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  1. Island

    Beware SCAM flights after DFAT registration

    HI All thanks for your replies, I emailed DFAT directly through the website - and they replied and said the email I had received was genuine. I am really shocked to be honest, was so sure it was a scam. To me it looked like a scam and sounded a bit like a scam - saying 'you will need to pay immidiately' raised alarm bells. Also I've just heard so many stories of aussies desperate to get home and thousands stranded etc- so again alarm bells when I get an offer to get back next month after only applying to DFAT a week earlier. How sad that I'm so paranoid, bad experiences in the past I guess. Sorry if I worried anyone
  2. Island


    Hi, seems to be quite a few people here who are well versed with pension/ IHT etc for people with dual citizenship. Please can anyone give me a run down of what you have learnt? We have lived in Oz for about 17 working years and UK for about 5. We have 2 teenagers, born and raised in Oz - we are currently living in UK but kids are desperate to go back. Any ideas about living in Oz and having investment flats in the UK? Good or bad idea? So less or no IHT in Australia? Most of our super is in Oz - but presume can still access it if living in the UK? State pension very minimal for us in the UK, not sure if we'd qualify for it in Australia. Any other pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as I'm pretty clueless on this type of thing thanks
  3. Island

    Beware SCAM flights after DFAT registration

    Thanks for all your replies - there are warnings on the dfat website that these scams are occurring - so I'm 99% sure it is in fact a scam. Have emailed them and will post reply once I get it..
  4. Island

    Beware SCAM flights after DFAT registration

    There are reports that Australians overseas are being contacted by someone claiming to be from DFAT, offering flights and requesting credit card information. DFAT will never request payment over the phone.
  5. HI, I registered for DFAT residents wishing to return home to oz. Then i got an email saying there are qantas flights in May, follow the link and you have to pay immidiately. At first I was pretty excited that flights are up and running again - but on second thoughts, think this is probably a scam - what do you think? Email address it comes from is Consular.LhLh@dfat.gov.au
  6. Island

    Australia quarantine update

    How do we get a quarantine slot booked? Do we book our dog in before we know if we can fly (London - Sydney)?? Thanks for any advice...
  7. Island

    Is anyone actually getting back to Oz??

    Thank you for your replies - for Australian citizens trying to get home - are you just required to book your flight and then hope you don't get bumped off or do you also need to contact Australian Embassy, request permission to return etc?? I'm guessing trying to fly pets back is an absolute nightmare at the moment??
  8. Island

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Hi Newy I haven't read all the other posts but we moved from Sydney to Bristol in September 2020. We had lived in Oz for 16 years, our kids are totally Australian. Definitely biggest mistake ever! wish we could turn back the clocks. I love my family and friends in the UK, we are renting an amazing farmhouse, we have two dogs, beautiful countryside etc. I go for gorgeous walks every day. But my kids have been home schooling for weeks and weeks and there is no end in sight. In my opinion the UK has never been in worse shape, politically, financially, mental health wise, it's terrible. Terrrrrrible!!! I can cope. My husband has creative fulfilling work, he can cope. My dogs can cope. My kids ARE coping, but this is not a life to wish for, it is not a life in which your kids will be thriving. We are a close family and get outside loads and are trying our best to make the most of it, but it is no substitute for the life we, or more importantly, THEY would be having if we were still in oz now. I would say don't rush back. Wait and see what will happen next with Covid. The uk is not well equipped to deal with pandemics. Its just not. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, but I've realised that my own happiness and desire to move back, means nothing when I look at my kids life and realise I'm not doing the best by them. If you have a good life in oz, just wait till this mess is sorted and then the decision will be so much easier!!
  9. Hi, I haven't been on the forum for awhile... Is the general experience of people trying to get back to Australia during Covid an absolute impossible nightmare or are people actually getting home? Just wondering if there is any point even trying to book flights for later in the year or do we just need to expect to keep getting bumped off, cancelled & rejected?? We are Australian citizens... Thanks for your advice/ expertise and experience!
  10. Island

    Returning to UK with PETS during COVID

    YES thanks we all made it back safely and have a new fluffy addition to the family to top it all off - I miss Oz especially as summer is coming and we are still in lockdown here however, England is definitely the best place to have a dog in the whole world!! The woods and countryside and everywhere allowing off the lead walks is just a dream!
  11. Island

    Returning to UK with PETS during COVID

    Just a quick update - we finally got our dog home - we swapped companies and went to Dogtainers. The rest of the family flew back to UK as planned, I delayed my flight another 2 weeks till I knew I had doggie on a flight - then flew back, with him flying a week later. Not easy, super stressful. He arrived smelling like piss and fear but after a few days chasing squirrels and revelling in leash free country life - he's happier than ever! Good luck everyone, this must be the hardest time ever to travel.
  12. Island

    Returning to UK with PETS during COVID

    Yes sure am. I'm sure they are doing their absolute best but Qatar are no longer flying pets so its just down to emirates and London aren't accepting many pets so the whole thing is a nightmare for all concerned. If anyone has any bright ideas or ways around this I'd be so grateful as I miss my family and am desperate to get back to the UK to be with the kids during this huge life transition. Does anyone have any advice?
  13. Island

    Returning to UK with PETS during COVID

    Nope, rest of family has moved but I can't get our dog on a flight... its awful
  14. HI Everyone We are in the middle of a move back - Sydney to London. We fly back in one week. Just a warning - it is an ABSOLUTE nightmare to try and get your dog on a flight in my experience so far. We booked in over a month ago with request to fly early September - rabies done, deposit paid, TOR form filled in, etc - but still haven't heard if we have a flight. If you are thinking of doing this - it is better to wait and get your PET ON A FLIGHT FIRST - because Qatar will not fly an animal back to the UK unless owner flys back within a few days too (fine if different airline). Otherwise considered commercial. Emirates are the only other airline flying dogs at the moment - and whilst they don't have the same rule about people flying back at the same time - its hard to get a flight. This is a stressful situation especially if you don't have friends/ family this end to look after your dog till it gets a flight (if you have gone earlier than them). Good luck, and hope you have a better experience than me!
  15. I think about ten days. TOR took us longer because kept asking for more information.