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Found 106 results

  1. escape2oz

    Geelong - what's it actually like?

    Hi guys. We're a family of four (soon to be five!) currently living in Townsville, but looking to move south later this year. It's just too hot and remote here! On paper Geelong looks like it ticks quite a few boxes. It's a similar size to Townsville, which is a plus for us as we like to have stuff happening but nothing too hectic. The location between Melbourne and the Surf Coast looks fantastic as well. What's it actually like living there though? Is it a nice place to raise a family? I'm aware of the downturn in the automotive industry in recent years and the resulting high unemployment rate, but I'm reading online that Geelong is reinventing itself in the same sort of manner as Newcastle and Wollongong. Is this actually the case though, or is that just marketing hype? I'd be looking for work locally rather than commuting to Melbourne. We'll remain on a single (average) income while my wife focusses on looking after our (very young) kids, so we're not exactly cashed up at the moment. Kids will almost certainly go to public schools, so particularly interested in opinions on that. Basically we want a liveable smallish city with a good community feel and (hopefully) a fairly vibrant atmosphere. Does this sound like Geelong at all? I've also been considering Ballarat because property is quite a bit cheaper and I like the look of the historic architecture, but I'm put off by being further from the coast and the chillier winter weather. Tasmania (Hobart or Launceston) is also in the running...
  2. RebeccaF

    Geelong, Victoria

    Geelong Why should you live there? Geelong is the second largest city in Victoria, with a population of just under 200k people. If you’re currently living in a capital city, Geelong is a great way to get away from the congestion – both people and traffic. It’s a little over an hour to both Melbourne Airport and Southern Cross by car, with regular trains heading into the city (typically three per hour). It’s also only 15km away from Avalon airport, home to Jetstar Airways. Geelong may look sprawling on the map, but from Grovedale in the south to Corio in the north is only 20–25 minutes by car. What is there to do? Even if you ignore how close Geelong is to Melbourne, there’s still a lot to do. Geelong is full of parks, museums, cafes and shops. You could spend a day on the waterfront and take your children see the Baywalk Bollards [pictured below], have a ride on the vintage carousel, and then head out to the Cunningham Pier for lunch. Geelong has its share of cultural centres as well, including the National Wool Museum, Maritime Museum and the Geelong Gallery. Shopping If sight-seeing isn’t your idea of a good time, Geelong has plenty on the shopping front. As a major regional centre, there are a number of shopping malls and standalone stores scattered throughout Geelong. As such, there’s an excellent blend of well-known brands and chain stores, as well as specialty and boutique stores. Schools Geelong has about as many private schools as public schools, so no matter your preferences for education, you should be able to find something to suit your needs. Geelong is also home to the world-renowned Geelong Grammar School, which boasts among its alumni Prince Charles, Rupert Murdoch, and former prime minister John Gorton. Deakin University also have two campuses in Geelong: the Geelong Waterfront campus and the Geelong Waurn Ponds campus. These campuses offer a wide variety of courses, including Arts, Information Technology, Health and Environmental Studies, amongst others. Public Transport Public transport in Geelong is largely by bus, provided by McHarrys. The routes are typical of the recent changes across a number of regional bus networks, wherein buses collect passengers and bring them to one of a few central hubs (generally South Geelong or the Geelong City Centre), meaning that travel from one non-central location to another will require two buses. The main taxi company is the Geelong Taxi Network, and Uber has been operating in Geelong since 2014. Who should live there? Young couples, families, wealthy? As a university town that’s close to the beach and Melbourne, the house prices are very reasonable in Geelong. A significant part of the population there have moved from Melbourne, either to escape sky-high rents and congestion, or to get more space for their dollar as their families grow up. The best place for you in Geelong will depend on what you’re looking for. Newtown and Belmont are widely considered to be some of the nicest areas, close to the Geelong River with good shopping and cafes, but the houses can be quite expensive. Places to avoid: Every town has its suburbs that the locals warn you about, and Geelong is no exception. Norlane and Corio are the names you’ll hear — these areas were traditionally commission housing, and while some areas are still public housing, there are other developments ongoing in the area. With these new developments come new infrastructure, so it’s important to look at the local neighbourhood and get a feel for the street before making a decision about renting or buying a property in these areas, and if the street has a ‘Canadian’ name, pay extra close attention! There are also concerns from some locals that Whittington and Grovedale are also falling in desirability, citing increased police patrols. Employment opportunities Traditionally Geelong has been a manufacturing town, but with fewer companies now manufacturing in Australia, the jobs have decreased in these areas. Geelong’s major employers are the local council, Barwon Health and Barwon Water, Deakin University, the Transport Accident Commission, WorkSafe and the National Disability Insurance Agency. As always with cities of this size, there are also plenty of opportunities for teachers, nurses and accountants. House prices There are a number of factors in Geelong that affect house prices, such as proximity to the Geelong River, beach access and the distance from the Melbourne CBD. A three-bedroom house in Corio will cost around $300,000, but a two-bedroom flat in the Geelong CBD with water views can go for anywhere up to a million dollars. Because of this variability, it’s important to know which suburbs you want to live in before you start looking at houses in the area. Renting vs. buying With new developments all over the city, renting is relatively easy in Geelong. It’s likely that you’ll face the same group inspections that plague renters in Melbourne, but with fewer people in the rental market and more properties around, it will still be less stressful than trying to rent in the Melbourne. If you’re moving to Geelong from a smaller place, remember that as a university town, landlords consider the value of each bedroom seriously. When the possibility of renting a property as shared accommodation is viable, the rent will increase around $100 per bedroom. Best streets Perhaps the most stunning street in Geelong is The Esplanade, which fronts directly onto Corio Bay. Here the multi-million dollar houses enjoy uninterrupted views of the boats on the bay. REFERENCES https://www.vline.com.au/getattachment/892e2d02-e62c-463f-834f-b3bae129b47c/Geelong-Melbourne-(2) Train times https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geelong General info https://www.pomsinoz.com/topic/33092-corio-norlane-all-the-cheap-bits-in-geelongis-everyone-being-a-big-jessie/ Info about Norlane and Corio https://www.bubhub.com.au/community/forums/showthread.php?401691-What-is-the-GEELONG-area-like General info about suburbs https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/worst-best-suburb-in-geelong-and-why.347030/ General info about suburbs realestate.com.au http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2224733 More info about suburbs http://www.mcharrys.com.au/images/maps/geelong_bus_network.pdf https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geelong_Grammar_School https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_schools_in_Geelong#Public
  3. BritInBrissyAndBeyond

    Sunday Nights in Geelong

    Hey guys, my partner and I have been house-sitting in Geelong West for about a month, tomorrow we are celebrating our one year anniversary together and I would love to spend the evening in Geelongs CBD or the Packington Street area in a cool, trendy bar and possibly finish up in a nice Indian restaurant. We've been out in the city a few times but I haven't really found anywhere with a vibrant, young feel and was hoping you lovely lot could throw some suggestions our way! Thanks in advance, Maxine ❤
  4. Hi All I am wondering if their are any social groups in Geelong. Travelled around Oz in 08 with two mates and had no problems meeting people. Moved to Melb full time in 2011 and recently relocated to Geelong. Still working in Melb finding it hard to find the time to meet people in Geelong. Is anyone aware of any social groups in Geelong? Thanks Ollie
  5. Well the title says it all really. We were here years ago when the exchange rate was high and cost of living not so high. Now we are back permanently, we had decided we would have a little house in Mentone with a small garden and the kids would go to Parkdale primary. Well, we can only afford an apartment now and although we thought "Yes! We can live in an apartment!" it is just not going to be practical. We have been in a 2 bed apartment since we arrived and it is HELL with our kids. I thought we would be fine living in the apartment and going to the local parks to run around but they are stir crazy. I SOOOOO wanted us to live in Metone by the sea with the local friendly feel to the place and the shops..... Sigh ANYWAY I digress... We have been trawling through Realestate.com.au and Highton, Geelong keeps coming up as a really nice area with a house and garden for what we were going to pay in Mentone for a 2 bed apartment. I know once we are more established and settled we can always move at the end of our rental agreement if we are not happy but if we love it there then great. I have been told to avoid Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes as the internet and services are a bit hit and miss as well as issues with traffic stand still trying to get through to Melbourne. Can anyone help me with which parts of Highton I should be looking at or avoiding? I have also been told not to rent in GRovedale although there are some lovely houses there. I don't mean to offend anyone living in these areas as I am sure they are fine - I think the friends we have asked would like us to live in the Eastern suburbs near them as they have moved around over the years and love where they are now so are just trying to help us avoid what they went through but we have very limited experience of living in Melbourne so are open to new areas as long as they are kid friendly and safe. Also, I won't have the car so will need to be able to walk or take the bus to school with a stroller in tow so I guess I need to be close enough to PRimary schools to be able to walk. Thanks for your help with this. I didn't take into account how expensive rentals have got since we were here in 2005.
  6. http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/BUSINESS/MIGRATION/ The City of Greater Geelong has been appointed as a RCB for Geelong and its surrounding areas. This is a welcome move, as the previous RCB was not particularly transparent in some of its decision making. Note: Under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme employers in regional areas - such as Geelong - are required to obtain a RCB opinion on a skilled position that is to be filled by a skilled worker. Best regards.
  7. Guest

    Moving to Highton, Geelong

    Hi - My name is Mary Ann. We landed in Melbourne New years Eve and are currently renting a holiday let in Hampton. We are hoping to settle in Geelong as soon as we can secure a rental. We are looking at Highton, Waurn Ponds or Wandana Heights as we have got a space for our daughter Jodie who is 7 at Bellaire Primary School, Highton. I also have a 4 year old boy - Adam and my husband Rob is an Electrician. Be great to be in touch with some families from the UK.
  8. Any ideas? TBH I'd be happy with just the usual piss up
  9. Well we've finally arrived and are looking to settle in Highton/Belmont. If anyone is up for a meet and a chin wag we'd really appriciate it. Have had some great support for Leila & her family over the last few days for which I am very grateful for. She said there's a great PiO crowd down here - so prove it:biglaugh:
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend anywhere to rent a 4 bedroomed house i Geelong as part of our validation trip in Feb, we have tried Stayz.com and Geelong bay escapes, need to be central Geelong. Thanks
  11. At first, Geelong scared me. For a town (city) with a population of 200,000 it's incredible how small it feels. I just thought I'd share some peculiar experiences of Geelong life, and wonder if anyone else has experienced similar. The Geelong Cats are arguably the greatest ever team of footballers, playing the most prominent 'code' in Aus. But these guys are locals alright. In 3 years, I've had 3 personal run ins with local footy legends. Cameron Ling 2 years ago, in my role as fill in bowler for the North Geelong VI's (!?), I bowled an over of what could best be described as 'buffet bowling' at him. Nice fella, but he couldn't help smiling as he biffed me all over the park. I took it in the nature it was intended: middle aged fat English bloke providing a (not really needed) confidence boost to a local legend during the off season! He certainly didnt get any exercise as he stood there, Viv Richards style. In the bar at half time he was just one of the lads playing for his old school, St Joey's. Joel Selwood About a year ago, I was driving into the car park near Officeworks when this fella in flash new car reversed into the side of my car. He got out, apologised, we swapped details. I had no idea who he was, I just thought he looked like yet another cashed up tradie TBH (he towered over me, looked as fit as a butcher's dog, very much an alpha male). I rang my insurance company next day, and was informed by the call operator that Joel Selwood was in fact a very well known 'Catter'. Darren (Dasher) Millburn Another Cat's legend. My lad is in the same kindy class as this bloke's lad. Again, huge bloke, he did a session with the kindy kids teaching them about footy.
  12. Guest


    does anyone have any opinions on geelong as a pleasant area to live in? How long does it take by 1. car 2. train to get to the centre of melbourne? There is a large ford motor plant there. Is Geelong Dagenham down under???
  13. I really hope Parleys post this morning wasn't an omen for the Pies. We did it last year so hopefully we can do it again this year. Come on let's sing along:wink: [YOUTUBE]78HOOmEIYo[/YOUTUBE]
  14. silverbobby

    What is Geelong like???

    Hi All, Me and my family are currently waiting for our 175 visa to be processed and are planning to move to Melbourne/Victoria. We have looked at Geelong as a possible place to settle a couple of times and we are now considering it more seriously after realising we could not afford to buy or even rent within 30-40 minutes of Melbourne CBD. I will likely be working in the CBD as i currently work in the Banking industry and so expect to find a job for one of the major banks. My other half would not be working as she would be looking after our 3 children (10 months, 3 years and my son who is nearly 5), so we would be looking at a family friendly area, although i'm sure most suburbs around Melbourne will be family friendly. Anyway back to the title of the thread; i would like to hear from anyone who is living in or has lived in Geelong? I understand it is the largest city in Victoria after Melbourne, but what is it like? Is there anything that you cannot get in Geelong that you end up travelling into Melbourne for? Are there enough clubs and societies in Geelong to keep the children entertained? What is the commute like into Melbourne, i understand the trains takes between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 to get in? is the train expensive? Are there enough attractions in the surrounding area e.g. parks touristy things to keep you busy on a weekend? Really any and all opinions on Geelong would be appreciated. Cheers :biggrin:
  15. Okay can we take Geelong on tonight, or are we bound for tears:cry:
  16. Hi everyone if you live in or near Geelong, eg Lara/Torquay/OG etc, what about firstly making your presence felt on this thread, and then secondly talking hypothetically about a meet up in the future? I'll start, I'm in Geelong a hypothetical meet up in the future sounds great
  17. I love my Pommie 'soccer' but, when your AFL/NRL team is on fire, it's really something. Listening to them sing the team song when they win too - amazing how good it feels! So, get yourself a team to follow, read the back pages as well as the front. Forget about the TAB though, that's a step too far though.

    Geelong gyms????

    Does any one know of an good gym in or near to Geelong? Looking for classes rather than pumping iron. Also, what sort of cost is it on a monthly membership basis (ie 12 months?) for one adult???? Thanks
  19. Hi all, new to the forum, just moved to Geelong from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK on a working holiday visa. I'm 26 years old and would love to meet some people of a similar age from old blighty especially geordies! :biggrin: Been here for 2 months now, still looking for a job, I'm qualified with a masters degree in Media and Journalism and have plenty of admin experience but am finding it very difficult getting work out here as if it weren't hard enough back home!! anybody in a similar situation? or have any advice to offer i'd appreciate it! all the best, Symon
  20. Hi all, new to the forum, just moved to Geelong from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK on a working holiday visa. I'm 26 years old and would love to meet some people of a similar age from old blighty especially geordies! :biggrin: Been here for 2 months now, still looking for a job, I'm qualified with a masters degree in Media and Journalism and have plenty of admin experience but am finding it very difficult getting work out here as if it weren't hard enough back home!! anybody in a similar situation or have any advice to offer i'd appreciate it! all the best, Symon :elvis:
  21. Guest

    Secondary Schools in Geelong

    We are due to move to Barwon Heads, near Geelong July 2012. Does anyone have advice on secondary schools in Geelong. Are the state schools good in Australia, as there seems to be a huge amount of fee paying schools and I was wondering why.:rolleyes:
  22. Hi we are heading out the 18th July. We have booked a seven week rental in Belmont, Geelong. What's peoples opinons? is it family friendly, i've read it it is. Does anyone know of good local supermarkets, childrens nurserys or mother and baby groups? Jen :wub:
  23. Guest


    Hi, anyone know much about Geelong, thats where we are planning our move to. Been told its an up and coming place for plasterers. any info at all would be helpful. thanks Rosie & Lydon
  24. it's catching..... OK here's some nice things to say about Geelong. it's got everything you need: waterfront, river, nice pubs, parks and botanical gardens, playgrounds galore, tons of cafes and restaurants (Thai, Japanese, even Afghan), new leisure centre in Waurn Ponds great beaches nearby: Torquay, Ocean Grove and Queenscliff, all within 30 mins drive it's only an hour from Melbourne, which is IMO a fantastic city (to visit) it has AVALON airport just down the road (Jetstar and Tiger) to go even further afield the climate is benign, none of humidity of Qld, not as cold as Tassie (:biglaugh:), no relentless sunshine like Perth. Winters are mild, Spring and Autumn are delightful. Since the drought ended there is green everywhere many of the birds are familiar: blackbirds, sparrows, starlings and even skylarks, alongside magpies and cockatoos it has a laid back atmosphere which takes approximately 2.5 years to get used to there are great private schools here: Geelong Grammar School and Geelong College being probably the standouts where I live in Newtown, you could be forgiven for thinking you're in leafy Surrey sometimes: eg some lovely grand houses, lots of european trees around and up the road from the posh end of Pakington St In short, if you can get used to it, it's a really, really cosy place to live, and perfect for a young family....(well, a family with young kids) Anyone want to offer their opinion of the place?
  25. Hi everyone I'm marrying my Aussie fiance in May and am emigrating next month! Would be great to chat and get to know some fellow Poms who live in the area - I'll be living in Clifton Springs Joanne xx :biggrin: