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  1. Quoll

    Considering making the big move

    Good to hear that is all falling into place for you and you are where you belong! Even my Ballarat born husband doesn't think he "belongs" in Ballarat LOL!
  2. Agree with the others, partner visa but in the meantime, if your wife doesnt have UK citizenship, now would be a good time for her to get it, you never know if you might want to return and it takes the hassle out of visas in the longer term.
  3. Well done! I bet you never thought you would be doing this well when you first started!
  4. Quoll

    RRV 157

    Looks like you'll have to apply for a new visa then. If you've got millions to spare then the investors visa seems like a way to go. BTW, Immigration are not in the Compassion business (and neither should they be), they are in the business business. Best talk to an agent about your options.
  5. Quoll

    Medicare yellow

    I think the wording for reciprocal cover is “necessary” rather than emergency. Some of the policies I just googled for temporary working visas include GP and specialist visits (some have an annual max spend) so when you choose the private cover that you need to evidence for your visa, you can get one with that level of cover. I don’t know why UK expats are so hung up on bulk billing - it was designed to ensure that low income earners weren’t deterred from seeking medical intervention. The rest of us understand it’s a co-pay system and the rebate for a GP visit is only around $39 these days.
  6. Quoll

    Medicare yellow

    Australia has a co-pay system so most Australians pay for GP and specialist visits. If your treatment is necessary then you will pay the same as any other Australian under the reciprocal arrangement. Medicare doesn’t cover private hospital other than the standard Medicare rebate for the item number which goes nowhere close to covering the fees. It rather depends on whether your treatment is deemed necessary or elective - if necessary then the reciprocal arrangement will cover you, if elective then you won’t get anything for it. As you’re likely to be in the high salary range, being a doctor, it’d probably be financially worth your while to get private health insurance and avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge
  7. It's not a matter of being "fair" it is designed to meet Australia's needs and commitments. Parents really arent a vital part of Australia's needs and many other countries wont even consider parent migration, I think government would actually like to do away with the parent visas altogether if they could. Maybe that will be one of the recommendations because it is just too heavy a demand.
  8. Quoll

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Yeah, me neither - it was a doddle and there was so much more courtesy on the roads than you ever see around here - I would happily drive from Cambridge to Durham for the day or over to Wales for the weekend and down to see the son wherever he was on the other side of London. Cambridge to Farnham for lunch - easy peasy. I dont like driving in Sydney or Melbourne but, of course, I do it when necessary. I had to chuckle that my sister in law (who got off a plane, hired a car and instantly navigated the M25 and M3 to go to our son's wedding) was freaking that DH and I were planning on driving across Melbourne on a Friday afternoon rush hour because of the road situation! She was right to a degree - at least I never got stuck in an M25 tail back quite so big - and had to pay for it via the tolls!!!! I think it was having to pay for the privilege of sitting in a traffic jam that rankled!
  9. Quoll

    The Official Weather Thread

    And we have had some snow flakes amongst the rain!!!
  10. Quoll

    The Official Weather Thread

    Oh great (not!) it's been a miserable day today so snow would be the icing on the cake.
  11. Quoll

    Temp visa holders, sick parent at home

    Not necessarily. They may apply for an inwards exemption like everyone else. Whether they get it or not is anyone's guess. It isnt 100% certain that any "compassionate" plea is going to hit the mark. I'm with Rammygirl on this one - tough decision but perfectly do-able.
  12. Quoll

    Off Grid Living

    Nah, he's an idiot. A very resourceful and practical idiot but an idiot nonetheless.
  13. Quoll

    Temp visa holders, sick parent at home

    Found this Temporary visa holders leaving Australia for a short trip overseas Temporary visa holders in Australia can depart Australia at any time, however, they will generally not be permitted to return to Australia. Temporary visa holders seeking to leave and then return to Australia, may apply for an inwards exemption before they leave, however applications will generally only be approved if: the applicant meets the requirements for an individual exemption from Australia’s Inward Travel Restrictions, and they have a strong compassionate or compelling reason to leave Australia supported by relevant documentary evidence, for example: attending the funeral of a close family member overseas, visiting a close family member who is seriously or critically ill, or seeking necessary medical treatment not available in Australia, or travel is essential for business purposes. Might be worth asking for an exemption to return otherwise it might be a case tossing up whether seeing a family member before they die or Australia is more important. I would think if the case is "worst case scenario" then you would be in with a reasonable shot. However, having done it myself just a year ago - if it is only to attend a funeral is it worth it with all the quarantine etc? I watched my dad's funeral on FaceTime (in a woodland burial ground with no broadband, just my daughter in law and her phone) and a friend's and my uncle's funerals via a well set up streaming service. I know it is hard but sometimes pragmatism is key. In some ways I think knowing that the government is making decisions and effectively stopping you from doing what you would normally feel you wanted to do, makes it easier to handle. I feel no guilt about not being there for my dad - immensely sad, for sure, but he always said "dont bother to come back for a funeral" - normally, of course, I would have been in like Flynn but this time I took him at his word and it was what I did for him when he was alive which mattered. I hope it isnt the "worst" for your fiancé because that's awful but just in case ....
  14. With only 5 months to go I wouldnt bother wasting my time. Victoria needs its nurses and you have a job. So, you are unhappy - stick it out for 5 more months and you can be in Qld, legitimately, before Christmas without any stressful dealings with the state government and no fear of reprisals.
  15. Quoll

    Off Grid Living

    Good luck! Can’t say it would float my boat! When discussing with the DH about his aspirations for a self sufficient 40 acre block I did specify that my non budge baseline expectations were an inside flush loo and broadband with a good local coffee shop a close third. Unless you’re more than an hour away along an unsealed road from a tiny hamlet with a basic stock convenience store I don’t think you’re going to be off grid much LOL. The DS set up on what was a 1960s Co-op and which had all the aspirations of your eco village back in the day I suspect. There are still a few who hang on, growing their own “tobacco”, brewing their own hooch and generally not really being very productive in the wider sense but it was where the ex grew up and they hoped to lead the way with young families - the world has moved on since the 60s though and thank heavens other young families see the benefits of education for their kids at least.