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  1. ramot

    Jetstar alert

    thank you for correcting me for using the wrong word. What was I thinking. Cabin bag with handle and wheels.as explained in my reply to rammygirl.
  2. ramot

    Jetstar alert

    Sorry by stroller I meant a carry on case with wheels, I do agree with you, as ex airline I know how crucial the a/c weight is.and the ridiculous size of some hand luggage. It was purely that it appeared random rather than fair, as only 5 bags were picked out from a full a/c and my daughters case is the correct size whereas the size of others that were passed didn’t make sense. Should be one rule for all.
  3. ramot

    Jetstar alert

    My daughter flew out of Sydney to the Sunshine Coast this morning. At the departure gate before boarding everyone about to board had all their hand luggage weighed. She had a stroller with her which weighed 8kgs on our scales and her handbag, not over large but full, together they weighed more than the allowed 7kgs. She was charged $60 and her stroller put in the hold. Ok you might say fair enough, but out of a fairly full a/c only 5 bags were charged for, most were waived through with a sticker placed on them, although she feels several obviously several outsized, including one backpack the passenger could only just lift. They would never fit in the machine to check the correct size which wasn’t used at all. The passenger behind her was also one of the ones charged, and she must have had lead weights in her stroller it was tiny plus a soft bag on her shoulder. They both feel they were unfairly picked on. They both were single smart looking females. I had to agree with her as It was interesting to look around the other passengers on arrival here, there were some very obviously large heavy looking bags with stickers on them. So be warned although you are allowed 2 items of hand luggage they are enforcing the total weight of 7kgs which I think we know really, but I never really thought about my handbag “tipping the scales” unless it was enormous.
  4. ramot

    The weather 😁

    Sunshine Coast also on the East Coast perfect winter weather, tops of 26’ daytime beautiful clear blue skies, and cool/cold nights. The East Coast generalisation covers an awfully large area. Certainly didn’t hear any mention about the snow in Sydney yesterday, my daughter is flying up today will ask her. The fires in NSW’s are scary though. Seriously though as you say it is winter in Australia and I think people do seem to think it’s sunny and warm all year, I certainly never realised how many peopled skied here, before I moved here. Daughter just rang, said Sydney was bl———dy gorgeous yesterday 24’ So don’t know where your friends were.
  5. ramot

    UK or Australia? Please help!

    The truth! We love living here, what’s not to love, great climate, friendly natives. Something someone said sort of sums it up, most of us have chosen to live here. Like moving anywhere it takes time to settle, depending on your interests there seem to be clubs or groups for most things. A good U3A. Among other things we joined a local Probus group, although I thought I was much too young to begin with, I have sadly caught up. So many interesting members who have lived a totally different life to me. I was a bit worried my husband would find it hard, but 15 years later he does more than me!! Quite involved in Probus with all its activities, plays golf, we play a fair bit of bridge both club and social, and he plays in a men’s group once a week, they have such a laugh together. There is a men’s shed locally, if you make the effort it’s all here. We have 1 son in Brisbane, and a daughter in Sydney, we go to Sydney 3/4 times a year, buy cheap tickets from Jetstar and fly from Maroochydore. $29 each way recently, and only takes just over an hour.
  6. ramot

    UK or Australia? Please help!

    Interesting your comment about Bristol house prices, my son lives there, his not very special small back garden, 1930’s semi detached 3 bed extended house with a loft convertion is worth ridiculous money. Just sold for 635,000pds. We live on the Sunshine Coast and you can buy a pretty special house Here for the equivalent of over 1.1 million Oz dollars as you mention It Would almost buy a small terraced house in Sydney, but If selling something similar in London then it would be worth a lot more. So When I hear people say that Australian property is expensive, then it all depends where you are moving to in Oz as against where you are moving from and comparing like with like, and what your expectations are. Realistically Sydney is expensive but so is London, and I wonder how many immigrants could actually afford to live in London.
  7. ramot

    What is better, what is worse?

    Sorry I had to laugh at the idea of sand mixed with coconut for dessert.
  8. Sorry that was the impression I had from your posts. My children were lucky to travel lots with us as my husband was an airline captain, so they came to many places with us, not least when we were living in Brunei and travelling around Asia either with us or solo as they got older. Daughter ended up a nomad for quite a while. Great memories for all our children (that’s everyones children) I still have memories from living in Germany as a child.
  9. I’m so sorry to hear that, how awful for you all. xM
  10. ramot

    UK or Australia? Please help!

    As Peach says, prices in Sydney are comparable to London, could you afford to live or buy a house in London? You haven’t been here very long, and have had to cope with a major move and a new baby, I’ve been there although a long time ago, and it’s tough. I moved on average every 2 years when our 3 were small due to my husband’s job, so really sympathise. Join a mums and baby group if there is one near you. as others have mentioned you learn to buy when things are on offer, shop at Aldi if you have one near you, the Reject Shop, go to a bulk bill Dr. for some things you can chop and change Drs here. Can’t help with the heating bills, but having a few warm throws helps to keep the chill away, and winter doesn’t last too long here. Do hope you begin to feel happier, try to get out and about and explore your new neighbourhood.
  11. To add to my comments in case anyone thinks I have left my travelling until I was in my 70’s, I have been travelling since the early 1960’s, not least spending time in Tunisia, and living in Africa. Spent several summers in France staying with a French family as a young teenager, the list goes on. So whatever your age there is a world to explore out there, ideally for longer than just the odd weekend.
  12. 70+ and we and all our friends are still travelling well!!! In just the Last few years we have been to Cambodia and. Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Kuala Lumpa, UK every year with side trips to Majorca Lanzarote with son and family, and cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam, let alone trips round Australia. Most of the trips overseas trips organised through our Probus group in the company of others of a similar age plus quite a bit older, there’s no stopping us!! You only have one life so get out and enjoy it,
  13. A couple of points that I think you need to confirm in your post as correct. I think The OP’s mother will be eligible for Medicare on a bridging visa if she is from UK as it is reciprocal, but I’m not sure if there are limitations? This needs to be checked. Reference the 864 visa. This is a permanent visa when granted so you have full Medicare, so unlikely to be deported. More likely to be a possibility while waiting on a bridging visa. There is a visa? Or something that has been mentioned that you can apply for if the worst happens, but you would have to ask an MA about that.
  14. Sorry I can’t give you any definite answers. We applied for the 864 visa last year on the mistaken understanding that it would be processed in 1 year. All I can tell you from sending a blank email to parents@ home affairs that there has only been 6 weeks movement for a single 864 visa to be processed. It has moved from September 2016 to October 2016 and then absolutely nothing. Some thoughts are that they are delaying issuing to bring the 864 in line with the 143 waiting times but who knows. Mystic Meg might know more!!! I can’t give you advice about applying onshore, that’s your decision. Some people think it’s wrong to come on a visitors visa and apply onshore, in case entry is refused, but many do just that. We are in a different position as we already live in Australia as self funded retirees on a visa that finished in 2005. You will need to find out the Medicare position, what would your mother be covered for on a bridging visa should she need costly treatment etc. Could she/you afford private health which again might be very expensive. Sorry I can’t help more than the above. It’s the lies we are fed when we apply for a visa that absolutely apalls me. Shame that the theoretical new 5/10 year parent visa hasn’t materialised yet.
  15. Information about the wonderful assistance dogs that some people might not know. If you are approached by an assistance dog that is on its own, it wants you to follow it as it’s handler is in trouble. Please don’t ignore it or push it away.