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  2. no wonder I was called " sparrow legs " at school ! ...
  3. Congrats mate ! Sent using Poms in Oz mobile app
  4. We paid £3,000 in 2014 for a 189 visa - myself and my husband. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. not sure if I deleted the photograph ...
  6. My husband & I (31 & 34) have been very happily living on Sydneys northern beaches for the past 20 months. We absolutely love Sydney...the beautiful scenery, walks & beaches, the fantastic bars & restaurants in both Sydney CBD & on the northern beaches, the sophisticated / healthy way of life a lot of people seem to adopt, the cafe scene & the whole beach lifestyle. Our dilemma is that we're tired of living in an apartment & desperately want somewhere bigger, ideally a house! With houses renting at over $1,000 a week on Sydney's northern beaches (and us not wanting to move inland) we're kind of stuck. We're open to the idea of moving & have so far narrowed it down to the Gold Coast - Burleigh & Broadbeach being our favourite suburbs. For what we pay in rent in Sydney we could have a 4 bed house with a pool on the Goldie, have the possibility of saving some money towards buying a property & the year round better weather would suit us perfectly! However, having spoken to a lot of people & visited several times to explore, we've concerned that if we move to the Goldie we're going to be making a big mistake. People talk about the crime, high unemployment rates, lack of 'decent' restaurants, no cafe culture etc My question is, without giving up our beach lifestyle is there anywhere else within Australia that would offer us a similar life to what we have in Sydney without the Sydney price tag? Melbourne isn't an option as we've lived there before & didn't enjoy the climate outside of the summer months! Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. In my reading, your question is not well enough posed for you to expect a useful reply. If you were to post better particulars of the VETASSESS request (perhaps the text of the letter) you might receive a useful reply.
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  9. I am the one with the long hair and this would be about 1969. Working on a large stud farm doing my 3 year vet nursing diploma. The chap in the middle is Ernie Wilson the lovely old stud manager. He worked there from leaving school at 14 until he retired at 65.
  10. Hi everyone, I have just discovered this thread after looking everywhere for information! I'm in Australia on a working holiday visa and was hoping to start applying for SLT jobs straight away. Unfortunately, I don't have any post graduate dysphagia training. I completed my NQT competencies just before I arrived here after working for 18 months (pre-school caseload) thinking that would be enough... but sadly, no. I am getting ready to apply to the university of auckland dysphagia course, which would mean I'm eligible for membership in both oz and nz. It's not cheap ($4500 for international students) so I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever completed it? I agree with everyone else so far. The SPA's advice has been vague and inconsistent. Has anyone worked in temporary/locum roles on a working holiday visa? I assumed that they would need eligibility for this. Thanks in advance
  11. Had a lovely afternoon out yesterday with a mandatory refreshment stop
  12. You need to start calling her youir de facto partner then, not just girlfriend. DIBP will not accept the term girlfriend.
  13. Is there a link to an official government statement saying they are stopping ALL citizenships? I'm british, happy to do another English test or enhanced interview etc etc so sirely dipb arent just downing tools for 7 months? Couldn't apply as didn't know until turnbull opened his mouth what rot he was going to spout next to appease his right whingers (not a typo!)
  14. Oh well that's too bad you should've applied on the same day knowing the news. Anyways no point looking back or regretting! You will now be processed under the new rules which will only be ready by end 2017/ early 2018. Apply now to lock in your place in queue but your application will only move forward when new rules and tests are ready. Looks like a long wait unfortunately Good luck to us all we are on the same boat.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hello Im I the only one from Hume City Council VIC in the forum ? Waiting just for the ceremony letter/date. Regards
  17. In relative terms it certainly would be. OP would need to consider the worthiness of such a move. Perhaps progression would ensue at some stage, perhaps not. Very low paid regardless and could just as well be terminated at some stage of employment as well. But there is a far bigger question involved here, not directly related to the question posed as well.
  18. So, Mark, do you anticipate a timeline of 4 years plus another huge fee hike, as above?
  19. My husband's favourite tipple.
  20. Thanks for the reply. My wife has been contacted as well for her middle name; however, they stated that she does not need to reply to their email if she is happy that they will include it in her application. My kids application has been finalised in my immiaccount,, just me and my wife are waiting for the citizenship test. Thanks.
  21. I really enjoy looking at old photos even though I don't have a clue who is in them.
  22. Iron chief I'm thinking of impotting my 2012 Lexus GS 450h Fsport. (New model) It's on 160km but fully serviced and warranted by Lexus uk from new. I'm the first owner. realistic uk price £10-15k destination freemantle. a, b or c . regards pete Quote
  23. To be completely honest, as someone who is currently living in Sydney, you'd probably struggle on $60k per year, even if you were living in one of the outermost suburbs. If you could get a job paying about the same (bearing in mind that it might take a while for you to find a job during which time you'd probably need savings to fall back on), you'd be okay, but you may struggle to save for things such as visits home and holidays depending on how frugal or extravagant you were. We've been here for a bit over eight years and have seen prices for just about everything skyrocket, particularly in the past four or five years. Our electricity bills, for example, have increased from about $300 a quarter to nearer $600 per quarter. Food shopping bills have also increased hugely of late. A salary of $60k would give you a weekly take home pay of about $920. If you know where your wife's job is to be located you could have a look at and to look at housing prices in commutable areas. Use the website to look at commute times by train and train fare etc. Google maps is pretty good for working out driving commute distances and times. Make a spreadsheet of all the expenses you have now, and then try and work those out in Sydney by using supermarket websites etc, to compare the cost of the standard of living you have now with that in Sydney. Also bear in mind that you will have lots of start-up costs such as deposits, flights, cat shipping etc, plus things that you wouldn't even think to consider, like buying pantry items, pots and pans, utensils etc for the kitchen. It all adds up.
  24. Not clicked it yet. Started application form on 20th. Will this mean they dont look until next year??????
  25. If you applied on April 19th then you are fine don't worry you'll be processed under old rules without delay.
  26. One of the reasons I finally swapped my dumb phone for a smart phone was so I could take photos on the go without having to worry about having a camera with me (that and checking when the bus is due at the bus stop). I've been perfectly happy with the shots I get with my iPhone 6s but I'm not having them blown up big and my OH always insists on editing pictures before getting them printed or enlarged anyway. We do have a decent digital camera though for taking photos that we might want large prints of later.
  27. Hi guys, my name is Lana. I’m new here. Currently my husband and I and our 2 children still live in Germany. We have been considering migrating to Australia. My husband is Civil Engineer and I am an Accountant. So both occupation can be found on the SOL List. So much for the background. Now I come to my problem. I would like to have my studies recognized in Australia. However, I have spent the last 3,5 years in parental. According to my research I must have worked at least 12 months in the last 24 months in my profession. How we counted the perantal leave? Does it count as a working period? Or did I actually have to work? Another question. I have often read that you have to translate your entire curriculum to be able to submit your application? I received a diploma supplement from my university in english(9 pages). My university has told me that with my diploma supplement I can have my degree recognized internationally. Do you have experience with it? Which institute can you recommend me for accountant? IPA, CA, CPA…or...? My last question. We want to apply to subclass 189. My husband will be the main applicant. So he must also do the IELTS test. We believe that we will reach the required 60 points. However, I would like to have a buffer of at least 5 points. These 5 points we would get for me. Do I have to have my degree recognized in order to receive these points? Or is simply the fact that I did this degree in Germany? I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.
  28. I just went on to do this (app) and it states 24 hours so they must have changed it recently, yay!
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