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Found 68 results

  1. Well, it's our first 'Cup' tomorrow, and we've decided to take the time out to experience it. We're not in Melbourne, however; Randwick, Sydney - and are wondering where to watch it. Anyone have any suggestions for a big atmosphere??
  2. Hi All We would really like to watch the Melbourne cup on Tuesday, but have 1 child and a baby in tow-so does anybody know of anywhere which will be showing it which is child friendly and without the big sit down meal? I used to rely on 'our brisbane' for events like this, but now it's gone, I feel a bit lost:huh:... Thanks guys Rach x
  3. Bordy

    Peninsula Cup

    Any Ex Pats going to this next Sunday at Mornington Racecourse?
  4. The Pom Queen

    Rugby World Cup Semi Finals

    Who will you be supporting?
  5. I checked the news and realised England were playing in the world cup right now. Although there's probably ways to stream the video locally, I wouldn't mind watching live ITV streaming from the UK to get some comforting biased commentary :-) Anyone tried this? I just tried Overplay VPN using Internode DSL (who have a dedicated Internet link to the UK), and TVcatchup.com, which plays live UK TV. unfortunately, TVCatchup seem to recognise either Overplay or Inode as non-UK, and blocked access :-( D
  6. As an Englishmen , iam disappointed about the revelations and behaviour of some of our rugby players in NZ. I thought only our so called footballers were capable of such stupidity and naivety. In contrast the Welsh have got their act together .....a new young ,focussed captain in Sam Warburton , a togetherness in the team , which hasnt always been the case. As they have such strong minded individuals , like the Dutch soccer team , its often hard to galvanize them .....but not this time. Apparently the Welsh players havent had a beer for months now , and their training has been extensive . The game between Ireland and Wales should be a cracker ,and i think one of these will rightly represent the Northern hemisphere in the final.
  7. So is there any welsh or irish havin a party that we can join in on!! Im so fed up with watchin the world cup with Aussies and sing the welsh anthem on me own!! HAHA No babysitters mean no pub which was traditional :sad: I really really really miss a good drink on an international day!!! Just havin a sulk really, what you all doin??? :wink: One welsh mad lady Jules xx
  8. Hi thurrr! Just wonderin' there.Do you have your own favourite Cup or Glass?The one in which your Tea,Coffee or Tipple seems to taste better in,for some unknown reason?I have and oft ponder why!!!!:confused:
  9. Guest

    Rugby world cup day 1

    Well a thumping win for the Kiwis on day 1 they'll be hard to beat that's for sure, 6 tries! :eek: My only concern is that they have a fairly easy group (so do Australia) so will they be battle hardened come the Quarter finals? England and South Africa are going to have some proper battles during the group stages so should they come through will be fully ready for whoever they meet. If I was a betting man :cute: my money would still be on New Zealand with maybe a little covering bet on...................................South Africa :yes:
  10. kellbell

    Rugby world cup

    Totally miffed to find out that our tv provider Telstra isn't really showing many games...I find it so bizarre to be in Oz, during the world cup being played in NZ and am unable to watch it?! I'm guessing this is because sky/foxtel hold the viewing rights... Telstra aren't even showing the Australia game on Sun! Booooo!:mad: I seem to remember the BBC showed most games, although we had sky so I could be wrong on this?! OK rant over....:smile: Thanks! x
  11. Perthbum

    Rugby World Cup Thread.

    C'mon England, even though I don't think we are good enough this time:embarrassed: OK, then........c'mom the All Blacks and any team playing Australia :cute:
  12. Good evening ladies & gents, i wonder if you could possibly help me with a little dilemma? Now before you start saying i am dozy and such like, i will fully agree with you before hand :cute: I blame myself for not buying the very valuable kitchen gadget whilst in Australia!! But can someone please give me the conversions for cup measurements, into basic ounces or grammes, oh and fluid ounces, or if you know of a web link, i have found two but they both say different :wacko: so is Australian and American cups different is my next question :wubclub: Many thanks x
  13. im a cup half empty type of guy--i just think there's more to be had out of life--me missus is a cup half full lady,and is quite happy with all life gives her--so what are you--half full or half empty
  14. Hi People, I know it's a bit away but was wondering if anyone knew of a pommy place or if we can arrange one for watching the rugby world cup?? I survived the soccer world cup wiv the support of my Irish, Scottish and Aussie friends but it was no where near the same as with people who don't half want the 'invaders' to lose! :-) Karen
  15. tonyman

    Womens World Cup Live !

    Australia v Sweden live in 5 ..........mins on the net ive posted the live link bellow http://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/video/live/index.html
  16. Hi My OH is a man city supporter and has nowere to watch the game. :cry: Is anyone else watching it or do you know were they are showing it around the Gold Coast? We are staying at Ashmore Palms and there is no way of him watching it here. Thanks Jill :notworthy: xxx
  17. Guest

    World cup cricket anyone?

    Hi all, thought I'd better open up a new thread on world cup cricket. I'm a big fan and I'm sure there're lots of you out there... Did anyone watch yesterday's match? It was exciting but nerve wracking.... England had it in their hands and then lost it and got it back only to tie. Would've been nice if they won it but hey, it's better than losing! :cute:
  18. carpetbelly

    Rugby World Cup

    I've managed to get onto the ticketing website and get myself a ticket to England vs Scotland next year!!! :jiggy: Anyone else going to be going? Worth a shot hehe. I don't mind going on my tod at all but still nicer in a group lol:biggrin:
  19. PommyPaul

    Melbourne cup

    Anyone putting a bet on? i could do with some tips am going to back the favorite but is there an each way bet worth a punt? lets hear your tips
  20. Nick and sez

    Melbourne Cup

    For those that like a gamble here is my theory. When in Oct 2003 me and OH were on our Honeymoon on the Whitsundays and Gold coast (Happy days) our taxi driver back to the Airport at Briso talked about the Melbourne cup and that a couple of british horses were out there for it and that one particular race horse never wenr anywhere with out its pony companion. The taxi driver said if its been transported all the way from England it must have a chance... Well it came third and i got a bloody good each way on it.:laugh: So my theory is if you like a bet it can pay to pick a horse that has been brought in for the race from overseas... Fortune favours those who try...:jimlad: Good Luck... Nick
  21. I'm not a great golf fan, but will always cheer our boys on in ANY tournament. But come on, Wales in October, the organising committee must have thought long and hard about that one.:biglaugh::biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  22. danskitt

    Watching the carling cup final

    I am in Sydney on a reccie to moving out here with the family and wouldn't you belive it my team villa have managed to get to the cup final. We are staying with my inlaws who don't have fox tv and I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to get to see it. I have an internet connection so can sign up to one of these football viewing sites. Does anyone have any advice. I think the game will be shown on the BBC. Thanks Dan
  23. matty smith

    challenge cup

    Hi folks Does any one know how i can watch the rugby league challenge cup onn bbc sat afternoon (uk time). Tried the i player, can only watch it when finished, trawled the tinternet without much joy. site called my p2p has been mentioned but cant see it on listings. Warrington are playing and im desperate to see it. they have done very little in the fifteen odd years i supported them, set foot on a plane and suddenly become world beaters. Thanks,:confused::confused::confused::confused:
  24. I'm glad that the WC2010 is on from today. At least it'll take my mind away from worrying about the visa waiting time... So who are your team? or which one do you support, want, or predict to win?