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  1. Ausvisitor

    PTE Practice vs Real Test

    I understand you are trying to drum up business for your company PTE GURUS, but I think your post has done more to convince people to stay away from your company than to spend their hard earned cash with it. If you had a good grasp of the written English language, you would have seen that they said they found the real test harder than the practice test, however they scored 90's in both so you can hardly say they did not practice. Why anyone scoring (and already passing) straight 90s in PTE would want to buy lessons from someone who got a worse score than them is beyond me
  2. Ausvisitor

    How to vote in UK Elections - 12th December, 2019

    A vote for the LibDems is a sure fire way to end up with a hung parliament
  3. Ausvisitor

    How to vote in UK Elections - 12th December, 2019

    Besides colluding with terrorists and being a proven anti-semite absolutley nothing against the guy. I assert nonetheless that the two reasons I state are more than enough to want him not to be Prime Minister
  4. Ausvisitor

    Passport requirements when moving on 189

    Thats good to hear, it used to be a right pain...
  5. Ausvisitor

    Passport requirements when moving on 189

    Worth noting though that it is much easier to apply for a new passport in the UK than once you are overseas, so if you are planning on moving over and staying it might be "easier" in the long run to just bite the renewal bullet now
  6. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time

    Possibly it is state based - we are NSW so different to yours - but I thought that once you went into the main application phase it was just a big bucket
  7. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time

  8. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time

    Heard something "CO contact" on friday. So that's july 2nd Lodge and 01/11 Co Contact
  9. Ausvisitor

    VISA payment- Urgent help please

    Payment is the last step when you lodge an application in ImmiAccount. You can pay by: credit card PayPal UnionPay BPAY So you could pay $5000 onto your paypal account today and the rest a different day and then process it as a single PayPal transaction once the money is all in PayPal If you type the following into Google "paying for australian visa" the Australian Immigration website (where the payment types above is taken from) is the 3rd result displayed - which would have been quicker than posting on here...
  10. It's all work so nowhere near as fun as it sounds
  11. People take differing views on this, the most hard line is "how important is it to you to get the visa, if so list every single place" The more pragmatic view is trips within the EU (asuming you have an EU passport) aren't verifiable since Schengen so these won't show on official records, so you would need to include all trips that result in a visa being applied for or a passport stamp. Ultimatley the only way to be sure is to list everything, on my 190 visa application the list of foreign trips I'd taken in the last 10 years ran to over 6 A4 pages of Excel spreadsheet. Which I guess was overkill
  12. Ausvisitor

    AITSL requirements

    They won't give you differing advice, the advice will still be correct (but only in so far as how much info they know about you). Once you instruct them, they will ask for loads of information (they will know your academic/employer/financial history better than you partner by the time it is over) and then they will be able to give "full advice" rather than a "quick opinion"
  13. Ausvisitor

    NSW State application processing time

    Ok - that is quick; mine was longer and most others I've heard of are too, but I guess there is no reason why it needs to be longer Stand corrected That said, we ended waiting about the same time for our decision, my EOI to invite was 2 days and invite to approve was 3 weeks
  14. Ausvisitor

    NSW State application processing time

    Sorry you are mis-reading either my post or the other persons post. When you submit your EOI saying you would like to be considered for a 190 visa the response to that may well only take 3 days (equally you may never get a response) - that response invites you to apply for state nomination. The state nomination piece is pretty rigid (as it is a first on first out queue) so it will rarely be under 4 weeks (and almost certainly not 3 days) Once you get a positive nomination back you can then apply to immigration for the VISA Just to reiterate you need the following (in this rough order) 1) Lodge an EOI requesting 190 sponsorship (to do this you need to have enough points - at least 60 prior to sponsorship - and a career on the 190 list 2) Assuming you get invited to apply for sponsorship you need your english test scores (if claiming points for that) and your AITLS/VETASSESS etc review 3) Assuming you get a positive response from your sponsorship application you then recieve a link to the immigration system to put in your visa application (this part alone is at least a 7 month wait after submission to get an outcome)
  15. Ausvisitor

    Which council to choose if you live in 2 councils ?

    I don't think it matters greatly, from a tidyness point of view (i.e. drawing the least scrutiny to your application) I would go for the one that your drivers licence, medicare and tax returns are registered at. If they are different just make a call and pick one - it really only dtermines what town you do your citizenship process in