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  1. Ausvisitor

    Holds bridging A for 190. And got invite for 491 NSW

    I'm not a migration expert. My view on your situation comes from research and discussion with my own agent that was paid for the advice. I can certainly recommend engaging a true RMA they are more than worth their fees, and certainly much better than all us well meaning amateurs
  2. Ausvisitor

    Flights booked - quick Qus

    Ultimately airline decisions on who to let on and who not to when it comes to bumping passengers are a balck art. It won't matter if you booked ages ago or the day before, it doesn't even really matter what you paid, they look for many factors and then make informed decisions. You can't predict someone will or won;t make the flight based on the experience others have had as it won't be the same load manager making the decisions for all flights. To the OP, you've done all you can, you've booked your flight, you are now "in the wind" hoping that it goes to plan, don't stress too much about that as there is absolutely nothing you can do to influence it over and above what you already have (I suppose you could upgrade to Biz seats, but that would add about 25K to the cost and only a marginal increase in the overall likelihood that you go)
  3. Ausvisitor

    Looking for jobs

    In theory no reason why not. You will make your own accounting harder as you will have issues with dual taxation (as you will be providing services in the UK so will need to charge UK VAT if you go over the threshhold and account for UK earnings via the UK tax system as well as the AUS one)
  4. Ausvisitor

    Holds bridging A for 190. And got invite for 491 NSW

    Russell explained how it would work but I'll have a go at rewording it You can only hold one substantive visa at a time (usually) so at the moment you hold Bridging A. Get granted a 491 (as part of your partner application) would grant you a 491 and revoke the bridging visa. You should update your 190 file with this change. It won't affect your chances of being given a 190 though (or at least shouldn't) If you later get granted a 190 that will cancel your 491 and leave you with a 190 visa. Equally if your partner is on your 190 application that would also cancel their 491 (as they now have a 190) All of this is fine if your 491 and 190 are for the same state. It's an issue if they aren't for two reasons (let's say 491 is for WA and 190 is for NSW) 1) the granting of the 190 revokes the 491, so any work rights in WA conveyed by the original visa would be removed and you'd only be able to work in NSW 2) if you have a newly granted 491 from one state and the 190 different sponsoring state sees that they might decline to offer as they want people committed to their state not just anywhere in Australia
  5. Ausvisitor

    Is Australia permitting emigration from UK?

    They have said that because of covid the must enter by is not being enforced and so long as you arrive before the visa expiry you will be allowed to "land"
  6. Ausvisitor

    870 visa

    Not sure how long the current processing is for family visas, but I do know there is no way of expediting it (other than doing your paperwork quickly and correctly so that doesn't add delays) After all everyone has (or had) parents so your claim can't be more important or necessary than the next parent visa applicant
  7. Ausvisitor

    Is Australia permitting emigration from UK?

    If you have a 189 you are a Permanent Resident (so subject to being able to get a flight) you are allowed to enter Australia - you will need 14 day quarantine. You will need your little one to be granted a visa first before you go and the processing of all visas is slower than usual due to COVID staffing. PS in a similar position except ours is a 190 and no new baby, we are booked for early September so here is hoping the flight takes off with us on it
  8. Ausvisitor

    491 visa

    With the best will in the world you would never have gotten a family sponsored visa in time for your child not to have had to start her GCSE years in the Uk. Maybe wait until she has her GCSEs before moving, you'd be mad to leave in the middle of an exam cycle
  9. Ausvisitor

    190 recent experience in occupation needed?

    It will all depend on what the criteria is for getting the skills assessment. For instance you can only get a positive assessment for my career if you have 8 years work history in it in the last 10 years, making any significant time in another career difficult. Yours may be different, so long as you have the required qualifications and years of doing that job to meet the skills assessment and points you are claiming then it shouldn't be an issue
  10. Ausvisitor

    Agent recommendation

    There are plenty on this site that also give some free advice (well more facts than advice as they can't give advice without charging fees - professional insurance reasons) I'm not sure what they would charge for a whole application process but I know when I did mine the price was £1900 and they did everything My agent has retired otherwise I would have been happy to recommend
  11. Ausvisitor

    To use an agent or not?

    My advice would be, call an agent, get the free initial consultation (or sometimes it's a small fee) and they will tell you your likelihood of getting a successful application. If it sounds like a longshot then an agent is a great idea, if they say that you are basically an ideal applicant them maybe do it yourself. In my mind though, whilst I could easily have done it myself, my job is bureaucracy, form filling and process following, I also realise that it would take me more than a week of my own time over the course of the application and so it was better financial sense to someone to do that rather than me do it. Ultimately if you can afford an agent I'd recommend you go that route - so less stressful and you won't spend all your time wondering if you filled out a form properly
  12. Ausvisitor

    MARA agent question

    You are wrong that only an agent can share the application. If you know the application number (through whatever means) you can register your own account and import the application into it, no input from your agent is required at all, they will however be notified you have done it.
  13. Ausvisitor

    Next steps after 491 EOI

    Then you need to start pulling together things like 1) employment history - including payslip proof 2) education history including degree transcript if available Probably best place to start is google form 80 and start looking at what it requires, whilst it isn't always a necessity most are asked to fill it in and the documents it asks for will be required in some way even if the form isn't It's too early for police and health checks though, you only need these once you've been offered sponsorship and have been given a link to apply for the visa
  14. Ausvisitor

    Next steps after 491 EOI

    Have you already done your English test and had a positive skills assessment? If not you will fail the sponsorship process as you need to have proof of points at the point they invite you to apply for sponsorship not whilst applying
  15. Ausvisitor

    MARA agent question

    Most agents refuse to do this, I know of a couple whose terms and conditions say if you do this you have effectively terminated your agreement with them for representation. So be careful before running straight to do this, talk to your agent first. Be ready to explain why you feel you don't trust them enough and so you want to be able to spy on their progress. Not exactly a trusting professional relationship