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  1. neither were that prominent in the 21st Century especially clark
  2. can1983

    I wish that I'd taken...

    Yeah we have NBN its actually all the way down the channel past Huonville now!
  3. can1983

    I wish that I'd taken...

    One in Launceston already! just a 2 hour drive!! Also the NBN will arrive in 2057 and the wheel will be reinvented for Tasmania in 2021
  4. can1983

    I wish that I'd taken...

    Live in Tasmania!
  5. can1983

    Capital Gains Tax on UK Property

    Yes I appreciate that some people wont feel comfortable doing it themselves. My point was that its easy to think that paying capital gains at 40% on profits gained on your only home (possibly the only home you have ever owned) is a terrifying prospect. The reality is that at the moment buying a house as your main residence for 100k 2 years ago spending nothing and selling 6 months after you left the uk for 10 million your wont pay a penny in tax (an extreme example)
  6. can1983

    Capital Gains Tax on UK Property

    from April 2020, so anyone selling (completing) before April 2020 would get 18 months
  7. can1983

    Current cost of living in Perth

    ha ha yeah sorry that was the obvious reason I completely missed I must be devious in nature
  8. can1983

    Capital Gains Tax on UK Property

    I've been looking at the non-resident landlord CGT declaration that must be made within 30 days of disposal. For those of who have left the uk less than 18 months ago and are selling their only (worldwide) residence there is never going to be any CGT to pay in UK or Australia. You automatically get private residence relief on the last 18 months of ownership and Australia don't do CGT for former primary residences let out for only 18 months. I've played with all sorts of silly high gains and non-resident periods in the HMRC website calculator to test this. I think PIO members should be aware that whilst the requirement to lodge must be followed this is really nothing to worry about or require paying an accountant for if people move first sell later within these timeframes.
  9. can1983

    Current cost of living in Perth

    ? what do you do rent it to yourselves to negatively gear. I thought they banned that!
  10. can1983

    Salary from London to Sydney?

    I think that's too high, try by all means why not but as for expectation the rate today is nothing like 2.1-2.2 I'm not that dumb its what a few people I know as well as myself have worked on.
  11. can1983

    Salary from London to Sydney?

    I'm sure it would depend on relative demands for your skills in both places... but if you multiply your UK salary by 2.1 you will be working on what I did when I moved from London to Sydney in 2011. That gave me approximately the same living standard and buying power. The last move was to Tasmania from Southampton and it was about 2.2 times
  12. can1983

    Brexit 50p

    Really? a 50p to mark one of the most backwards and divisive moments in modern UK history. What next a 20p to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence?
  13. can1983


    yes from UK to Hobart. I was relocated for a job and my partner managed to get part time work to suit her mummy duties. Work is the challenge, I wouldn't move without a job. The one I have is very secure and well paid but dull as dishwater. We live in Kingston, what do you want to know?
  14. can1983

    Winter clothes to take or not

    Reminds me of a work trip I did 10 years ago with an Indian Guy to Geelong in July. He didn't take ANY trousers or long sleeves let alone a jacket. Only thing he had to cover legs/arms was his boiler suit He quickly found Target and a use for his travel money
  15. can1983

    How Hot is Australia?

    Who makes this stuff up. Hobart is the same climate as southern chile! WTF Record low for Punta Arenas in southern chile is -14.2ºC, Hobart is -2.8ºC Record High for Punta Arenas is 27ºC, Hobart is 41.8ºC Köppen climate classification for Southern Chile is subpolar oceanic climate, Hobart is oceanic climate There is no difference in climate classification between Burnie and Hobart!