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  2. Perthbum

    Well done england, now beat the blacks

    France have their worst team for a long time
  3. starlight7

    92.9 Perth

    Echo perthbum- and its free
  4. dejani

    I have 482 but I need to find a new job

  5. starlight7

    Public schools

    I’ve never seen the pjs ,either. In Victoria it would be very unusual as would having no footwear. Different sort of place, different social norms.Here the state schools can be very good but it depends where you live and also who the head teacher is. We have 2 state high schools near us, one good , one not so good because the head is a slackar** basically. Three of ours went to private schools and one to a state school but they all ended up at the same Unis. I think the private ones had more confidence in themselves though. Of our many grandchildren, some are state, some private and again I think the privately educated ones are more confident but they come out similar in academic results.
  6. Bajwa786

    AAT appeal for 186 nomination refusal

    Not yet, its almost 18 months.
  7. starlight7

    What a beat up

    We are in the middle of Barcelona and there were more police than marchers yesterday which was a general strike of public services. There were quite a few public servants, maybe 200 but they are protesting pay not the same. The helicopter was passing over a lot with full beam .You see what you want to see.
  8. Today
  9. bunbury61

    Well done england, now beat the blacks

    I thought before the tournament started it would be an all blacks v springboks final I think only 2 teams can give the all blacks , any form of a contest , and that is england and the springboks . Ireland peaked about 12 months ago Wales havent got the bench France are the team ,no one is talking about - either awful OR capable of beating anyone , including the all blacks - which french team is going to turn up ? - you never know . The japanese have been fantastic - but they cant beat the all blacks Just cant see any team beating the all blacks
  10. Parley

    Well done england, now beat the blacks

    Sounds a bit racist.
  11. Perthbum

    92.9 Perth

    Get Spotify
  12. bunbury61

    England V Australia

    They have tried to toots , by bringing in all these blow ins .
  13. sanctum


    Visa on arrival for Indians.
  14. So we’re going to apply for a 600 in January and aim to travel in February. We applied for 309/100 in July and front loaded everything apart from medical. We will have around £5000 in our bank account as savings. For anyone who has applied for a 600 and travelled from the U.K. can you help me? We will be flying one way with Emirates. Me (British) fiancé (Aus brit dual national) and our 1 year old daughter (Aus passport). I am employed and will be employed still when we leave. We’re going to be living with my partners parents anyway, so they are supporting us on the 309 and the 600 anyway. So the way we look at it we’re going for a long Aussie holiday up to a year. So what kind of things do they ask for when applying for the 600 and can anyone recommend a good insurance?
  15. rammygirl

    School Fees on a Sponsored Visa

    Hard to know for sure but currently, at least in SA, people on 489 or other provisional (as opposed to temporary) visas do not have to pay extra school fees.
  16. Perthbum

    England V Australia

    Australia have brought in far more outsiders into all their sports teams than any other country on earth, cannot understand parleys bitterness as he is English himself
  17. Toots

    England V Australia

    I don't think so. What are you on about Parley?
  18. Toots

    England V Australia

    The Wallabies have had a very weak scrum for years. You would have thought they would have managed to sort it out by now.
  19. Perthbum

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Almost as divided as when the witch was PM
  20. bunbury61

    England V Australia

    You were right PB Australia threw the lot at england as well
  21. bunbury61

    England V Australia

    As I said , parley s post before the game about england made me chuckle . Most of australias pack and backs are blow ins , the forwards were brought into supplement a weak scrum . If we get beat next week , probably by the all blacks - I could, more than accept that . The all blacks , are a bit special , after all .
  22. Perthbum

    England V Australia

    Destroyed them as I predicted mate
  23. Alan Collett

    *** 2019 Aus tax return filing deadline approaching ***

    Can I recommend that you have a conversation with a registered tax agent? Best regards.
  24. newjez

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I'm sure it will improve your life no end parley, all the way over there in Australia.
  25. Perthbum

    England V Australia

    England absolutely smashed the Aussies, hang on, was there any Aussies in the team
  26. newjez

    Photos from your garden

    Probably after rats and mice
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