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  1. Quoll

    Different school starting ages

    You're right, it's bloody annoying! Kindy in WA is what would be called Preschool in some other states and what you call PrePrimary is Kindergarten in some other states. Not all states have universal free pre-compulsory early education either so in some states its user-pays and the structure also differs from state to state - a mixture of days /half days whatever they decide they can cope with. Conflating school (full time and compulsory) with "pre" school (part time, non compulsory and often user pays) is also misleading.
  2. Quoll

    Different school starting ages

    Kindy/preschool/whatever its called is only part time, not universal and in some states not free, it's certainly not compulsory in any state. For full time school WA cut off is 30 June so if the OP lived in WA their child could start school in the year they turn 5 but in Victoria the cut off is 30 April. Luck of the draw really.
  3. Quoll

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    OMG! It's all happening! Good to hear that things are selling well!!!
  4. Quoll

    Different school starting ages

    Ask them. Only problem is that if you haven't got her name down on a waiting list then she's not likely to get a place anyway. In general though, no, cut off dates are cut off dates. No point in having them if every man and his dog is going to try and circumvent them. Couple of options if you're really intent - one is to spend the first term of the year she would turn 5 in NSW because their cut off is end July. Then there is an across border agreement that if a child has already stated school in another state, they can enrol with that year level cohort if they move. It was originally designed for military kids who have to move interstate and given the lack of a common entry point that didn't disadvantage them. We used to get it often in ACT where we have an April cut off but across the border is July - bloody annoying from the schools point of view but some parents didn't want to pay child care fees! Other option is to home school for that year. Get the curriculum docs from the place you'll be returning to and do it that way. Other option, don't sweat it. Chances are she will be just fine when she returns to UK, the schools there seem to do a fantastic job at helping kids catch up. Edited to say - is not just the academic that schools consider with kids outside the cut off, it's physical and socio-emotional development too.
  5. Quoll


    You get your visa BEFORE you apply for work! Check to see that your skills are on the wanted list then go through the process and hope that you may one day be offered a visa. You can’t just rock up and expect to get a job which will lead you to a visa. You need to talk to an agent about whether you’re going to be eligible. No point in being gutted about it, you’re either skilled or you aren’t.
  6. Quoll

    I really want to move home but husband doesn’t

    Hate to say this but you're probably not going to move. It sounds like it's in the "too hard" basket for your DH and, I admit, we certainly made decisions which saw us take the pragmatic option of the moment - it certainly wasn't the emotional decision which would have seen me live where I belong and, years down the track, I do regret that. If your financial security preparing for your oLder age is better in Australia then it will be very hard for him to let that go. But, still, there is always encouragement for people making the move in the opposite direction to "follow your dreams" so the same should apply to you and whilst a move might be scary, people do do it all the time. I agree with the others, counselling both for yourself and you as a couple would seem to be a priority - you might be able to get a compromise deal that sees both of you with your needs meet and you should get equipped with strategies to help you manage if you don't get the deal you desire. Or you could play the Meghan card and issue an ultimatum to your DH like she did to Harry (sorry, that's by way of being a bad joke! But it seems to have worked for her!) I sincerely wish you all the best but honestly think you might be stuck in a situation where you have to work out what will be your "least worst" option and live with that.
  7. Quoll

    Job offer

    And don't forget that if you have kids you will have to pay for their school education
  8. Living in Sydney (if you can afford it) is going to be much like living in London (if you can afford it). Kids are fine as long as they have mummy, daddy and their security toys. The younger they are the easier the adaptation. Does it have to be Sydney? It really is very expensive and you can get more bang for your buck Elsewhere. Has your OH got British citizenship yet? If not, that should be a priority because you never know when you might need it - getting back in as a foreign spouse can be problematic. From your point of view, if you aren't 100% sure how you're going to cope in Australia, read up on the Hague Convention (we have a sticky on here somewhere).
  9. Quoll

    Asbestos in older properties

    Could be enormous then!
  10. Quoll

    Asbestos in older properties

    Was Mr Fluffy an interstate franchise or did he just infect ACT? I hadn't heard of mass demolitions elsewhere or have they just let them alone?
  11. Quoll

    Possible Return to ACT

    The apartment living in Civic has certainly boomed since we left. Do the apartment buildings not have their own car parks? Somehow I can't imagine that they're going to be that attractive to young families though, so they're going to be the ones hit by squeezing cars out of the centres. The Civic profile has certainly changed massively over the past 40 years! When we arrived there were big dirt car parks between the Lakeside (or whatever is called now - ah the QT you mentioned!) and University Ave and nothing on the lake side of that other than the old ex Migrant hostel buildings. The building up of Braddon into apartments was a big deal when it happened first but they're miniscule in comparison with the new builds. We are certainly incredibly lucky to have our quarter acre within easy walking of Civic!
  12. Quoll

    Possible Return to ACT

    I’m really surprised that the emphasis is on getting people out of cars, doesn’t seem like that’s working too well. I have seen light rail thing though - twice - since we’ve been here and not, apparently, that well patronised but that may have been time of day of course. The buses would be good if they left on time - trying to catch one from civic today was a bit of a challenge as one failed to materialise leaving an hour between buses. I walk wherever I can and see almost nobody else doing the same. Will try the bus down to Woden tomorrow but will probably need a lift out of civic (light rail sod all use to me and probably the majority of Canberrans). I’m surprised, too, at the number of people using bikes as functional transport - far fewer than I recall than back in the day when the DH and DS used to use their bikes all the time. I’ve seen the odd Lycra gang but not as many regular folk using their bikes to get from a to b. We will still need a car when we return, obviously, but this week I’ve only used it a couple of times apart from today when I needed to go to Fyshwick and to drop the DH off at the Bus Station at some Godforsaken hour. one good thing though is that the car parks are quite cheap and I love the little green light thingies in the Civic car parks so you know where the spaces are!
  13. Quoll

    Possible Return to ACT

    Yeah, when it's not smokey the view is lovely. I walk up it regularly
  14. Quoll

    Possible Return to ACT

    Its alright unless you go Base over apex walking down the back side of Mt Ainslie like I did this morning - anyone seen a few acres of skin out there in the bush? Thought I had a broken wrist but now think it's just a humungous bruise! So if you're healthy and like to get out and walk in Canberra, go down the front side of Mt Ainslie and not the back side!!!! It certainly could be a much worse place! The DH is getting the bus to Sydney tomorrow for the day - now that would be much worse!!!
  15. Quoll

    Moved back and confused!

    Not got much better then huh?