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  1. can1983

    ATO closing in on undeclared foreign source income

    Geez you must be a laugh down the pub only good news stories to tell
  2. can1983

    Australia and Climate Change

    Never claimed to be an expert at all, just said i work for a leading climate change research organisation which is true, i do! They just happen to have a ship and someone needs to look after it never said i was involved in the science but of course im kept up to speed by briefings to staff. Because there's so much money being thrown at climate change there's lots of vultures after the cash. That's why i say it's hard to filter the bullshit
  3. can1983

    Australia and Climate Change

    if she used a mainstream yacht it would have a life expectancy of 20-30 years of crossings. Because the one she has chosen is highly stressed and designed for speed it will be obsolete in design and knackered structurally after 5 years - so it will end up in landfill. I'm not 'a denier'. I actually work for one of the worlds foremost research organisations into climate change believe it or not! Its a real problem but there is so much bullshit on the subject, people trying to break the status quo of industry to get their career break etc. I hate it when they show maps of Antarctica shrinking when the bit melting is only 2m think - its the inland glaciers 4km think we need to worry about!
  4. can1983

    Australia and Climate Change

    How can you possibly judge someone for not giving a shit about the environment because they think the answer is to look at how much energy we use together with how we generate it. the reality is sailing a racing yacht doesn't have zero emissions over its life and those living in Sweden use more energy than those living in places like south of France where very little heating is required and you can live without AC. maybe we should drive electric cars, the electricity can be generated by burning the corpses of orang-utans. They have no emissions..
  5. can1983

    Australia and Climate Change

    anyone thought the Swedish kid travelling to US is a bit of a joke? - Lives in a cold country which industry and homes need heating all year round which has a far larger impact on the environment than those living in more agreeable climates. If the only people living in Sweden ran the hydro etc renewable plants and everyone else moved south their impact would be less - She's travelling on a racing yacht made with carbon fibre and toxic chemicals which has a competitive life of around 5 years after which it will be in landfill and never biodegrade. The through life carbon footprint of an airline seat is considerably less than that of a carbon racing yacht.
  6. Oh god really how realistic is that! I don't think that's what they were asking. Employment status between pr and citizenship isnt relevant the op will be fine You can lose citizenship let alone pr for serious criminal actions unless you've already surrendered your other citizenships
  7. can1983

    Married but not living together...

    You could get divorced then apply for a prospective marriage visa
  8. can1983

    Is it a good time to use aud to buy gbp

    When we were moving money out we got 1.8 to the pound. I thought it was bad during the build up the moving until i saw the one, two, five and 10 year average was 1.7 I cant imagine making money buying sterling at the moment its got a long way still to fall......
  9. can1983

    Simple question about our life.

    I often 'contribute' when I'm putting the kids to bed (sitting for 20 minutes in a dark room) or bored at work. When you have young children and a boring job there is always time you can't be doing adventures!
  10. can1983

    Migrants milk weak visa rules

    There is also no law against choosing a partner based on their nationality in the same way you might for other superficial reasons such as looks. Maybe you are an intelligent well educated chinese women who hates communism and is attracted to somebody who lives in Australia more than anything else, so you are happy with trent from punchy and trent is happy with you How's that any different to picking a person because they look nice but have no intelligence over somebody who is capable of intelligent conversation but looks like the back end of a bus. as previous people have said too they are about to allow Irish and other nationalities a 3 year WHV. They should not be surprised if that is enough time to meet a partner and become defacto
  11. can1983

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    but those same medical or character tests would also prohibit getting a skilled visa.... or any visa
  12. can1983

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Everyones already said really, i had the choice of 75 skilled visa or partner but still went with partner. With partner if you are married or defacto have children and have ongoing evidence they cannot refuse you a visa, with skilled migration policies can change quotas get filled etc more risk
  13. can1983

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    Sure but since the indigenous people were here thousands of years before there will be pressure to use an indigenous name Problem with tassie is the British genocided almost everyone so most of the place names are made up by an elder who themselves is only partially indigenous. Its sort of more wrong to rename a place based on a palawa kani name made up in 1986 than to stick with a 150 year old one...
  14. can1983

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    I love our home at Kingston Beach. Having lived in a small semi in Southampton for many years looking at someone elses living room across the road and parked cars with the occasional hoodie loitering its heaven Feel privileged to be here Stanley's great a little isolated for me to live though
  15. can1983

    Visa 309/100

    Actually I've just checked and I was wildly understating it, the stamp duty was nearly $30k That's what everyone would pay even first time buyers because our house was more than 500k If you aren't pr it would be nearly the same again...... So visa costs have to be taken in context...