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  1. Ausvisitor

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    Ok - so I wouldn't wait, I'd get on the phone to @paulhand / @Raul Senise / @Alan Collett or one of the other migration agents on here who can give you an opinion. Immigration can take a long time and careers that are on the list today may be removed at anytime (and particularly at this time of year as the AUS immigration year runs July-July). Once you have an invite to apply the "clock" stops - you are measured on points at time of application so if you got an invite within the year you'd be applying with high Age/medium Exp and if you didn't you'd be applying with med Age/High Exp points The reason I say get talking to these guys is that they know what they are talking about, and you want to have a sensible 30 minute conversation with someone who can give you a view of how likely you are to succeed before you waste any time on collating documents or dreaming too much - get the facts and then decide what to do I started my application 2 months after my 44th birthday, got my invite to apply for a 190 at 5 months after my 44th, and finally got my 190 the day before my 45th birthday - it's doable in a year; so why wait?
  2. Ausvisitor

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    Thats not quite true, the marker isn't looking to grade you on your knowledge of the subject (although human nature in the candidate makes you think that they will), they are instead looking to see how you use the constructs of the English language and understand instructions. In Lavers example above " why kids should only read educational things instead of fictional" they are looking for your opinion on why they should do something, not an argument about why you think the statement is incorrect. You could write something like. It has long been suggested that children should only engage in reading for Education purposes and not partake of fictional works. This is a view that I agree with. There are many studies that show children with a high propensity to reading fictional stories are addicted to smearing Jam all over their face, which results in them getting attacked by bees which obviously is a health risk, whereas those who only read Educational tomes are much more likely to adhere to advice to eat their five a day See it's a load of rubbish but it uses different sentence types, multiple words for the same thing (avoid repetition) and includes a smattering of larger/uncommon words used in the correct context to show you understand them. The fact that reading and Jam have no scientific correlation is irrelevant and wouldn't see you marked down YOU SHOULD ALSO LOOK AT PTE tests - they are marked electronically so are not subject to human bias and as a result you can "train" yourslef to answer the questions according to the marker algorithm they use
  3. Ausvisitor

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    You probably need to read through the forum again and take more notice of the subject - 189/190/491/Temporary For a 189 visa it's absolutely true it is unlikely that you will get in with under 90 points - but this visa gives you rights to live anywhere from day one (and for many people is the only the option as the list of approved occupations is greatest on this list). For 190 you and the state that sponsors basically do a "you scratch our back we'll scratch yours" deal. They publish a shorter list of occupations they feel they need in their locality and in return for them agreeing to sponsor you (and giving you 5 free points and pushing you to the head of the invite queue), you also agree that for the first two productive years of your time in Australia you will live and work in the state that sponsored you. Plenty of people get invites on the 190 track with 65/70 points I know I did and mine was granted in December 2019 The 491 is similar, but in this case the list is sometimes different to the 190 and the deal is you have to work in the regional areas of the sponsoring state and you don't get immediate Permanent Residency, you only get Provisional (which means if you screw up you lose the shot at a Perm Visa) - however they give you 10 extra points, and at present are processing these really fast (a few months, whereas 190s are around 6-9 months and 189s much longer still) Temporary visas are yet another beast
  4. Ausvisitor

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    Agree that getting the "gold ticket" 20 points is difficult (I know even with my Masters in English I still missed it the first time); however for any degree educated native English speaker, the "bronze standard" 10 point level should be possible without any preparation
  5. Ausvisitor

    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    If you are under 33 and have a masters degree and 5 years experience in a jpb on the immigration list and a job offer you should have no issues getting a temporary sponsored visa. Even without the temporary sponsored option I would suggest you do the IELTS (or PTE) and get some points. Whilst Superior english (20 points) is a stretch, the level below that should be possible for any native without any real preparation (which gives 10 points). Now if you are currently thinking you can get 65points (including the 5 points for 190 sponsorship) just taking the IELTS and doing "ok" in it will put you at 75. At 75 points you have a decent chance at a 190 if the state you apply to wants your skills
  6. Ausvisitor

    189 questions needing answered please!

    I know when we applied for our 190 in NSW (different occupation) our agent at the time (now retired) said that NSW seems to "promote" applications with superior English points to the head of it's invite list. So you might still find that getting a good score in PTE/IELTS is important. (Don't know if it's true, all I know is we put in our 190 application with Superior English and had an invite 24 hours later from NSW - so I'm willing to trust he knew what he was saying). The 189 and 190 are no different to each other in terms of work and citizenship, both allow you to apply for citizenship in the same way and both allow you to work at whatever you want. The only material difference is the "obligation" to abide by the residence and working location limitation for the first 2 years.
  7. Ausvisitor

    (189) Software Engineer assessment - degree questions

    It's not really like just adding "more beers behind the bar", because the masters loan needs to be paid alongside your repayments for your undergrad loan - it isn't added onto the overall amount owed it's a new account. It's like having a car loan and a mortgage you have to pay both at once. So you'll pay what you pay in undergrad loañ repayments still and also the monthky amounts on the masters loan too Also most IT masters courses fee wise are in excess of the amount you can borrow so you'll need to find extra cash too just to do it. Add into that the fact that both UK and Oz value experience not master's degrees in IT careers and it feels like an MSc (unless done because you actually want the education) is just throwing money away
  8. Ausvisitor

    (189) Software Engineer assessment - degree questions

    I just checked and WA doesn't offer 190's for that career code - it does feature on the list but it isn't open to apply for. WA has pretty much closed its doors to IT migration (unless you get a 189 where they can't stop you) as they have a huge number of local candidates - I've worked with people from WA and NSW for years and they all say WA doesn't need any more IT people - and its actually driving down salaries now. You'd be better placed heading to Sydney (NSW) for the two years of the 190 residency requirement and then see if you still want WA after that
  9. Ausvisitor

    (189) Software Engineer assessment - degree questions

    The required points does fluctuate throughout the year for most applications, however as I mentioned in my earlier post, your career is a pro-rata one, and as such tends not to really move as it is so popular they never get anywhere near the lower end of the queue because too many high-pointers join the queue each month and they automatically go ahead of those already there on lower points
  10. Ausvisitor

    (189) Software Engineer assessment - degree questions

    As at end of November this, this was the number of outstanding EOI submission for your career code (from an FOI document on their website) 2613 Software and Applications Programmers 65pts 3,018 70 pts 2,226 75 pts 3,689 80 pts 2,305 85 pts 1,669 90+ pts 430 So at November there could already have be 8,093 people ahead of you in the 189 queue (They don't split it out by visa class so some of these would be 491) Now in another FOI request, there have been 14,203 grants issued for 189 applicants in your career since 2013 (so about 2,000 per year). As you can see from the stats above you would need to have 85 or above to really stand a chance of a 189 (however in a quirk someone - possible more than one - did get an invite in May with 80 points) Certain occupations (and yours is one) fit under a pro-rata scheme (because there are so many applicants) in May only 264 people with your code where invited to apply. Pro-rata occupations almost always require higher points than other occupations. The 190 is your better option as they look more at your profile rather than just your points score, but this rules out WA and QLD as they don't offer 190's for your career The 491 is also worth a look, but it is harder to get an IT job in the regions (and you can't work in the big cities with this visa) No 491's for WA, QLD or NSW
  11. Ausvisitor

    General advice on getting started

    Not a hope in hell of getting a positive outcome as a Physiotherapist. There are many people/professions that provide some physical therapy, however Physiotherapist is a reserved professional term and the only way to qualify as a Physio is through a degree in Physiotherapy
  12. Ausvisitor

    (189) Software Engineer assessment - degree questions

    You will need to opt for a 190 (if your state offers it) as I can't remember anyone being invited to apply with only 75 points for a 189 for over a year
  13. Ausvisitor

    Any word on tests being started?

    WHich type of test was cancelled?
  14. Ausvisitor

    4 items to be shipped- tiny amount!

    I dislike marmite so much, I'd bring some with me just as a reminder of how awful it is and thank my lucky stars it's hard to get it Oz
  15. Ausvisitor

    Form 80 - q36 - had any outstanding debts ?

    If it is paid in full then it is no longer outstanding. If it was there but you were refusing to pay it then it would be outstanding (in this case outstanding just means unpaid)