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  1. Quoll

    Sponsor going bust

    I would guess that you have 60 days to leave the country. Usually employers are required to pay fares home but as your employers have gone bankrupt I've no idea how they can be up for paying your fares. Have to put in a claim with the liquidators probably. Is your son's mother Australian? Are you in a relationship still?
  2. Quoll

    457 and Redundant

    You may desperately need PR but it's not looking good as I would have thought your 186 will collapse now there is no job. As your 457 will now cease you'll have 60 days to leave the country but at least your employer will be paying your fares home. That's always the problem with temporary visas, you must expect to leave at the end of them unfortunately.
  3. Quoll

    Visa required

    You do realise that this is just a forum and has nothing to do with the granting of visas. You've been given good advice - check the government website to see if your skills are in demand then, given your lack of comprehension about the whole process, perhaps consult a MARA accredited agent to walk you through the process. Your English may indeed be better than it appears but you will need to demonstrate that through an IELTS assessment. That involves spelling, grammar and oral language to quite a high standard. BTW, some of us aren't sirs.
  4. Quoll

    Is there a "War on Men" ?

    I do worry about it - as the mother of sons and a grandson and knowing the inherent bitchiness of some women. There are some I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of their mouths and others who should have spoken up but did not. It's not cut and dried but I do object to "toxic masculinity" and despair of modern feminists who have given women a bad name.
  5. Quoll

    Extending a tourist Visa.

    If you are coming as a tourist but tell them you're intending to stay, you run the risk of being sent home and banned. Your bridging visa kicks in when your tourist visa expires providing you have put in your application for a parent visa. Wait until you've got a visa which allows you to stay, albeit precariously.
  6. Quoll

    VISA 3 year ban

    Your partner could always join you at home while you wait thus ensuring you are there for the birth of your child. Aren't PMVs taking 12-18 months these days? BTW, Australia isn't your home, you've received a 3 year ban and that alone can come back to haunt you.
  7. Quoll

    Visa required

    Find a good registered agent. However, you’re going to have to give them a lot more information than you’ve given us.
  8. Quoll

    Partner wants to go back, I don't!

    Try marriage counseling, the pair of you have to find a compromise situation or your relationship is probably doomed. What are you prepared to compromise on and what is he prepared to compromise on? There are loads of us - I was on the other side, desperate to leave but with a husband who wouldn't. He relented and we have had 7 glorious years here now. Your kids would be just fine in UK, having a loving extended family, along with all the first world benefits you find in Australia, could actually be a real benefit for them. My boys, now grown men, have both said they regret the isolation from extended family and the relationships they've missed. Your DH is probably depressed - a lot of us have/had situational depression and is a very real beast that will eventually drain your soul especially if the resentment seeps in. Only solution is to remove from the situation. Sadly we see many relationships ending because of the inability of partners to accommodate the needs of each other.
  9. Thank you for your help/advice re Medicare.


  10. Quoll


    If you are British, then you are entitled to reciprocal cover and, yes, you should go and register at your local Medicare office and get a medicare card - it won't be a full medicare card. But you should also have taken out private health insurance so that you are covered in the event of something which is not covered by the reciprocal agreement. Expect to pay some part of your doctor's consultation - most Australians do anyway, it's a co-pay system, it's not like the NHS. But do be aware that something you may consider necessary might not be considered necessary by the medical profession so not everything automatically be covered.
  11. Quoll


    Sign up to a GP and go and have a consultation.
  12. Quoll

    How important is 'fitting in?'

    I had a lovely afternoon earlier this week with a woman I hadn’t seen for over half a century - we had one of those delightful reciprocal conversations that went on, non stop, for over 4 hours! She was a friend back then but we had totally lost touch so there was a lot to catch up on - great fun!
  13. I can recommend a top guy if you don’t mind paying for the advice - he’s all about building strength flexibility and fitness and will do a ripper sports massage if required. He’s down in Deakin and doesn’t advertise much because, as my DH says, he’s been beating customers away for 20 years.
  14. My mum was given ketaprofen gel for her bursitis and it worked a treat - ketamine is a horse drug too I think.
  15. Quoll

    Paramedic or Midwife?!

    With a niece who has just qualified as a paramedic, I'd say midwifery as paramedic jobs aren't that easy to come by, especially for new graduates. No idea whether either is still on the visa list if you need to get a skilled visa. Mind you, WA used to have the least qualified paramedics in the country - though that may have changed now, there was talk a few years back of national skill levels, registration etc.