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  1. ramot

    Quarantine food

    What’s in a word?? Quality quantity versus cost, was only asking, shan’t bother to post again, thought I was being helpful
  2. ramot

    Quarantine food

    Have you questioned the quality of your food with either your hotel? or the Queensland government , rather than posting here? Other posters have quarantined in Brisbane, will be interesting to hear their experience. Has anyone else complained about the quality and cost of the food, or mentioned if they were charged for 2 rooms, or there is a standard change for families?
  3. Yes changed when I hit 60 I think something to do with retirement, although I did think we would only stay in Australia for about three years then. 18 years later and I’m staying!!! Just been for a walk at the beach, glorious weather, sparkling sea, love it here.
  4. Nowadays I have no desire to move house hopefully ever again, but when we were moving around and starting to feel settled, my husband would say, there is an opportunity come up to move, and I would say go for it. Goodness knows why, perhaps I was just wired that way, as unused to living anywhere for long then??? ps he was in the RAF so it didn’t involve buying and selling a house, that decision time came later
  5. Interesting point Marisa, as someone who has moved constantly from childhood to married life, I gave up counting after 17 moves since I married, due to my husband’s work, I’m not sure I happily settled? but when you have no choice, then you make the best of it, no point winging, had to make it home for everyone’s sake, then move and start all over again with 3 children. Of course I realise the moves were temporary, not emigrating for life? but 10 years in one country, was possibly longer than some people’s experience of emigrating for life in Australia. Moving home whether in the same country or overseas can be very stressful, but your attitude to life, can affect help in making it work. I am in no way criticising anyone who couldn’t settle. I have now very happily settled, and it feels so good, but I’ve waited a long time !
  6. ramot

    The Official Weather Thread

    We were there 2 weeks ago, wearing only T-shirts (plus trousers!!!) on the top of Mt Thredbo in glorious sunshine, not a lot of snow around either.
  7. ramot

    Stuck between 2 countries & its ruining my soul

    No. I merely reacted to your statement as i have experienced living in other countries and know it’s not always possible to live as you want.
  8. ramot

    Stuck between 2 countries & its ruining my soul

    That’s a bit naive. You can’t live as you want in some countries, as they aren’t as liberal. we certainly couldn’t when we lived in a fairly strict Muslim country for 10 years, unless you were prepared to take the consequences of flouting the country’s rules. Prison wasn’t to be recommended!!
  9. ramot

    Do you consider yourself Australian?

    My husband supports whichever side is winning!!?
  10. ramot

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    My husband hardly ever used his old pay as you go flip top phone, which was mine, pre my first iPhone, he then inherited my old iPhone when I updated mine, but again on pay as you go, hardly ever used it or had it with him or on as it never had any money on it.The joke is that he was with me when I changed the plan, so he bought the same plan, so now for only $5 a month more, we both have the same plan, and he is using it more and more, even has it with him now and switched on!!!
  11. ramot

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Yes I think you were on the same plan as me ? I went in to our local shop and complained and it was suggested I change the plan to paying $300 up front for the year. Seemed like a no brainer as it was cheaper with lots more data. It’s so easy to just continue with anything already in place, and not shop around or push for a better deal. Reference the UK, I’d forgotten how cold the rain could be.
  12. ramot

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Out of interest My Telstra plan is $25 a month, I pay $300 upfront for the year, plenty of data, have to check on free calls to overseas phones? But face time, what’s app for free, and don’t have to top it up. Great fan of Aldi for and their bargains, never knew how much unnecessary stuff I needed!!
  13. Please let us know how you are, sounds an awful thing to happen. xM