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Found 8 results

  1. So we've been in Australia for just over a week and so far so good... The hotel we stopped at for one night was fantastic and not expensive. It was Marina Quays International John Lund Drive, Hope Island, QLD, 4214, Australia for if anyone wants to know... We've bought everything we needed for us to last until our container arrives and found that SuperAMart was great and decent quality. We bought a few bits from Fantastic Furniture but we found the quality on some stuff not as good but cheap prices and the Office set we bought was excellent quality and good value. Food so far I aint compared any prices tbh cos we are living here now so why think what it did cost when this is what it's going to cost from now on so just pay it lol But the meat is so cheap and can't wait to have our first BBQ shortly... We bought a great one from BBQ's Galore... Bunnings is great it's a B&Q DIYS store and we bought our Petrol Lawn Mower and several large free standing fans from their. The house we're renting is fantastic a lovely sized garden and massive outdoor living area. The 2nd family living area has a table tennis table in it now and has loads of space around it :-) Got Cable installed 2 days ago and it's nice to be online but only getting 8mbit out of the promised 30mbit but have contacted them to look into it for me. Pam applied online for her tax code. We all went and applied for Medicare today so things are progressing well on that score. The weather has been fantasic and if this is winter wow. But i must say it does get cold on a night and wished we'd brought a few more warmer clothes with us but have bought now so sorted. Yesterday we sat out in the afternoon and had to listen to next doors music whch was rather loud to say the least. I've emailed our property agent to ask the best way to handle it cos I don't want to cause more problems by putting my foot in it early on lol But I'm sure a nice word will do the trick. On my tenancy agreement it asks me to considerate to the neighbours so maybe I'll have to point that out to them if it happens again... Pam starts her job on Monday which will be when we'll start a routine and I'll get some chores done around the house. But all in all we are loving the total experience of Australia and the way of life and people are so friendly it's unbelievable. Our container arrives in Brisbane on 9th September so still some time to wait for our goods to arrive here. The car hire we have is with Avis and it's a good deal long term lease because of the length of rental. We've got it for 4 weeks to start with then can extend 3 times before we have to start a new rental agreement. We got an upgrade to a Hyundai i30 and the car is great and we think this will be the car we buy in the future. I'll update more as we go along Howard
  2. Clocks have gone forward an hour save for Queensland which does not have DLS. So if you live on the border of QLD and NSW life gets interesting.
  3. legoman

    countdown has begun

    well after deciding we will rent the house for a while due to exchange rate etc and lower prices meaning we would lose at both ends of the spectrum so to speak,we contacted a rental agent, 1st visit by poss tenants this morning and they love the house and want it asap. now we can get the move going, we been clearing the house for a while now and boxes are on way to freo, yet as i sit here and glance aroud it seems as if we havn't done a thing!! :err: july we will be in perth, and another chapter begins. :cool: better get onto e-bay
  4. So, come on be honest. Since arriving have you found the transformation happening. How many of you now go shopping in your PJ's late at night down at Coles. Have you had the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie flag tattooed on your arse. How many times have you said to the next moron, 'Fit In Or Fcuk Off. Do you long for the next winning of the famous 'Meat Tray'. How many of you have become aficionados of cold Aussie beer, (Fosters at that:mad:). Do you look longingly at V8 utes and say that is going to be your next 'family' car :mad::biglaugh:. Do you know prefer Vegemite to Marmite. Do you find yourself thinking that the Aussie culture is crap. Do you now find yourself seeing a Huntsman and saying, 'Na, that's a bloody small one'. Do you find yourself saying 'Maaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee', to all and sundry. Do you know find yourself loving Sport, more sport and more sport. Do you salute the Aussie flag at every opportunity. Do you find yourself saying that Australia is the be all and end all, and NOTHING can compare. You may do some of the above, but in reality you don't, because you are as individual as the next person. I know this is a little tongue in cheek, but reading some posts/threads they would have you believe this is how ALL Australians act, when in reality it is so far removed from the truth that to deny it is stupid. So what I say is 'Vive La Difference', and long may it reign. Cheers Tony:wink:
  5. Guest

    The Nagging Has Begun.

    You see before you folks a reformed character, having just got married on Saturday I am now officially betrothed once again, couldn't be happier. Had a great time in London, just a couple of days, but had a great time. However err indoors has just let me know that there are several 'Orders' I have to obey. Firstly not to bore the arse of fellow PIO members with my looonnnggg posts. Secondly I am going to be rationed to ONE hour on PIO a day. And to change my user name to Dick, (don't ask me why :laugh:) All this after having wined, (Threasers), dined, (McDonalds) and serenaded (Karaoke night down the PINK LADY in Soho :embarrassed:) the betrothed is treating me like this. I am losing patience, how very dare she do this. Does anyone know of a good divorce lawyer (cheap) who can do a quick annulment, (had a problem honeymoon night:biglaugh:). Seriously though folks it was a lovely day, all went well and I reckon I am back with the lady I was MEANT to be with all those years ago. Truly happy and contented. Now, have I missed anything, who's banned, who's not, :biglaugh:, and what's the gossip people. Cheers Tony:wubclub::hug:
  6. I thought id share our experiences to date after leaving the UK back in February. I will have to put it in parts so what this space for updates!! Our adventure started early February as my parents and brother took the OH, myself and our 4 kids (15, 8, 6 & 20 months) to the Premier Inn, Heathrow Airport. It was very traumatic saying goodbye to them the night before we were due to fly out. The hotel was really nice - we booked two rooms (me and the girls had one, the OH and the boys the other) at it was about £70 incl. breakfast if I recall correctly. Our flight with Singapore Airlines was the next day, at 11am. We booked a wake up call for 5am and skipped breakfast and got the shuttle bus direct from the Hotel to the Airport which took about 10 mins. It was a bit of a comedy sketch with us carrying 8 suitcases and 6 pieces of hand luggage and a buggy to and from the shuttle bus but one passenger commented on our "military precision". lol. After arriving at Heathrow and grabbing 3 trollies we finally made it to the Singapore Airlines desk and checked in relatively quickly. We were a little concerned about excess baggage but the check in lady didnt bat an eyelid as the scales groaned under the weight of our luggage. Pleased with saving a fair few quid we quickly proceeded through to passport control and after emptying our bags of liquids into transparent bags (i should have been more organised) we passed through the the departure area. The place was absolutely heaving and we decided to grab a snack and a coffee. No sooner had we plonked our bums and bags down to relax for a second, the screens said our plane was boarding. After scalding my tongue with cafe latte, running in an outlet to get some plug adaptors, we gathered our bags and the kids and proceeding to the gate. The plane was already boarding so I practically threw the babies buggy at the attendant and tucked the little one under by arm along with two sports bags attractively strapped across my shoulders. What first struck me was how friendly the flight attendants were. Upon locating our seats (the kind check in lady had given me and little one the bulk head seats - loads more leg room, the oh and kids behind) our flight attendant made herself known and said if there was anything I needed for the little one to let her know. I had paid for a seat for the little one because I didnt like the thought of having her on my lap for 24 hours but she had to sit on my lap for take off. So there we were - leaving good ole blighty behind in 4 inch's of snow. Practically as soon as we took off, the attendant promptly fitted a bassinette to the bulk head wall (something I hadnt ordered as she had a seat and had thought she would be too big for) but was handy for dumping pillows, blankets etc they had given us, plus the little ones changing bag. The aircraft was one of the new big ones and the kids and the OH enjoyed having their personal screens which kept them occupied. The couple next to me had a 4 month old baby and it was quite comical when we came to put the little ones down for a nap (my little one swamped her basinette but she slept like a log). The attendants are continually feeding and watering us and I had no complaints about the food at all. We had a stop over at Singapore but didnt actually get to see much of it as we had a connecting flight within about 2 1/2 hours. Again the second flight was good, a slightly smaller plane, unfortunately no extra leg room or bassinette this time, but we all pretty much slept most of the light anyway. The food was good too although we didnt really eat that much purely cos we were so knackered. We finally landed in Brisbane International at about 7.30pm local time and I cannot fault the service we were given at the other end but the Airport staff. It was almost as if they felt sorry for us with 4 tired kids as we proceeded to passport control armed with our declaration slips. Again I was doning two sports bags and bubba under my arm, OH another couple of bags as well as a lap top bag and the kids their own ruck sacks. We joint an enormous queue but were approached by an official who ushered us to the empty Cabin Crew passport control desk where we were dealt with straight away. He then directed us to baggage reclaim and after collected our million and one suitcases another official checked our declaration forms and walked us straight past baggage checks and out into the arrivals hall. It was absolutely amazing. 5 stars to Brisbane Airport Staff - you made the end of our long journey effortless!!! We had booked a Kia Carnival from a local car hire company (just over AUD $1,000 for three weeks) and called their freephone number and were greeted by them within minutes. They then shuttled us to their depot about 5 minutes away and we collected our car. The OH's employer was there to meet us which was lovely, and although we obviously didnt look our best after a 24 hour flight, helped us load the bags and kids into the car. We followed him to our prebooked temporary accommodation approx. 40 minutes away from the airport and handed us 4 shopping bags full of groceries which his wife had kindly got for us. After a cup of tea and a chat with him he left us to take in the fact that we were now officially in Australia and were starting to live our dream. The story continues...... part 2 to come!!! Tinks xxx
  7. At last we have actually began the process of applying for our visa! 3 yrs ago the seed was planted in our head we wanted to move and after a year at college a few thousand pounds wasted and several times of thinking we would never be able to apply (and only because becoz of Gill did we find a way to ensure we could apply!) we have finally just met with our migration agent at overseas emigration in Edinburgh and begun the application, we are so excited!! He doesnt forsee any problems with our application and is hopoeful of a years time frame. I have just phoned my mum to tell how we got on and she put on the most unconvincing happy attitude ive heard, i can tell she will of put the phone down and probably started crying and theres a good chance she probably wont speak to us for a week now. My parents have resigned them selves to the fact we are going but refuse to ever visit as they say it is too far to fly. I am totally mixed right now with emotions of total excitment but also total guilt and sadness that i am actually leaving my parents as im an only child and taking their only 2 grand children away i dont think this feeling will ever leave me i feel so selfish right now:frown:x
  8. Guest

    we've only just begun

    Hello all......... help ! am after some basic info really my husband and I have just started looking into a move to Oz. He is a police officer (just short of required service time) and I work for the Immigration Nationality Directorate in UK. I have an uncle (and his family) permanantly settled in Qland and my husband has a sister(and her family) and 2 uncles, again all permanantly settled in Qland / ACT Where are we best starting to get the ball rolling - immigration consultant? How have you found them? Anybody qualified for settlement via the family sponsorship? Many thanks to all responses.