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  1. My reply might have been slightly confusing, sorry. We had lived in Australia since 2003 on the old 410 retirement visa, which closed to new applicants in 2005. Later 2 of our children moved to Australia so we applied for the 864 visa in 2017, and would still be in the queue, had the government not introduced a special pathway for anyone on either the 410 or 405 retirement visas to apply for PR, which we did in November 2018, at the same cost as the parent visa. but with different conditions, you didn’t have to have any children here or need a sponsor, so we were very lucky to have this opportunity. PR granted May 2019, and now waiting for our citizenship ceremony.
  2. In our case we applied for the 864 visa in March 2017, apart from paying the initial cost of the application nothing further was required then. Sorry don’t know if this has changed. Some time later we were in the position of being able to change to the 864 pathway from the retirement visa, and had to get police checks and have a health check when requested and received our request for the 2nd instalment shortly after both were clear. PR granted as soon as the money cleared, I think only hours later. I can never understand posters complaining about onshore visas, if the visas eg 864/804 exist then why shouldn’t people take advantage of it. Don’t blame them, blame the immigration system, it’s up to the government to change it. Just to make you feel better? we like some others weren’t entitled to Medicare or anything else while we were waiting for the 864 visa.to be granted.
  3. ramot

    Where to live in the Gold Coast

    It’s unrealistic to expect anyone to answer your incredibly broad search areas. The Sunshine Coast has good medical facilities, which I told you about in my poston 25th August
  4. ramot

    Three snakes in three days

    Better keep Ted indoors
  5. ramot

    870 parents temporary visa

    410 retirement visa holders did not invest anything at all. The visa was very cheap and cost about $300 ? to renew every 10 years. Completely different visa conditions to the 405 visa
  6. Same here, on the Sunshine Coast, a friend has a selection of hats on her front wall to borrow for the short walk to her front door as they nest in the tree above the wall. Quite fun choosing a hat.
  7. Same advice as HH. I had that and the dentist coated the hole again with something and problem solved don’t leave it, insist on seeing the dentist
  8. ramot

    870 parents temporary visa

    Also don’t make the mistake of assuming that all the parents are coming from UK with money, I seem to remember that most parents come from Asia and apart from paying the visa fee which several family members might have clubbed together to pay, they won’t necessarily have much income or money.
  9. ramot

    Impossible decision

    If you have half as much fun and new experiences as we have had in the 17 years since we retired you will have a great life. Travelled to all the states, so please don’t tell me all of Australia is the same. Sadly you will be restricted to flying overseas for a while, so enjoy exploring Australia, when all the borders hopefully re open.
  10. I smile every time I see the photo xM
  11. That is so unfair, hope you feel better soon x M
  12. ramot

    What about the positives?

    Always a poster who thinks they have the right to overturn a positive thread into a negative one. Must be a lot of miserable glass half empty people around.
  13. Supposed to be the top travel company in Australia known by 3 initials. I think we’re very unlucky because other people have had great trips. We enjoyed Broome and went to theBungle Bungles before the trip which was fabulous, and went on to Katherine by ourselves which we really enjoyed especially the sunset cruise on the gorge. We and others did make a formal complaint, but it was a total waste of time.
  14. Already applied, and approved, just waiting for the ceremony. Didn’t have to take the test as classed geriatric!!