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  1. Quoll

    Living in the Northern Territory

    Most Aussies wouldn't want to live in the NT so you might have to be more specific about what your expectations are. Best advice is probably "pick another state".
  2. I'm just off for my walk now too - bacon sarnie at the end of mine as well. Lovely to see the daffs and snowdrops popping up.
  3. In hindsight Canberra was so lucky to have had the fire the year before (we were down in Ballarat and it was snowing at the same time!) that effective fire break saved the city I believe. That previous fire also made us (Recovery Committee) aware that we weren't really ready should it happen again and we pushed and pushed for a "practice" and finally got one in the November before. The scenario they gave us exactly mirrored what eventually happened so in some ways evacuation and recovery were smoother than maybe we would otherwise have been - I think we would have been flailing about if we hadn't had the desk top exercise. One prescient moment of the exercise when presented with the scenario, one of my colleagues said "if that happens, we will be in America and our house and my husband's business will burn down and we will just have what is in our suitcases". She was, sadly exactly right. Really glad I'm not there now because after that and dealing with the Gippy recovery in 2010 and having my son burned out in 2014 I'm not good with bushfires! Stay safe!!!
  4. It was. I hope never to see the like again. You would like to think that lessons have been learned but I suspect not.
  5. No test, but a self declaration. We took my dad to the doctor and told him the doctor needed to sign him off then we hid his car keys but in his mind he can still drive. Someone needs to hide PP’s car keys. I think. Mind you there are some from every age group who need to have their car keys removed!
  6. It was a bastard day, I remember it well. Was that your side of town? Hard to think it was so long ago. Haven’t seen that before - that would have been about 3pm, more like hellish night
  7. Quoll

    Just saying hello!

    Sorry, a lot of our readers have “the dream” because they’ve grown up watching Home and Away or Wanted Down Under and think that is what Australia is all about. In essence, they’re both first world countries with all the pluses and minuses that brings with it. Neither is inherently better than the other and moving to a foreign country on the other side of the world requires not “a dream” but a sense of adventure, a considerable dose of self reliance and well over the average selfishness (not meant in a pejorative sense, rather a survival sense) along with a willingness to take risks and not get hung up if it doesn’t work. If someone isn’t 100% committed and 110% raring to go, then it’s likely to flounder. oh, and please don’t start watching H&A, it’ll sap your brain!
  8. Quoll

    Just saying hello!

    Yup, this, in a nutshell! Even the strongest of marriages can founder when one loathes what the other loves! We have seen on here though the odd occasion where the dream turns into a nightmare for the instigator when the other partner thinks it’s the best thing since sliced bread and so won’t let their partner move on with their kids to U.K. but keep them trapped in a place they come to loathe with the shackles of The Hague Convention. One man’s dream is another man’s nightmare! I always shudder when the “it’s been my dream to ...” is produced as the reason for a move (too much WDU & H&A will do that to you lol)
  9. Quoll

    Secondary schools in Melbourne

    But remember, schools are more than their ranking and Aussies generally don't get too hung up on rankings.Vce rankings
  10. Quoll

    Secondary schools in Melbourne

    Schools very much reflect the suburbs they are located in so if you look around at where there are vacancies to be rented and look at the neighbourhood, and cannot see yourself living with "those" neighbours then you're not going to much want to send your kids to the local school. Choose the place you want to live in because you can afford it, there are rentals available, it's not too onerous a commute, the other facilities you expect from a neighbourhood are there and the neighbours don't appear too noxious. If you do that, the schools will fall into place. Bear in mind that a good number of secondary kids especially don't go to state schools, they go private and there's a roughly parallel Catholic sector and quite a wide range of other private options although the best - like Melbourne Grammar, Scotch, Geelong Grammar etc usually have waiting lists miles long and cost an arm and several legs in fees. Don't sweat it, basically.
  11. Quoll

    Parent visa

    You can’t just take your mother in law. There are balance of family tests and all sorts and you have to be settled yourself for a couple of years. She may not be eligible to emigrate.
  12. Quoll

    IB schools in SA

    International Baccalaureate - universal qualifications recognised across the world. https://www.goodschools.com.au/start-here/at-school-and-beyond/international-baccalaureate/south-australia
  13. Quoll

    Where to start?

    Get UK passport Book plane ticket Pack bag Go. Of course there are other niggling things and you may want to think of renting out your home if you own one, putting bigger stuff in storage until you see if you like what the UK has to offer, try and get a career break if you are still working (firm believer in belt and braces here). When you get to UK you'll need to apply for a NI number although you might have got one at birth then Bob's your uncle, sort out where you want to live and go for it. Good luck!
  14. Quoll

    School years

    As Sammy had said, she won't be going back a year. She will be moving into a new system in a new country and will have lots of catching up to do anyway with different approaches to teaching and learning, new social experiences and cultural differences. She's over the cut off point in all states (the latest state is NSW where cut off is 31 July but kids with birthdays from March/April onwards are encouraged to delay entry until the following year). Schools can see the problems that kids who are younger than their cohort have when going through school. Maybe not so obvious at 7 but definitely the maturity helps in the senior years. Don't push it, just go with the flow and don't tell her she is going back a year just tell hey its a foreign country with a completely different system.
  15. Quoll

    Favourite wines?

    Yes, several nice reds not necessarily Merlot or PN though. Barossa Ink is a new one for us - not sure where to get it, our son recommended it - and I really like Black Stump (get it on Amazon). Also quite like Beyerskloof Pinotage (cheap at Sainsburys) - but it needs to breathe. Unspecial everyday stuff is Banrock Station Cab Sav in a box - cheap enough at Sainsburys. Ive found that I dont like the Waitrose offerings quite so well - and they are more expensive although I will occasionally get a bottle of Yellow Tail if pushed. Our local wine bar had a really nice smoky Aus Pinot Noir but I cant remember what it was called and suspect it wasn't cheap.