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  2. wrussell


    Me too, or should that be 3?
  3. Bulya

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Anderson injured.
  4. wrussell

    143 CPV acknowledgement - Urgent

    Don't hire a dog and bark yourself. If your agent is a REGISTERED migration agent s/he should be able to phone immigration and be put through to the right person. If you contact the right person (sometimes no meant feat) you will get the right answer. In some visitor cases where there might be an issue with 'intention to return' I advise clients to book return travel on a small deposit (my travel agent does this for $50) with the balance to be paid upon visa grant. This gives them a travel itinerary to lodge with their visa application. This does not always work.
  5. Red Rose

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    True, true.
  6. Robert Dyson


    I was too polite to point out that the poster had provided the perfect illustration of the point directly above.
  7. Different people have different aspirations. I didn't come to Australia for a house on a beach with sun.
  8. Marisawright

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    That is 100% true. Counselling cannot change those feelings, and nor should it. However, if you're stuck in Australia for whatever reason, counselling CAN help you cope a lot better with those feelings. If nothing else, it gives you someone who'll lend a sympathetic ear, whereas you've probably given up talking to family and friends about it - and having a vent now and then definitely helps.
  9. Marisawright


    I can understand people being concerned about the thoroughness of testing of this new type of vaccine, but to say it's "not a vaccine" is significant. It means you've been sucked in by Q-Anon-inspired propaganda. I feel sorry for you.
  10. Red Rose

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    I have not read all the posts in this thread, but for some people they just have this strong emotional attachment to the UK and don't realise what they have been missing until they have experienced living overseas. The UK is far from perfect of, of course, but for me it is the quaintness and old fashioned charm of this country that I find most appealing. I realise how much I love old fashioned royal mail post boxes built into stone walls, national trust houses, English pubs, places like the lake District, cream teas, the cold, open fires, narrow country lanes, and just the sheer diversity of landscape, accents and culture in such a small country. The attachment and yearning some people have for the UK will always be more than superficial because the UK is a part of them, it's in their DNA, and no amount of counselling or counter arguments will ever change that.
  11. MacGyver

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    My reading of it is two shots of Pfizer are less effective against omicron infection, but still effective against severe disease and death from omicron. A third Pfizer seems to address this infection protection somewhat. Off to research moderna now!
  12. MARYROSE02

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    I don't have a car but if I do buy one I shall buy the one the Greens hate
  13. MARYROSE02

    The Ashes 2021-22

    I looked forward to The Ashes up until the first ball of the day. England have almost certainly lost the first test and should concede defeat now. Any score of less than 300 guarantees defeat. Sure, I could be wrong but my pessimistic view comes from 89 to 2003 when we were hopeless or worse than hopeless. I doubt if the Aussies will need to bat in the second innings. Add in Root deciding to bowl amd not picking either Anderson or Broad though I doubt it would have made any difference. Did I read about one of the England players trying to defend Root's decision to bat? I will of course apologise if the Aussies capitulate.
  14. MARYROSE02

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    I do have periods when I listen to The Archers but I'm not into soaps on the TV whether Pommie or Aussie. Maybe I need one for Aussies and Pommies stranded half way in Singapore!
  15. Red Rose

    The Ashes 2021-22

    I expected nothing from this England team and am still disappointed.
  16. MARYROSE02

    Family in both countries

    My Dad's family are from St Albans, still got an aunt there and cousins and their kids, all either Spurs or Arsenal but my dad got a job in Southampton so we were brought up there. Saints are my second team after Spurs.
  17. I'm 99 percent sure that if you are blue or red, but probably not Tranmere, There's a bar in every major city where scousers gather to watch Everton or Liverpool. Tell a lie, if they're like Tottenham fans in Oz then half of them will be Aussies who love their English football club but otherwise love Australia.
  18. rammygirl

    Australian Citizen

    Watching tv in her native language with English subtitles is also good practice for reading. When I took my test someone was helping a lady who didn’t speak much English I did wonder if that was allowed officially.
  19. Joseph R

    870 visa at last some great news

    Hi Scotjules Thank you so much for your response. This is really helpful. Our situation is where we need to travel immediately and the only thing we are awaiting is the processing of the 870 visa. Fingers crossed they complete the processing soon.
  20. LaurenUK

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Some movement on our TRT nomination and application today. The department requested some documents from the employer and ourselves which submitted same day. Hopefully we here back soon!
  21. Rossmoyne


    Basically what is happening with all this covid stuff and the coersion to have a jab that isn't a vaccine....
  22. rammygirl

    Cats must be kept on leads 😿🐈‍⬛

    People with off leash dogs that are not properly controlled are a real issue. When my son was 5 we were in a car park when a young puppy off leash ran to him, he had been taught to be wary of strange dogs and backed off…….nearly into a moving car (I was near so grabbed him) as the owner cried out that that dog was very friendly and wouldn’t bite! Once the dog was restrained I told the owner the dog had nearly killed my son, he just didn’t realise and was very apologetic. I hope he learned something from it though.
  23. WelderGuy5

    AAT Won for 187

    Thats latest updates
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