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      Found 137 results

      1. Gas engineer 189 visa

        Hi, Im looking for some help regarding moving to Australia. I’m a gas engineer, qualified to SVQ level 3 in domestic natural gas installation and maintenance. I completed my apprenticeship through a company doing both on site and college work. I’ve never done any plumbing at all, so don’t have any plumbing qualifications etc... this worries me as I’ve seen gas engineers saying they’ve opted to go down the plumbers route for applying as it’s easier? i’ve been reading a lot of other people’s posts about the difficulties of applying and the steps which you need to go through to finally land in Oz successfully. I want to move over in the next 3 years with my partner and young son, somewhere in NSW. I’m aware of the points system, that there is tests to be taken, evidence of work to be given. I just don’t know where to start, any help would be appreciated. cheers Brian
      2. Hi all. I am desperate for some help please. Visa 189 submitted 28.10.17 Last week we finally had communication from a CO. Requesting evidence of employment for me and form 80 for my hustand and myself. Looking through the formal request when it details certifying documents it is very specific in saying that it must be a person who is equivalent to a justice of the peace e.g. notary of public or a migration agent; but all other evidence already submitted was certified by a teacher which was permitted. I have emailed the GSM twice but I haven't heard anything back. Does anyone else please have any advice or guidance that you can offer. A notary public is not only more expensive but also a complicated process as she woild need to contact the source of all documents to certify them (8 years worth of employment in 4 different jobs). We are 7 days into our 28 a day limit to submit so I am very anxious about trying to get this done ASAP. Many thanks
      3. 189 processing times

        Hi everyone! I'm looking to hear other people's experiences with the processing time for the 189 visa. I logged in recently and was gutted to see that it has increased from 5-8 months before Christmas, to 6-10 months now We have 75 points with my husband as the main applicant, who is an accountant. We submitted our EOI in the summer and quickly received an invitation to apply. We initially submitted our application in on the 5th September 2017 and later received an email asking us to upload our character forms and police checks. We submitted all of the required information on the 4th November 2017 (beware of the button you have to click once you've uploaded your docs, I missed it and only noticed when I logged back in later!) We have heard nothing since and the wait is agonising. We want to put our house on the market, but don't want to risk selling up without a concrete decision on our visas. Our medicals expire at the end of September and my husband has a 3 month notice period at work, so if we don't have a grant by June, it's game over for a 2018 move I have heard that sometimes grants are issued with an initial entry date that is only a few weeks away it would surely be impossible for most people to pack up and leave in that time, especially if you have property to sell... Do we take the risk and sell up without a grant??? We'd need to get the visas by June, how likely is that? Keen to hear from anyone else who is in the same boat! Tina x
      4. Visa Application Queries

        Hi All My husband and I have decided to start the ball rolling to obtain a 189 visa but we're unsure where/ when to start the process and hoping you all can help with a few queries: Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, good migration agent? I've had a quote for £1,800 - is this about the going rate? Are visa agents able to help with where to go in terms of where the best job prospects are? I have looked at skillselect and this seems relatively straight forward, is it the application for the actual visa that is more complicated? I understand the English tests are valid for two years, is that two year to obtain a visa or two years to enter Oz? Hope that makes sense... We have been discussing whether or not to make the move for years, my biggest fear is not making any friends.. Have people found this is ok once arriving? Thanks Vicky
      5. Accountant on 189

        Wondered if anyone had any thoughts/experience on how long it may take to get an invite for a 189 visa as an accountant (general), code 221111. We have 75 points and lodged our EOI a few days ago. A friend submitted his 11 months ago (late january 2017)for the same occupation and same number of points and he was invited on the first round post submitting his EOI. (Very lucky!!) However from what I've looked at recently on skill select there seems to be a few months months wait on 75pointers for accountants despite the doubling of accountants being invited this year?
      6. New 189 questions

        Hi All, I have a couple of questions about the process of obtaining a 189 visa. So far I understand that what I need is 60 points, and to pay the visa fee. At the moment my age gets me 30 points, my potential IELTS score will get me 20 and my work history in the UK will get me 10. My main question is how do i prove my work history? I read on the main gov site that I need to get a signed letter-headed letter from the employer confirming I worked there, if this is true I could be in trouble as a couple of the companies I worked for no longer exist, is there a way to prove this via tax history or something similar? And my second question beyond the points and the fees is there anything else I need to provide? I understand that police checks can't be prepared in advance as they have to be within 3 months from getting the call back about the application. My third question, I have just over 6 months left on my current 417 visa and want to know if I get all my documentation sent in and get to the "wait for a call back" stage does that allow me to stay longer than the 6 months as I will have a new visa application pending or do I still need to seek a 3 month rural placement to get me a second year as a backup? Any help from my fellow poms would be greatly appreciated Steve
      7. Hi All,I've applied for VISA 189/190 NSW for ANZSO code 261312 with 70/70+5 NSW points with following break upAge 25Educational Qualifcation 15Australian experience 10Overseas experience 10English 10But after ACS assessment they consider my experience after October 2009, and my overseas experience stand now to 59 months and Australian experience is 37 months . It is not possible to increase my overseas experience as I am working in Sydney. Now after Acs assessment I can claim only 65/65+5 point for 189/190 visa.Luckily i got invite from NSW on basis of 75 point and after submission of the required document to NSW my nomination got approved.My question is can i proceed with VISA filing considering that already I lost 2-3 months during this process, or i should neglect this nomination and create a new application in skill select with 65 points. Any help would be highly appreciated.
      8. Hi Everyone, I am new here and any help is highly appreciated My 485 visa was about to expire so I applied for a student visa on 22/10/2017 and BVA was granted. I received the invitation for 189 on 06/12/2017 and applied for the visa on 07/12/2017. Today (12/12/2017), I was granted BVC saying this visa is not in effect because my BVA is currently in effect. My question here is, should I withdraw my student visa on my own or wait until CO guides me? Also, I read somewhere that there are 28 days cooling date once you withdraw your visa upon CO guidance and then only CO will grant you the visa? Thank you so much in advance and I really hope to hear from you all very soon
      9. Medcial grade B and parent as guardian

        Hi, we've just had our medicals emailed to us from knightsbridge doctors, unfortunately they're closed now so can't ask them any questions. could someon on here assist? Question 1 I have a pacemaker I have to visit the every 6mths now as my battery is low (2yrs remaining) it used to be every 12mths, Ihave bradycardia adnd it's controlled well, part of the report below, this and tennis elbow surgery put me as a grade B, should I be worried?? Pace maker in situ since 2009-when diagnosedwith bradycardia for dizzy spells,check upsevery 6 months and no further episodessince insertion of pacemaker. In 2014 heunderwent a laparoscopic fundoplicationfor gastro oesophageal reflux disease.Sincethen asymptomatic and no need for anymedication.See attached letters Question 2 I accidently put my wife down as a guardian to our 12yr old daughter this was picked up by the receptionist at the doctors she said she would change it, which she did but only in 1 place it's now showing the below, any advise? Client Declaration The client stated that they read and understood the department's use of the information they have provided.Name of parent/guardian: CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client: Mother (incl. in-law)   Client declaration The client has provided true and correct medical history information. Name of parent/guardian CHERYL PEARCE Relationship to the client Guardian
      10. Papers requested by case officer

        Hello everyone, my certificate of experience is issued from governmental body & I had it authenticated by ministry of state & the Australian embassy here in Egypt. Would that be enough evidence for the case officer? I'm asking this because I can't get any other evidence of experience.
      11. Plant fitter 189 visa process

        Hi all, Me and my OH are currently going through the process of moving to Australia with the 189 skilled visa, I am a qualified plant fitter and have passed my IELTS and the first stage of the skill assessment with vetasess and have my technical interview on the 12th December (which I am very nervous about). We are just wondering if there is any other plant fitters that have already had their technical interview/visa granted? We are hoping to get over to Australia by September/October 2018. We look forward to hearing your experiences
      12. Hi all,I have received an invite for 189 and want to apply for visa asap.However, I just left Australia for a longer trip. My partner is still in Australia during this time, though she will visit me abroad during my trip.Question:If I apply for 189 while being outside of Australia, will my partner get a bridging visa if she is in Australia during my application? I do not really need a bridging visa, since I hold e-visitor visa and can stay in AU up to 3 months at a time. I do travel often anyway, so I can easily just use my current visa until I get 189.My partner, however, holds a visa that expires soon, so for her getting bridging visa is very important.Ideally I want to apply while offshore, then come to Australia on my e-visitor visa to stay with my partner. Will she get a bridging visa if she is in Australia during application, but I am not in the country?Thanks.
      13. Help - question regarding points

        Hey everybody. I've looked all through the forum archives to try and find an answer to my query so i didn't have to start a new thread but i've had no joy. You get points for qualifications, but do the qualifications have to be relevant to the occupation? My girlfriend will be the primary applicant as veterinary nurse but she has a BA Degree in Textiles - will that degree get her further points or does she have to use the qualification attached to vet nursing? it's much lesser and will give less points. Thanks, Lewis
      14. Hi, Just have a query with regards to my eligibility to apply for the 189 Visa as a NZ citizen. I moved to Australia from NZ in Sept 2009 and worked up until August 2016. I fall within the threshold of the income category. I quit my job in 2016 and have been travelling every since and will only be back in Australia in June 2018. I still have a property in Aus and that is where my home is. As I have been away for over an year now , will I still be eligible to apply for PR under the 189 Visa? https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/189-new-zealand-stream Will my absence away from Aus on holiday deny me the approval for the visa? Thanking you in advance.
      15. Where have all the visa grants gone?!

        Hi everyone, So, I can't help but notice that October grants are well below the usual grant rate? I know September was a massive month (one of the trackers reporting as many as 270 PR grants in the month) much more than the usual, but so far in October less than a handful. Does anyone know why this might be? Even if you don't include September its still way below the average. I could make some assumptions about why but, if anyone has more experience or has some information that would be great!
      16. 189 Visa Verification

        Is there any detailed verification happened in background for ACS i mean from previous companies about jobs and responsibilities.
      17. Confusion in visa form

        Hi there...Im filling visa form for 189 visa...what should be the answer to following question...Im student here in Australia from Pakistan Q-Have any of the applicants lived in a country other than the primary applicant's usual country of residence? please reply
      18. PR as General Accountant

        Hi, I'm Shekhar Mehta from Kolkata, India. This topic is in regards to getting an invite with 75 points and entire processing time taken by DIBP after the invite for Permanent Residency File Under section 189, 190 and 489 for General Accountant. I submitted my academics and experience documents along with my PTE scores of 70-W, 75-L, 79-R and 90-S to CPA Australia for my skill assessment on 6th June, 2017. I got a reply from them on 6th July, 2017 stating that I need to pass two papers namely Financial Accounting and Reporting and Business Law to get a positive outcome for my assessment as General Accountant. I appeared for FAR on 4th August, 2017 and Business Law on 24th August, 2017 and cleared both the examinations. I submitted a supplementary form to CPA Australia on 24th, August, 2017 for updating my assessment and on 6th September, 2017 I received a positive outcome on my skill assessment for academics and Employment. I took my PTE Academic examination again on 18th September, 2017 and got my result on 21st September, 2017 with scores of S-90, W-81, R-83, L-81. I lodged my EOI on 21st September, 2017 with 75 points. Age - 30 Education - 15 Experience - 10 English - 20 When can I expect an invite for 189 and 190 (NSW) and is there any chance of getting PR with the points I have as I got to know from different forums that its pretty difficult to get an invite with 75 points. Again, how long it takes for the entire process and are there chances of rejection from DIBP after invite. Kindly reply on it guys. Any help would be greatly appreciated by me. Thanks.
      19. Hi all, I would like to know if it is allowed to get a student visa between 457 and application for 189. Currently I am on 457, expiring in 8 November this year, and in the process of preparing to apply for 189. I have sent required documents to the assessing organisation and were received on 17 July and process time is up to 10 weeks according to them. This means that it might not be until the end of October that I will get the assessment (if positive, of course), leaving about 2 weeks to send EOI, get invited and apply, which is pretty ambitious. So, I need to do something so that I don't need to get out of the country and the only option I can think of is a student visa. Does anybody here know if it is OK (or not OK) for me to do that? Or, does anybody have another idea? Thank you for your support in advance. Sayaka
      20. Hi all, My husband, who is a New Zealander, plans to apply for his PR (stream of subclass 189). The application states that there are two options - either apply for a HAP ID first and go for the health check, or lodge the application and get one done if requested by the government. I am inclined to apply for the health check first, but my husband wants to just submit the application. Has anyone had experience lodging an application without a health check? Would love to hear your thoughts. Cheers
      21. Is there any nurses received their EOI since July 1, 2017? It seem a long wait for 60-65 points due to high number of higher pointers. Applied EOI-5/7/17 EOI- 65 points
      22. Mistakes in EOI

        Hi everyone, I have received visa invitation for SC 189. But I realized, after invitation is received, that there are following 2 mistakes in my EOI: 1. Country of birth is mentioned incorrect. 2. Starting date of employment is mentioned incorrect (This employment is partly claimed and luckily points for this part are not claimed). Unfortunately, this was my last chance to get an invitation because after that round my age points are reduced. Now the question is, how should I proceed for Visa Application? Should I correct both mistakes while submitting Visa Application? Both mistakes do not affect my points.
      23. Hi Everyone I am at the start of my visa application for Australia. I would like to know how your current employment status outside Australia will affect your VISA application ? In other words, I will be employed when I lodge my EOI but possibly be unemployed if being asked to submit VISA application. My work contract expires in December and there is a possibility that it won't be extended. The earliest I can write my IELTS is in Nov, then submit EOI if the results are good enough. For 189 visa, I will have 65 points if I score 7 for IELTS. For 489 visa, I will score 75 points with 7+ for IELTS. I have relatives living in WA that will sponsor. The only reason why I am considering submitting 189 instead of 489 is due to being permanent at the start instead of the latter which is 4 years valid. My points breakdown: Age : 30 ( I am 31 years old) Qualification : 15 (My engineering degree in agreement with Washington accord, do I still need to have it assessed by Engineers Australia ?) Overseas Work Experience : 10 (6+ years working experience, I have company letters stating job title; employment period etc.) English Language Ability : 10 ( Still have to obtain) Relative Sponsor : 10 (if submitting 489 VISA) I have no partner or any dependents. Any advice would really help
      24. how much time for grant?

        Dear members, I need to know how much time does it take for visa grant for 189, after visa lodgement? Please advice, thank you
      25. Visa 189 docs required

        Hi we are doing our visa without an agent. Can someone help us with a list of docs that are needed before submitting the EOI , I know the government website outlines what is needed but it can be a bit confusing! We also are having a hard time proving the work history as my boyfriends work had a fire so there are a number of years without evidence, what can we do in this case? Any help appreciated! Thanks