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  1. Just so you know I have been building the new hospital for the last 3 years supposed to be ready in August but they are a bit behind!! I believe the move in date for it to be operational is Nov 16?
  2. Haven't been on pomsinoz for a while but I have friends who send there children there and are happy with it. Has an excellent sports development programme, quite a big school but not the worst in the area. Will push kids into accelerated programme if they excel in certain areas.
  3. slow without queen rudi
  4. congrats you must be very pleased, pack up and get moving then!!! Have you got a timeframe in mind for the move?
  5. if she has gone on holiday (rudi) get it past the 8000 mark before she is back!!
  6. 75 more posts to maybe a new queen or king for a change??
  7. near cambridge. and horsham (between london and brighton) family and best mate. It is soooooo cheap so stocked up on clothes and shoes and Bovril.
  8. Right i am back keeping an eye on you lot, i regret to inform you that this thread has picked up a nasty virus that turns computers to jelly if you repost. for your own sakes get back to work/cleaning /ironing etc and nobody post again. Thanks I am back in UK for a holiday, it is so cheap here, and great to see family.
  9. Are you lot still on here!!!!!! Back in UK for a holiday, it is soooooooooo cheap here!! woop woop
  10. Leaving a lifetime of contacts and trying to find new ones, i.e. plumber, electrician, work contacts, etc. Although family is by far the biggest. The rest you muddle by but you can't replace family.
  11. Diesel mechanics are in high dem,and at the minute as the mines who pay top dollar are snapping them all up. Great if you don't fancy the mines and want to stay local.
  12. Been here 2 1/2 yrs now. Just going back to visit family for the first time tonight. Sunshine coast is a great place to live. Not sure of your situation as i haven't been on PIO for a while, but if you don't know anyone it takes a while to build up contacts again. Big step you are doing but my kids (8 & 10 Boys) love it (so do me and the wife). Enjoy your last few weeks in UK.
  13. a quick question to you newbies, do you actually know why Rudi is Queen? there is a reason even thou she cheated to get it several times. usuing here servants and several hi tech devices. I think it has happened 7 times and rudi has 3 of them.
  14. No that would be me, born to win.
  15. andyhus

    the handsome mans club--pio

    Have you got a webcam set up in my house???