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  1. bunbury61

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Britain is cutting ties with chinese firm Huawei for the installation of 5G - Great news Ericsson are going to step in - even better news ( it proves you can have trade within european countries , without the e.u ) Australians should be happy that you have this bloke , trump , as your main ally . Love or loathe him , he will take no shit from the chinese . The Chinese are throwing their weight around throughout the region . Clashes on the border with India- bullying Australia over trade - putting the Philippines and Taiwanese on high alert . And what are these countries going to do on their own , sadly not a lot ? Thats why the part of the u.s fleet is now in the south China Sea. Trump won't order any military action, like his predecessors - he will just stay in the area - and put the tariffs up on chinese goods .
  2. bunbury61

    Jeffrey Epstein Dead.

    There is stuff going on everywhere . That Nigerian guy and his cronies , who were living in dubai - " hushpuppi " - check it out - living the high life Major fraud , including an alleged attempt to de fraud a premiership club of £100 million . He's now in the u.s - facing 20 years Draining the swamp ! The fbi working with allies , have cracked an encrypted phone network used by international crime syndicates . A lot to come out in the future , as this lot unfolds
  3. bunbury61

    Jeffrey Epstein Dead.

    It said " R.I.P to my friend ghislane maxwell , who was found dead , tomorrow " I think donald was being ironic , especially after the death of epstein . They both knew a hell of a lot , about a lot of people . Epstein had secret cameras all over his properties - a lot of dirt
  4. bunbury61

    Jeffrey Epstein Dead.

    I can't post any pictures ,? But trump has just posted something on Instagram about maxwell
  5. bunbury61

    Jeffrey Epstein Dead.

    Have you seen the netflix documentary on epstein ? Bill clinton - 8 times on the flight log to epsteins private island , along with other celebs like, actor , Kevin spacey There is no evidence that Bill clinton was involved - none at all But ,allegedly , there is other stuff to come out , about a lot of prominent people in the u.s - hollywood and politicians - its huge We had the mafia raids last week in sicily - 300 We had 794 arrests of prominent criminals in the u.k and europe this week . £2 million cash in one property £5 million in another Sources , allege the lockdown is being used to bust loads of these people - arrests are going on , very quietly . In relation to the u.s ,a lot of people will regret taking that chinese money , Trump , said he would drain the swamp , and its being carried out now
  6. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    its the open borders that are the problem Have you seen the riots going on in dijon - France? Chechens fighting north Africans in a French city - you couldn't make it up . Chechens driving across open border Europe to join the fight . When you invite the 3rd world in - you end up with 3rd world problems
  7. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    On top of that ,there is so much going on behind the scenes during lockdown . 300 mafia , including the top bosses arrested in Sicily last week Loads of arrests in the u.k by the NCA - top criminals - check it out And there is so much to come out in the U.S in the coming weeks Harvey weinstein was the tip of the iceberg , so was epstein . The swamp is slowly being drained
  8. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Wrong again backtodemocracy - and I called it early As I have been saying since 2016 - post brexit , a new alliance of democratic like minded countries will spring up ( u s - u.k - the commonwealth countries - japan - South Korea- israel and a few others ) 1 - for trade 2 - and now to counter china These migrants from hong kong , unforeseen, will be part of it - to the u.k , u s , aus , canada and n.z The u.k has obviously reached out to its allies, and these 3 million migrants , may be shared out , if they want to leave hong kong - who wouldn't want hard working , educated people to enhance their country ? Some people still dont get it , we know who they are ,but after brexit , our ties with australia , the u.s , and the rest of the commonwealth will be far stronger . A lot of trade , previously carried out for all of us , by the chinese , will now switch to other democratic countries within this new alliance - mainly india , some to South Korea- some to Japan?
  9. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    And that appears to be the case
  10. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    3 million ,eligible , to be spread out between the u.s - u.k ,- Canada- n.z and aus - I suspect
  11. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    And where are the naysayers now ?
  12. bunbury61

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I wonder if that laughing emoji is still relevant , GGS ? We are leaving the e.u - there will be no extension . It's over
  13. bunbury61

    Was I being grumpy or was I right?

    You were right
  14. bunbury61

    The Official Weather Thread

    Although we are only just entering summer - if it ended now - it's been decent But I feel some hot days are on the way - records could go .
  15. bunbury61

    The Official Weather Thread

    Great barbie last weekend - then rain - warming up for the weekend again tony Pubs open on the 4th july - it's going to be chaotic