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  1. ozziepom

    Things to do in Brisbane, please help.

    Just in case you did fancy a hire car there's http://www.abel.com.au/ - never used them but they seem cheap at $36 p.d. Without one some of the trips mentioned here would be tricky (even the Gold Coast would go from a 1 hour trip each way to 2.5 and the train fare wouldn't be much less than $36, maybe more). Fuel is one thing that's cheap here.
  2. ozziepom

    iPhone and iPads

    I'm pretty sure no iPads are locked to a carrier, only iphone's. Some countries used different frequencies for celluar data in the past (LTE etc) but UK & Aus are compatible.
  3. ozziepom

    Genesis Estate Coomera

    True, but where he's on about is the better side of the freeway, and there are some nice area's not too far away.
  4. ozziepom

    Genesis Estate Coomera

    We live nearby but I've only driven through it, my only thought would be foxwell road being the main in/out route and the roundabout at the end of it being horrible at rush hour.
  5. ozziepom

    Can anyone recommend a nice hotel in Brisbane?

    Either of the Meriton's are usually great value, nice clean new etc. Parking is an expensive extra though.
  6. ozziepom

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    We go from Sanctuary Cove (next to Helensvale/Hope Island) every day to Brisbane, I've posted elsewhere about the commute - hang on I'll find the post. Edit - my post about the commute: - http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/queensland/212019-gold-coast-area-best-thinking-broadbeach-qld-2.html#post1936519557
  7. ozziepom

    Place to live near Gold coast by beach?

    We do the daily drive to Brisbane from Northern Gold Coast (Sanctuary Cove) to Brisbane, its about an hour most days leaving at 6:30AM/4:00PM. Nearest beach is Paradise Point, but that's 10 mins drive away so maybe 1:10 from there to Brisbane. As the post above says its busy Friday arvo coming home but Fri mornings are the least busy of the week. I know there are some bayside suburbs near the beach East of Brisbane (around Cleveland), we looked at them but not for us, too quiet and the beaches aren't great, lots of people like it there, would be within your 1hour commute, just. North of Bris is Sunshine coast, but not within 1 hour or anything like. As I keep saying, the commute from GC to Bris is not to be undertaken lightly, its 30kms of madness followed by 30kms of tailbacks each way, every day and that's from the North, add 20-30kms of congestion for Central GC, and unfortunately the train sucks.
  8. ozziepom

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    Just on the medicals I wouldn't worry too much, they're looking for medical issues which will cost the govt a packet, not concerned with a few pounds of weight. To the OP - the Gold Coast is awesome, but jobs are not tick on the ground.
  9. ozziepom

    Sending the wife and kids first, are we crazy?

    yes - I think you're crazy. Find another way which doesn't involve splitting your family up for such a long period, I know someone who did similar and witnessed the outcome - no amount of money is worth it.
  10. Just some thoughts on the Gold Coast to Brisbane commute, been doing it 3 years now... We go from the North of the GC, Sanctuary Cove to Brisbane CBD, leave home about 6:30 & takes just over an hour by car, leave work at 4ish home by 5ish, average is an hour. If there's an accident that can double - happens about every 6 weeks, on a very good day it can take 40 mins, but those days are rare, like every 3 months. Robina would add 35km to our journey and I wouldn't do it TBH, Broadbeach is as far but longer to get on the freeway, wouldn't dream of commuting to Bris from there. My journey on the freeway is 30kms fast and manic, then 35kms slow and jammed, it is not a relaxing drive and not like driving on the motorway in the UK, overtaking both sides, rampant tailgating, a good sprinkling of complete nutters. I see someone mentioned commuting by train, lots do it but its crowded, slow and quite costly. We tried it but gave up on it very quickly, my the time you've parked, got on the train then walked from the station to your office it adds a lot of time to the journey, unless you live next door to one station and work next door to the other. Varsity Lakes to Central is 1:20, and would cost $150 pw, good chance you'll be standing up on the way home too, I honestly think the average door to door time (say where my wife works right in the heart of the CBD) would be getting on for 2 hours each way. I love the Gold Coast and am not in love with Brisbane, but that's where my work is, I'd pay a pretty penny not to have to do it, but no work for me on the Gold Coast, mainly due to the lack of large corporates there. I'm just saying don't take the idea of doing the commute lightly, especially from central or (heaven help them) southern GC.
  11. +1 Where your work will be is the most important thing - if you have work nearby Broadbeach is very nice, but quite touristy, not exactly family oriented though (great for a visit). Unless you work in hospitality or tourism I really wouldn't recommend coming to the Gold Coast in the expectation of finding a job quickly, unless you've researched thoroughly and found plentiful opportunities which match your experience. Thing is, work opportunities are limited for several professions on the Gold Coast, which is why I live at the North end and commute each day to Brisbane, along with thousands of others. There are lots of lovely areas to live on the Gold Coast - you may love Broadbeach but it is a tourist destination first and foremost, more residential family areas include Paradise Point, Mermaid Waters, Broadbeach Waters, Robina, Runaway Bay, Currumbin, Burleigh or where I live at Sancuary Cove BUT, just remember unemployment is much higher than average on the Gold Coast.
  12. ozziepom

    Recommended migration agents Brisbane

    I can personally recommend Go Matilda, but they're in Melbourne I think (may have an office in Bris).
  13. ozziepom

    Total Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    From Q1 I take it, nice up there! We had a great view of it from N Gold Coast, lovely clear sky.
  14. ozziepom

    NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell resigns

    Talk about red-handed - they found a thank you note signed by him, for the $3,000 bottle of wine he had denied receiving. I love politics here, its as corrupt as anywhere else, just not as subtle!
  15. ozziepom

    Insurance comparison sites?

    Can anyone recommend an online comparison site for home/life/car insurance, the likes of iSelect just seem to want to get your phone number then sell one of their limited choices (based on who gives them the most commission). I want something wholly online. I'm looking for something like MoneySupermarket, of course it gets commission too, but seems to cover more of the market and avoids having to talk to some droid on the phone. Cheers!