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  1. Things to do in the UK

    it is good .....they have a Madame tussaud style thingy at Warwick castle as well
  2. Trying to sell house still

    where is your home town ?
  3. The weather 😁

    sunny with no wind ( again ) ....1c today ....i have been working outside in it ....some fantastic scenery
  4. The weather 😁

    😃😃😃...is it ? ....where ? ...we copped the worst of it in the west midlands ...truly the worst .....and look at it ...yesterday afternoon and early this morning . atrocious my arse😊....just a bit dodgy on the sideroads ...main roads and motorways ..all good 👍...actually enjoying it
  5. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    the most liveable cities , like the most liveable countries , are probably in europe .
  6. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    you have to put into perspective though ...it is the worlds most liveable city ..but it did nothing for me ....must go again though , as I may have missed something . it be that we flew in straight from w.a ....just different
  7. Why am i reading so many "moving back to the UK posts??

    wouldn't start a debate about your post , but do about 200 miles a day around the west midlands ,never a problem , unless you come across people who are not used to the motorway the roads are busy , but people are generally courteous
  8. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    i wouldnt disagree
  9. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    big in your part of the world as well .....union starts from Worcester heading s.w from brum ....bristol ( mate played for them ) ....gloucester ...exeter wasps are local , but not originally from the area . have been to watch Worcester warriors with the lads ...a thoroughly enjoyable and peaceful experience ....great for kids as well great afternoon out 👍
  10. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    mate , whatever hobby or sport that makes you happy , go for it . I cant watch rugby league but love the 6 nations and the lions in rugby union I cant stand watching tennis , but I love watching Wimbledon ? a great game of AFL takes some beating for me
  11. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    I miss my dose of the afl , must rectify it 😃
  12. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    disagree pb ...love the afl ...gutted its now on bt sport ....another subscription required 😞...so next season hopefully
  13. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    outplayed ...outclassed ...out coached by a much better unit. I am a neutral watching these games , and it could have been 5 or 6 ....i take no pleasure in saying that I have a soft spot for united , but it wasn't uniteds performance , great sides like city are now, don't allow you to play . guardiolas record against mourinho , I should imagine , is very good ....overall , he seems to have his number .
  14. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    here we gon...absolutely no need for that post ...it beggers belief
  15. This weekend , 1 billion people will be

    toots , you will find that any of the big clubs that wear RED are popular in parts of Asia ...red is considered lucky .....thats why man Utd , Liverpool and arsenal are massive in china etc .....there you go 😉 it didn't go too well though when cardiffs Thai owners changed the 1st team shirt colours from blue to red ( they are nicknamed the bluebirds ) , and changed the badge ....there was a lot of unhappiness I think its been changed back now