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  1. bunbury61

    The Ashes

    Well done australia and especially steve smith in retaining the ashes . A bradmanesque performance The steve smith ashes 2019 Hes been the difference
  2. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    hang on , it deserves another one Back to democracy , did you think of that name when you became disillusioned in oz , and decided to head back to the u.k , and now you are disillusioned again And now you have more faith in the the likes of greece and italy within the e .u , than you do in your own country - oh dear . Let's see who's left standing - I will be back to remind you . I wont wish it so , I will make it so
  3. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Have you just seen the news in from hartlepool council ?
  4. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    But its NOT NATIONAL DEBT IS IT - that's the whole point . Its 27 countries roped together under one currency - if one falls they all fall . In recent times , ireland could devalue the punt to make itself more competitive in times of crisis What does it do now , if there is a global financial crisis ,and the 20 billion euros a month isnt working ?
  5. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You really are deluded nj - it is happening . I happen to watch the likes of CNN ( left wing media ) , and the e.u is implementing indefinite no end quantitative easing , buying bonds to the value of 20 billion euros a month . Iam past caring what you think my friend . This is happening It's not my opinion or something I read in the independent . Remember my predictions about the e.u 27
  6. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Parley - stick with your opinion , and stand firm . Someone will be along in a minute to call you stupid or a racist or a fascist or question your intelligence . These remaoners are being played like a fiddle by the elites. The scaremongering - the doom and gloom , the left wing media . Cameron's gamble has sensationally backfired . He never thought for a moment , that the ordinary working people of the u.k would vote to leave the e.u People are sick to death of the goings on in westminster , and want brexit done and dusted . Britain will be ok - short term pain , but it will get sorted . Then we can hopefully have a general election , and I hope the likes of anna suobury and dominic grieve are never seen again . If you get chance ,watch labour front bencher emily thornberry on question time . One of their big hitting front benchers , she gets dismantled .
  7. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    20 billion euros a month quantitative easing INDEFINITELY The european economies are weakening and are uncompetitive Italian banks are on the verge Greece is f.....d The powerhouse of europe , germany is on the verge of recession And when you borrow money , at some stage , it has to be paid back . My opinion hasn't and will not change , it is the e.u that is heading to the cliff edge . Soon to be played out , as the cracks start to grow . I have said from day one on this board , the more the e.u fractures , the more they will try to tape the project together .
  8. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    When brexit is cancelled ....hmmm We wont be discussing this in 2030 , because there will not be an e.u as 27 in 2030 . I wont be discussing this after october 31st 2019 . Dont patronise me with your final sentence . It's the we know better , from an element within the country and parliament , backed and funded by the likes of tony blair ,that has got us into this mess To 17.4 million people - " you didnt know what you were voting for " Oh yes we did .
  9. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    What was obvious ? That's not what you said So are you now saying all tory mps are rich ? Can you prove that ? You see you make these sweeping statements , without a grain of proof . That is going on a lot on this board . Especially those on the left of the debate Posting articles from the independent and guardian " look look this is factual , because it's in the media " It's an opinion from a newspaper with a left wing bias .
  10. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    What overwhelming evidence ? Here you go again You are doing it again. Having a solid opinion is what leadership is all about Farage hasn't changed his opinion , and he is doing ok . The goalposts havent moved , it's just that the left wing media , and the elites are giving the impression that they have . It's the intellectuals within Westminster that have got us into this mess . It is this simple ,and I will repeat this again . We voted to leave the e.u in 2016. Democracy means that the losers honour and support the result . Dear me . The day after the result , parliament should have put their differences aside and supported the result . I blame the tories for this , because at this point , a coalition should have been created to source a deal with the e.u . Finally , in reference to my lack of university education , This week I have seen university educated men and women within the house of commons, and last night at the democratic convention. behaving like children . Singing , name calling its pathetic . What we need now is proper leadership and the ability to make decisions , and stick with them . Some of these so called highly educated men and women , have proved to be incapable of none of the above .
  11. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    Well sheridan I picked brexit I picked trump I picked johnson And iam predicting the fall of the e.u . You will still be here Sheridan, even if it is 5 years You should be enjoying your new life , but you are obsessed with goings on , 12,000 miles away Sad really Cheerio I shall think of you next time I drive through wolverhampton . I might even throw some rose petals out of my car , in your honour
  12. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    Yes , that's jeremy hunt, one man Thanks for trawling the internet for that Do you know Mavis in stevenage , she votes tory , is she rich ? What about reg in middlesborough , hes a life long tory supporter , who lives in a council house , is he rich ? Give me strength
  13. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    I dont disappear Sheridan, I have something called a LIFE and work . I also have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters , that are a tad more important than replying to this drivel on a daily basis. There is nothing constructive on this board now . Let's see if history proves me correct in relation to the e.u 27 . I can leave this board for a few years , then return . You will still be here pouring out your frustration and anger , because you have nothing else.
  14. bunbury61

    Is Labour Finished?

    That's my opinion , which hasn't changed from day one . The e.u as 27 will collapse - patience . If you are requesting that I read some of the responses on this board , that are bordering on trolling , from people who really need to get out more - then no thanks . Take this post , how the hell did the subject of labours potential demise , have anything to do with Jacob Rees mogg and his wealth . And then we have you stating that most tories are wealthy , how the bloody hell do you know ? Do you know them all ? Some of these posts have nothing constructive in them now . It's just tit for tat infant school bs .