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Found 19 results

  1. rick1981

    City and guilds

    Are they accepted in australia.I have family in oz who me ,my partner and kids visit every year and what to move over there
  2. Guest

    city & guilds????????

    Hi i want to move down but will be on my own i think and just want to know if it is a good idea to move to the other side of the world alone and not know anyone on the other side and also can i use my city & guilds plumbing in oz????? thanks.
  3. Sharon taylor

    i have city n guilds do i need aqf111?

    my OH did an apprenticeship in bricklaying some 20yrs ago he achieved a city and guilds in bricklaying and an advanced certificate, up until 4 years ago he worked in the building trade until he specialized in stone floor and wall tiling/wet rooms/stone fabrication ect, my question is does he need to obtain a aqf11 to apply for a 175 skilled migration visa or are his city and guilds certs enough hope someone can help
  4. Hi all Were are trying to complete our Vetassess skills assessment & are trying to obtain the syllabus for the City & Guilds 2360 Part 1. Cant find a copy anywhere & apperently City & Guilds not hold the syllabus in their archieves either. :arghh: So what did other people do :confused: or has anyone got a copy etc they could give me, ppppplllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeeee. :smile: Thanks in advance :hug:
  5. Hi, I was wondering whether anybody would know what the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) equivalent (Level 1, 2, 3, 4, diploma or degree) would be for the following City & Guilds courses: Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians Part I Information Technology Electrical Science/Electrical Draughting I am trying to help my sister and brother in law but we are finding it very difficult to work out whether he (bro in law) has the required qualifications to be able to get a successful skills assessment. He is a CAD Engineer and also has management responsibilities for several staff. It is also quite challenging to work out which profession would be best to choose from on the SOL. I think once we know what the qualifications sum up to, we may be in a better position. Has anybody out there managed to get a successful skills assessment with city and guilds qualification(s)? To sum up, please can anybody advise us on: - The AQF equivalent for City and guilds as detailed above? - Which profession is best to choose for a CAD Engineer/Manager - Has anybody managed to get a successful skills assessment with City and Guilds qualifications? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.
  6. Hi All, I'm a City & Guilds Licentiateship(LCGI), Full Technological diploma, Advanced diploma & Diploma holder in telecommunications & electronics engineering(2720) & just completed 6 years industrial experience. I hope to apply for assessment as a General Communications Tradesperson, but I have a doubt about these qualifications will accept by TRA? If anyone pass TRA assessment with these qualifications please let me know? :eek:
  7. Guest

    City & Guilds

    Quite concerned now after reading something online about qualifications, My hubby has City and Guilds qualifications and advanced city and guilds in carpentry and joinery, will these be suitable when we apply? Or do city and guilds not count over in Oz? If they dont do we have to give up before we have started? Having a major panic now? xx
  8. Hello, I have been researching into our options before we start the process. My husband is a Diesel Mechanic/Fitter on buses. He has done this for 7 years. When he left school, he did a couple of years at college studying Motor mechanics and gained City and Guilds Qualifications. He then did a variety of jobs, (not relating to mechanics) and did not start an informal apprenticeship for a few more years when he bumped into an old college friend who was a manager at a local bus company. We have looked into the VETASSESS route, under Heavy vehicle motor mechanic, but after looking at the TRA Diesel Fitter route, this is much simpler (and cheaper!). I am just not sure though whether under pathway C, he would qualify, simply because of the gap between college and work. Please can someone help??? Thank you. Jaime xxx:v_SPIN:
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new 2 this site and it looks like most questions can be answered, I was wondering if anyone knows if you have 2 produce your CITY AND GUILDS certificates when appling for a migrant visa. Its been 20yrs since my husband passed and he doesn;t have the certs. will this matter???? Thanx Lynne n Steve :confused:
  10. Hi All, I am a carpenter of 17 years exp with City and Guilds Carpentry & Joinery level I,II and advance qualifications. I have just moved to Brisbane with my Aussie wife to be. I have just contacted Tafe to try and get my papers recognised and they are unable to help me, as i have already migrated.... So i guess i am to contact the qld building licence authorities?? If anyone can please offer advice on who i should contact and the process, that will be great. Many thanks. Nev :unsure:
  11. Guest

    Chefs! City & Guilds HELP !???

    Hi! New to PiO and first post *gulp* Just collecting the heap of evidence for the TRA, and am struggling to find the course content for the much loved City & Guilds 7061 & 7062. I've emailed C&G but to no avail. Can anyone please please help us? Would be really really grateful Jason, Sally & 3 little girls/monkeys
  12. Hi PIO, My OH is a Panel Beater with City & Guilds part 1 & 2 n were thinking of going 4 a 176 visa instead of a 457. I have been told by an agent that because he doesn't have a certificate from the employer stating that all modules were completed and stating how many hours were completed on each section then he will have 2 get assessed - TRA $300 may b ok but it might not b enough and he will have 2 get AQF (I think thats what she called it !) which will need 2 b completed in Australia and cost $2000 plus the cost of the flights !!!. Is this the same as VETASSESS that i've seen on this forum ?? n is what i've been told right ???? Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out with this cos i'm begining 2 change my mind completely n not bother going at all !!!! Lynne :confused: xx
  13. Does anyone know what NVQ Level a City & Guilds in Basic Engineering Competencies equates to????
  14. Hi all I am a chef trying to immigrate to Oz, but seem to keep hitting brick walls with the TRA., this will now be my 4th time of applying. I have my city and guild 706/1 and 706/2 but they are now asking me for evidence of either an apprenticeship or traineeship. If i am not mistaken we dont do this in the Uk when you have done 706/2 then you are qualified and off you go into the big wide world. Is there anyone else out there that has had these problems and if you have got through it how did you do it? Cheers everybody Ali Jeffs
  15. mandymcqueen

    City & Guilds HELP

    Hi All Does anyone know if a city & Guilds qualfiication is recognised for a visa application. We have tried several routes to get to Oz without sucess and OH was going to do one of those 6 week intensive Tiling courses that you gain a city & guilds at the end of it. We just dont know if this will be enough as he wont have any work experience when we apply. if all else fails we will have to stump up the cash to go on a student visa but it is so expensive we would rather try and get a qualification over here as it is alot cheaper. Thanks Mandy
  16. Guest

    no city and guilds

    It's a bit of a blow this is. I got my city and guilds in 1989, but as we all know most people don't get the chance to go to college let alone get an apprenticeship. what's one of them these days. You can't get an apprenticeship anywhere, no one wants to take you on and give you one because it is too expensive, I have had my business 18 years and all of my lads have had on the job training, none have gone to college as I couldn't afford to send them. They have had one to one training all the time and have learnt five times quicker.you can not even get on site these days because of all the jam rolls (polls) cheep labour so if you have not got the right paper work you will just have to sweat it out and of course get hit in the pocket good luck everyone tony jo emma and amy p.s still not sold the bbbbbbbbbbbbbhouse yet:jimlad:
  17. Guest

    TRA without City and guilds??

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you guys had got a sucessful TRA by proving over the 5yrs experience they ask for without the C&G certificates. We have accountants statements and also suppliers statements (well, they are hopefully on there way:unsure:) dating back 15 years. We are also supply names of long term customers. Stressed!!! Please someone help me before I beat my delightfuly useless OH with my laptop.:arghh: I thank you in advance from him!:biglaugh:
  18. mandymcqueen

    City & Guilds

    HI Not sure why but I think I heard that a City & Guilds qualification doesnt apply in Austraila. We have been rejected for skilled visa as neither of us have an acutal qualification, but we are both going to go to college to get our relevant qualifications. OH is a care mechanic and seems the only qualification he can get is a city & guilds. He doesnt want to do the course if it then means we still in the same situation. Any help or advice would be great thanks mandy
  19. my husband did his city and guilds plastering in the day before computers, we do not have original cert so we have paid 34.00 to get another one. how long is the waiting time on this, as its holding up our tra frustrating