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  1. I agree, so It must depend then on where you live. It’s so social here on the Sunny Coast over the Christmas season, from social gatherings, Christmas lunches for the interest groups you belong to, to annual street party.
  2. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Well whatever channel any of the previous few posters watch they must have been brain washed or become addled by bias because I thought this thread was about Australia and UK Covid response.
  3. ramot

    Photos from your garden

    The lake is beginning to light up with the Christmas lights. The reflection in the water is lovely
  4. We did, but our daughter was very independent as we had lived overseas away from UK for a long time. She had traveled and lived on her own in other countries, she was in her mid 20’ and living in England, when we retired and decided to live in Australia. The unexpected bonus was she followed us to live in Australia. You never know how things will turn out.
  5. Well I have probably my fair share of change, new experiences and adventures since my early 20’s in the swinging 60’s in London, best keep quiet about much of what went on then!!! Went solo to Cairo, Stayed in an oasis, and troglodyte cave hotel in Tunisia, before going to Zambia as a trainer to be one of the only 2 non local air hostesses in the National airline. Never stopped moving , having yet more amazing experiences till I moved to the Sunshine Coast almost 19 years ago. Much as I love living here it cannot be described as having much potential for new experiences, however when you scratch the surface of where you live, you find more going on to suit you than is obvious, whatever your personal preference is. Caloundra Entertainment Centre has many top class international and local artists performing there, at very reasonable prices. I saw the Ten Tenors there yesterday. Going to a ballet gala in the new year with world class ballerinas. We are lucky so many artists bring their shows to the regional areas. Between shows and art exhibitions in Caloundra and Brisbane, we aren’t in a cultural back water. Seen ‘Come from Away’ and ‘Westside Story ‘ recently both fabulous shows. So I don’t think it matters if where you live has less opportunities due to its size, if you can still find it sufficient for your needs. The most important thing is if you are happy there.
  6. ramot

    We made it to Perth!

    My husband has just had a skin cancer on the tip of his nose removed recently and had plastic surgery. He looked as though he had gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson after, but recovered quickly. It’s important to use the oil on the scar afterwards, if you are advised to. All the best
  7. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I think there are plenty out there who aren’t logical. When my daughter and husband caught up with friends who had moved back to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney last Christmas, the wife was a) convinced that we were all going to be injected with a bug designed by Bill Gates to monitor goodness knows what. b) That my daughter’s epilepsy was caused because she had the devil in her!! Her parents run a religious cult locally, which she had returned to, so probably not alone in her views. When I talk to people I know who aren’t vaccinated they have different reasons to not be vaccinated, but when I ask if they had their children vaccinated, they answer of course. That I find illogical.
  8. I do like cats, but they should definitely be in at night. I think I’m known as Mrs Grumpy around the lake, I’m so fed up with irresponsible dog owners who don’t abide by the clearly printed ‘all dogs on a leash’. They think it’s fine that their dogs bound up to me with an ‘it’s alright it’s friendly yell’. So I now yell ahead ‘put your dog on the leash please before it’s near me!’. Some posters might remember that I was knocked unconscious, ambulance to hospital and had concussion, by a dog running out of a cafe straight through my legs a few years ago., so I have a low tolerance level for dogs of leash, Unless in an area it’s allowed.
  9. Luckily my son who was affected by the retrospective overnight visa changes by the labor government to correctly lodged student visa applications for PR, did stick it out on a temporary bridging visa for 31/2 years, after studying up to a masters degree for 3 years, He did get PR. it took 61/2 years on a temporary visa of insecurity with not much chance to gain PR,. So people do stay here on temporary visas for a long time, hoping possibly unrealistically to gain PR. I appreciate that the OP sadly might not be in a position to get PR, and it’s ok to to point out that PR is not possible, but there was nothing wrong in him reaching out to seek any help, and it never hurts to show understanding to someone’s situation, when offering advice.
  10. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Hope you make it.
  11. It was very moving. The horsemanship at the Outback Spectacular was so good, and there is a very quiet section of one man and his horse, being walked and moved around with small hand signals. No photos are allowed when there are horses in the arena in case the horses are disturbed, which is absolutely right. There is even a helicopter attached to the ceiling as in being used to round up the cattle! but I didn’t get a very good shot.
  12. Photos from trip to Beenleigh Historical Village, the Outback Spectacular and Sea World.
  13. Congratulations to your son’s partner. We had the cut price no frills no family citizenship ceremony pick up your certificate on the way out November last year on the Sunshine Coast. Also No handshake or photos, it was all a bit soulless, and hard to have no family as we had celebrated both our son and daughter’s citizenship but they couldn’t be there for ours. We were taking photos of each other with another couple who had been at the ceremony at a local lovely restaurant, when a large table of Australians realised we had just become Australian, and started clapping and welcomed us as new Australians, as did several others. It was such a lovely gesture that really made the day special.
  14. ramot

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Ive booked mine. I phoned the surgery and asked if I could book as it was only a couple of days after the start date in November to be told yes do as loads of people are booking theirs. It’s 6 months from the date of your 2nd vaccination.
  15. ramot

    Moving home soon - terrified

    I sympathise as although my son was in a different situation to you it was in some ways in a slightly similar position. This was several years ago when the labor government changed the rules retrospectively for International students overnight. Like thousands he was on a bridging visa for 31/2 years having done everything right when he lodged his visa application. He was one of the few who did get PR,. I know different circumstances, but he had lived here for 61/2 years, studying and working and paying taxes with the constant insecurity of his position, and threat that he could be told to pack up and leave within 28 days. Although the reality is sadly that it was always extremely unlikely that you could stay here, I understand the underlying hope that you could. I wish you all the best for next phase of your life.