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Found 25 results

  1. Guest

    Dead Bird found in Salad

    A man found the skeletal remains of a dead bird in a bag of Tesco Salad :shocked: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-finds-dead-bird-in-store-bought-salad-bag.html
  2. It's all happening, folks; gardenias are coming into flower and giving off their magnificent scent, so too with the frangipani. Bougainvilleas are in full bloom, tropical orchids are coming into flower, Poincianas are flowering...Sun is warming up...:biggrin: And the lawn needs mowing again...:laugh: Aint October great???:jiggy: Cheers, Bobj.
  3. tonyman

    6 Million Jews Dead ......

    my daughter has been reading the Once , Now and Then books ......she seems to be a little obsessed about the going ons in the war .....ive just read a small caption from the book and i WILL read the rest , but why do the Jews have such a big hang up with the brits when it was the Natzi`s that tried to wipe them out ....ive passed many a Jew in Salford Madchester and they dont even look at you , what is their problem with the race that saved them ...?......:mad:
  4. supa

    Gadaffi dead

    So gadaffi is dead and I must admit that I think this is the best outcome. After hearing how he died and seeing him dragged through the streets though I couldn't help wondering if this was OK. On the one hand if he slaughtered one of mine I'd want him strung up and yet I couldn't help thinking that there isn't much difference between this and the atrocities he has commited. What do you think? I'm wondering though when the kids are going to stop chanting Gadaffi is gadeddi.
  5. He lost an arm and suffered severe hip injuries whilst snorkelling on Tuesday in what was the second fatal shark attack in the same area this month. No sharks attacks since 1962 in this area The second this month :eek: A 36-year-old French tourist was killed by a shark off the same beach just over two weeks ago. why the hell did they not ban swimming till this rouge shark was caught? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14552788
  6. tonyman

    Basil has died ....

    whats the life span of Basil ......ive enjoyed having it in the herb garden as the smell is so lovely ,as is the corriander but its only stayed around for a matter of weeks ,is this normal , does it come back...? as there is no seed unlike corriander......
  7. tracy123

    Another 2 dead!

    When are people going to learn that doing a full day’s work, loading a car and then driving to your destination is not a safe thing to do? Tonight I watched 2 helicopters take flight carrying 3 critical ill people, while leaving 2 dead behind, a whole family wiped out just so they could start their long weekend early. What a waste of life R.I.P. Every night you can see tired people driving somewhere, you see them speed up, slow down, wonder across lanes, leave there high beam on etc, then you see those cars/trucks in ditches where people have wondered too far, and then on nights like tonight body bags laying next to the accident. In these last 2 weeks, I’ve seen 2 truck rollovers, 1 truck in a ditch, 3 cars in ditches, 2 cars that have ran off the road, needing help and this death! Not to mention all of the wondering cars. That’s just on 1 of our major highways.
  8. Guest

    brain dead!!!

    hi all i'm yet another newbie invader :wub: been reading loads of posts and think you are all doing a great job helping others out with info. well, me and my OH have been talking about oz for a while now, its still a while off for us as we need to save but there are some things i need to clarify, if anyone could help that would be brill. im 31, occupational therapist with 6 years experience, my OH 23 (cradle-snacther i know:yes:) an electrician with 2 years experience. i have looked into the visa and i qualify for 175 skilled, this is where i get confused....:arghh: does OH have to have a separate visa or do we apply for me and he goes on mine? i also have a 12 yr old dtr, does she need separate visa too??? we are looking to go in around 18 months, this gives me time to save enough pennies to ride the storm when we get there.....anyone tell me how much they set off with? with the 18 month mark in mind when would you suggest we apply for visa? will it run out/expire, do i have a certain amount of time to get out of uk?? i know this has all prob been answered but i cant find all my answers?:goofy: any new starting from scratch advise will be a great helpxxxxx ty guys xxxxx
  9. Rudi

    Osama Bin Laden dead

    BREAKING NEWS: Reports are that Bin Laden is dead and that the US have his body.
  10. not sure where to start looking to sort this out. I have a dead fox (he's a biggun) in my garden.... cannot bring myself to remove it as it is covered in flies (yuk yuk yuk yuk) :eek:.... anyone know who I should contact to come and remove him/her?? We live NOR. Grateful for any advice. :idea:
  11. shazney64

    DIAC phone why is it dead?

    Trying to ring DIAC phone number will ring twice then a dead tone or when press last number redial number is dead. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. kernow43

    Voice of Boxing dead

    Harry Carpenter, voice of boxing, RIP Harry Carpenter, voice of boxing, RIP – Telegraph Blogs He certainly brings back memories.:sad:
  13. kernow43

    Now another great dead

    British jazz legend Sir John Dankworth dies aged 82 British jazz legend Sir John Dankworth dies aged 82 - Times Online Thats two I have heard of today, who is going to be third?
  14. mr luvpants

    Are 175s dead in the water?

    I have been reading on here about all the 175 visas that are being processed and to be honest I am confused! My wife is a Nurse and we would prefer to apply for a 175 as it would give us more flexibility but there is no mention of a 175 visa in the list of priorities which were brought out on the 23 September: 1. applications from people who are employer sponsored under the ENS and the RSMS 2. applications from people who are nominated by a State/Territory government and whose nominated occupation is listed on the Critical Skills List (CSL) 3. applications from people who are sponsored by family and whose nominated occupation is listed on the CSL 4. applications from people who are neither nominated nor sponsored but whose nominated occupation is listed on the CSL 5. applications from people who are nominated by a State/Territory government whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL 6. (i) applications from people whose occupations are listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) and (ii) applications from people who are sponsored by family and whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL. I had always assumed that 175s were classed in priority 7: 7. all other applications are to be processed in the order in which they are received. We have applied for state sponsorship and were waiting till January 2010 which is when my wife has completed a year as a nurse and then we were going to apply for a 176. And bearing in mind the new list of priorities I thought that applying for a 175 was a waste of time. So am I wrong? JOHN
  15. BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Boyzone star Stephen Gately dies shocking.
  16. Apparently there are fears that a smaller tsunami may be headed for New Zealand. Reports up to 40 dead after quake, tsunami hit Samoa - World - NZ Herald News http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10600389
  17. kernow43

    Patrick Swayze dead

    Just been announced he has lost his battle. Patrick Swayze dead | The Courier-Mail
  18. AnxiousMum

    Back from the dead!!!

    Hey guys, I know I havent posted on here for a really long time. I needed to take some time away from the forum and all aspects of moving to oz to try and decide what I really want to do. Since our reckie in March I had initially decided I didnt want to make the move and thought nothing would change my mind. I have now taken some time and really thought about it. Our problem as alot of you already know is my husband works for RBS as a Manager for the Fraud Analyst dept, he has no qualifications at all and only has 3 years experience in that particular dept (although has 19 years overall in the bank). Having not been on here for ages and not checking any changes to visa etc, I have a question. If we wait for him to have 6 years experience (another 3 years) does anyone know if the ACS still accept the experience without qualifications to go with it? Would be looking for Skilled Visa.
  19. Guest

    Kung Fu Dead

    Kung Fu star Carradine found hanged in Bangkok hotel room | News
  20. From At least 14 dead in Victoria bushfires Fourteen people have been killed in the savage bushfires which set Victoria ablaze on Saturday. Victoria police confirmed the deaths on Saturday night and said they fear the figure may reach into the 40s. Deputy police commissioner Kieran Walshe said all the deaths were in a massive blaze northwest of Melbourne - six at Kinglake, four at nearby Wandong, three at Strathewen and one in Clonbinane. Mr Walshe said he believed the Kinglake victims were all in the same car. He believed arsonists were responsible for some of the nine major fires ripping across the state. "We suspect a number of the fires have been deliberately lit," Mr Walshe told reporters. "This is an absolute tragedy for the state and we believe the figure may even get worse," Mr Walshe said. "We base that on the fact we're only just getting into these areas now ... to search buildings and properties these have been very very significant fires ... the figure could get into the 40s." The fire started in East Kilmore, 80km north of Melbourne, and covered a huge area as it pushed 30km east to Kinglake, through the small townships of Wandong, Strathewen and Clonbinane. Mr Walshe said he could not determine whether the victims were civilians or firefighters. He said identifications could not be carried out until at least Sunday. Kinglake resident Peter Mitchell said the town had no time to act as the fire raced through. "The whole township is pretty much on fire," Peter Mitchell told ABC Radio. "There was no time to do anything ... it came through in minutes. "There'll be a massive loss of houses ... there'll be a lot of us homeless. "All those who have made it into town will be fine. The others will be sheltering and working on their fire plans, God help them." Mr Mitchell said he was with around 200 residents holed up in the local pub and that no fire trucks could get into the town. The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) said at least 100 homes have been destroyed as nine major blazes burnt out of control across Victoria in the worst fire conditions in the state's history. The Ash Wednesday fires in February, 1983 claimed 47 lives in Victoria and 28 in South Australia and remain the deadliest bushfire in Australian history. I am sure I speak for all PiO members in wishing anyone involved the very best,our thoughts are with you.
  21. keily

    the car is dead lol

    hi guys being an excavator operator , ive always wonderd what it would be like to run over a car , lol so today my car that wouldnt pass another mot , and i dont realy need any more cos we got visas , found out lol toatly flattend by mee :biglaugh: thats one more ambition of my list before i go to ozz lol what mental things do you want to do before u go ? pictures to follow shortly lmao :biglaugh: mr keily ..
  22. How awful is this, happened early this am, see here Harbour smash: five dead - National - smh.com.au hear the report Images - Five killed in Sydney Harbour crash - smh.com.au
  23. Can do no more. :nah: Virtually all Résumé’s / CV's for railway sponsorship replied to and all either say that they don't do sponsorship or apply via the skilled list, which are all bridge, electrical, signalling ENGINEERS. Of course I am not from that field so no experience, would be prepared to learn, but all ask for previous experience. Adios ! Today, ARG Freight Perth reply advising "At this point, Australian Railroad Group are not in a position to arrange for Sponsorship Visa's for overseas applicants. Therefore, in order to be considered for any future vacancies within our organisation, you would need to arrange for a valid working visa for Australia, details of which may be obtained from our Department of Immigration website at http://www.immi.gov.au/." I thought a working visa was the "Skilled" visa that I do not qualify for or an age limit attached to it, which of course I am over. They even reiterate their website address for me to keep an eye on jobs being advertised ? Now I'm either confused or mentally handicapped. So what other options ? Well I have registered with a couple of agents who have notified me that they will be in touch. To even think about training a skill now, plumbing, electrical etc, etc blah de blah would take years, which I don't have. HGV pointless because I would have to go on a refresher and even then that would mean nothing because you get tested again in Australia. Anyway, that isn't a skill either. Money. Retirement visa. Haven't got enough and anyway, does anyone know the 6 numbers for Saturday. What really ticks me off is that for 23 years I have slogged it in my line of work, working all hours, prepared to work 100% guaranteed and I just cannot get anywhere. Then I look at what is going on here in Britain with every Tom, Dick and Harry coming in for the entitled pensions, health service and benefits and we cannot get out to work in a land I know I would give 100% and then some. Absolutely P****d off! It's not as if we are trying to emigrate to claim. Frustrating or what ? So if anyone on this forum has any ideas I would be grateful of any help. Looks like another agent call on the way tomorrow, today. :arghh:
  24. Guest

    Heath Ledger found dead!

    I can’t believe it – one of my favourite actors, Heath Ledger was found dead today it’s saying on the news. He was originally from Perth, and I’ve loved almost ever film he’s been in. What a waste – such a talented young man. RIP Heath!