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  1. ramot

    Prawn Cocktail Crisps Australia

    I’ve got 2 packets in the larder I bought for my daughter next time she visits. Haven’t told her as they might not last that long.
  2. Honestly you would think it was Spring on the Sunshine Coast today instead of winter. Promising 27’ today, there isn’t t a cloud in the sky, talk about the sea sparkling! the birds are loving it. Just hope they don’t start thinking about nesting this early. It’s a day to make your heart sing.
  3. ramot

    Your favourite city in the world

    Have been to China several times so might be able to help, when you decide. Next year Tokyo is hosting the Olympics so could be very busy and expensive.
  4. ramot

    Best State High school Sunshine Coast

    I don’t have school age children so this is only feed back. Mountain Creek high has a good reputation and also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The local area is fine, close to Buderim and Mooloolaba.
  5. ramot

    Best State High school Sunshine Coast

    the OP is moving away from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, so wants to know about schools on the Sunshine Coast not Sydney.
  6. ramot

    Your favourite city in the world

    We went last November. Used the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, no problem, bought a special ticket? I think ours was valid for a week? So impressed with the trains. We actually went on a day trip to Mt Fuji, luckily a really clear day, which included other places by bus, which was fine. We weren’t there long so only went to Tokyo and Kyoto which we really enjoyed, and saw several Geisha and had a great tea ceremony there. We found it difficult to find interesting places to eat, and should have googled for suggestions. Survived the Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, go to the 1st floor of Starbucks for the best view. Let me know if you want to know where we stayed in Tokyo, or anything else.
  7. No it was in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Check the schedule
  8. I went to see Anh Do last night. I really enjoyed it. It’s such an interesting/clever mix of his life story, which was pretty harrowing to say the least, to making such a success of his families life as refugees in Australia. Interspersed with clever and very amusing comedy to lighten the mood. Very funny but also thought producing. I really recommend seeing the show.
  9. I just sent one, I put 864 on the subject line and had an instant reply. That was the visa number I was previously applying for, but have PR now, so it didn’t make a difference as they still automatically replied to my email.
  10. ramot

    Partner Visa Onshore - Not in Aus yet

    Has the no work rule changed? I thought that when your bridging visa kicked in on the application for partner visas, you could work? My daughter certainly could. This is worth checking. google can I work on a bridging visa as a de facto, appears generally yes, and also yes you can apply for partner visa when on a tourist visa. Up to the poster if they want to take the chance. Please poster personally check what I have written, as I am not a MA.
  11. The question is how has an 82 year old lived in Australia for 11 years? What visa was she on? Also Alan Collett has posted on the parent thread that there is a visa you can apply for in this situation. In these emotional news stories you only hear a small part of the true facts.
  12. ramot

    75 years today

    How sad that you want to demean the sacrifices of the thousands and thousands to your own agenda, on a day that caused me to reflect on the bravery of my father and all those other brave souls who believed in freedom.
  13. ramot

    75 years today

    One of the 8 charcoal copies of war scenes that I gave to the Parachute regiment department at the Imperial War museum at Duxford. My father was in the Parachute Regiment and also a glider pilot, I have a Pegasus broach and a sweetheart broach. What is your connection Rallyman?