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Found 17 results

  1. I am looking for the name of an animal which makes an extremely loud, long-lasting screeching sound (=noise), starting and ending abruptly. Almost every night shortly after dark the animal in question, which seems to be sitting in or living near trees, starts this noise together with several of its cheeky animal friends of the same sort, almost like a concert. What a clever little bugger, whatever it is....... It's a terribly noisy, loud, screechy, and kind of creepy sound. Like a siren, a broken door alarm of some sort. Sorry can't describe it any better. BTW I live in St Kilda if that helps. Does anyone know what that animal is called? Has anyone heard the sound too? I am curious to find out.:err::eek:
  2. Just had to share this with you all! We are moving out to Australia in June (my partner is already with you, in Canberra) with our two children. My daughter is 5 and is very interested in Australian life, partly because of the impending move and also because she recently studied Australia in school. This evening I read her the usual bedtime story and played our usual 5 minute 'guess the animal' game. Following several questions I had ascertained the animal she was thinking of was small, grey, lived on land and was wild. I guessed at a squirrel and a few others and met with a resounding 'NO!'. So, I gave up. What could this animal be? 'A pom!' she announced proudly. 'A pom?' I enquired 'Yes, they live in Australia, sometimes you call them pom-poms'. :jiggy:Can't wait to see the country finally, though I'll keep a look out for the Poms.....
  3. Parley

    Funny Animal Voiceovers

    These videos are very funny.
  4. biffo

    Steve Irwin Day

    Crikey! We have been living in Oz since January and have been severely bitten by the wildlife bug. If you are in Oz, visit the local wildlife sanctury or zoo and I am sure that you will be impressed by the enthusiasm the Australians have for their wildlife. Steve Irwin was very well known for his devotion to the well being of wildlife everywhere so please help the wildlife warriors and donate today. You can donate though our web page at http://www.everydayhero.com.au/koalakids so go on, make a difference and help preserve the wildlife for them and us. Sorry if anyone is offended by the posting of a fundraiser, but it is as Australian as they come.:wink:
  5. Guest

    Animal owners qld

    Dont forget to watch out for those horrid things called tick my little dog has one and is now in the vets (poor thing) was horrid to see how it affected her i just hope she gets better so all of those out thier that dont know about these horrid thigs either look them up online or have a word with your local vet julie xx
  6. tracy123

    Australian Animal Attacks

    According to statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit, no less than 28,128 Victorians were injured by animals between July 2004 and June 2007, that is nearly 10 000 a year. Almost 7700 Victorians have been taken to hospital during this time after being attacked by dogs. Horses were second, killing two people and injuring a further 5628. Mosquito bites also killed two people and sent 256 more to hospital. Am amazing 9922 Victorians were hurt by creepy-crawlies, including spiders, bees, wasps, ticks, ants, centipedes and even scorpions. Some more unusual statistics: close to 50 Victorians were attacked by monkeys, family pets such as cats, rabbits and guinea pigs injured 1117 people, and 450 people ended up at a hospital with insects stuck in eyes, nose or ears. Chickens injured another 92 and stingrays over 50 people. Six people had to be treated after encountering ducks and alpacas. Wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, possums and dingoes were responsible for attacks on 231 people. And 1153 Victorians were attacked in their sleep or while resting or eating. ANTS Up to 4 cm. in length, Australia's Bulldog Ants are the biggest ants in the world and can be found in any part of Australia. They killed a farmer in Victoria in 1988 but this is one of only three deaths by this species. Buffalo attack The town of Nhulunbuy lies in a remote corner of the Northern Territory and is surrounded by bush land where wild buffaloes roam free. In May 2005 a 46 year old man was killed on the town's outskirts by a wild buffalo when he went for a walk to check the water supply line to his house. In September 2007 a 49 year old woman from Melbourne was holidaying at Peppers Seven Spirit Bay resort on the Cobourg Peninsula and while she was enjoying a nice stroll along the beach with a couple of friends a wild buffalo charged them and attacked her. She was flown to Darwin hospital by helicopter. Box Jellyfish Box Jellyfish have killed about 60 people in Australia over the last century. Blue Ringed Octopus Small but nasty creature only a few centimeters in size but can kill within 12 hours if no medical help is available. Their sting is very painful Cassowary attacks Cassowaries are among the very few birds that can kill a person but the only time on record that happened was in April 1926 Cockatoo attacks Kevin Butler lived in the US with his Aussie cockatoo Bird as a pet. Kevin was found dead one day in 2002 with multiple stab wounds and Bird was found dead in the kitchen with a fork in his back and a leg cut off. Police later charged Daniel Torres with the murder, having found his DNA in Bird's beak. It turned out that while Daniel tried to kill Kevin, the Aussie superhero Bird violently pecked at Daniel's head and clawed at his skin in a desperate effort to save his owner! Corella attacks In March 2004 thousands of long-billed corellas invaded the town of Stawell, in Victoria's Wimmera region, and made life hell for the residents. They squawk morning and night, pollute the rainwater, destroy native flora, their droppings damage brickwork and tiles, they eat crops, livestock feed and freshly planted trees, they have attacked Stawell's church spire, at the local abattoir they started a fire after chewing the wires of a transformer and others caused a blackout at the local sports stadium by chewing through the lighting cable. Crocodile attacks On average only one person a year is killed by a crocodile in Australia Crocodiles are capable of biting with a force of a tone per square inch, believed to be more powerful than the jaws of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur! Most crocodile attacks occur between late September and January when crocodiles are hungry after the dry season and are preparing to breed. Dingo attacks In august 1980 the Chamberlain family went camping at Ayers Rock. This turned into the camping trip from hell went nine month old baby Azaria disappeared from the tent. Mother Lindy claimed a dingo had dragged the baby away but (as this had never happened before) authorities did not believe her and after two years of court cases convicted her to life imprisonment for the murder of her daughter Eel attacks Several people have reported a giant eel in the Yarra river near Warburton. He is reported to have taken a Jack Russel dog, a goose that someone was feeding at the time, and a fisherman was dragged into the water in April 2005 by something huge and unknown, most like the giant eel. Falcon attacks Brisbane bird Frodo is a celebrity Peregrine Falcon who lives on city apartment building Admiralty Towers and was live on-line on a webcam set up by the Courier Mail during the hatching and raising his young with his partner Frieda. However, managers of the building have been receiving regular complaints during the 2004 nesting season because Frodo has been swooping on residents, passing by their heads at high speed and even attacked 26th-floor resident Jan Erdem on her balcony and cut her head with his sharp claws Groper attacks Swedish scuba diver Andre Ronnlund diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef had an interesting experience when locally well known 7ft groper Grumpy sucked his head in and then spat him out again. He said he blacked out for a bit and lost his diving mask and it was squeezing pretty hard but apart from some cuts to his neck and bruising Kangaroo attacks Steven Shorten, 13, was enjoying a game of golf at the Grafton District Golf Club. He hit a ball a bit off course and went looking for it but when he left the golfcourse and stepped into bushland he got attacked by a 1.5 metre high kangaroo that grabbed and repeatedly jumped on him, resulting in massive facial wounds and cuts to his abdomen, back and legs. His father Rodney Shorten sued the golf club Koala attacks In May 2005 Tommy Stephenson was attacked by a koala in Melbourne. The koala had descended from its tree and badly scratched Tommy's leg, who received some bandages and a tetanus shot. Magpie attacks A 51 year old man was cycling across Tom's Bridge north of Morwel in Melbourne and crashed his bicycle after a magpie attacked him. An ambulance took him to the Latrobe Regional Hospital where he remained with serious head injuries in a critical condition. A year before a 74 year old Mildura man died after a magpie attack in which he received a serious eye injury. Parasitic bush ticks Out of all the world's ticks the most infectious, loves human blood but kills only about one person every five years Pig attacks Rod McKechnie from Redlynch in Cairns was lucky he had a shovel in his hands to defend himself when he was charged by a 60kg feral pig at the local playground in Redlynch. Around the same time Wayne Haldane has shot a 270 kg monster near his home in Kennedy, north of Cardwell. Ram attack In June 1994 Denise Bryan was working at the Arid Zone Research Institute in Alice Springs when she was butted from behind by a 70kg ram. She was thrown several meters away and then spent another half hour calling for help as the ram he ram stood over her. Sea lion attacks In April 2007 thirteen year old Ella Murphy was standing on her surfboard tow-surfing behind a boat near Lancelin, north of Perth. Unexpectedly a 300kg sea lion burst out from the water, grabbed her by the head and knocked her off her surf board. As she lay in the water the monster seemed to be preparing for a second charge but the driver of the boat managed to put the boat between her and the sea lion. Ella ended up with a broken jaw, a big wound under her chin, and three missing teeth Sea Snake Attacks A two-year old girl was playing in shallow water at a beach in Yeppoon, near Mackay when a 1.6m Stokes' sea snake wrapped itself around her leg and bit her repeatedly; quick action by her mother and expert medical care, saved the child's life. Shark attacks Australian statistics show an average of only one death a year by shark attack Snake attacks Statistics show that about 300 people a year need anti-venom and only two or three a year actually die from snakebite Spiders 1400 different spiders only two are considered poisonous; the Redback and the Funnelweb. There is anti-venin available for both now, before this was developed each type of spider has killed only about 13 people since European settlement. Stingray attacks Stingray incidents did not really make the news normally but in Victoria they have about 17 people a year on average seeking treatment after a stingray encounter. Only two other sting ray deaths have been recorded in Australia; a soldier died in 1945 at St Kilda baths from a 7.6 cm. deep barb in his chest, and in in 1988 three boating friends were hit by a stingray jumping from the water. One of them, a 12 year-old boy, received a wound resembling a bullet wound, was treated and had appeared to recover, but six days later died when poison from the barb killed off heart tissue. Stonefish If you think you might just go for a walk on the beach as the water is too full of nasties think again, there is also a creature known as 'stonefish', so called because they resemble a stone lying in shallow water and when you step on them their sharp spines inject a toxin in to you that causes extreme pain that will only subside while you hold the affected limb in hot water. There is also a freshwater variety of this fish in the rivers and lakes called a bullrout. Trigger Fish Early 2003 some tourists snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef were attacked an bitten by a school of trigger fish. They lost a few chunks of meat and survived Wombat attacks In 1993 naturalist Harry Frauca received a bite 2 cm deep into the flesh of his leg, right through his rubber boot, trousers and thick woolen socks. In a different incident a young boy entered an enclosure to feed a wombat at a caravan park, he was charged, knocked over, bitten, and scratched all over. ENJOY YOUR NEW LIFE DOWN UNDER :jiggy:
  7. Hello everyone, I am looking for animal related work, it can be absolutely anything! If anyone hears of anything can you let me know, thanks.:notworthy: Also, I am willing to do pretty much ANY kind of job, so retail would be good, office, I currenty work as a science technician in a school, so something like that would be fine too. I am hopefully moving to the Redcliffe or Caloundra area in Sept. Any help or leads will be very appreciated!:cute: xxx Chloe
  8. Guest

    Animal care jobs

    Hi all, I am looking for jobs in the suburbs just north of Brissie. I want to work with animals (it can be anything) but I've not seen too much on the job search sites. Has anyone got any suggestions of where I should start to look. Or if you have heard of many posts relevant to this on this site. It will be much appreciated. Thanks :spinny:
  9. When: Sunday April 26, 2009 Where: Rochford Winery Cnr Maroondah Hwy & Hill Road, Coldstream Click here to secure your FREE tickets to this special event If you are from bushfire affected regions please call 03 9224 2222 to secure your FREE ticket and to arrange transport if needed. Pets are welcome! Dogs on leads and other animals in pet carriers please. The Black Saturday bush fires devastated many areas of Victoria and many animals including pets and native wild life lost their homes, habitats and their lives. The Animal Remembrance Day is an opportunity for the community to come together to remember the beloved pets that were lost or injured in the fires. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the devastating and unprecedented loss of over 1 million animals and native wildlife on Black Saturday. Organised by the RSPCA, the Animal Remembrance Day will be held at Rochford Winery on the outskirts of the Yarra Valley. This free outdoor event will bring together Victoria’s fire affected communities, emergency services, animal aid organisations and the general public for a morning of reflection and contemplation. Through music, readings and visual presentations, the Animal Remembrance Day will be an opportunity for the community to acknowledge the animals affected by the bush fires. This event will acknowledge the emergency services, animal aid organisations, volunteers and the public who rescued and cared for countless animals affected by the fires. If you were directly impacted by the Black Saturday Bushfire, we invite you to take part in the service. Through a display of seed cards, you will be able to share your memories and stories of your beloved pets and animals. These cards will be displayed at the event and will then go on to be planted in the areas affected by the fires. In years to come, the trees that grow from these cards will provide habitat and feed for animals in these regions. RSPCA Victoria will also provide transport from the bushfire affected regions to this event. If you would like to take part in the service, or require transport to the event please contact RSPCA Victoria directly on 03 9224 2222.
  10. Hi all you lucky folks already out there in WA. I was wondering if anybody knows if any of the high schools do animal care studies for the year 11 & 12 kids. My son wants to work with animals when he leaves school ( not sure what field yet). We've tried the education sites but as yet have not been able to find much info at all. We would appreciate any help. Thanks:notworthy:
  11. Guest

    animal exitement

    we have a dog in uk has anyone takeb their dog with them to auss whats it like and how much does it cost
  12. Hi - can I ask those of you who've imported pets to Australia what you did to provide the required Aus contact address and telephone number? Can I use the details for a friend but my name? :unsure: Seems like a really silly requirement seeing as many of the people importing pets will be migrants who, when applying for a permit several months before moving, are unlikely to have Aus contact details! :wacko:
  13. Hello all fellow pommies... Just wondered if anyone knows the answers to a few questions i have on pets travelling to oz. 1. does anyone know if two small dogs (terrier size) can travel together in the same container? has anyone done this? 2. has anyone used the Vari -pet kennel containers and how did they fare the journey well? 3. has anyone NOT used an animal agency to ship their pets over and if so was this straight forward or not? Thank you in advance... RVN
  14. It is reported in the Courier Mail today (17 Jan) that in the three weeks since Christmas, 859 animals have been handed in/ dumped to the RSPCA Fairfield shelters, Brisbane. That is the truth of the problem regarding animal welfare in Queensland. Cold hard fact. Rant over - sorry !!!! :no::no:
  15. Guest

    Animal welfare - me again !!!

    I just wanted to give my sincere thanks and love to my hubbie for what he has said under the Queensland Animal Welfare Thread. If you have a strong relationship, you can survive anything ( we hope lol). Much love, and sorry to bang on. It's for Sydney, pure and simple. Alliekate xxxxxx
  16. :daydreaming:Enough said, there are some nasty people out there in cyberberspace. Forgive me, I am grieving. a xxx
  17. Guest

    Queensland - animal welfare

    Hi there, If you are interested, I have put a thread re animal welfare on the Queensland forum. Any comments gratefully received !