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Found 212 results

  1. Hi, Sorry to ask such a ridiculous question, but I have always wanted a pet tortoise! Can anyone tell me - are tortoises allowed as domestic pets in Australia and would it be easy to get one once we are settled? Thanks in advance! x
  2. jo greenway

    Where to buy furniture

    Hi We need to buy some dinning chairs, bed, sofa etc, where are the best places to go other than Ikea that is not to expensive. I have found a website called Fantastic furniture - anyone know what they are like?
  3. Just curious to know who bought property and who rented property when they first arrived in Australia after receiving their visa approval? How did you find your property? Did you do your searching from overseas who when you arrived in Australia? Thank you.
  4. I found bacon in England was nice, but I could not find the similar one in Sydney. Do you know where I can get it?
  5. Please could someone give me links to the best places to buy 2nd hand cars in WA :wubclub:
  6. Hi All, As many of you know we are here on a 457. With 2 children under school age and the fact that we cannot claim any Centrelink Benefits (Family Allowance) etc, I am looking for a new venture that I can do from home. I am opening a ebay shop initally with childrens character PJ's in ie, Bob, Dora, Lazy Town etc. However I have got the oportunity to get my hand son some NEXT kiddies clothing mainly tops/jumpers/cardi's etc also Oshkosh and maybe Gymboree. My question is who anyone buy NEXT kiddies stuff in Australia?? Obviously it would be mainly people from the UK as they know the brands, but would that demand be enough? I am just trying to do bit reseach before I put my backside on the line and shell out the money to buy the stuff in. Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks Em x
  7. I was wondering if anyone knew whether it is more economical to buy a car in Queensland rather than in NSW with a view to driving it down--Road trip cum car purchase rolled in one! Is it any cheaper with regard to taxes and stamp duty in Queensland?
  8. Im curious to know if anyone bought a house without even renting in the area first? :unsure: If you did, how did it work out for you? :wideeyed:
  9. restfamily

    Can we afford to buy??

    Been doing the sums and am worried that we can not afford to buy a house. Particularly now I have seen that interest rates in Australia are higher. My husband has been offered a salary of $64000 and I think we'll need to get a mortgage of at least $370000 as we do not have much of a deposit. We have a 19 month old daughter and another on the way, so I will not be able to work for a while. Will we even get a mortgage this big or be able to repay it? Thanks
  10. cartertucker

    Where to buy a used car?

    We are looking for a used car....:wideeyed: Please can anyone tell us the best places to look in WA? :unsure:
  11. Mr Fabricator

    where to buy a camper van ???

    Sorry for posting this in this section but couldnt find a general discussion section , When i arive in oz ( perth or darwin most probably ) i'll be looking for a camper van , 3 - 5 berth . apart from free adds and the like does anyone know of any proper showrooms , yards that specialise in campers , possibly got upto £40000 AUD and id rather get something thats going to take me on my travels and be home for upto a year rather than a 3K shed that'll fall to pieces in less than a month , thanks in advance , lee
  12. Guest

    Where to buy vitamins??

    I'm a vitamin addict and am running out of my supplies I brought over with me a few weeks ago. Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to buy them? Pharmacies I find are more expensive for most things that you can find in the supermarkets too.... Are supermarkets cheaper for vitamins? Or is there anything like a Holland & Barrett short of shop? Thanks! :biggrin:
  13. cartertucker

    Beds ~ Take or buy in Australia?

    Just deciding if we should take our beds from here or buy new once we arrive? :unsure: Im waiting to hear from the shippers as to how much extra it will cost in our container...But what is your opinion, what did you do? :wideeyed:
  14. Guest

    Plugs - where to buy them

    Any suggestions? I want to buy some Ozzie plugs so that we can switch over our things. But heck I only seem to be able to find plugs as singles and the cheapest I have seen is $2.75 each. That is almost $30 for 10 plugs. I am after the flat to the wall variety rather than the ones that stick out and am assuming they are cheaper if I buy in a pack. I got the above prices at Mitre 10 and Bunnings - is this as cheap as it gets guys - maybe I am just being stingey. Cheers Vicky
  15. Well, do ya, pu...er...people? The Perth Mint has one...:wink: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/News-Reports/NewsDetails/11-10-27/Perth_Mint_Unveils_The_Largest_Coin_Ever.aspx Cheers, Bobj.
  16. There's been some concern over the past few months about house prices and the existence of a bubble here in Oz. The jury's still out, it seems, but for new arrivals wondering whether to take the plunge or not I came across this blog which admittedly has a SE Queensland flavour, but may have broader relevance: http://thewesternburbsblogger.blogspot.com It's a little opinionated in places but there's some useful info in the posts which could give you a flavour for what's going on out there and save you some legwork. Good luck either way!
  17. Georgiajoe

    To buy or to rent , best option!!

    Hi guys , just I quickie if any one out there can help me out. Looking at Perth next year october ish, with the stronger $ against the £ and the expensive house prices is it better to rent for a few years. Were looking at renting our uk house out, but by doing that wouldn't have much savings to bring over ( unless we re- mortage). Watch loads of wanted down unders and they all seem to buy and not rent. Any views on this would be appreciated. Thank you
  18. Carlos fandango

    To buy or not to buy....that is the question

    Hi.... I and my Mrs need a new laptop each......we're moving over to OZ shortly and was wondering if it was best/cheapest to buy here in the UK and take with us. I'm aware of the facts that warrantys may not be valid in OZ and that you should have owned anything for more than 12 months, just wondered if anyone wishes they had bought here in the UK and took it with them. Initial searches look like similar laptops are more expensive in OZ than here which is obviously down to the rubbish exchange were getting at the moment. Cheers Carlos
  19. Hi We are a couple with a toddler moving to melbourne in the next few months not sure what area yet.We are hoping to stay for 2 / 3 years then decide if its for us .We are renting out our property in Ireland and need to leave it furnished.I am hearing all stories that furniture and white goods are so expensive.What price on average would it cost to furnish a 3 bed home. Anyone with ideas ? Or would I be best to buy in Ireland and ship over ? Thanks
  20. We moved over here in March 2010. It took us a while to settle and do our research but we've been ready to buy for the last three months. We put in an offer on a house recently but were just outbid (it was a really good one) when it went to last offers. We're still looking but nothing quite so good has come up yet. In the meantime I am watching a large number of properties hang around on the market for months and months. A lot of these are being substantially discounted before a sale is finally agreed. Auctions are performing abysmally and there's a possible GFC2 looming on the horizon. Add into this that China is possibly slowing down and the Aussie economy may not be in such a strong position as it was in GFC1.... My question is this..... What are peoples opinions on the likelihood of house prices coming down substantially. Should we keep renting and saving or should we buy in the next six months? Thanks Guys
  21. Hi! This is my first ever post. My hubby is currently speaking to companies about coming to Oz on a 457 visa. I have looked around the forums and there is a real mixture of opinions on 457's. What is your experiences of coming to Oz on a 457? Also, while you are in Oz on a 457, Can you buy a house? Cheers ScottishYorkie x
  22. I think it was even an old Transit - must have driven overland from UK? I've seen ice-cream vans around the 'burbs but usually they sell in bulk not by the cone (99?) He got a few customers too - but more 'groovy inner city types' than 'kiddie kids.'
  23. Jobo

    need to buy a lawn mower

    Hi there We arrived in Darwin not long ago and now need to buy some household items we haven't shipped over from the UK. One thing we need v soon is a lawn mower. We have an averaged size suburbon lawn so don't need anything special - can anyone suggest a good place to buy one and a reasonable price? We've made some initial enquiries and looked in Bunnings and Big W but the mowers seem pretty expensive and many of them just seem to big for our needs. any advice much appriciated. cheers Jo
  24. Hello, Ive been having a look on domain and realestate as well as the bank home loan pages and have started to panic slightly about the repayments and prices of the houses. My husband and I are 30 and 33 and have just been granted a 175 visa we are planning to move to melbourne. Sadly we have never owned a home in this country but we have rented for the last 4 years. The deposit has always been a major issue. We have a small amount of money saved for Australia. Can anyone please tell me their experiences of buying and repayments in Australia. We are going to Melbourne. My cousin lives in Brisbane and has been there 3 years but they have rented the whole time so have no idea what to do. Would really appreciate any advice you may have. Thanks Gem
  25. Guest

    Which TV? Where to buy it?

    I am looking to purchase a TV. A lot of the makes here I have never even heard of before. Are there any tech buffs that could recommend? Also where is the best place to buy electrical’s?! Thanks :biggrin: