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  1. I too would make the moved whilst you can But I would not underestimate how hard it is to raise a family away from all grandparents wider family etc. Since we are an "anglo-australian" family we were always going to have to pick one and we opted for Australia. If you are both from the UK with only UK family its going to be hard in my opinion.
  2. They really have no idea, 50% what a joke! the grass isn't always greener.
  3. can1983

    What to do with Super When Return To UK.

    option to withdraw (high tax rate though) if you are not a permanent resident or citizen I imagine you probably are though..
  4. can1983

    Partner visa queries

    you have to 'serve' four years before applying for citizenship. It can also be a long wait from citizenship application until getting a ceremony when you can actually become a citizen. Different state by state council by council. I validated my pr to attend a wedding in March 2017, we moved over properly in September 2017. I applied for citizenship in March 2021 fours years to the day after i validated. The time spent away in 2017 was ok with the 'days away per year rules' I got the piece of paper in July 2021. With the current rules I think that's as fast as it can be done - less than 4 years after moving here (because of the validation trip)
  5. can1983

    Partner visa queries

    As you're a professional the OP should take your advice, I think it looks bad having gaps though which is a shame because 4 years and a child is more than enough for pr straight away
  6. can1983

    Partner visa queries

    why not just focus on the last uninterrupted part of 4 years with the child? Its more than enough on its own and the period apart just weakens your application because it could be interpreted as being a sign you are not in an ongoing relationship. You aren't lying by not mentioning you had another relationship in the past with a break, you'd only be lying if you said it was 14 years together.
  7. can1983

    Retiring in Tasmania

    The climate in Tasmania is nothing like the UK. I've been here 5 years and the coldest its got overnight was -1ºC. In the UK it got to between -5 and -10 every winter sometimes for multiple consecutive nights. Summers are also far warmer. This spring was certainly the worst spring I've experienced here with rain every other day for 3 months but usually its glorious. Far more sunshine/light with less darkness in the winter at the expense of 9pm darkness rather than 10pm you get in the UK. Typical winter days are sunshine and 12 degrees. You problem is going to be finding a house for $600k budget in Hobart....
  8. can1983

    Retiring in Tasmania

    that info is a couple of years out of date, rarely have to wait more than 20 minutes was there last weekend and its currently peak season
  9. can1983

    20/20 World Cup cricket

    yeah that was 50 over world cup right?
  10. Or at least register you both as living at the same address and spend a significant amount of the week in that house. People work away from home all the time it doesn't mean that if you don't sleep there every night its not where you live. Id say if you are registered at an address and spend half the nights a year at the address that's your home and you are living together. It meets tax office rules! Also as already said joint bank accounts as much in common as possible. Guess you can;t have many joint bills but think of some things you can have jointly - maybe pay for the internet in joint names at your parents house etc. If you aren't comfortable doing things like that then as said before you aren't defacto you're just dating.
  11. can1983

    Daughter moving to Melbourne

    I cant believe a parent would voluntarily leave their children somewhere else, even with the other parent. Yes they might be homesick to the point of not functioning day to day but having children is a lifelong commitment. I'm in the 'suck it up' and sacrifice camp on this one.
  12. can1983

    Cost of Living.

    Of course we should remember that even though her tenure was brief Liz Truss is the first PM to serve under two monarch's since Winston Churchill - quite some company
  13. can1983

    Cost of Living.

    I think he will, anyone who made it as PM from the back bench has to be a contender
  14. can1983

    Leaving OZ decision?

    After so long away from the UK is it a risk that you wont be happier there? 35 years, so late 1980's? Thatcher was PM? The UK (and Australia) are completely different countries now I think I'd be worried that i wouldn't fit it. That said if you genuinely still have friends there that's excellent, I have lost touch will all my UK friends after 5 years!
  15. can1983

    Cost of Living.

    Ok so im clearly out of touch with UK politics but she's only been in the job 3 weeks so how can the new PM be responsible for stuffing up the country already?