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  1. Marisawright

    Applying for a 189 Visa as a Carpenter with 60 points

    Note the response from Richard above, he's a registered migration agent so he knows what he's talking about. The name "skills assessment" is a bit misleading, unforrtunately. It isn't just a matter of having your skills assessed. You also need to prove three years' work experience in the job. Usually that experience needs to be after you get the qualifications, not before, so that's your difficulty.
  2. Marisawright

    Robina or upper coomera

  3. Marisawright

    Robina or upper coomera

    There's really no point in trying to decide now. You will need to book an AirBnb, or maybe a cabin at a caravan park, for a month when you first arrive, while you look for a place to rent. Then it will depend what's available in those two areas, too, of course. If you were thinking of finding a place to live before you leave the UK, don't. It's never a good idea to sign a lease without seeing the property, because you can't believe the photos online. They are often heavily retouched or they avoid photographing the bad bits.
  4. Marisawright

    Help with Auction process

    The reason you're being offered a contract is that if you're planning to go to auction, you need to get a conveyancer to scrutinise the contract and do checks on the property before the auction date. The reason is that if your bid is accepted at the auction, you can't back out, even if the property has problems, and you can't make any changes to the contract. I have to disagree with ThePomQueen, if you're in Sydney then the vendors are very rarely "desperate to sell". Real estate agents put huge pressure on vendors to sell by auction because it's a lot less work for the agent. Sydney real estate agents tell vendors they could get a much higher price if they sell at the auction, because the excitement of the auction means buyers will bid more than they planned. It's very common for vendors to have high price expectations, higher than the price quoted to you by the agent. So, it doesn't hurt to put in an offer prior to auction - you never know, you might find it's one of those rare vendors who is desperate to sell - but don't be surprised if it's knocked back.
  5. Marisawright

    Where to live in Sydney for beach and commute

    Traffic in Australian cities isn't as bad as in the UK, but it can still make a huge difference to your trip in rush hour. To give you an example, I used to live in Oatley, which is 20 minutes' drive to the CBD on a quiet evening. In rush hour, it takes an hour on a good day. On a bad day, I've taken over two hours to get to work. Your commute wouldn't be as variable as that, because most of your trip from Manly would be going against the flow of everyone else. The heavy traffic is always from the suburbs INTO the city in the morning, and OUT of the city in the evening. However, I still think your trip would be more like 1.5 hours most rush hours. The inner west has some great neighbourhoods, it's where all the trendy young professionals live.
  6. Marisawright

    Skill Assessment Negative

    So, you are saying that on your 457, you have been working as the Hotel Manager, not as an assistant manager? Did you put that on your application? How many years have you been working as a Hotel Manager? I'm sure you're right that it would be hard to get promoted to Hotel Manager within a year of qualifying, but I'm afraid Vetassess doesn't care about that. That is just the minimum years of experience required. If the rules say an assistant position is not enough, then it's not enough, I'm afraid. The fact that friends have got through makes no difference - the rules are getting more strict all the time.
  7. Marisawright

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Considering your agent has already made two mistakes, I am worried. The case officer's question doesn't sound "too general" to me. It is common for Immigration to ask for evidence that the position is genuine, so the agent should know exactly what she needs to provide.
  8. Marisawright

    Allowed to just go back? Where to start?

    You're a married couple with children. If you meet the financial requirement, it's extremely unlikely the visa will be refused. So selling the house is hardly a big risk. From application to grant took less than a month for us, no idea whether it's still as quick as that. In fact it happened so fast, it caught us on the hop.
  9. Marisawright

    Moving from London to Sydney (one Brit, one New Zealander)

    Just in case you missed the question in all the other stuff, does your partner have a UK passport? I ask because you can never tell what might happen in the future. If he doesn't have a UK passport and you decide to move back to the UK at some point, he may not be able to. The partner visa for the UK is much harder to get than the one for New Zealand - there's a financial requirement, which means either you must already have a job in the UK paying over £18,600, or savings of £62,500, otherwise it's no-go.
  10. Marisawright

    Skill Assessment Negative

    Did you read the response carefully? You say you were an ASSISTANT manager. These are the problem areas: The Hotel or Motel Manager...CONTROLS the operations of a hotel Clear evidence of tasks performed at the REQUIRED managerial level (not just any managerial level) The response says, "your roles as an Assistant Front Desk Manager, Duty Manager, and Assistant Manager Front Office do not demonstrate that you held ultimate responsibility for all operations and services offered by the hotel." If you are an assistant, you do not have full control. You are only assisting the person who has full control. You are not in charge, you don't make the decisions on how the hotel is run - your Manager makes those decisions and you follow. The buck does not stop with you. Does that make sense?
  11. Marisawright

    Offered a job in Melbourne...

    Salary sounds fine, assuming superannuation is extra. Public transport in Melbourne is very good whereas car commuting can be a headache, so look at suburbs based on trams/trains. Use the Directions feature on Google Maps and use the "arrive by" option so you can see how long the commute takes in peak hours. Check out Homely.com.au for information on suburbs. Pascoe Vale, Coburg, Fawkner, all have their nice bits and rough neighbourhoods, so sometimes the cheaper places are in the bits you wouldn't want to live in! Also be aware the real estate agents use fish-eye lenses and retouch photos, so houses look bigger and better than they really are. I'd recommend budgeting $600 for a nice place in reasonable commute. Relocation allowance - bear in mind that as well as air fares and shipping, you'll have several other costs. A few thousand to replace all the little things you left behind (it's scarey how fast it mounts up), insurance, connecting utilities, bond money, new car (you can't get a car on lease if you're only temporary, as the lease will last longer than your visa!). So I'd say $20,000 is a little stingey, unless they're going to also pay for your temp accommodation when you arrive (you'll need about four weeks to look for and secure a rental). Job prospects for your wife - the fact that she's attached to your temp visa will make it challenging for her to get a permanent job, but temporary or contract work should be achievable. She could always go into business for herself, I'd say she would find plenty of demand in Melbourne. It's just a case of registering for a ABN (Australian business number), no other formalities necessary. Final comment - as others have said, be aware that there is no "opportunity to transition" to a permanent visa at the end of your temp visa. It's a misleading term. There's an opportunity to apply for a permanent visa, but you still need to be able to get enough points, complete the application and jump through all the hoops, just like someone applying from scratch in the UK. Also, the rules are changing all the time, so it may not even be an option by the end of your contract. Best to regard this as an adventure, and the PR visa as a bonus if it eventuates (and if you even want it, of course!). Good luck!
  12. Marisawright

    Refused Need Help

    We had this discussion on another thread and it seems that a large proportion of the refusals are people who don't really qualify - they're confusing dating with de facto, and they haven't been together in the equivalent of marriage for long enough. Or they've failed to provide evidence of that.
  13. Marisawright

    Moving from London to Sydney (one Brit, one New Zealander)

    Officially, it is against the rules to arrive in Australia on a tourist visa "with the intent to remain" - which is what you're planning to do. In practice, lots of people do it, and you'll probably get away with it, provided you buy a return ticket and lie on your Arrival Card to say you're coming on holiday. Just in case you're stopped by Immigration, make sure there's no emails or messages on your phone or documents in your bag, mentioning the job or any of your plans to stay permanently, because they will check - and if you get caught, you'll be on the next plane home and possibly get a 3 year ban. Assuming you do get through Customs safely, then you can apply for a permanent visa - because Immigration can't prove that you didn't just change your mind after you arrived. Like I said, lots of people use the approach you've suggested, and get away with it. Personally, I'd probably get caught because I'd be such a nervous wreck I'd give myself away by my body language! Moving to a foreign country as the partner of a citizen is NOT easy. You're making it one step more complicated by moving to a foreign country as the partner of a foreigner. Just take a look at how difficult it is to get a foreign husband into the UK. Frankly I'm surprised at a Sydney company offering you a job in that timeframe. Do they know you don't have a visa yet?
  14. Marisawright

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I'm hoping you've had good advice from an agent, but if you're in a relationship with an Australian and having a baby, I'd have thought a partner visa would be a much better option for you, even if it means paying another application fee. The processing times are longer if you're applying onshore (it's only two or three months if you apply from the UK), but if you've got good evidence it's a real relationship then it's more certain than the 187, and once you've got it, there are no conditions hanging over your head. If you get married, that's even better. It sounds like your employer is playing games with you, because (unless it is some government entity with strict pay rules), there is absolutely nothing to stop them paying you the proper wage for your position. It sounds as though they're using it as an excuse, knowing you can't leave - and therefore, I'd be worried about how they'll behave once you get your visa.
  15. Marisawright

    rental required in QLD

    Look on domain.com.au and realestate.com.au. For some areas, you might find that Allhomes.com.au will be useful too. No point referring you to particular leasing agents.