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  1. Ausvisitor

    Nursing registration and work visa

    The time will depend on which of the visas you opt for, how many points you have and luck of the draw. I would say though that your six month expectation is too short, there are people who have been waiting longer to be invited to apply than that, and then once invited the period to actually process the visa seems to be around 8 months at present. From where you are unless you choose the TSS I would think you are still a year away (the 190 might speed things up a little but it's not a given and certainly it's unlikely to speed it up to less than 6 months)
  2. I hope not, it would leave a very bad taste to have people abuse the helpfulness of this site in that way.
  3. Ausvisitor

    489 work requirements before PR?

    Ok - I'm out, I tried telling you how it is but you only seem to want to hear an answer that you want to hear. I wouldn't personally go on a 489 because of the requirement to live in a regional location, and that would have been a deal breaker to me, however I qualified for a PR visa so I am going.
  4. Ausvisitor

    489 work requirements before PR?

    The simple fact is no one is forcing you to take a 489 visa it's your choice. If you have the ability to migrate on a 189 or a 190 I'd advise you to do that. If you don't then I'd be grateful that Australia offer this potential "lifeline" to getting PR when I don't qualify for it - because they really don't have to do it there are more than enough people in the main queue to fill the places many times over
  5. Ausvisitor

    489 work requirements before PR?

    They can't guarantee that you will find suitable work, no one can. They also don't require you to do a specific job, just any job. So for instance you may emigrate as a qualified doctor but if you want to work in a gas station as a gas pumper so long as it's full time it counts... It's no different for people on PR (except that they can't be denied residency) in relation to jobs, no one will guarantee you that a job is waiting for you They do also say it's your responsibility to check and make yourself confident that adequate opportunities exist for you in terms of employment
  6. Ausvisitor

    Time for 189 Visa

    I recall anyone getting a 189 invite on less than 75 points anytime this immigration year (which started in July 2018) It might be prudent to take a look at the 190 visa or up your points somehow
  7. Ausvisitor

    489 work requirements before PR?

    I don't think they are, just that your question doesn't fall into the "simple everyone ask this question" and therefore most people won't know the answer - where as an agent's livelihood relies on them being able to answer these types of questions (or get the answer). There is nothing dodgy about 489s - they are a cast iron pledge to offer you a PR visa so long as you play by the rules. There are other visas that offer no such promises. No one would choose a 489 if they had points to qualify for a 189 or even a 190 visa - but they do offer a way to give you what you want and for a specific regional area to gain some valuable skills (for a while at least)
  8. Yes that's part of the problem, things change frequently. Especially near the end of the financial year. In situations like your friends where the case isn't clear cut an initial conversation with a migration agent is very useful before they waste time and money
  9. You'd need to look it up on the state's specific immigration website. I looked at a website called anzscosearch they say there are special conditions you need to go research on the actual immigration pages now
  10. The recruitment one will be difficult as it's not on any state required list, it could be possible to ACT, TAS or NT but with special conditions - if the recruiter is going to be the main applicant a migration agent would be a necessity in my view Lecturer is similar but it does appear that one is open for a straight 189 application so if they can muster 75+ points it could be an option (technically 65 points but no one is getting invites at that level)
  11. Ausvisitor

    Australia 2019 Federal Election thread

    Politicians will never save the planet, just their jobs. It's up to the little people to make many little changes to solve this issue
  12. Ausvisitor

    Low, low quality of politicians worldwide

    You get what you pay for essentially. An MP in the UK earns about 65k, for the responsibility and public scrutiny this attracts the type of person able to do the job could earn at least 100k in the private sector. This then puts off really good candidates and only leaves you with the dross or those that can afford to have a fantastic live regardless of income (due to family money etc) If we want good politicians we need to up the salary to about 110k - but this isn't a vote winner so no political party will do it
  13. Ausvisitor

    Work experience for 190 visa

    It's too late to have this discussion... If the points you declare in your application DO NOT match what you said in the EOI it will be cancelled immediately, you won't be given the chance to explain. It says this pretty clearly on all the state nomination application details and the EOI submission form. Some states even apply year or 3 year long bans if you submit glade information. So basically you will have to go with what you declared on the EOI and hope they accept it as ok
  14. Ausvisitor

    190 skilled visa

    I don't know about trends for your specific grouping however if you read the NSW 190 you will see that they say they use English ability as one of the main differentiation points in deciding who to invite, so I would suggest you look at increasing your current language 10 points to the highest 20 points value
  15. Ausvisitor

    College for my 16 year old

    The bigger issue is university education; where if you haven't been resident in the UK for three full years you are treated as an overseas student - and pay overseas fees