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  1. can1983

    Releasing equity in UK to buy in Australia?

    Yeah but you don't need to live in a unit for that in Hobart. I live in Kingston Beach and within 10 minutes walk we have 5-6 options at the beach and 10 or so options at the town centre..
  2. can1983

    Releasing equity in UK to buy in Australia?

    Units prices in Hobart are dumb for sure. I'm amazed anyone wants to live in a unit in Tasmania.....
  3. can1983

    Releasing equity in UK to buy in Australia?

    Yeah agreed, if its on for 700 doesn't mean it will sell for that. but wow a unit for 700k that's the same as my 4 bed house near the beach in Tassie and the weather is about the same...... Victoria is over-rated
  4. can1983

    Going home too soon?

    way too soon in my opinion, takes a couple of years to settle (we have done the move in 2011 but returned due to visa running out). We are now 18 months in, have brought a house and starting to feel settled. PR helps!
  5. can1983

    Average nursery fees in Perth.

    possibly need to check hours for the childcare centre, I guess 8am to 6pm is normal for the $110-$120 a day. You might need long daycare if you are going to live in Butler and work in Perth. That's gonna be an hour plus each way (or are you working more locally?)
  6. can1983

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I could counter that with there are only 4 grand slam tennis tournaments a year in the world (one is in Melbourne), there are only 20 odd grand prix's a year (one is in Melbourne) half the beatles are dead and neither of them spend much time in carnaby street, and whilst Liverpool FC is a great club so are Man U, spurs, Chelski, Arsenal etc etc depends who u support!
  7. can1983

    PRs who never bother to take out citizenship

    actually you don't get that chance, they just change themselves. Your 6 weeks is a gross exaggeration. In the past 52 weeks there have only been 5 prime ministers so its more like 10 weeks
  8. We did uk to Tasmania with our son when he was 7 months It was better than we thought, we did shifts holding him whilst he slept leaving the other to watch tv or sleep or simply to have some time away from childcare. the critical difference though is that we selected airlines that flew the A380 because it has so many areas where you can take the baby away from the other parent for a break I guess you will be flying A350 or 787? not sure how many areas there are to leave the seating?
  9. can1983

    10 yrs here.Have our house in UK Rented out.

    double taxation laws just means that you get a credit in one country for the tax already paid in the other, it doesn't mean Australia can't demand tax on uk income just because the uk tax due is paid. Three examples: - director salary in the uk GBP8000 no uk tax to pay but if you have a job in Australia above the tax free threshold they will want 20% of the income (or so) - type of income in the uk that (for example) is taxed at 10% but in Australia it is 30%. Australia give you credit for 10% already paid but still want the 20%.. - in the uk you can't cliam (much) interest deductions from rental income but in Australia its all the rage. So if you have a large mortgage in the uk you probably wont pay much tax in aus but if you have no mortgage .........
  10. can1983

    Post a job vacancy?

    good luck with the employment laws on that one positive discrimination for foreign nationals
  11. can1983

    Cost of Living

    Would have thought family income of $400,000 to provide a 30 minute commute to CBD in Sydney and pay for a child's private education. A family home is going to cost 1.5-2 million. I used to live in Drummoyne, great location and about 30 minutes from CBD in peak hour. Inner west is very good. Eastern suburbs are more pricey..
  12. can1983

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Thing is you need somewhere to live, you either buy knowing there is a chance you've brought at the top of the market or carrying on renting for ever hoping it falls. you can't put off buying forever hoping to hit the bottom...
  13. can1983

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    is it that obvious The problem with the North is its too cold, rains significantly more than the south especially in the NW and vast swathes of the North were well and truly shafted by their own strike actions in the 1970s and by the demon PM in the 1980's So whilst there's not much than can be done about weather or the past the fact remains its a lot less appealing than the south to live and work. That is the reason for the north south divide. I can't even bear the south let alone the north that's why I live in Australia now. If the OP is struggling with Liverpool its possibly because Liverpool is just one of those cold wet previously oppressed Northern cities which has tried so hard and done so much to improve its lot but remains, in my opinion, a place which is tough to live. Melbourne is a completely different bag. Rich and vast sport on offer, great weather apart from a couple of stuffy weeks in the summer, ample employment, excellent public transport, great culture I could go on.
  14. can1983

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Of course it would be hard to leave a world city for the north of England. It would be just as hard to leave London and move to Ballarat.... The only thing better in Liverpool than Melbs is the standard of football Oh and the medical treatment for headbutts and other GBH injuries is far superior in Scouse land due to the experience the local health professionals have in dealing with this sort of injury. Chester isn't a bad option if you are looking to get a part in Hollyoaks???
  15. can1983

    Brisbane here we come!

    Don't live in QLD but visit Brisbane a bit. Really depends on where jobs will be but I really like west of the airport (north Brisbane) where my sister lives So Wavell Heights, Nundah, Banyo etc. Easy (if very busy) trains to city. Guess you are just the two of you? flats / small houses might be in the $400 - $550 a week range. Most important thing about emigrating in my opinion is managing expectations. You loved your trip in the campervan but real life is far less interesting.....