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  1. can1983

    Platinum Jubilee 👑

    I dont reckon he counts, wasnt he only 4 when he became sovereign with his mother as a Regent? The Queen has served 70 years as an adult, its remarkable
  2. professional advice might well wipe out the rest of the amount...... then there's no tax to pay woo hoo!
  3. can1983

    Considering moving back to the UK.

    You would certainly not be alone in this dilemma. I assume you are both Australian citizens but British born with all family in the UK? If so maybe a couple of years back in the UK before kids start school would achieve what you want and you can return (but then in would only make your mother older and harder to leave again....) I'm one half of a 'anglo-aussie' marriage. Also by only sibling lives here too so with kids and nieces/nephews the balance of family is heavily biased to Australia. To be honest its not a dilemma for me. So I've not got a lot of knowledge of your type of predicament but I imagine its very hard and best of luck deciding what to do.
  4. Yep id agree go home to the uk with or without your partner. Having a baby in Australia commits you to living here for the duration of their childhood unless the father lets you go. I've been here approaching 5 years, I've never thought of returning to the uk, don't think of it as home and don't miss anything about it. I that regard I'm lucky and a successful migrant but it doesn't sound like you are in that position Good luck
  5. can1983

    Pilbara with family ??

    quite cheap isn;t it
  6. can1983

    Police Check - No Live Trace

    why would you put something like this on a public forum Get some professional advice about whether you need to declare it or not. Being arrested isn't a crime but certain convictions need to be declared some don't. I certainly wouldn't be wanting to put 'sexual assault' on the form unless you are required to. I can't believe what you wrote in the last sentence
  7. can1983

    Where to live in Sydney

    Good stuff, it was tough when we first arrived living in an airbnb wife 6 months pregnant toddler running a muck. It got easier once we had a rental and, ultimately, our own home
  8. Can't imagine it, there are 10's maybe 100's of thousands of brits living overseas on permanent visas who have mortgages in the UK for their former home - my sister is one of them. Permanent residency isn't, well, permanent! it has an expiry doesn't guarantee citizenship if you are naughty. I did it 10 years ago I paid a one off GBP250 fee to Santander for letting consent and all sorted. I would imagine the best thing is to is let the current mortgage roll onto the SVR and be done with it why remortgage the rate isn;t going to be better than the SVR if you have to get a special 'living overseas never returning' kinda mortgage
  9. can1983

    AUD / GBP rate

    The rate is what the rate was my philosophy. When we moved our life savings were moved at 1.70, a year afterwards we could have got 2.00. we missed out on over $50k But it allowed us to buy a house to make a home and with silly house prices that 'loss' has been offset a few times over since. The long term average is 1.70 so id move what you need when you need it.
  10. Its not citizenship by descent its just citizenship full stop. Its true that those individuals can;t pass it down unless they live in the UK. You only need 5 million or so British citizens living overseas to make it feasible. Between Australia, NZ, SA, Canada and everywhere else id say its possible.
  11. can1983

    Choosing Arrival Location with Family

    Yes i checked the timetable too! 3-4 hours a day. My experience of long commutes is Reading to London "20 minutes by train" says the timetable. Reality was 15 mins to the train station and park, 5 minutes to walk around to my platform, 20 minutes train, 30 minutes transfer and tube at the other end, 5 minutes to get into the building and up to the 15th floor, hey presto 20 minute commute is actually 1h15. If anything went wrong could be 2-3 hours... Also Bondi to Scotland Island. They are both "Sydney" but that one took me 2hr each way! by car and ferry, did that for about 2 months before realising how dumb it was. Now my commute is 5 minutes and quite honestly that's still 4 minutes too long I'd be wary of relying on WFH. During the height of the pandemic people I know here in Hobart sold up and moved an hour out to some beautiful locations thinking that was it the world has changed. Now we are mostly being told its back to the office and a couple of those are now stuck with massive commutes that they cant really afford to do with young children to care for. To the OP id say live close to work or the lifestyle you want wont happen.
  12. can1983

    Choosing Arrival Location with Family

    come on Wollongong and Terrigal are 3-4 hours a day travel time to Sydney and that's if you live at one rail station and work at the other. Its not reasonable even slightly
  13. But its not an application, its just there. A passport is just a travel document not citizenship In Australia you have to apply for citizenship by descent, the government have the power to say for example 'those born overseas to australian citizens before 2020 have until 2030 to apply or lose the right those born after 2020 have no right' so they retain control over who is a citizen
  14. Its such a risk though, if there was a major event in the world (which seems likely these days) and everyone wanted to move to the UK there could be millions of people arrive at once and all sign on be entitled to some form of benefit etc. I think it would make sense for a government to know to the nearest 10 million how many people could live in the country without the government having any control over it
  15. I know this is the case as I researched it for my two girls who were born here in Aus But this raise an interesting question - 'the UK' doesn't know they exist and its not like they are entitled to apply for citizenship they just are British full stop so nobody actually knows how many British citizens there are in the world! In the case of the Australian government they dont know how many people are entitled to claim citizenship but they do at least know how many actually are citizens. This seems so much more sensible