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  1. ramot

    UK state pension

    I have been lucky to get treatment in UK both from Dr and hospital while on our regular trips back, even though not really entitled to it as I didn’t have Medicare on the 410 visa. I think the attitude was it was too much bother to sort it out, was just put down as Australian even though I had been completely honest. We always have travel insurance anyway so would have been covered if I had been charged. daft for anyone to travel without it.
  2. ramot

    Off Topic Coronavirus 2020

    Really enjoyed our Tasmania trip, in 2011, the area of Cradle Mountain covered in lichen was quite spooky. I only meant to upload the lichen photo, my iPad had other ideas!
  3. ramot

    'Orrible Ads

    I mostly put them all on mute if I’m quick enough. I can’t stand the latest budget ad. but I do laugh at the M&M’s ads. Feel bad if I eat one!!!
  4. ramot

    UK state pension

    We will be taxed more in Australia apparently now we have PR so perhaps be careful what you wish for. Will know for sure when everything is lodged.
  5. ramot

    UK state pension

    This tax information was relevant to my situation. We retired here in 2003 on the old 410 retirement visa. We were classed as temporary residents with the right to live in Australia. The Visa renewed every 10 years. All our income which includes the state pension was taxed in UK as we have no Australian income. Our state pension was frozen from the day we moved here, but obviously has to be included as it is part of your income. Cant help about purchasing property as the rules have changed and weren’t in effect when we purchased. I only know that as a temporary resident you pay a lot more stamp duty and as far as I know your purchase will have to be approved by the FIRB.
  6. I agree, I can’t find the number of Australians who have returned to Australia since the Covid 19 outbreak,, but I read somewhere it’s many many thousands, and that the strain of the cost of quarantining them and now the outbreak in Victoria with the airport closed is why the numbers have now been cut back. It’s very hard for the posters whose lives are now impacted by the changes, especially if they are prepared to pay for their own quarantine.
  7. Interesting Quoll, I am regularly in touch with my UK friends, and without exception they are all being sensible but also saying things are beginning to get back to some sort of normal, in the last couple of weeks, and they live in many different parts of UK, from the Midlands down to the South. 2 of my friends have even sent photos of finally being finally able to visit the hairdressers. They are all in my age group 70+. The areas of Australia are perhaps very different, but honestly I really haven’t noticed any real change in people’s caring attitude to each other here on the coast. We have kept in touch especially with single people and are just beginning to see more of each other and so enjoying the contact even if still keeping distance. It’s difficult for large groups to restart like Probus meetings due to spacing constrictions , but we are going on our first trip on Thursday.in separate cars, to Noosa Botanical garden followed by a silent movie at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona and lunch. All carefully organised, and then a Christmas in July lunch 2 weeks later. There are lots of rules to be followed. We had a Christmas in July BBQ for our small street yesterday, we don’t live in each other’s pockets at all, but do look after each other when needed, and really enjoyed the sense of freedom. I think there is a sense of ‘anger’ perhaps a slightly too strong a word? towards Victoria, and a concern that it will spread.
  8. ramot

    RIP Jack Charlton ⚽

    Slightly off the sad topic I was on my home from a late shift on the top deck of the bus, going past the Royal Garden hotel in Kensington, and had no idea who the people were on the balcony were and why the crowds were cheering! Yes it was the England team celebrating their win, they might even have been holding the cup? What a photo I could have taken if there had been iPhones in 1966.
  9. ramot

    Lockdown living

    Yes if you are talking about the new pneumonia threat
  10. ramot

    Moving to the Sunshine Coast - suggestions please?

    I have been living on the Sunshine Coast for 17 years and I love it. I have absolutely no idea if it has a microclimate? but it is hot wet and humid from December through to March on average, but most of us cope with it. It makes sense if you live here or anywhere else hot, for that matter that you have aircon preferably reverse cycle. If you lived in UK you would have heating for winter. I know some people moan about the humidity, but if you live here you adjust your life for the few hot months, and although it gets dark early in summer, the majority of us eat outside most nights, it doesn’t feel that dark as the skies are so clear. The stars are amazing here. The rest of the years climate, especially the winter months are mostly glorious, clear blue skies a comfortable day temperature and cool nights. You have probably already experienced this while you have been in Brisbane. The whole area has so much going for it, beautiful beaches, plenty clubs, societies, and activities I think housing is quite expensive, especially the popular areas, and areas near good schools. Prices seem to have gone up over the last couple of years as buyers from further south are snapping them up. The house opposite us sold in 2 weeks recently. I’m afraid I can’t help much about the work situation, as we came here as retirees. Youi has its headquarters here, there is the new large hospital and the University, but I get the feeling that there are lots of self employed, but generally the area seems to be doing ok, and lots of new housing developments, People do commute to Brisbane, but it gets very busy in rush hour. My son commuted to work for several years to the area at the start of the Gympie Rd. It was ok to start with taking about an hour from Mooloolaba, but after North Lakes got so big, the traffic increased making the journey a good 1hr 30 on a good day, a nightmare journey if there was an accident. He would move back to the coast in an instant if the work was here. Reading this I should be employed by the Sunshine Coast tourist board!!! Before moving to Australia when we retired, we had lived in UK and 4 other countries, and after living here for 17 years we have no intention of leaving.the Coast. Good luck with everything
  11. Hope everything goes well for your mother, very worrying for you all x M
  12. ramot

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    I had to go to the Dr. today. Really well organised, you ring from outside when you arrive and then wait outside well spaced. A nurse comes out takes your temperature, you have already been asked all the obvious questions when you book.and told to wait your turn outside and use the hand sanitizer before you enter and told where to sit. So there are 3 of us waiting patiently in the queue, when a woman turns up, uses the sanitizer ignores the queue, nor has her temperature taken and walks straight in and sits down. Why do some people think the rules don’t apply to them? Needless to say I told the nurse.
  13. No idea how many 804 & 864 on shore applications there are, but as you can only enter Australia if you have already have PR or are a citizen until next year, it’s not an option for quite a while.
  14. ramot

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Do you live in Australia or UK?
  15. ramot

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    Most of us on PIO are living a nice comfy life without any concern for anything apart from ourselves, apparently according to a poster who actually knows nothing of our personal circumstances. I would actually think that many of us have children and grandchildren and are very very concerned about them and their future. Some of our children might have lost their jobs, have to now face a very different frightening future, others are desperately hoping their jobs last. Others have put their life savings into a successful business and lost everything, plus numerous other scenarios. Any or all of the above might be affecting me, as a parent, We might post about what appears to be trivia, but so what, perhaps we need the release from our real worries, and don’t broadcast them. I often wonder exactly what qualifications some people actually have who like to tell the rest of us how to live our lives in this unprecedented time of this virus.