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Found 19 results

  1. G'Day PomsInOz, Just thought I would drop in and say hello to you all as a new member. Submitted my Aussie passport application into the Embassy last week so feel a little bit of a fraudbeing here knowing so many people are struggling with visa's etc. However there is a wealth of knowledge I wish to glean from you all and if there is anyone wishing to add their tuppence worth please feel free to do so OR just say hello....:smile: I have acquired a 5-year sabbatical from my work place having a job waiting for me should I return (I don't plan to though and am looking for new career options that will keep me on the road long term). However this also means anything within my current field of work is out of bounds while I travel. Yes they probably won't find out but I am a person of integrity and this is one area of my life I can't mess with. I could resign but any number of things could bring me back to the UK and a job for piece of mind is important in our current financial climate.(......Borrrrrring..) I am planning 6-8 months in South East Asia first so funds will have depleted by the time I arrive in Oz (leaving with £10k in October 2014) and will need to get a job pretty much as soon as I arrive. Yes this is what you call seriously planning ahead... :ssign19: Am aware of the RSA / RSG / White Card / Blue Card etc for an easy (possibly) waitressing jobs or traffic controlling position (will also get a bank account and TFN before I leave). My preference is for work that is casual, part-time and completely different from my current slightly boring and unchallenging office-based position. I intend to travel though as a "penny-pincher", a frugal wannabe.. itching to get far and wide on the littliest money possible and to stretch what I do earn into experiances instead of things. Kinda why I am leaving the UK in the first place. With family in NSW (Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra) I am desperate to visit the country (and the cousins I don't know) I took for granted when I was 8 years old and treated to a three month holiday. Sounds weird but the ciccadas have been the one thing that have stayed with me all this time - one episode of "Wanted Down Under" leaves me sad. Why the choice to do this now...? I have no significant other, no children and every desire to experiance what life in Oz could really be like. I am aiming for a year - who knows what I might feel like after that. So perhaps I am looking for a little advice. The logistics of my travelling needs to be ironed out but right now I am looking at the possibilities of keeping costs low low low low...... The questions... Where do you suggest is the best place to settle for work in NSW? (My Aunt in Sydney can't put me up at all - there is a chance for lodgings in Canberra and Newcastle bearing in mind I would need to travel to visit the other areas.) Where do you suggest living for the smallest budget possible? (I am willing to rough it by the way, back-packing hostels or a cheap single room anywhere is do-able as is a less easy choice of living in a camper van.....) Which job would be the easist to earn money through, thats casual, able to do for 4 weeks then maybe disappear for 2 weeks and return? (I know beggars can't be choosers but living a current frugal life will assist in the "down weeks" where I can't find work and I truly need to see Australia so don't want a constrained job that's 9-5. Albeit if push comes to shove I don't mind embracing this and would rather do this than sponge or live on the streets so to speak. Not completely stupid you see...:wink:..and I don't mind boring jobs as a means to an end hence traffic controlling) How much do you think a person who is careful (checks different stores for £££) could live on per week?... considering they don't drink or eat meat/dairy (I know I know boring to some but means more money for EXPERIANCES....ha! ).. Okay thats enough for now..... I know this post is long but I make no apologies for it. Ignore it if you wish but I look forward to hearing from folk who can assist, know some secrets to make the tranistion a little easier or point me in the right direction..... Thanking you all muchly and have a splendid day!!! NSK (NinjaSavingKat:animal-cat:- Frugal Queen of MSE)
  2. When we put in our visa application at the end of May we resigned ourselves to the fact that it coud take 18 months to 2 years to see any progress. So we got a bit of a scare last Tuesday when we got an e-mail asking for our medicals and police checks in the next 28 days. Lots of OMG and SH**, this is all getting a bit real and scary and a lot sooner that we had anticipated or planned for. So Police check applications have been sent off and we had our medicals last night - very impressed with the process and service at Spire Hospital in Manchester who only started doing these medicals in October. So now we are waiting again, but with the realisation that if there are no problems we could be taking a trip to Oz by the end of next year to validate our visas - so now for some frantic saving to pay for the flights and accommodation so we can at least make it feel like a holiday/chance to see places when we get there. Aileen
  3. Clocks have gone forward an hour save for Queensland which does not have DLS. So if you live on the border of QLD and NSW life gets interesting.
  4. Tappers2oz

    Oz saving account from the UK

    Was just thinking (very rare):biggrin: about savings accounts. A post from M2M prompted me to ask this. Obviously our interest rate here in the UK is pants and i know Oz has quite good interest rates at the mo. I hear a lot about people having 'overseas' accounts (in general not PIO) and was just wondering if it's legal to open a Oz savings account from the UK and fund it so you get better interest rates and better return on your money????:confused:
  5. Is any one else experiencing problems when saving an online visa application? I have had to start the application twice now as I have not been able to get back in to the saved application with the saved reference and password. I am sure I have written it down correctly both times! is anyone else having the same problem? Thanks Kelly
  6. Guest

    Saving Money

    I don't wish to start yet another debate about the cost of living, but I do think it might be helpful to share money-saving tips. Given that most of us have spent a fair bit of money just to get here, it stands to reason that we might like to save a few dollars on our day-to-day living costs.:biggrin: So, here are the first couple of things that spring to mind: I love my slow cooker! It's good to have a big pot of food cooked when I get home, and actually works better with cheaper cuts of meat (which aren't necessarily fat-laden, if you choose wisely). In addition, for those of us with time-of-day electricity metering, using off-peak electricity to cook could also save a bit of dosh! If sorting out dinner before you go to work is too much hassle, a casserole or stew will happily cook on low overnight, and can be reheated later.
  7. I've been reading that QLD does not have daylight savings. And that in summer it gets dark at around 6:45pm. Also that SE queenslanders want daylight savings while the rest don't! So what's the story behind Queensland Dayling Saving??? Cheers B!K3R
  8. Victoria government program to save energy, free for every family if you have the non energy saving bulb and shower head, free installation fee, reduce your cost on electricity bill and water bill.
  9. I was listening to a radio show yesterday about saving money on your heating bills. Now this was an ABC National program not one of your commercial stations. In the whole 20 minutes they did not mention insulation once. Endless chat about choosing the cheapest supplier and technical stuff like Reverse Cycle AC being more efficient than Fan heaters. BUT not ONE word about insulating your bloody home. I know they have had some problems with roof insulation but for ***** sake - Just insulate your home! In the UK (& Europe) we have been doing this for the last 30 years. You cant install single glazed windows its illegal. Only a jerk wouldn't have a halfway decent quantity of insulation in their roof! Its inbuilt into the national psyche. And what's more in Australia it pays you back twice. Not only does it keep the cold out in winter but the cool in during summer. Maybe they should quadruple the cost of energy that might make them think. Rant over!
  10. Thought these tips might be handy for new arrivals. If you have any useful tips please add to this. Mobile phones - Vodafone.com.au - Prepaid caps are great. Top Up (Recharge) for $29 Cap and you get $300 of calls for 30 days, $49 Cap = $700, $79 Cap = $1300 Credit is not rolled over but you'll get loads of calls. Internet / Home Phone - Telstra are the big boys in phone and internet however they have a very bed reputation for bad customer service and they aren't the cheapest. Shop around as there are great deals. Optus have a gr8 deal for $99 for phone and internet ( is a contract tho) and add world saver calls for cheaper international calls. Skype - Download the Skype program, free, get everyone you know to do the same and you'll have free video calls through your computer. Petrol - Cheapest days (don't hold me to that) are generally Tues / Weds. If you shop in Woolworths or Coles and spend about $30 you'll get a fuel discount aswel but only to use in their petrol stations! Cigarettes - Don't buy in supermarkets, newsagents or petrol stations, Cheapest way is in tabaconists, (smoke shops) and if you buy in cartons of say 100 you'll save a bit more. Of course we all know if you give up the savings are a lot more, but thats a diff topic altogether. Alcohol - 1st Choice and Dan Murphys are great for cheap cartons of beer, wine and spirits and they price match each other, only by about 10cent though. Grocerys - IGA is prob the dearest, however, they are open late. Coles, Woolworths and Aldi are the 3 big ones. Nappies, Juice, Coffee F+V are gr8 value in Aldi whilst I think Coles offers better value than Woolworths for all the other bits. Day Outs - Visit sites such as these for free or below full price attractions. www.myfun.com.au www.clevercoupons.com.au www.mytickets.com.au www.brisbaneparks.com www.moretonbay.qld.gov or just google days out in your area. Hope this comes in handy.
  11. NigelWaring

    Saving money on hairdressing

    This subject cropped up on another forum, thought my post might be of interest here. If you have time to spare the Local TAFE colleges will give men a free haircut and a small fee for women. Can take 1-1½ hours, teachers demonstrates, student does a bit then teachers checks, slow process, you often end up with a shampoo before and after along with a really good head massage. Only problems is that TAFEs close for fairly long holidays so you need another hairdresser. They also carry out just about everything to ladies hair, dying, perming, straightening and all that for a small fee. My wife loves to go along for a manicure, pedicure and facial, takes a couple of hours and costs about a quarter of what a salon would charge. She always arrives home very happy and relaxed. Towards the end of the year the students need models for exams, by then they are usually doing brilliant work. Some TAFEs do hairdressing in the evening.
  12. Guest

    Saving Money

    With the recession etc, I was wondering if anyone has been doing anything to to save a bit of money? Just for fun really so silly/funny ideas are welcome too! Lindsey
  13. anlopa

    saving for the move

    Hi, :GEEK:We are in the early stages of the TRA / visa process and know that we will have to sell our house to make thee move affordable. We have the credit card bills like everyone and need to save as much money as possible to make the move viable. We have a savings account that has been sat there with its £5 balance for the last 6 / 7 years (since the kids were born funny that) so in our effort to start raising money we have taken the following tasks. Swapped car insurance saving £30 per month Swapped house insurance saving £15 per month Swapped energy supplier saving £10 per month Kids having school dinners saving £20 per month Changed credit cards to 0% saving £100 pre month (oh my god) Shopping wisely with shopping list and a budget saving £100 per month No more takeaways saving £90 a month Car up for sale swapping for a banger (08 peugeot 307sw if ya want to buy it) this will pay credit cards off. Sold items (ebay) around house that gather dust £360 last week more up for sale at moment:biglaugh: Set up D.D to savings account of £250 per month Paying off extra £110 on credit card Banked ebay money The savings account looking better already we are an average 2 plus 2 family and have spent the last week / weekend shopping round the internet. The savings are out their to be had after all gas / elecy is the same where ever you get it from same as the other stuff like insurance. Only thing that is difficult is the shopping thing we did a shop on Saturday the kids were running around shouting “this is cheaper” must have looked right skin flints but why not As a compromise for not going out and the lack of takeaways we have bought season tickets for Alton Towers so we only have to find a packed lunch and so fuel for a family day out. We love the place This is me rambling on but I wanted to share this with you all Have fun anne
  14. Migrating can be an expensive business phone wise, if you are calling up the various agencies, embassies and the like on 0845, 0870 or even worse, 0906 (NZ migration, £1 a minute, very steep imho...) numbers. For those who have free national calls already within their phone plans or are using mobile phones, I recommend looking up the alternative geographical number on www.saynoto0870.com
  15. Mongrel

    Daylight Saving

    Hi Would like some opinions on the subject of daylight savin in WA. Having read news reports and listening to otheres I can defo say they will vote it out. Mr Barnett dont like it cos he likes a game of tennis in the mornin bet the idle git dont get out of bed till the streets are aired, ozzie workers dont like going to work in the dark aaaaargh. Personally I would have an extra hour of my time than the firms time. Personally I think it is too much trouble or intelligence to change the clocks and they like their cocoa at 800 Mally from Kally
  16. Hi All We were in Oz in 06 when daylight saving was introduced for the 3yr trial. I know alot of aussies don't like it... Are they keeping it ? or will they revert back ? Just looking for an update :spinny: Cheers Guys
  17. Guest

    Saving for Oz

    hi all, my wife and i are currently saving like mad to come out on a rekkie. she is working as a home care worker for aged people with dimentia, as soon as she gets all her qualifications we hope to move out. we fancy Adelaide, is this a good choice? :huh:
  18. Guest

    Any money saving thoughts

    Hy all I started the visa process last Jan 2007 and never bargained on it being the marathon it has turned out to be. It has recently dawned on me that for a better start over there i need to adjust my finances over here so as to maximise my start up chances even more. I visited several websites and did the usual reclaim this and reclaim that with not too much great effect, i think some of you will know the websites i am reffering to. I was then accused at work of being the " Tightest " ( fatherless child ) he had ever known, all i was doing was trying to minimise my spending habit, but a thought occured to me, there must be a mass of ideas out there to save small amounts in whatever way for the short term whilst i wait to board the iron bird bound for Oz. So i devised a small website forum with this in mind, and before anyone shouts at me there is No Income earned from it, it is purely for informational purposes, a bit like this forum does. If anyone has any ideas they are currently undertaking or thinking of doing, no matter weird or wacky call over and share them. The site is very very young so don't be put off by the low membership. Remember the site was NOT set up to earn an income of any sorts, it is funded entirely by myself and will continue to do so. www.moneysavingextreme.com Forum - www.moneysavingextreme.com Forum Regards
  19. ali

    Start Saving

    My daughter had her brace fitted to her teeth on Friday - I'm still in shock as it's costing us $4,600 - I've thought of taking her out of school and sending her to the mines so she can pay us back, but thought that may be a little extreme - left her under no illusion that if she doesn't do what the orthodontist says she's had it!! Ali