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  1. Once we had gotten the positive skills assessment (no 190 application will be doubtful to succeed without it). We applied on the friday and had an invite before the end of the next week. Turned round the paperwork really quickly and had an acceptance for sponsorship within 4 works Now juts waiting for the visa to be granted...
  2. Ausvisitor

    Solicitor - work experience assessment by whom?

    What solicitor anywhere in the world pays it's employee's in cash?
  3. No problem, the VA assessment is about £850 so not something to throw away lightly on making the wrong ANZSCO choice.
  4. Just to add... this is from VETASSESS "Assist organisations to achieve greater efficiency and solve organisational problems, and study organisational structures, methods, systems and procedures. ICT Business Analysts are excluded from this unit group. ICT Business Analysts are included in Unit Group 2611 ICT Business and Systems Analysts." Now speaking as someone who is a director in one of the Big 4 you would be classed as a ICT Analyst, even though we might use the catch-all term management consultant to describe you and your colleagues. (and therefore you should be applying using the 2611 group of codes)
  5. I applied for this ANZSCO code a few months ago and am now waiting the full visa grant. What I would say is that VetAssess will likely find your degree equivalent to an AUS degree but not highly relevant to the role. I say this as mine was a similar title to yours and that is what they did with mine. Equally that will mean you need to qualify with actual experience on the job (5 years if I remember correctly) You also will struggle with the classification of 224711 given what you describe your work to be - as 224711 explicitly makes a ruling that management consultants with a high computing element should apply under the IT consultant role (which is pro-rata). I was okay with this as I haven't done any IT related consultancy in over 10 years. It is widely thought that 224711 is one of the hardest careers to get a +ve acceptance for; so if you aren't using a migration agent you should seriously consider it. After all you make your living from the concept that you employ an expert to guide you through the difficult things....
  6. Ausvisitor

    EOI - Can I go for more than 1 visa ?

    Also some states won't even look at sponsoring you if you choose more than one state for sponsor application - so whilst you can apply for both a 189 and a 190 i would make sure your 190 application is targeted to a single state rather than a couple or open application
  7. Ausvisitor

    EOI - Can I go for more than 1 visa ?

    No limit to how many you apply for, which state are you looking at settling in and do you know if your ANZSCO code is on the 190 /489 lists for those locations? If you know the place you want to live (and are fixed on it) and the occupation is on the "sponsor list" for that state/territory then the 190 is almost certainly the quicker way to get to an invite. You will be locked to that location for 2 years but if that is where you want to be anyway that shouldn't be an issue. Given the things that a 489 denies you (immediate PR, access to certain benefits, not guaranteed free schooling for kids) and the fact the rules on progressing a 489 to a PR could always be changed I'd not be looking at that option given your points total for a 190 unless you really needed to get there quick and/or you are on one of the pro-rata occupations like software dev or accountant
  8. Ausvisitor

    482 bridging visa

    The question you asked was "Why would you agree to ..." - that is between the poster and their employer - the fact it may cause issues is relevant the why they agreed to it is irrelevant
  9. Ausvisitor

    482 bridging visa

    Surely that is between him and his employer, and irrelevant now as it's in the past. Does anyone know if this is going to cause him issues now though?
  10. Ausvisitor

    Best options to reclaim tax after end of visa

    So true, tax-agents don't have access to special "agent only" deductions, they just know the list of available deductions inside-out. If your life and financial affairs are pretty mundane (in terms of salary, wages, investments) the likelihood an agent could get you anything significantly more than you can do yourself is questionable. Of course they do all the work, so if you value your time doing this more than the cost they charge for it then why not use them?
  11. Ausvisitor

    Skilled visa changes??

    It's exactly the same list as it would be for a 189 - just that because you are transitioning from a temp visa it's technically another visa class
  12. Ausvisitor

    Technical Interview Fitter (General)

    You do realise that they have literally hundreds of "stock" questions for each assessment - knowing what someone else was asked is about as useful as knowing that this time last year I had steak for tea. Yes it might happen again, but it's much more likely something completely different will occur. Concentrate on knowing your stuff and don't worry too much about having prepared answers to a question that most likely will never come up.
  13. Ausvisitor

    457 Visa Tricky situation

    Unfortunately MaggieMay is totally correct here; whilst you can't influence others doing their part of the process (lodging the sponsorship change papers) you could have followed the part you are responsible for - which is to only work for the employer that has sponsored you - you would have been made aware that the sponsor change had gone through, and it is your responsibility to make sure the new employer has the approval to sponsor you in hand before you do a minute of work for them. Essentially you've been working illegally for 2 years....... Don't try to solve this alone, you'll get tied up in knots, you need to take independent advice from an agent - don't rely on the company to do this properly for you either - they've already proven they can't I would think that the best you can hope for is that the immigration dept forgives your mistake and grants you a sponsorship for the new employer, however as they can't retrospectively "permission" you for the 2 years you spent working without proper authority to do so, I suspect that the clock on applying to alter to permanent residency would reset to zero on award of the sponsored visa
  14. Ausvisitor

    Are we being misled?

    Whilst I sort of agree, I also don't (on the points bit at least). I had 60 points and applied for the state sponsorship (which once approved would give the magic 65 pts). I was offered an invited from NSW to apply for state sponsorship in under 24 hours from hitting submit on the EOI. The grant of sponsorship (or whatever the technical term is) came through in 13 days and we have now made the full application (with sponsorship) to the authorities for a 190 visa. *The VetAssess came back with 7.8 years of skilled work so technically 3 months under the 8 I needed to get to the magic 65 points independently. Our agent advised that we could wait a short time and apply for the 189 as it would be 8 years if we waited a little - but that would mean going in at the bottom of the queue on 65 pts. By instead going for sponsorship we didn't need to wait and as the states don't really follow any sort of queue concept (just cherry pick from the people interested) it went quick. One the subject of the VA assessment we did consider appealling as it's been the same job for 16 years and was qualified to do it by degree and experience before that too - but that was a 6 month wait and delivered no discernible benefit
  15. Ausvisitor

    887 Proof Of Living In Regional Area

    Your bank account showing you tend to spend money in establishment in the state would go a long way to showing residency.