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  2. Hey Rayan i have also applied 143 so please contact with me my contact number you can whats app me +919779686470
  3. DrSMW

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    Thanks for that Quoll. Visa will be a temporary in the first instance but opportunity to transition to permanent after 2 years. Salary has 17.5% super on addition which I understand is very good. In respect of bringing up a baby "on the other side of the World", I'm very mindful of that especially in terms of wanting my wife to have an active life and me wanting to be more than a bathtime dad. On the other hand where we are now our family are pretty far away (albeit in the UK) and we both have friends living in Melbourne. The wellbeing of my wife and child are my priorities. Speaking frankly we have had a difficult time over the past few years and while such a big move is a challenge, we sort of see it as an opportunity to reboot life, if you know what I mean. Aside from that, the job is a great move in career terms. Practical concerns like cost of living etc I'm doing my best to anticipate and plan for. Thanks again for your comments
  4. MasterChef, Hoarders Buried Alive (and I almost darent say this) Home and Away (more from a sociological point of view and with an interest in the repetition of story lines since I used to watch it 15 years ago. Who do you think you are (when it’s on). My gym seems to have Jeremy Kyle at treadmill time and I find that another fascinating psychological investigation- how the hell do people screw up their lives so comprehensively then want to flaunt it on national tv. Makes the treadmill go super fast though so - bonus!
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  6. Quoll

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    Making the assumption here that it’ll be a temporary visa you will be coming on. You’ll not be able to access a whole raft of family support benefits which means you’ll be paying for all child care, no subsidy. Pay is ok but in comparable terms you’re currently on twice the average wage so to achieve Aus equivalent you’d be short and would need to be of the order of $160k. You don’t say if your package includes super or not. That could be quite a big difference. Factor in, too, the big hit of setting up costs, insurances, bonds, vehicles etc. $20k will help towards that I’d have thought $500pw for a nice house in a nice area might be a bit on the low side but check out real estate.com.au and take the artistic photos with a pinch of salt. On a temporary visa will your wife get work? Who knows but it is known for temporary dependents to struggle to get meaningful career based work. They’re not that attractive to employers who would have to train them up only to see them nick off with 60 day’s notice. Bringing up a baby as a small isolated family on the other side of the world is a tough gig but as long as you are self sufficient and somewhat selfish you can do it. Don’t expect a magical “village” to help you raise your child. Most of the other young Mums will be back off mat leave with their kids in crèche trying to make ends meet. Personally I find the burbs rather barren for good quality young mums stuff but it’s a very long time since I was one. If it’s a fabulous opportunity for a short term adventure then go for it! Take a career break from where you are, rent out your home and suck it and see.
  7. june16

    Lightning Protection Installation

    you are defiant in wrong area mate here people dieing of waiting time rather than lightning..... people are much scared of update processing time than lightning .. just kidding haha
  8. Sagga

    Visa 887 route to PR

    Hi Guys. I m very nervous and always keep on thinking about that what will happen if subclass 887 will stop or change their criteria as it is a only hope for me and many others that for a subclass 489 visa holder it the only hope to get the PR..does anyone know or heard anything which might happen..
  9. Sagga

    Tasmania state nomination received

    Hi Maggie may, I finally got the grant..as I know with continious 2 years living in Tasmania and full-time one year work in any occupation, I can apply for pr through 887. My only hope that this light stays bright for 489 visa holders as now a days rule keep on changing.. Do u know if 887 will stay with same rules or any amendments coming soon or criteria for a 489 holder for a pr becoming rough..this think just keep on coming in my mind that when I m eligible to apply for 887 rules will be same or not?

    190 Tasmania

    I am not certain, but I think they can as we have had people refused for that reason
  11. DrSMW

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    Hi, I've been offered a job in Melbourne that I am very keen on. Before committing, I have a couple of questions that perhaps some of you can lend some insight to... 1) Salary is approx $145k - how does this stack up in terms of being good/bad? I currently work for about £50k in West Yorks, UK, so on paper a pretty big payrise but I'm concerned about the cost of living being higher. 2) I'm looking at a notional budget of $500ish per week rent and have found a fair range of properties around the Pascoe Vale/Hadfield/Fawkner/Reservoir 'arc' north of the CBD - any recommendations in terms of where would be best for a family to settle? We'd be after a 3-bed house with garden, ideally near shopping and nice stuff like parks, cafes etc. 3) Work location will be Brunswick, north of CBD - are there any areas I'm missing that would be reasonably easily commutable to/from? Ideally no more than 30 mins trip either by car, public transport or bike when the weather allows. 4) I have been offered a relocation allowance of $20,000 to cover home removals and flights - anyone any recent experience of cost of home removals from UK to Melbourne? 5) Last but not least, by the time we go (assuming we do!), we'll have a 6 month old baby. Anyone got recent experience of bringing up a baby in Oz in terms of the support available and the general baby-friendliness of Oz versus the UK. 6) Finally (no, really finally this time) what are the general job prospect in Melbourne for my wife? She is a textile designer by qualification but has considerable experience in the interiors design specification industry and general sales and marketing roles. Thanks so much in advance for any advice you lovely people can offer. Any general observations about the pros and cons of moving to Melbourne would be welcome! Stephen
  12. Four Corners, ABC news, Escape to ze Country, men’s football, documentaries
  13. Members of their family unit in first part of question is just husband or wife n kids, so No is the answer as kids aren't in the application as they'll be citizens (although they're not at the moment), and second half of question, choose Other unless of course they are holders of a visa etc.
  14. Quoll

    Refused Need Help

    Can’t your partner pony up for the fees? If you have to leave the country, you can all go together so your family doesn’t have to be split or would the kids’ dad let you take them for the short term until it’s all sorted. It is a shame that you didn’t seek advice at the beginning but too late for regrets, if you have to leave, you have to leave and sort it out some other way. If you both go back to UK and refill your coffers then return with an offshore processed visa supported by better evidence, meanwhile, hopefully supported by family.
  15. BacktoDemocracy

    Tommy Robinson Arrested

    Swings and roundabouts! Well I must have always been on the big dipper because workload went only one way, up, and pay and numbers of qualified staff went the other way, down. At the same time Councillors perks and chief officers pay went only one way, up. Like I say, you can't have Rolls Royce services on peanut money. Efficiency savings means cheaper people doing more with less material. Hey, I just described Grenfall Tower, or Rotherham or the next disaster appearing in the newspapers, Gosport Hospital, where it was more expedient to kill patients than spend the proper money to care for them. But hey we can blame 650 deaths in a 10 year period on ONE doctor who was supposed to look after all those and other patients on her own, not the system which closed its eyes to what was going on because it was a nice cheap solution.
  16. On 29 th jan I have submitted everything on 11th april
  17. Thanks guys. They kept him in overnight and probably tonight as well, trying to get his fluids in balance. He has congestive heart failure and an infection so they’re just pumping him with antibiotics and diuretics at the moment. Every time takes its toll on us all though!
  18. andrew2307

    Lightning Protection Installation

    Mmmm.. dude I think you advertise in the wrong section of the forum
  19. Pinna

    Refused Need Help

    I had to find the money for the appeal from my rent money. Now i haven't nothing. So no, just cos i lodged the appeal so i don't get deported away from my children, o can't afford an agent too. Not a nice comment, thank you. But no i don't have enough for an agent too. Quotes I've been getting are over 2k which we do not have.
  20. Jack91

    another property viewing request!

    Alright alright I'm entitled to my own opinion.
  21. SusieRoo

    Money advice please

    Yes, definitely recommend Transferwise, easy, clean, transparent and very good rates.
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  23. Kaleem

    190 Tasmania

    Thanks for the info. I hope I am able to get the invitation. As I have a job offer in my occupation switching to a permanent visa will not be an issue after a year. Also can you please tell me if the state can find out if the applicant has applied for sponsorship from multiple states ( even if you have used different EOIs for different states) My agent informed me that states only use EOIs to check if you have applied for multiple state sponsorship.
  24. Aussiepom

    Manly/Northern Beaches Meet up

    Hi, My wife and I live in Manly Vale. We're from London (although i'm originally from Sydney). We should hit up the Ivanhoe or something.
  25. Welcome! When did you get the request to submit your documents and AoS?
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