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  1. Marisawright

    Household income plunging and poverty rising!

    Why do you think that was the dark ages?
  2. Marisawright

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Exactly. I'm resigned to it, but then I can afford to be - I'm in my mid-sixties with no kids to worry about. I thought for years that the world was going to hell in a hand basket because of climate change and plastics pollution, but now it looks as though we're going back to the dark days of fascism as well - all I can say is, it's one consolation of getting old. I won't have to see the inevitable conclusion (or at least I hope I won't).
  3. But you said that he included you in his application. If he did, then you already have a visa
  4. Marisawright

    Resident Return Visa

    Once you're in Australia, you can come and go as often as you like during that first year of the RRV. Once the RRV expires, you'll need to apply for another RRV before you can go overseas again - but if you weren't planning to go overseas, you could go on living in Australia as long as you liked! The RRV just allows you to leave and re-enter
  5. Marisawright

    Lost Citizenship applicants

    Given the evidence, this sounds like the most likely explanation
  6. Marisawright

    Secret Harbour

    Are you in Australia already?
  7. Marisawright

    The Ashes

    I should hope so too. I'm sure you're aware that a Scot would be as insulted being called an Englishman as you would being called a New Zealander.
  8. Marisawright

    Citizenship Application (by conferral) Checklist

    That looks fairly clear to me. Notice that you click on the blue button marked "steps" and it lists every different kind of document in detail.
  9. If the ABN changes then your application will be rejected as invalid, that is not the same as refusal, so you cannot appeal. However at this stage, you don't even know if the ABN will change, so you may be panicking for nothing.
  10. The ABN may change, or it may not change. It depends how they change the business structure. If the ABN stays the same then you should be fine. If it changes, then I think you could be in trouble.
  11. If you're on his application then you'll get your visa when he gets his. What's your problem?
  12. Marisawright

    Sterling account in Oz

    Try HSBC
  13. Marisawright

    How does my plan look?

    It's very rare that it's worth taking the car, even one that's sold here. The costs of shipping and getting it approved for Australian roads are just too expensive. Buying a car is not difficult. The only thing I'd advise is not to take a lease, even if the rates are attractive. I'm sure you're planning to stay for the long term, but then all new arrivals are (otherwise they wouldn't get this far!), and yet every year, we see people having to head home before their car lease is up, and it's a nightmare to sort out.
  14. Marisawright

    From student to marriage visa for my soon to be wife.

    I have been on these forums for some years. There are several agents here, and two or three of them are very generous with their advice, including Paul. If a situation is simple and straightforward, they'll give you a simple answer. I've seen it time and again. Naturally, they have to be cautious because as professionals, they can be sued if someone considers their advice is wrong. So if they can see some potential snags, they'll give a more cautious answer and recommend you see an agent. I can assure you, that's what's happened here. And I'm basing that judgment on several years observing these forums, whereas you're basing your opinion on a bad experience with a dodgy migration agent, and one post on the forums. So pull your head in.
  15. So he did not include you in his application? You can now apply for a partner visa, but it will go against you if he did not record your relationship in his application.
  16. Marisawright

    TSS 482 - any advice regarding my profile

    If she was transferred with a 457 visa, then that is irrelevant to you. The 457 no longer exists. Of course it is useful for you, if you want to go to Australia. But the government has designed the 482 visa for short-term labour shortages, they do not want you to stay. So if you are hoping to transfer to a permanent visa later, be prepared for a hard road. If your employer does not hire a migration agent to manage the application, then it is probably a lost cause. They need to hire an agent, then the agent will be able to tell you if you meet the criteria.
  17. That’s a foolish attitude. If you are included in his application as a partner, you still get your own separate visa which then remains valid even if you split up. So you get no advantage at all from applying in your own right
  18. Marisawright

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I think it’s just that Melbourne people are different. I’ve found them less materialistic and less judgmental than Sydneysiders
  19. Marisawright

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I do hope it's not Australia. Don't get me wrong, I like living here, but let's face it - if you've ping-ponged twice and it didn't work, the third time isn't going to be any different. Do you think it's because you and your husband are looking for different things? Maybe one of you prefers Oz and the other is happier in the UK, so whichever one you choose, somebody can't settle?
  20. Marisawright

    Sterling account in Oz

    You can do an international transfer with your own bank, but do check what the fee is - they can be extortionate. If you use a company like Moneycorp, you can save a lot on fees. You need to open an account with them (and you'll get a better deal if you join by clicking on their ad in these forums). Then you transfer the amount into your Moneycorp account (and it can sit there as long as you like), and then you give them her bank account details and they'll send it to her.
  21. Marisawright

    My Experience Living in the NT

    Why do you think it works so well for you, yet so many people struggle? I know four people who've moved there. One is a single mum who moved back to be with family, two moved to Darwin because of their husband's work. All three of those women found it very, very hard and were frequently in tears of despair. The other was a single man in his thirties who also hated it. Does it depend on how well-off you are, which suburbs you live in, age - any ideas?
  22. Marisawright

    TSS 482 - any advice regarding my profile

    The visa system has changed since 5 years ago. You don't say what kind of visa your colleague had. If it was a permanent one, that is not practical for you because the waiting time is too long nowadays. If it was a temporary one, that visa (the 457) no longer exists. There is a new visa, a 482, which allows you to move to Australia for 2 or 4 years to work for your employer. After that, you may be able to move on to a permanent visa (or renew the temp one). The employer will need to hire a MARA registered migration agent to assist them in preparing all the paperwork, as it is complex. That agent should be able to tell them whether they are able to sponsor you, given your qualifications and experience. For this visa, it is the employer who should be driving the process and providing you assistance and information on what you need to do - not the other way around! The 482 visa is for the employer's benefit (to fill a role) not for your benefit.
  23. Marisawright

    From student to marriage visa for my soon to be wife.

    To get a partner visa, you must prove you have been together in the equivalent of marriage for at least 12 months. It doesn't matter whether you're married or de facto, it's the twelve months' evidence of your relationship that matters. Note that you cannot count the period while you were dating or engaged, no matter how committed you were. "The equivalent of marriage" means that you're living together, that your finances are shared, that you have joint names on things like a lease or a mortgage, you're named each other as principal beneficiary for your super fund, your will etc. If you can't provide strong evidence of the full 12 months, then getting married won't make any difference.
  24. Marisawright

    Feeling Unsettled - Is it related to Grief??

    If your husband is an Aussie, then take a look at the spouse visa for the UK to see if you could manage it - if you can't meet the financial requirement, it may all be a pipe dream anyway! You either need to find a job paying £18,600 a year, or have savings of at least £62,500 (which you must have held for at least 12 months). Superannuation doesn't count. If you have children, the cost goes up. I just thought that when your mum wanted to come, it might have raised some questions for you about whether you would go back - which might have given you some clues. It does sound as though loneliness is an issue. I'm convinced it's not unique to Australia - I had the same experience when we tried to settle back in the UK. People were friendly on the surface, but I just didn't feel on anyone's wavelength. I'm in Melbourne now and have already made a couple of good buddies. So I think it depends on the suburb you're living in, what life stage you're at, and probably several other factors as well. I'm in the inner suburbs and I'm semi-retired. I have joined seniors' groups, plus I do dance classes, so I'm doing a lot of social stuff. Could you investigate some more social activities?
  25. Marisawright

    UK Pensions

    It depends how long you lived in the UK before you left. If you paid NI contributions in the UK then you may well be eligible for a part pension from the UK govt. When you retire, Centrelink will insist you claim any British pension first, before they calculate what you get from the Australian pension. http://www.britishpensions.org.au/pension-guidelines.htm