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  1. Quoll

    Home schooling anyone do it?

    Quite probably much more anxiety inducing for you than them! You probably won’t have too much choice of school unless you plan on private schooling - and if you do that for one you’ll probably want to do it for all. In the gov system, schools are zoned so every child in the priority enrolment area gets a place but whilst out of area enrolments may be negotiated, schools are under no obligation to take an out of area child.
  2. Quoll

    Primary School Teacher

    Primary teachers are ten a penny in Australia so I wouldn’t be banking on it being a skill that will get you a visa. The thing about recessions (or depressions) too is that people who are qualified but who may have left teaching for greener pastures now find themselves wanting to return to a recession proof career and they’re back in what is already an oversaturated market. Enjoy being a teacher because it’s your passion but if you plan on emigrating think of a different career.
  3. Quoll

    General advice on getting started

    The risk with rocking up as a tourist, lying to Immigration about your intentions could land you in hot water and see you turned around at the border because they think you might be an overstayer - and banned for 3 years. Far more sensible to get it in now and hope for the best
  4. Quoll

    Home schooling anyone do it?

    Whichever state you go to will have a homeschooling section which will require you to be registered as a home schooler and (in some states at least) be vetted and have your curriculum assessed. Most areas have a home schooling network which facilitates social interactions with other kids who are also being home schooled. My granddaughters were home schooled and it was an unmitigated disaster, due, mainly to their mother's total lack of direction and structure and the local network's push for "unschooling". My eldest granddaughter was a good 3 years behind when she finally had to go to school because her parents' relationship broke down and they both needed to go to work! She's caught up now though thank Goodness but there was a lot of anxiety and lack of confidence involved. My younger granddaughter wasnt that far into education when she started real school but she's doing ok - still lacking confidence though and she's inherited her elder sister's anxiety about learning, is not prepared to take risks with learning at all and her mother in particular is useless at supporting her through the learning experience. However, that is just one example and I know of others who seem to be quite successful - it was rather more the parental input that was deficient even though they produced all the curriculum materials etc nobody actually assessed the kids' progress in their state - that will probably be different from state to state. Other cons - restricts the family to being single income, stress of being at home with child 24/7 and little adult time outside the home, no local friendships and added pressure of needing to facilitate friendships with other kids who may live miles away.
  5. Quoll

    General advice on getting started

    You're not a physiotherapist though are you? You wouldnt come under the AHPRA conditions for registration so you cant call yourself one. When you say travelling - do you mean to Australia or around the world? If around the world then put your spouse visa in asap and it may be ready before you are proposing to move to Australia. If to Australia straight away you've left it rather late - they're taking 12-18 months to be granted. You probably should talk to an agent to see what your best options are
  6. Quoll

    Seven seas Movecube insurance

    I didn’t do the lists For the shippers inventory but IIRC DH listed pretty much as we listed on the boxes - but he listed several distinct categories on the boxes - like there was a fur coat in one and he listed that separately Because it could have been an issue for customs. We did try and Keep things in roughly the same categories. When packing, he was a bit ocd and put labels on front and back of boxes and stuck coloured squares with numbers on front and back too - that’s been a boon to us finding the right boxes as we unload gradually this end. Also we put things that might have been of most interest to customs at the opening end, so more accessible. Don’t know what he put for values - I know the things we had to declare specifically For customs it was current value. But we took a risk and didn’t insure.
  7. Quoll

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    Only permanent residents getting in at the moment and no idea when that will change. If you are eligible for a skilled visa put it in offshore now and be done with it. Otherwise, are you proposing to lie to Immigration about your intentions and say you are going to be a tourist when you have no intention of leaving? That can be a bit risky (think turned around at the airport and banned from reentry for 3 years). You may want to get to Australia quickly but sometimes you just have to be pragmatic and Australia's not going anywhere.
  8. Quoll

    Remaining Relative Visa

    Student visas are short term only - you’re meant to go home when you finish. If you’re going to study it’s cheaper to do it in UK, get your quals and experience then move over permanently.
  9. Quoll

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    You’d be better getting the skills to allow you to get a permanent visa in your own right. I can’t think that living on a bridging visa until you retire is going to offer you a good basis for trying to work in Australia, especially if you are restricted by the WHV conditions. Check your skills, get your experience then apply for PR. It’ll take you longer, for sure, but short term pain, long term gain.
  10. Quoll

    820 partner visa from UK

    You’re really not going to know unless you talk to an agent or wait for the decision. But, bottom line, having a baby with an Australian is not a “gotcha” entry and if Immigration don’t think you’re genuine (and having a child call you dad doesn’t necessarily confer that) then you’re gone. But perhaps if that happens you and your partner can return to U.K. together and work on demonstrating the longevity of your relationship and reapply.
  11. Just as an aside. My son was walking in the bush in Gippsland yesterday and spotted this. One old timer reported that the big cat of the Bowens was legend so he will leave his camera out for a while and see if it returns. Must say I’m not happy that he’s there with the 2 granddaughters
  12. Usual way is to think about where you (your mum/sister) will be working and go from there. Some of the smaller regional towns can be hard to get work but it rather depends on what skill set is up for offer. "Nice" is a fairly subjective term and what might be nice for a family whose kids are into bush activities, hunting and fishing might be anathema to a family whose kids are into gigs, the ballet or top level sports. You will need to be more specific - start with work, what work, what skills, how much disposable income, what interests, etc etc. I could tell you that Bendigo is the best place in the world (according to the chap who runs the local bookshop who is heavily into cricket - because of its central location) but personally I think my boys as teens would have found it beyond dull. Similarly any rural Victorian town would fit the bill for some but not for others. My niece likes the Launceston area in Tas - not because she had any burning desire to go there but because it was where she got offered a good job. No point being happy as Larry in a place where you cant get work.
  13. Quoll

    Child Visa - Options

    Apply for your child's visa now offshore. All sorts of issues with a child on a visitor visa with respect to education and health. Do it properly then you wont have any problems. Speed is not always the best way forward.
  14. Yes, looks like you will be 16:7 at the start of the new school year so you should be fine for year 11.