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  1. Marisawright

    Qld Coast - If anywhere, where would you?

    I agree with Bulya except that of course, it doesn't meet your criteria of a half-hour's drive. Is there a strong reason you need to be so close to Queensland? The beaches on the NSW coast from Newcastle north are every bit as good and I think the weather is better.
  2. Marisawright

    End of free NHS care for non resident Brits

    You need to be able to prove you have a residence in the UK, and if you're staying with parents then you won't have that. You may have to budget to take on a 6 month rental immediately so you can show you've got a lease, and you can get on the electoral roll which will also help. I don't think it matters how long you've been resident, you just need to prove your intention to live there. If you haven't been paying your Class 2 NI contributions while you've been in Australia, then I'd get on and organise to pay the years you missed.
  3. Marisawright

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    Look into the cost of a Movecube. They have three sizes The smallest one will usually work out cheaper than shipping three or four individual boxes, and you'll fit a lot more in. It might even be worth going for a medium one, especially if you have children. I agree it's probably not worth bringing big furniture unless it's stuff you chose carefully and you're attached to. However, I found it was the small stuff that really, really mounted up. We don't generally buy pots, pans, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, tupperware, sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, tools, sewing stuff, all at once, so we don't realise how much it's all worth. The other issue was that it takes a heck of a long time to traipse round the shops buying all that small stuff!
  4. Marisawright

    Payment gateway for receiving donations

    You've posted several questions about setting up a charity. This sounds like a new question. The simplest way to accept donations is Paypal. It has no setup fees or monthly fees. Its transactoin fees may not be the cheapest but it is the one that will attract the most donations, for one simple reason - it is a service that many people are familiar with in their daily lives, so they are more likely to trust it. They can use it to pay donations by credit cards OR by direct transfer from their bank.
  5. Marisawright


    I've never heard of them, but the fact that they've got people with experience in both countries is a plus.
  6. I'm guessing it's because he just wants citizenship, then he wants to go home.
  7. Marisawright

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    Be warned, when you apply for citizenship, it's not finalised until you attend the citizenship ceremony. So you'll have to stay in Australia until after the ceremony takes place. We've seen people who've been waiting over a year.
  8. Sadly the authorities will just say, “you should have thought of that” so there is no way to appeal for priority. Does she want to move to Australia permanently or just for regular visits?
  9. Marisawright

    can i apply vic 190 if i am not in the state

    I would be very careful about admitting you're going to lie to Immigration on a public forum
  10. Marisawright

    Leaving Oz after 8 years.

    All the best. It's never good being in a country where you don't feel at home. Although I'm a Scot by birth, I experienced the same thing in reverse. You'll be fine!
  11. Marisawright

    Are skilled tradie occupations less competitive?

    Yes, I felt the same. It seemed the writer was looking at the low number of invitations and deducing that there can't have been many applicants - which is flawed logic. I suspect part of the issue is that we have an Immigration Minister who hates immigrants.
  12. Marisawright

    870 visa

    Unfortunately that's the consequence of the decision they made. He'll have to wait the 5 years. You could try consulting a good agent to see if they can spot a way around it.
  13. Marisawright

    Are skilled tradie occupations less competitive?

    Just curious, where are you seeing hype about labour shortages? You certainly don’t see it in Australia.
  14. Marisawright

    Construction Jobs with Current Economy

    The downturn is in residential, specifically large apartment blocks.
  15. Marisawright

    Getting broadband with no Australian credit history

    This is really surprising because Australian suppliers never used to check credit ratings. Provided you had the 100 points of ID, you were fine. Are you sure it was the credit rating that was the problem?
  16. Marisawright

    Can you apply for consecutive 155/157 RRVs?

    Hope doesn't equal certainty. What will you do if you get refused?
  17. Marisawright


    Was that person a qualified agent? If not, how do you know that was the truth? I think you really, really need professional help
  18. Marisawright

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    She was a one-hit wonder, hardly the same thing.
  19. Marisawright

    Exception Basis

    We recently had someone else refused for the same thing
  20. Marisawright


    I realise that, but you should have applied for the partner visa in Australia, not in some random other country. You have made life difficult for yourself. You may be able to withdraw the application and start again, this time apply for the onshore visa. You need to consult a good agent.
  21. Marisawright

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    You obviously do not understand how Australian government works. Immigration is just a government department staffed by ordinary people. It does what the government tells it. The current government (which has just been re-elected) is anti-immigration. There have been too many companies using 457 and 186 visas to bring relatives or friends into the country, when they could just as easily hire an Australian. The government is very keen to stop that happening. So now, companies are required to make a strong case to prove that they have tried to hire locally first, and that the position is genuine.
  22. Marisawright

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Doesn't your agent know what is required? They are both things that must be supplied by your employer, anyway.
  23. Marisawright

    864 Both applicants age

    Once they're in the country they're in the country, so they can apply any time they like. In the grand scheme of things, theyé got so long to wait that a few weeks hardly matter. The bridging visa won't come into effect until their tourist visa expires anyway.
  24. Marisawright

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    Yes it was. I had heard her sing live years about twenty years ago. At the time, I'd assumed she was one of those manufactured stars and that her voice would be dodgy, so I was fully expecting her to lip-sync. However you could tell it was live because she did wobble a bit, especially when she was dancing and singing at the same time, but she was pretty good overall. People's voices do change as they get older. The biggest change is that the register drops - just listen to Tom Jones a decade ago, compared to Tom Jones in his prime. In Tom's case, he's still got the power even though he can't reach the high notes, but some singers just lose it. I think Madonna has lost it.
  25. Marisawright

    Eurovision Madonna was shocking

    Yes, I miss Terry Wogan. Graham Norton did the commentary for a while and tried to do the same, but it never worked. I think it's always been a thoroughly camp affair but that was why Terry's piss-taking worked so brilliantly. Julia Zemiro had some good lines, but she was handicapped by Sam Pang (who tried to be funny and wasn't). They should've found her another partner rather than dumping them both.