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  1. bunbury61

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    But joe on the other hand ....
  2. bunbury61

    Congratulations Team Biden/Harris

    And no riots ,because of the result ...strange that
  3. bunbury61

    Would you move to the UK now?

    No wait until the spring / summer 2021
  4. bunbury61

    How is Corbyn doing these days.

    Jeremy ...oh dear Thats a power grab by starmer to purge the far left . A new far left party to appear ?
  5. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    And europe on your doorstep ....if we ever get back up and running Madrid - Barcelona- valencia seville ,- cadiz - porto and Lisbon next on the agenda
  6. There is nowhere in the world ,like the u.k for convenience , including the United States and Europe Thats food , electricals , sportswear etc etc We are spoilt .
  7. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Are you in Melbourne?
  8. God bless you quoll , I always enjoy your posts , and admire your honesty
  9. I can go back to oz and slot straight back in - i was talking to the lads in oz yesterday , before the grand final - which I watched It was never the aussies with me . It was the poms who got most offended when you gave an argument for both places
  10. I love both places - but I do understand where you are coming from . 6 months in each would be ideal for me
  11. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Well it certainly wasn't me . When its seriously dark early - from say jan - march in the u.k - i always intended to have 3 months in w.a ....we shall see It doesn't get that cold here now , but I just don't like the winter ....its the dark at 4pm ,that does me . The coldest month seems to be February these days I would have Christmas and the new year in the u.k - then fly out .
  12. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Mary Rose- where do you get the idea that we get lots of ice and snow from ? We haven't had any seriously wintry weather since 2011 I should imagine the south coast area where you are from has had it even better It was miserable yesterday , here But lovely today , again
  13. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    What has that got to do with this post ,?