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  1. There is a local football league (A-League) no one watches it, but everyone below the age of 30 support a premier League team (Liverpool, Man C or U, Chelsea - you can't accuse the Aussies of being glory hunters) If you support one of the unholy quartet you will find others who do the same, whether you support football or obscene overseas interventionist money though is a matter for your conscience (Note if you are below 40 and support City it's generally because of middle East glory cash - if older than that and supporting city, congratulations you are a true football supporter)
  2. Save me.... It's probably time to give in and turn on the Aircon...
  3. I know what you mean, first summer is AUS and it does get a bit "stuffy" after many consecutive days of just hot sun (and I realise by normal standards Sydney hasn't been that hot this summer) On the radio we heard the Christmas song "baby it's cold outside" To which my daughter immediately changed the links to "Baby it's oppressive outside" Brits aren't made for more than 2 days of warmth a year unless they are on holiday at the time
  4. True, I often go up to palm beach (where the outdoor shots are filmed) and redden/Lewisham/summer hill where the studio shots are done, and my advice would be don't expect Summer Bay weather in Summer Bay either
  5. How very dare you call Tasmania "little" lots of people in Tasmania will be really put-out by the cruel aspersion that it's a lesser place because it's smaller (Hope you got that this was tongue in cheek, and really meant to highlight how the written word can be misconstrued)
  6. For two middle aged professionals living in South East England, if they have owned there own home for a decade or so they probably aren't far away from being a millionaire in Australia I've got a lot of time for Port Macquarie too, won't work for me, the only places I can really work are Syd, Mel and at a push Perth - but I probably won't retire in any of them - but I didn't move half way round the world to spend 45 minutes each way commuting Rather chuck cash at living right in the inner sanctum of the city I know people often call the non city areas good (and some people are just not city dwellers), where as many outer suburb dwellers aren't there for any esoteric reason, it's purely they can't afford the inner regions, that doesn't mean they wouldn't move in a heartbeat if they could though
  7. I used to live in wymeswold hence I was very aware even people in Loughborough (10 minutes away by car) don't even know it exist!
  8. Ok so you named a random set of cities in the UK. I suggested they were all bigger than any non-capitol city in Australia (noting the outlier of York). I think even your own answer supports that assertion, so I'm not sure why you are making such a fuss about it. The simple fact is someone living (like the OP) in the SE of England is used to being in a more dense area within spitting distance of the greatest city on the planet. With the greatest of respect Broken Hill or Wogga Wogga isn't going to cut it for most of them.
  9. Maybe not, but all of those are bigger than any non capital city in Australia (and many capitals) so the comparison doesn't really stand
  10. I get your point, I was saying it from the point of someone who is a city dweller. If I lived in London I'd say the same of wymeswold (which is lovely and very desirable but unless you really know your UK geography you just went "where's that..." and that's what I mean)
  11. Ausvisitor

    Credit card refusal

    Some of this depends on the situation though. As a rough guide the Aussie credit card issuers work on a credit limit of around 1k for each 10k of income you earn. Most have minimum limits (generally 5k) so if your individual income isn't over 50k you aren't going to get anywhere. If you can't show all your UK pension regularly hitting your AUS bank account then it isn't income it's savings or pocket money. If you want it classed as income get it paid monthly (in full) direct to an Aussie account (like you would if it was a wage) That said (as ramot) indicated loads of people are getting these cards with foreign income etc, so maybe the OP is actually failing one of the other affordability questions (given retirement is in play here it might be the fact they are applying for travel insurance cards which generally stop providing that cover at retirement age and AUS banks are scared of being hit with mis-selling scandal similar to the UK one recently)
  12. The reality is that teachers are paid a little better here in Australia (not much), but the cost of living is way higher than the UK so it gets eaten up pretty quickly. Overall I'd say the salary to price of living equation works out roughly equal. Housing is no cheaper over here, in fact of you want to live in Melbourne or Sydney it will be more than you are spending now (I guess as teachers you aren't limited to the cities but who moves around the world to live in nowheresville) If you are doing this to save cash can I suggest Cumbria, Staffordshire or Teesside all in the UK all much cheaper places than the south of England Just as an aside I don't think you can really say "we can't afford to live on our salaries" in one breath and then say "we'll go on a £10k+ holiday" in the next. The two don't really align...
  13. Ausvisitor

    Moving with older children

    Even that is a bit outdated. Certainly western Sydney isn't as pretty or gentrified as the eastern suburbs or the north, but it isn't the hell-hole people think it is (it was but no more). Also with the build of the new airport in western Sydney and the expansion of the metro to Bankstown by 2024 as nd Parramatta and the new airport by around 2028 those western areas are going to become very popular with people seeking affordable space, and with that sort of migration comes huge uplift in services and property values. Certainly don't discount the west unless you are getting your advice from someone who currently lives in the west.
  14. Ausvisitor

    190 visa settlement funds

    It's their words not mine, but they mean the exact opposite. You need a job offer of outside WA. If applying for a 190 in WA you don't need one...
  15. Ausvisitor

    Moving with older children

    On the age topic, yes Australia used to be (and sir tof still is) a bit ageist when it comes to older employees. However I've noticed this last 6 months that is changing. The demand for people is meaning they would quite happily take what ever resource they can and to be frank, the most recent generation's attitude to hard work seems to be pushing most employers towards shunning youth and employing older people who are used to actually having to work...