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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    Boys and their toys

    OK boys, it's toys time!!!! http://screen.yahoo.com/a-floating-island-for-millionaires-29754341.html Watch and enjoy!!
  2. Are their any gamers out their who could offer some advice please. :notworthy: In the UK my son had a World of Warcraft subscription that lapsed before we moved. Now we would like a new subscription from Oz. He isn't bothered about keeping his old characters. Is it best to renew the old account and pay from uk account or to start a new one from here? Will his uk disks work with an Oz account? Is there such a thing as an Oz account? I tried looking on WoW forums and they seemed to suggest we'd have to have an American account as they don't have an Oz server. Any advice would be very much appreciated as it really isn't my area of expertise and I didn't even set up the uk one. I don't know if this is relevant, but apparently we have the expansion pack 'Cataclysm'.
  3. YEAHY!! Well the Gold Coast will be hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Great news for the Queensland Economy with an estimated 30000 new full time jobs to be created as a result of this win. Love Rudi x
  4. Guest

    Most addictive internet games

    http://www.miniclip.com/games/anagram-magic/en/ Search for user Guest3197961 to play with me...
  5. Hello, We're just about to start playing five-a-side (futsal) on a Sunday evening in Carlton and we need a couple more players. Should be good for a laugh and a few beers afterwards so if you're interested then let me know. Cheers, John
  6. cartertucker

    Tv's & Games consoles ~ Confused!

    I have read lots of threads on TV's & Games consoles, but am still unsure if we should take ours? :unsure: We have 3 flatscreen (fairly new) TV's & PS3, Wii & Xbox I know some say 'they may work'..... But how can I find out for sure? :confused: In a nutshell please :cute:
  7. cartertucker

    Games consoles...Do they work?

    We have various games consoles: Wii ~ PS3 ~ Xbox Will they work in Australia? :wideeyed:
  8. Seems to be very quiet on the English front.......... Don’t want to talk about whom is leading the medal table as I will be accused of being a flag waving insecure Aussie.... :cry: I guess if you aren’t doing well best to be quiet!!!!!!! :wink::tongue: AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OYE, OYE, OYE :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  9. Guest

    Playstation games??

    Hi, Can you use uk playstation 2 games on an oz playstation? Sorry if this has already been asked! :notworthy:
  10. still stressing about entertaining the kids on the plane and was wondering if there are any DS Lite games that would appeal to this age group? thanks for any suggestions
  11. Hi there, I've been in Melbourne around 5 years now, and I really wanna meet up with some British people to watch the world cup games with. I've got Aussie mates, but none of them are really into Football, and I miss the British humour...dying for a good laugh with a few British people. So if anyone wants someone to watch the World Cup games with...please lets arrange a time and a place. I know Bridie O'Reillys on Chapel Street will be showing the matches as well as Copacabana on Smith Street...I'm sure there's heaps of other options as well. Happy to go anywhere in Melbourne to watch them. So let me know if you fancy it. Cheers, Shaz xo
  12. Just wondering if anyone was thinking of heading to Darling Harbour to watch any of the England games? Dave
  13. BBC News - Kapoor designs 2012 Orbit tower That is a mess IMO ..... 25 MILLION IN TOTAL.:err:
  14. Guest

    PS3, XBOX Games & Consols

    Hi there, Seems to be the best place to ask advice on this subject - we are migrating to Perth in 2010 and my boys have a PS3 and an XBox. I have read on some threads that these do work with games they bring with them but will any new games they buy there work on them? Also my son wants a DSi for Christmas - will he be able to charge it in Oz? Advice appreciated thanks.
  15. England is poised to pull out of next year’s Commonwealth Games over fears that athletes will be victims of a terrorist attack, England ready to pull out of Commonwealth Games over terror risk - Telegraph The athletes well being is foremost.
  16. Hi, Wondered if anyone could tell us if electrical things work in oz, by son has an x-box, playstation etc and he'd heard that although the consoles and games he already has will be ok to use over there, the consoles wouldn't be compatable with any new games he buys once there. Just trying to get an idea of what we'll be taking with us so we can get accurate quote from removal company coming today. Cheers Maz x
  17. Guest

    Outdoor games?

    Hi people, just watching my boys playing outside made me wonder about what they could do in Oz, at moment they are climbing trees, playing hide and seek in bushes and generally just rolling around on grass pretending to be star wars characters! - would they be able to do all this in gardens down under or does the threat of spiders/snakes and other nasties stop them being allowed to do so? Am I just being paranoid and do you not worry so much about the "wildlife" when you are that side of the pond and more used to it? I am very relaxed mum here and pretty much just let them get on with things here outside , and wouldn't want to be constantly watching them and telling them "no" you can't play outside if we moved. To be honest sending them outside to play is a lifeline to my sanity sometimes -even 5 mins of relative peace and quiet is better than none! Any thoughts welcome!!!
  18. Guest

    Xbox/wii games

    Hi can anyone tell me if , Wii or Xbox360 games bought in oz, work on our console.
  19. Its only a few weeks old, comes with original box, receipt for $800+ from wowwicked. Extras are... decent hdmi lead assasins creed GT5 prolouge call of duty 4 juiced 2 Looking for $700ono... come get it before it goes on ebay, i'd be happy to drive a few ks to come meet buyers. i can post it if someone wants to pay me via bank transfer
  20. Guest

    wii games (help)

    i want to sent some wii games to ozz will they work on wiis bought over thier help please as need to buy them to send off julie xx:hug:
  21. HELLO I HAVE SOME GAMES FOR YOU TO KEEP INTOUCH WITH YOUR FRIENDS Poptropica http:http://www.clubpenguin.com/ RuneScape - the massive online adventure game by Jagex Ltd also for good games go to Minniclip Games - Gamestro
  22. Guest

    Nintendo Ds games

    Hi all Does anyone know if Nintendo Ds games bought in Australia will work on a console bought over from the UK Thanks in advance Mandy x
  23. Guest

    PSP Games

    My Friend would like me to get her some PSP games but does anyone know if I buy them in the UK, can she still play them in Australia? Sorry - this may be a really stupid question.... for which I humbly apologise:notworthy: FANK YOU
  24. Guest

    danger games

    I would like to put an offical complaint in about the arcade forum.yes i am not happy at all about this firstly instead of a site where we are all meant to help each other now its every ones mission to beat our fellow collegues that is after knocking hell out of the poor poor penguins :wacko:also the site should have an official warning as it is so b##''''==+= addictive no wonder we can never get the kids out and off the computers. we are meant to set an example to them not get into competitions even though im beating them ha ha and lastly all competitions do not allow people involved with said organisations to compete so could Tim please take note (i have tried to knock you off top spot but can not so instead i am going to accept defeat like a proper man sod the game )BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :arghh:
  25. Guest

    New Games!

    Hi All, Just to let you know I have added another five games to the arcade..Enjoy!