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  2. Your visa should be revoked as you have not fulfilled your obligations.
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  4. Barnyrubble

    Still here and still feel the pull

    I do hope you receive some realistic advice soon so someone is able to help you come to the right co clusion. This must be so stressful for you.
  5. Nanna

    Still here and still feel the pull

    Gutted! After years of planning and being honoured to get Residency it looks like the dream to be with our whole family is shattered by lack of money. After buying a very small home there near to them we are now looking at having only $600k and with UK state pensions and private pensions equal to about $30k per year to last for life, however long that will be, and with having to pay private medical etc should we risk it? By our calculations it will only last 6-7 years at the most provided there are no medical issues and at 70 years of age!! 4 years to wait for senior health cards and no Australian pension. Worrying!!reckless?
  6. Hello, I’ve received 186 visa on 4th March 2021. Today I’ve sent and official letter of resignation to my employer, I have 8 month old baby and I won’t be able to go back to work (any work) for at least another year because I’m main carer of my baby and my husband will support all of us financially. I’m leaving my employer before finishing the 2 years agreement since my visa were granted. My employer’s response was: Because of the ongoing two year obligation in accordance with immigration not yet expiring. At this stage I can’t accept your resignation Could anyone please help me what should I do? I’ve been with this employer more than 8 years, our families know each other, his whole family was at my wedding and I know his kids since they were little. I have worked until 8th month of my pregnancy and I did all my best to remain working for him. But it’s a position of restaurant manager I cannot combine this job with being full time mother. I believe I have right to terminate the 2 year agreement under those circumstances. I appreciate every answer!
  7. AltyMatt

    Delivery Driver Roles

    Couriers Please (alias Swift and Shift)
  8. For you I give a 10/10 for passing my afternoon, thankyou
  9. Beketamun 0/10 for horrible prejudice more suitable to the likes of the KKK.
  10. Please leave me out of the pathetic point scoring list out of 10 that you have posted, I don’t care about your opinion, you have lost my respect.
  11. I agree, lets draw it to a close. Toots 9/10 for getting it. BlueFlu 8/10 for effort Marisawright, Ramot, Newjez 7/10 Ken 6/10 Parley 2/10 (extra point for good spelling) Lavers 1/10. Rallyman - Unclassified.
  12. Just trolling mate best to ignore
  13. Hahaha what you mention is more about yourself. What have you actually said that contributes anything. You are not up for debating anything, you just talk absolute nonsense like a modern day Hitler and hear nothing against your own views. 100/10
  14. instead of just waffling like some weirdo bus passenger looking for a friend, why not have a go at debating some actual positions and see for yourself? We don't need another simmo on here, the last one took long enough to dismiss. 1/10.
  15. Would you not say that you are fixed in a rigid position without consideration?
  16. I agree with beketamun 100%
  17. Great points, I hadn't considered. The continued existence of charities is another thing that is a mess in a wealthy society Not really, but there's not been much real discussion on here lately...now the real trolls have disappeared (mostly) I noticed that people were speaking from their stereotypical age bracket without actually explaining what they really felt, so this was the opportunity to put some explanation behind the viewpoints. Some have risen to it by thinking about it like yourself, some have just proven that they are fixed into a rigid position without consideration. Well, there was a sliding cut off date open to interpretation....when you stop caring about your society and producing any benefit to it, it would be churlish to expect a say in how it should develop in future.
  18. Is that for your post or mine
  19. That puts any volunteering by all ‘the old folk’ into perspective. Or perhaps many of us are contributing and benefiting the community in a totally different way, that is beyond the comprehension of a younger poster? Can work only be described as work if it’s paid? I help in a charity that no one gets paid anything, all volunteers who in many cases call on their ‘outdated’ work experience to make it work! Are we then not contributing anything by helping victims of domestic violence, or teenagers who fall pregnant, to restart their lives, so they in their turn hopefully are given a chance to contribute. i genuinely don’t understand your attitude or reasoning, are you just trolling? or bored with very little in your life as you appear to have so much time to spend on PIO. Have I got this right? if you retire at 55, then that’s it you can never vote again? but if you continue to work till 70, or older as a few do, then that’s ok you can still vote, even though you are by then ‘old’ It’s purely based on either being 18+ or earning a wage that entitles you to vote?
  20. 18 years olds can raise children in the future but none have done it yet (not even those who gave birth at the age of 12) they only know the now as they have no experience of anything else. To suggest they should have more say than someone who has done 50 years of working life, has raised children and grandchildren and actually knows things is ludicrous. As to the Brexit fiasco, that had nothing to do with the voters and everything to do with the politicians who hijacked the result and insisted that "Brexit means Brexit" when it actually meant "Brexit" an entirely different thing. You asked in one of your other posts "what is the relevance of something that happened a generation ago". The relevance is that those who don't learn from history (or in your case don't remember it) are bound to repeat it.
  21. benthomas010


    For those in Wyndham… I received invite today for citizenship ceremony on June 26th. Citizenship was 8th Feb, Approved 20th Feb - so roughly 4 month wait from test to ceremony. Applied Nov 2020 - all up around 20 months from application to ceremony.
  22. Joanna1312

    Visitors visa not granted and trip is approaching

    Im so happy for you!!! How long were you waiting after the request for more information?
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