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  1. Not a rival thread but what is the one word that separates the two countries for you? As I was running today through some pretty tree lined English country lanes past some horse riders going for a hack, I thought the UK is sooooo quaint and that for me is the difference between the two countries that really stands out for me. Australia does have some character, but the UK oozes charm, even in 2020!
  2. Red Rose

    Brisbane or Perth for young family

    Going off topic, but Newcastle is a great city! I'd take it over Perth, near the Hunter, less than 3 hours to Sydney, great city for families, nice wide open streets and sense of space. Can't comment on job market there though.
  3. My job is in Cambridge! Haven't physically moved there yet because of lockdown but seems like a nice city so far from what I have seen and very flat!
  4. Maryrose the world you see through your lens is not the same world others see. I don't think you can't stand in the shoes of others and transpose how they should see the world according to you. Snoozy for instance has lived in Perth for longer than most people on these forums have been alive. If she has a particular view of the place who are we to question her perspective, especially if you are someone who has only ever passed through and spent a few days there
  5. There is something peculiar about Perth. I lived there for two years and really struggled with the people and others had similar experiences to me. Not just ex-pats but Aussies from Eastern states struggled with to fit in and make friends. You hear it so often on this forum too. I don't think these people are outliers, they are noticing something about the place that stands out to them. I personally noticed an undercurrent of aggression with people there, not sure wny. I can't talk about my experiences in other cities except for Sydney which I found so much friendlier. I will always love Sydney.
  6. Red Rose

    Simply the best

    USA by far. Doubt I will ever visit a city that can tick as many boxes as New York
  7. The south downs is beautiful. Was your village anywhere near Lewes?
  8. Red Rose

    Yorkshire Ripper

    Did the best friend ever get any insight into what drove PS to do the things he did?
  9. Red Rose

    Lucy Letby - accused baby killer

    Now arrested and charged. There is something a bit weird about this case...is it possible she is taking the wrap for something she has no involvement in?
  10. Sounds like you have lived a lifetime in Perth. Has it changed for the better since you arrived in 78? Are there parts of Perth / WA you do still like?
  11. Red Rose

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    TBH the odds of Australia winning the WC are still probably shorter than they ever were for Leicester City to win the EPL
  12. Red Rose

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Nice. (Top one to clarify)
  13. Red Rose

    The US Presidential Election Predictor

    Is there anyway Trump can still win this?
  14. Red Rose

    Sudden pull to move back to UK after 8 years in Aus

    Look at what people say about the quality of life in Perth on the numbeo site, it’s pretty enlightening
  15. I love Australia, but if you keep scratching the surface there is just not as much underneath as the UK. I don't want to use the word sterile, but I just don't think it has as much depth as the UK. I had to live away from the UK for 10 years to realise how much I actually took it for granted.