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  1. Ausvisitor

    491 and commonwealth supported places uni

    All of the universities are saying you need PR to be able to be eligible for a commonwealth place. Have you considered (COVID allowing) studying in the UK and having him commute home at holidays? I know lots that do this, asuming you haven't been out of the UK long enough for his eligibility to loans has lapsed it will be cheaper to pay UK home fees and flight costs than it will be to pay AUS overseas fees
  2. Ausvisitor

    190 Visa Grant

    That's probably true, but I don't believe anyone has been told that official (or even off the record), it is just suposition on your agent's part
  3. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    To be fair the way its going here in the UK by the end of the month it sounds like we will be limited to one outing a week, so not that dissimilar to being locked in a hotel room for two weeks At the end of the day it's temporary pain for long term gain
  4. The state sponsorship route is a little more "black magic" than the 189. The 189 is a defined rule based queue, the 190 allows the states to set their own rules. For instance someone with 80 points might get invited before someone with 85 points (for the same ANZSCO code) because the state prioritised AUS experience or English Skills above age points for example. That said don't wait to submit. Submit with the lower points you may get invited anyway, if you don't you lose nothing as you just update the EOI on the day you get the extra points awarded.
  5. Ausvisitor


    Do you have a degree in Computing/Maths or Cyber Security? If not you probably will struggle as Cyber careers come under the IT pathway in terms of immigration, and these all require a degree in relevant topic and a substantial number of years experience. CISSP ID qualifications are really easy to get your hands on, you can basically pay to get them, so they aren't in themselves a qualification that will get you a VISA (Disclaimer: I'm a consultant and I work (and recruit others) almost exclusively in Cyber and Information Security)
  6. Ausvisitor

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    Thanks everyone!
  7. Ausvisitor

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    All, In order to access HMRC systems I currently need a mobile phone to receive a on-demand access code to enter when I login. Once in Australia how do people manage to retain this access to a UK mobile? Can you change the number to an AUS mobile or is there some other way? If you do retain a UK mobile for this, which network and how much does retaining it cost (and what else do you use that number for)? Thanks
  8. Ausvisitor

    190 Visa Grant

    Yes whilst you apply for a 190 based on your individual skills, you can bring family members with you. You only need the primary applicant to meet the "threshold for points", but all family members count as a visa applicant for totals purposes. So in your NSW example there are 3350 places. If everyone applying is single that's 3350 applications that can be succesfully granted. However if each application comes from a person in a couple with 3 kids (so 5 visas per case) then its only 670 applications that can be succesfully granted
  9. Ausvisitor

    Form 80 travel history

    My From 80 trips "additional pages" ran to over 200 listed trips (and I know I missed of some day trips - which I declared - as I didn't have all the details) They are really looking to see if you have spent time in a country they consider to be a "problem" or if you have spent enough time in a particualr country to warrant a police check from that locality Do your best, but if you are sure you haven't included them all make sure you declare that you beleive there are a few short trips that you do not have details for
  10. Ausvisitor

    Worst Nightmare....

    Marisa I'm glad to hear you are wearing masks in riskier situations. To everyone complaining I have this to say: Coming from a country that has suffered from COVID, I find it upsetting that people are having to justify why they choose to wear masks in the midst of a global pandemic. I find it even more upsetting that its the people wearing them rather than those not that are looked down on. Does everyone know that a mask doesn't protect the wearer at all? The wearing of a mask is for the protection of those around you, it does next to nothing to protect the wearer from others. So next time you see someone wearing a mask don't think "Oh my God they are going to give me COVID" instead think "Thankyou for wearing that to protect me, I appreciate it"
  11. Ausvisitor

    Independent skilled visa

    Its worth giving @paulhand a message to see what he can do. My own view is that Eucalyptus cultivator is unlikely to be an in demand occupation in Australia given that 77% of all Australian forest is eucalyptus. Someone like Paul knows the system well and can help you draw out what parts of your experience highlight your skills and worth to Australia for a visa application
  12. Ausvisitor

    Visa Options

    I can only offer advise as to how I kept cool in the PTE. I knew that I had to get 90+ or the dream was over as without it I didn't even get to 65 (the minimum). That put a lot of pressure on it, but I just decided to take it calm and work at my own pace The other people in the room seemed to go much faster, but I just kept plodding through (even though their pace worried me) I still finished with a few minutes to spare Passed with full marks in the test, I know I wouldn't have if I had let myself get pressured into keeping up with the others
  13. Ausvisitor

    Global Talent Independent - GTI Visa

    Does having a PHD make you a Global Talent? I'm not sure it does, there are millions of PhD holders out there in the world There are 3 million in the USA alone It would require more than just being a PhD researcher to qualify for this programme otherwise every person entering Oz would have a PhD
  14. Ausvisitor

    Is Bulk Billing dying a death?

    Probably a hybrid is what we need. Doctors work on a triage system but if you haven't seen one in three years, the next time you call for an appointment it is face to face regardless of seriousness. This way they lower the day-to-day in person visits but eberyone gets a visual check very 3 years
  15. Ausvisitor

    Global Talent Independent - GTI Visa

    To be honest if you truly are an expert in your field, unless its age (or work experience years) that are working against you, it will be easier to apply for a bog-standard skilled visa.