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  1. Rudi

    Moving to Melbourne is Leaving

    At last!!!! It's been out of date for a while now!!! Not inspired enough to suggest a new name!! Sorry!!! Love Rudi x
  2. Rudi

    eBay ... Watching question ...

    Even though you watch something, I don't always get a notification to say that the auction is ending. I think you have to log in fair regularly for it to notify you! Love Rudi x PS Hope you win whatever it is!
  3. Rudi

    Deepdown do you plan to stay

    We only ever saw this as a one way trip......10 years on and we still feel the same! Love Rudi ​x
  4. Hi Tinky Tink, hows things? Love Former Queen Rudi ​x
  5. Do I needs to come in with an "OFF WITH HIS HEAD" order? Love Rudi ​x
  6. LOL Munchy Babes! I think my crown is well and truly gone!!! Hope you are well Hun. Rudi ​x
  7. Hey Miss Tink, how are you. I am not very often on here these days! Love Rudi ​x
  8. I've been no where!! Just haven't been on the forums for a while Love Rudi x
  9. Oh for goodness sakes!!!! TIIIINK!!!! You're still here!!! :hug: How have you been Hun?! Love Rudi x
  10. Gosh we're good!!! Love Rudi x
  11. yeah, nothing so bugger off :biggrin: Love Rudi x
  12. been nowhere, just been busy with stuff! They all disappeared again LOL! Love Rudi x
  13. .....lingering like a bad smell! Love Rudi x
  14. "You are the weakest link" Goodbye :cute: Love Rudi x