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  1. hawkmoon1704

    Where do Poms go to look for work?

    I know that's not quite right as I have contact with quite a few Poms that have done it. But I think I get your point.
  2. hawkmoon1704

    Where do Poms go to look for work?

    P.S I have another friend that is migrating with an agent but these guys are massive and they are setting him and his family up with a rental, TFN, Medicare (once landed an agent comes around with paperwork and arranges appointments to get this stuff done.....at a price...most of us had to find our own way but for free) and even have secured 6 months work for him on arrival! ……..some good work being done out there.
  3. When we moved we waited until we got to Australia before getting work. I now have UK friends asking where they should search for job adverts. My initial advice is to check the obvious Seek, Indeed and Apply Direct. These do come up with some leads but I think when companies see the applicant is still in the UK it puts them off. So, are there any other ways people can secure work in Australia while still in the UK? My friends are two electricians and a mechanical fitter all in their 20's (we can assume they are skills tested or will retrain to Aussie standards on arrival).
  4. hawkmoon1704

    Residents return visa

    Awesome thanks!
  5. hawkmoon1704

    Residents return visa

    Perhaps not for this forum. Does anyone know the cost of a residents return visa? I am on 189 Skilled. I am resident but visa has run out so I'll need a returning residents visa, just wondered the cost.....can't find anything for my specific subclass. Thanks.
  6. hawkmoon1704

    I'm actively looking for work in NSW, any tips?

    @f1moto yeah we are in sydney nsw now settling down to regular life. I got a job working for one steel. I went on to seek and applied for 180 odd jobs in my first 7 weeks of being here. I wrote a covering letter for each one and tailored my resume each time to suit the role i was applying for. Obce you get rolling you just register with every jobsite and every agency you cone across and keep a basic cv and cover letter on ur pc that you mush up for each application.
  7. hawkmoon1704

    I'm actively looking for work in NSW, any tips?

    @aconcannon hi i used "seek" to find jobs but most of these are advertised by labour hire agencies so you can register with the agency directly and upliad a resume. Applydirect.com.au i think is a good place to look. Chandler McCleod is an agency worth a check. Google labour hire agencies in Manly and sydney and email them no harm in starting a dialigue soon but be prepared to knock doors and make calls to chase up work. Lots of companies seem to hire through agencies first and then make you permanent once they see how good you are also being traded both ways he could get work as either i took me 7 weeks to get work and it can take longer. Also i travel 30mile to work now when in uk i travelled 2.5miles so be prepared for that Have you got bank accounts set up yet are you in Oz yet? Ian.
  8. hawkmoon1704

    I'm actively looking for work in NSW, any tips?

    Hi @aconcannon yeah i work at the sydney steel mill been here since xmas ver happy with stdney...apart from the english weather haha. Summer and autumn is very nice tho. Cnc guys are picking up great rates here from what ive seen..i defo picked the wrong trade Good luck .
  9. hawkmoon1704

    Our story now we've landed

    Hope this is the right place for an update. The short story is that we landed in Brisbane drove to Melbourne, drove back to Brisbane for work then got a full time permanent job in Sydney so drove back down there. We have been in Sydney since 21st Dec 2014. We stayed in hotels and parks before finally taking a rental in Oatley. Its lovely here and has a very english village feel to me. The people are nice and the shops are good with 2 butchers 4 hairdressers a barbers a shoe repair shop, chippy and 2 fruit and veg shops as well as a bread bakers and a cake bakers. It also has a nice pub and a nice little wine bar. It been a bit of a drama getting here and getting settled in but i spose you work hard for the nice things. Theres a big river nearby and we often cross the bridge to go swimming in the river pool nearby or just to bbq our dinner on the free bbqs there I dont want to bore you all of another migration tale but if anyone wants to ask questions or is coming to Sydney and would like to meet up then ask away id love to give out the kind of help that others gave to us on our journey. Ian.
  10. @casson35 is there still job openings at you place?
  11. hawkmoon1704

    How much are you guys paying for flights?

    First time we went to Aus we wanted to fly on the airbus 380 so picked singapore air. We loved it! so quiet on that plane by comparison and turbulance seemed less shaky..im a terrible flier lol. Also felt the service was really good the girls are verry attentive. So we used them 2nd time for Aus and now third time to migrate. its worth it that tiny bit of extra comfort went a long way as Im six foot and have long thighs. :0)
  12. hawkmoon1704

    How much are you guys paying for flights?

    .....and buy from the airline. I personally have found its cheaper that way than going to travel agent.
  13. hawkmoon1704

    How much are you guys paying for flights?

    Last year with Singapore air we paid £1600 for two returns for me and the Mrs that was going in to Brisbane from Heathrow via Singapore with 2hr layover We just bought two singles to Brisbane last month exactly same flight for £1500. Shop around change your dates and change your time of day flying. Mind you if you gotta fly from Scotland to London first, I spose that would increase cost.
  14. hawkmoon1704

    Getting employment.

    @srg73 thank you :0) thats a helpful post. So if its hot Im guessing shirt, tie, trousers and shoes then. I'm cool with that, always thought its nice to make a good impression on first appearance.
  15. hawkmoon1704

    Its really happening....

    Hi we move out to Melbourne in 2 weeks time, got no kids and no idea about suburbs apart from what I have researched haha, just wanted to say hi and I hope it goes well for you maybe you should go have a look at PIO's sister site http://www.lifeinvictoria.com/index.php its dedicated to Victoria and loads of Melbourne people in there to offer help and a friendly smile :wink: