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  1. Red Rose

    Netflix & Stan

  2. Red Rose

    Iran seizes British oil tanker.

    How powerful is the British navy these days?
  3. Red Rose

    The Adelaide vibe

    Good luck!
  4. Red Rose

    The Adelaide vibe

    Sorry to hear that Steve. How incredibly frustrating and soul destroying. You’re not the first to talk about the insularity of the job market there. It puts me off the idea of even considering ever moving to Adelaide.
  5. That captain marvel film was so forgettable.
  6. Red Rose


    James Bond is a white man. Stop all this BS with him being different genders or colour. It’s like when they made ghostbusters all women. The film was a complete flop and a commercial disaster.
  7. Saw a film called Hail Satan? in the cinema last week. Don’t recommend it. Not really that funny or thought provoking. Wanted to see a film about Michael Hutchence but sold out.
  8. Red Rose

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    We always have been. So many cricket legends for England were born overseas: Graeme Hick (Zim), Allan Lamb (SA), Robin Smith (SA), Devon Malcolm (Jam), Kevin Pietersen (SA), Andrew Strauss (SA), Nasser Hussain (Ind), the Hollioake bros (Aus) etc and real England fans have never had the slightest issue with it
  9. Red Rose

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    The CWC was only the warm up act for what comes next. The Ashes.
  10. Red Rose

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    England should smash the black caps again, they have the most talented squad by far in this tournament. Only thing going against England is the venue: Lords. They never play great there for some reason, and I think it inspires the opposition. If the final was being played at Edgbaston then this would already be a done deal.
  11. Red Rose


    I’m going to miss Roger when he eventually retires. Has he got one more Wimbledon grand slam in him against the “human backboard” Novak Djokovic? I think Novak will win in four sets unfortunately...
  12. Red Rose

    Australian winters feel worse than UK winters

    Yes Amber! It literally feels like I need to open the windows here in winter to let warmer air in from outside, completely crazy!!!!!
  13. I can’t be the only one who thinks this, can I? This Sydney winter has been brutal for me. The houses here are freezing at night (or mine is anyway). I have to sleep with an electric blanket to stay warm. I’ve been a sick on and off for the last two months with a cold / cough that I can’t shake. Winters in the UK probably feel like they last longer but I don’t remember feeling this cold as I do here. The cold just gets into my bones here more than the UK.
  14. No offence OP, but it doesn’t feel right or fair that you should be able to deduct one year from the P.R. residency requirement on the basis of your 21 month hiatus overseas.
  15. Red Rose

    The Adelaide vibe

    I’ve heard it being said that Adelaide is Australia’s most English or British feeling city https://blogs.fco.gov.uk/paulmadden/2011/07/01/adelaide-australias-most-english-city/ Would you agree with that?