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  1. Marisawright


    Not easy, and only gets you a temporary visa with an increasingly uncertain path to PR
  2. I think Martina has hit the nail on the head. The long waiting times are quite a recent phenomenon and many people are unaware of the delays when applying, so they don’t even consider the option of applying onshore. When the wait was shorter, there was no real advantage to applying onshore, as most people need a few months to prepare for such a big move anyway
  3. Marisawright

    How do we sort a house for when we arrive?

    There are some laws about misrepresentation but few people would go to the cost of contesting the case
  4. ....because other people don’t have family hey can work for, for one thing. Plus people with a partner and children don’t want to uproot their family when there’s no certainty. Plus things like cost of school fees on the bridging visa, the significant extra cost of buying a home etc
  5. Even if it gives you work rights, consider that most employers won’t consider you for a permanent job while you’re on s bridging visa so it depends if your line of work lends itself to contract work
  6. Don’t! You will regret it if you do. A British bank account is useful for all kinds of unexpected things, and it’s impossible to open one again if you let it go
  7. Marisawright

    Resident return visa

    To get a RRV, you must demonstrate strong ties to Australia. Do you have that?
  8. Marisawright

    Earning a secondary (passive) income

    That is very true. I got into writing articles online and selling on eBay fifteen years ago when it really was passive income - a few hours’ set up time each week and the money rolled in. Now there are so many thousands of people doing it, competition is too intense and if you want to make money, you need to invest at least twenty hours a week
  9. Marisawright

    Confused about new visas

    Are you eligible to apply for a 189 visa in your own right? If so then do it now
  10. Marisawright


    If you change it on your passport immediately it’s free. Wait too long and you have to pay
  11. Marisawright

    House in UK - CGT if sold vs income tax if rented

    As you’re only coming on a temp visa and it won’t be economic to buy in Australia, is it really a good idea to sell?
  12. Marisawright

    Moving Back to England

    I suggest getting a quote from a removals company to check. It’s true you are usually charged by volume, but if something is unusually heavy for its size, it can be a problem
  13. Marisawright

    Advice needed! Don't let them separate us :(

    Take the working holiday visa, then live together and build evidence of your de facto status to complete the 12 month requirement. Alternatively if you’re not quite ready to commit to shared finances, take the working holiday visa then start the process of applying for a skilled visa
  14. Marisawright

    Employer being a bully

    In view of how important this is for your future, it might be worth having a consultation with someone like Raul. I believe it’s allowed and even advised that you should have your own migration agent as well as the employer, to ensure you are correctly treated
  15. Marisawright

    VIC 190-Offer of Employment requirement

    I'm no expert but someone posted recently that if you have connections to another state, then you must have a job offer in place. The reason is that Victoria doesn't want people applying for Victoria just to get a visa, with the intention of high-tailing it to another state as soon as they're able. Unfortunately it's become a common occurrence so you can't really blame them. It does make it tough because I can't imagine many employers being willing to hold a job open while you get the visa sorted out.
  16. Marisawright

    Will my 186 visa get cancelled if...

    In that case the answer is no
  17. There is a difference between negativity and being realistic
  18. Marisawright

    Mosquito bites

    The bug repellent version is just as full of chemicals as any other insect repellent. I think that’s why the oil was popular with people who are trying to avoid chemicals
  19. Marisawright

    RRV with strong ties (<2 years)

    Because you didn't complete the 2 years, the award of an RRV is discretionary and needs special consideration. The wait is likely to be several months, judging by posts from other people in your situation. You should be aware that "compelling reasons" count for nothing at all, if you can't demonstrate strong ties. In your shoes I would've been moving back to Australia before your PR expired.
  20. Marisawright

    Mosquito bites

    Yes there is, but I'm not sure if it's sold in the UK. I do know that a lot of people found the body oil/bath oil works , though.
  21. Marisawright

    Will my 186 visa get cancelled if...

    If you declare you are intending to work full-time on your application and then you do not work full-time, then you are lying and you have obtained your visa fraudulently, which is illegal. It sounds as though you did intend to work full-time when you applied, but now things have changed and it is not your fault. I think that should be fine, HOWEVER you must be able to prove that it is not your fault. That means you need to see the eye specialist again. Let the specialist know that your work is making the condition worse, and ask them for their advice. If he says you are unable to work full-time, then get him to write a medical certificate stating that. Take that to your employer and ask them to give you their approval in writing.
  22. Marisawright

    Mosquito bites

    @mppc, if you're getting bitten in the living room, then you need to take action to keep the mosquitoes out of the house. Fly screens on every window that opens, and every door are absolutely essential if you live where mosquitoes are prevalent. Check all the fly screens for tiny holes and fix them. These plugins are good for killing any that do get in: https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/ProductDetails/900304/mortein-peaceful-nights-automatic-plug-in Buy yourself some light floaty pants and tops which you can wear at home in the evenings, then you've only got to worry about your hands, feet and face. Please persuade your oh to take this very seriously. It's not just the discomfort of the bite - mosquitoes carry some nasty diseases which you don't want to catch, trust me. Your husband may be getting bitten too but he's not reacting so he's not aware. Mosquitoes breed where there's stagnant water. Clearing away trees and shrubs will do nothing, but finding and emptying every puddle will. You will NEVER build resistance to mosquito bites - but like I said, even if you could, the bigger risk is getting ill as a result
  23. Marisawright

    Play groups and mums groups in shires sydney

    In that case, forget about the North Shore - the commute would be horrendous. The St George area or The Shire would be ideal, nice easy commute
  24. Marisawright

    Mosquito bites

    Yes, tidying the garden will do nothing at all to reduce mozzies.