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  1. The only time we had that was from a slow leak. Take care xM
  2. ramot

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    We are fine, and like you so settled here. The unexpected bonus for me is that as well as 2 of our children following us here, the Africa side of my family moved here as well, so there are 21 of us here, including 6 children, and we are all enjoy getting together. There is only my son and 2 grandsons in England, wish they were here, but that’s not going to happen. x M
  3. ramot

    Positive Emigrating To Australia True Life Stories

    A lovely update Metoo, you sound very happy and settled. We finally got our citizenship last November, so I know how you feel. My only concern is that you haven’t mentioned Ted!!? Is he a citizen as well? I can just see him waving an Australian flag🧸 xM
  4. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    The latest Sunshine Coast case is very close to where I live, as she visited 2 places within 5 minutes from my home, so let’s hope that it doesn’t spread, from that one case as quickly or, fingers crossed, at all for everyone as the one case in NSW case. It would appear that yet again, one selfish irresponsible individual thinks the rules don’t apply to them,. Don’t need to isolate for 14 days, it’s fine to to fly somewhere, visit restaurants, shopping malls, travel on public transport and take another flight. I am also interested in the fact that this person apparently a student in her 20’s has apparently had both Pfizer jabs.
  5. I think that the difference is that the number of people on the parent visa will vastly outnumber how many people were here on the 410 visa pre 2005, and the 405 visa holders that came. Locally sadly I knew a fair few on both retirement visas who decided they couldn’t afford to stay on, but as far as I know it was their decision to leave. I never heard of anyone locally who was contacted and told they had to leave, but possibly it did happen? So sad though for some of them when they had to make that decision, as several had come here from Africa, but couldn’t return there, so went to the UK, knowing no one there. As someone previously mentioned that’s the harsh reality of being on a temporary visa.
  6. Please don’t forget many nationalities came on the 410 visa.
  7. Obviously we knew when we applied for our 410 visa in 2002 exactly what the conditions were. We knew it was a long term temporary visa, that we had to be self funded, no access to Medicare, have health insurance, had to apply for FIRB to buy a house, etc, we had done our homework. The only thing that changed since we came was that originally the visa was renewed every 2 years, then changed to 4 years, before changed to 10 year validity. The renewal of the 410 was very easy and simple. The above although interesting is irrelevant as the visa was stopped to new applicants 16 years ago, and many of the statistics are very out of date. The rorts that were circulating were nothing to do with anything mentioned in the above.
  8. There were many rumours of rorts circulating.
  9. Sorry Marisa I was responding to the suggestion made by LindaH27 ‘one of the solutions could possibly be to make all parent visas dependent on having private health insurance for the rest of their lives’ I felt that it would be unrealistic to impose conditions on a permanent visa. I assume the government must have had valid reasons to end the 410 visa? and introduce the 405 investor retirement visa instead and then end that one in 2018. You had to be pretty wealthy to afford the 405. Goodness knows how the government will resolve the wait for parent visas, now that the wait has blown out of all proportion for everyone, I think the apparently misleading information about the length of waiting time on a government website for parent visas, has caused much distress.
  10. We were on the long term temporary retirement visa, renewed every 10 years. The conditions of the visa were we had to be self funded, and have health insurance with no access at all to Medicare. Even if you came from the UK there is no reciprocal cover on this visa. . Your Medicare card is requested when you go to a Dr. hospital etc. and if you don’t have one your health insurance is checked. I’m sure if you were having a heart attack you would be looked after, but you would be in breach of your visa conditions and I assume your visa canceled? and you would have to leave.I doubt there would have been any sympathy for any of us, we knew the conditions of our visa, and it was our decision to move here. If you couldn’t afford to live here any more you had to leave, whether you were parents or not. The cost of health insurance was expensive, from memory $ 11,000 annually and that was 3 years ago. It went up every year with a 42% increase one year!! The insurance companies know that to stay on our visas we had to pay up to stay in the country. I question the reality of imposing any similar conditions on anyone who comes here who has PR. The other point is, with no disrespect to anyone, parents want to come here from many countries, not just the UK, with different financial backgrounds. From memory there was a list of the breakdown of the number of applications from countries? Just in case posters don’t know, the 410 temporary retirement visa closed to new applicants in 2005, and the 405 temporary investor retirement visa closed to new applicants in 2018?
  11. I have every confidence in you xM
  12. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Never question anyone’s gender these days!!!!
  13. ramot

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    I’ll mention 1966 one more time though I was on the top deck of the no 73 bus going home from a late shift from knightsbridge , when to my tired annoyance it was held up. I had no idea why until we passed the Kensington Garden hotel, to see the England team on the balcony holding up the cup!