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  1. Quoll

    Secondary School Teacher

    Register with the Department of Education and put your hands up for positions in that area. The further out you go the higher the chances of them having vacancies to fill and with NSW it'll stand you in good stead anyway as you get points for having done regional postings should you ever try and apply for something in an area that people actually want to live in.
  2. I don't think you're going to have too much trouble providing the proof given your situation. I'd say you are going to find it very straightforward given the length of your relationship and having two Aussie kids from your marriage.
  3. Quoll

    489 visa granted and validated BUT..........

    Why don't you just rent out your house if you can't sell it and go as soon as you can? You can sell it down the track if Australia works out for you otherwise you've got something to return to.
  4. Quoll

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Immigration aren’t obliged to rush things through. They’re bureaucrats and their job is to fill visas in areas and skills which are required by Australia. They’re under an obligation to the Australian tax payer not to someone who is applying to enter. If they just went open slather and processed everyone without due care and attention then there would be a flood and that wouldn’t be good for the Aussie community. It may not be what you want but you always have the right to revoke your visa application, no one is forcing you to move to Australia. Living in Australia is unfortunately not a God given right for everyone. Peter Dutton was the best Immigration minister we’ve had in a long while.
  5. Quoll

    Child's dad said no

    I’d be taking the “better weather we’d be outside all the time” with a bit of a pinch of salt as well. It’s just as hard to be outside when the sun is blazing enough to frazzle you and you’re slathered in sunscreen and covered up to stop sunburn. It all depends where you go, of course, but the heat and sunshine can be just as restrictive as the “8 months of rain” that is supposed to pervade Britain (a move to East Anglia might be cheaper and easier, weather isn’t like that here). Aussie kids are wedded to their Wiis just as much as English kids and trawling the malls is a national high school sport.
  6. Quoll

    Child's dad said no

    You could, of course, leave your daughter with her dad and you come and visit her or have her visit you for holidays if you are desperate to go.
  7. Quoll

    Office open on Saterday?

    No need to post the same query on different parts of the forum! Once should be enough. In general, no, public servants don’t work on Saturdays or Sundays but you never know, you might get one who fancies a bit of overtime. So, assume no you won’t get a visa issued but if you do get notification over the weekend then that’s a bonus!
  8. Quoll

    Support for Educational Health Plan for my son

    Have you got your visa? That is potentially stumbling block number 1. I don’t know if lateral transfers get preferential treatment but a significant disability in one family member for regular visa applications usually results in all applications being rejected. http://education.qld.gov.au/schools/disability/early-childhood-development-services.html (assuming he will not be eligible for school initially) http://education.qld.gov.au/studentservices/learning/disability/parentguide/index.html (for school age) Are good places to start for a kid with a disability. You will also have to come to terms with the vagaries of the very dysfunctional NDIS. IIRC at one stage, Queensland did all their own assessments and wouldn’t take diagnoses from other jurisdictions but that’s probably changed by now. Assuming you get a visa then there’s not much you can do until you know where you will be posted and living.
  9. Quoll

    Medical problem

    If you have access to extensive speech therapy before you leave I’d take advantage of that because it’s not likely that your lad will get “extensive” support when he arrives - early intervention is very much state specific and often very patchy. You will probably be better paying for private ST services.
  10. Quoll

    Am i mad!?

    It’ll be interesting to see if you continue to love Australia or whether you will find (and maybe find uncomfortable) that you don’t get that feeling of belonging. I think for many of us the longer you stay the more you realise you don’t belong and so when you click with the place/people/emotion that you do “belong” everything else then begins to pall after a while. If OTOH when you get back you do get that feeling of “this is home” then you’re good to stick with it. For me, my head always said “Australia is home” but my heart never got with the plan and though I was happy enough there for about 20 years or so, eventually the gloss wore off and I craved the belonging. In hindsight, I wish we had moved back at least 10 years before retirement - maybe after the kids left school or even (and I think one son in particular would have had a much better future) for the boys’ HS years. As it is, we are back in retirement to care for my elderly dad and I’ve promised to return to Aus when he dies. Whether I will be able to cope with the lack of belonging then I have no idea but we both have dual citizenship so theoretically we have the freedom to come and go at will. If you keep all your options open just “be” where your best place is at the time. Good luck.
  11. Quoll

    Long Distance Relationships

    Been married to the bloke I had a 3 year LDR (Aus-UK) with for 45 years now so in my experience yes, they work quite well. In this day and age with technology and cheap fares I’d say it’d be a doddle compared with the dark ages when phone calls were £1 a minute, air fares required several years saving and the quickest mode of communication were aerogrammes that took over a week to arrive. If it’s love on both sides then anything is possible! I’d say only 2.5 hours away is neither here nor there really, I travel further to have coffee with friends.
  12. Bendigo is OK. Ballarat is closer to Melbourne by about an hour. Bendigo has some good second hand bookshops and the owner of one said he chose Bendigo for its easy access to cricket events (dunno about that but that was his rationale). Castlemaine probably has less going for it on the surface, it always seems a bit single streetish to me and whenever I go there, I’m done within half an hour. Bendigo has more to offer imho and my brother in law has lived there for about 25 years and he quite likes it but he doesn’t have kids and nor do we any more. I think for range of education options I’d probably go for Ballarat if I were looking at a regional Victorian town.
  13. Quoll

    Confused about how health insurance works

    It sure does. I’ve had both those procedures mentioned and in Canberra I was told there would be an 18 month wait for gall bladder removal (I paid for it within 4 weeks and that was because he was the best surgeon around) and my wonderful gynaecologist said that I would never have got to the top of the waiting list for a hysterectomy although my reasons, in the same way as your friend, would have rendered me suicidal before too long! (She was amazing, it was done within 2 weeks) I saw on the front page of the Canberra Times recently, the waiting list for urology was 6 years!!! Fortunately here in Cambridge my dad got a urology specialist appointment within 6 days and was well on the road to recovery after a minor op within 6 weeks (and that included Christmas!). My uncle had a carpal tunnel op within a couple of months that I would, again, never have got to the top of the list for in Canberra.
  14. Quoll

    Do the goodbyes ever get easier? Help!

    Nope, there isn’t an easy option. You either develop a very thick skin and say “bugger it, it’s my life” or you Re prioritize and maybe put yourself on the back burner while you do whatever makes you able to live with your conscience. I’ve cried more times than I can remember as I farewelled my aged parents for about 7 years before my DH who was “never going to live in England ever again” took one look at my aged parents and said “we can’t leave them here alone like this”. That was 7 years ago yesterday. He’s really enjoyed England but part of that is because he knows that as soon as my dad dies we will be back to Aus. I’m a hard hearted Hannah but leaving my parents vulnerable on the other side of the world (I’m an only) was beyond even me. We lost mum last year and now dad is cracking on at 94 needing 24/7 care. We have tried to persuade him that a care home would offer more than we can but he wants to die in his own home. My only suggestion would be that you get them settled into supported accommodation somewhere so that you know someone is keeping an eye but realistically the chances of you being there when they go is statistically quite remote. I wasn’t there with my mum as we had to put her demented self into care 18 months before. She was only 4 miles down the road but I wasn’t there. Good luck, I don’t envy you, it’s a noxious position to find yourself in but try and keep things flexible, get your citizenship, be prepared to move if you need to, have a contingency plan with your brother - at least you have one who can pull his equal weight- and see how the chips fall.
  15. You have citizenship or a visa? If a visa, do you have restrictions on where you must live? Best option is to go where you can get a job, everything else will fall into place as there is no magic “best place for children” there are kids and families all over the place. Obviously you will get more bang for your buck in smaller towns/cities with respect to accommodation but work might be harder to find.