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  1. Sorry to hear about your mix up with Aos. Here is our timeline, Request for documents : 13 February 2019.( Form 80, Pcc certificate, Medical exam and colour copy of the passport. Request for documents: 13 February 2019. AOS . Medical , pcc . form 80 and passport copy sent to home affairs 19th march 2019. AOS : My son in law lodged the Aos 21 February 2019.There was no interview but when he got the request to pay he was on holidays. That was around May 1st 2019. He deposited the money at the Commonwealth Bank on 6th may 2019 but still got a letter that his Aos application had been rejected because he had not paid the required bond. He had to make few phone calls and had to go into centre link to clear the matter. Finally he got a letter on May 30th 2019 that his Aos lodged on 21 February 2019 had been accepted.
  2. I just got our 143 visa grant early this morning. My question is about the first entry . arrive by 24 July 2020. I thought that date coincided with when you did your medicals. I am not complaining because we are not ready to go yet. applied 143 august 2015 request for documents February 13 2019 medicals march 12 2019 Good Luck to everybody who is waiting . I am new here so please excuse if I did not follow protocol. .