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  1. Quoll

    Just begining

    Working with kids with autism is going to be pretty specialised and generally you’ll need to be a teacher with a degree. Otherwise you would need to be a psychologist with a Masters. Or I suppose you could be a registered social worker or a nurse - in general, the positions working with kids with special needs (apart from STAs which are lowly paid) are those with registration with some board or other.
  2. Oh so true! I seriously miss Waitrose and M&S! And the village butcher - now that I really really miss! Oh for some Shelford Specials (sausages).
  3. Good to hear then. I just repaid my DH's 8+ years in UK (he really didnt want to go to UK at all) so I get where you are coming from. You should be fine with triathlons! Cant help with the lovely villages and historical properties although the Southern Highlands is probably more villagey than other places you are likely to hit. Sydney could well be an unpleasant culture shock though. As long as she has her British citizenship before you leave just in case she fancies returning at some point!
  4. Well done Josh! Proud dad moment huh? It sucks that you won’t get to passing out but maybe they’ll do a dvd which should be a better experience. I occasionally watch my son’s Sandhurst passing out with a tinge of maternal pride!
  5. I thought that mentally I was fine until I wasnt depressed any more and realised just how mentally un-fine I actually was. I was using all the mental health tricks in my toolbox to make it through every day as a matter of course. I agree though, one of the lightbulb moments for me was knowing that I wasnt Robinson Crusoe and it was OK to talk about it. All the best to you, hope it gets better!
  6. You'll be fine! Just have a quick one liner to reply - like "yes thank God I escaped" or "have you ever actually lived in Australia??" or "been watching a lot of Home and Away have you?" I found that most people did a bit of a double take once they've asked the usual inane question and not got the response they anticipated.
  7. Never thought it would be forever. Quite liked it for the first 10 years, got distinctly “meh” about it for the next ten and absolutely loathed it for the last 10. Have reset the clock since we returned in March - back to the “meh” stage. I had thought that with both my parents now gone there might be the capacity for more liking but, quite honestly, the spark is still not there and COVID, stopping me from going home for a sanity hit isn’t helping. But when we arrived in 1979 it was planned to be just another adventure in life - I married an Australian but never intended to live here forever.
  8. Having just sort of done it, I can attest to the expense although we didnt do the whole move everything and then move everything back. The cost of the basic moving has been chilling enough and to think if we had had to sell a house in Aus, move all our stuff then do the reverse would have been eyewatering. Just moving us and a move cube back has been expensive enough and we havent had to buy a new house (just finish renovating the one we already owned and had part renovated before we left!)
  9. Quoll

    What Book are you reading??

    Ah, recently finished that one too! I’ve enjoyed all her books. I think if I were to take either one of my son’s dogs out I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on an audio book either!
  10. Quoll

    What Book are you reading??

    I've started that one a few times, mainly because Thomas Cromwell is an ancestor uncle of my granddaughters but I really couldnt get into it at all and that's unusual for me especially with a central figure that I am interested in. Maybe time for another go huh?!
  11. Quoll

    What Book are you reading??

    Just finished it. My preference is for audio books because I walk a lot - I loved it, didnt want to stop walking so my figures were well up for the 36 hours the book took to "read". Robert Glenister is one of the best narrators I've ever had the pleasure to listen to. Currently on Ann Cleeves' The Crow Trap and that's making me want to walk too but only 12 hours worth. No idea what happens in 4 hours time when I have finished it!
  12. Quoll

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    It may be because you weren’t the primary applicant and that secondary school teachers aren’t that much in demand as a critical skill. I guess the question may also be why as a “mental health practitioner” (psychologist? Nurse? Psychiatrist?) weren’t you the primary applicant and will you be eligible for registration in your field.
  13. Quoll

    One way travel insurance from UK

    Only “necessary” medical cover though but of course if they’re pr then it’s irrelevant. I think that’s a potential trap if anyone is expecting to reside on the reciprocal agreement for any length of time. Emergencies and acute illness no worries. I remember someone a few years ago who was caught because an investigatory procedure was deemed elective but, obviously, not in the mind of the person. Fortunately they discovered that their employer had taken private insurance for them so the procedure was covered. It’s a gamble if relying on the reciprocal agreement long term.
  14. Quoll

    One way travel insurance from UK

    Your medicare coverage depends on your visa. If you have a permanent resident visa then you are covered by full medicare as soon as you register for it. If you are only temporary then you will be on a reciprocal coverage or temporary medicare. Register when you are out of quarantine and have a permanent address otherwise you will be faffing about changing addresses. YOu'll need a permanent address to get a child into school