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  1. ramot

    410 visa

    There were changes announced in the budget last June for 410/405 visa holders, but the changes had nothing to do with the possibility of canceling these visas. It was announced that there would be a new pathway visa attached to the 143 parent visa, to apply for PR. Same cost but with Slightly different conditions, you dont need to have children in Oz, you don’t need a sponsor, dont have to lodge any money with Centrelink, would be eligible immediately to support with no 10 year wait as the regular 143 parent visa. There will be 125 visas available this year up to June apparently. A letter was sent to all 410/405 visa holders outlining all this, and if interested you could apply from about the 18th ? November 2018 Only a couple of people I know have had to make a change to their 410 visa with the sad death of their husband, one as recently as Dec. and neither had a problem changing their status to now be the main holder. I will check but I think 410 visa renewals are dealt with in Hobart now rather than Perth, I will check and let you know in case you didn’t contact the right department. As Marissa says the main call centre honestly know very little and often give the wrong advice. The 410 was cancelled for new applicants in 2005, but the cancellation didn’t affect existing visa holders, so you must have renewed at least once without a problem, Again I agree with Marisa, the likelihood of us being kicked out of the country is so unlikely to happen, unless your circumstances have changed when you need to renew and you can’t sadly meet the self funded conditions.
  2. ramot

    410 visa

    I’m sorry I’m still really confused as to what you are really asking? Is your 410 visa up for renewal? if so then just renew as usual, or have you heard Of some official statement issued that has caused you concern? No one that I know on the 410 visa in our group that meet regularly has heard anything to worry about so if you know something please pass it on. We met with Peter Dutton 2 years ago to explore the possibility of gaining PR and at that time he stated that the government had no intention of any changes to the 410, there were only about 3,500 of us in the country then and probably less now, as we are all totally self funded so cost the country nothing. Ok this was 2 years ago, but don’t see what has changed. Again I ask you what has made you concerned? because if you know something then all of us on the 410 visa need to be told.
  3. ramot

    410 visa

    When you say you contacted the government was there a particular reason why you did this and who exactly did you speak to? Did you contact the department that deals with our visa or just the general enquiries phone line.There are several of us on this visa locally and no one has heard that anything has changed, but no one has renewed recently. Are you due to renew? We all know that the visa ended in 2005 to new applicants, but up to now there has been no problem for those of us alreadyon this visa just renewing every 10 years.
  4. ramot

    First time Flights

    According to my husband this is balanced out by the height you can fly direct so burn less fuel, against burning more fuel having to descend and take off plus the cost of landing fees etc with a stop on route and refueling. Think I got that right?
  5. ramot

    What Book are you reading??

    Really enjoyed all 3, hope he/she writes more in the series as I have an awful feeling that I read somewhere it was going to be a trilogy?
  6. ramot

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Wish some of you would grow up and stop this pathetic playground exchange of insults. Either debate this serious subject properly, or agree that no one will ever agree with each other, or start a new throwing insults at each other thread.
  7. ramot

    What Book are you reading??

    Just read The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony. True story of a South African conservationist, who in 1999 took a rogue herd of wild elephants on to his game reserve in Zululand, to save them. He risked his life to create a special bond with them. Loved the book. It was quite widely reported in the press when he died in 2012 that the 2 herds of rescued elephants travelled through miles of Zululand bush arriving a day apart to mourn his death. They had not visited the house for the previous year and a half.
  8. ramot

    Need ideas for a starter for dinner

    Sorry I can’t help I’m useless at starters, would probably buy a good pate with thin toast. However I love making puddings so happy to help if ever needed!! Have a great birthday get together.
  9. ramot

    Feeling Stuck in Australia

    First off I am very happy on the Sunshine Coast, but I really enjoy the contrast when staying in The Southern Highlands because I love , the wonderful established trees, We were there in Spring and there was blossom everywhere.
  10. ramot

    Have you ever had a bad insect bite?

    Think sand flies are tiny, we had loads on the beaches in Brunei, I had about 30 bites on my back once, and my daughters feet swelled up badly once after she had buried them in the sand. Mine just itched like you couldn’t believe, but my husband had a bad reaction and they oozed and looked like chicken pox and took a long time to go. The bu____rs definitely liked fresh blood from new arrivals, as we reacted less after time there.
  11. ramot

    Help with partner visa

    Does having a child to support add to the cost?
  12. ramot

    Living in Queensland

    It’s an absolutely fabulous day today in Mooloolaba on the Sunny Coast, about 30’, not a cloud in the sky, beaches not too crowded as the school holidays are over. Should have taken a photo. It is a quieter pace of life here compared to the Gold Coast, and less going on, so preferring one over the other is a personal choice.
  13. ramot

    Help with partner visa

    Trying to work out what visa you are going to apply for that will give you the right to live and work here? You don’t appear to be in. A De facto relationship yet? So even if you register your relationship does that alter your status? so you can move here. Qld might be different, but my daughter in NSW’s lived properly with her partner for over 6 months before they registered their relationship, and then left it for more months before they could legally apply for the partner visa. I have been on PIO a long time, and always recommend getting the correct advice from an MA rather than well meaning advice from posters. Have seen some dreadful advice given in my time.