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  1. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    sure I see that technically it is but its a rural area not urban or sub urban. I live in Hobart and as a smaller city we have the same the urban area ends and you are very quickly into rural living with horses in paddocks and large acreages. You get a lot more for your buck that's for sure, that's why my estimate was so far wrong.
  2. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    That explains the price difference the 1 million and 700k. I was referring to Brisbane itself
  3. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    Yep that's true I had to have an exemption for 5 years signed by the Department Secretary. They could only employ me (with pr) because there were no suitable Australian applicants. The clause was if I failed to get citizenship before 5 years were up I was out of a job.
  4. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    certainly having children reduces the amount you can borrow, they have a 'default outgoings' calculator which is used to assess likely outgoings unless you can demonstrate it to them for your circumstance. If you are recent migrants probably default values are all you can do. i have family in Brisbane, 1 million is a reasonable budget for a family home in an ok suburb. So id say you are going to be looking at 250-300k pa combined income to borrow 750-800k Someone else might say different but that is what i'd say
  5. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    agree with inconsistency. Commbank would only lend us $75k
  6. can1983

    Australia mortgages question

    We did the process 5 years ago. It was quite quick to get a mortgage and luckily we only needed to use one income (because the second was contract work and 'less reliable') But since then rates have tripled so I'm not sure how the affordability checks are working now sorry. We borrowed about 3 times one income but i think that was about the limit for a 30 year term. Now i suspect the same loan and salary wouldn't pass the litmus test... We also had a 60% deposit. Whilst $270k is a lot of money, and i wouldn't ever describe it as not being so, in Brisbane i suppose if its a house you are after that's going to be a 20% deposit after all the purchase fees are covered.
  7. can1983

    Is it wrong(Selfish) to leave elderly parents behind.

    My parents are in the UK and both me and my sister moved independently to Australia leaving them with only each other. My view is you have children to raise them to adulthood and hope that they have a long and happy life. If they decide that the country of their birth doesn't offer them the life they want and the opportunity arises to get that life why would you want them to hesitate in pursuing it? I've never found it hard because my parents can see we are happy here and can also appreciate that what we have here we couldn't have achieved in the UK.
  8. can1983

    Family move to Brisbane in april

    I'll throw in our story for happy and successful migrants. Many happy migrants stop posting on here so you tend to get a lot more bias towards those who return. I've continued because i have a very boring job and lots of online time! I was also a failed migrant in the past so i know what both feels like. Worst mistake I made in the past was assuming Australia would solve all my problems and be utopia - it isn;t perfect Housing costs is going to be a challenge, i think everyone needs to be aware of that they're are some amazing and inspirational places to live but that's where everyone wants to live and the prices reflect that
  9. can1983

    The Voice Referendum

    The chief reason I voted no was that I felt that even if the voice formed well thought out ideas and proposals and it would just get rejected by parliament and it would all just be a frustrating waste of time. I think it failed because there were too many reasons to vote no
  10. can1983

    Do I have any choices

    Yep we moved in 2017 for many reasons but financial was one of them. much better standard of living in Australia (even now) for the same job than the uk. Swapped a shoebox in a chav infested inner city area for a family home by the beach.
  11. Yep lovely to visit the sea, less lovely for the sea (and its contents) to visit you. We live 500m from the beach but 50m up. Yep its a hard walk home but the sea isn't going to visit us
  12. can1983

    Partner Visa Queries

    By immigration standards these times are breathtakingly quick. Must be really well presented/documented and simple cases. I think i managed 4 months myself in 2017 but thats a world ago now...
  13. can1983

    Should we relocate to Sydney?

    Commute to Sydney that's a new one Seriously to do that kind of severely compromised family life it had better be a $500k a year job.
  14. can1983

    Just returned from visit decision time

    Guess everyone's position is different. The only way I would ever move back to the UK is if most of my children went to live there but even then id say it would be very unlikely. At the moment 90% of my family is here and I consider Australia a better country so very little to gain moving. But it sounds like your circumstances are quite different....
  15. can1983

    Lucy Letby - accused baby killer

    I don't really know what serial killers look like! well obviously most are male so any female stands out as unusual! Especially when there isn't a male involved. I don't think looks matter on suspicion, you wouldn't suspect her because she's female and not working with or under the influence of a male, doesn;t have a history of abuse (that anyone knows of)....