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  1. ramot


    Sunshine Coast, best place to live!!!
  2. ramot

    Australia’s Property Crash

    Bought ours on the Sunshine Coast 15 years ago when we moved here. Love it and hope to stay as long as is practical. Lots of buyers from Sydney and Melbourne buying up here, pushing up the prices.
  3. ramot

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    I can’t understand why anyone living in UK wouldn’t have central heating or why anyone living in Australia wouldn’t have aircon. I think you probably do adjust to a climate, shortly before I left Brunei I was outside and mentioned that I didn’t think the country was as hot as when I arrived 10 years before. Not true just got used to it. Played tennis later in the day, but badminton any time in a large airy hall only large fans on the ceiling. Not sure now how I coped! Did run aircon 24/7 in the house though.
  4. ramot


    We live by a lake and most of the houses have a display of lights on the back of our houses, and on the fences, a few are amazing, so we get a lovely double display with the reflection on the water. It’s really lovely. I find the spirit of giving to charity at Christmas so good here.
  5. ramot

    Summer is coming - are you a fan of the heat?

    Funnily enough I find the rare heat wave eg anything over 26’ in UK awful, stlfling somehow, I don’t know why but it feels very different to 26’ here.The country isn’t geared up for heat, the houses have small closed rooms, no airflow and aircon hardly exists and there aren’t many fans in use. It’s what you get used to, if it’s 16’ in UK I am probably wearing a fleece, whereas locals are stripped off to almost nothing stretched out on any grass they can find. I am I think one of the older members, but unless it’s over 35’ I can cope, obviously prefer not to go out much in the middle of the day, but the house and car have aircon. Living in Brunei might have toughened me up, climate hot or hotter, or wet or wetter with constant high humidity.
  6. ramot

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Good result well done for not giving up. You can relax and Enjoy Christmas now.
  7. ramot


    Have lived for the last 25 years in hot countries, 10 years in Brunei and 15 years in Queensland, a hot Christmas is now my normal, only spent a couple back in UK in that time. Apart from one Christmas when we had seafood, we have the full traditional Christmas meal. No intention of changing. The spirit of Christmas is just the same, a houseful of family and friends and waifs and strays. In Brunei unless someone wanted to be on their own someone would invite them, and while my son was at uni here we invited a couple of international students to join us. The difference here Is that we start with a late leisurely breakfast outside and a swim in the pool. Eventually when the meal is ready late afternoon/early evening unless it’s raining we eat outside, and stay at the table till late, loving the warm evening under the stars. It’s magic. There is very little that I miss from an icy cold ( I hardly dared to go outside on the icy pavements the last time I was there as I had a badly broken arm) over commercialised UK Christmas, yes it is getting worse here, but I do miss hearing a lovely Salvation Army brass band playin Christmas carols. Having written the above we spent last Christmas in a rental in the Southern Highlands which was quite chilly 14’ and we had a log fire every day which was a pleasant change. That’s the answer for anyone wanting a change from the heat. Wherever you are, however you celebrate, have a wonderful Christmas.
  8. ramot

    Parent VISA

    Best to ask a Mara MA rather than get the wrong information from well intentioned posters. Several Migration agents post on PIO who have good reputations.
  9. ramot

    Leaving adult kids

    Another one here, but to be honest I accept the situation because it’s our choice to live in our case Australia with our only grandchildren in UK. Ours are 2 boys almost 9 & 11. We do go to UK most years for a few months so obviously that helps and we face time fairly regularly, luckily they still love chatting away with us, telling us what they are up to and showing off some new thing they have made, mainly LEGO!! we find one on one works better otherwise they try to compete with each other. We arrange special treats with their father for them from us, so they know we think about them and love them. Lots of our friends don’t live anywhere near their grandchildren as we were in the forces and then expats, sovery few of us live close as we have moved so much that there isn’t a home base where they grew up. Our children grew up and went on to live their lives all over the place. No easy answers, yes we do miss them, and as Quoll wrote I also feel a bit tearful occasionally, but life isn’t simple and we accept our choice.
  10. Our son came the international student route about 13/14 years ago. When he came it was a government approved way to get PR. However it was a nightmare for him, as each time he became eligible, immigration changed the rules retrospectively. After he had lodged for PR everything in place as the application had to be front loaded, they put a stop on all applications, yes the government can do what they want when they want, but lots of students/employers had been rorting the system.Thousands of students were in limbo, in my sons case 31/2 years on a bridging visa. Eventually he was one of the few lucky ones to get PR, but he was older and had an MBA. The majority after about 5 years had their applications capped and ceased, and had major problems ever getting their money back. Only telling this as a warning, but as International students generate so much money who knows if it would happen again. Reference working as a student, our son who was a mature student never had a problem, he had some interesting jobs including being the weekend manager at the local servo for several years, but he had held responsible positions inUK. None of the other International students he knew lived in the conditions previously mentioned, but times might have changed. Also students can work full time in the holidays and full time when studying at a higher level eg Masters etc. It is very expensive to study here and with no guarantee of PR not sure why it’s still so popular.
  11. ramot

    Emigrating and leaving parents behind

    On the whole there are more sad stories posted than positive. It depends a bit on your lifestyle and circumstances. Generally speaking perhaps not many of the parents who are really struggling with the concept of their families moving across the world, have travelled much themselves? My father was in the army, moved constantly as a child. Joined an airline and then Went on my own to work in Zambia in my 20’s, then married my husband who was in the RAF, later we went onto be expats. When we retired from Asia our three grown up children were in England and we moved to Australia, not back to UK. Out of the many of our friends who are in their 70’s plus, almost the only ones who live near their children are the friends from our old village who never left. The children of the majority of people we know are scattered around the world, and as a result locally we look after each other two of ours followed us here, one is near in Brisbane the other in Sydney, but our only grandchildren are in UK. Like so many of the people we know, we accept that our grandchildren don’t live close, we chose to live somewhere else and we encouraged all our children to live their own lives. That doesn’t mean we don’t love each other, This post is in no way a criticism of parents who really miss their children and grandchildren and want to live close to them, but there are many many of us who love our families but live our lives without them near either from our choice or because our children have moved countries, either way we get on with life.
  12. ramot

    Ideas for places to stay

    Stayed in a really nice cottage in Bowral a few weeks ago, about 1hr 30 from Sydney. can let you know if interested. We really like Bowral and Burrawang and the Southern Highlands. Normally very green with loads of large established trees. Great country pub in Burrawang about 20 mins from Bowral. Makes a nice change from the Sunshine Coast for us. Also recommend the Duke of Clarence pub in central Sydney, off Clarence St, almost everything was sourced from the UK and has good pub grub. Feels similar to an English pub. Enjoy your trip.
  13. ramot

    Clean joke needed- please, pretty please

    You should embellish this joke for all the men except the Hawaiin. eg the Russian throws up his hands and says but in my country there is so much vodka we can afford to throw it away The point is at the end it’s short and sharp.
  14. ramot

    Christmas Cards

    You can!!! if most of your friends live overseas, and of course we include a personal message. There are some lovely ones, have you checked the Jacqui Lawson web site? We would rather receive one than not hear from friends, it’s the modern way!!! and for us saves a fortune on overseas postage. Surely the important thing is remembering friends at Christmas, irrespective of whether the postie delivers the card or you see it on line.
  15. ramot

    Christmas Cards

    Send just a few real cards to immediate family. Jacqui Lawson e cards to close friends and then also the dreaded email Christmas letter. Keep it brief but it is a good way to keep in touch. Love receiving people’s letters, though some make me cringe! but as we have moved around so much it is nice to catch up with everyones news. Cost of postage does Put us off posting cards. Moonpig cards are also good for birthday cards, cheaper way to post. Only received one Christmas card and one e letter so far.