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  1. bunbury61

    7 prominent labour mps tesign

    2nd referendum - why ? we have had one , we are leaving the e.u . its called democracy . This is the problem , elected politicians , many in leave majority areas ,trying to derail the process . some mps have genuine concerns, which I respect some like tony Blair have a vested interest in keeping the globalist dream alive . hence the new party
  2. bunbury61

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    she wasn't groomed though, that's the point . she isn't particularly sorry either . she has just named her baby after an Islamic warlord ,famous for his butchery . I agree , and think she will be allowed to return . but these three girls willingly left for Syria . they knew what they were getting into , she has admitted as much
  3. bunbury61

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    they are looking , and I emphasise looking at a treason law
  4. bunbury61

    7 prominent labour mps tesign

    I said last week a new political party is on the horizon . pro e.u , and a Last desperate attempt to keep us in the club which is fine . when is the puppetmaster going to show himself . tony Blair and his backers are all over this
  5. bunbury61

    How is Trump doing so far?

    D wont enter the wall debate as such ...but the wall would apparently cost 6 billion dollars - give or take the recent shut down , because of the wall or not - cost over 4 billion dollars . the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were costing the u.s govt 2 billion dollars a MONTH . so rightly or wrongly , long term ,the wall is small change . yes there are barriers in some parts , but in areas its just chicken wire ,its so porous .
  6. bunbury61

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    tea4 too , you are falling into the line the media are feeding you . when has SHE ever said - " I was groomed on line " .....it was a mistake , I was stupid and iam sorry ? she was a child bride for the cause , having 3 children for Isis ,whilst still in her teens . I understand and respect your opinion , but the " grooming " line is an avenue for her return . p.s if she offered an apology or remorse then you could say , that she should be allowed a 2nd chance . she will be returning anyway ,whatever our opinion . if it was a 25yr old bloke , I would have a completely different opinion
  7. bunbury61

    Isis schoolgirl wants to return to UK

    there are 800 known European jihadists waiting to return to western Europe, and the west in general ( probably a lot more ) . if and when they return , this will cost a bloody fortune ( iam sure there will be one or two with Aussie passports ) . human rights lawyers - court cases - cost of imprisonment - monitoring movements - housing , healthcare .etc they should have left them to the Kurds . pay the Kurds to keep them in prison in Syria or Iraq, or take them out on the battlefield . once they return to the west , this will drag on for years , and iam sure the compensation claims will start this girl will be allowed back in ,and probably receive a short prison sentence . her child will be looked after . on release it will be back into her community ,and you wont here, or see her again the media are very cleverly preparing us ,using the terms British citizen and the word , home frequently in their news reports .
  8. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    after brexit ,there will be a 3rd political party formed pro e u and middle ground labour to the left - tories to the right Blair - soubry - Clark Blair being involved is enough - he should be in jail
  9. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    where do you sit newjez ...pro e.u ..anti e.u listen up ...george Soros the billionaire arch globalist and supporter of the e.u , says its about to collapse ???? it's over you are are a worry ....one post pro e.u ...one anti MAKE UP YOUR MIND
  10. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    as i said 2 years ago , dont be fooled by the old bumbling brits . the poms will take this to the wire , because they know the opposition. bloody hell , these are just tactics . Theresa may is right - hold your nerve - and we will .
  11. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    when the dust settles ,lets see whos left standing . the e.u as 27 , is finished . Britain may get a kicking short term , but we will be o.k - we always are - check your history . last minute deal brokered by Germany all the other countries are irrelevant when it comes down to the wire . this is about Britain and Germany - it always is , in europe . the French bark a bit , and create disruption , but only 2 teams are in the European premier league . the Germans don't want to lose a solid ally with clout on the world stage , so a deal will be done . I haven't heard one German , openly slating the Brits . they leave all of that to the lightweights
  12. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    how convenient nj why don't you put up the REAL story about Germany going into recession its in the guardian by the way
  13. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    i have a suspicion the leave percentage would be greater in a 2nd vote what then ?
  14. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    you see , I talk about personal insults and here you go again . for the record , Switzerland are NOT IN THE E.U , but trade and traffic and trade moves freely . even though ,Switzerland has its own currency , and is not in the e.u . what do you not understand . I will put this in big letters . BRITAIN IS LEAVING THE E.U - BUT AFTER A SHORT PERIOD OF DISRUPTION ,THINGS WILL GO BACK TO NORMAL . DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT ? now , when Britain survives the fall out , and in my opinion , makes a success of brexit , I will be back to remind you , of your wasted 2 years on this site . moaning and grumbling is not good for your health , that's probably why you have an increasing need for the nhs . chill out , brexit is going to happen