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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all Just opened a Commonwealth Bank account online. Of course I still need to go and show my ID at the branch I chose when registering, but I'll have plenty of time on my hands when I arrive...! Will let you know how it goes [won't be happening until after 27 May though].
  2. Banks dilemma!! what would you choose ANZ or Commonwealth. We need to open an account undecided between ANZ or Commonwealth would like to know what you guys think? Please help x:cute:
  3. Hi folks, I have just found out my medical has been referred to a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth by the Health Operations Centre, after e-mailing the centre to see how long it would take for it to be processed. Is this normal? I had a minor medical issue several years ago but nothing for the last two plus years. Thanks in advance! Jenny
  4. Hiya. I am thinking of opening a Commonwealth Bank account before we get to Oz, but I had a couple of questions that I'd love unbiased answers to (rather than the bank's answers!). 1) Is there another bank that doesn't charge you $6.00 a month to have an account?! 2) Will I get taxed for moving my UK money into an Australian account? (This worries me, as I already got taxed EARNING the money!) 3) Is there another bank that's good, as the Commonwealth is involved in the unfair closure of the Sandringham Hotel in Sydney (a great music venue - Save our Sando!) and I don't really want to give them my custom. Any advice gratefully received, thank you!! :-)
  5. Dear, I had commonwealth DEBT which i wasn't aware of. and case officer sent me following e-mail. Dear Mr XXX Our records indicate you have an outstanding debt of $4,500 to the Commonwealth for Litigation. Public interest criterion 4004 of Schedule 4 of the Regulations must be met in order for a visa to be granted. PIC 4004 The applicant does not have outstanding debts to the Commonwealth unless the Minister is satisfied that appropriate arrangements have been made for payment. The debt can be repaid in full at Overseas POST counters. Please provide the receipt details via email (preferably with a screen shot) for updating of DIAC Onshore systems. .......................... I have already made arrangement to pay the DEBT in full. my question is, is my VISA going to be refused on this ground even after i pay the debt? please advice...any comments would be very helpful. I have applied on January 2009..all my documents are showing MET in the system.
  6. YEAHY!! Well the Gold Coast will be hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Great news for the Queensland Economy with an estimated 30000 new full time jobs to be created as a result of this win. Love Rudi x
  7. lizzy27

    Debt to the commonwealth

    What is classed as a debt to the commonwealth? Just curious?On the visa app it says no debt to the commonwealth, so if you have a small credit card will your visa get refused?
  8. Guest

    Debt owed to commonwealth aus

    Just wanted to know. I have just applied for a visa and am aware of the importance to clear all debts owed to the commonwealth Aus. How can you check if you owe anything. I met with an accident before my travel offshore and i know I have a hospital bill to pay which was suppoed to be taken care of by my insurance company and hasn't. I also have a ortho bill with a clinic. How do I locate what I owe If i dont have the bills or name of the place.. WIll this affect my visa application.
  9. thepallis

    Commonwealth Bank ???

    Has anyone got any info on whether commonwealth bank will allow you to open bank account before arriving in country. My son is coming on WHV and is wanting to open account before he flys next week...
  10. Hi guys, My boyfriend and I set up a joint bank account yesterday morning. We have been using his account entirely, and he asked the lady to shut it down and transfer the funds to our new joint account. Anyway, got home yesterday afternoon and logged on to netbank just to double check. On both our log-ins it says we have no account! Same thing tonight, it's been 36 hours or so. And our money is nowhere to be seen.... I'm assuming that it just takes a couple days for it to process and sort out, but just a little worried as the lady at the bank didn't mention there being any kind of delay with our accounts showing up. All she mentioned was that our cards would take 5 or 6 days to be posted through. Any solutions to put my mind at rest? Thanks! Sophie.
  11. Guest

    The Commonwealth Bank

    Commonwealth Bank boss Ralph Norris says rate rises are good for the economy | News.com.au Well it's nice to know that they worry about the common man and making huge profits causes them to lose sleep at night.
  12. Seems to be very quiet on the English front.......... Don’t want to talk about whom is leading the medal table as I will be accused of being a flag waving insecure Aussie.... :cry: I guess if you aren’t doing well best to be quiet!!!!!!! :wink::tongue: AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OYE, OYE, OYE :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  13. Guest

    Commonwealth Doctor Medical

    My Mum's medical has been forwarded on to one of the commonwealth doctors for further investigation. Has anyone else had this and or is it bad news?
  14. Hi all As any one used commonwealth visas.com before. If so what did you think are they any good.:wideeyed:
  15. England is poised to pull out of next year’s Commonwealth Games over fears that athletes will be victims of a terrorist attack, England ready to pull out of Commonwealth Games over terror risk - Telegraph The athletes well being is foremost.
  16. noel2538

    Commonwealth Bank

    Hi all We off to Melbourne on 25th May and have already organised bank account through Commonwealth. They dont charge for transferring money over from UK to Oz if over £30,000 and as we'll be sending more than this thought this is good. However looking at their website exchange rate is 2.001 mark where Hfix are 2.02 why? We have account sent up with Hfix sent Visa payments over but they charge dont they? As the rate is so cr*p at the moment..is it worth doing transfer in smaller amount ie £30k at a time? But doesnt this incurr a Currency Tax or something? Sure somebody will sent me on the straight and narrow:hug:
  17. The Bray Family

    Commonwealth Bank or NAB

    Hi All I am looking to set up bank accounts before we move to Brisbane. I would like the bank to provide these services. Set up current accounts for the whole family. Transfer funds from UK to Australia. Provide a savings account for the transferred funds. Provide pension advice and transfer. Arrange a personal adviser for the yearly tax return. Is there a way to compare them both, fees, rates etc. Who would you recommend and why? Or would I be better opening accounts with both banks? If i arrive in Brisbane before the rest of the family will this cause a problem? Cheers Terry
  18. anyone on here got any experiece of using Commonwealth Immigration for their agent? My dad's dug them up and they have a seminar / exhibition stand in London this weekend and he's pushing me to go and see them. My worry is that they've asked us to fill in quite a detailed assessment form prior to going, it feels a bit like a hard sell to me. feedback gratefully received... Matt