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Found 1,367 results

  1. Many of us have left our original country of birth, or even moved between many countries over the course of our lives. Moving to a new country is an incredibly big jump of faith into the unknown. Having to learn a new language, meet new people and create new relationships, none of which is easy and can make you feel isolated. Yet, many of us, myself included, make the jump to move to a new country and take the chance. I would love to know, and am sure many other too, what some of the reasons are why you made the decision to move to Australia, which benefits outweighed those of living in the country you left. Thankyou
  2. Ninas

    Kidney transplant question

    Hi Everyone, Am new to this forum ,and really seek guidance. After visiting Melbourne on work I have fallen in love with the place and really want to settle down there.I have applied for PR under skilled 189 visa and hopefully will make it( fingers crossed) but my main concern is with my boyfriend getting a PR. He too is securing sufficient points for skilled independent189 visa but has a medical condition. He had had a transplant 2 years back for kidney failure with FSGS. But now he is absolutely fine and doing good,working and living all by himself.His doctor too is very hopeful and actually quite certain that he is not going to face dialysis or kidney rejection anywhere in near future. He is 26 years old and his medical costs are within 25000 AUD a year. In case of medical expense being a problem we can ship whole year's drug from India and also as am O +ve, am his living donor for future. Does he stand a chance of getting a PR as settlement will become impossible with me only receiving the PR. I look forward to help ,kindly guide us so that we can realize our dream of starting a life in Melbourne. Warm Regards Ninas
  3. My partner and I are doing the application for our De Facto partnership visa (801) and we have been asked a few time when our relationship began but then it also asks what time our committed De Facto relationship began. Would we regard this as the day we considered ourselves an exclusive couple or the day we decided to start living together?
  4. Guest

    Question about visa application

    I currently have an active carer visa subclass 116 application. Can I ask if my father can apply for a separate 457 working visa? I'm the only person in my application and I'm over 18 so I'm not a dependant of my father. He is planning to apply for a 457 visa along with my mom and my little sister. Will this work? Also, I want to ask if how long will it take for me to wait for my visa? I lodge my application last March 25, 2011 and is currently awaiting for my visa up until now. How longer do you think I have to wait??? Thanks! Hope for your replies. :smile:
  5. Can anyone help? We're about to get my husbands skills assessed as a Construction Project Manager. He can evidence this role since April 2007 to present. He also has a degree in Construction Management awarded June 2010 and a HNC in Construction awarded July 2007. As we were completing the form online, this paragraph came up - "This occupation requires a qualification which is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor degree or higher degree, in a highly relevant field of study to the nominated occupation. In addition to this, applicants must have at least one year of post-qualification employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years in a field closely related to the nominated occupation. If employment is not post-qualification, then five additional years of closely related employment are required. If the degree is not in a highly relevant field of study, three years of employment at an appropriate skill level completed in the last five years in a field closely related to the nominated occupation is required. This is reduced to two years if there is an additional qualification at least at AQF Diploma level in a highly relevant field. A positive assessment of both qualifications and employment is required for a positive Skills Assessment Outcome. If the qualification(s) is not at the required educational level, employment will be assessed below the required skill level." As he only qualified with his degree in June last year, he obviously doesn't have the 'one year post qualification employment'. Although he's been in the role for 4 years and holds a HNC. Anyone know if this looks like a problem? :eek: Thanks
  6. Hi All, Silly question coming up (but thats just me all over !!!) ok each time i need to put my washing on the line it is always covered and im mean well covered in webs and they are so sticky i almost end up in a tangled mess my self. Now my line (hills hoist i think its is) is not that close to any trees bushes etc - so can anyone please tell me if there is anything that i can spray onto the line to stop the buggers using it as web hot spot - (wasnt sure about mortein in case it harmed the clothes) i can faintly hear laughter & thoughts like bloody stupid woman but this is a woman thing!!!!! just dreading the day i open the door fly screen and walk into a door web !!!!!!!! LOL cheers gizmo
  7. I'm having trouble finding an answer to my question! :arghh: Hopefully there is a savior amongst you loyal seamstresses. ( Get it? threads?a hur hur hur...) Anywho, I'm a Canadian that was in Sydney on a HWV gearing up to do my regional work. I was leaving my last 3 months of my visa to do said work, silly silly, before deciding what to do after my first year was up. Sadly, sick family back home in Canada forced me to make arrangements and leave Australia before I could even begin my regional work. After making my arrangements I left on the 10th month of my HWV. Now 8 months have passed, family is on the mend, so here is my question: Is there a way for me to do the regional work now? Thus in the long run being able to apply for a 2HWV? I miss Australia terribly and want to come back ASAP. I've looked at other visa options, but I don't qualify for most of the other options, and I just don't know if I can come back anyways without having completed the mandatory regional work. I was curious if using the 6 month visa would be a way to do that, or a bridge visa? I just want to do the regional work. I'm stuck! I feel like I may be SOL, but any advice or even just confirmation of my fears, would be appreciated. :notworthy:
  8. Hello I am looking forward to live in Australia but I have a medical condition that could be a problem. After a couple of interviews with local agents we meet the requirements but my medical conditions apparently makes it a big NO! I received a kidney transplant 2 years ago after kidney failure due to Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I am currently very healthy but the cost of my meds is the big problem apparently. The expensiveness of my anti-rejection drugs and the fact that I am bound to suffer kidney failure and the result would make me go into dialysis in the future makes my case very difficult. I read in forums about cases alike that were refused but then accepted after the applicant doctor provided facts about the drugs patents expirations that made them less expensive http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/561096-post6.html. Looking on the web and with my meds dosage I calculated a total annual cost of my medicines of aprox $9,189 and $4,104 for generic. These prices are from the web, I guess the cost of them for the Aussie government would be less even less for the generic versions, beside this meds I only need to have a checkup once every year. Also the Venezuelan healthcare system provides this meds for me and I could have my meds supply for a year shipped to me every year. Since I don’t have to resign to my Venezuelan citizenship I believe this could help. My girlfriend is an architect and wants to do a master in Australia but needs to do an English course first because she will not get the minimum required grade for the English test. We have enough money to cover the expenses and all the proof is available for the immigration office. I would also like to do a master degree, I graduated from international business in USA, however; if me applying for the visa is a problem I can wait for my master degree. Sorry I know it is too long but I wanted to explain well our situation and see if anyone can give us good info and recommendations on this matter. Yours truly Matac
  9. Hi Guys, Im looking to go to Sydney a.s.a.p or within 6months (If possible) on a 457 visa I have a job with sponsorship waiting for me. and I have been talking to a very well known migration agent that everyone recommends, and don't get me wrong their communication and advice has been excellent. But the issue is they are quoting me $6000 for all 3 parts of the 457 application and this to me seems extremely high! Can someone please advice if it is, as the total for the 457 application through the DIAC (not including med.police checks etc) is around $685 which is a huge gap! Are the migration agents fees really worth $5315 to get a stronger case? As I could have around 8 shots at the application myself and still be quids in! Also advise from anyone who has done the whole 457 visa application there self would be much appreciated. As im just concerned I might be putting too much on the employer and asking to much of their secretary to complete the employer requirements as obviously she has no experience in doing this! Any advice would be much appreciated fellow Poms :wink:
  10. emmaroo

    Partner Visa Question

    Hi When you get your stat decs done, what sort of information should they include and how long should they be? Thanks Emma x:hug:
  11. peterhuli

    Rental Lease Question

    Hey all, I've a quick question regarding a rental lease: What is the notice period to vacate a rental which is outside its lease? I had an initial 1 year lease which ran out approx 6 months ago and didn't sign into a further lease.
  12. Good Evening, I am lucky enough to be going through a job process for a move to Melbourne, with a company who are going to sponsor me for visa's and things . The wage may not support my family totally, so my wife will need to continue her professional career as a Physiotherapist. We know a little bit about the requirements but we are looking for persons who are physios in Australia especially the Melbourne area, that she can use as a sounding board for questions relating to prospects, salary, qualifications etc. If there are someone out there that can assist please get in touch.
  13. Guest

    An odd partner visa question!

    Hi guys, This is our first post! Hopefully one of you super helpful and intelligent people can lend a hand! We want to apply for a Partner Visa (309) in February next year once we have enough evidence. However we really want to get married in June after we have lodged the application i.e. get married during the application process (or just after if the visa comes through quick!). Can we do this? We know we really should apply for a prospective marriage visa (300) but for cost reasons we want to avoid this as it works out a lot more. Any help you guys can give would be great! Thanks in advance! :notworthy:
  14. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has advice or maybe experience of this before.. I was in Australia in 2005/06 on a working holiday visa, seeing as I was driving under a provisional license at the time i decided to sit my driving test while in Australia, which I subsequently passed! Everything was good until the end of my trip, while on a road trip around Australia before I headed home I managed to pick up 2 speeding fines and some toll charges! (which I didn't know about these until the end of my trip when I got a call from the house where I used to live). Seeing as I was heading home in a couple of weeks anyway I decided to take my chances and not pay the fines. The problem is that now I'm looking to go back to Australia under a 176 visa and I'm worried that these unpaid fines/charges could come back to bite me when I get to Australia or worse still prevent me from being granted a visa. Does anyone know if this is a possibility or have experience of anything similar? Thanks in advance, Johnny.
  15. I have just started sorting through our childrens toys and getting rid of anything that we aren't taking to Oz. We have decided not to take our eldests bike (it was only cheap anyway and I'm sure she'd love a new one) and we are not taking her swing or slide or anything else from the garden. From her inside toys, we will get rid of the ones neither of them play with, or things that other people have bought for them that make stupid noises (other parents will understand this :wacko:!). They have lots of wooden toys, such as blocks and puzzles, that we would like to take, but are unsure as to whether customs might have issues because we know that wood can be a problem. Some of them are fine - they are painted or varnished which means we can take them with no problem. However, looking at some of their things today, some of them are made of plywood which don't seem to be varnished or painted at all. They are mostly puzzles, for example jigsaws and dominos. So, my question is can we take childrens toys that are made of plywood? I presume that plywood is used to make packing crates/protective covers for tv's etc for shipping, so is it okay to take it?
  16. Hi, I'm currently doing a TRA Migration Skills Assessment. I'm a chef. On the work in your own words, (part 8), it says to include duties or tasks undertaken. I could write a whole encyclopedia on this, so which shall I include. Shall I just use examples from across the board using varied cooking techniques? Is it just examples required?? Now I think I'm obsessing over this:arghh:. Thanks.
  17. apickerell


    OMG I had to tell someone! I just finished my second interview for my job in Canberra and It went well! They want to offer me the job! I have one more final interview and if all goes well I get the sponsorship! WOOHOO! ! God is soo good!!! Next its time to process the visa. Question. I am going to a childcare position on a 457 visa. I have my AAS and my BS in Early Childhood Education. Will I be asked for a background check? I am from the US and i know it takes time to get it. Soo excited right now!!! :biggrin::tongue::goofy:
  18. Dani251

    Partner question for 457 visa

    Hi guys, A quick question on the employer-sponsored 457 visa: If I plan to travel to Australia on a 457 in January 2012, how long will my partner have before they must travel out to validate their defacto visa..or does my arriving in Jan validate for both of us? My partner won't be following my until August, will this be ok? Thank you in advance D
  19. garethl

    475 visa question

    Good day everybody, I have a question regarding a 475 visa. Is it possible for me to apply for this visa while i am here in australia with my visitors visa? My parents have permanent residence here and is willing to sponsor me, my wife and child. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated Thank you in advance Regards Garreth
  20. Guest

    Tax rebate question

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone already living in Oz could tell me anything about the income tax system. We moved to Adelaide just over two mts ago and my oh is working and paying about $1000 every forthnight in tax. We are on a 457 visa and I am not working. Do you get to claim any of that back. Appreciate any info. Thanks Marie
  21. Hi Everyone, I am going to be heading over to Oz next August on a WHV, I am from the uk and am currently 29 years of age. I will be 30 in May next year, so once I arrive will be 30, I was wondering - is it possible for me to land and go straight into doing 3 months harvest work to obtain my 2nd year visa? Am I correct in saying I can do this and get it granted as I am 30 years of age and still under 31. So even though my first year ends once I am 31 in 2013 - I can then stay a 2nd as my 2nd year has been approved whilst I was still 30. Please let me know if poss, I may do this asap as an option to then get that granted so If I truly love the place I have the option of staying a 2nd year. Thanks for the help, Nick :jiggy:
  22. Ok this is a game, I'm not sure if we can keep it going, but the idea is to keep a conversation flowing by answering a question with a question..... EG; post.....Do you think it could be amusing ? answer.... I'm not sure , do you think anyone will join in ?
  23. Guest

    Criminal Record Question

    What is deeemed a substantial criminal record, ive just ordered my police cert now and worrying a bit. Ive read the statement from the immigration fact sheet and I do not have any of these stated:- A person is deemed to have a substantial criminal record if they have been: sentenced to either death or life imprisonment sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 12 months or more sentenced to two or more terms of imprisonment (whether on one or more occasions), where the total of those terms is two years or more acquitted of an offence on the grounds of either unsoundness of mind or insanity and, as a result, the person has been detained in a facility or institution. but I do have a handful of minor offences including driving offences so I wondered if anyone knows if its the amount of offences or is it just whats stated above?? Has anyone hd any experience of going through the process and failing on this or has anyone had a checkered past and been granted a visa. PM me obviously as I dont want to cause embarrsment, Hope some one knows of something Thanks Sean
  24. Persons without visa's and the high horse brigade please comment constructively, i can't be doing with the old moral obligation flannel;your taking a visa from some one that wanted that state blah blah blah! Its not my intention to offend anyone I'm just seeking fact not fiction! Does anyone know anyone that has actually flown to their sponsored state, visited the zoo and flown where ever you fancied and there not been any come back? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Guest

    Mother in law question

    I know that from past experience that this subject matter might require a more specialised migrant agent, but I was wondering if there are any rules that have changed since I have last looked into this, over two years ago now, I was looking in to how the mother in law could get over to Aus for a longer period, we have now been in Sydney for over a year and we feel that she is missing out on the kids etc. If anyone knows any changes that have come around over the last two years or so it would be much appreciated if you could share your thoughts and experiences with me. Kind regards