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  1. Hello! I am interested to find out if Fitters are in demand in Australia. Has anyone recieved an invitation to apply for a 189/190 visa in the last few months while offshore? Thanks
  2. tina1606

    What month is best to move?

    Hi there, me and hubby have been thinking which month is best to make the move. School year in UK starts in September but in AUS it starts in February. If we move during the UK summer holidays, the AUS school year will be over half way through and if we move in January, our boys will go long time without summer holidays What is best? or what did you do?
  3. tina1606

    PTE/IELTS with dyslexia

    Really? All I've heard is that they give a little longer time and a supervised break
  4. tina1606

    PTE/IELTS with dyslexia

    Hello all, I woupd love some advise My partner is very worried about the English exam. He has dyslexia (not diagnosed) and we are trying to decide which English exam is better for someone who has dyslexia. What are your opinions please?