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Found 81 results

  1. runslikeafish

    The Final Countdown

    Hi all, I've not been on here as much as normal over the last few weeks. To say it's been a bit hectic would be an understatement! Anyway, there are less than 3 weeks to go before we arrive in Hobart :jiggy: as I'm sure a lot of you know from experience it's a scary and emotional time. I'm regularly wondering if we're doing the right thing (although of course we are!) - I've come to the conclusion that to do something great you need to go outside of your comfort zone. ...and we're certainly outside of ours! :biggrin: So, I just thought I'd post an update. I'm thinking of starting a blog where I'll post things that may be interesting and/or useful (hopefully) to people doing a similar thing. As and when I get time to do it, I'll post a link here. Good luck all, and looking forward to perhaps seeing some of you in Tassie. Tim
  2. Queensland's Floods Inquiry will continue its final days of public hearings in Brisbane today as it races to complete its report by the February deadline. The Commission has just 14 days of hearings to go before it adjourns to prepare its final report. Complaints about insurance companies and confusion over terms used to describe a property's flood risk have dominated the second round of sittings. The Inquiry has heard evidence from many disaster victims who did not understand their property's flood risk when they purchased it. Other witnesses have complained about delays they experienced waiting for their insurance claims to be processed. More evidence on town planning is expected today as the Commission considers whether changes to building guidelines are needed.
  3. I really hope Parleys post this morning wasn't an omen for the Pies. We did it last year so hopefully we can do it again this year. Come on let's sing along:wink: [YOUTUBE]78HOOmEIYo[/YOUTUBE]
  4. Guest

    Final Countdown

    Hi Everyone, Well this is it...our last week...We fly with Singapore Airlines on the 27th Aug 22:05 flight. We have so much to sort the first week we are there but hey ho...nothing new:biggrin: I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped along the way...I will give a report on my arrival and also update my removals thread on how John Masons performed on the removal. Take care folks:biggrin: Si & Gem
  5. Hello everyone ! Just thought I would finally say hi after 'cruising' the site for what feels like ages! Just wondering if anybody else has had the final interview for wanted down under? We had a researcher with a camera come to chat with us yesterday and just waiting to hear (next week) if successful. Me and hubby have 2 very young children and are hoping to move out to Perth in the next year or so. I am a paramedic and have applied to St Johns In Perth, again waiting to hear. I guess it is all a waiting game. Would be good to chat to others in similar position Thanks Jo xx:rolleyes:
  6. LouiseS

    Final Question

    Finally i think I am at the finishing line, having collected all the info and documents for my PMV application and tying up loose ends. There are just 2 more questions that I am hoping someone will be able to answer for me and that should be the last you hear until my visa app goes in :laugh: First off, do I have to have a certain amount of money to take over with me? Reasons being funds are limited atm due to various leaglities regarding my visa app so i will prob only be taking over about $2000 (my final wages from the UK and other bits and pieces). Does an AoS HAVE to be submitted as well or will that be asked for if they doubt my Fiancé's ability to provide for me ( not likely because i hope to start work asap but you never know :biggrin:) Secondly, my application seems to be a bit haphazard witht he info so would like an 'index' be beneficial so they know what info is there ... probably panicking over nothing but i worry as i have waited so long for this lol Any help anyone can give is greatly appreciated :hug:
  7. So I have got a few quotes online, but is that what they go by or does somebody come out and measure up/furniture to move etc and give a final figure?
  8. EMS1

    Champions League Final

    Hi, I just moved to Melbourne last week and we're still in the process of finding a rental accommodation so I'm still way off getting Foxtel installed! I would really like to catch the Man U Barca game on Sun morn but have no idea if there is anywhere that will be playing it?? Can anyone advise??
  9. Morning PIO Well, you have voted in your thousands, the PIO General Election:shocked: finalists........ the runners and riders Andrew Pepin a late shock entry, Andrew hates polls and up to now hasn't featured in any. He's part of the PIO furniture though, and what comfy furniture it is. Siamsusie This Clog thumping Neo-Pom divides her time between WA, Tassie and somewhere in the Golden Triangle......? Everyone's friend, she is the sure favourite Kev susie's main rival. Love him or hate him, he's always there the Ropey Hoff the most pro Aussie on the site, but he doesn't like to talk about it, mate Lemming visionary, political agitator, and he lives in Hertfordshire Tonyman lives in Perth Charlie666 she lives on a boat, sells crocs and swears like a trooper Britchix another poll hater, this one's for you Quoll hates living in Aus, but never afraid to tell you. Gives good advice Pablo also sick of recognition, makes him embarrassed. soft lad
  10. Guest

    Final queries before posting

    Hi all, Im just about ready to submit my application for a partner visa (309), and was hoping if someone could answer a few questions - 1 . The 40sp form states - You should provide certified photocopies of one of the following documents to show your employment during the last 2 years: • Australian income and/or overseas tax assessment notices*; OR • a letter from your employer confirming length of employment and annual salary; OR • payslips; OR • business documents or a letter from your accountant if you are self-employed or self-funded from other sources. We've got a letter from my partners workplace, as well as some old payslips from her lasy job, but the actual partner booklet says nothing about getting these things certified, and after a lot of reading of the posts, it seems most people only get the major things certified (such as passport, birth certificate etc.) ... so am I going to need another trip to the solicitor? ... 2. Ive stapled the main application forms, will they be bothered about this or should I take the staples out? ... they arent sharp or sticking out or anything. 3. Some of the supporting evidence ive sent are original copies but it isnt anything that we need to have sent back (I will be sending a SAE with my application anyway) ... does this matter? ... Thanks for your help in advance.
  11. Hi all For the changes coming up in July, does anyone know when final details are likely to be announced? Would it be on the day of the change or beforehand? What's happened in the past with this sort of thing? I know the 1st July date is not set in stone either and could be delayed. Thanks for your help, Amy :unsure:
  12. Guest

    andy murrays--in the final

    well done mate--what with the english winning the ashes,and a scotsman in the final of the tennis--this great sporting country called great britian is certainly showing australia how to achieve sucess in sport--australia used to be pretty good at sport years ago--whats happening over there:confused:is it lack of money,or are they just not any good at sport anymore--i mean in the last olympics they wuz rubbish:no:
  13. Guest

    Final Year Stress

    Folks, Wanted to ask if other's could give us some feedback / advice on how they handled the final months in the UK? We have our visa stamped but now need to sell the house, clear some bills and then get away. How when you are this close do you handle it? We cannot tell the workplaces yet but feel so demotivated when people go on about their 3/4 year business plans etc and our involvment in them etc. We just want to get away but have to try and stay grounded - how did you all manage it? TA
  14. Aphra have updated their website today and this is going to be the FINAL word on assessment. Go to www.ahpra.gov.au and on their home page on the RHS under NEWS and click on Update for International Nurses and you will get all the information there. Update for International Nurses (178 KB,PDF) Hope this will clarify things for everyone. Adele
  15. Here we go.... State Sponsored Migration List :: Make The Move
  16. Guest

    When is visa (457) final?

    This is a bit of a how long's a piece of string question but hang in there please! We're trying to plan the next few months because we are renting a house and our contract ends mid-Feb. Our 457 employer sponsored visa should be submitted mid-Jan and they have said it will take about 6 weeks, which takes us to the end of Feb. We are planning on moving into my Dad's house before we emigrate to tie up loose ends but we're not sure we should leave our rental in mid-Feb and ship our property before our visa is finalised. So I wondered if there is a point in the process when you know it's going through and it's just a case of waiting for the rubber stamp...or is it not over until it's in your hand? Any help appreciated, all new to me! Louise
  17. Guest

    4 nations rugby league final

    Anyone going to Suncorp tomorrow for the final?? Australia V NZ
  18. electrical guy

    final count down for capped and ceased

    here is a sign of some movements this is what i read on comlaw page recently Migration Regulations 1994 - Determination under paragraphs 134.228(b), 136.231(b), 137.230(b), 138.233(b) and 139.234(b) of Schedule 2 - Maximum Number of Certain Skilled Visas That May Be Granted In The 2009-10 Financial Year - June 2010 Legislative Instrument - F2010L01599 Number: IMMI 10/023 Brief Description: This Determination provides the maximum number of visas that may be granted in the financial year 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010 for applicants for Skilled - Independent (Migrant) (Class BN) and Skilled - Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ). Classification: Determination Date Registered:06/24/2010 Date of Making:06/23/2010 Tabled HR:09/28/2010 Tabled Senate:09/28/2010 Administering Department:DIA
  19. Mhags

    It's the final countdown!

    well after ages of saying' yes, were going to Australia' we are actually going to Australia! My last Scottish Monday, spent with friends,in glorious sunshine! We leave home on Sunday & have the busiest week ahead catching up with everyone....won't need to eat for a week once we get there ,all the lunches & dinners we are having. Our container has been on the go for 4 weeks & due to arrive on 4th November so living in a 4 bedroom squat has been worth it! Amazing what you can do without when you have to! We have 4 weeks temporary accomadation sorted then will have to find a new home! Looking forward to setting up home.....as long as I have a pantry & a laundry room ( simple things & simple minds!) Kids finished school last Thursday , dog & cats have been re-homed with family but still hard to say goodbye:sad: We haven't sold our house but will leave it in the hands of estate agents & hope it sells! Will spend Saturday madly cleaning! So good luck to everyone else moving soon & hope it works out well for us all, Mhags
  20. :idea: Hi all is anybody thinking about watching the AFL Final in a pub somewhere? My wife (allieinoz) & I were thinking of going to Sanctuary lakes Golf club to watch it but if there's a few going elsewhere would be interested in tagging along? Let us know guys please Steve
  21. Petals

    Grand Final today

    Today my mighty pies take on St Kilda and I wonder who will win! Barbie day and a big weekend. Not for us. I am not that into footy so if I need to shop its this afternoon when everyone else is watching the footy. Have to have a dig at my friend who is Saints member and no1 fan. :laugh:
  22. I have posted several queries on here re moving pensions to Oz and am still gathering information. After searching several threads on here I came across a thread which talked about the possibility of a government final salary index-linked pension being frozen at the level it is when you move to Australia. Unfortunately, I can't find this thread again. Does anyone know anything about this? I do understand that the State Pension is frozen and there are no cost of living increases. However, I work for a local college of Further Education and have a small final salary, index-linked local government pension and am concerned that this might be frozen with no index-linking if left in the UK. I do intend to take proper advice, but just another consideration.
  23. danskitt

    Watching the carling cup final

    I am in Sydney on a reccie to moving out here with the family and wouldn't you belive it my team villa have managed to get to the cup final. We are staying with my inlaws who don't have fox tv and I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to get to see it. I have an internet connection so can sign up to one of these football viewing sites. Does anyone have any advice. I think the game will be shown on the BBC. Thanks Dan
  24. Andrew from Vista Financial

    Intended changes to Final Salary Pensions

    The UK Government has announced intended changes to the way Final Salary scheme annual benefits for deferred members (ie people who have left the scheme) accrue/increase. This is where you can read the full statement: Statement on moving to CPI as the measure of price inflation Schemes will still have the ability to increase at higher levels than the newly set reduced minimums if they so wish. However I suspect that this will be a good way for schemes that are in deficits to patch some of those deficits up. Regards Andy