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  1. You are right, I had mine and my husband wasn’t bothered till luckily the Dr. said why on earth not!! It can be very painful. Hope you are ok Bulya.
  2. Happy birthday Toots, enjoy your special day x
  3. We try to play the game! We bring smallish amounts almost day by day at the moment. That way, if the rate goes down tomorrow we feel we have won, and if it goes up we bring a bit more!! Best rate for ages.
  4. ramot

    Labour's Election plans for Pensions affect you

    Oh no we won’t we won’t be told how to vote. we will vote as we see fit and don’t need any ‘I know better than you’ telling others what to do.I get so fed up with posters making sweeping statements, and insinuating that ‘My way’ is the only way, smacks of trying to control how you must vote.
  5. ramot

    Is this really summer in Australia ?

    Sunshine Coast is warming up nicely
  6. ramot

    Map of North Queensland

    Enjoy your trip, will be a proud moment seeing your son’s ceremony. Think I can guess who you will be catching up with!? take care xM
  7. ramot

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    I keep trying to offload things on our grown up kids. Not having a lot of luck so far. I am beginning to realise how much we have that we don’t need. Good luck with the car.
  8. ramot

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    Not an easy time for you. xM
  9. ramot

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    We find St Vincent de Paul locally are very grateful for donations and will arrange to collect if you can’t sell, you can give to a good cause.
  10. ramot

    what are you doing right now?

    I think it starts on Sunday here?
  11. Sad though this case is, he didn’t wait 5 years for his immigration application to be refused. It sounds from the newspaper article that he came on a WHV, as that would be the only way he could work here and while on the WHV he worked as a painter decorator. Otherwise he was working illegally. We don’t know his background, whether he was qualified as a painter decorator or had any skills on immigration list, which is why he probably went the incredibly expensive student visa route. You have to wonder how he could afford if. To be honest the facts don’t add up. Had to stay near his sponsor? work or potential partner? Or an international student? It appears he tried many ways to gain PR but the article doesn’t give any information about which visa he applied for, when he applied or if he was even eligible. As usual we only hear the emotive side of a story, not the full facts. It is a fact of life that just because you want to move to another country, you can’t if you aren’t eligible.
  12. ramot


    (Have a really Happy Birthday xxxM
  13. ramot

    Map of North Queensland

    Always have a slight chuckle when I hear people’s travel plans before they visit Australia. Chatting to a UK family member yesterday to hear her son plus friends are visiting Australia and hiring a van for 2 weeks and then onto NZ for 2 weeks. My husband had to point out that their travel plans are a bit optimistic!!! Bless they have no idea how far away everywhere is. Sure they will have fun however much end up seeing.