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      Found 166 results

      1. 189 - EOI Waiting time

        Hello everyone, I submitted my EOI for 189 on March 19th with 75 points for Analyst Programmer - 261311. Can anyone tell me the waiting time to receive an invite? Am getting really anxious. Thanks, Sonia G
      2. Hi all, It's great to see everyone share so much information on this forum. Thanks. I've worked as a management accountant in full time roles for the past 10 years, all in top companies in their field. All my experience has been post MBA. I got an Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA) in November 2014. I've got all my roles based on being qualified by experience. I'm a bit concerned about the assessment from CPA though. Will they consider my experience prior to the CIMA diploma in 2014. If I'm not mistaken, they consider all experience but can someone confirm? My entire application hinges on this. In terms of points, my breakdown is I can also get 5 additional points for Partner Skills but right now it doesn't seem required. Might have to do it if CPA deduct my points for experience. I've already done my PTE and received top scores in each module. Thanks Pete
      3. AITSL Skills Assesment

        I received an email today from AITSL to say that my assessment has ben processed and will be posted to me. It doesn't actually state if it was successful or not, has anybody any experience of this? I kind of expected they would say it was successful or that I would get asked for more information if it wasn't to be successful. any help would be appreciated
      4. Hi everyone, I’m looking for any information anyone can give on the timeframe for a visa grant with 60 points or 65 with state sponsorship. I’ve heard that they are only accepting people who have 70+ points, so are we in for a long wait?? anyones experiences applying with 60/65 points would be grateful. My husband is the main applicant he’s a welder (first class) he has the final part of his skills assessment next week and also the English test too. So will hopefully be lodging EOI soon. thanks!
      5. So I am claiming points for 9 years work experience - the last 7 years should be ok as I have references form the Principal and my contract - the first two years all I have so far is a reference from the school with the details of when I worked there I have asked the HMRC for the P60 for the last 9 years Does anybody know if this is sufficient evidence for the 189 or 190 visa application?? between this and the Form 80 I am thinking of hiring a migration agent to help - other than this i think i would be ok on my own because its a pretty straight forward set of circumstrances
      6. Hi everyone, So I am a bit confused by the whole visa process, timelines etc and I am thinking of getting an agent to help me. Does anybody have any advice on if this is a good move or a recommend someone ? I am just waiting in my skills assessment to come back before submitting my EOI and will have 60 points as it stands but should be able to get 20 points for language any tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks
      7. Construction Project Manager

        Hi, I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for PR under 133111 Construction Project Manager. I have a Bachelors degree in Geophysics, and currently doing Masters in Project Management in Australia. Regards
      8. Hello, Not sure if this the right place for this, but I'm in a bit of jumble on what occupation to nominate when I do apply for 189. I'm on a 485 which ends next year and would like to get this out of the way. I'm still drafting my episodes for the Skills assessment. Studied Bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering and have a masters in manufacturing engineering ( project about solar energy for 6 months) Work experience: Casual customer service for 2 years with university Installation manager for a solar energy startup Operations analyst for a Energy retailer Currently, Operations manager for solar energy startup
      9. Skills Assessment for Chef

        Hi everyone There are several questions related to skills assessment for chef that I hope I can get the answers from you. I studied Commercial Cookery and obtained my Cert IV in Commercial Cookery in Dec 2016. Since the new visa 482 & 187 are no longer suitable for new graduates like myself, I'm thinking about applying for visa 189 (if I have 65+ points) or 190. Besides English (which I need to achieve), I also have to obtain a full skills assessment which normally lasts for 1 year. However, as chef can be divided into several categories such as commis chef (kind of like kitchen hand), chef de partie (responsible for a section in the kitchen), sous chef, head chef etc. I wonder what kind of chef position that I need to look for in order to be eligible to apply and obtain the CHEF skills assessment. I know that the responsibility for head chef/sous chef is much more complicated and heavier compares to the responsibility of commis chef. Any advice is appreciated!! I would love to know if anyone got their skills assessment for chef and under which exact position.
      10. Hi, I'm completing my 189 visa where I am only claiming points for me. However, my application also includes my partner on it so it also asks for his employment history over last 10 years and his education. Unfortunately my partner can't remember the exact start and finish dates for some of his employers and his education in terms of exact days started and finished. My query is do these dates need to be absolutely correct even though I'm not claiming points for him as we are struggling to confirm the dates? Will it affect my application if we get the day wrong? I'd be grateful for advice from someone's who's in a similar position and received a successful visa. Cheers, Sarah
      11. Front loading Medicals and PC???

        Hi all, So we have submitted our application for a 190 visa to SA on the 2/2/18, we are yet to hear anything back but we are looking to be moving as soon as possible!! We have just accepted an offer on our house and will be moving in to a rental accommodation (worst case we don't get a visa and we need a bigger house in the uk anyway (hope it doesn't come to that)). We are seriously considering front loading our medicals, police checks and form 80 to speed up the process but our agent is being very cautious. We know that you have 12 months from the date that you do the medicals and PC but if we front load them May/June we will have already had our application submitted 4-5 months out of the 9-12 month wait time and since we will have already sold the house is there much worry in submitting these before they ask us for them?
      12. Accountant - Work experience

        Hi all, Just new to here. I got positive assessment from CPA for General Accountant (did not ask CPA to assess work experience) But I have more than 9 years working experience including 14 month in big four as an auditor. My question is will these 14 months consider as highly related to General Accountant work experience? Thanks. Neo
      13. Report post Posted 9 hours ago Hi! With relation to the above, im about to lodge my skills assessment with VETASSESS. I have a Bachelor of Business and Commerce Degree and just completed a year of work experience working as an associate Project Manager in Finance/IT (Fintech). Should I make the jump and apply for my skills assessment straight away or request some advice on this from VETASSESS? Appreciate any feedback on this! @Raul Senise Kind Regards, NQ
      14. 189 for a Metallurgist?

        Hi, I'm a skilled Metallurgist with 8 years experience (1.5 years in Australia) and am trying to emigrate permanently. According to the Govt home affairs website list my occupation is only employer nominated? Does anyone know if there is any other way please? I held a 457 back in 2012, but the company sold the mine and I had to leave or quickly find a new sponsor (which was difficult at the time, due to a downturn in the industry), so would prefer the stability of a permanent visa this time. I meet the points criteria and have already had my skills checked back in 2012. I appreciate any suggestions please, Thanks, Melissa
      15. Hello My partner and I had our skilled permanent visa (189) granted in December 2016 and have been living & working in Aus since. I was the secondary applicant for this. If we were to break up, does anybody know if I need to inform the DIBP of the change in relationship status? And what if anything it could mean for my own Visa status?? Thanks
      16. Nursing AHPRA help

        So sorry if these questions have been asked before I was just wondering if anyone can advise me further We have been advised by an agent for me apply to AHPRA first due to some complexities with my qualification (I have a post graduate diploma in nursing which is marked at level 7 whereas degrees are marked at level 6). I am in the process of collecting the evidence for this and then have to wait for the outcome and possibly receive the 'in principle' letter and I would then have to fly over and present to AHPRA. Am I correct thinking that I still have to get all my documents certified before sending to AHPRA? With the possibility of not meeting their standards? We have been advised due to my qualification to apply for a 189 visa but use my partner as the main applicant as he is a gas fitter and plumber - he currently has 60 points (once completed IELTS) and may possibly get 65 if I can bring points for my qualification. I've read somewhere on this forum that because I won't be the main applicant for the visa I won't need a skills assessment with ANMAC, is this correct? Also would I still need to complete the academic level on the IELTS or can I just do the general test? Sorry for the long post
      17. Hi Everyone, I am interested in applying for a 189 Visa for ICT Security Specialist. I have 4 years experience in the ICT Security field and I am CISSP qualified. Unfortunately I do not have a degree which means I do not have enough experience to get a positive skills assessment from ACS. My question is: Does anybody know if ACS recognise CISSP as an ICT qualification and what experience would be needed to gain a positive skills assessment if they do? Thanks! Jack
      18. Assessment status change

        Hi I’ve had a 190 application in since August 17, with CO contact and further information request (and provided) in September. Our status has just changed to ‘Further Assessment’ in progress!- is this just a refresh of the status categories? Thanks
      19. Hi guys, i have a plan A and plan B, both have been discussed on here. Now there's also potentially a back up plan. In 2002 i passed a Btec National Diploma in Hospitality and Catering Management and then i was a chef for 12 years. Thing is it's been over 4 years since i was a chef so i wondered if this would affect an assessment. I've asked the migration agent who has been advising me at OE (that we're highly likely to be using, i think it's @Richard Gregan who heads up that agency and he's been great too, calling my fiancee and leaving a message on Friday) and i'm waiting on a reply. I could potentially use my career as a chef to obtain a visa and get back in the kitchen! Any advice on this would be welcomed. Thanks, Lewis
      20. Hi all, I am new to this forum and have been doing as much research as possible. I am aware that in the last invitation round no accountants were invited and it's looking grim until the new year resets in July. I have a few questions that I would be eternally grateful if somebody was able to answer as I am looking to submit my skills assessment to the CPAA by Sunday. I called a MARA agent for advice but they never called me back in time unfortunately during the day. 1) At what point does my skilled work experience begin? I am ACA-qualified, finishing my exams in November 2013, but becoming time qualified in 2014, whilst my certificate says April 2015 (after all paperwork was submitted). Would they consider all experience after exam-qualification (in November 2013), as post-qualified work experience? 2) I ACA-qualified at EY as an auditor, and left after three years to work as a Finance Analyst (then Finance Manager) in industry until now. I assume these are sufficiently close to Account (General) such that I can apply for this skill at the CPAA? 3) If I am considered as having 3 years+ experience (depending on my first question), it looks like I will have 70 points (+5 for subclass 190). Assuming I am able to lodge my EOI in April, does it seem likely that I will be able to be invited anytime soon? I am aware that sub-75 seems a no go for Accountants at the moment, I am conscious that the wait for visa processing, i.e. after invitation and application, now says 9 months. I wanted to move in January 2019, does this seem realistic? 4) Suppose I submit my subclass 189 + 190 applications, and I am waiting for my visa at the end of the year. Is it advisable to head out on a WHV if I don't want to wait too long into next year? What are the implications if my permanent visa is granted whilst I'm in Australia on a WHV? My apologies for starting a new thread. I did look for relevant information and was able to piece some together, but I am just conscious of time now as I know the quicker lodged the better. Best Regards
      21. Hi, Can anyone help me to clarify how many points I should be able to get please? I’ve calculated it as: Age 40-44 = 15 points 5-7 years skilled employment = 10 points Will attempt to get superior English in IELTS! = 20 points Qualification for skilled occupation = 10 points Now here’s the bit that bothers me - can I also get 15 points for my BA from the UK as well as the 10 points for the qualification for skilled occupation? Or is it a case of one or the other? Because if I can’t have both, I’m not going to have enough points 🤔 Also, are any additional points given for having a Masters? Thanks
      22. ETA while waiting for 189

        Hey guys, I'm a bit nervous and hoping someone knows the answer or knows where to find the answer. I'm hoping to submit for the 189 this month as I currently have 80 points in my EOI. Once submitting I am front loading everything and took the risk with my medicals and police checks. I'm hoping with a complete package I might have a faster outcome, but am nervous that the times have increased to 9-12 months. Here lies my dilemma. I'm getting married in Australia in December! I obviously would like to be able to attend my own wedding. Once submitted for the 189 can I continue to visit Australia? I have an ETA valid through September, and would like to go visit my fiance who already moved (Australian citizen but we decided on the skilled migrant vs partner due to cost/processing times/permanent visa). If so, I have heard that if you apply for an ETA while waiting for the 189 and it comes through even 1 minute after that it would bump the 189, and now I would be stuck back at the beginning. I thought that the way around this would just be to pay for my ETA again now, prior to applying for the 189 to make sure this wouldn't happen. However, it says on the ETA website that since I have a valid ETA until September 13th- that the new one will become active September 14th. I'm nervous that if I submit for this and possibly have my visa prior that when this becomes "active" it will bump my visa. All in all, just trying to find a way to pray I can be at my own wedding! All advice is appreciated! Thanks so much!
      23. Pearson online mock

        Has anyone completed the online Pearson mock tests? Do you think they're representative of the test on the day? I just scored 90 across the board in the one I just took which makes me suspicious as I swear I sucked at a few of the speaking ones... I did get 73 in pronunciation which not sure what that was based off of. Shame I can't get a breakdown of my answers.
      24. I'm pulling together docs for my skills assessment with CAANZ. Two of my employers (combined 2 years experience) have policies in place that only allow references confirming dates, salary, job title and won't provide anything that details my role and responsibilities. I understand you can provide a statutory declaration in this case but who needs to provide one? As a further sticking point comes from the fact other employees (e.g. former line managers) won't provide such a declaration as they don't want to breach company policy either. Do I have any other options? I basically won't receive an invite to apply if I lose that 2 years of experience (as I would end up with just 65 points). Thanks.
      25. Can someone clarify that in order to claim the additional 5 points for ‘Partner Skills’ does the partner need to sit the IELTS test if they hold a UK Passport? All other criteria is met - age, job is on skills list for 189 and will be assessed by appropriate authority (more expensive than the main applicant!) [emoji15] From the screen shots from the homeaffairs website I have taken I am under the impression that the test does not need to be taken if a UK passport is held... (Hoping I am right as it will save us £165 that we can put towards the qualifications being assessed instead!) Many thanks