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  1. bunbury61

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    What has that got to do with this post ,?
  2. bunbury61

    Corona Virus

    China has got a hold of the virus first , because they bloody created it . How can anyone talk about China in glowing terms ,or even discuss conspiracy theories ,in relation to covid when we have ongoing issues with the treatment and internment of wighur Muslims or their annexation of the South China Sea or their border dispute with India or shall we discuss the annexation of Tibet and Hong Kong or even the bullying tactics used against australia over trade . I notice a few on here ,pick their arguments ,very carefully . Positive news concerning China- but no mention at all of their human rights violations I hope China pays a heavy price BTD ,conveniently mentions the Muslims in the balkans yesterday - but no mention of the wighurs today Surprise surprise
  3. bunbury61

    How is Trump doing so far?

    I dont think so - where do you get your news , the beano ? Its even been run in the left leaning , new York Times. Are you saying the firing of a Ukrainian official , at the behest of joe biden , whilst vice president , which is on the record , and on video - is fake news ?
  4. bunbury61

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Stuff coming about biden now and his son ,hunter
  5. bunbury61

    Corona Virus

    No not yet - but I dont think its far off
  6. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Correct - thats true - as soon as boris got that majority , no deal became a distinct possibility . Regardless of where your opinion is on brexit - for better or worse , we will be on our own , and free to steer our own ship . We have the worlds financial capital - and in my opinion , Britain will do very well ,outside of the e.u We need a total divorce, and take it from there . We won't be bullied - from jan 1st 2021 we will be trading with the rest of the world , with both arms free , and whats wrong with that ?. Locally ,Birmingham Airport is being geared up to accept more freight from across the world . Ken - britain is just not meant to be part of the European Union , and being run from brussels and strasborg - Square peg in a round hole . And the e.u ,at some stage will break up - i have been saying it ,ever since the subject was mentioned . When the economic squeeze comes on , the more frugal e.u nations in the North, such as Germany and Holland, will look to jettison the other nations , and set up a smaller version of the e.u .
  7. bunbury61

    Corona Virus

    Vaccine soon
  8. bunbury61

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Only after a trump victory And that is coming
  9. bunbury61

    Corona Virus

    I believe covid is out there , mow anyway, and all the lockdowns won't stop it . Andy Burnham wants his cake and eat it . He speaks well , but that's for his audience - easy ,when you don't have to balance the books . He wants full lockdown with full payments to all affected . And thats great whilst you are in opposition, but sadly its not feasible . You lock everything down , and as I said previously , people don't adhere to it - look at my post above . RULES FOR ONE - RULES FOR ANOTHER . There is no right and wrong way, but if you are going to put the police and army on the street . Put them on the street to enforce wearing PPE , and leave as much open as possible . Isolate and protect the elderly and vulnerable . Make sure everyone else takes a commonsense approach