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  1. can1983

    What's up with the fruit?

    I think its a series of copycat idiots from the original idiot that did it on the factory floor. Just declare anyone caught doing it will face attempted murder charges and it will all go away
  2. can1983

    Help with what to take, what to leave!

    don't think you can fill your car with stuff - customs need to inspect car on arrival and wont clear everything out
  3. yep sounds as easy as it gets. If you miss some evidence off it will be requested by the Case Officer. In my case I had uploaded a black and white certified passport and they wanted colour! but it didn't really affect anything
  4. Rules vary by occupation but doing a degree is not skilled, its just the beginning post graduate work experience is required. Companies can't sponsor who they like only those meeting visa requirements
  5. I'm unaware that there has ever been a taxi driver anywhere who is not working illegally. I thought it was par for the course I went for a job at Uber they told me that they had checked on Vevo and noticed I was a permanent resident so were 'unable to progress with my application at this time'
  6. can1983

    On this day in History

    amazing how time changes things isn't it? For the first 10 years you knew the day was coming and now I needed reminding. There were 3 planes were there not one aimed at the pentagon all those onboard and some on the ground died there too.
  7. can1983

    Finding rental over Christmas

    Bit of a rhetorical question then Finding a rental will be a nightmare you might find its cheaper to change your flights than pay the temporary accommodation costs that time of year.
  8. can1983

    Has Serena lost it?

    How can somebody that's won so much react so badly to losing to a 20 year old. Billions of women have children, balance work and parenthood and don't go on about it all the time. She should give up and focus on being a mother if she misses her child. She's lucky enough to be able to make that choice.
  9. can1983

    Child's dad said no

    Please rethink the move. Its not a better life here (especially if you have no connection to the country) and trying to deny a father who wants to see their child regular access is cruel (even if you get past the legalities of it). From his point of view the promise of an annual visit is just that - a promise, you could just change your mind. Once a child is removed legally the remaining parent has no way to get them back. I've seen so many people move here waving the willy wonker golden ticket as they arrive thinking they've made it big only to go home disappointed by the reality
  10. I think you can travel alone. Technically I don't think you need to even be in a relationship with your sponsor now that you have a 100 granted (not that I'm saying you don't need them anymore!). When I activated mine my wife was in the other queue and I wasn;t asked anything. Considering the amount of personal sacrifice and cost associated its all rather underwhelming
  11. I work over the road so know where you mean. Think its at least 150 but i'm not sure if they will all sell they have been pushing them over a year now. Why anyone would want to live in a farmers field with the noise of the southern outlet that takes ages to get onto the road that causes you the headache is beyond me.
  12. No they are not increasing, 2 months in a row now They can push for migrants but there are no jobs for them to do so I think your assumption is too simplistic and they are building hundreds and hundreds of new homes all the time. I live in Kingston and there are probably 3-400 in build within a few km of here
  13. can1983

    Newcastle upon Tyne

    Great atmosphere around the place whenever I've been. Transport with 'subway' and trains / buses. but its a seriously cold and grim place weather wise
  14. can1983

    Marrying cousins, should it be outlawed?

    A culture of letting Bogans on centrelink have children creates a burden on the taxpayer as the cycle is so very hard to break. But surely nobody would want to deny anyone the chance to have children it is a fundamental human right (not to keep them mind!)
  15. Sure doesn't seem too, a worthless local rag with nothing useful to say in my opinion. Think it will sort itself out now. 2 months in a row means the bubble is over