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  2. Ausvisitor

    Functional English

    I think it's an English test or a degree taught in english
  3. Ausvisitor

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Put simply, without a massive change in department priority and a huge reduction in higher skilled applications you have absolutely zero chance of a 189 with less than 90 points (you may get lucky at 85 but it's gonna have to be really lucky) Take a look at 190 and 491 visas to see if they are offered for your role and desired state - much easier to qualify for these Id also suggest seeking out the help of an agent (even just for an initial chat) @wrussell @paulhand @Alan CollettCollett @Raul SeniseSenise The first chat may well be free, but even if it's a few dollars their advice will give you a direction of travel and a professional opinion of whether you stand a scooby or not of qualifying
  4. amibovered

    How is Trump doing so far?

    The Donald has tweeted.
  5. TobyKing91

    What are my chances? 189 Visa

    Hello Guys! First of all I'd just like to say this forum is great! Super helpful and an amazing resource for someone like me who is really only getting started with this 189 visa malarky. So, I'm looking for some advice and guidance with my 189 Visa Application. I have carried out plenty of research and feel I've put in the time but still there is that impending doom that all of this will be futile if I just don't meet the criteria once I've lodged my application. Hence, this is why I'd like to know what my chances are with the skills/qualifications/experience that I have. This is me: Visa Type - 189 Occupation - Construction Project Manager - ANZSCO 133111 Age - 28 Nationality - Irish Country of Residence - UK Education - Honours Degree Mechanical Engineering Level 8 (Irish Uni) & a PRINCE2 in Project Management (Foundation) Post Grad Experience - 7 Years (Project Management Engineering/Construction) English Level - Mother Tongue (Due to take the TOEFL test in the coming weeks) Marital Status - Single Australian Experience - I've been to Oz twice, first time on a Work/Holiday and second I backpacked along the East Coast. No professional experience however. At present, my estimated points are: With Competent English - 65 With Proficient English - 75 With Superior English - 85 Needless to say allot is riding on my english test! So, this is where I currently am with my application: Skills Assessment - Gathered 95% of the required info for the Skills Assessment with VETASSESS Character - I have my UK Police Certificate (waiting for my Irish Police Certificate) English Proficiency - TOEFL (scheduled - will revise and hoping I can get the required results for Superior English) Health Assessment - Unsure when I need to do this - any guidance would be amazing, I have no concerns here I would just like some idea on my chance of obtaining an invitation in the first instance and the chances of actually obtaining a 189 Visa as I've heard a lot on here saying that without 90 points I have little or no chance at this stage. It would also be helpful to know what the timeframes are with regard invitations and processing. I realise that what I'm asking is probably more in line with a paid consultation so please feel free to get in touch as I would be interested in speaking with an immigration advisor! Many Thanks in advance!! Toby
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  7. Yousbabtle

    Travel concerns

    There are many vacation packages are available which provide the option of traveling to Africa where anyone can easily travel and enjoy the Best Vacation trip in an easy way. I have checked some of the discount options as well for traveling to Africa.
  8. Alex Nez

    Functional English

    Hi all, Is completing two years of college towards obtaining a VCE considered as equivalent to having functional English for visa purposes? or the VCE holder still has to show a language test result? Thanks in advance for sharing any ideas
  9. Alex Nez

    Functional English

    Hi all, Is completing two years of college towards obtaining a VCE considered as equivalent to having functional English for visa purposes? or the VCE holder still has to show a language test result? Thanks in advance for sharing any ideas
  10. Ausvisitor

    Victoria closed

    They might, the states that closed before the end of the year last year didn't open up for applications straight away and I'd expect with COVID still looming over everything they won't be in a rush to start back up. They will re-open before XMAS though (or at least I'd be shocked if they didn;t)
  11. Ausvisitor

    190 Project/Programme Administrator - Help Required!

    Depends on what you counf as "very high" The overall migration cost (pre-landing in Oz) is already large Skills Assessment - £1,000 to £2,000 Language Test & Med - £600 Document Validation and Other things - £200 Visa Fee - £2,000 So you are looking at £5k for a single person if there are no complexities. Add in another adult and you are talking another £1,500 each By the time you add in lost earnings when you land, travel costs, living costs when you land and rental costs until you find home/job and most families of 4 would need at least £25K to get them over and through the initial months. When seen in that light the usual migration fees are under 10% of what you are willing to invest anyway in the process
  12. palaceboy1

    Aged Parent Visa 804

    Hi If you take a queue date of 24/08/2015 the figures are as follows Update Queue Total Processed 18/06/16 4340 28/07/16 4310 30 18/08/16 4280 30 10/10/16 4240 40 10/11/16 4210 30 08/02/17 4160 50 16/03/17 4140 20 01/06/17 4090 50 10/01/18 4000 90 28/03/18 3990 10 03/08/18 3950 40 10/01/19 3940 10 14/02/19 3920 20 16/04/19 3900 20 14/06/19 3830 70 08/07/19 3810 20 20/08/19 3730 80 06/09/19 3720 10 25/10/19 3640 80 21/11/19 3620 20 21/02/20 1060 07/04/20 1050 so they have processed 740 applications/visas from 18/06/16 to 21/11/19 about 200 per year . As you can see the figures posted for 2020 were obviously wrong and now the queue dates for 103/804 are amalgamated it is not possible to isolate one queue from the other
  13. Marisawright

    RRV rejected

    It varies from state to state but it usually works out at about three times the normal amount. So for instance, on a $500,000 unit you'd pay around $60,000 instead of about $19,000 in NSW. If you qualify as a First Home Buyer in some states, you don't pay the normal stamp duty - but you still have to pay the foreign buyer's stamp duty. So in that case, in NSW a first home buyer doesn't pay stamp duty, but you'll still get slugged the Foreign Buyer's stamp duty of around $40,000. Plus a few thousand more for the FIRB fee.
  14. What is clear is these people still haven’t evolved in the same way as Europeans. Primitive people do Primitive stuff when they are given power and that country seems to give Redneck Primitives authority and power. They have given absolute power to an Orange Primitive who is way,way out of his depth. The looters are no better, either, just more Primitives on the opposing side.
  15. Lavers

    Movecube and cordless tools

    I have a xmas bauble from the Caribbean which has sand and little seashells (not sure if real) in it, would this be confiscated? Should I just give it away. Also how clean does everything have to be, I've cleaned my daughters hoverboard but I am struggling to get in under the wheel arches. I've cleaned what I can but can see some mud under the arch.
  16. Tiger92

    Victoria closed

    So, Victoria will reopen again nomination from 1 july 2020 is it true ?
  17. Tom Cook

    bladder cancer

    it is very awful that since the application of the 188B business visa last Nov, I was diagnosed Bladder Cancer stage One 2 weeks ago and the survey just got in done last week. Is there any impact on the Health Requirement even though the Health Check may be done after 20 months........
  18. Eagle2020

    RRV rejected

    How much more in duty do you pay if you are a "foreign investor" as it were when buying a house?
  19. Where the second amendment now?
  20. devProgrammer

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Would help every one if you list down all the docs requested by immigration in all s56 requests.
  21. Calm down dear, I didn't write Minnesota law
  22. M A  Z

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Its so funy, the same documents which they asked in 3rd S56 request. Do they really see/read the documents properly and keep a record? have doubt..
  23. simmo

    How is Keir Starmer doing so far?

    Seems one of his female MPs has been breaking lockdown by driving to see her married lover for some rumpy pumpy.
  24. really?...... So you think 3rd degree murder is "murder" because it has "murder" in the phrase....ok gov....you crack on with that and dont let me burst your bubble.
  25. amibovered

    How is Keir Starmer doing so far?

    And yet Tories still ahead in the polls that mean something, voting intentions. https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2020/05/26/voting-intention-con-44-lab-38-25-26-may
  26. I'm aware of the law, thanks
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