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  1. Red Rose

    Emigrating today (!) question about $ to £ transfer

    Thanks Rammy Girl yes good point, ANZ only charge a $30 fee but their exchange rate is crap and even after I factor in transfer wises much larger fee, I still end up with about £600 more in my bank account going through transferwise than bank to bank.
  2. Red Rose

    Emigrating today (!) question about $ to £ transfer

    Hmm so the daily limit is $25000 so if I do the transfer via transfer wise I would need to do four seperate transfers. If I factor in their fee over four transfers, I’m not sure how much I’ll really save compared with just transferring the whole lump sum bank to bank
  3. Red Rose

    Emigrating today (!) question about $ to £ transfer

    Through TransferWise?
  4. Red Rose

    Emigrating today (!) question about $ to £ transfer

    Thanks both I’m just on my way to a branch by the airport to arrange for them to increase the limit as I want to transfer up to six figures and want to minimise costs by doing it in smaller multiple transfers
  5. Hi all, I'm returning to the motherland after 7 years in Oz, flying today from Sydney. I have no knowledge at all of the best way of transferring AUD to GBP. I plan on transferring all my savings from my ANZ account to my mum's account (as I don't yet have a UK bank account). I rang ANZ today to check their rates for transferring bank to bank and I would save about 1k using TransferWise. I have left it too late now to go into my ANZ branch to organise this as I fly this afternoon at 5pm. Will there be any issues transferring my AUD from the UK, using someone like TransferWise? Thanks!
  6. Red Rose

    Chernobyl The TV series

    Watched the first episode but had no desire to continue watching. Found the English voices / accents for all actors too jarring. Why not use actual Ukrainian actors with English subtitles. Just finished watching Mindhunter: season 2. Possibly the beat TV series I have ever seen.
  7. Red Rose

    Selling car before move back

    Marisa thanks I might do that actually; selling to a dealer would definitely save a lot of hassle
  8. Red Rose

    Selling car before move back

    Hey guys would you let someone test drive the car with you in the passenger seat?
  9. Red Rose

    Selling car before move back

    Thank you!
  10. Red Rose

    Selling car before move back

    All, I need to sell my Ford Fiesta and hope 4-6 weeks is long enough as I want to leave Sydney (for the UK) by Feb. It is a 2014 model, I’m the only owner, and it’s only done 21,000 km. I have never sold a car before... A couple of questions: It was last serviced in Feb 2019, and is due another service in a couple of months. Would you bother getting it serviced again before selling? Are there any other tips you guys have for selling a car in NSW?
  11. Red Rose

    checklist for moving back to uk

    How’s the move going Denny? Are you in the UK yet? Do you think you will ever return to Oz?
  12. Red Rose

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    I think I’m going to sell mine and not bother shipping it. Only thing is, I’ll be lucky to get a quarter of what I paid or it. I paid 2k AUD 2.5 years ago for it and it is now out of warranty. I reckon I’d be lucky to get $600 for it now.
  13. Red Rose

    Shipping hardly anything

    Thanks Marissa, the TV is a tricky one, it is curved, which makes it difficult to pack. I may have to take a hit and sell it for about 40% of what I paid for it....
  14. Hi guys I will be shipping from Sydney to East Sussex about 8 boxes of personal effects and clothes and a TV. No furniture or anything else. By the looks of the small move cube, I don’t think it will be even more than quarter fill. Is movecube still the best value even for very small moves?
  15. Red Rose

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    Hey guys did you ship or sell your smart TV’s. Also will TV’s bought in Oz (mine is a Samsung) work in the UK?