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  1. We are about to move house (finally!) into our own home having lived in a traditional sauna/icebox home for the past 14 months. We are on a rolling lease as the real estate were so incompetent they forgot to force us to renew! (Hobart) So I wanted to gauge opinions from those that have done this before: 1/ How much overlap would/did you leave from our settlement date to handing back the keys for the rental (to allow for moving, cleaning etc) 2/ How much notice would you give to the rental real estate. The minimum is 2 weeks which I want to give but my wife wants to give them more time. I'm concerned if something crops up with our settlement date well in advance we might be 'homeless' requiring to move twice!
  2. can1983

    Sydney is a terrible place

    fancy registering and venting that first off the bat! definitely time to leave!
  3. can1983


    Sorry not sure what you mean? This is how I consider it but maybe you should speak to a registered migration agent or pm one of the ones on this forum. As the relationship is now not ongoing your son isn't eligible for the partner visa anymore and should tell their case officer (if they have one) this fact. However I'm pretty sure you wont get a refund of the fee. When I applied for mine it stated there are no refunds of the fee. Perhaps a compassionate reason might work if your partner died for example but this doesn't seem a strong case for a refund.....
  4. can1983


    100% can't get a refund, it says it when you apply. Even withdrawing before a case officer is assigned doesn't get a refund. you certainly wont get one when its been activated/validated.
  5. Can you not apply for a RRV first and if it fails go the partner route? You don't get a ban for failing to get a RRV!
  6. can1983

    I wish that I'd taken...

    Anything not owned for 12 months or intended for sale as new would yes. Thing is when we moved we had an 11 month old so everything for him was less than a year old but we didn't get charged for anything but then we only had some boxes opened for quarantine not customs so we will never know
  7. If I've read your post correctly you are hoping to go from two incomes to one? $120k is $3300 a fortnight takehome. Rent for a family home is likely to be $1200 per fortnight so that leaves $2100 for everything else. Its a bit tight but possible short term.
  8. Here in Tasmania it is very common to be related by both blood and Marriage
  9. can1983

    Australia’s Property Crash

    No renting is very expensive, especially in Hobart. buying will save us $350 pcm which will easily cover the council, water and insurance costs which as an owner you take on but as a tenant the landlord pays. Last year we paid $2000 for electricity. The current owner of our new place showed me her bills which were $1000 a year and the place is twice the size
  10. can1983

    Australia’s Property Crash

    Why would you not buy a home to live in with your family irrespective of what the market is going to do? Our current rental is a pile of crap. 45º in the summer 5ºC in the winter. No loft insulation which is super cheap to install but we cant do it. Constant minor maintenance issues which never get fixed. We're in the process of buying. Its twice the size in a better area and because we have just sold in the uk and have a large deposit it will cost less pcm than the rental. Quite frankly I wouldn't hold off buying hoping the market will drop further when its somewhere to live. People forget how horrible it is living in the rental, you can't put a picture up, solve niggling problems, have to deal with real estate blah blah
  11. can1983

    Immigration with 2 wives

    This poster can't be genuine nobody would seriously think Australia would let in an unlimited number of people for one applicant. However in countries where this sort of thing goes on I suspect the mother doesn't get any say and will be flogged if she speaks..
  12. can1983

    Immigration with 2 wives

    This isn't a real poster surely.... You want to use the 2nd wife for points but bring the first wife and children..... I'm gonna claim 100 points because I have two personalities and they are both under 30 so I get double points and did the English test twice too so have superior superior english
  13. can1983

    Move home? :-0

    Aren't NZ house prices crazy these days because everyone wants somewhere to move to if the world ends due to nuclear holocaust
  14. can1983

    Move home? :-0

    I agree the days of a clear choice that Australia has better opportunities are long gone. Now it is more balanced. Personally I don't see the appeal of an 'all British' family moving anywhere in Australia leaving family behind in the UK. The days of 5 bedroom house on a five acre block on a cleaners wage are long gone. I think if I didn't have a half Australian family I wouldn't have moved here.
  15. can1983

    Money Exchange.

    I fail to see how anyone can improve on moneycorp. They give you a rate approx. 1% less than the actual interbank rate which nobody can get. Retail banks charge about 4%. The reason the rates offered are poor is because the pound tanked massively when Teresa opened her gob on about 14th November. When the MPs vote no to the EU-UK deal next week it will tank again.