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  1. The comment in bold made me laugh because it is so true (amongst some)!!!
  2. What does the PIO community here think of LINKEDIN? Is it something you or family members use? Have you found the networking helpful? Have you benefited from it in any way? I have always been 50:50 on how useful it is and would love to hear what others think.
  3. Red Rose

    Living in New Zealand

    But NZ has a tiny population. I get the UK being claustrophobic with a population 2 X that of Canada but as NZ only as a population of 5 million I can't imagine it feeling claustrophobic.
  4. Red Rose

    Living in New Zealand

    Those Aussie citizens, would you ever consider living or retiring in NZ? Edit: If you thought about it but decided against it, what put you off?
  5. Sussex is great. Kent I'm not a fan of. The South West is great, I actually prefer Devon to Cornwall. Love Somerset too. What county is Salisbury in? I like that one too.
  6. Red Rose

    Netflix & Stan

    Hmm perhaps I will give it a miss for now. Mindhunter was amazing and I'm currently watching something called Midnight Mass on Netflix, very dark and a bit weird so far.
  7. Red Rose

    Netflix & Stan

    Has anyone here ever seen a show called True Detective? If so was it any good?
  8. Possibly a bit heavy for this thread, but was the Sarah Everard murder news in Australia? The guy that murdered her is being sentenced today. I hope he gets a whole life sentence. You do get desensitised to what you hear in the news, but this one will stay with me for a long time.
  9. Random question 101... If you saw someone littering would you say anything?
  10. True, true, although when it comes to gadgets I do wonder how much happiness they really bring. People were perfectly content in their lives when iPhones didn't exist or when the internet or Netflix wasn't a thing. I think that's why some people (a tiny minority) decide to 'live off grid' and remove themselves as much as they can from technology and consumerism to live a much simpler life. It is quite liberating in fact to leave your mobile phone at home for a day and exist without it....!
  11. "The best things in life are free" Do you agree with this saying?
  12. Red Rose

    What TV set do you have?

    I've bitten the bullet and dropped £1100 on a 48 inch LG C1 OLED display...damn I feel guilty for spending that much on a TV. Oh well I guess it's not a bad investment for something that you watch most days for 5-10 years (before the next update)
  13. Red Rose

    What TV set do you have?

    I was looking at an LG C1, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive about how vivid the colours are compared to a regular LCD, but there is something called burn in with OLED which can destroy the TV, have you had any issues with that?
  14. Red Rose

    Things you miss about Oz?

    I think one area where Australia thrashes the UK hands down for salaries is public sector work. Teachers, nurses, police, civil servants, all do significantly better in Oz than in the UK. I'm still not convinced though whether the generally higher salaries in Oz leave you financially better off compared to the UK.....but have just done a quick google search it seems I am wrong and Australia wins by far with a much better cost of living Australia vs United Kingdom: Cost of Living. Who has it better? - Odin Land
  15. Red Rose

    What TV set do you have?

    Flat screen, curved, LCD, QLED, OLED, Samsung, LG etc...? Definitely be interested to hear if anyone has an OLED and whether they are worth the price hike from LCD's?