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  1. Articles like this in the wider media are without factual basis but whip up a frenzy and drive up house prices. I'm trying to house my family and the reality is these sort of articles are going to add years to my mortgage
  2. A friends house in the NW was recently valued at $10k more than they paid for it 5 years ago. they are spot on the median for the NW. That's a rise but its not really earthmoving amounts is it?
  3. Also to remember is median house price is the middle value of all sales so: - If lots of flats sell one year the median falls without prices necessarily changing - to say Hobart will overtake Adelaide is a false measure. The median property in Hobart would be a 3 bedroom house on a 800m2 block less than 15 minutes from the CBD whereas in Adelaide there are somewhat more flats so it could be a 2 bedroom house on a smaller 600m2 block 30 minutes from the CBD. In Melbourne its likely to be a 2 bed flat over an hour from the CBD. So how is this measure relevant!! I'm sure someone could present some 'facts' that the most desirable place to live in Australia is Coober Pedy
  4. can1983

    Have you done a DNA test? Any surprises?

    I gut myne dun 4 3 on Jeremy Kyle. turns out myer dad is actly my own son from a fumbell I ad with my sister
  5. why post this what are your trying to achieve? to incite comment well it's worked! Here's a rant Yesterday I looked at a property for the second time which has been on the market since February still not sold The house opposite us was advertised in the range 400k-440k in February sold after 3 months for 390k 2 weeks later it flooded in the storm sale fell through. Articles saying everyone is leaving Melbourne in their hundreds of thousands to move to Hobart without a job are fictitious drivel. so are one off comments from agents on houses they undervalued and exceeded expectations. how about this one, see anyone can make stuff up: "Latest statistics from the association of random surveyors show that in the last 12 months there has been a 4562% increase in demand from Chinese buyers for housing in Hobart. The demand is driven by Xi Jinping's visit to the state and his comments that it is very nice. ARS expect prices to soar over the next 3 months by 45% due to potential direct flights to Hobart from Shanghai opening up in 2034" "Soaring house prices in Hobart, conservatively expected to rise by 125% in the next 3 weeks, have been apportioned to the 500 airBnb properties in the apples isles capital. Mr Jones of the ARS stated "There might only be 500 airbnb properties in Hobart out of 150,000 dwellings but we are finding that this demand is pushing up prices as everyone is now renting out their home to strangers and the extra $5000 a year is enough of an incentive to spend $500,000". Mr Jones continued "Recent scenes of family with incomes over $150,000 forced to sleep rough on the streets in sheets of cardboard are a real shot in the arm for the state as it finally gives us all something to talk about and fill the pages of the Mercury" "Prices growth in Hobart is so strong that buyers have no choice but to offer 17 times the asking price just to secure a deal. "Just the other day we had a 3 bedroom house on the market for overs over $535,000 sell for $9.1million because it contained a self contained granny flat which could be advertise on airbnb"
  6. can1983

    World Cup

    I'm not sure how practical it is to meet up at the silly hours of the games!, but I am I Hobart PM me if you like
  7. I'd second this. When I applied our son wasn't technically an Australian citizen but he was going to become one via a separate application and so wasn;t included on the application
  8. can1983

    Leaving the grandparents behind

    We moved 6 months ago, me and aussie wife My sister moves with her aussie husband in 2 months so all our parents children and grandchildren are in oz my mother has recently lost her father too it can be a tough time for grandparents, but we don't have children to have them hang around in the same village all their lives do we? I imagine our children will go off and do their own thing one day. All have multiple passports....
  9. can1983

    Paid my deposit now the quote has gone up to ship my dog

    say you need her to provide you with mental support for such a long flight
  10. can1983

    UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

    don't think house equity counts, its cash savings maybe you can set up a limited company in the uk and offer yourself a job earning above the limit. When my Australian wife and I moved to the UK a few years ago I just needed a job offer for above the limit and proof of overseas income prior to moving (last uk tax year) Stupid rules so fight them with a stupid response
  11. can1983

    Paid my deposit now the quote has gone up to ship my dog

    register them as an assistance dog and take it on the plane with you
  12. can1983

    UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

    have the rules changed? used to have to be cold hard cash in an account for 6 months before application
  13. I wonder why people are asked to write this, I can't imagine any possible reason why NT would be better than any other state unless you were a crocodile hunter or working with indigenous communities or something like that.
  14. can1983

    Australia’s Highest Paying Jobs

    ha ha, $30,000 is only 10% actually if you google anaesthetist jobs in Australia the numbers are completely made up. No job advertised is more than $200000. That survey says average is $359,056 porky pies article I reckon