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  1. I’d be aiming for the short term visits, she can do them every year for a while. A chronic condition which could cost the Aus taxpayers over a threshold amount could be a barrier - no idea how much her anti depressants cost even if you could swing the BoF test and such things are best discussed with agents who specialise in medical conditions. Failing that, you could always move back to look after her if she needs that much care.
  2. You can apply for jobs as a student dependent but you won’t be very high up the list especially as you will only be allowed to work 20 hours a week. I have no idea what SAP is so unless positions require citizenship or permanent residence there should be no barrier to your applying for part time jobs. Your kids will have to pay for their schooling - International rates or close thereto, it all depends on the state. If your spouse is doing a PhD you may be able to get full time work. If they are on a scholarship from the Australian government then there may be exemptions for their kids’ school fees.
  3. Quoll

    457 granted for 1.5 years only

    He is obliged to pay for your fares back home though as your other, perhaps most realistic, option.
  4. Quoll

    It certainly is the Bush Capital

    LOL That will be interesting - can the white elephant be derailed?
  5. Quoll

    457 expiring

    Immigration might look askance at someone coming off a 457 Visa suddenly applying for a tourist visa. You can get your kids international student visas then you can leave them to be independent for 3 months while you go home and get things set up for them. Or, if you are eligible to apply for PR you could do that. But if you have no intention to stay long term that would seem to be a bit of a waste of money.
  6. Quoll

    Doctor with an autistic spectrum disorder

    If you’re unlikely to be claiming benefits from the NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme) then it won’t affect you at all. If your condition is considered serious enough that you “could” potentially claim benefits unde the scheme then the potential cost of those benefits would be tallied up and contribute to a perception of your burden on the Aussie tax payer and thence potentially impact your visa. However as the intent is to wean those with high functioning autism off the NDIS teat (probably won’t happen, the autistic community is very politically driven) you’d be ok because your chances of being entitled to any disability benefit is likely to be reduced. You really do need to talk to one of the agents for reassurance.
  7. Quoll

    Bridging visas in Australia

    If you are a naturalised citizen it doesn’t matter how long you lived there and the 2 years requirement Is only if you are a citizen by descent - my son, for example is a citizen by descent because he was born in Britain of an Australian father. He lived in U.K. from 6 months - 24 years when he came to U.K. on a holiday. His son, born in London can be registered as a citizen by descent because my son spent 23 years in Aus before his birth. Your case is much more straightforward. You were naturalised, you got your passport, you had your kids, they are citizens by descent.
  8. Quoll

    Bridging visas in Australia

    Were you a naturalized Australian citizen at the time of their birth? If so then they can apply for citizenship by descent. You dont need to be a citizen by descent (and if you were a citizen by descent you would have to prove 2 years residence in Australia before their birth). You keep on saying citizen by descent but I dont think that is what you mean - you mean an Australian born citizen when you talk about citizen by descent. If you were naturalized before their birth then they are eligible - did you go to your citizenship ceremony and then get your passport then have your kids - that's as good as being an Australian born citizen.
  9. Quoll

    457 Subsequent Entrant Visa

    If they refuse you can quit and go back home to her.
  10. Quoll

    Doctor with an autistic spectrum disorder

    Consult with one of the agents who specialise in medical conditions- George Lombard, Peter Bollard and Richard Gregan are the ones usually mentioned in this context. Chances are you’ll be ok but you might want to get assessments updated to reflect your current functioning.
  11. They do reckon that it could take 6 months to find work which is why they expect you to have savings to cover that when you apply. At the moment the obligation is only moral but there are noises to ensure that people given visas for residence in one place actually stay there so down the track there is no way of knowing whether this might impact citizenship or anything. However, chances are they will think you’ve given it a good go. Its about time they sharpened up the skills list though to actually reflect the jobs availability! Don’t know why they give visas if there are no jobs though with all the ACT construction at the moment I can see why architects might have been expected to be in demand. Perhaps registration in Aus might be something you need to get.
  12. Quoll

    UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

    Big difference between a passport and an ancestry visa. Evidence you plan to work I think you’d get away with having quit a job, got your cv done and maybe a few job applications made.
  13. Don’t need to prove the relationship on a PMV just get married within 9 months
  14. Quoll

    UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

    Don’t think you need a job offer for ancestry.
  15. Quoll

    UK Spouse Visa - Financial Requirement Route Help?!?

    No U.K. or European Ancestry lurking in there anywhere? Even a UK born grandparent would be handy.