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Found 115 results

  1. Hello, I'm Italian, and in 2018 I moved to Aussie, and I exchanged my EU driver's license for an Aussie driver's license (Open). At that time, I only had it for Cars. In 2019 I moved back to Italy, and over here, I also got my driver's license for Motorcycle A2 (Limited to <35Kw). Next month I will get back to Australia. Can I exchange my Motorcycle driver's license(EU) for my actual Australian driver's license? If yes, will I get the R with the restriction?
  2. Fairview70

    House swap exchange

    Has anyone tried swapping houses, we have a house in Ellesmere near Kingaroy Queensland. 3 bed furnished,vehicles excetra. 9acres ,Wanting to move to UK would sell complete for $240,000 or $225,000 empty on extras. Or consider exchange. For 2/3 bed house UK.
  3. I'd like advice on ordering presents in the UK for relatives in Oz. Few companies accept UK credit cards and the only one I've found needs the purchaser to collect the goods and show the card so I'm having to get a refund! Another has told me I can use Paypal but this costs a lot in poor exchange rates and fees on top. Why no Amazon I'd be lost without them but the don't ship to Oz
  4. Does anyone here use bitcoin in order to transfer money between countries so that they don't pay the exorbitant exchange rate fees? I'm interested to find out whether people are actually doing this, because I'd like to see if hostels and the like would be interested in being able to accept bitcoins for their services. It's supposedly becoming a wide-spread practice, but there is very little discussion about it?
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can point out a flaw in my logic someplace, please help! I am thinking about how to transfer my £ equity to Australia to get the best deal I can. The exchange rate is not great, so I was thinking of alternatives. What I have noticed is that the price of some cars in Australia is very high, compared to the UK. An example I have is a friend of mine who is currently selling a car in the UK for £17k. In Aus I have found the exact same car for sale at around £45k. Now I know shipping and taxes at will eat up maybe £5k, but still that is a double your money scenario. I am thinking that instead of transferring cash, I purchase vehicles I know are worth a lot of money in Aus and ship them. Then convert the value in Australia. There must be some flaw to my cunning plan, or surely everyone would do this, does anyone know what the flaw is? Cheers, Andrew
  6. We are a family of 7 - all adults but five at University. We are coming out to Sydney and then up to the Great Barrier Reef in December 2012. If you would be interested in a house swop over Christmas we are living in Gerrards Cross, near London. We have a 7 bedroom house but we don't need one that size. Ideally we would like to swop with a family who have a place in Sydney and another in Queensland - but that isnt essential:biggrin:!
  7. We are looking to do a house exchange long term from August this year. We prefer the South East of England but are open to offers. Our house is in East Victoria Park and very convenient for the city and river. We have 2 bedrooms and a study and an underground pool. We would love to hear from any people wanting to migrate to Perth who are unable to sell their house and are interested in a long term home exchange. Regards
  8. Guest

    exchange rate

    Hi everyone,hoping to come over nxt year 2012,i was just wondering with the exchange rate so poor,how did everyone do when changing large sums of money,ie equity from your home,or savings,did you manage to get a better rate than what is printed in newspapers and various other magazines:GEEK:,hope to hear from someone soon,many thanks.
  9. winkle100

    Money exchange

    We're off to Perth on Friday,were thinking where is best to change our money- where will be the best rate? If the answer is perth can I take sterling and pay it directly into newly opened bank account? Any help would be welcome? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Guest

    Cash exchange

    Afternoon all, I am going to be changing my English pounds for aussie dollars and the best i seem to be able to get here is $1.48 for my £1, will i get a better exchange rate in oz or am i better changing here? :unsure: Thanks
  11. supa

    Stock exchange protests

    http://uk.ibtimes.com/articles/229902/20111012/occupy-the-london-stock-exchange-uk-police-deal-protest-arrests-wall-street-anonymous-news.htm Will you be going? Not sure what it will achieve to be honest and will probably be overtaken by anarchists and descend into violence and the police being the fall guys as usual. Personally I think speculators are doing untold damage globally and they should be reigned in. If people can protest peacefully and it makes them feel better, then hey ho I guess.
  12. Hi, moveing back to the Uk.Would like to sell or consider P/E Lowset brick house Has 3 bedroomeds all double with cieling fans,double fitted robes,main with ensuite,+ family bathroom.Double garage,fully fenced on 2.5 acres two road frontage.15 min Toowoomba 1hr to Brisbane.Check it out on realestate.com.au Enter Withcott. 4352 1st Prop on page, Prop.No.107364785 ReMax
  13. Hi there, we are planning to move to Sydney June 2012 and we are offering our 3 bed semi detached house in exchange for something similar in Sydney. Got a feeling this is one heck of a long shot but quite optimistic so fingers crossed. Here's to hoping anyhow!!!!
  14. Guest

    the exchange rate

    i see the pound has gained a couple of cents on the dollar yippee lets hope it goes on a bit of an upwards run:jimlad::biggrin:
  15. Now that the pound has gained a few cents and given the number of posts about exhanging money, thought it may be a good idea to encourage people to share their past experiences - good and bad .....for those of us hoping and waiting!
  16. I've noticed that there a quite a few newer queries from recent arrivals and those arriving soon surrounding exchange rates. It seems that a lot of people are reluctant to move money here and are waiting for exchange rates to improve. Could we be in for a long wait? What are we doing with our UK savings? Can we find good financial advice by someone competent in both tax systems? ]Is there a good ex Uk accountant here. I would be interested in hearing from people who are in a similar predicament .
  17. Guest

    rant at exchange rates

    can I just do a big rant at the exchange rate. ALL and EVERY thing is crashing. Dow Jones has never been redder and same for asia, russia, everywhere. WHO FOR Fś SAKE IS THE EURO STILL GOING UP :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh: We gambled last night, that the euro would go crashing again together with wall street. So brought over our savings (about 20.000 euro, not tonnes). We have, in the space of 12 hours, lost 3000 dollars :cry: that is a lot of yarn :cry::cry: I bet it will go up to $1.80 now, just to spite us. Because for all the love in the world, we are not allowed to ever have any luck. :sad:
  18. Guest

    Home exchange sites?

    Hi I'm considering option which is home exchange for few weeks and there are many sites which give opportunity to register and be part of it. But are there any differences on them other the number of offers. Which do you advice to exchange your house in or perhaps I should just register in all of them?
  19. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!! (she says in a rather maniacal high pitched voice!!) What more can I add??!!! :biglaugh::jiggy::huh::cry:
  20. I am in the process of emigrating (once my visa is processed!!!) and planning a recce/job search/holiday to Sydney for December 2011. Looking for a house swap. 2 bedroom needed in/near central Sydney. I can offer a few options to swap with: Family home (+car) in Ascot, UK (must be simultaneous swap) 2 Bed Apartment nr Windsor, UK 2 Bed Holiday Apartment in North Spain (approx 1hr drive North of Barcelona)
  21. woodymcfc

    Banks & Money exchange

    Ok I've just received a call from Halo financial who are attempting to get me on board with there services, they seem to have some partnership with ANZ bank...........Just last week I was looking at NAB banking and they seem to have a partnership with Moneycorp........Is there any advantage of joining one over the other......any experiences from people who have moved from the UK..............thanks
  22. Hi everyone this post is to clear any confusion about the exchange rate between the Aus dollar and the British pound. Someone the other day was saved making a MASSIVE mistake by turning down a job in Australia based on the current exchange rate of $1.6 to £1. They worked it out and they thought they were going to get the equivalent of £35,000 per year and they are currently on £32,000. But the true figure was nearer £23,000. Some on here say how can you go with anything other than todays rate, but................... if you do that and accept a job in Australia based on $1.6 to £1, you will be skint. Most wages are based on an exchange rate of about $2.2 to £1, how can this be so, i hear some ask? You see, the uk for some reason has seen its currency devalued more than almost every country in the world, but................. in each individual country wages and the cost of living hasn't really changed. This isn't easy to follow, but because i am a helper to people on PIO, i do not want anyone to fall into the trap of emigrating to Aus thinking that they are getting an equivalent wage ................. based on the current exchange rate, it would be a disaster for them. There has been several innaccurate posts about the current exchange rate being THE only one you can go by, but....................... BE WARNED if you take a job on these figures Australia will be one of the dearest countries in the world to live in. I know it is difficult to understand and the following will hopefully clear it up. Jobs in nursing, the police, tradies, teachers, government, IT, etc are paid in Aus dollars at about an exchange rate of $2.2 to £1. So if you use this calculation, for instance if you earn £33,000 in the uk, you need to earn about $70,000 in Australia. A £50,000 wage, you need about $110,000. If you use the $2.2 to £1 equation, you should have a similar standard of living in Australia as you did in the uk. This is to help would be migrants who are weighing up job offers in Australia, it isn't a UK versus Australia thread. No doubt some will disagree with my figures, but before you do remember people looking for help on PIO, need help and thats all i am trying to do and i have already saved a family from accepting a job with a wage that looked good on the current exchange rate, but in reality they would have faced financial ruin.
  23. I really like the sound of Australia, but the exchange rate is really putting me off going. Are any of you thinking the same as me??
  24. Hi, we have our visa but having trouble selling our house, but my question is is are you all still going ahead with the move with such a poor exchange rate, we seem set to lose thousands then when we origanly decided to go, like many others out there.
  25. Guest

    Currency exchange

    Hi. The rate of exchange is disastrous at the moment. Does anyone know the implications of transfering GBP from UK bank to OZ bank upon departure for permanent migration but not converting GBP into A$ for 1 year? Has anyone taken this decision? Thanks. Nick