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  1. can1983

    Potential move to Sydney

    Of course, it sucks, and for those of us with children how on earth will they get any kind of lifestyle in the future We managed to get into a very good lifestyle here in Hobart at pretty much the last opportunity (literally a year or two before it too became impossible to buy a home offering a good lifestyle on a real world income)
  2. can1983

    Potential move to Sydney

    The average wage includes young people in hospitality jobs and those who are low income earners who paid off their mortgage years ago and don't need a high income. The average person probably lives west of Parramatta where its always 5 degrees hotter with no breeze and not a beach to be seen I suppose the 'average person' has actually paid off their mortgage in Sydney. But there are millions who haven't and for those people $120k a year is no where near enough to live a decent standard of living. My partner and I earned $200k between us in 2013 and that paid the rent in the flat build in a back garden of someone's house in a nice area and allowed us to save a bit but it would never support a mortgage on a house and never the needs of a family.
  3. can1983

    Partner visa advice

    Perhaps im wrong on this too but if you apply for a partner visa and get pr but then only spend 6 months (for example) in 5 years onshore how would you demonstrate substantial ties to Australia, would marriage to a citizen be enough?
  4. can1983

    Partner visa advice

    ha ha yes of course I'm an idiot, citizenship by descent should be possible if you were 15 when you left Aus and were born there
  5. can1983

    Partner visa advice

    If you have been together for more than 2 decades and continue to be a genuine couple as immigration see it your husband would get permanent residency straight away and then could come and go as they pleased. There's no minimum stay (my first stay was 3 weeks after activating my permanent residency for example) The issue with not moving and staying much in say the next 5 years is that he wouldn't qualify for citizenship in that time and so your husband would need to apply for pr again. There are minimum amounts of connection you have to show to renew it, or you can go through the whole partner visa application again but I suspect there's a limit to how many times you can do this before you start to raise questions. Really it would be best to try to move for 4 years to get him citizenship then he really can do what he likes. 22 year old having left formal education doesn't usually qualify as a dependent so their options are limited (because they also dont have enough experience to qualify for their own visa) son being still at uni would probably qualify for a visa Maybe speak to a registered migration agent regarding son and daughter?
  6. can1983

    Hobart suburbs

    I missed this thread before, I'm Hobart based if you still have questions
  7. can1983

    Visa Advice - Newly Qualified Primary Teacher

    Yep moving here is not cheap if you're a family that for sure Single person aged 30 maybe it can be done for $10k but family thats a different story
  8. can1983

    Family in both countries

    oh wasn;t it, that slum comment from Lewis was genius
  9. can1983

    Family in both countries

    realistically it was as soon as we had our first child and realised that we were living in a very small house which was never going to support a family and we both spent too long commuting and not spending time with our baby. Where we live now i have a five minute commute and have a proper family home and we only need one income. In reality the pandemic has made travel impossible but once you have child(ren) travel is financially difficult in any case. We have 3 children so we are looking at $10,000 for flights and that's not an every year trip....!
  10. can1983

    Family in both countries

    I'm the British half of an "Anglo-Aussie" marriage. We had the same decision, luckily in our case I prefer living in Australia to anything in the UK. Quite honestly don't see the appeal of the place anymore just overcrowded and too hard to live the sort of outdoor life I love. So I would say there are better places than others but I can see that the drawbacks of Sydney (I don't live there now but have in the past) over some parts of the UK So it really was an easy decision my wife and I both agree that our children are better off here, they have regular contact with one set of grandparents and less so with the other of course. If there is family in each I would just make the decision for yourselves and try not to factor in family support. Many people say new mums want to be close to their parents for support, that's not for everyone my sister has also chosen Aus over the UK because she believes here is a better lifestyle. Bad places in Hertfordshire, sounds like Stevenage! If it is I wouldn't worry about offending anyone Lewis Hamilton has already done that!
  11. can1983

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    wow I learnt something, thanks for that
  12. can1983

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    sorry bad joke, recognised boat harbour I've been many a time lovely spot, just a weird name!
  13. can1983

    The weather in Devonport Tasmania today

    This doesn't look like a beach more of a harbour for boats, except there aren't any boats?
  14. I think its 6 months away at least probably a year
  15. having been a landlord from afar in the past whilst it seems on paper to make sense the reality, at least for me, was far more complex. What do you do if something needs fixing? Ring a plumber in another state youve never been to? who is going to manage it (most agents I've had have been utterly useless)? whos going to repair it after its been turned into a cannabis factory.... all this stuff happens.