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  2. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Gosh this is making me so weiry and anxious.I think the file might have been lost in the midst of all thousands of applicants. MA needs to start calling and ask for an answer😐
  3. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi guys, Does anyone know which month they are processing right now?
  4. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    Does anyone know what the rules are regarding travelling whilst waiting for a ceremony? I’ve had my application approved but I’m still waiting for a ceremony. I want to book a trip for July but knowing my luck I will book it and then my ceremony will end up being when I’m away. Can you travel whilst waiting? Can ceremonies be rescheduled?
  5. Moving from WHV to 820/801

    Yes you can lodge ahead of the WHV ending. Ensure you have all the evidence you need for the timeframe and also to keep any evidence in the future. It may well be needed. However, you are afaik stuck on the working conditions of the WHV till it ends. The 6 month restriction doesn't end because you have lodged an application for a partner visa. The bridging visa will only kick in once the WHV has ended, which is the end of November from what you say.
  6. The weather 😁

    Now it's my golf course if better than your golf course. For goodness sake.
  7. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    How come?! 22 months? Did they explain the reason? It doesn't make sense to wait nearly 2 years? 186 is still under 457 condition,4-year visa. But it is too long waiting period
  8. The weather 😁

    Well, I suppose they have tees, greens, trees, fairways, water hazards, bunkers etc which you don’t see here.......erm! There are different standards of fairways, tees, greens etc here and there but essentially golf is a game where you hit a white ball with a stick from a tee into a hole negotiating various hazards along the way. The game feels the same here as there (the rough is much shorter here admittedly ) though without needing to breathe on hands to aid blood circulation in the fingers half the year......and yes, I find any temperature under 18C a bit cold, sorry. I have played golf here and there (not terribly well unfortunately). There are undoubtedly more courses there and more golfers (more people full stop) but most golf club members play mainly on one course anyway to get value out of the membership fee.
  9. Hi We currently live in a 4 bedroom family home on the Gold Coast which we are looking to rent out furnished for 3 months mid April-mid July while we travel. As we are originally from the UK and know how hard it can be to find somewhere when you first move over we are hoping to rent to someone who is relocating here as a stop gap while they sort out somewhere for themselves long term. All bills would be covered in the 3 month rental. Let me know if you are interested and I will send air b n b link (ignore price). Thank you Lela
  10. Complicated family help

    Yes, 'love is love'. So, with the love that a Mother has for her children, then obviously you will aim to put the best interests of the children before your own. As I said before, consider the option of your partner moving to the UK. Not once have you mentioned what the children want and what their potential 'heartache' may be. The Father has 50/50 care of the children, you face an uphill battle to seek leave to remove, especially if all you hope to go on is a partner visa that has every risk of being denied due to the long distance of the relationship. I am assuming that you have joint rental agreements and joint bank accounts etc etc to show as evidence of your defacto relationship? If not, then start collecting as they will be needed for the partner visa (if that is the visa that you are aiming for).
  11. The weather 😁

    and the courses here are much better ...and as I said ,I have about 10 -20 to choose from . I have 2 top quality courses within a stones throw a no brainer for me we can argue back and forth about other stuff , but the golf courses ...sorry ...the u.k wins hands down for me
  12. Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been asked before, I had a look but couldn't find anything. I recently moved over to Aus from London with my Australian partner, it was quite a last minute decision, so having got some advice we thought it would be easier for me to get a WHV for now and then apply for the 820/801. I sponsored her when she lived in London with me for 4 years so hopefully we have all the info they need! The question I have is can we start the process of applying for the 820/801 before the end of the WHV (which is end of Nov) as we want to get things going? Also I have been offered a 12 month job and worried about the 6 month restriction if we apply for the partner visa can that help? As will move onto bridging visa? Hopefully that was succinct enough and make sense! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.
  13. Today
  14. Spent some time down in sydney in the new year with family over on holiday Beer was cheaper down there than locally as was breakfast and meals out certainly no more expensive than the Hunter and Newcastle , house prices yes fuel same price , public transport was good with the opal card and fairly cheap
  15. 187 Visa Processing Time

    HI Fiza, I just spoke to my MA and he said to me, at this point of time office manager is safe. however, its depend on the company size and finances. At the moment, Retail manager is in real trouble. he told me that in just last 4,5 weeks he have seen over hundred refusals and all of them about retail managers. and reason is the same for each refusal. and that is the main reason immi reduce the processing time. according to him retail manager are 55-60 % of all the RSMS application nation wide. so we will be seeing further reduction in processing time and it may goes to 12-14 months back again. in next 2 months. if immi keep refusing retail managers. Thanks
  16. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Yes i'm with new pese. I think its decision ready,, submit nomination &. Visa together. But one ens chef approved last week after 12 months.. So lets see...???
  17. 187 Visa Processing Time

    can you share your occupation?
  18. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Waiting from last 19.5 Months...No update
  19. 187 Visa Processing Time

    Immigration state that on website applicant must have all documents before lodge application and RCB is 1st for visa application . I think u must have RCB first .
  20. Hi Guys, I heard immi rejecting Retail managers files right away without looking into it. Especially those who applied through franchise business. Thanks
  21. Inbuilt sat nav UK car in Oz

    True. Especially in light of applying for a mortgage in future. Thanks Sent from my SM-G800H using Tapatalk
  22. Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Are you with NSW PESE or others? did you submit decision ready application? Man,, I am under chef TRT too. i have been for 5 months and I am starting to complain already and I dont think I could wait until 22 months and I hope not!
  23. Hi, Any ideas on what we can do? With 3 months today left on our 457 visas we can apply for PR in mid Feb through the transitional stream. (changed sponsor half way through) The company sponsoring us have there own approved visa agent, that we have to use. They refuse to provide the company information to any other agent. We can’t afford delays in submitting our application so we started the process in October 2017. Unfortunately with the exception of signing the engagement letter we are no further forward! I’ve made frequent calls and emails to them. I normally get an answer machine but when they do pick up they apologise and say they have had “staff issue” We have been allocated a new visa agent from “the team” but she is yet to make contact and it’s been 3 weeks now. What can we do?
  24. Are UK child seats any good in Oz

    Telephones are the other usual culprit - land line cordless ones so if you’ve got your U.K. phone system in your container you should bin that as well.
  25. Hi Roomie, has anyone recently received an invite from DIBP to supply medical doco, policy check, AOS ... etc ?
  26. The weather 😁

    Actually nearly £800 (checked online) which is still very good value. No memberships came close to that in Surrey where I lived. I just checked my old nearest club, West Byfleet, and they are one of the cheapest around at £1800pa. My annual fee here at Redland Bay Golf Club in Queensland is $1300pa which compares well with Stratford Oaks and cheap compared with West Byfleet. Redland Bay is just one of 3 excellent courses within 5 miles of where I currently live. There were at least 6 within that radius where I lived in Surrey but then they have a larger more densely populated area to serve.
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