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Found 45 results

  1. Hi all, Am looking for a recommended medium in the eastern suburbs of melbourne (Casey area pref) I have looked on the internet but would prefer a recommendation! Any help would be great, thanks :cute:
  2. Hello, My family and I are moving to Melbourne in January 2012. My partner James is a carpenter so he will find work in his field, however I would also like to get a job. Our little girl is 10 months old so I would only like to work part time 3 days a week or about 4 hours per day Mon - Fri. I currently work for Leeds Metropolitan University working as a course administrator and would love to work for a Uni in Melbourne, I have joined all the job alerts at the Uni so any jobs that come up I'm applying for but I know there will be lots of competition. If I can't get a job at a University any admin job would be fine, I was just wondering if anybody had a rough idea of an hourly rate I would expect to get. I'm 32 and have worked at the University for 6 1/2 years and have done lots of temping and admin jobs so I'm quite experienced. Thanks Hayley xx
  3. Hello people of Sydney :wink: Moving from Tasmania to Sydney in the New Year and will be working in the Randwick area. Need some help on suburbs to look at that we could find a house with garden, family orientated, dog friendly (we have 3) but close to bus/train routes into work. Ideally would love to be near the beach but I appreciate that it may not be possible. I started a thread in the rental section and it was suggested I pose the question to you guys. Have some great advice from Fleabo to look at suburbs on the train route and would appreciate if I could get some reviews and opinions on nice places to live on good transport routes. Bondi and surrounds are too expensive but I did come across a beachside location called Maroubra.. any one live there or know it well enough to give me a review? :notworthy: Thanks people x
  4. lesleyneil

    Eastern Creek

    Visited pepsi for the first time yesterday and would you believe it she has put on weight little tinker it was great to see her. Anyone who has any concerns about their furry ones being in quarantine please try not to worry they really are well looked after. Went today to take her for her first wallk in the exercise yard it was great to get her out of kennel. Roll on the 20th when we get her home then the family will be complete once more.
  5. Clocks have gone forward an hour save for Queensland which does not have DLS. So if you live on the border of QLD and NSW life gets interesting.
  6. jodznsez

    Help on Eastern suburbs!!..

    hi all.. me and wife are moving over to Syd in 3 weeks and we're still scouting areas (after securing a 5 week short term in the city) Do any of you lot live in the Eastern suburbs? and if so, are buses a total nightmare to get to the city?? As when i spoke to a few locals they said that busing to the city from Rozelle was a nightmare as full buses often didn't stop so you had to wait and wait until one came with enough room to let some people on... just wondering if that happens in the Eastern areas too, or is that area better serviced bus wise, so this problem doesn't occur? Thanks in advance guys!
  7. We are arriving In Sydney end of Sept and I have approx 2 weeks to find us a rental unfurnished property we can call home. We have decided we want to live Eastern Suburbs - at the moment we are thinking Bronte, Bondi, Clovelly, Waverley, Bellevue Hill, Randwick with Coogee being the most southern point. I have 2 questions - firstly I have heard most primary schools are pretty good in these areas but are there any I should avoid? Second question - We need to ensure our property is an easy commute to CBD on public transport (around 30 mins?) Are we on the right track with these areas or are we spreadingthe net too wide?
  8. saralloyd

    Eastern Creek Kennels/Transfur?

    Would be grateful to hear from anyone who has made the journey out to Eastern Creek Quarantine kennels without a car (from Bondi/Central Sydney). Gather the kennels are miles from anywhere so how did you get there? Also, would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has used Transfur to ship out their dog?
  9. Hi Everyone Having tried my best to google out the answer to the my dilemma regarding the best possible suburb to stay in Melbourne in our particular circumstances, I thought it would be best to have the opinion of the people who have stayed there or are themselves researching about this subject currently. I am presently staying in New Delhi, India. I would be moving to Melbourne with my family, including my wife and two girls, aged 6 and 4, some time in September. This was a difficult decision to make. The kids have got used to a big social circle of family and friends and rarely a weekend goes by without a get together, party or night stays. They are busy on weekdays with their swimming and tekwondo classes. I explain this because the most important of my wife's and mine concern is the possibility of outright rejection of the new environment by our kids, who might feel a sudden vacuum, coming from the ever happening schedule back home. I and my wife would both be working 8 to 5. Her workplace is Footscray and I would be working at Gelnroy and St. Albans, probably splitting my days of the week between the two. I have been warned about the northern and western suburbs by acquaintances in Melbourne, but I think I have no choice to move anywhere east or south of the city, as it would substantially increase the commuting time. Can someone please suggest the best suburb for us considering: We want to spend minimum time traveling (preferably less that 30 minutes for my wife and 45 minutes for me), so that we are able to spend the maximum possible time with the kids, and maybe take them to any extracurricular activity in the evening. We want the kids to accept the new place, which I think would require a family friendly place, good schools, extra-curricular activities such as sports, nearby parks etc. We would both be traveling by car, so proximity to public transport would not be a consideration. Rent would not be a prohibitive factor. Multicultural (or to put it another way, racially tolerant). Dominant professional class (not the most important criteria). Based on these criteria, I figured that Williamstown, Moonee Ponds and Essendon might be a good options for us. Other options, less favorable in terms of proximity to workplace are inner-northern suburbs Kensington, Parkville, Carlton, North Melbourne, but nothing east of Fitzroy. Can anyone suggest the best suburb for us in the given circumstances and also suggest if any other suburbs within 30 minute commute from Footscray in peak traffic hours. Thank you in advance for your help. Piyush
  10. Guest

    South Eastern Suburbs?

    Can anybody suggest some nice suburbs in and around the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne ..... we are looking to move to Melbourne and are a family of four, kids 5yrs and 7yrs (with a labrador!) and will be looking to initially rent before probably eventaully buying. We would be looking for somewhere hopefully within about 30 mins communte (by train?) to the CBD as this is probably where hubby would work. We are looking for a "family friendly" suburb, nice and safe for the kids, with good schools, parks, amenities, etc. We could pay up to around $400 per week. I realise it will be difficult to find a nice rental property with our dog, although we currently own our own home here in NZ. Any advice gratefully received! Thank you! :biggrin:
  11. Hello I am 34 years old and my partner Steve is 35. We have just moved to Bondi Junction and would love to meet up with anyone in the surounding areas for a few drinks. We've been here 6 weeks and we're loving it so far but just finding it difficult to meet people. The transport is really good so we can get to anywhere on the Southern shore pretty easily so could meet up with people from surrounding areas. If you're interested, let us know and we can arrange a get together.:jiggy: Debbie
  12. I am new in this forum and my family of 5 are moving to Melbourne in early Jan 2012 from Singapore. We have 3 kids ( 7yr old, 4 yr and an infant ) and we are looking for a relatively good (of course it's subjective) primary school near CASEY or MONASH which will offer Mandarin/Chinese as a LOTE program. I do not know if it is OK to start my child in term 2 as we need time to settle in with housing etc.... What are the benefits or not if we start our child later then earlier... Please give me your comments!!! Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello all, if you're looking to get involved in football (11 a side!) please message me. I am involved in a club based in Ashburton with several poms (plus loads of other nationalities)! There's a train station nearby if it helps and we enjoy a drink or two (or three) after each match. We are on the lookout for players to join in 2012, however we do have 1-2 places open to experienced players looking at first-team football. Please message if you're interested. Thanks lads.
  14. Hi everyone, Have been searching for flights for later on this year and Air China and China Eastern are over a £1000 cheaper for our family of 5 than the bigger airlines. Has anyone flew with them? any advice most welcome. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend any companies specialising in short term lets in Sydneys Eastern Subs ? Bondi Junc. or Beach/Bronte/Tamarama/Coogee etc... Also keeping a keen eye on Gumtree/Craigslist... Ideally looking for a 1 bed (not a shared place) + sml office for max 2 month let from mid July on which will hopefully give me a base when I arrive. Any ideas or suitable properties please free to PM me. :cool: Cheers!!!

    Anyone used China Eastern Airlines?

    Hi All Am just looking at flights for next jan/feb for validating our visa and these are coming up about approx £2700 for a family of 4 compared with other airlines £1000 plus more for the same dates. They give you a free accomodation in with that flight for one night in Shanghai, the connection going out is 3 hrs but coming back its 17 hrs hence the reason for the hotel room. Just your thoughts please.... Thanks
  17. Hi all, Kids are breaking up for Easter holidays soon. Think my sons last day is 7th April and is off for 2 and a half weeks! Anyone fancy meeting up with the kids somewhere??? I have 2 kids Sean 10 and Amy nearly 4! Either the beach, park, or anywhere that is kid friendly!! Only been here 2 months so if anyone can recommend somewhere that would be great! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  18. nickyc88

    Eastern Creek

    Just a quick note... i'll do a proper report when I've got internet access for a little bit longer! We collected our cats, Bonnie and Clyde, from Eastern Creek on Wednesday and I wanted to do a quick post to let people know what a wonderful service we've received. I'd heard some real nightmare stories (including on here) but we've been really happy. We got the mobile number of the team that were looking after our cats - I could call as often as I liked and they never sounded annoyed that I was interrupting. They gave me info on their weights and general condition and went in to see them while I was on the phone each time. Bonnie is a very shy cat and hides a lot even at home. They gave me reports on how sociable she was being and generally reassured me that she was fine. When we collected them they looked like they'd spent the month at a health farm! Clyde, who generally has a tendancy to eat too much, looks like he's lost a healthy amount of weight and is looking very trim. Bonnie has put on a little, but she was a tiny cat to start with. Both of them have lovely coats - maybe not quite as soft as before but then they probably didn't get quite as much fuss as at home! They'd been given toys to play with and a lovely furry bed to keep. All in all two very happy cats! We spent a lovely few days with them in our new caravan and now they are settled into their Gold Coast holiday home where they'll stay while we do our little trip. I hope this gives a little bit of comfort to those who are about to dispatch their animals to quarantine. I was so worried - especially about Bonnie, but they are just the same as when we said goodbye back in Nottingham. Nicky :biggrin:
  19. Hi there - we are moving to Melbourne in April 2011. I will be working at Dandenong Hospital and we will be looking to secure a rental property in Berwick area soon after we arrive. Our query at the moment is....is it easy to get furnished rental accommodation on a 6-12 month lease? We can't decide if it's better to ship across our worldly goods and spend about £5000 doing it, or just take personal belongings and go for a furnished rental. I will be on a temporary 457 Visa so we don't know if we'll be staying for good or not - depends if we like it! Can anyone offer us any advice out there please? Very much appreciated. Steve and Debs
  20. Hi, thanks for all the replies to my queries so far from those already in Melbourne, it is very much appreciated. :biggrin: We are now moving to Melbourne in late April (was July) and originally liked the look of Point Cook. After speaking to some contacts in Oz my OH has discovered that the majority of jobs in his industry are in the East near Glen Waverley etc. We now need to find a suburb within a reasonable commute (30 mins) with a good primary and secondary school (willing to look at private if fees not to high) and close to facilties. We also prefer new housing, (don't mind estates as long as they have good facilites) and would like to be nearish to the coast. Budget is upto $500 for rent and upto $600,000 to buy (4 bed). Obviously this discounts anything close to the CBD so have been looking South at Lyndhurst, Cranbourne and Berwick. The secondary school is priority really so will look at renting initially in an area to get a place but will not want to move too far once we are ready to buy. Would welcome peoples opinions on these areas and any others that may be suitable. Thanks again. :biggrin:
  21. A lovely tempered long-haired grey and white cat is trying to adopt us - she's obviously well cared for and well loved but she's not microchipped and doesn't wear a collar and isn't listed on the "missing cats" list. The council can't do anything, the vet can't do anything and we're not in a position to adopt her ourselves. In the morning I'm calling the RSPCA and somewhere else they recommended in Coldstream tomorrow but the vet says it's likely she won't be rehomed even though she's very placid - didn't make a fuss about going in a cat box I borrowed from a neighbour, no fuss in the car, happy to snuggle up to the kids. I just wondered if anyone in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne might be interested in taking her on if we can't find her owner. By the way I'm using "she" as a guess - I have no idea of "her" age, sex or what jabs she might have had. Hope someone might be interested, or better still might, by complete coincidence, know of a missing pet that fits her description. Thanks Cal
  22. Proview220

    Danger Eastern Australia Floods

    What are the main affected areas on the east coast that have been hammered with rain, Why have these areas been affected so badley, are the properties here built on flat area, flood plane etc, these areas may put potential home buyers off from buying within these areas. Proview
  23. Hi There - new to forum but been in Oz for 8 yrs now (originally an Essex girl but don't hold it against me!!). Would love to meet up with anyone over Eastern Suburbs (I am in Ferntree Gully) - especially those with some time during the week. I am 37 yrs old, married to an Aussie and have an 8yr old at school and 4 yr old at kinder. PIO Forums been a great help for those lonely times when you really miss those UK friendships and family that are big gaps to fill once you get over here - especially when most Aussies have their own family and friends.:v_SPIN:
  24. Hello, We are migrating to Sydney early DEC, and if you have one of the following option available: :cute: Prefered Location : Eastern from an axis CBD-Airport Short term option: - from 7 dec to early jan Long Term option: from 7 dec for long term stay a flat pet friendly (my small, tidy, quiet pug dog will be released out of quarantine early jan) Budget under 600dol per week o.n.o. Send me your proposals by private message :rolleyes:
  25. We are moving out in the Autumn to Sydney and will be working in central Sydney. We have narrowed our search area but are getting realy nervous about schools. Can anybody share their first hand experiences with the primary schools in Inner West or Eastern Subrubs for our 6yr old girl. Also any advice on good child minders for 3yr old boy in the same areas ? Thank you !