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  2. Freo81: CongratulationsDockers fan here tooAre you also heading to Perth?
  3. Martinbjulieb


    I am also interested in any replies to this topic. We have looked into it but can never get a straight answer!
  4. Martinbjulieb

    Suggestions please and update

    We also used Dogtainers and agree they were excellent.
  5. unzippy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    No they are not. have a read of this @simmo, you never know, it might help you: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/fake-news.htm
  6. Martinbjulieb

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Hi there, we paid just under $3k for our Bedlington Terrier, it was 2017 but I wouldn’t have thought it would increase that much. Perth to UK with Dogtainers.
  7. unzippy

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    I know we are not allowed to comment on the poster, but let me comment on the post itself. Moronic would be a good description or perhaps ignorant if i was being kind.
  8. rammygirl

    Skilled visa changes??

    Exactly. Many people opt for temp sponsored visas when they could apply for PR independently. There are still PR visas available and employers can opt to sponsor for PR without a temp visa to start. This has more to do with the occupation lists and what is available for which visas.
  9. Mick1983

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    No man I paid 6k Proffesional fee to my migration agent and she is telling she can’t do anything just wait for the correspondence
  10. BacktoDemocracy

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    She is 16 and will have to live with the consequences of decisions made by 65 year olds intent upon lining their own and their mates pockets. She has more brains and more principles than any of the old farts trying to denigrate her, she has clearly pointed out that just keeping on sucking up to capitalism will inevitably see her generation experiencing a very tough time and will affect her life choices significantly. All of the people of the far north of Europe are going to see their lifestyles and livelihoods disappear within less than a hundred years as the permafrost and tundra thaws and snow and ice retreat southwards, that is not supposition, that is already happening. You live on a continent where desertification is happening, the desert is advancing in Australia, you are already facing a choice between allowing uncontrolled water abstraction to slow that process down and drying out rivers and habitats or allowing rivers to actually run and maintain natural habitats and allow the desertification to simply happen. None of your politicians dare tell you the truth because they know it will cause uproar but that is going to be your reality and very few are prepared to face the truth, yours is a country which potentially faces chaos from climate change quite early on in the piece. Immigration as an answer to Australia's economic problems will have to be curtailed dramatically as agricultural production falls back and water becomes a scarce resource
  11. Kaleem

    Finally Arrived. Thank you all

    Thank you Toots, Its a lovely place. Better than I expected. I have been working since I arrived so haven't had a chance to explore. but will do tomorrow
  12. Shane2019

    143 Contributory Parent visa

    OMG I thought it would take about 5 years at the current processing rate
  13. We’ve used an agent who said that going overboard on the docs would just delay matters and irritate the case worker. He narrowed the documents we should be providing to important ones like our lease, joint bank statements, joint bills, etc. We also enclosed some photos, invitations to both of us, etc. We probably uploaded about 2 dozen docs altogether? We uploaded both our police checks in January and I’m due to go for my medical check on Monday so I wonder whether they are waiting for that before doing anything?
  14. rammygirl


    Everyone over 16 needs to qualify for citizenship in their own right. So currently needs 4 years in Aus with no more than 1 year in total out with no more than 90 days out in the final year. It is the same with us. Our youngest son was first to qualify then us and our eldest has still to qualify.
  15. KangaKit


    No, uk but flying back for breaks
  16. Parley

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Sounds like a good candidate, although I'm not in favour of the death penalty.
  17. Today
  18. BacktoDemocracy

    Before Brexit

    I believe lots of the immigrant staff that the NHS has poached over the years from the Phillipines,, India, Sri Lanka and Africa and Eastern Europe are applying for Australian medical jobs on the back of their UK experience. Oh, happy days.
  19. Ondra

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Guys, I have submitted my visa on 27th February 2018 as restaurant manager, 186. Submitted all documents as well. My nomination approved in July 2018. My status habe not change yet on my immi account. Ondrej
  20. John007

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Can anyone update me please Occupation: Chef State: NSW Country: Bangladesh Stream: TRT Number of applicants: 3 Visa and Nomination applied: 16th April 2018 Nomination Approved: 18th April 2019 IMMI Status: Received how long i need to wait for case officer assigned approximately ?
  21. BacktoDemocracy

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Sounds like she'll be a shoe in Quote As an MP, Widdecombe was known for opposing the legality of abortion, her opposition to various issues of LGBT rights such as an equal age of consent and the repeal of Section 28, her support for the re-introduction of the death penalty, the retention of blasphemy laws and her opposition to fox hunting. Early lifeEdit Born in Bath, Somerset, Widdecombe is the daughter of Rita Noreen (née Plummer; 1911-2007) and Ministry of Defence civil servant James Murray Widdecombe. Widdecombe's maternal grandfather, James Henry Plummer, was born to an Irish Catholic family of English descent in Crosshaven, County Cork in 1874. She attended the Royal Naval School in Singapore,[3] and La Sainte Union Convent School in Bath.[4] She then read Latin at theUniversity of Birmingham and later attended Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE).[5] While studying at Oxford, she lived next door to Mary Archer, Edwina Currie, and Gyles Brandreth's wife Michèle Brown.[6] She worked for Unilever(1973–75) and then as an administrator at the University of London (1975–87) before entering Parliament.[4]
  22. ali

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    It's said at every official meeting we attend at work.
  23. Hi all, Long time follower of this thread. So happy for all the grants thus far. We just got our golden email too DOL -26/10/18 all front loaded RFI- 27/3/19 Grant-24/4/2019 First entry date: 26/10/2019 Thank you all for keeping us sane! Perth WA! We’re coming home Congratulations to all the grants today and Best wishes to everyone!
  24. Parley

    We recognise the traditional owners....

    You should know that many different races of people are different physiologically. That is just a fact. It is why black people from Carribean are usually faster runners than any white man and Kenyans and Ethiopians are the best at long distance. Polynesian and Maories have a natural tendency to be very large and overweight which affects lifespan. Japanese are probably the people who live the longest in the world. It doesn't mean much, just a fact. Aborigines are different physiologically to white Europeans. The fact Aborigines drink to excess and commit crimes more than others is an issue but certainly not my fault.
  25. garrychandi

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    Every State has different procedure. NSW for example invites you first, then you have to send in your application with $300 fee to them. once they approve you get the invitation from DHA
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