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  1. ramot

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    The first time I came to Australia was in 1990. My husband was supposed to meet my daughter and me when we landed in Cairns. He was on the barrier reef as he got the time wrong!!! So transport was arranged to take us to the hotel. A stretch white limousine turned up, with sheepskin seats and we were whisked to the hotel for free. This was our introduction to Australia. Fast forward 13 years to 2003 and when my husband retired we came on the old 410 visa to live here for a few years for a bit of an adventure. 1. we came because we could, 2 stayed because we love it here, 3. the bonus of 2 of our children following us here and settling, so more family here than UK
  2. Like you we found the medical at Brisbane BUPA very professional and efficient and also not asked to touch our toes. Also our UK police check didn’t take as long to arrive as suggested, so I hope it’s the same for you. All the best, You are almost there!
  3. Just to make you feel better, we withdrew our 864 visa application and reapplied for the pathway visa, so made no difference by queue jumping.
  4. a) Only 125 visas issued annually from 2019, not going to impact too greatly on a queue. b) You are assuming they come out of the parent visa allocation? I wouldn’t know as it’s a separate pathway c) Anyone on the 410 visa has lived in Australia for a minimum of 14 years, self funded, but paying taxes and contributing to the economy d) Many who came on this visa had been told that they could get PR after 10 years residence. This if true was cancelled some years later. Obviously I don’t know how long you have been waiting or when you applied for the parent visa as you don’t have a time line. e) You are assuming that everyone will apply? We are the only ones that we know who have applied. out of our group that is 1 couple out of 12+. Most don’t have children here and are happily settled with no desire to spend the cost of the visa, prefer to spend that amount on enjoying their lives here, for the time they have left. Most are in their late 70’s and 80’s.
  5. Well ours came through in 4 months. Applied as soon as it became available, November 2018, granted March 2019. Just read your further post,
  6. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I was worried that you would never speak to me again and or push the ignore button, as I had been to a baby shower. Dare I tell you I am going to my daughters hen party ?
  7. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Wonder what will happen if she has twins
  8. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I assume I will now be on your ignore list?
  9. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    We went to a family get together before the latest lovely baby was born. It was a baby shower, no one was daft with excessive gifts, but we were happy to give something before the baby was born to help out as they don’t have much, it was such a happy get together, all ages enjoyed catching up, which doesn’t happen all that often as we are all a few hours away all in different directions, and yes we gave a bit more after the birth, that was our choice. There certainly wasn’t a list!! and their friends also gave useful gifts of things their children had grown out of. No private jets were involved!! We consider ourselves lucky to have so much family living only a few hours away, and our get togethers keep a sense of family strong.
  10. I suggest you go ahead and make your own decision about applying for a partner visa, rather than antagonising both members and Migration agents who try to help. My daughter applied for a partner visa and her case wasn’t straight forward. I actually telephoned one of the agents who responded to your post, who gave me generously of his time on the phone with no question of charge or suggestion that I needed to employ him, and helped resolve the issue. I assume you already know how long it takes to get PR for a partner visa? First for most applicants 12 months in a committed de facto relationship before applying, then a further 2 years before next application to make it permanent, then anything up to a further many many months, 9 in my daughter’s case for approval. I am not up to date as this was 7 years ago, but I think the sponsor now has to prove income? so the process is now longer? I can’t give definite advice as I am not an agent, only an amateur trying to help, but my advice might be wrong. I would also ask you to not get into an argument in post after post, whether or not you feel justified. All that happens as seen over years as a poster, no one will end up bothering to help you.
  11. Sad to read your comment as you have just had free advice from 3 excellent migration agents who give of their time free on this forum. Hope you don’t expect any further advice. Yes of course you can go it alone, especially if your application is straight forward, but the money an agent costs can be well worth it balanced against a very costly mistake made in a complicated application. Those of us who have been on PIO for a long time have seen plenty of panic posts trying to rectify their situation from costly mistakes in their applications.
  12. I wonder if the number of visas granted count as 1 or are a multiple of the number of applicants in each application? Then again if a husband and wife apply is that one application or 2? and Would that cancel out more visas granted than originally applied for? I have no idea, just raising the thought. To add to your statistics, although we later withdrew our 864 visa application. We applied March 2017, and the number of visas granted have moved only 4 months, from September 2016 to January 2017. So did we lessen the queue by one or two? 143 pathway visa granted March 2019
  13. ramot

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I don’t think I have ever been homesick for England after 26 years away living in both Brunei and Australia. However I thoroughly enjoy all the UK programs, mainly for the quality, and perhaps a feeling of familiarity, but then I enjoy Australian programs as well, The back roads for example, and many travel shows showcasing the variety of Australia, but apart from a few series I don’t think they quite have the right touch. A place to call home and Miss Fishers murder mysteries were good. I do go to UK most years as our only grandchildren are there, obviously I love being with them and catching up with friends, but I have no desire to live there again, and if it wasn’t for our son and grandchildren I doubt we would bother. Our life isn’t there any more. I feel for people who irrespective of which country they have chosen to live in that they never settle.
  14. She is under the specialist eye vet in Sydney. The eye operation went well, but unfortunately there has been large build up of fluid (causing glaucoma) behind her eye, so at the moment they are trying to control it, but if it reaches a certain number they might have to remove her eye. Could be worse when you read some b——st—-d has been poisoning dogs in Brisbane with 8 dead! How can anyone be so evil.
  15. She feels so guilty, even though it was a freak accident. They don’t have children, so even though all pets are special, she is their baby. We are still hoping that the eye drops work and that she won’t loose her eye. Lovely to see you Back posting, I have been silently sending you lots of love. xxxxM