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  1. tonyman

    Things we can change to make the world safer.

    I once fell into a dishwasher.....luckily my partner was not washing knives at the time.........
  2. tonyman


    I remember having frog curry in the UK, really repeated on me.......
  3. tonyman


    What size lizard do you recommend?
  4. tonyman

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    No, they are men in black......
  5. tonyman

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    I have the whole collection.... Still producing great music too....
  6. I'm like that Simmo, once they are all at your place they are welded in for hours... I used to love the atmosphere in the pubs, you could sit, stand at the bar or mingle..... And you don't have to tidy up after people.... [emoji6]
  7. tonyman


    I want to get a couple of frogs for my back garden........ They won't make there own way in as there is no way in! I have a long garden bed and small pond. Slugs are eating my chilli plant already and don't want to use pellets.... Strange question, but is it OK to take a few frogs from the local lakes, I also have a client that has asked me to get her some frogs....... So can kill two birds with one stone.....
  8. tonyman

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    Stranglers are back here in Feb Perth...
  9. tonyman

    Pissing in the kettle

    Is that a Penis?
  10. tonyman

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    OK tell a lie, I had many different colours when I was a punk many years ago but that's different.....
  11. tonyman

    Pissing in the kettle

    So that's where you saw the cocky wearing Doc Martins..........
  12. tonyman

    Do any men here dye their hair?

    I have always looked after myself pal, hair, manicure, pedicure, I'm clean as, smell good all the time but I would not dye my hair pal.... I'd shave it off before that....
  13. tonyman

    Book TV or Radio

    We started it but is that the one that seems to flick to other stories then you can't kept track of what's going on?
  14. tonyman

    Book TV or Radio

    TV in bed these days, still looking for good Netflix series if you know of any pal.... Book are time consuming these days.... Like to take to partner during the evenings
  15. tonyman

    Project Man Cave

    Simmo Man Cave, well done pal, I'd be so proud if I were you......