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  1. ask some of the posters who have returned from holidays in the u.k recently lets hear their opinion
  2. the u.k is bloody fantastic , you are not taken in by all this bs about brexit are you ?. seriously there are problems in the u.k ,as there is anywhere .....but brexit isn't one of them people are living their lives ...brexit is old news ,except fir a minority on here. Britain will be fine ...worry for the e.u though
  3. the political situation is bonkers , globally .
  4. heat ,followed by rain ...lots of it .....it doesn't rain like it used to either ...lots of flash flooding
  5. D not really Paul ...weekends away to many European cities are very affordable ....flight and hotel ....loads of people do it now
  6. buzz is the right word ...
  7. always something going on ....good and bad ...its never boring . my wife loves the seasons ,especially the winter ,and Xmas ...not for me ....milder the better you are only ever 4 hours max away from the sun ...snow ,mountains and some serious history and architecture.... big fan of living in Europe
  8. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    yeah why not ? ....but you will Never ever see it again ,with the globalisation of the workforce . the unions have zero say now . and these big businesses make sure they have a nice surplus of cheap ,available ,insecure labour its not about free movement of people ,that is the biggest smokescreen in history
  9. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    and the people that benefit from this surplus of cheap , borderless labour ....the bloody globalists ,and big business lovely profits
  10. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    your last paragraph shows your true colours ...if Donald trump said that he would be crucified
  11. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    what ? ...stop being a snob...tbe bloody opposite actually .....READ MY POSTS . Proper pay ,in proper jobs for British workers ....i have been saying it for years .
  12. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    yes structured ,organised levels of self supporting ,educated migrants ,entering Australia the polar opposite to what is happening in the u.k . where the u.k govt has zero say on anyone with an e.u passport entering the country . the e.u passport is another story in itself .
  13. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    in what way ?
  14. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    no the world cup loss was because we were not good enough Paul . first above average side we faced ,we were found out . all the stars lined up as well , for England . we will never have brazil,Spain,Germany ,Argentina out of the equation again the easy passage to the final ,and a team in the semi ,who in the 1st half looked ready to roll over . but Croatia are an ordinary side with 3 world class players ,and when England ran out of gas , modric and yakatic took over . best of luck to Croatia ,they deserved it
  15. bunbury61

    UK economy slowing.

    yes migrant labour ,working for 3 -4 months on a working visa ,and that's what we will return to . you have answered your own question , if it worked for decades until recently ,why change it ? no need for the free housing ( which our youngsters can't get ) ....no free healthcare or schooling needed either ( shortages in school places and a creaking nhs ) thanks for clearing that up