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  1. Quoll

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Why would someone who is unvaccinated put a vaccinated person in danger? As both are able to catch and transmit the disease there seems to be no coercive justification for requiring someone to have a jab. Unvaccinated people are at the same risk to society as vaccinated people. It's the infected one needs to worry about not the unvaccinated.
  2. Quoll

    Returning to UK with grade 8 student

    Most returnees I've spoken to have been really positive about the British system and the support that their kids have received in order to catch up. I doubt her accent is going to generate more than a slight interest, schools are very multi ethnic places these days. She will probably need some help catching up not only because she going into an older year but also because Australia is generally behind UK even at the same year level - it'll be things like maths, mainly. If she's got a friend there to start with that's going to be a help to her getting into the peer group.
  3. Quoll

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Yep, I don't talk about it either - name calling here is rife, you know, the twonks, idiots, retards, conspiracy nuts etc. Kids not being allowed to play with kids who aren't jabbed etc. It certainly is a dilemma to stand up for what you believe in vs putting food on the table. Haven't heard anything about the reluctant ones being violent - I refuse to call them anti-vaxxers because most of them are not anything of the kind.
  4. Quoll

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Alternatively Canberra is full of people who toe the party line and don't engage in individual thought. Those not having the jab that I know are highly intelligent and very well read. The bullying here to have it is quite heavy.
  5. Quoll

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I think you've got one today.
  6. Sadly, yes, I think you do. Many of us have chosen the least worst option - doesnt make it any easier other than that it reframes the situation into one that you have chosen and not had it forced upon you. You may want to get into discussions with your wife and kids about compromise - maybe the compromise for you is that your holidays (and holiday money LOL) are spent on you going back to UK if they wont go with you - then you will stay and be the good dad and partner. My DH and I had such a compromise before we actually ended up living in UK for 9 glorious years and he still understands that now I am back in Aus, we will go back to the original compromise as soon as Covid permits (but, actually, he wants to go back too, so much we didnt do or see!). At the end of the day you have to make up your mind if this is the woman and family you want to grow old beside and within. If you think that the resentment might have kicked in well before the kids leave home then maybe some marriage counselling might help her realise the depth of your despair - or you bite the bullet and say cheerio. I've had my DH for 48 years now and I am too old to train up a new one and in the end you cant cuddle a country so that makes my choice a bit easier - I hope you can find a way to make your choice work for you.
  7. Quoll

    Adhd and medical

    Very good point. To the OP, just be aware that you are unlikely to get any additional support in schools for ADHD beyond a suggestion he take Ritalin or something else.
  8. Quoll

    UK passport renewal in Aus

    Don't you want it sent to you here in Australia?
  9. Quoll

    Construction working

    Which river did you have in mind? There are lots of them in Australia with north and south sides.
  10. British grandparents are the best bet if you have any, then an Ancestry visa. I quite understand your desire to return!
  11. You expect sympathy from Government? Why should they? They have plenty of citizens to worry about without worrying about the citizens of other countries who may want to visit.
  12. Quoll

    TSS Visa - School & Insurance Provisions

    Fees rather depend on the state - NSW, ACT, WA and, I believe, SA all have fees for temporary visa holders and they can be around the $5k-10k per child pa, again depending on the state. If you are not coming from UK or one of the other countries with reciprocal medical care then you will need private health insurance - could be around $500pm give or take. All other insurances - home, contents, car etc you will, of course, be liable for
  13. Quoll

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    That’s the one! Secret City, yes that’s it!
  14. Quoll

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    It was actually quite a good series - statutory transgender, female hero, corrupt politicians etc etc but from a Canberran's point of view it was quite a nice travelogue and I must admit to a smidgen of homesickness as I saw it in UK 2 or 3 years ago. BTW, Canberra isnt boring just because it doesnt have a beach LOL
  15. Quoll

    Australian TV - the best and the worst?

    Thats about right a large round unpalatable one.