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  1. bunbury61

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    With all due respect - dont comment on the story then - simple You give the impression you think prince andrew was a bit of a lad - fair enough . But ,as I told you when all this first came out - this isnt that . This may be having sex with underage girls . The one girl was 17 , prince andrew would have been how old ? - that's bad enough . But allegedly 8 girls were taken to Epstein s private island for sex , and allegedly prince andrew was there . Epstein liked YOUNG GIRLS - NOT YOUNG WOMEN !
  2. bunbury61

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    Sorry paul , that's absolute bs . Have you seen the interview . The accusations are that he was mates with a bloke who had a hankering for under age girls . Some of whom were trafficked for their pleasure . Epstein certainly had sex with women under 18, probably under the age of 16 . Did prince andrew know about this during their friendship ? Was he involved ?
  3. bunbury61

    2020 Prediction thread. 🔮🧛

    My wife had her picked from day one . My wife - Dont like her , theres something about her , she will split the family , and they will move to the u.s - and it wont last And I posted it a while back , And now it looks pretty accurate
  4. bunbury61

    Do you believe Prince Andrew ?

    I dont believe him , and that interview was a car crash - but I wouldn't be gleaning anything from the crown either to be honest
  5. bunbury61

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    So kind tony - but blues have never ever ever reached their potential- and it's probably gone now . We have a great solid working class brummie supporter base - but that's it . I dont know if the supporter base numbers are still there . The premiership doesn't suit us , unless we had some rich owners , like yourselves . I wonder how many city fans preferred the days of struggle with goater and dickov ? Theres a great documentary on sky about citys struggles in the 90s - and those 2 late goals at wembley that changed their destiny in the play offs against gillingham . One true story about city that I rely admire - they were struggling in the championship . They had some good players but they were shite - they came to st Andrew's in97 - 98 - 99 ? Just before xmas , in the cold and rain and brought 4,500 fans -unbelievable . What's the song " we are not , we are not really here " Around the same time utd were winning the treble
  6. bunbury61

    Returning to UK

    It's funny I was sat in company - 3 of us blokes having a beer after the crowd thinned out . And one of the lads I was with ,is all for leaving - upping sticks with his family and moving to spain or u.s or oz - but he is very close to his mom and dad As he was going on - I wanted to say ," mate you havent got a clue what is required " ," you cant pop around to mom and dads for a cup of tea when you are 12,000 miles away " - but I didnt say anything . Even if you are single minded and bloody selfish - if you are close to your family ,you will have a battle on your hands , making a go of it - and all respect to those that have
  7. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    The germans are brilliant arent they ? Like the stuttgart 21 rail project - look it up Billions of euros over budget - a disaster , and still not finished- if this happened here there would be uproar - especially when we have succeeded with something similar , with crossrail . I have travelled extensively in germany , and I have seen nothing massively different or better than what goes on in britain . We were even involved in an accident on the auto bahn, and the way the scene was handled was vastly inferior to the way an accident would be handled here . Their vehicles are ahead of ours - but they would be . After ww2 the germans and the japanese couldn't re arm so they turned their attention to building cars - very good ones at that . At the same time the brits and americans took their eye off the ball , complacency reigned . Let's just get out of the e.u , and britain can find its feet and identity once again . In reference to Elon musk and his vehicles , the jaguar I pace is at least its equal . When all the major car companies switch to ev , Tesla s time may well be up . Every country in europe has something to offer , and britain has more than most. I love europe , but have never returned to solihull wishing I could live somewhere else in europe , especially germany .
  8. bunbury61

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    David Clifford, - best player in ireland - he was there last night - lovely bloke
  9. bunbury61

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    Good night last night - Some of the brummie/ irish lads had visitors over from ireland , and they had gone to cheltenham races , but it was called off - so this huge group of blokes come back to our local . Apparently 6 of these blokes weren't no ordinary blokes , but 1st team players for Kerry- who have just been in the all ireland final - against dublin ? This was a deserved break for them - plus in our pub , they were unknown , and left alone . Great craic last night - telling them to stop supporting man utd , celtic , villa or liverpool , and get behind the " peaky blinders" and follow the blues They were off to see the wolf tones, whilst this old boy was off to bed
  10. bunbury61

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    No no - I certainly wouldn't say that tony - I support birmingham city for a start bloody hell . You asked what do I wish I had but never will - nothing . I have spent the last 25 years in the tumble dryer of life mate , but during that , I have made the best of it , and done it all . Do I wish for a bigger house ,- no Do I wish for a Ferrari - no Do I secretly wish for another partner - no , my wife is so bloody pretty , and a great friend - as the lads say - I rolled a six when I met her . She has given me 2 stunning daughters - who are a pain in the arse - but I love them dearly . My life isnt " hollywood " BUT IAM EXACTLY WHERE I NEED TO BE RIGHT NOW , SOMETIMES THAT ISNT WHERE I WANT TO BE - BUT WHERE LIFE NEEDS ME TO BE AT THIS MOMENT . So I dont wish for anything , it's all coming to me anyway , so I will just put my feet up
  11. bunbury61

    It’s pouring!!!!!!

    That's the one thing we never have to worry about here ,- plenty of rain Lots of stuff on the news here from nsw and qld - it looks horrendous . We've got the other end of the scale - the flooding has been going on since last friday in the east midlands and yorkshire . My brother is a hgv driver , and I went out with him last thursday night , and we had a 20 mile detour near mansfield because of flooding . It could be worse , we could be in venice . Apparently we all better get used to it .
  12. bunbury61

    Returning to UK

    My post is probably different from anyone elses . Truth is , I could live in either place - 6 months a year in each would do me . Australia was very good to us , I have no issues there , whatsoever . I have another 2 siblings in australia - at one time we were all there - with 6 children between us . Mom and dad were in england , and didnt see any of us , as we were 12 ,000 miles away . We came back on holiday in 94 , and I could see what was coming . Our 4 parents were getting older with no support network - it just didnt sit right with me , and still doesn't. We came back , and have got landed with the full weight of responsibility . 3 of our parents have now died My mom is alive and in her 90s my wife and daughters were at my wifes sisters bedside in may , right at the end , when she died with stage 4 cancer , this year ,aged 56 . My wife cared for her every night for 4 months , as she didnt want to leave her home - So we have been through the mill - hammered emotionally and financially . But do I have any regrets - no I dont - as I said on one of Tony mans posts It's funny, as the youngest sibling , you are sort of overlooked - but who would have thought I would end up the strongest , physically and emotionally . The saddest part of all - I have no time for my siblings now - we used to be close - but that's a door shut , that will never be reopened On the upside , as I have mentioned many times ,the u.k has given my kids a fantastic education in solihull . We have been all over the world from the u.k ,- europe especially - and it's been bloody fantastic . You cannot buy the memories we have - that alone has made it worth it . We have lived our lives at the front end - spent the money and travelled whilst we were all fit and able . I didnt want to be shuffling around paris , Vienna or Budapest when I can hardly get about . So that's all in the bank now . Who knows what happens after mom dies ? But I look in the mirror every morning , and I can live with myself - I know my dad is up there , proud of me , and that's good enough .
  13. bunbury61

    UK General Election Predictor

    Bloody hell who cut her hair - Jim's mowing That could be our next chancellor of the exchequer