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  1. To the OP here's a question - Do you really want to live in an apartment as a family? I just struggle to believe anyone would consider apartment living a lifestyle improvement over the UK. We love it in Australia but I think its becoming less and less attractive to start over here. If you think the UK is broken just think: - Until recently In most capital cities the highest earners were piles and bricks and colourbond. My house has increased in value by more than my annual salary every year for the past 5 - that's broken - The last prime minister appointed himself to pretty much all of the top jobs in the country just like Hitler did and Putin is doing - That's broken too
  2. I don't think its possible. The lifestyle in Sydney for that income is going to be poor and not something, in my mind, that would improve on the UK 'going down the drain' Lots of people survive on that income but only because either they have a house all paid for that cost them $20k in 1978 or they live in the outer west miles form anything nice and enduring summers which are 5C hotter than the city
  3. can1983

    Visa refusal rates

    what a joke IMMI is, its disgusting how long visas take to process. I am extremely thankful that I am a dual national and will never have to partake in this nonsense again
  4. can1983

    Visa refusal rates

    Extremely low refusal rate for partner visas! I wonder why they may you provide so much evidence when they all get approved anyway
  5. can1983

    Brisbane vs Adelaide

    Queensland is a wonderful state if you like your roof being blown off your house every other year or your entire lower floor flooded I don't think 90% of aussies who move interstate go to qld that sounds like fake news Lets get real Brisbane and Adelaide are both nice enough both have their good and bad points Its a hard call but i would edge towards Brisbane as its less isolated than Adelaide
  6. can1983

    House sale proceeds

    Interest rates are not directly in your control of course but they do go up and down so unless you have to move it i wouldn't We got 1.70 in November 2018 because we had to move it to buy. Ours was in the order of GBP250k People could say that rate was rubbish but we brought a house with it that's gone up 30% since which more than compensates for the exchange rate on the deposit being less than ideal. And we have had a home for our family in the meantime It gave me sleepless nights for 6 months at the time so I do sympathize
  7. can1983


    I moved around the age of 40, I found it pretty easy to make friends and fit in. I'm in regional Australia (Hobart) Not everyone makes their friends at school and keeps them forever and isn't open to meeting new people. I had a large group of uni friends that were my entire social life from 18 to 35. Now not a single one talks to another as far as i understand. Its not like we fell out with each other we just drifted away.
  8. can1983

    Closing UK Company

    Pretty much yes, im not sure how long you can keep reporting a loss but for us it was only 1 whole financial year for the company because of when we stopped income and when we took last salary.
  9. can1983

    Closing UK Company

    I did a similar thing, as a director of the company we paid my wife a salary for 2 years whilst she was on maternity and working part time hours. Ended up avoiding all personnel tax but it was a unique set of circumstances i suppose we used our uk accountant to help close the company from australia. It is quite a long process to wind up and strike off but not expensive
  10. can1983

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    Great, Sorry if my comment was obvious. Everyone told us it would be impossible to find a rental when we arrived, we'd need to slip $200 in the application blah blah but our experience wasn;t too bad if we are honest as we got the first and only rental we applied for (but the rental we got was an oven in summer and an icebox in winter). good luck, when do you arrive October was it?
  11. can1983

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    Good stuff, lovely location we go there regularly. It is nearly an hour out of Hobart but im sure you are aware of that from google maps
  12. can1983

    Partner visa requirements

    The UK financial requirement is a really difficult one to meet, or at least it was for me. I had to get a job from Australia interviewing over the phone so that I got a letter saying I had a job to go to. Since I hadn't seen the place I was going to work in or met the people I lasted about a month after arriving before I got a better job. The UK system didn't think about the practicality of their dumb system. I've heard of lots of cases of people quitting these 'visa jobs' shortly after starting, not even turning up the first day or getting their parents friend to provide a fake job offer. It wastes a lot of people's time and achieves very little
  13. can1983


    honestly though i'd be shocked if Norrie gave him a game
  14. can1983

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    we did airbnb, realistically best option for short term. I'm sure you are aware the rental market in Hobart is crazy competitive, potentially 1 month might not be long enough to find somewhere, particularly if you have pets
  15. can1983

    Retirement to Australia

    I've been back to South East Asia, but the answer sure ain't there.