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  1. ramot

    Masterchef fancy desserts

    I really love making desserts when we have family/friends here, which is strange really as I don’t eat them or like cream which is in most of them. Got lots of lemons at the moment and my husband is dreaming of a lemon meringue pie!!
  2. Nice little earner for the government sitting on our $5,000 application fee plus thousands of others for years and years.
  3. To put this statement right. There was never a pathway to PR from either the 410/405 visas, so there is no new scramble for other visas for PR visas for those of us on these 2 visas, as we can legally renew our visas and continue to live here on our long term temporary visa.The 410 was discontinued in 2005, but those of us already here on the 410 visa have had no problem renewing our visas to stay in the country since 2005, and the 405 discontinued in the last budget.They have always been temporary visas, the only difference now is that the government has in the last budget announced a pathway to PR which some will apply for.
  4. Thank you Alan, what a fiasco/disgrace it all is, as a long term member of PIO, I know how much you have advised and helped posters over the years. I don’t know if this scenario is viable, but even though we have lodged an 864 application, if the pathway for 410 visa holders is to be fast tracked? Should we, could we lodge an additional application? Would have a serious sense of humour failure if 410 visa friends lodge well after us but get PR sooner.
  5. ramot

    Fraser Island Camping

    We have driven from the Sunshine Coast for the day, but only went whale watching that time. Other time when we went round Frazer we spent the night in Hervy Bay, You get the ferry I think from Rainbow beach? so not so far to drive. You can stay on Frazer Island and take an organised tour. The driving will probably depend on the weather, wet and muddy might not be much fun. The island is interesting and fun to visit, but avoid the dingoes!!! To be honest I think you are pushing it. Lots to do on the Sunshine Coast, but I’m biased. The zoo, under water world are recommended if you have children.
  6. No I don’t really feel vulnerable on the 410, but health insurance is very expensive, and there are costs that we incurr that you don’t as a PR, eg I think you have to pay more if you move house? We retired here with no family here 15 years ago, we had lived in Brunei for 10 years, and weren’t ready to move back to UK. Two of our children have followed us here so we are eligible for the 864 CPV,
  7. ramot

    Fraser Island Camping

    We have been for a day, but we didn’t take our 4x4 over, just went on an organised outing. It was great fun.
  8. Sorry I have no idea what visa your friends are on. To the best of my knowledge when a group of us on the 410 visa met with Peter Dutton 18 months ago, he assured us that as there were so few of us on the 410 visa in Australia, approximately 3,500, and the fact that we are totally self funded, there were no plans to change our visas. He also said there were plans in place to let us apply for PR which has now been announced. The 410 was closed in 2005 to new applicants, and is now renewed for 10 years for existing holders with almost no hassle, we cost the country nothing, but spend our money here, so you could say we are a bonus to Australia!!! The other retirement visa 405 although also self funded has very different conditions, I don’t know much about it, but it was also closed to new applicants in the last budget. Don’t know what the rules will be about reapplying for this visa for existing visa holders.
  9. Will be interesting to see how long it takes before the pathway for retirement visa and perhaps the South African farmers actually starts, often it seems these new potential visas routes are announced and then nothing else happens for a very long time, so you never know it might not affect the processing of parent visas hopefully for a while. Having our 2 monthly 410 visa get together later this week, so will sound the others out to see if they are interested in going for PR and if they can afford to.
  10. Where did you find the information that there are over 46,745 applicants in the queue for the parent visa and that the plan is to reduce further the number of visas to be issued annually?
  11. The. Bold and the Beautiful, ok just thought I would lighten up this thread!!! I like all the Scandinavian dark thrillers and other foreign sub titled series. Eg the Bridge and now The Tunnel. .Sorry realise I didn’t read the thread title properly. Will add Pointless as watch most days.
  12. ramot

    What are you reading?

    It’s on the forum announcement above chewing the fat. Snifter closing account.
  13. ramot

    I want to move back to the UK, fiance doesn't

    According to a list There are about 150 countries where your UK state pension is frozen. To emphasise how illogical it seem, the pension is frozen in Canada but index linked in America. If you are on a PR visa then you probably don’t feel insecure, but many of us living here on temporary visas, even long term ones like us do have slight concerns as the government has been known to change things unexpectedly and retrospectively.
  14. I’ve just ordered something!