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  1. ramot

    Steak and Alcohol

    Homemade fish pie topped with grated cheese and mash, plus veg. Salted caramel ice cream, not home made, to follow. Not really religious but do eat fish on Good Friday, don’t know why really, I just do. Looking forward to lots of chocolate on Sunday!!!!!!!
  2. ramot

    what are you doing right now?

    Bit wet up here on the Sunny at the moment. Seen 3 rainbows in between the showers. Hope it improves when you get to Burleigh, it’s a lovely time of year normally.
  3. Really hope all goes well for you. It’s a real worry now that the visas are taking so long, that health becomes a problem. I wont post our story before our visa comes through, in case anyone official reads these posts? but let’s say timing was everything when we had medicals recently. Someone was on our side.
  4. The weather is short squalls one after the other then sunshine so far this morning here on the Sunny!! Coast that there have been 3 rainbows.
  5. Can’t get much milk from the cow either!
  6. ramot

    what are you doing right now?

    Might be best to stay in and get some consistent care.
  7. My neighbour decided to put a full size reclining black and white cow in the front garden against the fence a couple of months ago! Apparently he just saw it for sale and bought it on a whim?! I have 2 large elephants in the back garden, wouldn’t risk them in the front one.
  8. ramot

    Flu Shots

    Both my husband and I had the shingles vac. after a friend had shingles and said she had never been in such pain in her life, and had only wished she had had the vac. Based on this and other stories from friends we went for the jab. We had no reaction at all luckily. Quite a few of us had the vac at about the same time and only one person felt poorly afterwards, i don’t know if the vac was definitely the cause? Our Dr is giving the flu jab in 2 weeks, I always have it, never had flu luckily and hope to keep it that way. Have also had the 5 year pneumonia vac, it seems to make sense to me to try and protect my health, says she coughing hard with a chest infection!!
  9. Yes we also received the auto reply when we emailed team 1. Due to the high volume of emails received etc. unable to respond to enquires etc. This mail box is used for correspondence for parent visas that have been assessed and being currently processed. So I think that is hopeful!!?
  10. ramot

    Must do things in Tasmania during a short trip

    The wall in the wilderness in Derwent google it, we loved it.
  11. ramot

    What to watch - Recommendations!

    Watching 2nd episode of Baptiste looks good
  12. 2 questions for posters who have received their parent visas or anyone please. When you have sent/posted off all the final details as requested by a CO, did you have an acknowledgement of receipt? Tracking shows delivered 10 days ago. The time scale after theoretically your completed application is/was received before the 2nd payment is requested? Thank you
  13. ramot

    New rules for partner points

    I realise you are a new poster and wish you well on your journey, but W Russell is a well respected MA who has given help and advice for free on this Forum for years and helped many many posters. He makes the point that the government makes the rules but doesn’t care if they are fair or suit they are merely filling quotas irrespective of who applies. The government made horrendous retrospective changes several years ago to students who had lodged genuine front loaded visa applications everything in place IELTS passed medicals taken etc, and paid for, lodged and accepted. thousands were then left in limbo for over 3 years on bridging visas as the government had changed all the rules retrospectively and then most were told to b——r off. Hardly any even got their application money back. Thats an example of the government not being fair or reasonable.
  14. ramot

    New rules for partner points

    Actually it’s spot on, potential immigrants are often under the illusion that they are special, and deserve a visa, the government doesn’t give a toss about individuals, it makes up its own rules and changes them retrospectively irrespective of the cost to the individual.