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  1. bunbury61

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Just reading some of the posts above . It's getting worse , how did some of you go from the cricket world cup to oz v u.k AGAIN , and onto Donald Trump AGAIN . Repetitive
  2. bunbury61

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Iam reading shite post after shite post , from 3 or 4 posters on here . For the record , in big letters . THE U.K VOTED TO LEAVE THE E.U - THIS WAS TRIGGERED FOR US TO LEAVE ON MARCH 29TH 2019 - DEAL OR NO DEAL . Legally , we should be out of the e.u by now . Taking no deal off the table at the beginning , is so ridiculous You start from a position of no deal , and take it from there , not the other way around You don't go to buy a new car for 50k , and start by saying I tell you what , I will pay 55k , and I will pay and service the car myself - madness . Britains economy is already doing well , IN SPITE of Brexit, as the BBC likes to call it . And will do even better , outside of the e.u . I think ultimately , the e.u will fail , and it will fall . I said , way back , as the e.u gets further into trouble , the powers that be in Brussels, wont stop and think about the abyss they are heading for , they will just go for further integration of the super state , which will lead to its downfall . Real socialists like Arthur scargill , and Dennis skinner are very much anti e.u , because they can see the damage mass immigration via the e.u , is doing to wages , and hard fought for terms and conditions . These complaints are being echoed all across western Europe Quicker we are out , the better . In terms of politicians or anyone else for that matter , the only person I look up to , and rely on , is the person i look at in the mirror in the morning . Unlike others on here who are waiting for Jeremy Corbyn or Vince cable to put it right - it wont happen . The only way for Britain to survive the next oncoming global financial hit , is to be a sovereign independent country. When that hits , the e.u as 27 will break up anyway .
  3. bunbury61

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Mark Francois
  4. bunbury61

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    We don't have to do any deal with the e.u or haven't you been listening . The u.s trades with the e.u without a trade deal . The standard e.u tariff on non e.u goods is 4% . That will do us - save us a bloody fortune . When you talk about confidence ebbing away , blame the bloody remainers in Westminster for that . And still the economy is doing well They could have backed Theresa May's deal , which wasn't ideal , but we would be out now . Labour tried once again to block a no deal Brexit, yesterday in parliament , and failed . I said over 12 months ago ( check out the posts ) , that boris would be the new leader , for how long I don't know . Will he do a good job - who knows - he did a good job as London mayor , and oversaw a fantastic London Olympics. As long as he is around long enough to take us out of the e.u , hopefully on a no deal . That will do me - that's what I voted for
  5. bunbury61

    Woman's World Cup Football

    Disagree Tony, I have seen clips of a few games , quite enjoyed it . I couldn't believe it when I heard that women were banned from playing football in 1921 in the u.k - BANNED And only allowed to start playing again in 1971 Thank God things have changed
  6. bunbury61

    75 years today

    First of all , iam not your mate . I choose my friends carefully , and from your posts ,you wouldn't make the grade . Secondly , don't even try to advise me about honour . Don't flatter yourself with your beliefs or your mock outrage . We were talking about DEMOCRACY , something that these lads fought for . That democracy is not being honoured Tony Blair? Alistair Campbell ? On the fence Jeremy Corbyn Flip flop Vince cable Don't try to take the moral high ground with me - ever . I have proper principals and morals and my opinion has not waivered Grow a pair
  7. bunbury61

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Have you seen the news ? There wont be any trial I told ,you are being played like a fiddle . And this action didn't go back to 2016 , it was launched in Feb 2019 Who is putting up the money ? Who was really behind it ? Wakey wakey - join the dots You are so immersed in this anti Brexit fog , you cant see straight
  8. bunbury61

    75 years today

    What obscene policies , you clown . Does that go for me , or the other 17.4 million as well . You need to have a word with yourself . All this mock outrage , just because someone makes a valid point . Get back to your knitting
  9. bunbury61

    75 years today

    My thoughts entirely PB Oh ,the mock outrage
  10. bunbury61

    Israel Folau

    A telling off and / or a fine and short suspension would have been sufficient . But this is the world we live in , Iam afraid , especially if you are a Christian. A correction parley , he wasn't quoting from the bible word for word , it was his interpretation ..
  11. bunbury61

    75 years today

    Don't ever try to lecture me . Iam right in saying , would they have fought and died in their 1000s for the world that these politicians are creating It's not a political point - ITS FACT . They fought for freedom and democracy - not the goings on we have now
  12. bunbury61

    75 years today

    Trust you - on today of all days
  13. bunbury61

    75 years today

    They certainly were rally . My dad was just too young rally , but he served as a coldstream guards drill sergeant in Palestine in 1947 His older brother died in Normandy, just a teenager . So I have lost family , defending these islands . So what would they think of the betrayal over Brexit, when these young men and women fought to defend democracy . What would they think of the lack of morals, the greed and self interest , of some of those m.ps . Just as a barometer rally , keep your eye out for the Peterborough bi election overnight - it should be interesting to guage peoples anger in the votes for a Westminster seat Currently labour - let's see
  14. On one hand there is very little chance of replacing your home , in terms of size - the space you have , or to an extent ,the weather . But if you have no work/ life balance- WHATS THE BLOODY POINT , YOU ARE ONLY HERE ONCE . I miss my house in oz , I miss my aussie mates ( irreplaceable ) . On the upside , Europe offers so much , London on the doorstep - so much to see and do . In terms of parents , we have dealt with that very subtle form of selfishness and emotional blackmail Materially , would I have been better off , staying in oz - yes But on the other hand , we have done so much , my daughters have seen so much And when the dust clears , we will have looked after to the end , and buried 3 of our 4 parents .. There will be no tears of regret , and no looking back ,in my old age . In terms of your hubby , I honestly don't get it - busting your arse at work , for a big house . Live your life now , while you are young ,and sod the house and the pool Come back for a month or two , and keep your options open . Tell your hubby - bunbury said IT AINT WORTH IT
  15. bunbury61

    75 years today

    Big respect to him , stu .