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  1. Hire furniture or patronise the local buy nothing group (usually FB) or Freecycle or Gumtree for cheap stuff. or revise your budget and get long term airbnb or stayz.
  2. Yup we were. Very selfish.
  3. If you are offered a job with NSW EDUCATION, that's most likely. They expect people to do their time in hard to fill positions and you earn your brownie points towards more plum positions down the track. What does your OH do? It might be better to focus on that as a career option in the first instance. Sadly, the competition for teaching positions is fierce in places that people actually want to live. Much easier to get a position in places which aren't as popular. A friend had to go out to Dubbo to get a contract - he did his 2 years but then decided to quit teaching and go back to Uni. There's nothing stopping you moving out of teaching into something else, you'd have the skills which are transferable. I see you have a 16 year old so you're going to need stability for them to do years 11&12 (may be a bit older than the cohort but they will need to do both years from the get go, starting in January). It might be useful to check out the schools which do well in HSC (and those which dont) because their education might be the most important factor in the first instance. There's a list here https://bettereducation.com.au/Results/HscPublicSchoolRanking.aspx?yr=2021
  4. https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/english There is only one exam board for NSW, everyone does the HSC. That covers years 11&12. Yes, K-2 is Kinder to year 2, you'll want 7-12
  5. You're not likely to get a job before you arrive, it'd be cheaper to just resign yourself to doing the paperwork once you've landed and got an address of some description. Where will your OH be working? Maybe they're more likely to get a permanent job than you are as a teacher. If you're aiming for NSW government schools it could be a very long time before you get a decent job but your chances are better if you're prepsred to go more rural - inland rather than coastal. If you are secondary maths or science you'll probably have more luck. You've just missed the staffing round for next year unfortunately.
  6. Quoll

    Police Officer wanting to emigrate to aus

    The state police forces only require PR. The ACT/National Police service (AFP) require citizenship. Strictly, that's what happens for all public servants but there is a little jiggle room with the APS occasionally.
  7. Quoll


    I got that text a couple of weeks ago. Ignored it though as I haven't been near a toll road since 2018!!! However if it had arrived next week I might be more vulnerable as I plan to take toll road tomorrow (but will pay straight away!!!)
  8. Quoll

    What Book are you reading??

    Oh yes, read all the Cadfael novels and just finished the latest Reacher novel - it was OK but not up to the original Lee Child standards.
  9. Quoll

    What Book are you reading??

    Thought I might give her a try and was going to start with the first one but the sample is written in the present tense. Are they present tense throughout because I just can't read them (listen!) if they are, it irritates me too much!!! Currently on the Tarnished Chalice by Susannah Gregory, set in my home town!
  10. Quoll

    medical issues

    Anything that is likely to cost the Australian tax payer over the threshold for treatment.
  11. I've never had a problem with knitting needles although I did get a pair of "aeroplane friendly" scissors snatched at Singapore! I tend to take wooden needles or tips especially for sock knitting so nobody gets their knickers in a knot.
  12. I agree, I've always said that there nothing a credit card and a passport won't solve!!! Avomine or scopolamine patches are my go to along with a ball of yarn and set of double pointed needles (for socks) and I'm super chilled.
  13. Quoll

    Daughter moving to Melbourne

    Wise move! Burning bridges is never a really sensible idea so it sounds like you are doing the best you can with what you have got. Must admit there are one or two things I would go huh??? at but as you say, their lives and it'll either work or it wont and not much you can do about it.
  14. Some people are advised to go on a FODMAP diet if they have gastro intestinal issues like IBS etc, they're taboo for that.
  15. Quoll

    Daughter moving to Melbourne

    Well, sponsored work visas aren't always permanent either, there is no guarantee that they'll get a permanent visa at the end of it so they're wise to rent out their place. Often women, especially, decide to move home once the kids start to come. You'll be fine! I'm rather of the mind that you don't need to be in touch every day because that exacerbates the missingness! I've got one son in UK (he went for a one year holiday in 2002) and one a 4 hour drive away. I go weeks without taking to either and I'm relieved that I'm not enmeshed with my grandkids.
  16. Quoll

    Daughter moving to Melbourne

    When you say "working visa" do you mean the young persons "working holiday visa"? If so, don't worry, she'll be home at the end of it. If they've got a permanent visa then, yes, you've got more problems! Start saving your pennies and plan to go for regular visits. You never know, she may not like Australia, some of us dont, but in the meantime, pat yourself on the back for raising an adventurous, independent young lady!!! When I left my parents behind over 40 years ago now, it was very much a case of out of sight & out of mind but now there is instant communication I think it's actually harder because you're constantly picking at the scab of your loss. It'll all be OK, don't panic!!!
  17. Quoll

    Carpenter Moving to NSW (which city?)

    Dont ignore Queanbeyan - close enough to Canberra to enjoy the work opportunities (it's hard yakka getting a tradie here at the moment!). You could do worse!
  18. Quoll

    Medicals autistic child

    But you would be declaring that your child needs 1:1 support in class. They may require you to get a whole battery of psycho-educational assessments to show what level of disability she has.
  19. Quoll

    Medicals autistic child

    If she is getting 1:1 support in order to manage school she is likely to be declined for a visa. Do you have any idea how much 1:1 support costs????
  20. Quoll

    Australian Passport Renewal from UK

    I think he has to take a completed form with a verified photograph (get it done at Mr Snappy and tell them you want Australian) because this will be his first adult passport. The process tells you what you need to complete and take with you.
  21. Quoll

    Medicals autistic child

    Speak to one of the agents who specialise in medical issues. George Lombard is the one who is usually mentioned in this regard. You will need a current cognitive assessment, adaptive behaviour, current skill level, speech language assessment and any other diagnostic assessments that the psychologists may have done to confirm the diagnosis.
  22. Damn! I know they sometimes do. Wonder if anyone on the street might have a doorbell cam.
  23. Blimey! Bristol appears to have lost the plot. Dont suppose that was captured by dash cam? Barstewards!!!!
  24. Quoll

    Autistic Child with Citizenship

    I did wonder if they were still doing that. They started because they were getting some diagnoses from interstate which basically came from a random selection of paediatricians who said kids were autistic but had no objective data to validate the diagnosis. In some places the diagnosis was given willy nilly just so that parents could claim additional funding to help in schools. The paediatricians thought they were being helpful to their patients' parents. Victoria has always had a more rigorous definition and actually harder criteria for special ed support than any other state so it's good that you had some reciprocity with Victoria
  25. Quoll

    Autistic Child with Citizenship

    Ozlozz and her children are citizens so the visa isn't an issue for them. I hope you are using an agent who is on top of the medical issues because a child eligible for intervention is likely to lead to a rejection. It's not just the diagnosis which is the issue, it's the level of impairment due to the disability and how much that could potentially cost the tax payer. Some agents are better at medical advice than others.