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  1. ramot


    If you’ve lived in Africa, it is said ‘Africa will never leave your heart’, so some of my family always homesick, but the reality of life and a future there has to be given careful thought, All but one of my family has left, it was not an easy decision. Safety, quality of life, stable government(?!!!) all important considerations, in determining where to live.
  2. ramot


    I’ve lived and spent time in quite a few countries, on different continents, I have no intention of ever moving from Australia, definitely the best place I’ve lived in, had a slight wobble when we retired here 20 years ago, as at that stage it was to be an adventure for a few years and we had no close family here, but that didn’t last long at all, two of our children followed us here, reconnected with family that had left Africa, made good friends, and love our life here. Having said that, most our UK friends haven’t moved since we last lived in UK over 30 years ago, and are equally happy with a static existence.
  3. ramot

    The Official Weather Thread

    Same here on the Sunshine Coast, 32’ for the next few days and feels far more humid than it was in summer. Gave in today and put the aircon on, its hardly been on all summer.
  4. ramot

    Age 42 and 50 - are we mad?

    Yes same have an annual skin check, clear so far, and my glasses have transition lenses.
  5. ramot

    Age 42 and 50 - are we mad?

    I lived in Africa in the 1960’s, Brunei for 10 years, before living on the Sunshine Coast for the last 20 years and I have very very low vit D, I’m bad at wearing suntan cream, but also luckily don’t burn with only 10 minutes sun exposure. I remember using Johnson’s baby oil sunbathing in UK, in my youth. Despite this My skin is remarkably wrinkle free at my advanced age, So we’re all different,. Good luck with your decision.
  6. ramot

    Weather in April

    Where are you coming from? Because that makes a big difference to how warm or cold you feel. I’m on the Sunshine Coast and the weather is fairly similar. It’s autumn here, but the temperature is between 28-30 and more humid than usual, but Easter is about 5 weeks away, so should be cooler, mid 20’s? and cooler evenings under 20’? You might be fine in shorts/skirts T-shirts, swim wear, light weight trousers jumper for evenings, a light weight rain jacket. You need suntan cream and perhaps a sun hat as the sun is strong here, but you can buy that here. You can google the long range forecast to get a better idea. As a local we can always tell who the visitors are, in autumn and winter as we feel cold and are wearing light weight trousers and a jumper, even a fleece and visitors are sunbathing on the beach soaking up the Sunshine. Enjoy your trip Remind me nearer your trip and I’ll give you a weather update
  7. On June 2nd 1975 we took our son to Ely East Midlands to hospital to have his tonsils out, it was snowing! We bought him home on Friday that week in a heatwave!
  8. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Perhaps in UK? We were never blocked from seeing a Dr at our surgery, we masked up, used hand sanitiser, and as the weather is usually pretty good here, we could sit distanced either inside or outside, and then called in when the Dr was free. On one occasion I had to stay in the car, and my Dr came out to me. The Drs were all in full protection cover, I can’t fault the care that was still available. Our surgery still has spaced seating, and the receptionists are behind clear screens.
  9. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I had no problem either
  10. ramot

    15 minute city. What do you think?

    I think you can have the above in smaller communities here. My neighbourhood on the Sunshine Coast, has a good school, fairly small shopping centre square, and it has almost everything you need within the walking distance of a fairly large percentage of the local area. We have a Doctors, Dentist, Hearing Audiologist, Physiotherapist, Optician,Woolworths, BWS, butcher, green grocer, fishmonger, chemist, hairdresser, cafe, bargain shop, petrol station, estate agent, even a nail bar! and a tavern close by. Though to be honest, most people drive to the shops, no one wants to carry heavy shopping home wherever you live. i certainly wouldn’t move back to my old village in Nottingham, with luckily a Dr.surgery, but only a small village shop, primary school and 2 pubs, and only 3 busses a day if you wanted better facilities.without driving miles. Plenty of all the facilities needed near our house in Islington London, but I have no intention of moving back there either, city living isn’t for me, no feeling of community.
  11. That’s rubbish I’ve been out and about this week midday in 30’ heat and lived to tell the tale
  12. We went round I think to one of the largest feed lots on a Probus trip a while back. It really upset me, but the reaction from the retired farmers was interesting, as they saw nothing wrong with it, it was all about the increased productivity, quality of beef. The person who showed us round and gave a talk afterwards was so proud of the technology involved. Shortly afterwards we passed some cows in a field, words can’t adequately express how I felt..
  13. As Toots says, it’s brand new, the sequel to the original film.
  14. Just been to see Fisherman’s Friend, really enjoyed it, such a good British film