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  1. The weather 😁

    sandgroper -I miss the countryside...... a picture of the countryside appears.....i feel your pain ,horrible ?????😃😃😃
  2. The weather 😁

    😃😃😃😃......jealousy gets you nowhere .....scenery that people dream about ,where films are made . there again I get my fair Share of shite as well ....i was in a suburb of a well known west midlands city yesterday ,and it was like aleppo 😊. but ,when iam out in the sticks of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire , Shropshire ....if that's pain , give me more 😃
  3. The weather 😁

    yes its because they don't circulate the air
  4. Quality of life for kids

    you reply when you like ...you have plenty of time on your hands 😃😃
  5. Quality of life for kids

    you can almost feel the envy from here . that is when they resort to insults ....whether it is brexit or anything else . you miss elements of the u.k ...i can sense it ,but you wont admit it .....so you trawl the likes of the independent ( what a misnomer) to dig out shit about the u.k weather . This is only weeks after saying you miss the u.k seasons 😃😃😃...am I right ? I openly admit , that Australia was very good to me .....i miss my Aussie mates ....and could do with spending ,at least ,the u.k winter in oz ., I have no issues with oz at all . in relation to the u.k , its better to be honest with yourself and others get it out there son ,be honest , let it go 😃😃😃 p.s I may be a few things ,but a blagger and bullshitter I ain't
  6. Quality of life for kids

    I wont waste my time with you ....
  7. The weather 😁

    the pictures just posted are of my daily work environment 😃😃😃....have a good one 😃😃😃😎
  8. The weather 😁

    he moans about a lot of things
  9. The weather 😁

    vale of Evesham ,Worcestershire ...Monday morning
  10. Quality of life for kids

    cheers kev 👍
  11. Quality of life for kids

    well here's a first time then .....I don't do bs ....i have no need to . p.s ...i can come back to w.a whenever i like ....aussie passport ,and a nice bank balance ....but i have responsibilities here , that no one else wants to take on . so Perth can wait ....plus Europe is calling once more ...😉
  12. Quality of life for kids

    yes i know ...glad you are still so interested in the u.k weather ....is your life over there that good 😃😃😃😃 , that you are taking the time to look up solihulls weather 😃 Solihull is a quality place though 😊
  13. Quality of life for kids

    bs ...absolute bs ....when I was younger 60s -70s -80s winter was guaranteed ....tell me pre 90s when there was a mild and wet winter ?
  14. Quality of life for kids

    yes ....about 5-7 days this year ..in the w.mids all over tomorrow 👍
  15. Quality of life for kids

    overnight yes ...but none during the day last winter ...i woke up to 6 iced windscreens this winter ....more like 15-20 ....