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  1. ramot

    Australia Cost of Living $200k + Not enough

    Wish we could have afforded a 5 bedder at age 30! As a baby boomer, (not sure how many of us there are on Poms?) my reality of actually being in that situation is that none of our friends could afford to do that. We lived a far more frugal life then, ‘I might get my violin out’ did the washing by hand and went to The launderette once a week, remember the excitement of saving up and finally having a washing machine. Saved and bought our first house, mid 1970’s, 8 years after marrying, but went without the things that people consider necessities of life these days. I completely agree that the cost of housing is out of reach for many these days, but my husband was earning a reasonable wage, RAF pilot, and we could never have afforded to buy in London for example, completely out of our reach, but could buy in a small village. Price and affordability of housing Obviously is dependent on area. However two of ours in now their 40’s managed to buy houses in their 30’s, run 2 cars and now have all the bells and whistles that we couldn’t have afforded at the same age.
  2. ramot

    Pain killers

    You’ve had a rough time and I really do sympathise and hope things improve for you. I was in great pain, my shoulder and arm was totally black and blue, took a photo in case insurance didn’t believe the injury, and had 6 months physio once the pins were removed to get the movement back in my shoulder, so was purely pondering because I wasn’t given strong pain killers whether I sort of somehow shut out the pain. As said before really hope you start to feel better, sounds an awful op.
  3. ramot

    Pain killers

    Do you think if you don’t have access to strong pain killers you have to adjust to the pain and cope? I had a bad fall in Zambia, I broke the top part of my arm in 3 places and badly damaged something joining my shoulder to my arm. Nothing could be done in Lusaka, one hospital couldn’t process X-rays no fluid or something. Went to another hospital the next day, xr-rayed ok but they didn’t have a surgeon qualified enough, so the next day I flew to Nairobi, arm only in a cloth sling, 5 hr flight as it stopped en route. Operated on in Nairobi about 2hrs after landing, luckily arranged by family. Less than 24hrs in hospital, sent off with paracetamols, words can’t describe the journey on Kenya’s roads to our cousins. 3 long pins in my shoulder and Arm totally immobilised for 6 weeks. So no alternative I had to cope, but wouldn’t recommend it. Then flew to Dubai 2 weeks later stayed with friends and then on to UK. The good news was that it was all covered by insurance, the flights were pre booked. Should have flown back here really not UK, but our grandson was being christened plus 3 birthdays and Christmas and I survived (just!).
  4. ramot

    Royal Wedding cost to public

    Surely wherever Eugenie had got married (unless on a desert island) , with the Queen ( who would want to be there as she is her grandmother) and most of the royal family attending, then the bill for policing the event would be high?
  5. Almost up to 2 years since a single 864 visa issued. Do I laugh or cry!!! ?
  6. ramot

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Hope it goes in your favour. Sorry can’t help with your question.
  7. ramot

    Nap Bar

    Yes of course I know, and I don’t go on it before I go to bed, but after over 3 hours of not feeling well enough to sleep I thought what the heck, I might as well do all the wrong things, have a cup of tea and go on the iPad. I actually finally fell asleep shortly after typing my post, so who knows what affects you,
  8. ramot

    Nap Bar

    Will it help me as it’s 3am and I am having a bad night. Tried everything I can think of to get to sleep, on Poms as all else has failed. I will try to pretend I am in a sleep pod.
  9. ramot

    Banksy ,

    I really like his art, certainly thought provoking. Went to an exhibition of his work in Bristol a few years ago, some exhibits made me a bit uncomfortable, but others so clever. There are quite a few of his art works around on buildings in Bristol. Have to be honest I’m not sure what his stunt was meant to be? I’m sure someone will explain. Sold for a rediculous amount of money, let alone valued more afterwards, so perhaps that is the point. What is art really worth?
  10. ramot

    Photos from your garden

    I wish you all good wishes for what the future holds for you. It’s a hard time for you but You have many friends on Poms, so make sure please you keep in touch. Another new beginning. xM
  11. ramot

    I remember when....

    I remember going to hospital by ambulance on Coronation Day to have my appendix out when everyone else was celebrating with street parties. Having cod liver oil and malt dished out I think by the spoonful in clinics? to keep us children healthy after the war.
  12. ramot


    I have never stood aside you know nothing about me I have lived through more than you can imagine, stood up for myself and always supported other women in many circumstances, have you for instance helped a young female friend whose mother was murdered in Burundi in front her who was lucky to get away with her life. Have helped in an orphanage, plus I support a group for battered women, I have supported other women all my life. Actions can speak more than words. I obviously upset you by an unfavourable comparison, perhaps I should have told more about the incident but I chose possibly wrongly to simplify the incident which was actually about the abuse of a young female by someone in authority. It was not my intention to trivialise anything, Sometimes we all write things that give the wrong impression, but i was trying to make the time scale point not the seriousness.best stop now it’s late and don’t want to make more mistakes. I decided to opt out because I have been a member long enough to know how these threads can deteriorate and end up achieving nothing. Your comments can get picked on, and then things get taken out of proportion. So thank you for your comments.
  13. ramot


    I opt out and leave it to you men
  14. ramot


    Of course I wasn’t comparing it, It was a point about the time scale. As a female Of course I don’t condone rape or violence against women. I made that very clear at the beginning of my reply, So please don’t assume that I do. Lets not make this personal.
  15. ramot


    First off I don’t condone violent behaviour against women, but I don’t agree that the male accused is automatically assumed guilty. I don’t know because I am not in a position to pass judgement on who is lying, who is telling the truth or their version of the truth. I do think it’s a bit pathetic to pour out what appears to be hate about Trump at any opportunity. Clinton wasn’t exactly squeaky clean. Perhaps I am the only poster who didn’t have a sheltered teenage life? I was going to some pretty wild parties in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, swinging London says it all. Plenty of drink, not everyone behaved properly, but most of us grew up and became reasonably respectable, and It sounds from the reports things hadn’t changed 35 years ago. If true a nasty experience, not raped thank goodness, but to remember the incident and not apparently in great detail seems odd. How many years later is it reasonable to accuse someone of something? I am racking my brains to remember the name of the captain who pinched my bottom in let’s say 1968 when I was a stewardess, perhaps I could still accuse him of inappropriate behaviour to a young staff member?