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  2. Activating visa 189

    it is linked to your passport, but no harm in a hard copy in case of computer glitch.
  3. EOI Work Experience Points

    my partner submitted NVQ2 documents and skilled employment evidence for 7 y , so he got a positive skills assessment and Cert 3 in joinery. That's why we thought we need to select in the education bit - An award or qualification recognised by the relevant assessing authority for your nominated skilled occupation - which will give us 10 points. Or are we to add this under AQF in the drop down menu? Thanks
  4. Brexit

    You should read his blog from the 13/04/2017 where the conclusions are not quite so clear cut. But he does show how this has polarised and split the country which is to my mind the tragedy of this whole mess, I fear that this split is going to affect the country for years.
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  6. Partner 309/100 Visa

    Hi, Looking for a little advice. I am Australian and my husband is Canadian, we are applying offshore for the partner 309/100 visa. During the processing time we will be visiting Australia for a holiday to see my family for around 2 -3 months. Is this allowed? Do I need to notify anyone that we are visiting while the visa is being processed? If we have a case officer assigned already, would we notify them? Does the partner visa processing go on hold while we're in Australia? Any information you can provide will be much appreciated.
  7. Hi jomon Please contact me - 9747854560 (india) i am from Kerala and doing same
  8. Hi jomon Please contact me 9747854560 ( i am from Kerala and doing same )
  9. The weather 😁

    It was a wee bit windy when Ophelia blew through but you are right it's not cold which is just as well as my stuff including all my winter clothes is still in storage ☹
  10. Brexit

    This was interesting
  11. The weather 😁

    Nah! Not at all true. Last week was the first time in 6 years my husband actually cancelled an appointment because it was raining. He cycles everywhere and though he has got a bit wet once or twice riding home from the gym that’s about it. I’ve deferred my walk maybe half a dozen times in those 6 years because of the weather but a few of those times have been “threat” of the weather rather than actual weather. I’ve been caught in the rain a few times but nothing outstanding. We’ve had a nice summer, I haven’t needed a cardigan at all and even now I haven’t got my fleece out. The weather is great for walking, you can leave the house at 10am and not be baked by 10:15 so I am enjoying not having to have left the house by 6am for a 2 hour walk. We’ve had a few nights where it’s been too hot to sleep comfortably but nothing like a regular Aussie summer thank heavens - I haven’t needed to have a cold shower and sleep on the damp towel in the middle of the night yet. I think the Poms just don’t have anything else to whinge about so they moan about the weather all the time.
  12. ***Psych Nurse Visa 189 Journey***

    22/2/17 AHPRA app. rcvd...

    22/5/17 AHPRA rqts more info & approval to consider app. beyond 90 days....

    01/6/17 AHPRA full reg.....

    20/7/17 PTE A - L:84; R:90; W:90: S:78 (for ANMAC)....

    23/8/17 ANMAC app & evidence rcvd...

    1/9/17 ANMAC positive skills assessment result....

    2/9/17IELTS Gen L:8; R;8; W:8; S:9 - Superior English (boost visa points)...

    4/9/17 EOI submitted (65pts)..

    20/9/17 Invite rcvd...

    3/10/17 Visa app. lodged (PCC + medicals + forms 80 & 1221 front loaded)...

    Awaiting grant...:)

    1. Onshore partner visa

      Is there a reason why you don’t put in your application for everyone offshore now? You’ve got time.
    2. The weather 😁

      I was thinking about this whilst having my morning walk (in the drizzle), having read the other post this morning. We didn't move either way for the weather, although it was something we thought about before we made the decision to move back (a small piece of a much bigger picture). Some people (like us) find the heat and humidity draining. We found that doing the things we like to do (walking/hiking, geocaching) far more difficult in the heat of summer in Australia than in the depths of winter in the UK. Other people find the rain/cold/dark oppressive, and thrive in the heat and sun. Rather than the weather being better in one place or the other, it is just different, and different people are differently suited to different types of weather. We don't mind putting on warm and waterproof clothing and getting on with it, come rain, hail or shine and never feel shut in here. Other people don't like to do that, so I can completely understand why they'd feel like they were permanently indoors for months in the winter. The weather here (Scotland) has been pretty good since we moved back. We have had some wet days, but it hasn't stopped us from going out. I'm still doing my morning walk in just jogging bottoms, t-shirt and light, unpadded bodywarmer if it is dry, or a light waterproof jacket if it is wet, the temperatures here have been between 11 and 15 degrees most mornings, and although it was drizzly this morning (for example) it is still entirely possible to have a good walk out in the fresh air. Having said that, we've not done a winter here yet, so I may well change my tune!
    3. Brexit

    4. The weather 😁

      you may not need the dressing gown scottie 😉...fingers crossed p.s ...dont forget the German Xmas market in brum ....worcester is worth a visit as well ...and good old solihull 😉
    5. The weather 😁

      i spoke to mom about this ...she told me ,the 4 seasons used to be very defined in the u.k ....iam here in the u.k , and that has gone now ......last October 31st ...24c on the golf course in brum ice snow . but then again ...summer , a few stinking hot days , then crap , then crap , then stinking hot . luckily it looked good for the olympics in 2012 and Wimbledon ( this year ) 😃
    6. The weather 😁

      well Scottie ,we are in the same part of the world , what is it this week ?----13-17c ...but have you noticed days and days of high winds .....weeks and weeks of stillness now . I remember going to school as a kid , this time of year , and the wind used to rip your face off ...and how cold was bonfire night ? my local , people were stop outside the pub in t shirts last year in November
    7. The weather 😁

      I'd rather have four seasons thanks. I can get out way more in the UK than I could in Australia and my skin won't turn to leather and be covered in cancers when I'm older. As lots have also said I found I was way colder in Australia during the winter - our house got down to 13 degrees and it was insulated. If the kids have such active outdoors lifestyles in Australia why is childhood obesity such a major problem over there ?
    8. Activating visa 189

      I think it's linked to your passport but hopefully someone can confirm this. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using PomsinOz mobile app
    9. The weather 😁

      i was in an empty house in telford in winter 2010 ( the last bad one ) icicles on the the inside of the windows -4c ....brrrrr😊
    10. Activating visa 189

      Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a daft question - but I will be entering Australia soon to activate my visa (skilled 189) and was wondering if I need to bring anything with me as proof when entering the country? Is the visa grant automatically linked to my passport or do I need to print out the Visa grant document? Do I need any other proof with me? Thanks!
    11. The weather 😁

      actually starlight , I tend to disagree . 30 years ago maybe , but we haven't had anything like a winter since 2010 . last Xmas day evening , it was 12c When it rains , it pisses down now , and the rain I, is well , almost warm . the milder the winter ,the better for me , and I dont like 40c either ....anywhere between 15c 25c will do for me . the weather has changed so much in the last 30years . I wouldn't go as far as to say the u.k s weather is a positive now ( too many grey skies ) ...but it certainly isn't the bone chilling experience it once was
    12. The weather 😁

      I don't know if i have said this before but as a bricklayer i was rained of more in Brisbane than I ever was in london. Also never felt as cold as i did inside the houses. But then .. I'm a southerner.
    13. Hi Alan and Rahul. I am zaki from India. I have applied CPV on 4th May 2015. I have given all my documents zerox (photocopy) with stamp of Class 1 officer notorized Would it work Na
    14. Visa landing question

      Years ago it was very common to have the 'main applicant to enter first' clause. Nowadays it s rarely seen, and unless the grant letter specifically mentions it, then there is no need to worry about it.
    15. 186 Visa Processing Time

      Have you considered professional advice?
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