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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Bacon, sausages and chocolate

    Hi all Well I've been in Sydney 3 weeks and loving it but there's a few things I need to address in the way of food! 1. What's with the bacon here? It appears to be cooked - i.e it looks like ham, the same shade of pinreally k. Whereas, we all know that Danish bacon at home looks raw and more like pork. It's putting me off buying it, what's the reason for this?? Pork and other meat in Coles or whatever looks normal. 2. Sausages - they are non existant. I feel the need to tell all Aussies their sausages are disgusting, processed, not even pork, who knows what they are?! Anyone know where I can get a normal sausage?! I asked a guy for a sausage and bacon roll the other day and he looked at me like I was stupid! 3. Oh no, why are Cadburys embarrassing us like this over here!! It says Cadburys on the packets but what I taste inside makes me sad! What's going on?? Am I ever going to taste real dairy milk again?? I cant understand why all other countries in the world can't make chocolate like we do. They have all the ingredients!! Sure, Belgium and Switzerland have a good go but no one else, and I've been to a fair few countries, produces choc like us. Why oh why?? Also, why is everything so bloody expensive here!! What a rip off - small bottle of water (in one of the hottest countries on Earth) $3... what the?? Cheers
  2. peterhuli

    Hestons Coles Sausages

    Has anyone tried the Heston sausages or any other of his new stuff from Coles?
  3. Is it me or is it these Aussie prawn farmers who do not understand the fundamentals of economics? It seems that to compete against cheap foreign prawns they want to make Aussie prawns more expensive. Whilst many high quality products such as luxury cars are sold as premium products with a high price, I fail to see how making Aussie prawns more expensive than they already are is going to encourage people who probably cannot afford to buy them anyway, buy more by increasing the cost. It would be like Jaguar cars making them more expensive to persuade Ford/Holden drivers to buy a Jag. I cannot see it happening. Whilst I do sympathise with the ideals of buying "Aussie made," it seems that shoving "Aussie made" on anything is just a silly marketing ploy that Aussies fall for. In my local Woollies the other day I noticed that my "Welsh sausages" made by "The British Sausage Company" are also "uniquely Australian". They are the best sausages I have ever tasted in Australia and the nearest thing to British sausages so I recommend them. However, this company also produces "borewors" which, being a South African sausage, is about as British as sushi! Have a read of this news story - [h=1]Levy plan to refire our love for Australian prawns[/h]http://www.news.com.au/national/levy-plan-to-refire-our-love-for-australian-prawns/story-fndo4ckr-1226583828464 AUSTRALIA'S prawn producers are proposing a levy on every kilo of locally produced prawns to fund a fight against cheap overseas imports. The voluntary levy - with plans to make it compulsory under a federal amendment Bill to go to Parliament - will cost between 2c-5c for every kilo of prawns. While the producers will foot the bill for the upfront levy, the cost could be passed on to consumers. The "prawn tax" will help wild and farm producers - one-time foes - fund a million-dollar advertising campaign dubbed "Love Your Aussie Prawn". The ads may even see Paul Hogan dusted off for a cameo along the lines of his iconic Down Under television ad. But this time it won't be a shrimp on the barbie. It'll be an Aussie prawn. "We're not enemies," Australian Prawn Farm ers Association president Alistair Dick said yesterday about the joint campaign. "It makes sense to team up with the wild caught industry." Australians eat an average 5kg of prawns per person every year. But sales of imported prawns have ballooned in recent years. Three quarters of prawns consumed in Australia are now overseas sourced. To regain the high ground in the nation's $1.3 billion seafood industry, marketing gurus are working on the campaign to encourage buyers to pay extra for their "Aussie made" prawn fix and support locally produced seafood, which the industry argues is cleaner, greener and tastes better. Farmed Vannamei prawns imported from Thailand cost about $14 a kilo compared to up to $30 a kilo for wild caught cooked King prawns. "You can't take choice away from people," said Mr Dick. "But we can point out the problems they have in overseas farms with water control, disease and antibiotic residue. "It's a bit like spraying a lettuce crop every day with insecticide to stop bugs eating it." The wild caught and farmed prawn industry used to battle each other for industry dominance but now see imports as their biggest threat. Crystal Bay prawn farmer Gary Davis said crew off prawn trawlers were blown away when they visited his north Queensland site, near Cardwell. "We throw a net and get 100 per cent prawns. They have to sort their prawns from box jellyfish, sharks and rays. They also have to deal with closures and green zones." In Australia, there are 26 prawn farms and hundreds of commercial prawn trawling companies.
  4. BritChickx

    Finally! Sausages!

    Omg....for a whole 8 weeks I've been searching far and wide for some NORMAL english tatsing pork sausages....and finally found some! The Aussies must be big on their beef and chicken cos all I've pretty much seen are beef and chicken sausgaes, but no pork! Or if there is pork sausages they're a foot long and seasoned! But I finally found some!!!! In Lorne, in Foodworks, British Pork chipaletes, YAY :jiggy:
  5. i need stimulation

    british pork sausages in coles!

    I've found ones that are exactly like back home, it's called the british sausage co. and has a blue label - at last!!
  6. Julian927

    Great Australian Sausages

    We have found a supplier of excellent sausages for all those of you near Berowra, NSW. They have won awards at the Easter Show too! The shop is called Blumes Gourmet Meats, (Turner Road, Berowra Heights). Their phone number is (02) 9456 2343 They do quite a number of different varieties and they are not overly expensive either. We have some on the Barbie at the moment. Julie and Ian
  7. Guest

    Great British Food

    Thought I would spread the word that I went to a farmer's market in melbourne on Saturday and came across a stall selling traditional British pork pies, sausages and black pudding. I bought a pork pie and it was amazing and certainly like pies back home. The black pudding had sold out due to such high demand so that must be great too! In case there are other Brits out there craving some traditional British food the company name is Pacdon and they attend quite a few farmers markets around Melbourne. The website is www.pacdon.com.au and it is definitely worth checking out.
  8. Guest

    Richmond Irish Sausages

    Hi, Does anyone know of anywhere you can get them in Melbourne ? One thing I really miss about the uk ! They are fab and nothing else compares !!!
  9. Guest

    Bacon & Sausages

    Hi Do bacon and sausage sandwiches taste as good over there as they do here ?