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  1. Quoll

    Do I stay or do I go?

    Yup what the others have said, enjoy what you've got but don't allow yourself to be shackled until you're 110% sure that you'll never want to move on - homes, relationships, kids etc. Get your citizenship if that's a possibility with your current visa status then you keep all your options open. I've always tended to go where the best opportunity was at the time and life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. If you do decide to move on, think of it as moving on, not moving back - another new beginning if you like.
  2. Quoll

    Last minute nerves and stress

    I'm one of the lucky ones I guess who just went with the flow and the view that I wasn't going to be there forever if I didn't want to be - it's not a jail so if it works that's a bonus and if it doesn't then you move on. I guess it all depends on how you like your adventures. If it's a work relocation then you'll probably be on a temporary visa so expect to return at some point and you won't be disappointed either way.
  3. Quoll

    some advice pls!

    Sadly, I'd say she's on a hiding to nothing especially with those kind of vibes coming from his family! Agree with Marisa, CWA is a good start but I'd also be looking at volunteering for something like the CFA - doesn't need to be out fighting fires, they have logistics positive too. On the career front, checking out what online or remote occupations she could access - selling craft, proofreading, etc and maybe even looking at ways to increase her skill set through remote learning. But, I agree, moving is probably going to be the best option!
  4. Fill in the form and ask. Hardly looks like extraordinary or unforeseeable circumstances to me but you won't know unless you try https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/1445.pdf
  5. Quoll

    How much exercise do you get?

    Just turned 70 gym 3xweek including treadmill and weights of some descriptions for 1.5-2 hrs. Other 4 days walk on average 7 miles a day. Walk nearly 5 to get coffee. Weight wise I’m not as light as I could be but I’m a stress eater and caring for an increasingly frail 95 yr old is mega stress. Much much better than I was when I moved here almost 8 years ago when I was about 40kg heavier and struggled to walk a mile! I do tighten up because I don’t stretch or roll nearly enough but go to the most amazing sports masseur who gets me loosened up every now and again.
  6. Quoll

    Bursary’s or grants

    The other thing to bear in mind is that your child’s father will need to give permission for them to leave the country and some dads won’t.
  7. Quoll

    Bursary’s or grants

    If you are a student then your child will have to pay fees as the dependent of a student in all states. They vary according to state but in Qld this year a primary student costs $271 per week, going up to $277 pw next year so around $10k pa (on top of your own international student fees). Also remember that as a student if you needed to work to supplement your income you would only be allowed to work 20 hpw - if you can find a job at all.
  8. Quoll

    DNA Testing

    All depends on the testing service. Ancestry gives you an ethnicity breakdown plus "cousin" linkages which often have a family tree available, ability to see which matches you share with someone else. 23&me gives (in UK) a health profile which I found interesting - genetic predisposition to various ailments and health issues but I believe that doesn't apply for Australian testers. Gives an enthicity breakdown including neanderthal percentage. Has links to cousins but not as good with related family trees from my point of view. My Heritage (you can download your raw data from other testing services but it also has a testing service which I havent tried) gives an ethnicity breakdown, cousin relationships with others who have tested and some access to family trees, largely dependent on how much information people have input into them. Gedmatch (again, download your raw data) - generally connections with other researchers, limited value for gedcoms (family trees) but it can be helpful for triangulation if you are looking to break down brick walls. FTDNA - I did this one when it first became available but havent had much use from it - few close relatives and they're not easy to find imho because of the way the data is presented. Ethnicity based on the "daughters of Eve" profile. If I were doing just one and doing it to help break down family history walls I would go with Ancestry and be prepared to fork out for Ancestry membership at least for the next 12 months. Some folk are anti Ancestry - and it does seem like a bit of a hook to catch you to keep on subscribing. If I were doing it because I was interested in my health and well being I would do 23&me in UK, probably not bother in Australia
  9. Quoll

    DNA Testing

    Had mine done by a couple of companies. Good correlation between them from my point of view. As a family historian I’ve broken a couple of brick walls thanks to dna. Had some confusing relationships and some excitement as I’ve helped a couple of my “cousins” find their heritage. There are layers of permission that you sign to acknowledge especially if you’re concerned about law enforcement seeing links to you.
  10. Quoll

    To all those who returned home for good....

    Whilst I haven't returned "for good", every time I flew over the channel and landed at Heathrow there was an overwhelming sense of relief, belonging and, as has been said. peace. Just like a pair of old slippers - bedraggled but perfectly fitting.
  11. Quoll

    Which school year?

    Nah, just pop them into the year with their chronological peers and let them have the last term (or close enough). They'll make connections and you'll pick up some cheap uniforms at the uniform pool - most schools have a dress code rather than an enforced uniform (all depending on where you go of course) and if you talk to the school, they'll give some leeway. Think of it as a practice for making new friends in a new environment. Again, all depending on the state, you might find that the yr 10 will stay at the same school for yrs 11 & 12. Your son could be borderline for holding back a year - again, all depending on the state (some states have an April cut off and kids with an April birthday will often have been held back a year before kindergarten) and it rather depends on his social and emotional development - if he's savvy and sporty then pop him in as one of the youngest but if he's insecure and nerdy pop him into year 5 rather than yr 6. Rid yourself of the notion that they will be "repeating" anything. They won't have done those years in Australia, it'll be a whole new ballgame and probably a light enough entry into the system as UK kids do seem to be quite a way ahead of their Aussie peers but the approach will be potentially quite different.
  12. I believe, if there is a risk that she wouldn't make it back to UK, that there is a medical visa she can apply for. Her family can go back to be with her in her last days if she goes and if they dont want her to be on her own. She will still have to pay for her care as long as she has a bean in the bank.
  13. Quoll

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    Hey, don't diss knitting, it's highly competitive!!!!!
  14. Quoll

    Moving to London from Brisbane

    If you give your kids a wonderful life in Qld then you will probably give them a wonderful life in London. Kids don't care as long as they have a happy mummy and daddy. My son and his family are currently in Kingston on Thames and they seem to have a pretty good life. Lots for the grandson to do, excellent school, usually easy access to the city where both parents work (SW trains permitting!!!) except when they wfh. Treat it as an adventure and if it works you win and if not you move on - assume you've got your citizenship, that's step 1 if you haven't bothered with it already.
  15. Quoll

    1m3 air freight

    Not much. It’s only a temporary visa. Clothes for whatever seasons wherever you’re going, kitchen essentials (if you've got good knives), towels, your technology (not TV), bike if you use one. Personally I'd be taking all my wool stash but I daresay you're not a knitter. My DH would be taking books because he seems to think he need them, otherwise very little. Good opportunity to declutter