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  1. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    I thought there was a recession on.... Well done, you're making good in-roads to Oz life, how is your partner and kids adjusting to the new life?
  2. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Congrats on getting the job. Is it one comparable with the one you left or just a job while you look for a job (if you know what I mean) Next stop - start school and start lookign for the long term house to buy
  3. Ausvisitor


    Unless the rules change a RRV is automatically granted (on application) so long as you are on shore at least 2 years out of the 5 years of your current RRV
  4. Ausvisitor

    Best flights Sydney to London - to avoid quarantine

    I don't think there is an option to avoid UK quarantine onthe return from OZ unless the direct Perth - LHR flight is still running. The only other common routes include stops in Singapore Hong Kong Vietnam China Thailand UAE (Or going the "wrong-way") USA All these require UK quarantine at the moment. As the flights will involve changing planes/new passengers joining. Your best chance of avoiding quarantine is the UK failing to register you on arrival in the UK and so not being put on the "list"
  5. Ausvisitor

    What would you do?

    How is your Spanish? Spain whilst welcoming to Brits to in the tourist hotspots, does require some Spanish language knowledge unless you always want to be paying the "Expat premium" for everything. We have a holiday home out there and used to think we didn't need to be able to speak the language, but now our daughter is fluent in Spanish we've noticed repair bills, suggestions of tradesmen etc. are all cheaper because she does the talking and her accent is indistinguisable from a Spaniard (it helps she learnt in a less desirable area of Spain so she has that accent and all Spaniards assume is you learn Spanish as a foreign language you wouldn't learn it with that accent - think of a French person learning to speak English but learning it with a deep Cornish accent)
  6. Ausvisitor

    What would you do?

    You were poorly advised (or read too much of the Daily Mail) in relation to Spain. Spain was (and is) still offering residency to any Brit who actually lives there so long as they apply before the transition period ends. The definition of living there is very loose and realistically people are getting it having rented for 3 months and being able to show they have 9 months left on a rental contract (so long as they can also show they've actually been in Spain during that time)
  7. Ausvisitor

    What would you do?

    I know that feeling, my pension pot dropped £35k in the first month of COVID. It's recovered now but it's still about £8k from where it was - in recent years it's been adding about £30k a year so realistically I've lost £23k in value so far this year (and it isn't over yet)
  8. Ausvisitor

    Undergrad wanting to emigrate to Aus from Eng

    I know loads of people over 50 getting jobs and changing jobs, why do you think it is so difficult?
  9. Ausvisitor

    The unanswerable question

    I realise that the exact answer is no one really knows yet as it's under constant review... However, have Australia (or selfishly NSW) given any initial thoughts on how long quarantine is going to be in place for, or a date when they intend to formally review the policy?
  10. Ausvisitor

    Renewing UK passport in Australia

    Anyone complaining about the UK passport office leaving people without passports in a foreign country whilst a renewal is being performed need to take a good hard look at themselves not the passport authority. The UK passport authority isn't making you stay abroad, you could come to the UK and apply whilst in country. In doing so you will not be abroad without a passport. Living in another country is your choice and you shouldn't expect concessions to be made to accommodate your choices
  11. Ausvisitor

    What happens during the Medical?

    Blood in urine mainly, but also things like diabetes
  12. The visa description on the immigration website is quite explicit in stating, that if you need registration in the state you intend to live in then you will need it to apply. I can see why, a 186 is a PR and so as soon as you get it you can leave your employer
  13. Ausvisitor

    489 Visa Work ftom Home

    Well I learned something new today, I did do a quick Google to see if Adelaide was regional or not - and obviously the information I got back was incorrect (or I read it incorrectly)
  14. Ausvisitor

    Clothing and Shoes

    Where would you go to buy suits, shirts, dress black shoes in Sydney? I'd go to loakes and TM Lewin in the UK but not sure what the equivalent would be in Sydney
  15. Ausvisitor

    489 Visa Work ftom Home

    Well Adelaide is almost certainly not going to be a rural area so I guess it doesn't matter as it is the same deal as working in Sydney in terms of being based and working in a rural area. Where is it that your employer says you are employed from in your contract, that is all that matters. If it is a city (or even Singapore) then you aren't doing a rural job, you are doing a city job from a different location
  16. Ausvisitor

    Bringing a Child to OZ

    It's true that if you don't include her on it now she won't qualify for one herself (except the one/two year working holiday visa) herself until she has a career and experience on the skilled list. So it's the right thing to do to get it sorted now. Just be aware that if she intends to go to uni in the UK she won't be finished that until at least 21 so it might not be of use to her in the long run. Note in normal times she would also need to activate the visa within 12 months of getting it (as do you) so she would need to have a holiday there sometime soon after grant
  17. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Sydney apartment in the CBD so I can walk to work unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it)
  18. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    Yes I looked at it today and it made me a little sad. If we had sold and transferred the cash in March we'd have nearly a 100k more dollars for our house search Here's hoping it gets back to around 2 to the pound sometime in the next 12 months
  19. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    House went on sale today so we will be joining you out there very soon Lavers. Keep a tinnie cool for me...
  20. Ausvisitor

    UK state pension

    That is totally correct; the state pension scheme isn't really a pension at all - it's an agreed national salary for over 67's (various other ages have been used in the past), based on previous employment history.
  21. Ausvisitor

    UK state pension

    I agree with you on inflation but I did specifically mention employers NI. Either way, most people in the UK never pay as much in NI as they take out in healthcare and pension costs, as with everything else the rich pay handsomely to allow the rest to take out of the system. Whilst still getting villified for apaprently "not paying their fair share"
  22. Ausvisitor

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    @Lavers is it not today that you get to cast off the shackles of isolation/quarantine and start your new life proper? Good luck, keep us up to date with how things go
  23. Ausvisitor

    G2G pass inquiry