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  1. Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked many times before and I am being lazy not using the search button Do those who have moved back to the UK still make contributions to their Super fund from their UK accounts (I would propose to make one or two contributions a year to top it up) as well as contributing to a UK pension? thank you!
  2. Red Rose

    The Ashes 2021-22

    Of all England's major sporting teams, the England cricket team is by far the worst. What an embarrassment. The race scandal and alleged cover up in Yorkshire has also put me off watching them for the foreseeable future. This Ashes series will not even be competitive.
  3. Red Rose

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    True, true.
  4. Red Rose

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    I have not read all the posts in this thread, but for some people they just have this strong emotional attachment to the UK and don't realise what they have been missing until they have experienced living overseas. The UK is far from perfect of, of course, but for me it is the quaintness and old fashioned charm of this country that I find most appealing. I realise how much I love old fashioned royal mail post boxes built into stone walls, national trust houses, English pubs, places like the lake District, cream teas, the cold, open fires, narrow country lanes, and just the sheer diversity of landscape, accents and culture in such a small country. The attachment and yearning some people have for the UK will always be more than superficial because the UK is a part of them, it's in their DNA, and no amount of counselling or counter arguments will ever change that.
  5. Red Rose

    The Ashes 2021-22

    I expected nothing from this England team and am still disappointed.
  6. If Max Verstappen was to "accidently" clip Lewis Hamilton and take him out, he will win the Championship even if they both crash because even though they are level on points Max has more wins. It will be the highest stakes F1 race in years.
  7. It's because you are missing out on a number of key components such as being in the northern hemisphere, winter, darkness, cold days, Christmas jumpers and scalves, Christmas markets, British Christmas adverts etc etc ;d
  8. Any F1 fans down under? One more race in the season this weekend in Abu Dhabi. Lewis and Max equal on points on what many have called the most exciting F1 season in history. Will Lewis win a record breaking 8th world championship or will Max win his first WC in the red bull? I reckon it's going to be a controversial last race, whatever happens.
  9. Red Rose

    Your next car.... petrol electric diesel

    Always amusing when you see these really modest 2 up and 2 down houses in the UK with the most expensive looking cars parked outside, Range Rovers, top of the range BMW's etc. I guess it is about keeping up with the Jones's, either that or the cars are on lease ;D
  10. Change of subject, but help me understand what is the obsession with Adele and her albums? Her new album 30 is the next big thing in music, it might be good but is she really a modern music icon?
  11. Do you Aussies ever worry about being eaten by a Great White Shark?
  12. Red Rose

    The Ashes 2021-22

    England will get absolutely decimated in the Ashes. I will be surprised if they even win a test TBH...
  13. In other news, can anyone think of any sports (besides equestrian) where women compete against men on an equal footing and beat them? Well, Fallon Sherrock is currently competing in the darts World Champs against the men. It's such a good news story. I hope she goes far. If she was to win the whole tournament it would be a groundbreaking sporting moment IMO.
  14. Guys, it's all pretty straightforward and doesn't require this level of conjecture. These words are inappropriate and you all understand them to be inappropriate because none of you would risk directing those words at someone's face in an employment context on the basis of their race.
  15. Yeah, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a really interesting concept. I mean how do you teach it or develop it? It probably develops organically without you realising but as our world becomes more and more virtual with people communicating through their phones and apps, will that stump EQ in the long run...would make for an interesting thesis!