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  1. ramot

    Working Holiday Visa with Epilepsy

    I’m sorry I really don’t remember, as we hadn’t been living in the same country for over 10 years, she had been living in Mexico and Kenya before coming here.
  2. ramot

    Working Holiday Visa with Epilepsy

    My daughter had a WHV and is epileptic, although this was 11 years ago she had no problem getting a visa, I’m sorry I can’t remember if she had to supply any extra health information. She also had no problem getting PR either. It might be sensible to check if exactly the same medication you take is available here. Previously it was possible to get 3 months medication issued in UK to bring with, to cover your first few months I hope this helps, wish you all the best for your trip
  3. ramot

    UK to Rural Qld

    As Marisa posted, there are degrees of rural in Qld. The Sunshine Coast is designated rural, and it’s certainly not rural. Many country towns here have plenty going for them. My friends, who moved from England 20 years ago, have recently moved from the coast to Blackbutt and love the community there, but it could be challenging for some people. It would help if you give us an idea of where you might work,
  4. Subletting is never ever never allowed in these places, and you have to get permission for anyone to stay longer than three days, and long term visits are not approved. An example, my friends had overseas family staying, and there was an emergency situation that required them to rush to help other family for 2 nights. They quickly arranged for a neighbour to stay in their house, as they obviously had to leave their visitors on their own which is not allowed, so thought that would be ok. Oh no, they were summoned!!! into the office by management, to be reprimanded for breaking the rules.and the fact that busy bodies neighbours had taken it upon themselves to report them, also shows how petty these places can be. The management seems to be the biggest complaint and despair of our many friends who live in a variety of the many retirement villages here on the Sunshine Coast. but I will add that our single friends, mostly widows, do seem to benefit the most from the companionship that living in retirement villages brings when now on their own.
  5. We have quite a few friends who live in retirement villages, and to be honest the ones who are sadly on their own, aren’t too unhappy, they do benefit from the companionship,. The couples we know vary from acceptance that it’s the sensible thing to do, some quite happy, to others who hate the regulations, and have left as a result. there is no way we will live in one, unless we have no choice but to move from our house. The rules would drive us mad. You have to get permission if you have guests to stay for more than 3 days, guests can’t stay even for one night in your house unless you are there, they can’t park overnight in your drive, have to use visitor car spaces, you are reported if you drive over the speed limit, we laugh when we visit and say watch out for spies!!! You have an obvious visit from management if you break any of the above rules, and there is always someone willing to report you!! The standard of the houses are excellent, as are the facilities, but all the activities are run entirely by volunteers living there, the management is not involved at all , so activities like the cinema, social events, the bar, can grind to a halt. Around here there quite a few villages, run by different companies, and there seems quite a lot of differences between them as regards the conditions of buying and selling. You really need to do your homework to find what suits you, and what all the restrictions are.
  6. Ramot is just the reverse of my husband’s and my first 3 letters of our names, as I had used it the other way on another website, with a mutual m in the middle, nothing clever
  7. I’ve seen two people I know on Escape to the country, it was really weird randomly watching a show and then doing a double take as I realised. One was a friend from our Brunei days, and the other was someone who contacted us and we then met to try to arrange a house swap.
  8. My daughter had to get her blood taken on Friday ( has heamachromotosis, so has blood taken regularly) and still had to take a covid test first!
  9. ramot


    Deleted, don’t want the thread to go off topic
  10. I agree it’s a difficult one, but as Pfizer was the only choice for follow up jabs, and we are sadly a lot older than I think you are? It’s a toss up between unwell for a few days, ( and my husband does know how to suffer!!!!) or more likely to get covid? We decided to take our Drs advice. It’s up to each of us to make our own decisions,
  11. I’ve moved so often, gave up counting after 17 moves since married, and up to now I was fine with off with the old, on with the new. I have lived in our house here now for 20 years, the longest I have ever lived in a house, and I love it, and don’t ever want to move again, finally really home Good luck with everything xM
  12. I had a 24hr slight reaction to the first AZ, then nothing worth mentioning from my 2nd. my husband had no reaction from AZ at all. Follow up Pfizer, I had no reaction at all, my husband sick for days and with the follow up jab, and also lousy for days with the 5th most recent jab. So doubt there is any logic as to who gets a reaction and who doesn’t
  13. One bad downside of the lockdown, definitely in Sydney, was the number of hospitality businesses that went out of business, or just managed to cling on, and taken years to recover, as the city still isn’t back to pre covid footfall, with many still working from home. I do wonder, if catching covid when we were in England last October, is the cause of my escalating heart problems, or it’s just coincidence? Guess I’ll never know.
  14. The reality of emigrating is different to the dream. You worked incredibly hard to get here, so my advice having lived in several countries, unless you are really unhappy, give yourself time to settle, enjoy the experience of living in another country, and if or when the time is right, make the decision that is right for you. Wish you both the very best, and hope you enjoy your time here, however long it is. x M