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  1. Quoll

    Need some help

    27 years ago! - I wouldn't assume that she will get a RRV at all. If she had skills to migrate in her own right then she might be better off going for a totally new application and putting her kids as dependents (providing the eldest is still in full time education and totally dependent on her). She might also find that as she had been over on holidays - one assumes on visitor visas - that they have superceded her PR so that it's no longer valid. Another issue might be the kids' father - would she have his permission to remove them from the country? You definitely need to talk to a MARA agent because I think it's far from certain she would be allowed to return after a quarter of a century and much of that as an adult with free will. I doubt you will find that there are many options for the kids at all.
  2. Quoll

    Power of Attorney for relative in UK

    Do you have his card or a card on his account that you're using to shop or are you using your Australian card? I have a card in my name on my dad's account and so the billing address is my dad's address. If it's your own card you're using, what happens if you have the billing address the same as the delivery address? Is it rejected at that point? (You'd want to have a word with your bank before you try so they know it isn't an unauthorised item on your card). I've sometimes had to put a UK address in the billing field (we have an Australian cc) and it's gone through OK with the delivery address. I was wondering whether the post office might be an option for cash for him too - if that's easier to get to, it should be possible - I know the old lady across the road from us has her pension paid into a post office account or at least she has someone pick it up from the post office for her.
  3. Quoll

    Need some help

    Weren't her kids on her original pr application? If not then she could struggle to get them over. There's no guarantee she will get a RRV either - just having family there isn't really enough seeing as she couldn't be bothered to move to Australia within the time frame given. She can apply for a RRV and see what she gets. She should have had her kids on her previous pr in which case they apply for their RRV too. If she didn't have them on her previous application she will be hard pushed to explain why she's magically now got teenage kids. But they will need 101 visas (the eldest needs to be in full time education and totally dependent as he's over 18)
  4. Quoll

    Medical Check - Dyslexia

    Yup, very lucky! A few miles up the road from Macquarie Uni and the teachers would have been going "huh???"
  5. Quoll

    Need some help

    Sorry I had trouble following your question. Do you mean she had a visa but she didn't enter by the date required in which case it had lapsed? In that case, unless she had spent a significant time in Australia and has ties there like house /relatives etc then she will need to reapply for a visa and get kids will be on the new visa as dependents. If she is still eligible to apply that is.
  6. Quoll

    Power of Attorney for relative in UK

    I don't know the answers to your questions but interested in hearing the advice you will be given. I'm in UK and generally have had to trek around with POA in hot clammy little hand to get institutions to talk to me. Recently though a couple of agencies have accepted scanned POA documents and have been really helpful. If you have POA on his bank account you should have a card of your own in your name such should be quite ok for ordering groceries on line I would have thought. It might be that you need a one off trip back to get everything sorted and as much on line as possible. If you have a health and medical POA be sure that is registered with his GP as well, otherwise they won't talk to you if needed. Good luck, it's far from easy wherever you are.
  7. Quoll

    Medical Check - Dyslexia

    It's recognised of course, but not as a funded disability - except perhaps in SA, I know they used to do things a bit differently. Otherwise it's very much luck of the draw how kids are supported through school funding and support is often through accommodation such as increased time for exams, access to alternate technology (although everyone probably had that now) etc
  8. Quoll

    Medical Check - Dyslexia

    Probably not going to be an issue but with medical conditions the recommendation is to always talk to one of the agents who specialise in medical conditions - George Lombard or Peter Bollard are the two most usually mentioned but I know others now have medical specialists. The issue may be if she is statemented - however, kids with dyslexia don't attract additional support from disability programs in Australia so she won't be getting any additional support unless the school uses its own resources hence she wouldn't be a burden on the tax payer. They may need to be sure that there isn't an underlying cognitive impairment which would make her eligible for disability support. Hopefully the assessments will include an iq test which would indicate intellectual disability (or not!) but if they can also do an adaptive behaviour test and current level of functioning that would also add to the battery of information. Also, if her eyes haven't been tested you could try a developmental optometrist (I assume they have them in England) as functional vision deficits (Like tracking or fatigue) often go hand in hand with reading difficulties. But all reports are helpful to make the case.
  9. Quoll

    Student Visa Query

    It used to be a way in through the back door but not so much now and certainly not something to be recommended. If you're going to retrain in something then train in UK and hope it's still on the skills in demand list when you've qualified but only choose something that you really want to do in life, not just because it might one day happen to get you a visa to another first world country.
  10. Quoll

    Advice request re: new citizen travelling overseas

    You'll need an Australian passport. It doesn't take long and you can apply to have it expedited at an extra cost. If you're not going o/s until next month you've got at least a week to get it but you will need to get your skates on.
  11. Think you have to be either a citizen or have permanent residence to get an apprenticeship Apprenticeships
  12. Quoll

    GCSEs or WACE?

    Have you thought about leaving the child in UK to finish A levels? Either that or put them into year 10 if you arrive in term 3 and let them do the full 2 year WACE course. Personally I'd do the former, it keeps all their options open for further education in either country just in case.
  13. Quoll

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I think part of the problem is that you're expecting to slot back into your old life and very few people can do that. You have to treat it like a move forward, as if you are emigrating to a new place - its harder work but worth it. Find the things you want to do and go for it. I doubt one place is inherently better than the other (neither would really appeal to me I must admit) and what you're probably experiencing now is the anticlimax feeling / like the adventure is over, now what???
  14. Quoll

    Return to the UK... Omg

    For once I tend to disagree with Bunbury - its your life, live it (that's what everyone always says to those who want to move to Australia and take kids and grandkids away from parents - family doesn't seem so important then!). Your son can come with you if he doesn't want to be without you, ditto your daughters if they struggle with independence. I think at your age you've got a chance of making it work for the longer term but if you leave it much longer you will be past the point of no return and you might never be able to leave because of finances, family etc but now you have a chance of getting set up for old age in UK if that is what you want. I think it's perfectly ok to suck it and see. If it works, you win and if it doesn't then you move on. As long as you have citizenship you can come and go at will. Your kids might decide to follow you, who knows. Good luck! Sometimes being in a place you belong can work wonders on a struggling mental health.
  15. Quoll

    Certificate of Employment Australia

    Someone raised the Certificate of Employment thing a while ago and the general response was eh??? I don't know if they mean a certificate which says you are no longer employed by anyone or whether they need a skills assessment that you are what you say you are. Sounds a bit odd but there will probably be an agent along in a minute who knows exactly what they are on about. Sponsorship isn't As big as it used to be, why not just get yourself a pr visa and cut out the middle bit?