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  2. Deep Joy!!

    Both passports arrived in the same DHL delivery, so she didn't have bragging rights over me.
  3. The cost of living

    I hope your advice is right Collie mate, it sounds in line with what our accountant is telling us....
  4. Today
  5. Oops, less than 6 months on passport...

    Thanks for all of the advice guys. We could try to leave her 'air side' in transit and check in online. I could take DD & DS to check bags in as we're lucky enough to have used Avios to upgrade to Club World so 2 bags each. I got a twitter reply from Changi Airport who gave me a number for Singapore immigration. We'll have to sort a SIM card today and call them.
  6. 457 Confusion Please Help

    Thanks Russel but the problem is that there is no one managing my application. My company has applied for my visa but doesn't not seem to want to spend on immigration lawyers and I am stuck not knowing what to do in my situation. My company doesn't know what to do either. I want to take it upon myself and find someone I can consult who can give me accurate advise. I dont mind paying for the right advise. Its been so hard trying to find the right person. If there is anybody out there that you can recommend, it'll be great.
  7. THE, best health service in the world.

    Again, it seems to depend where you live. Most of my relatives are in Scotland and they have never been let down by the NHS.
  8. I Am waiting for 16 months. Still no update 😭😭😭😭
  9. THE, best health service in the world.

    Not sustainable anymore costs blowing out left right and centre, waiting times longer than three months in some cases people dying while waiting wrong diagnosis being dished out doctors threatening to strike while nurses run around doing even more jobs that are not actually theirs to do. Moral within the NHS workforce at its lowest ever. Greatest yeah maybe way back when but today in a modern over crowded world no way.
  10. If I were you I'd have a talk about your particular situation with your local Tenant Advocate at Then you'll know exactly where you stand when the real estate bozo tries to bamboozle you.
  11. Broadband /wifi providers in Tassie

    It will depend very much on your exact location. (For example, I live only 6 kms from the Hobart GPO but have never been able to access even basic ADSL. Have just - in the last month - gained the option of being connected to the fibre optic National Broadband Network). Once you know your address you can get some idea of your options at this site: I'd then talk to locals about their real experiences. The Australian Consumers Association does a yearly survey of customer satisfaction with internet companies. Their latest survey (in July 2017) produced Internode, iinet, iPrimus, Optus and TPG (in that order) as all performing above average.
  12. One-Way travel insurance

    Do you already have insurance? We had yearly worldwide. I contacted them and THEY CONFIRMED WE DID NOT NEED EXTRA ONE WAY INSURANCE as until we arrived into Australia and therefore activated our visa we were still considered UK resident. Therefore, the insurance covered us from when we left the UK to when we arrived in Australia. We had four days in Singapore so needed to have some sort of cover. The main issue to think about is, in the unfortunate circumstance of being repatriated you would be repat back to the UK. However, we didn't think this was a bad thing anyway as family and friends are in UK.
  13. THE, best health service in the world.

    I suppose it all depends on your personal experiences. Personally I never had any problems with the NHS but then I very rarely needed to visit a doctor and never had to go into hospital. None of my friends or relatives have had problems with the NHS either though a few of them also have private health care now in the UK. I had both my sons here (Medicare had just been introduced) and with my first son I was in hospital for a week - brilliant care and with the second I was in for 3 days. Other people didn't have such positive experiences so it depends on the area and the hospital. Much the same as the UK I would think.
  14. Thanks!! Think mine arrives September 14th about a month earlier than expected! Yeah she is, made the leaving part much easier!
  15. 457 Confusion Please Help

    Why not consult whoever is managing your applications?
  16. Rheumatoid arthritis

    Nope. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a cousin of RA and have been managing for 10+ years. It was barely mentioned at my medical and nothing ever came of it. If its costly to manage now or ongoing is where there might be an issue
  17. 457 dependents

    Hi. I would like to ask what advantages it has, aside from physical reunification, bringing now my 3 kids as 457 dependents as to bringing them only during until approved with the transition stream pathway? Does my kids stay in Australia prior to PR application matters to PR approval? Thank you.
  18. 457 - Current processing times

    Have just received mine Application lodged 9/8/17 Visa granted 16/8/17
  19. One-Way travel insurance

    I have used this company many times and found them to be excellent, They have a special link for one way travel and good reviews. You can do it all on line but their staff are also very helpful
  20. The real truth about spiders please!

    I like your honesty! Thank you the whinging pom made me laugh cheers for the reassurance. 🇬🇧🇦🇺
  21. One-Way travel insurance

    STA do. Iirc you need to go into a branch/office to arrange it. But check their website and give them a call.
  22. Yesterday
  23. A quick check says it's also only 30 days in NSW also.
  24. Customs clearance times

    Yep same as ScottieGirl, so can take longer. it sounds like you were lucky
  25. Morrisons Home Delivery

    We have done it for years with both Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer. At one time the town where MIL lives did not have a Sainsbury but a Tesco where we couldn't use the card or even our UK debit card as the system was recognizing a foreign computer being used, when contacted them they said they knew of the problem and were trying to change it, haven't bothered since as now a Sainsbury in town.
  26. The real truth about spiders please!

    There are almost 25 million people living in Australia. I'd imagine that very few of those 25 million actually like spiders, yet most of them - bar the occasional whinging pom on here - manage to live here quite happily. I've been here for nearly 40 years in the suburbs of Sydney. I see about one huntsman a year. I've never seen a funnel-web and no-one I know has ever seen a funnel-web. I can count on one hand the number of redbacks I've seen. Redbacks live outside in the dark anyway, and funnel-webs live underground, they don't come wandering into your living room. If you're going to be living in a normal suburban area spiders are a non-event. Don't worry about them.
  27. That's great. Hope you can work your way through that list. It will all come together 👌
  28. ANMAC

    Have they said why it's been declined?
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