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Found 28 results

  1. I am looking for the name of an animal which makes an extremely loud, long-lasting screeching sound (=noise), starting and ending abruptly. Almost every night shortly after dark the animal in question, which seems to be sitting in or living near trees, starts this noise together with several of its cheeky animal friends of the same sort, almost like a concert. What a clever little bugger, whatever it is....... It's a terribly noisy, loud, screechy, and kind of creepy sound. Like a siren, a broken door alarm of some sort. Sorry can't describe it any better. BTW I live in St Kilda if that helps. Does anyone know what that animal is called? Has anyone heard the sound too? I am curious to find out.:err::eek:
  2. We're just preparing to apply for 176 visa after obtaining a successful skills assessment and state sponsorship from Victoria. I've been going through the forms today to ensure I've got all the information together. My husband has 2 daughters from a previous relationship. They were born in NZ and are NZ citizens (we're in the UK). His ex remained in NZ and has full custody but he obviously sends maintenance so they will be included as non migrating dependants on our app. My concern is the medical checks and whether this will be required if they are NZ citizens ? Just worrying in advance about the logistics of this because of the distance between us and organising things like this (although I appreciate we'll have time to sort out over the coming months!) TIA
  3. rockola57

    How strange are Wives!

    Nah:nah:! Will not and Cannot get me head around Women,:wink: Like my one gives me hell if i leave a teeny drop of pee on the Bog Seat, and has major flips:arghh:,saying it's disgusting,and how can she use it now etc etc!She forget's that we have had Kids together,she washes my undies,and that a Man needs to leave his traces for the female.It's an instinct thing,and is one of the things that has helped the Human race to get where it is now.Ladies,next time Mr Doggy cocks his leg on the nearest lampost,and Mrs Doggy comes a sniffin',you should bear this in mind!:yes:We don't mean to,:no:Its in our genes!:yes:
  4. gaz n family

    How Strange?

    Already got the nod from DIAC so sat here surfing while the girls watch bloody soaps, i thought i would check my DIAC log in page. So looked at my first page and yep, its true, i did get the email, i didnt dream it. But what is bizzare, i looked at the second page and it still has all our documents listed as "required" I take it that this page never changes at all. And there was me over the last 6 weeks looking and hoping, but nothing.
  5. Guest

    Ain't Life Strange.

    Had some bad news last week, my ex (nearly) brother in law died from lung cancer, only 45 he was, lovely bloke and barely smoked to any great degree, but nonetheless it probably got him in the end,:cry:. Knew him on and off for years through my brother, but never 'close', having said that mum and dad are down my way tomorrow to go to the funeral, then they are spending a few days with us, will be a sad day for all, in particular the three direct family members he leaves behind,:wubclub:. But it got me thinking, you know the old saying, 'Life Goes On', well it does really. Though at times we want to hit the next person who says it, it is a true statement nonetheless. I have lost many people that were close to me, some family and some friends, and when 'it' happened my life was turned upside down, I had no idea, and couldn't decide between my arse from elbow. To even get out of bed at some times seemed to much, too much bother, too much effort. You would walk downstairs and EVERYTHING in your life has crumpled before your eyes, EVERYTHING has changed in YOUR LIFE. Can't be bothered to get dressed properly, can't be bothered to cook, can't be arsed to do anything really, except to sometimes cry yourself into a sleep and hope that when you wake up it has all stopped, but that is impossible, you wake to find the same bloody nightmare facing you again, and you wonder how on earth you are going to get through another bloody horrible day. I know all this sounds like doom and gloom, but I was thinking, Andrews parents at the moment must be going through a living hell, to lose a child I imagine (I'd rather not) is one of the worst experiences we can have, if not the worst. They must be wondering which way is up right now, and in all likelihood they must wake everyday with constant thoughts of their son in their minds, BUT. Here I am, posting away on PIO, going shopping, working, looking after Ruth and the kids, and to all intents and purposes my life has remained the same, even though no further than ten miles away a families life has been tinged with absolute sadness and grief. Don't really know what I am trying to say here, but it does seem strange at times to open the front door when a bereavement has happened and their before your eyes the world is carrying on as usual, nothing out of the ordinary, just another day, that's all, seems very surreal at times, and at times we (I) want to scream out at the pain we are going through. So in essence I am trying to say that life does go on, it has to, there is no other way, but to think that a few miles up the road a family is going to bury their son tomorrow is truly a humbling experience. Just my thoughts is all. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. Guest

    Strange, Weird Habits.

    Come on fess up, we all have them. The little things that we all do, for whatever reason. Some may be annoying to others, let alone ourselves:biglaugh:. I guess you could say they are superstitions, but I think they may be some other 'habit' that we have picked up along the way. If possible give your reasons why you may have this habit. I'll start, yes, weird I agree, but I can't sleep at night if I miss 'something', my worst habit is: I will NEVER, EVER leave anything as a singular. I'm talking chips, tins of beans, cigarette in a packet, tea bags, one veggie left on the plate, biccys in the packet, most things really, well, 'practical' things anyway. If the kids leave one chip I have to cut it in half, one ciggy, I have to smoke it. Told you it was weird, but I hate anything being left by itself, must get lonely I think, :biglaugh::goofy::policeman:. But seriously I reckon it is a deep set memory of mine, nothing I can do about it, it doesn't rule my life, but I just can't bring myself to leave a 'single' item, all lonely and bereft,:embarrassed::embarrassed::biglaugh:. I will perfectly understand if anyone wants to report me to the authorities, I will just have to make sure when I am locked up I have more than one crayon with me.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. Hi all, I have applied for GSM 175 category on 25/09/2009 as an Electronics Engineer. I have front loaded my health check and it was finalized on 27/10/2009.so it is almost expired as per the validity of 1 year. Today I mailed my case office for redo of my health check and in it's response I got reply which I have pasted below. Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. At present your application is undergoing routine processing. Unfortunately, ensuring all the legal requirements are met in relation to an application can take some time. Please note that in an attempt to strengthen the integrity of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa categories, the department is increasing the level of verification of documents received from applicants for GSM visas. As a result of this increased verification there may be some delays in finalising applications. We appreciate your patience in this matter. You should not undertake to re-do any expired clearances until you are requested to do so by a case officer. Regards Case Officer - Team 4 General Skilled Migration - Adelaide Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) DIAC has verified my job on 15/05/2010 and I have submitted all mandatory documents to process my application. Please share your experience or opinion that why there are taking so long to finalize my application..Is there any chance for rejection of my application?????:unsure: Regards, Tejas
  8. Guest

    Feeling a bit strange

    We fly on 26 October to Perth (under 2 weeks now!!!) and people keep saying that I/we must be getting excited. Thats the problem - I don't think I am. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to going and starting our new life but can't seem to get "in the mood". My husband works away and is not home until 21 so I have been sorting out all the small things, like hair appointments, leaving presents,etc. All the other things were organised and sorted before he went. I am going between being bored to getting stressed for no reason - feels strange. Close family and friends are quite upset that we are going and I think this is possibly the reason I cant get excited. I dont want to appear to be glad I am leaving. Does this make sense? I/we have had a few get togethers (dinner, lunches etc) with more to come and some tears but I don't think reality has kicked in yet. Will it? We are still trying to find a buyer or tennant for our house but would be alright leaving it empty for a while if necessary. We lost £1000 to Crown Currency when they went bust last week but that will take care of itself - nothing we can really do unfortunately. I have just been "oh well" about it. I am a "get up and get it done " practical person so I am hoping that once everything is sorted and we are sitting in our limo to take us to the airport I can then relax a little and say "horaay lets go and start our new adventure" I am beginning to feel as though I am missing out somehow on this whole experience. Mandy
  9. :wacko: After looking at the Live in Victoria website and reading the September 2010 Newsletter a couple of days ago, we found a contact number to call for information re. Skilled Migrants. Receptionist (I think) was lovely and could not be more helpful. She decided to put me through to a chap called Brian re. employment (for people looking for skilled migrants), I was informed by another lady he had left and asked what my query was? All sounds okay so far, I asked where we could look to see where we were required most. She told me "I don't think Australia would have a problem finding a Motor Vehicle Technician and we are not an agency". Quite stumped I replied, after a pause for thought!, maybe I had not communicated well what I was asking - same response with an air of sarcasm. I read that if we were a skilled migrant and wanted information on aspects of moving to this particular region to call. :err: Won't be using the Skilled Migrant service for that then will we!!! I don't like asking at the best of times so I won't be doing that again. Anyway, off to bed, daughter's first day of secondary school in a few hours. Sweet dreams to all in the UK and great day to those in Auz. Ley x:hug:
  10. OK this is not attacking the UK or Australia, but what do you find strange that either country is missing or has not taken off in that country. Myself I find it strange that the UK’s petrol pumps don’t have the option for exact fill. (You just press £10, £20 etc and it fills to that amount) That snack chocolate is not on sale in the UK That bbq chicken shops are not big here Thing’s I find funny in Australia is the chip barm can not be found. Now Australia is not the UK and visa versa, so I guess we should be grateful that both countries are different and sell and do things differently to each other so lets keep it light hearted and have a laugh
  11. janine the party queen

    Strange photo

    Just took this photo of the sky above our house. What is that strange outline at the bottom ????[ATTACH]1612[/ATTACH]
  12. ...to cut a long story short: We lodged our 175 (CSL) visa on 01/02/10 (just ahead of the MODL announcement - phew!), and I duly sat back and waited, thinking it was going to take a while for anything to happen. We applied (via our agent) for WA State Sponsorship on 30/11/09 and I had a "funny feeling" on Monday that I'd get an email from her to say we'd got SS and could now got to a 176 and be pushed up the priority ladder - WRONG!!! Got an email (as predicted) from our agent saying we needed to provide some employment references, penal clearances and get medicals booked. We've got a Case Officer!!! :eek: I'm still in a state of shock! Has this happened to anyone else recently? Our agent thinks it's due to the the skills we've applied under (OH is a Computer Professional - Datawarehouse specialist). Our in-laws have just had their contributory parent visa granted so we wondered if the two had somehow been linked. Anyway, a question for anyone who's had medicals with existing conditions to take into consideration - how long does it typically take for a medical consultant to prepare a specialist report? We are having our medicals on 01/04 (booked yesterday) - I've just sent a letter to a hospital consultant asking for a specialist report and am hoping in can be turned around in less than 2 weeks :unsure: Lisa (Still in shock!)
  13. Guest

    Strange Question

    Does anyone know how you would stand on perminant residancy if after you had gone to Australia and your O.H. died, if he was the main applicant and it was all on his pionts alone that you had obtained your visa's, would you have to return to England? I know that this might sound a stange question, but having preivously lost one husband suddenly in an accident and knowing that it completely changes your life, it could be very traumatic if you are on the other side of the world and then told that you have to move everything back here again. Don't get me wrong I am a very opptomistic person, the one thing I did learn is that life is too short, get out there and enjoy it. But always best to be prepared! Lesley:biggrin:
  14. Guest

    Weird & Strange Facts

    Holiday man "declared dead" A man has returned from an extended holiday to find that loads of his mates have been mourning his death. The confusion began in June when Michael O'Neill, from Middlesbrough, set-off for Australia to stay with a friend. It was a last minute decision, so he forgot to let people know. Mr O'Neill's neighbours grew worried about his disappearance, reports the Daily Telegraph, so eventually they contacted the police. Officers broke into the 49-year-old's flat, but could find no evidence of his whereabouts. Then, last week, his friends thought their fears had been confirmed when a family announcement was made in a local newspaper. By coincidence, it reported the death of another Michael O'Neill from Middlesbrough. Both men were a similar age - the late Mr O'Neill was 50 - and both have brothers named Kevin and Terry. The living Mr O'Neill said: "I went out on June 2 to stay with a friend and when I got back last Monday I found my door had been smashed in! "My neighbours thought I had died so they got in touch with police who came and broke the door down. "Everywhere I am going, people I know are grabbing hold of my hand, saying 'I thought you were dead! They can't believe it's me and I'm still alive."
  15. bannie

    Strange problem

    Hi All, I emailed and uploaded Police clearance certificate's as per my case officer's request couple of weeks ago. The problem is that my online document checklist does not have anything related to Overseas penal clearance listed on it, hence I don't really know if these have been received and updated since I cant see them as either "required" or "met". I did send a Post Lodgement Enquiry about 6 days ago and haven't receive any reply to it. Well I do have my case officer's direct email address, can some one suggest if it's alright to send an email asking him if these have been received and updated on their system by stating the above reasons? :unsure: I forgot to add that the 28 days deadline given by case officer is going to finish in couple of days from now. Thanks, bannie
  16. kernow43

    How very strange!

    Not one little iota from anyone on the UK budget, must be a good one for everyone!
  17. ok- it might be more suited to Miami beach, but i fancy (as part of keeping fit) roller skating ....but wondered if anyone who lives in Adelaide knows if its something ppl do there, also would you have to wear a helmet as you do for cycling/skateboard/etc??? Nikki :wub:
  18. kernow43

    Strange happenings in Perth

    Kitten with two faces born in Perth | Weird True Freaky | News.com.au Maybe earlswood could use the picture in the article if he is double bored
  19. Hi Guys, I know this is going to sound odd but how do the Ozzies react to people who look shall we say a little different??? Im an ageing goth, I know at my age I should grow out of it and get rid of the peircings and dye my hair from purple to something more natural but..... after 20 years of being this way I just cant beocme 'normal'! Ive never had an issue in the Uk getting employment, I currently work as a careers and employment advisor with the prison and probation service (advising ex offenders that is) so my question is, am I going to have to change to gain employment when we get to Oz? I know it probably seems an unimportant thing to some people but this is who I am and I am worried that If I have to change its going to really have a negative effect on me :v_SPIN:
  20. From reading this and other immigration forums alot of people who have never been to OZ before have some very strange ideas about what OZ is like. Alot of people seems to think, Its 40c degrees every day, It Never rains, Theres no crime but the biggest danger in deadly snakes , spiders and crocs which are crawling all over your suburban back yard waiting for a chance to jump out and kill you. You can spend more time with your family downunder because people don't work anywhere as near long hours as in the UK. You can buy a four bedroom house with a pool on the beach for $200,000. Neighbours and Home and away are accurate representations of what life downunder in like. Ayres Rock and the outback is about 1 hours drive outside Sydney and its takes a few hours to drive from Perth to Adelaide. Theres no mountains or hills in OZ the countrysides all flat. If you go swimming in the ocean theres a pack of sharks just waiting there to eat you , sharks are the biggest danger at he beach not getting caught in a rip and drowning. Because of the hole in the ozone layer over OZ people can't leave their houses during the day or they drop dead of skin cancer. Apart from Sydney theres no sealed roads in OZ only dusty run down dirt roads and you need to drive a 4wheel drive to get around. Bring lots of bottled water with you its not safe to drink the water in OZ. Anyone else heard any strange things people have said about OZ?
  21. Guest

    2 strange questions....

    you may think me weird but I have 2 questions. 1. DAB radios do they work in OZ or should I get rid of it before we go? 2. with all the talk of mozzies do people use bed nets or what ever they are called you know the nets that hang from the ceiling over the bed. Am I just being nutty:goofy: cheers
  22. Hi All I hate to admit it but Aldo gave me an idea with his last thread about Australian culture! The world over has some weird events, just last night on the news they were talking about an urban marathon in Manchester. What are some of the strange/weird events that you have heard of? Have you competed in any of them????? or would you like to??? Try to put the link on or photo's if you can, so we can all have a good laugh. I'll start with an easy one Running of the Bulls
  23. I was out side painting a long wall cream, it took ages and at one point i left the wall to go and get myself a cold drink......when i returned i had left a patch that looked like the map of Australia, i had even left a spot that was in the right place for Tasmania..........strange or what.:wacko: wonder if this is some kind of subconscious madness setting in that only a VISA can cure......anyone else suffer from this madness, if so should we keep it quite in case its contagious :smile: XX
  24. gilliantay

    Strange Phone Call..........

    at work.............................. It was the health board I work for asking about my place of work when I was an Enrolled Nurse in the late 80's (this place has since been demolished). They couldn't find any record of me having worked there and asked if I had gone under another name at that time...........Well of course says I (I have since gone back to my maiden name........long story) and gave them the name I was under at that time. Now while this conversation is going on, I am getting dirty looks from my boss as we are indundated with patients and I cut the call short. Now, am I reading too much into this phone call (I wish I had asked why they wanted to know)...............because I am now thinking it is someone in Oz checking my application !!! Is it WISHFUL THINKING ? Gill
  25. Guest

    A bit of a strange one !!

    Does any one know what the law is on taking pet ashes to OZ....now b4 you all think i have totally cracked up this is a serious question my beautiful westie died aged 14 we had her cremated 4 yrs ago and had every intention of taking her to Poole in Dorset to sprinkle on the beach.....yep i know wacko !!!! Heres the dilema she is still sitting on the top of the kitchen cupboard and i cant bear the thought of not bringing her to OZ with us, does anyone know if we can take her on the plane in our hand luggage ? i had a friend who took her fathers ashes to OZ just wondered if its different for animals..