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  1. Marisawright

    Going Home!

    The traveller pays a fee for quarantine but it is far short of the actual cost to the government.
  2. Marisawright

    Want to move to oz

    At 40, the clock is ticking. The cut-off is 45, and the whole process takes over a year, so you need to get moving. No idea what chance you stand, if any, but the quickest way to find out is to book a consultation with a good agent. Try Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda.
  3. Maybe, but ONLY the top (fashionable, popular) performers go to Perth. It's not economical for most musicians, dance companies, shows to go to Perth because the cost of transporting their scenery, instruments etc is too high. So you're saying that if you're a keen fan of music, the arts, or sport, you should just spend several hundred dollars a month to fly back and forth to the Eastern States to see concerts and games and "that's not too onerous". Air fares from Perth are some of the most expensive in the country, and the flight is long, so you'll need to pay for a night's hotel stay every time, too. I'm glad you're so rich and have so much spare time that you can afford to do that several times a year! Why would anyone do that if they had the choice to move to where their interests are, instead? They'd be a fool not to.
  4. That's true, but IMO, moving somewhere, knowing you're going to be stuck there for a while and so you make the best of it - that's one thing. MaryRose's experience is different. It seems as though when he's in Surry Hills, he's content in Surry Hills. When he's in Surfer's, he's content in Surfer's. He's not stuck somewhere and making the best of it - he finds them all equally nice and could settle in any of them. I think that's unusual.
  5. Marisawright

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    It's political. Ideologically, the Liberals are against welfare and are always looking for reasons to cut it. They seized on the need to balance the budget as a great excuse.
  6. No, I don't think you are perfect. I think it's just that you have simple needs and you're happy with a fairly routine existence. Provided you've got your local pub and can walk to the shops, you can be content. When you think about it, if the whole human race was like that, (content with the same-old same-old every day), we'd still be in the Dark Ages. It's the human race's tendency to be restless and curious that has led to all the great discoveries and inventions (and of course, a fair few troubles as well). For most of us, though (who aren't so courageous or so clever), we have to channel our restlessness and curiosity into finding new and interesting things to do - and so we need to live in places where there is LOTS of variety, not just SOME variety.
  7. Marisawright

    Going Home!

    Very, very simple. If you let people leave freely for holidays, they've got to come back. And then they're going to take up a place in quarantine, and there aren't enough places to go around already. You might say the government should provide more quarantine places, and I agree - but for genuine stranded Australians only. I don't see why I, and other Australian taxpayers, should have to pay the high cost of quarantine for people who don't really need to travel.
  8. But surely that's the whole point. You've lived equally happily in a small village in England, a big bustling metropolis in Sydney, a tourist mecca on the Gold Coast, the suburbs of Perth - and you've even said you could happily settle in Penrith (Sydney). You seem to be able to land in a place and settle for whatever's there. Most people aren't like that.
  9. Marisawright

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    It's a loophole, because permanent residents and citizens don't need permission to return. So theoretically you could pretend you're leaving permanently to get the exemption, and then come back a few months later. However to get the "leaving permanently" exemption you need to show things like giving notice at work, selling your home, shipping your belongings etc so it would be a pretty drastic way to do it. People are getting flights, it's just a case of being rich enough to pay first/business class fares.
  10. Marisawright

    Getting a Perm Visa once we are already in Oz

    You have a couple of options. One is to get the temporary employer-sponsored visa, but don't move your whole life to Australia. Think of it as a short-term adventure for a couple of years. Keep your UK home and rent it out. Don't spend too much on setting up home in Australia. Then if you're not successful in getting a perm visa, you've had a great experience but it hasn't cost you a fortune. If you do get it, you can move everything over then. Alternatively, there are permanent employer-sponsored visas and if he's in a priority occupation, that might be approved quite fast. Consult a good agent like Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda to find out where you stand.
  11. Marisawright

    Getting a Perm Visa once we are already in Oz

    It is not better, cheaper or quicker once you are in Oz. It is the same. The difference is that the risk is much bigger. Just because you are eligible for a permanent visa doesn't mean you will get one. Applying for a visa is like applying for a job. There are hundreds of people applying every year, and all of them have the right qualifications and experience, but there are only a few places. Immigration picks the best and everyone else loses out. So, if you apply for a permanent visa from England, you can get on with your lives like normal and if you aren't selected, you haven't lost anything. Whereas let's say you get a temporary visa, sponsored by an employer, and you move everything to Australia. Then you apply for a perm visa, but you aren't selected. But you've already spent all that money moving to Australia! Too bad, you have to go home.
  12. Marisawright

    20ft or 40ft

    Get two more quotes and see what they say. Remember that you're being charged by the SIZE of things, not by their weight. So really big things like a king-size bed, wardrobes, and bulky furniture is what costs you the most money to move. Make sure they are worth the cost of moving them.
  13. Marisawright

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    If you’re leaving permanently and provide adequate proof, getting an exemption to leave Australia is easy.
  14. Marisawright

    Going Home!

    That's odd, it worked for me, but it doesn't now.