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  1. I haven’t watched Suits. I didn’t watch the Oprah interview. I definitely won’t watch H&M on Netflix.
  2. Yesterday I was very aware of the circle of life. Sadly on Saturday our lovely elderly next door neighbour died. On Sunday we met the 2 week old beautiful baby grandson of our other next door neighbour. Such a mixture of emotions, sharing sadness and happiness over 2 days,
  3. From experience 10 days is quite normal hope your throat gets better xM
  4. Really Hope it turns up. My son worked for a UK airlines baggage department once. His best advice is don’t use a black suitcase, with a red ribbon, he reckoned he had about 100 lost suitcases with that description, makes it almost impossible to identify. Use something different to make it individual.
  5. We used them. now I’m home I’m thinking of putting it on my husband when he’s in Bunnings
  6. Getting close and exciting, xM
  7. That’s such good news Bottie, plus you have your PIO friends sending lots of support xM
  8. Our trip back also defined where we want to live, and it’s definitely Australia and not UK, which is interesting that although I’m fairly sure I’m a lot older than you, we have reached the same decision, and we have also made the decision that we are unlikely to bother to go back again. We have a son and our only grandchildren in UK, some posters will know that our DIL, has never been particularly interested in having any sort of relationship with us. On this trip both my husband and I caught covid, and even though they live less than 10 minutes from the flat we rented in Bristol, not once was any help offered by her, ( she doesn’t work) my son wasn’t much better to be honest, but he worked away in London, 3 days a week, and we knew that he had a long standing trip organised the weekend we were sick, and is almost worn out coping as he does everything She couldn’t even be bothered to ask us how we were, when we eventually saw her. My Australian DIL emailed several times to see how we were, and I know that even though they live an hour away, shopping and food would have been done for us. The grandsons were allowed to spend almost all their time gaming, I know lots do, so both my husband and I wondered why we had bothered, as there was little time in their lives to have much to do with us. It felt We talk more on whatsApp than face to face The contrast here in Australia is that we have a son and daughter plus partners here, and extended family who emigrated here from Africa who actually like us and enjoy spending time together. We have many great friends in UK, who we loved catching up with, but we have made equally good friends here. Reference the example of my family who emigrated here, like other families I know,, from Africa, there are now 3 or more generations living here now, so the brave ones who first came here, are now grandparents and even great grandparents and have their extended family near them in their new country, and their children, grandchildren have cousins, aunts and uncles. Im not knocking UK, no where suits everyone, and people genuinely miss everything, but it’s also possible to establish a multi generation family here, it just takes time.
  9. Sorry to hear this. wishing you all the best xM
  10. ramot

    Wordle (and other word related games)

    Got it in 4 today, lucky choice of other words
  11. Safe journey, once you’re on that aeroplane sit back and relax. Enjoy your time in UK xM
  12. ramot

    Most enduring international chocolate bar

    Might have a problem with customs, or your waistline! Plenty of tins of quality st here, $14 as against 4pds though. My husband bought a tin and was in a competition with the grandsons on consumption. All too sweet for me.
  13. Well I was actually phoned by a Telstra operative about my complaint!! I should have been told that the 24hr $10 billing went from midnight Australia time, so I was double billed quite a few times, thinking wrongly I was within the time scale. I know this will surprise many, but not only have Telstra reimbursed the the double billed calls, but also given me reasonable compensation, as I pointed out that I stopped using the phone due to how much I was being charged, which meant apart from the obvious inconvenience, it also meant I couldn’t be contacted easily if urgent.