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  1. Quoll

    What would you do?

    Golly, 5%?! Where on earth would you Be getting that sort of return? If you have no qualifications, what visa are you bridging to? All depending on what you’ve applied for, you could be on that visa for years and your chances of getting a job on a bridging visa are going to be slim too. I think maybe you will need to move back as you’ve obviously been successful to have amassed large savings. You might need to try and slot back in to what you were doing. Surely you know people in U.K. if you’ve grown up there, you might have to be around friends rather than family.
  2. Quoll

    Are we coming out of isolation too soon?

    My dad's home was exceptional during Covid - still are as far as I know - far better than the more prestigious home that my uncle resides in. I think some homes were very risk aware and I know that dad's home - and the small chain it belonged to had a very well developed contingency plan. They were at least a week ahead of my uncle's place with things like mandatory hand sanitiser on entry and closing the home to visitors. Dad's home was still Covid free when I last spoke to them but my uncle and his sister and brother in law (all at the same home) all tested positive (brother in law died - with it not of it I suspect). Communication was great with dad's home too - very haphazard with the uncle's home (much bigger chain and one whose director did a lot of whingeing to the papers). Both homes cost a lot but it does seem that there is a wide variability between them. My dad chose his home because he had respite there and felt like he belonged (and I was impressed by their clinical management). My aunt chose their home because it was the "best" (aka most expensive) home in the county and it had crystal chandeliers - her nieces tried to persuade her to look elsewhere after the first few incidents of poor management (especially clinical) but nope, it was "the best". Hard to know what to do for the best with the oldies - and we probably wont be much better when our time comes.
  3. You’d better tell @Aussiebird that then because she’s been struggling with the G2G and she’s a Perth girl. It’s not the general exemption to enter Australia for which, as you say a 309 is not required to get an exemption but it’s WA controlling their border.
  4. Quoll

    Impossible decision

    No, indeed. Being a carer is a thankless task I would have happily delegated to a sibling, no matter what the cost.
  5. Do you want to visit while your FiL is declining or emigrate?
  6. WA borders are closed. Anyone wanting to enter requires a pass. https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/g2g-pass-travel-exemptions-frequently-asked-questions
  7. Quoll

    Anyone don a DNA test? Any surprises?

    Yup, twice. Nothing astonishing but some brick walls demolished with triangulating relatives. Also managed to assist a couple of second cousins find their fathers.
  8. Quoll

    re-newing Australian passport in the UK

    Trying to remember, does it need a witness if the last passport has recently expired? I vaguely recall that it’s only necessary if it’s in excess of 2 years expiry. My son’s expired about 10 years ago and he’s had issues with getting a witness although he shouldn’t (he’s just being lazy and doesn’t want to spend the money LOL) and at the end of the month he will struggle to get to London for an interview- he’s not bothered this past couple of years when he was virtually next door!!
  9. Quoll

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Wouldnt that rather depend on whether he is currently entitled to Medicare?
  10. How rich are you? And even then, once you've done with your studies what next? Dont think you can stay just because you've studied in Australia, expect to be heading home. If you want to pursue a masters because it will lead to the career you want then do it, but do it at home where you are likely to be supported, get scholarships etc. If your career is still on the list at the end of that then you might be able to apply then.
  11. Quoll

    re-newing Australian passport in the UK

    Yup, it was a highly bureaucratic process from beginning to end. Might be to ensure that everyone has photos of the right dimensions though, they'd be spending hours sending stuff back if what I saw was anything to go by.
  12. Quoll

    re-newing Australian passport in the UK

    Renewed mine in London in 2018. Yes, it is a long drawn out process - the interview is very straightforward, they basically just eyeball you, check you've filled out the forms correctly, ensured you have photos of the right dimensions (from my observation of people being interviewed while I was waiting, around 70% of them did not! Get your pics done professionally from somewhere that knows what the Aussie dimensions are) and then sent you on your way. Entering the Aus HC is an experience in itself with guards behind bullet proof screens, standing on the x and getting all your belongings scanned. It is more expensive, not only because you have to factor in your trip to London (all of you!) and the levy for having your passport renewed overseas. And all that is assuming you can get your computer to talk to the application form (my son had trouble with that). When we did ours there was about a 3-4 week wait for an appointment time but that may have been increased now as they were closed to applications during covid, so there will be a catch up. It wasnt difficult, just time consuming and expensive. My friends were whinging about the cost of renewing their GB passports which had recently increased, until I told them that my Aussie passport was well over twice as expensive. Edited to say, as yours have only just expired, you have less to do in providing information so that is a bonus
  13. You may have decided you want to live in Australia but from what you have written it is highly unlikely that Australia would be in the least bit interested in you - at least for the time being. Maybe when you have some skills which are on the visa list and some experience under your belt then perhaps you might get lucky but, unfortunately, it's not about what you want but about what Australia needs and for lots of folk there is just not a way in. At least you are young, you can check your career options and skill sets and work on them to find a career that you love that might be on the list one day - it's all about qualifications and experience in Australia, just having been a "mate" isnt good enough in a trade which values apprenticeships. In the meantime you can come on a WHV but understand that you will be going home at the end of it (and that would be the end of your £30k savings!)
  14. Not sure about that - we have some folk on here who are returning to Perth people who cant get a G2G permit to fly into Perth at the moment. I'd say Perth is tighter than a duck's proverbial.