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  1. TheBrammies

    Uk trade certificate’s

    your white card takes about an hour to do and I'm sure your retrain will only be a couple of day courses. check out some of the training agents
  2. TheBrammies

    View of migration interest from longer term PIO members

    feels like migration is down to me in Perth alot to do with mining and gfc is my opinion the uk looks to be in better shape and australia is going through a mining downturn weve been here for 6.5 years and love it
  3. TheBrammies

    Are you feeling the pinch in oz

    and what a pile of debt they left us with if the truth be known
  4. TheBrammies

    Unemployment in Perth?

    i live in Baldivis the fastest growing suburb (will become a city) work is slowing down,house prices will fall it will get worse but i look at things a little different I'm a floor layer and i know there are floor layers are quiet now but not me there is work here just not enough for everyone,i think british trades can do well here because of our work ethic and customer service side of things are much better if your a decent worker you will get on i think i read you husband works in air conditioning if i were you i would just get out here he will find work and as soon has he gets his own contacts he will do well if there is only work for 90% of the work force just make sure you in the majority I'm not saying it will be easy but things worth having never are its a great learning curve to emigrate and I'm afraid Perth is what you make it work as a team and embrace the different culture and you will be fine and if you don't like it you can change things but you will never look back and wonder what if. good luck in your adventure ps its no where near as bad as you've been threw in uk over the last 7 years
  5. TheBrammies

    Are people still moving here ?

    The Housing Boom is starting to stall the new business isn't coming through now they have a year to 18 months of work then lets see what happens to much building too fast and has for immgration the only figures i hear is 1000 people a week which is the same as 5 years ago at the height of the boom trouble is they don't like to admit things here if its not what they want to hear to many new house are rentals they think house prices will only go up as it will in time but the are down times in-between the vacant rate is going up then add all the new builds that will come onto the market that tells me there is more supply than demand and that only means one thing. I've been here nearly 6 years and i have know more people leave in the last year than the previous five but saying that if you get a decent job then i would still recommend coming here i love it and thing it has a great future in the long run.
  6. TheBrammies

    World Cup TV coverage

    all games on abs which is really good just the times suck for work lol but we will all be up in the morning at 6Am
  7. TheBrammies

    World Cup TV coverage

    Sbs is showing every game i believe i,ve been here 5 years and still support England but still surprised by the lack of interest in the world cup by perth
  8. TheBrammies

    Perth mobile phone coverage?

    in the metro area all are pretty good but out of this area Telstra has the best coverage but the worst customer service and are more expensive
  9. TheBrammies

    Schools in Baldivis

    Baldivis has a brand new secondary school this year
  10. we used John Mason to move to Perth we didn't bring our car but had no problems at all
  11. TheBrammies

    Floor finisher

    Hi Lmjenk im a floor layer in Perth i would definitely go for state sponsorship if you can Business sponsorship can be a nightmare depending on the boss in Perth there are very few on wages and the money is a lot worse for sure anybody who wants any information feel free to ask if you want to know rates pm regards Neil
  12. TheBrammies

    how do you all stay so patient?

    what choice do you have but to be patient it took us 2 years to get our visa that was nearly 4 years ago and the goal post just kept moving but it was well worth the wait.
  13. TheBrammies

    Can I use my UK Camping Gas Stove (Butane or Patio Gas)

    yes you will be able to use your camping stove here. check out rays outdoors,bcf websites to see what they sell if your unsure
  14. TheBrammies

    New to Safety Bay

    we live in Baldivis not far from you how are you finding it so far?
  15. in my opinion Australia has been in recession for 4 years things just get slower and slower the mining boom has hidden this if you look at retail and the building side of things they its not so good but it also depends what job you do i'm a floor layer and i'm busy but i know layers that are really struggling alot is up to you if you have work then what does it matter everywhere else.