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  1. tonyman

    Hollands steak n kidney puddings

    Still looking for Holland’s Puddings in Perth, has anyone come across them ?
  2. tonyman

    The Official Weather Thread

    We also used to get black sooty stains in carpets That may have something to do with being on top of Sweep?
  3. tonyman

    Photos from your garden

    Nice way to pass 5 minutes ......
  4. Not quite in the same category [emoji6]
  5. Meat weighing two tonnes been dumped by fly-tippers in Dorset. Several white bulk bags containing cooked and uncooked rotting meat have been found four locations in and around Wareham. Dorset Council said the bags were so heavy that lifting equipment was needed to remove them. Some of the products have been traced back to abattoirs in Bedford, Northern Ireland and Wales. Council enforcement officers said slaughterhouse workers and butchers had been helping them with their inquiries. Sent from my CPH1725 using PomsinOz mobile app
  6. Narrr, Dorset is full of tons of dumped meat....
  7. tonyman

    Pizza Oven

    Next batch........
  8. tonyman

    Pizza Oven

    Yep, was lovely and went down well with partners boy, so will do a couple more now.....
  9. tonyman

    Pizza Oven

    First one about to go in......!
  10. tonyman

    Pizza Oven

    Sorry yes it's gas and will get hot quicker than wood, you can use a smoker too but that will come later on.
  11. tonyman

    Pizza Oven

    I'll let you know later as I've only just got it and just bought all the ingredients for tonight to practice [emoji4]
  12. tonyman

    Wallet App

    Using android atm
  13. tonyman

    Harrisdale poms

    Hi pal , are you still searching ?
  14. tonyman

    Wallet App

    Can anyone tell me what App to use for my bank card, obviously I've never used a bank card in my phone but with these magnetic scanners around it maybe safer, any advice please, thanks So many wallet Apps to choose from ect Sent from my CPH1725 using PomsinOz mobile app