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Found 146 results

  1. we bought some tickets today for dream world on offer to members of racq, 50 dollars per person, for a 2 day pass, the second day can be taken within 14 days of the first visit, and can be used to go from park to park, also an hour early entry, anyone been there, will post tomorrow to let you know how it was, i think the tickets have to be bought by 8th august, but can be used up to 31st august.
  2. http://www.tiptoptens.com/2011/02/16/top-10-most-richest-countries-in-the-world-2011/ So can anyone explain to a thick person like me why we are in the poo :eek:
  3. Guest

    World Ending

    Well apparently the world may end this weekend :confused: so what are you going to do today, tell the boss what you think of him ? get dwunk, pay your bills off, wind the mods up , ??????????????
  4. Well this is a bit of a strange thread, but here goes. When in the UK, I lost 6 stone (two stone Weight Watchers) pre the birth of two children, manged to keep that 2 stone of, after my second child, I then went on to loose a further 4 stone through Slimming World, since arriving in Oz in November I have manged to put 14 pounds on, nightmare, we recently moved to Redland Bay, and since life has started to settle down, I have not put any more on, and I don't intend to. Slimming World only runs in the UK, but I had an ace consultant who became a very good friend, so with my one stone to lose and more, my question is if there is any one out there in South East Brisbane struggling with weight or has done SW before and would like to meet etc, just drop me a line or PM if you would rather, I know I have struggled without the group support etc, if there was a few of us we could hold a 'mini class', how funny would that be! I have books and all the mags (yes sad I know I brought them over) and even the tools to work values out for food, as KJ is more the thing than Cals here in Oz. SW is worked on Carb and Protien, free food as SW call it, anyway let me now if any one interested, its also another way to meet people. Melx:chatterbox:
  5. Guest

    Slimming World in Perth

    Hey Everyone, I really want to join slimming world and have heard some amazing things about it, but unfortunately it hasn’t been set up over here yet which is such a shame. I was just wondering if there are any expats that used to be Slimming World consultants and have the knowledge and time to do small meet ups, I have a few friends who would be interested too. It could be a good little earner for someone who has knowledge of the meetings back in England. Also if anyone has the books for sale, i'd be interested in hearing for you too I have two stone to lose and am a regular at the gym and walk down the beach every weekend, so I’m not a lazy sod I promise!!! Hope to hear from you soon Annie :biggrin:
  6. This really is brilliant, the International Space Station (ISS) takes 90 minutes to fly around the globe; this was condensed to 5 minutes. Cheers, Bobj.
  7. OK. So I am no expert in british food and its delivery but saw this link advertised on another forum so I thought I should share with you guys. Do you think this is a comprehensive site that is the answer to your prayers??? http://www.britishcornershop.co.uk/default.asp
  8. http://www.joondalup.wa.gov.au/welcome/citynews/11-11-04/CITY_OF_JOONDALUP_RECOGNISED_AS_WORLD_S_MOST_LIVEABLE_CITY.aspx CITY OF JOONDALUP RECOGNISED AS WORLD’S MOST LIVEABLE CITY 4/11/2011 3:58:30 PM The City of Joondalup was named the World’s Most Liveable City of 2011 at the UN-backed annual International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom) on October 31. The LivCom Awards are the world’s only Awards Competition focusing on International Best Practice regarding the management of the local environment with the further objective of improving the quality of life of individual citizens through the creation of ‘liveable communities’. Alan Smith, chief executive and founder of LivCom said that they had long championed the fact that many of the world’s most pressing challenges can be met by working at regional level and the cities represented demonstrated that they are actively taking a lead in this. One of five elite cities across the world recognised as fulfilling the awards’ range of key criteria covering environmental best practice, healthy lifestyle of citizens, community involvement as well as arts and cultural heritage, the City of Joondalup won the population 150,001 to 400,000 category ahead of Nansha, Guangzhou, China and Kuantan, Malaysia. Announced after three intensive days evaluating 77 finalist cities from 26 countries, the 2011 awards were the largest in LivCom’s 15 year history, providing an opportunity for cities to share both best practice and springboard ideas off each other. Joondalup Mayor Troy Pickard said that the award was the jewel in the crown for Joondalup, with the City now recognised at an international level for its fantastic attributes and lifestyle choices. “The City has come a long way in a few short years, providing the community with a great range of services and a sense of place, whilst developing sustainable planning and environmental strategies for the future. “Local governments face many challenges and must plan for them all. From climate change to population growth, community services and emergency management in the face of disaster, the City of Joondalup is leading the way in local government in Western Australia, and, as this award now shows, internationally.”A full list of results in the finals, photography and full citations of the criteria awards can be found at www.livcomawards.com.
  9. nik_kershaw

    Welcome to the world Archie Thomas

    Archie Thomas has entered the world at the Birth Centre in Canberra. Archie was born at 12.45pm after an 11 hour labour. Mum and son are going well and already home. Thanks for all your support Nik
  10. Pingpongpom2

    Amazing pic of our world...

    I was in a Geography lesson this week, at the school where i work, and this pic was used to show the kids where the energy is used in the world..i just think it's amazing...
  11. For the second year running, Australia has ranked second in the United Nation's 'Human Development Index'. The index measures social and economic development based on several factors: Life expectancy at birth / Health Mean & expected years of schooling / Education Gross national income per capita / Living Standards Australia ranked narrowly behind the 'winner' - Norway, the same 2 countries ranking first and second last year as well. The United Kingdom ranked 28th on the 2011 Human Development Index. http://hdr.undp.org/en/statistics/
  12. Gillard is right on this one and I just cannot understand the opposition to her bill. :eek: http://digitaljournal.com/article/312579 Australia is the world's leading polluter and the Country who will suffer the most is Australia if global warming is not strangled.
  13. So since being here in Sydney these past two months we have been trying to explore a bit during our weekends. This past one we took a trip out to the Blue Mountains, approx 50 min drive from Sydney, to Katoomba. Here you can see the famous Three Sisters rock formation and a great view over the Jameson Valley. The best way to do this is the Scenic World ride, a combination of cable cars and railway rides, you can spend all day and get absolutely stunning views! We can thoroughly recommend a day out here for couples or families, the railway ride is really exciting!!!
  14. http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/life/worlds-best-tourists-026319?page=0,0 What made me totally ROFL: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  15. The Pom Queen

    Rugby World Cup Semi Finals

    Who will you be supporting?
  16. I checked the news and realised England were playing in the world cup right now. Although there's probably ways to stream the video locally, I wouldn't mind watching live ITV streaming from the UK to get some comforting biased commentary :-) Anyone tried this? I just tried Overplay VPN using Internode DSL (who have a dedicated Internet link to the UK), and TVcatchup.com, which plays live UK TV. unfortunately, TVCatchup seem to recognise either Overplay or Inode as non-UK, and blocked access :-( D
  17. Nice to have a bit of nice things said about the UK instead of the usual hate-fest in the media around the world. Broken Britain? Rude Britannia? Not according to the researchers who have produced the Charm Offensive – a study of British people in their everyday lives that showed our society is among the most polite and civil in the world, casual aggression and racism is on the decline and huge value is placed on a smile from a stranger or a small act of kindness. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/oct/09/politeness-good-manners-english I actually agree, afetr living in Oz and visiting many Countries I do think on the whole that Brits are the most polite and friendly people in the world, especially up North.
  18. As an Englishmen , iam disappointed about the revelations and behaviour of some of our rugby players in NZ. I thought only our so called footballers were capable of such stupidity and naivety. In contrast the Welsh have got their act together .....a new young ,focussed captain in Sam Warburton , a togetherness in the team , which hasnt always been the case. As they have such strong minded individuals , like the Dutch soccer team , its often hard to galvanize them .....but not this time. Apparently the Welsh players havent had a beer for months now , and their training has been extensive . The game between Ireland and Wales should be a cracker ,and i think one of these will rightly represent the Northern hemisphere in the final.
  19. So is there any welsh or irish havin a party that we can join in on!! Im so fed up with watchin the world cup with Aussies and sing the welsh anthem on me own!! HAHA No babysitters mean no pub which was traditional :sad: I really really really miss a good drink on an international day!!! Just havin a sulk really, what you all doin??? :wink: One welsh mad lady Jules xx
  20. Oh My God!!! I have just had the best idea in the world (and I am sure no one has ever though of it before ever). I think all of us POI'ers who are in the UK should have a night out!!! Yes that's right a night out!! I think we should make arrangements in somewhere like say Newcastle (cos it's kind of central) and all have a bevvy!! Any thoughts?? FYI, I have arranged nights out where no one has turned up and I have gone psycho because of it:twitcy: so be warned:policeman: Perhaps we should do regular ones. Obviously I am not yet in the UK and seen as it is all about me, we will have to wait til I get back........... or............. people could start doing it before I get back. Obviously it won't be the same without me but chin up. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze like I say I think this is the best idea in the world. Maybe we could have Scottish nights out, Welsh, Irish and English nights out (did I miss anyone?) Like once a quarter ore something.
  21. Guest

    Where else in the world?

    If not your home country or Australia, where else in the world would you choose to live? Or have lived in already? Or would like to go back to live in? Me? I spent my childhood in my country of birth, the UK. Have since lived in Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland and spent extended periods of time in the US and Australia. Travelled to lots of other countries also. In the UK, I've already lived there. Dartmoor. Stunning part of the world. Along with most of the parts of the south west I've lived in (Quantocks, edge of Exmoor amongst them). That rural appeal for me is big. For places, countries I'd like to live in I think Italy, more specifically Tuscany is where I would love to live in an ideal world. And I'd also love to live in Amsterdam again as this is my most beloved city and the place I still feel call me home. It defined me, my adult life and was the happiest time of my life outside of the past few years where I settled down with my hubby and started a family. New Zealand is a place I long to visit, to explore and potentially live in at some point in the future but first hubby and I want to be in Australia. It's hubby's home, we both love it there and we want our son to know his family and the way of life there as well as the UK. Over to you :biggrin:
  22. This not meant to be a thread concerning muslims etc. This is meant as a thread aimed at those ordinary members of the UK and Australia I guess that have over recent months/years found that their political ideals, wants, needs and the like have been dulled or sharpened by what is going on at the moment in the UK. Radicalism is often talked about concerning muslims and how some may view the world after 9/11 and the ongoing struggle in Iraq. But I think the term radicalism could also be used concerning many ordinary members of this countries population. If the 'recession' has affected you to a degree or the cuts in certain sectors have impacted would you now consider writing to your MP, going on a march/rally etc. Of course I'm not talking of violent demonstration, some choose this path, but more often than not it is a futile avenue to take, for many reasons. But in the long run have you 'consciously' decided to rally against what is going on and realised that maybe at some point your voice be heard. I have no idea if this has made any sense, and I am not trying to start an argument about any government, more what you feel on a very personal level, and has your attitude changed, stayed the same, or do you just duck for cover. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. Guest

    Rugby world cup day 1

    Well a thumping win for the Kiwis on day 1 they'll be hard to beat that's for sure, 6 tries! :eek: My only concern is that they have a fairly easy group (so do Australia) so will they be battle hardened come the Quarter finals? England and South Africa are going to have some proper battles during the group stages so should they come through will be fully ready for whoever they meet. If I was a betting man :cute: my money would still be on New Zealand with maybe a little covering bet on...................................South Africa :yes:
  24. kellbell

    Rugby world cup

    Totally miffed to find out that our tv provider Telstra isn't really showing many games...I find it so bizarre to be in Oz, during the world cup being played in NZ and am unable to watch it?! I'm guessing this is because sky/foxtel hold the viewing rights... Telstra aren't even showing the Australia game on Sun! Booooo!:mad: I seem to remember the BBC showed most games, although we had sky so I could be wrong on this?! OK rant over....:smile: Thanks! x
  25. Guest

    Best curry in the world

    Rather than take the 'what's the UK got that Oz hasn't' thread off topic............. I wonder if you took a native Bangladeshi who's never left the country paid him to do a round the world trip to determine who does the best curries which country would he choose??