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  1. Enjoy your new home, George looks a lovely cat. xM
  2. ramot

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    I really sympathise, I left my much loved Siamese behind with friends when we moved overseas. She was absolutely my cat, however she quickly transferred her affection to my friend !!! I was relieved, but a little hurt!!! Hope they both settle.
  3. Went to see A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood today. It’s based on a true story. I loved it, was worried my husband didn’t but he really enjoyed it as well. It’s a strange film in some ways, it’s a very gentle film for most of the time, Tom Hanks is such a good character actor, you could hardly keep your eyes off him, he was almost mesmerising. I know it sounds daft, but I felt very calm after watching it.
  4. Sorry if my post was unclear, I was referring only to the parent visa, as this idea was raised many years ago on the parent thread, and the loophole had been stopped.
  5. ramot

    Inheritance tax

    Thank you Alan for confirming that, that’s what we had understood.. It’s not easy to understand the difference to residency, ordinarily resident and domicile. Best to have it confirmed by an expert.
  6. An agent posted quite some time ago that this loophole was now closed.
  7. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Some people like my daughter don’t have a choice, but would love to have a child, but the only way is surrogacy, that’s almost impossible. So never assume it’s from choice. I feel so sad when there is a potential baby there for her from IVF but little chance of life. I don’t want posters to start a debate about the rights or wrongs about IVF etc. it’s too close to my heart. Whoops back to topic, I’m guilty of sidetracking.
  8. ramot

    Inheritance tax

    Hope not, where did you read that? might need to buy a bigger mattress!!!!
  9. ramot

    Inheritance tax

    Think it changes to 500 pds single person 1 million pds for a couple April 2020. That’s how I read it.
  10. ramot


    Another life is what you make it poster. I’ve lived in 5 different countries, and have called the Sunshine Coast home for 16 years having retired here from Brunei,Now that really is a hot, humid country, where amazingly I played badminton in a non air conditioned large hall and tennis admittedly late afternoon, and my husband played golf, children even played sport at school, so I find the moaning about how you can’t exercise here very odd. The dreadful smoke haze down south from the fires is obviously awful at the moment, and restrictive. Yes it’s hot and humid at the moment on the Sunshine Coast, so people walk more in the early morning and late afternoon, sport still continues. I don’t know if I am more or less active than retired UK friends, but the weather hardly ever stops me apart from obvious bad conditions. I Balance that against almost 9 months of almost perfect weather here. There are posters who are glass half full people and others the opposite. No country suits everyone, and it must be awful to be as unhappy as some posters are. I say live life to the full wherever you are, and don’t knock a country that you have left, I have lived in a couple of really difficult ones.if I really wanted to moan I could, but that was then and this is now, so move on is my policy.
  11. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    How many already!! Oh I want my privacy! not.
  12. ramot

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Bit stupid 2 dogs on leads and carrying a fairly large baby. Easy to trip with dogs pulling in different directions.
  13. A lovely looking dog Simmo, so sorry to hear this. We love our pets so much. xM
  14. ramot

    Inheritance tax

    We are interested in this as well. Are you a British citizen as well? Don’t know if that makes a difference.I think the taxable threshold is raising to 1 million pds for a couple in April before paying the exorbitant inheritance tax? So I think you will only be taxed over that amount. Hope so. I don’t have any answers, similar dilemma different scenario, British living in Australia with UK assets, no Australian income. If we finally become Australian citizens next year, will that help, also if we then have no assets in UK only UK pensions, if we still have assets over a million pds but in Australia will we still be eligible to be charged. I think residency and habitual residence, or domicile, not sure if those are the right terms? are relevant.. Hope someone who knows the answers replies.