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  1. can1983

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Thing is you need somewhere to live, you either buy knowing there is a chance you've brought at the top of the market or carrying on renting for ever hoping it falls. you can't put off buying forever hoping to hit the bottom...
  2. can1983

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    is it that obvious The problem with the North is its too cold, rains significantly more than the south especially in the NW and vast swathes of the North were well and truly shafted by their own strike actions in the 1970s and by the demon PM in the 1980's So whilst there's not much than can be done about weather or the past the fact remains its a lot less appealing than the south to live and work. That is the reason for the north south divide. I can't even bear the south let alone the north that's why I live in Australia now. If the OP is struggling with Liverpool its possibly because Liverpool is just one of those cold wet previously oppressed Northern cities which has tried so hard and done so much to improve its lot but remains, in my opinion, a place which is tough to live. Melbourne is a completely different bag. Rich and vast sport on offer, great weather apart from a couple of stuffy weeks in the summer, ample employment, excellent public transport, great culture I could go on.
  3. can1983

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Of course it would be hard to leave a world city for the north of England. It would be just as hard to leave London and move to Ballarat.... The only thing better in Liverpool than Melbs is the standard of football Oh and the medical treatment for headbutts and other GBH injuries is far superior in Scouse land due to the experience the local health professionals have in dealing with this sort of injury. Chester isn't a bad option if you are looking to get a part in Hollyoaks???
  4. can1983

    Brisbane here we come!

    Don't live in QLD but visit Brisbane a bit. Really depends on where jobs will be but I really like west of the airport (north Brisbane) where my sister lives So Wavell Heights, Nundah, Banyo etc. Easy (if very busy) trains to city. Guess you are just the two of you? flats / small houses might be in the $400 - $550 a week range. Most important thing about emigrating in my opinion is managing expectations. You loved your trip in the campervan but real life is far less interesting.....
  5. can1983

    Car seat

    whilst it is true that car seats from Europe are not legal in Australia the whole thing stinks of a money making exercise. For Australia to suggest that its seats are world class and European standards are dangerous and risk the lives of children is pathetic. The Australian car seats we have used (borrowed family / friends / hire cars) have all been rubbish with fiddly harnesses which cant be clicked in without leaving a twist in the strap. The tether strap for rear facing seat aims to decapitate the cherub.
  6. can1983

    Distinguished talent Visa

    Not sure if this is genuine, sorry but its hard to follow what you are asking. One thing I'm pretty sure about is that distinguished talent is international sportsmen/ women and the like and if its acting think you are talking more brad pitt than john smith. I think its a visa to allow top talent to work here short term for making a film or playing for a team
  7. can1983

    Emigrating with child from previous marriage

    agree also surely any agreement for 'one trip home a year' isn't legally binding, you can just say you can no longer afford it.
  8. can1983

    Will UK Samsung hd TV work in West Australia

    Yes I must admit we only use youtube Netflix etc. Thing is in my experience you can only sell a tv for a fraction of the new price so why not bring it and use it for the 90% of the full functions instead of getting 50 quid for it
  9. can1983

    Advice needed!

    he's been meaning to reply but we all get busy and have 'get round to it jobs'
  10. can1983

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Been to all those places visiting WA in 2014. Lovely places but there's a limit to how many times you can go and Denmark is 5 hours from Perth so hardly a weekend job
  11. can1983

    IT professional late life emigration questions

    Yes online self assessment tools provide all of the elements of a balanced diet. They are often used by Vegans to supplement their protein deficient diets
  12. can1983

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Well I should add they had jobs related to mining and construction (as did/do many)
  13. OMG you are right the West Terrace observation station was opened in 2017 after concerns that the old one wasn't accurate!!! It should be unlawful for the media to report unscientific drivel. There was also a higher temperature recorded at the site of this new station in 1939 but they are dismissing it (presumably because it doesn't fit the climate change pattern)
  14. I am certainly convinced climate change is real However Probably also worth remembering when they say Adelaide has had its hottest temperature ever ever in the history of planet earth they actually mean hottest since 1940 when records began... The land Adelaide is built on is millions of years old Also despite being probably the finest narrator ever, that's exactly what Sir David Attenborough is he talks and promotes. He has a degree in natural sciences but isn't and never was a practicing scientist. People listen to him and that why he gets these gigs but the one stop shop authority on climate change he is not.
  15. can1983

    Where to start? Perth and Perth living.

    Would think twice about leaving any family to move to Perth where the economy is in bad shape. We have friends who have been forced to leave there due to lack of work after the mining boom ended and have a house in negative equity they can't afford to sell. Its the most isolate place on earth. Even the penguins in Antarctica have more places to visit