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Found 54 results

  1. Hallfamily

    Expression of Interest Advice

    I am right in saying if you are not on any states sponsored lists and do not have an employer to sponsor you can you still lodge a EOI through skillselect and see if any employers or states will nominate you.
  2. Hello, looking for some advice, my partner and I are looking to move to oz, he turns 31 in January so we are thinking of applying for a WHV in few weeks, go out next year and rent our house out to allow us to get a feel for places to live, jobs etc (all being well we get a visa that is as he has a past conviction). Would anyone who has done this advise going on a WHV and then once out there hope to find an employer to sponsor one of us to allow us to stay longer? We can’t go for the 2nd WHV as my fiancé will be over 30. Also can anyone help with where to start once we get a WHV, where’s best places to go for jobs? Should we apply for plenty before we get there? Register with an agency? I am a finance graduate and my experience is in settlements for an investment bank and my partner is a cavity wall insulator, he has tipper driving experience and he is ex army and physically fit for any labouring jobs. Does anyone have any idea if we will struggle to get jobs with our experience? I understand we are not on the skilled shortage list (I knew I should have went down the teaching or accounting route) however I do not know where to start! What states are best to find Banking/Finance and Driving/Labouring jobs? Is it possible to rent short term when we get there whilst looking for a job? Can we sort accommodation out from here before we go? Not wanting to stay in hostels so looking for the best way around this. I’m Worried that we go there and can’t get jobs and struggle to find somewhere to live. I am aware that from the minute we get the visas to leaving the UK I will have to do major preparation. Also can a WHV be applied for on a joint basis? If one of us manages to find an employer out there to sponsor us can the other one stay on the basis of that visa? All help appreciated! Lots of questions I know but will be grateful for any advice We are 25 and 30 Thanks!
  3. Hello all... I emailed WA to ask if they knew when their state migration plan would be out & this is the reply I recieved......:wideeyed: The new State migration plan is expected to be published in the beginning of the next program year which is 1st of July, 2010. At this point of time we are not able to commit to the occupations that will be included in the plan. I hope this has been of assistance. Regards State Migration Centre Government of Western Australia
  4. ilovemilkymoos

    All States SMP List!

    Dont know if this has been done before, and it maybe worth while making this a sticky! These lists are current as of today! Hopefully it will be helpful to someone! South Australia - http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/applyonline/skilled/planning_level_status.php Tasmania - http://www.migration.tas.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/41927/List_SMP.pdf Victoria - http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/225920/SBMP-State-Sponsorship-Occupation-List-for-Victoria-FINAL-November-2011.pdf Western Australia - http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skilledmigration/Documents/skilled_migration_occup_List_edit%201_1_11.pdf New South Wales - http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/5788/STNI-Update-List-of-Occupations-22.09.11.pdf Queensland - Northern Territory - http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/documents/SMP_Shortage_List_FA.pdf ACT - http://www.business.act.gov.au/skilled_and_business_migration/act_government_sponsorship Johnny. :spinny:
  5. Hi all, Just a quick general question. My OH and I have been granted 176 ss visa's for WA. My best friend is planning to come out next year after we have moved on a working holiday visa. Either by myself or with my OH, I plan to do a little bit of travelling around oz, is this possible on a 176 state sponsorship? I know I can't live and work in another state, but does travelling/long holidays count? Thanks all, any advice welcomed! Lucy :wubclub:
  6. Interesting article in The Australian full of quality ammunition with which to gloat from down under! The British (with Gordon Brown chief among them) were unable to distinguish between drinking champagne because you are rich and thinking you are rich because you drink champagne. Britain is bankrupt and will possibly become a failed state into the bargain. Expect to see the queues lengthening outside Australia House again!
  7. Hi there, Please could you let me know where I can find the State Sponsorship list for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) - 323112 I have tried searching the DIAC but getting nowhere fast. Thank you for your help :cute:
  8. Clocks have gone forward an hour save for Queensland which does not have DLS. So if you live on the border of QLD and NSW life gets interesting.
  9. I have a state sponsored visa for wa, I have been offered a job originally in wa, however, the position isn't on offer to me anymore, but have been offered a position in nsw, I haven't miss lead anybody when I applied for my visa but would like to go for this job, does anyone know if it's possible to do the switch.
  10. Hi all, hope somebody can help with my query. If i get state sponsorship can i live and work in another state within the first 2 years?? Thanks in advance, Karen :cute:
  11. Hi all, Anyone know what states are sponsoring IT systems administrators ? I know NT do, Canberra did but all IT codes now closed.
  12. the obligation says you need to remain in the state for 2 years, can i go for travelling to other states or overseas? thanks
  13. Hi guys! may i ask if anyone knows here if it is possible for me to apply for 2 state sponsorship wtih 2 diferent occupation. Im an interior designer so I can apply for ACT ss but the thing is the ielts requirement is high i need a band 8 in all parts. I think that would be quite hard for me to accomplish. However in West aus, they also offer the architectural draftsman occupation, which I am also qualified since i also got 3 yrs work exp for that. And the ielts reqt is just a band of 7 in all and thats something I think I can do. So my question is is it ok if I apply for skill assesment for 2 different occupation in 2 different states ACT and West Aus? Will there be any problem if ever I do that? If not I think ill gamble and apply first for WA since the ielts reqt will be favorable for me. I hope anyone can reply regarding my question it will be a big help so I can proceed and apply online for skill assesment!
  14. I am having 176 sub class visa of Western Australia. Is it possible for me to live and take a regular study in any other state universities like Adelaide, Brisbane etc before the completion of the 2 years restriction in WA? cheers:cute:
  15. My question is should people who move states without compleating the 2 year moral obligation be made to reapply for another visa or be deported? From reading several posts in the past it seems that some people manipulate the system as they are aware that prority is given to 176 applicants. The only way the 176 visa is canclled is if one commits an extreme crime like murder. Any thoughts please.
  16. Hi This was on the new tonight, just thought it might at least give some of you a boost as things slowed for lots of people for a while Skilled migrants to tackle state's skill shortages - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  17. Hi, I've been sponsored by an employer and have got my PR 857. I have 16 months left before I can move to where ever I want. However, I'm wondering if I can move sooner. I phoned Immigration and they didn't really give me a straight answer. First said no and then said I MAY have to apply for PR again!! Can anyone help here? Cheers
  18. carsnhoj

    can you change states on 457?

    We have aimed to get to Perth, checked everything out... got a job offer, just waiting for the employer to secure his staus (problems with training - but he assures us he's sorting it). In the meantime, been offered a job with sponsorship in Canberra! (slightly less pay, and not where we originally planned)... If we take Canberra, then the sponsorship for Perth gets sorted, can we move across? (both jobs are 457 visa)??
  19. Hi all, Well now all the "new" immigration information seems to have been released I'm a little confused!! My Husbands profession was on the Old Shedule 1 as a wanted profession although worded slightly different to the UK name, now its has been removed from the new Schedule 3 and is ONLY on the Schedule 4 State Sponsored list and the name matches exactly to his UK job role. The problem is, I have checked all the State Sponsored lists that they have released and I can not find his profession on ANY of them. What is the point in the government putting a profession on the schedule 4 so people can be sponsored but then no states put the same professions on their list. I take it if his profession is not on any states lists then we can go no further with this from his professional side?? A second question, although its hard for anyone to answer, what is the general sense that the imigration rules will be changed again with in the next 5 years?? We were planning to finally make the move in approx 3 years but Im now pregnant which means 1 yr off work, which reults in quite a fair hit on our savings, which we will need so we have upped the time back up to 5 years with this new development, Im wondering if I should move departments (I work in IT but my job is not on Sched 3 or 4 but if I applied for a job in one of the teams that is, I would by then have 3-5 yrs experience in the other role, although no formal qualification) or if we should hope Hubbys profession goes back on to Sched 3 or at the very least some states add it to their SOL! thanks for any help!
  20. How have the 23,000 allocated places been distributed between the Australian states and territories? We have approached all the states and territories in Australia, and asked them to confirm the number of sponsorship grants they have been allocated for 2010/11, so we can see how the overall quota of 23,000 is distributed across the different states and territories in Australia. In addition to this, we have asked each state and territory to confirm how many sponsorship applications they have approved, which have yet to be finalised by DIAC, in order to gain a better insight into how close each area is to filling their quota for this year and how close DIAC are to meeting the planning level for state sponsored visas. As of 21 October, 2010, we have received the following responses from the Australian States and Territories: Queensland Queensland have not been forthcoming with precise figures, as they’ve said their planning levels form part of their migration plan, which has not yet been signed off. However, a representative for the State said he "does not believe that the proposed planning levels for Queensland are likely to cause a problem". Tasmania Tasmania have confirmed that, pending the federal government’s approval, they will be allocated 700 sponsorship places, made up of 460 listed occupations and 240 off-list places. To date, the number of granted and on-hand applications totals 220, leaving a total of 480 places available for sponsorship in the 2010/11 allocation. New South Wales New South Wales have referred us to their website, and declined to comment on what they state is part of their forthcoming migration plan. Australian Capital Territory (ACT) The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) have confirmed that they have been allocated 1740 spaces, which they’ve said equates to roughly 720 sponsorship places available, after the partners and dependants for applicants have been taken into account. They have confirmed that they have 690 applications either pending or already granted (but not yet finalised by DIAC), meaning their quota of 720 spaces for 2010/11 is essentially already full. The ACT has already taken the decision that any future application for sponsorship under their migration plan will be processed by DIAC in the 2011/12 year. South Australia UPDATED 21/10/2010: South Australia has declined to provide information on their allocated quota or the numbers of visa applications they have already nominated for sponsorship which have yet to be finalised. However, they have confirmed that certain occupations have already reached their quota number and are no longer available for sponsorship in the 2010/11 program year. Check the South Australia website for the most recent updates on which occupations will not be considered for the current year. As the different states in Australia respond, this blog entry will be updated. - Matt Parker is a caseworker for the Australian Visa Bureau. Visa Bureau Blog - Visas and Immigration to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the United States Regards:hug:
  21. Guest

    Old SMP for all states

    Hi Friends, Can anyone post me the link to see old state migration plan for all states please? Trying to just browse and assume which occupation could be in or out. Appreciated tons
  22. Hi all! Quick question.... Currently on a 457 business class 4 yr sponsored visa - just coming up to 2 years in Qld. :chatterbox: I'm a MH Nurse sponsored by Qld Health. I want to move to Sydney. Is this possible, or woulld I need to have a position in Sydney to 'transfer' to? Or would they have to be willing to take over the sponsorhsip? :confused: I was going to go down the Residency route, but it will take yonks - 18 months in priority 3 I'm told :shocked: (Perhaps I'm a 'little' not-so-patient) Can someone pllllllllllllease help?? Thanks lots and lots :biggrin:
  23. For those GSM visa applicants with current state sponsorship for those states which have yet to publish their SMP, will they be category 2 or category 3 in terms of priority processing?? My own view is that every state sponsored applicant who is on the SOL will currently be cat 3 amd when the SMPs are published this will either bump them up a category or leave them where they are.
  24. :cry::cry: Hi friend, As shown in another pose that the NEW SOL includes a schedule-4 which applies to on or after 1st July in 176 475 threads. It is really amazing that the schedule-4 included most occupations killed on 430 SOL. you all remember it. it gave us some hope. or it is just a bubble hope? unable touchale? how many quota will states goverment offer for each occupation in the schedule4? and how long it will offer? seems really hard to say now.......... Do you agree? :cry::cry::cry: jessi
  25. Does anybody know when it will be possible to lodge online new applications for sponsorship?