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  1. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    So who am I blaming ? Let's have it You are hinting that iam a fascist, post it up
  2. bunbury61

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Simmo, it's actually 800 last year . You asked in another post , is christianity under attack? Absolutely . These ISIS inspired attacks are , as I have said on this message board many times , fulfilling koranic instruction , to " break the cross " . ISIS are just fulfilling that instruction . ISIS are following the book to the letter , especially the end time prophetic stuff , which they are trying to bring about . Sad thing is , you wont here a word about it , in the main stream media .
  3. bunbury61


    It's what I have always said in jest about the oz media . I can remember a major news item being interrupted to discuss how many weeks Gary Ablett had received at the afl tribunal
  4. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Sorry also try Douglas Murray- the strange death of Europe
  5. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Also try Douglas Murray- the strange death of Europe
  6. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Merkel didn't have these people land on her doorstep , it was an E.U POLICY to migrate them from the shores of Greece into Germany, and then spread them out into the bloc . All was going to plan until the poles , Czechs, slovakians refused to take their allotted share of migrants This is another reason why the e.u will fail . When the e.u falls ,I will be back Sean, just to remind you
  7. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    You really are genuinely deluded It's as if 1000s of people trailing through the Balkans on their way to Germany didn't happen . I suppose the migrant boats arriving in Malta, Italy and Spain are an illusion . Another one who needs to get his head out of his arse .
  8. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Try swedens dark soul by kajsa norman You might learn something
  9. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    I referred to a mass migration policy into Europe. Shane inferred that I was referring to the u.k , when I was referring to the e.u , and those within the schengen I have work to do , and money to earn . You are starting to encroach on my extended lunch hour
  10. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Look Shane, you must be getting tired now , or have you missed the million migrants that arrived in Europe recently Are you seriously suggesting that Angela Merkel did not allow over 800,000 migrants into Germany recently
  11. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    As I just said call up the stats for Sweden in the 80s and now . Instead of having a go at my posts , let's look up the stats for rapes and sexual assaults in the 80s and now Simplest
  12. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    probably , now run along
  13. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    I don't , we are talking specifically about these countries pre and current e.u E.u only iam afraid Let's have a look at the stats for Sweden, or Germany, for sexual assaults and rapes in the 80s for example - and 2019
  14. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Britain does have border checks ,its not in the schengen area . Unlike yourself , I go through Calais quite often . I was referring to the e.u as a whole , those within the schengen area , those without borders Now run along Shane, it's getting late in the ACT . Time for bed .
  15. bunbury61

    Before Brexit

    Have you send Sweden's levels of rape and sexual assault ? Weren't much of that when ABBA topped the charts