lot better way of life for families. These are my top 5, I understand there will be people that don't agree with me and that is fine, but please can we keep this thread for the positives of Australia as there seem to be so many negative posts at the moment it gets a little depressing. :notworthy:
  23. Hi Everyone. This is my first post and dont generally post on other forums. Im really impressed with this forum and being many thousands of miles away from home i feel comforted knowing that there are other brits around having the same thought as me. Im really grateful for the help. Ive been in sydney for almost two months now after accepting a job at fox studios. We were really excited to move to australia and saw it as a great place to bring up our baby boy. I was born and grew up in Zimbabwe (when it was great and stable) and wanted the same outdoor, fresh lifestyle that i had for my son. We were living in the Uk for about 20 years before moving over. My dilema is whether to stay in sydney or move to areas around brisbane - preferably a child friendly area around the gold coast or sunshine coast. Im a little disappointed on how things are in sydney and its not really the paradise life we expected. I have a lot of mates from queensland and sydney and their views are very different - they both dislike the other place - i hear that most people (from sydney to) see sydneysiders as being quite rude and think themselves above their station. Things are a bit more expensive than i thought it would be which is disappointing. At the moment im living in clovelly near the beach but again isnt what we thought it would be. The guys from brissy say it doesnt hold up to the beaches in brisbane - having said that i like manly (nsw) I work in film visual effects for the hollywood projects and know that there is a small company in warner village that do my line of work - even though it would be a step down in career i am more than willing to make the move if the life for my wife and baby is a better one. after all you only have one life and your cv doesnt mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. by the way my wife is a forensic scientist but will be taking time out to be with the baby - she will really feel comforted knowing that there are other brits with families around. its scary being away from the family. What im trying to gauge from this post is: how many people have made the move from either the uk to brisbane or from sydney to brisbane and what where the reasons for that move? What does brisbane have that sydney doesnt have? Why would i want to move to brissy from sydney and why did you guys? We are planing a short holiday to brisbane and the surrounding areas - but living in a place is completely different to having a holiday there. are things genreally cheaper in brisbane than sydney and is it by a lot? Please dont get me wrong - i like sydney but just wondering if theres better out there. thank you so much for reading this long winded post - any replies would be very welcome and appreciated. just got foxtell sorted so i can watch the premiership - up the magpies! hamz
  24. hello I have just started the process of applying for a business visa. Does anyone know if I can enter the country on a different visa class whilst i am waiting for the business visa to come through. Thanks
  25. Who lives in a house like this? YOU COULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After visiting OZ in May 08 for a rekkie to decide where to live as my wife and I could not get much info on places directly I thought I would produce a website for people by people with this in mind. I am currently in the early stages of producing this site (http://www.stayinoz.co.uk ,NOT online yet) for anyone who wants to move to Oz or just go for a Holiday which will combine rentals, hotels, apartments and any places you can stay in Oz. If you have visited anywhere or are staying there now please reply to this thread with the name of the place you are staying at, location in oz, contact details for place (website or email preferably). If I can get them on my site then I will contact you back to ask for a review (if you want to of course). Also if you have any comment or request please don't hesistate to contact me either I will do my best to reply to everybody as quickly as possible. I love Australia can't wait to move there with my wife:jiggy: Timo (Emma's Husband)