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Found 27 results

  1. I am looking for the name of an animal which makes an extremely loud, long-lasting screeching sound (=noise), starting and ending abruptly. Almost every night shortly after dark the animal in question, which seems to be sitting in or living near trees, starts this noise together with several of its cheeky animal friends of the same sort, almost like a concert. What a clever little bugger, whatever it is....... It's a terribly noisy, loud, screechy, and kind of creepy sound. Like a siren, a broken door alarm of some sort. Sorry can't describe it any better. BTW I live in St Kilda if that helps. Does anyone know what that animal is called? Has anyone heard the sound too? I am curious to find out.:err::eek:
  2. There's two outside my flat over by the restaurant El Bulli - dressed 'up to the nines', hair, makeup, everything is perfect, yet they want to smell like ashtrays?
  3. Hi all, When nominating someone for an 856 visa, if the business made a loss in the previous financial year, could this be a problem? Or is there no set rule for this and is each case judged individually. Many thanks for your time. Doing a geographical.
  4. Hi all, I've just heard from my agent, and he has put the feelers out with Vetasess about whether or not they are likely to pass me on my qualifications. In a nutshell, I have an NVQ level 4, which my governing body recognise as a degree, but Vetassess may not. As he didn't actually show Vetassess my CV, and therefore they are unaware of other courses, depth of experience etc, would you think it's worthwhile still putting an application in? What exactly do they look at? I need a degree for my job type (according to the visa), so will Vetassess just strike me off straight away, or will they consider other factors such as experience etc? My agent was only giving me his informed opinion, of course, he wasn't saying outright that they would fail me, but he didn't want me to spend money only to find out that they will. I just wondered what peoples experiences are of Vetassess........?
  5. Guest

    what makes you grumpy

    for me its women drivers doing there hair/lippy/eye lashes whilst driving:mad:it a 1 ton car not a bathroom:nah:--and why don't they indicate--its because there scared of breaking one of there nails:no:anyway other than me what makes you grumpy
  6. Taken from newscomau messages. Machete used in violent home invasion | Perth Now What has happened to Perth. I remember a time when things weren't like this. Interesting too to read the messages on the same page
  7. Makes an interesting read: ABC news: Population boom inescapable: report - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Quoting - "strong population growth is "probably inescapable" and even the figure of 36 million is only achievable by factoring a significant reduction in migrant intake." Sydney Morning Herald: Population boom inevitable, PM told Quoting - "even if annual net migration was lowered to an unrealistically low 60,000 per annum, Australia's population would still reach 29 million by 2050."
  8. this post will hopefully be an inspiration to our teenagers / younger adults out there and possibly their parents who are worried that their kids are doin it hard at the moment ..... when we arrived 18months ago ...our daughter came with us ..permanent residents ....she was 19 when we got here and to say she struggled was an understatment ....she had a few jobs here and there ....she had already done her trainin in uk as a beauty therapist ...but when we arrived we could not afford to send her back to college to transfer her quals over ....so the beauty side took a back burner and she had to find paying work ....as the months went on she became more and more down and we could see a dramatic change in our once lively happy go lucky girl ...and as parents it was very hard to watch ...anyway to cut long story short when she told us she wanted to go home we were devestated ,,,but knew in our hearts she had to do it ....so on jan 30th this year she headed back to scotland .....BUT ...within the first few months of being home ..guess what ...yep she decided that maybe she had made a mistake SO ...she booked her ticket and arrived back in oz on sept 5th ....i knew straight away when she walked through the airport that we had our lovely daughter back ...full of renewed energy and having lost some weight looked fab !! ....well that was about a month ago now ....and she now is a supervisor working in subway and trainin for assistant manageress job ....not the perfect career but it is full time and good money ...she has looked into going back to college to do her beauty thing BUT ....the proudest moment of my life was seeing her in her fire fighting kit this morning ...as she has joined the VOLUNTEER FIRE SERVICE .....i cant believe how much she has turned her life around in such a short space of time .....and as all parents know if children are happy then so are we .....heres to the next year of life in oz and all it has to offer ...:jiggy: mrs keily
  9. Guest

    Pet Crate Makes

    Hello, I am about to by the one for my boy; my agency recomended me Vari-kennel which one did you use and would you recommend it or not? Thanks a lot:biggrin:
  10. Hi folks. Have you ever wanted to smack the next person in the face who says, 'Its Character Building', or What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger'. I know, I know, the above sentiments are said with the best of intentions the vast majority of the time, and they are said in a willingness to try and help, AND there is undoubtedly a LOT of truth in them as well, BUT. Don't you just occasionally want to say to the person involved, 'Just pi77 off, and leave me alone'.:biglaugh::biglaugh: These statements are often said after something bloody awful has happened and there you are wondering what the hell you are going to do next to get your life back on track. Redundancy, breakup, death of a loved one, the list is endless. As I said the vast majority of the time these sentiments are said in order to try and help, but at certain times all you want to hear is that your life is indeed crap and yet again you have messed up. Honesty is often the best policy you know.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  11. Hi Everyone, I just passed my driving test and will be buying my first car. I want a fairly decent one and I have a budget of $10-15k. What are the cheapest car makes in Australia? Some are so expensive! Thanks all
  12. Is it circumstances like not having close family to leave behind? Is it being well-travelled and being used to living away from 'home'? Is it an outgoing personality and independence maybe? Or is it none of these things and just a case of living it and seeing how it works out for some people? Is there such a thing as a 'type' of person who is likely to settle? Be interested to hear your views :wubclub: Sue x
  13. Hi guys, I joined this forum a few months back but havn't been around for a while. Then I received an email from POI saying you missed me and could I be tempted back :cute: I believe in fate (long story) so that's why I am here now. I am a member of another forum which I am going to TRY to leave as I'm soooo fed up of the whinging attitudes and sarcastic, belitteling comments from other members :eek: Hopefully I may have something to contribute to this site as I now have my visa (175) in my passport, I have booked my flights, I have secured a job in Victoria (mornington) I, have found 4 weeks accommodation in Oz, have left my job in the NHS (i am a nurse) and now I'm busy packing as we move out at the end of this month and I'm going to live with my In-laws from Wednesday next week :arghh: I also have 3 grown children and nearly 2 grandchildren who I am going to miss more than anything in the world (thats Niamh on the drums haha). I'm now in the "O MY GOD" :wacko: stage of are we doing the right thing and hoping to give and receive advice, share feelings and anything else that I can. I'm also sitting on a garden chair, have ice-cubes in cool bags and doing my washing wherever I can as I have now sold most of my belongings :shocked: It is really nice to meet you all and that's my story in a nutshell! I would love to share my experiences with you and offer advice or just a little sympathy for when things get too much. Amanda xx
  14. The global financial crisis is forcing backpackers to look for harvest work due to a shortage of hospitality and bar jobs in cities, according to National Harvest Labour Information Service (NHLIS) manager Robert Cameron. Cameron told the Weekly Times the NHLIS was receiving more than 1000 phone calls a day from backpackers looking for seasonal work. He said the GFC had reduced spending on discretionary items such as eating out, making hospitality jobs hard to come by and forcing backpackers into the fields.
  15. Guest

    Who makes these decisions?

    Couple vow they won't be parted by Home Office decision over wife's visa we have complaints both sides of the pond, but I feel so sad at this disturbing story.... painful to think some little clerk isnt using their "grey cells" here!:mad: Susie
  16. Why is it that some of us move over here and immediately slot straight in, can't get enough of the place and remain blissfully happy here? whilst others just cannot seem to settle, dislike it pretty much as soon as they get here and decide it definitely isn't the paradise they envisaged. After all we all had the same dream! I envy those who instantly fall in love with Australia. They don't have to go through the trauma and fear that a sudden 'U turn' can involve. They also avoid the feelings of failure/doubt and fear that can accompany those 'giving up and admitting defeat. Maybe it's just that we are all different, or is to do with the life we left behind? Surely most of us have come out here for the same reasons, an easier more relaxed way of life, sunshine and a better future for our kids. I'm baffled as to what influences the difference of feelings amongst us here!!
  17. kernow43

    What makes Australia special?

    A new website out today, could be interesting! Join in. AllofAus - brought to you by Qantas
  18. This is an old blog, but makes for very interesting reading, was released about the same time and in response to that survey on what makes a Brit British. What makes an Aussie, Aussie? | News.com.au Your Say Blog
  19. Guest

    What makes you homesick?

    Recently as I had a trip planned I loaded up my MP3 player with loads of my favourite British albums only to find that I couldn't actually listen to them as they made me want to cry... What triggers your tears???
  20. Am still compiling docs for the 457 Visa and one of the requirements is a letter confirming dates that I have worked at a specific employer. Now it's a bit of a long story with this employer..I worked with them twice and resigned on both occasions. The second time I resigned (6 months ago), they were extremely unprofessional because they didnt want me to leave. Now I just need them to confirm the dates for me that I worked there on letter headed paper, I don't think that they will do it just because they still hold a grudge. What can I do about this??
  21. Ok, maybe I am jumping the gun a bit early here. I thought I would wake up today to find loads more information on the new Pathway D proposal. I cant find anything. I just want someone to tell me in plain english what the new proposals mean for people in my situation. My husband works in I.T. but because he has worked there since leaving school he has no formal qualificaitons. Can anyone tell me if the new proposals say anywhere that it will improve the system for people with no qualificaitons.? Its all very confusing to me and as we dont have an agent yet most of the jargon you read means nothing to us as yet. Help before I go insane :cry:
  22. Hi guys, Just wanted to moment to let off steam. I was looking for previous threads about lifestyle in OZ. Came across some threads by the above mentioned Len. Have to say I am disappointed to say the least. I must be extremely naive, I thought going to Oz would be a good idea, not only to escape our immigrants who do nothing to help our Country. Only to find that native Auzzie's appear to have the same opionion of us. Am I being really sensitive here? I dont want to live in a Country where the Oz orignals resent me for coming to a country where I believe I can give my family a better life. Then I thought some more I realised that there must be some immigrants in UK who have contributed to our country and are tarred with the same brush as we appear to be getting in Oz (if this person Len is anything to go by). Anyway just wanted to say thanks to Len2000 for giving me second thoughts and making me realise my fears of being an outcast on OZ appear to be confirmed.:arghh:
  23. Guest

    money makes the world go around

    Hope someone could give us some advise! If we ar successfull at this visa lottery game we would be in the following situation. £135000 cash to buy property in Western Aus $48500 income from job offer with W.A. correstional services. £6500 approx pension that I can take with me including anual incriments. What we would like to knowis, a, can we buy a nice house in a good area with the sort of money we have (hopefully no mortgage) b,is the income from job and pension enough for decent standard of living. Alot to ask I know but I have looked through this forum for a while now and there always seems to be someone with the right advise. Thank you in advanse to all of you.:v_SPIN:
  24. Sitting today dreaming of going home(Scotland) again and suddenly wondered " How has this happened to me? " Honestly I would have put money on us staying,we couldn,t wait to adopt the aussie way of life,meet new people ,take on new challenges and become a 100% aussie . Alas it was not to be and I cant wait to get back. What I want to know is ....to all who love it here(Congratulations by the way) what has made the move worth all the hard work and sacrifices. IMHO brisbane has offered me nothing that is worth my little one never getting to know her grandparents(and vice versa). We broke alot of hearts moving here and I haven't seen anything that has made it worth while. I just keep thinking people are more important than places. So why am I different? What is it about Oz that keeps you wanting more.?
  25. Guest

    makes of cars

    Hi does anyone know what makes of cars they have in oz? do they have renault and peugeot? Cheers john & michelle.