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  1. Carlos fandango

    Item´s Under 12month´s old do I have to declare?

    If your the type of person who couldn't sleep a night knowing you've smuggled new stuff into the country for your own use that's under 12 months old...declare it and I'm sure oz customs will be happy to charge you a reasonable amount.t of tax for the privilege......if it were me....just get it wrapped up well by the shippers and bring it and keep tight lipped....honesty...sometimes...can get pretty expensive.....
  2. Carlos fandango

    can I ship....rattan laundry basket, painted wicker???

    Just to throw a spanner in the works....we brought a few wicker items....some were mentioned in the paperwork....quoted as "treated" wicker table etc etc... others were packed amongst other stuff in boxes and just weren't mentioned on the list....everything came through fine and we had customs and aqis go through quite a lot of our stuff...as long as its been treated...ie bought from IKEA, argos, or the like it shouldn't be too much of a problem.......
  3. Carlos fandango

    Joiners, Carpenters, Plumbers, Bricklayers, Plasterers etc etc etc

    Hi Mate Got ours March this year and in Oz right now living the life......hope its not too cold for you there in the UK.... Carlos
  4. Carlos fandango

    Sorrento WA 4X2 House to rent.

    Shame......we were looking at this area....house sounds great but more than our budget....good luck......
  5. Carlos fandango

    cleaning goods b4 we pack

    Personally I wouldnt..... not sure if that would be safe around food items and it doesnt smell all that good too........would be better using the bottled spray you can get from tescos or asda etc.... the one you can spray on worktops and kills 99% of germs....you know the one.......or just a good dust with a new paint brush and wiped down with clean water......
  6. Carlos fandango

    cleaning goods b4 we pack

    Ours was the same......didnt want to risk it so sparayed it with zoflora and water mix and scrubbed it with a tooth brush......also took out the filter which was at the bottom front on ours and cleaned that too.......maybe over the top.....maybe wont even look at it.......but if they did its clean.....and not only that its clean for us to use when we get to OZ :biggrin:.........been scrubbing my tools and house stuff for 4 months now.....tomorrows the day for the shippers.......last few things tonight and then its out of our hands !!!!!!!!
  7. Carlos fandango

    cleaning goods b4 we pack

    I found cleaning the bikes with WD40 worked much better which is what I used to clean most things then I just sprayed with Jeyes afterwards using a pump sprayer I got from Wilkos (about £4). I also shrinked wrapped everything to keep it clean and dust free. (ps. Don't forget to take the front wheel off and tie wrap it to the frame side and also turn the pedals from fitting to the outside of the cranks to the inside......got to make everything as small as you can.......
  8. Carlos fandango

    cleaning goods b4 we pack

    As long as it smells.......I think that's part of the trick....that's why jeyes and zoflora are used ........but they're all disinfectants
  9. Carlos fandango

    cleaning goods b4 we pack

    Zoflora is another disinfectant you can use and you can get it in different smells also. I would advise this for things like cleaning your shoes as jeyes, which I used also, doesn't smell so nice. You can buy Zoflora from Tesco,Asda,Morrisons, Wilkos etc etc. Another tip for cleaning stuff thats electrical or the like is to use WD40 and a nail brush or old tooth brush. Cleans plastic, rubber and metal up a treat and leaves a thin film to protect the surface further. I've been scrubbing and cleaning and packing for 4 months now so I'm pretty addicted to disinfectant and WD40 !!!!!!!!! Carlos
  10. Carlos fandango

    rent uk house to family??

    Hi We used this one..... http://www.pims.co.uk/ Found it via google. There are many others just liked the look of this one. I think working or doing business with friends and family is always very difficult. What starts as an amicable arrangement can easily turn sour. For instance what if there was a problem with carbon monoxide in the house and you havn't tested the gas appliances someone is seriously ill with it....or worse.....do you think your sister would be understanding and whats more do you think the courts would be understanding when they send you to prison.....maybe an over the top senario but I bet its happened before.......
  11. Carlos fandango

    rent uk house to family??

    Were renting to my partners sister and we are doing everything by the book.....Asked mortgage lender for permission (if you dont and they find out they could call in the mortgage still owed on the property) cost us £225 for them to say yes.........sorted out a rental agreement using an online company for just a few pounds.....just had an EPC done at cost of £35 (lasts 10 years)......and soon going to get a gas safety test done about £60 for hob and boiler....and then we will sort out landlord insurance....Were also making an itinery list of the house.....basically as someone mentioned to us whether its a friend or family renting it, it still needs to be done properly and legally in case things go wrong later.
  12. Carlos fandango


    We have booked with Pickfords but are in still in the process of moving...I will report here when we are all finished and moved.... Must say though.... one of the gripes I have is that everytime I called you always had to leave a message on the answer phone.....I never got a person answering the phone....this is even more annoying when my messages arnt returned so I have to call again and leave another.....never once got an appology when I did eventually talk to someone....good job their price was competative enough to outway their telephone service...for us anyway...
  13. Carlos fandango

    To buy or not to buy....that is the question

    Hi.... I and my Mrs need a new laptop each......we're moving over to OZ shortly and was wondering if it was best/cheapest to buy here in the UK and take with us. I'm aware of the facts that warrantys may not be valid in OZ and that you should have owned anything for more than 12 months, just wondered if anyone wishes they had bought here in the UK and took it with them. Initial searches look like similar laptops are more expensive in OZ than here which is obviously down to the rubbish exchange were getting at the moment. Cheers Carlos
  14. Carlos fandango

    Renting out our house in the UK

    Is your house in scotland......sure you dont have to register with the council in England....and not sure about the fire blanket either.......but you're correct about the electric wired smoke alarms.
  15. Carlos fandango

    Renting out our house in the UK

    ""It's expensive isn't it! What exactly does full management entail? If it's your only property you won't have to pay tax and apparently you can own it for 6 years and not pay tax. (that what I have read on here)"" Can I ask where you read this info....we're going to be renting ours and am very interested to know this.........