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  1. I have visitors coming next week so thought I would cook a large zucchini/sweet corn slice early and freeze it. My husband kindly did the shopping, and because I have a slight problem with my hands he grated the 6 zucchini for me and added the other ingredients that I had mixed up. All good ? Sadly no. Fast forward to tonight. He gets the vegetables out for supper and asks if I would like the 2 zucchini’s that are left. I go to help and say to him these aren’t zucchini they are Lebanese cucumbers!!! After a bit of an argument I get him to taste and whoops he agrees. So my large slice has been made and cooked with Lebanese cucumber instead of zucchini because sadly he couldn’t see the difference, and as he was doing the grating and mixing it never occurred to me a mistake had been made!!!! Should have gone to spec savers. Have tried one and they taste odd, and not sure I can give them to guests but apparently you can cook cucumber, so they might just be for us, or only him. Now to make another one tomorrow.
  2. Always best to take advice from a Migration Agent. They are the people qualified to answer, it’s not worth risking an irreversible mistake. Ive seen too many posters over the years trying desperately to salvage their hopes of a visa after the wrong advice.
  3. parents@homeaffairs.gov.au put something like 143 in the subject should get an almost instant reply
  4. Just make sure your UK bank account is kept activated, even if by only a small transaction. My daughter who hardly ever needs to use hers transfers about 10 pds in or out every 6 months. Another useful thought is, if you intend visiting UK reasonably often, some people who receive the UK state pension, have it paid into a UK bank account to help cover the cost of the visit, or leave it there to transfer here when the rate is better.
  5. ramot

    This will soon be banned.

    I went to Uluru several years ago. Flew to Alice Springs, camped in Kings Canyon and stayed in the Yulara ‘Luxury’ resort. Yes I enjoyed the trip, had no intention of climbing the rock, but walked part round the base with an indigenous guide. Was it worth it? Yes because Uluru is quite something the colours at dawn and sunset are wonderful, and learning more from our guide. Definitely didn’t begrudge the park fees, but can’t remember the cost No because like lots of travel in Australia, Yulara resort was over priced and to me not in the luxury category. We were Disappointed. Alice Springs was very interesting and enjoyed King’s Canyon. So over all enjoyed the trip, just over hyped and priced too high. Honestly don’t remember many people climbing the rock when we were there, most seemed to go for the experience of seeing the rock in all its glory.
  6. That’s what we did when we were expats and our 3 were all in UK.. We appointed a guardian for our youngest with her older brothers also responsible for her and also money set aside for any education needs. Not the nicest thing to have to think about, but very necessary.
  7. ramot

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Why are you all so rude to each other? Honestly grow up, accept posters have different opinions argue your case by all means without the stupid personal insults
  8. My birthday cake, yes it was all about chocolate!!!
  9. A happy thread for a change!!
  10. We were married 49 years ago yesterday and started out on the adventure of our life together. We met in Zambia, got married in UK. have moved house more times than I dare to count, lived in Brunei and never ever thought we would end up in Australia. Not only have we survived it all, but we still speak on a good day!
  11. ramot

    Mosquito bites

    Avon skin so soft
  12. ramot

    If you could choose one thing..

    It was squeezing the tomato sauce out of the large tomato shaped container that made it special.
  13. About 20 mins after I took these photos, 2 idiots on motorised bicycles sped illegally round the lake. Thank goodness the ducks had moved off, I dread to think what might have happened, and not just to the ducks, but more importantly a small child. I will phone the council to see what can be done to catch these hooligans. I did take their photos this time as they gave me time as they rode round the lake twice.