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  1. Quoll

    How to make the decision to stay or go

    I agree with the counselling - always a good start even if it's just to give you strategies to cope day to day. I do see what the others are saying about the pragmatic "wait until LSL" but what you might well find is that when you get to that point your baby will be a year into school and "it'll be hard for them to move school /country" - there will be a very reasonable rationale for staying just a little bit longer. We always went with the pragmatic decision and i ended up where I didn't want to be because we had passed the point of no return. Its so very easy and comfortable to do that - back then, I didn't hate Australia, we were doing well, the kids were OK, our jobs were good, we knew folk but it wasn't where I wanted to be forever. Your DH might be able to apply for a career break - that'd be even better than LSL because it would be for 12 months rather than the LSL 3/12, that'd enable you to move sooner and maybe in time for you to have a second child if that is on your horizon. Anyway, with luck, counselling will help you cope a bit better. Won't solve the problem but it might give you some clarity about where your see your future. Good luck!
  2. Quoll

    Starting school

    You're not likely to get into the top tier private schools as soon as you arrive because they tend to have quite long waiting lists but there's be nothing stopping you from putting their names down for an entry at some later point, maybe HS. You're more likely to get into a Catholic school, especially if you are Catholic as there's is an almost parallel Catholic system. Put your kids in with their age cohort and don't sweat the year level names that they might have been in in UK. Take as long as you like to get them into school, get yourself settled first.
  3. Quoll

    Migration agent

    If you get a visa with no further stay then you're screwed. Why would you not want to have your baby in UK where you are assured of Good free medical cover and initial extended family support? Are you comfortable lying to Immigration? It's going to look dodgy that you rock up at the end of your pregnancy and say you're going home when Blind Freddie can see that you're unlikely to get an airline to fly you anywhere. Why the rush?
  4. Quoll

    Medical Records

    We asked for ours more as a “just in case” because DH has had some exploratory stuff done but if there’s nothing specifically concerning in your history I wouldn’t bother.
  5. Quoll

    Life in Canberra

    I'd agree with that, Even 40 years ago there was still quite a lot going on if you knew where to look. The only problem we used to have was to find somewhere for dinner on my husband's and my birthdays! They're both on public holidays and our choices were limited - not so now though.
  6. Quoll

    Taking food when you move

    Over 40 years ago my BiL took a tier of our wedding cake into Australia (for my inlaws who couldnt be there) and it got through alright but that was 40 years ago, they're more stringent now but it'll be a gamble - declare it and hope for the best, plan for the worst and take what comes. One thing Quarantine is not, is sentimental!
  7. Quoll

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Yup, observation of behaviour is all we have and those observations dont paint a pretty picture really. Viewed altogether, too many incidents to be coincidental
  8. Quoll

    Moving back home to UK

    You might be wise to get your husband's citizenship before you leave, you never know if you might need it. As you've not got PR yet that isn't going to be an option for you. If you've both got British passports then make sure they're current and walk in. Talk to a financial advisor about managing your finances and what you may /may not be entitled to in both places. Good luck! It's an amazing place to be a retiree!!!
  9. Quoll

    How is Megan doing so far?

    You didn't see the pregnancy coast at Eugenies wedding? Then announcing her pregnancy at the reception??? That's a very big no no. Then just this week, releasing her PR on Harry's public wallowing for some huge sum in the day that Bea's wedding date was announced. She either had unfortunate timing (their tantrum the day before Kate's birthday, their public tears to detract from PC'S documentary, something else to detract from W&K's trip to Pakistan etc) - oR she's a manipulative madam. I rather think the latter.
  10. Quoll

    Decision Made...

    I think it means that you don't have to have a professional who has known you in that capacity, you can have someone who has known you as a friend or neighbour for the required period but who is or was one of the professionals in the list. But of course it could be a person who had known you in their professional role for more than 2 years. Psychologist wasnt on the list specifically but it's accepted by the passport office as being professional enough so there is a bit of leeway with respect to professional role. I've countersigned several for friends over the years.
  11. Quoll

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Given the way that they have treated Eugenie and Beatrice they may not get an invitation!
  12. Quoll

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I think it's fairly obvious that she did split him from his family - she had history after all. She was welcomed with open arms initially remember the "family she never had" gaffe. Nobody made a thing of her biracialism and she was welcomed because Harry was a favourite son of Diana but observation of her behaviour was enough to make some people begin to have concerns and quite quickly. She had no interest, in being part of the royal family team other than being a star - THE star. She didn't want to learn British conventions had zero interest in it and her behaviour was embarrassing and in cases utterly inappropriate. Nobody likes being lectured by the woke who don't walk the talk. Her aim is global influence and, poor sap Harry, is a stepping stone to her hobnobbing with all the world's power folk. There were so many little things - but the final straw for me was the "hey look at me, do you think I'm pregnant" move at Eugenies wedding and then announcing it at the reception. That's the behaviour of the crass. I don't doubt he loves her and all but he's way out of his depth. I hardly think a "career" where he is merched to the public to wallow in his mother's death is good for either his mental health or his family although it looks like it will rake them in millions for a while. Taking Archie away to "protect" him..... From what? Isolating him from an extend family and cousins, all of whom seem to be quite nicely protected, would seem to be the antithesis of ideal. Sorry, but having observed narcissistic behaviour In a few of my acquaintance over the years The alarm bells were ringing for me quite early on. So the RF never complain, never explain and when you look at past press Camilla and Kate have had much worse thrown at them - much of it from those who now laud H&M; the Diana fanatics and the "Harry should be king, William is boring" brigade. I really don't care what they do as long as they don't do it on the coat tails of the RF and at the expense of the tax payer. And I would be very happy if neither ever appears in another paper /magazine ever again but that's not the kind of "privacy" she wants - she will try and manipulate the paparazzi just like Diana did.
  13. Both married - to each other????
  14. Quoll

    Life in Canberra

    Good! It's not nearly as bad as it is painted. It's much maligned in fact!
  15. Quoll

    Drug and Alcohol certificate

    Might be the Responsible Service of Alcohol? Necessary for bar work in most states. Not expensive and easy to do.