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Found 155 results

  1. Hi all, So my partner and I (both in our late-20s/early30s) are moving over next year after securing permanent visas. We initially decided to go to Melbourne, but after reading pages of complaints about the weather, we are reconsidering it (climate was one factor influencing the move, as we both enjoy warmer climates and this was what I was expecting from Melbourne, at least for half of the year...). We currently live in Southampton, but are both originally from the north of Scotland. How will we find the Melbourne weather in comparison? I keep reading how it is "cold and grey" for "half the year", and honestly don't think I want to experience any more of that! But when I look at the weather forecast (for what is technically the start of their Spring), the weather looks more like June weather for the UK (a bit up and down but mild). Is this just a complaint from Australians who find Melbourne cold in comparison to other Australian cities, or is it a legitimate complaint? We are considering to go to Sydney instead so any insight would be hugely beneficial from fellow expats! Thanks.
  2. TattooNurseGym

    Nurse looking to come to OZ with WHV

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum but just wanted to throw a question out there and possibly get some Info so I apologise if this has already been posted. I am a qualified adult nurse at degree level from England, I currently have just over a year post qualification experience in Emergency Department but will have around 2 years by the time I am am looking to actually move over to Oz. I have family In Melbourne so would be looking to go there, I am currently looking at the working holiday visa as my best option but I was wondering how those of you who have already moved or are in the process have found getting jobs? Have you gone through agencies? And are there any better ones to look at? Also what are wages like for agency workers as they dont seem advertise this info. Any extra Info or advice is also appreciated TIA
  3. Clair

    Moving Home and Passports

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following: I'm planning on returning to live in England after 22years in Perth, Australia. I have both an old Great Britain passport (the blue one) which expired in 2001 and an Australian passport (which expired in 2015). Will I need to renew both passports to relocate back home or can I pay for just one passpost renewal? Do I need a special visa? I'm really confused, especially with the covid-19 situation. If anyone would be so kind as to help me I would be so grateful!! Cheers, Clair
  4. Clair

    Taking my Cat to England

    Hi, Can anyone please help me with any information regarding where to start with the planning of flying my cat home with me to England? I am not sure what immunisations are needed either. It's the one item on my list that is stressing me senseless. I truly cannot leave my furkid behind and I am worried about putting him through any unessacary stress. Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Clair
  5. Myself and my fiancee, are both UK citizens, and now living in Australia. We wish to get married in England, as that is where the majority of our family and friends still live. We plan to get married in June 2012, and have been told that before we do this, we need to "give notice" in the UK, and be in England for 9 days before doing this, together. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to work commitments. My fiancee will be in England for 7 days in July 2011, as she is attending a family wedding, and I will be in England in September for 3 weeks, to attend my best friend's wedding, where I am best man. We will then not be able to be in England at all, until 10 days before our actual wedding day, in June 2012. Is there any way we can "give notice" in Australia, via the British embassy or are there any other options available to us? We really want to get married in England, as a marriage anywhere else would not feel right. Anyone else encountered this? Or heard of this at all? Any advice given would be very helpful.
  6. otto

    gas fire

    We want to buy a gas fire from England, as they are a lot cheaper. Are they compatible in Australia? Could anybody help me?
  7. Coupleinoz

    Help with big decision

    Irish and English couple, aged 33 and 29. Living in Melbourne for 4 years, we both met out here 3 years ago. Recently applied and granted permanent residency. Our plan was to stay for another 2 years to get citizenship and then move back home to get married and start a family. We would then have the flexibility to move back to Australia in our late 30's / early 40's (e.g. when the children are ready for school). The complication for us is the recent change from 2 years to 4 years to apply for citizenship. It makes decisions about where and when to get married, buy a house and start a family a lot harder. We are also struggling with getting good, unbiased advice (for example; family want us back home, friends in Australia want us to stay etc). A lot of peoples point of view doesn't go deeper than the immediate, emotional layer and we need to try and move beyond this. We would like some thoughts on two options we are currently working through: 1. Move back to UK or Ireland within the next few months, with the plan to return within the 5 yr return visa allowed with permanent residency. During our time at home we would likely buy a house and get married (maybe have a child or wait until we get back to Australia - tbc!). On return, we would be settling in Australia and get our citizenship this route. We like this option as our preference is to spend our 30's back with close friends and family. There is obviously a risk with this option that we would not return (and most of our friends believe we won't). 2. We stay for the 4 years and get our citizenship (at this stage we would be 38 and 34). After we get our passport we would likely head back to UK / Ireland for a number of years. During the 4 years, we would want to get married, put our savings down (e.g. buy a house or shares) and maybe even have a child. We would likely organise the wedding from Australia but go back to get married in the UK. On the plus side, we are here now and we will get to citizenship quicker. On the downside, we won't be able to spend these important years with friends and family. Overall, we only know life as a couple living in Australia (as we met here). So although we love it, we don't know what a life would be like living back in UK or Ireland. Add in buying a house, getting married and starting a family during this time - and the decision gets more complex! Thoughts?! What else should we be thinking about to help our decision?
  8. paullym

    UK job situation? How bad is it?

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks for all the other threads in this forum. It has really helped us out knowing that we are not the only ones with this feeling of being constantly in 'limbo' and feeling like we don't belong here. I came out in Brisbane in 2000 and have been based here ever since. Here I met OH (also an expat, but German in origin) in 2004 and we have lived here since then (bar a year when we travelled around the world). We have just recently had a babe and feeling we should return home has become much stronger, as well as OH's mother not being too well at the moment. We want our respective families to enjoy being with our daughter. As such we have made the decision to return before the end of the year. However my family is giving us equal encouragement to come but negative views about the UK job climate. We appreciate what Australia has and the lifestyle on offer. As such its a difficult decision to make, and its been compounded by the fact that with a secure job here in Brisbane we could be giving up a lot for an uncertain future in the UK. So we would value any advice that you may have. I suppose our main question to help us move forward and follow through on our decision (or delay it!) is how the UK job market is looking and how it may be looking 6 months down the line... It would be good to get some information from people in the UK or those who have just returned, as an internet search about it is not bringing up much. I am working in IT and my OH is a commercial accountant working with SAP looking for work part time. We are predominantly looking at London, which is where all the work seems to be, but would move anywhere south of Manchester. Thanks again for any help... Good luck in your choices. Paul
  9. Hello everyone. I have a few questions about this ACPO UK Police clearance and the conditions of its validity. I lived in the UK from 2006 to mid-2012, before moving to back to France between mid-2012 and early 2014. I've been in Australia since early 2013. I'm on my way to apply for PR through the 189 or 190 (unlikely, though). I have an ACPO clearance certificate from England issued in January 2014 (while I was in France), but I'm not sure if it will be valid when I apply for my PR visa in April 2015. I have read that these certificates are valid for 12 months (according to DIAC). However, I have also read that this rule doesn't apply, as long as I didn't return to live in the UK in between the date on the certificate and the date of visa submission. Has anybody got any personal experience to share on this matter? I'm worried about having to go through the whole process of obtaining a new certificate, as I've been extremely unlucky with mail since I landed in WA (i.e My supervised teaching practice statement from Liverpool Uni got lost twice! The letter containing my teaching diplomas sent from France arrived after 2 months!). Needless to say that if I can avoid relying on Australian Post, I will. Please let me know if you have any info on this matter. Thank you ever so much! Ana.
  10. Sulac

    Rental car hire in UK

    Hi we are back to the Uk at Christmas - land mid December for four weeks - thinking of hiring a car but we would need a 7 seater as we are a family of six - so am anticipating it may be jolly expensive. Anyone know any cut price car rental places? We are based in South of England, Crawley so something near there ideally. Any help appreciated
  11. I found bacon in England was nice, but I could not find the similar one in Sydney. Do you know where I can get it?
  12. Hi all, I just moved to Oz, specifically Wollongong, 2 weeks ago. As I'm now in a minority group (pom) I feel far more obliged to support our team in Brazil. If there any brits in Wollongong who would like to watch the game in town this coming Sunday morning, please let me know as I'm eager to get out and cheer our team on. Cheers, Alex
  13. Herbster

    Taking dogs/pets back to uk

    Hi - can't believe there's not been a thread on this one... What's the deal so far as taking dogs & pets generally back to UK - whether they were born in Auz or not???:wideeyed: Also any ideas on costs & procedures... Just in case! Thank you :spinny:
  14. Benjamin Baker

    Hello, booked and counting down

    Hi I'm Ben I have just taken the plunge and finally after many years for toying with the idea of moving to Aus for a year, BOOKED! Visa granted, flights to pay for and money to save i am so excited! I plan to travel out August 31st just in time to spend my 25th on a beach in Cairns! Anyone else going around the same time? Would nice to meet some new people!
  15. Raul Nigli

    VetAssess & MARA Agents in England

    Hello All! My first time on the forums, I'm quite excited, yet daunted by this whole process! I need a Statement of Service from my employer. I've drawn up something that looks like this: Statement of Service Mr X is currently employed full-time (around 35 hours per week) as a Fitness Centre Manager from January 2010, in a permanent role and his employment is ongoing. Mr X's salary is in the range of circa £10,000 anually. While working at our company, Mr X has been working on the following duties. A few of the duties are listed, include, but are not limited to: Ø Cash register reconciliation & cash management Ø Staff induction and training Ø Pool Lifeguard - Apply first aid & Operate an automatic defibrillator in an emergency Ø Monitor pool water quality Ø Maintain stock levels of retail goods while hitting sales targets for the same Ø maintaining customer service standards & Advise on products and services offered Ø Follow occupational health and safety policies Ø undertaking administrative tasks Ø promoting and marketing the business Ø dealing with enquiries, complaints and emergencies Ø Manage a small team Ø Work in a socially diverse environment I can confirm that the above tasks were completed to industry standards. Signed, Centre Manager (For Worcester City) Contact Number I've seen mention of Units of Competency. How do I find out what the UoCs for a Fitness Centre Manager are? I was wondering if anything needed to be included in this letter? Also, I would like to hire a good immigration agency to make sure this works out for me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I think December is a really bad time for all this, but hey ho, that's how it goes I suppose! Thank you in advance!
  16. ​Anybody able to offer any suggestions of airlines or agencies that offer migrant fares from the UK to Sydney?
  17. Hello I'm a 14 year old boy. And in january i will be making the big move down under. So i made an account on here basically seeking for some facts, tips and advice on job availability. Back here in the uk it it is paticularly difficult for under 16's do get decent jobs where i live and i was wondering if its the same in perth (where im moving to). Please could i have someone reply. thank you :biggrin::cute: Louis x
  18. MrStocks80

    Hi all, newbie in awe!

    Hi all on PiO, I have been registered on here a little while now, and have spent time looking at a few posts. As I am looking to move to Australia (Brisbane) spring/summer 2013 and will be submitting my 309/100 visa application in the next 2-3mths, I thought I'd introduce myself - no doubt I may need the odd bit of assistance here and there. I also hope that I can add to the banks of information here on this site by helping others with my experience and progress. MrStocks80
  19. Hi All, Not sure if there is another thread concerning the same thing (I couldn't find one), but I was hoping if anyone in the same boat as my partner and I could post their Partner visa 309 application timelines. My partner Ben and I submitted ours last week to the Australian embassy in England. It is complete with police checks etc. and has been paid for. At the moment I only have the embassy's website processing times to go by, but I have been told a few different things. Our close friends applied for the same visa and it was granted in 2 days! Also, our migration agent has suggested that ours could be processed in around 4-6 weeks as it is a pretty straight forward application. My partner and I have been together nearly 4 years, he is English and I am Australian by birth, neither of us have any criminal history, we have a house together etc and it is only him applying so it's pretty straight forward. Has anyone else been through this or currently going through the process? :-) Lauri
  20. We are a family of 7 - all adults but five at University. We are coming out to Sydney and then up to the Great Barrier Reef in December 2012. If you would be interested in a house swop over Christmas we are living in Gerrards Cross, near London. We have a 7 bedroom house but we don't need one that size. Ideally we would like to swop with a family who have a place in Sydney and another in Queensland - but that isnt essential:biggrin:!
  21. Hi everyone, My name's Max, I'm 27 years old and I work as a journalist at a national television news channel (2 years experience). I went to visit Australia over New Year and absolutely loved it. I'm keen to move over for around 3 years and continue my career Down Under. If it goes well, I would definitely consider moving permanently. I'm a very active person, yearning for a sporty, outdoors lifestyle whilst taking my work seriously at the same time. I've had a look at getting a visa to move over - but my line of work (understandably) isn't on the SOL given by the Australian government. That said, I have a lot to offer, strong qualifications and want to work and pay my taxes whilst out in the country. Getting a sponsored visa in my line of work is near impossible - so that rules that out I guess. Does anyone have any bright ideas? I would fully appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks! Best, Max
  22. Hi All, I'm moving back to the UK in June and need some advise on shipping. I don't really have much to take back with me as I've sold it, but I have a few items likes pictures, clothes, CD's, DVD's etc that I want to take back with me, but my suitcase will be to full. I think I'll only need 2 boxes, but just wondered if anyone knew of a site where you just make a one off payment, fill the box and ship without having to worry about measurements etc. I've seen sites from UK to OZ, but not the otherway.:arghh: Any information would be greatful.... Thankyou :ssign5:
  23. Cold, and wet every day, almost need to get my hot water bottle out again. Is this down to global warming. Let's hope Julia's carbon tax kicks in soon.
  24. I am a Mom in England whose son is spending a year in Australia and I want to send him a few gifts so he will have something to open from home on Christmas morning. It seems there are a lot of restrictions on what can and cannot be accepted into Australia from abroad. Am I correct in thinking that if I include some chocolate and a few sweets that this will require quarantine and will incur an extra charge at the other end? What sort of items are acceptable for me to send? What do your relatives send to you without any problem? Thanks in anticipation of your responses.