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    Kent Relocation Group & Anglo Pacific

    I'd say those costs are relatively cheap compared to what I've heard some people have to pay for their customs examination and associated services.
  2. Ausvisitor

    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    The team at DUC aren't RMAs - they have a number of RMA on retention as advisors but the majority of the people you interact with at DUC are just paid case handlers that turn the cogs It may be that yours was a qualified RMA if so that makes their mistake even more unforgivable
  3. Ausvisitor

    News story about family on Temp Visa having to leave Oz

    It's heartbreaking and you have to feel for them. However it does backup many of the posts on here reminding people that temporary (or provisional) visas are just that and that the dream can end at anytime (even decades later) if you don't get that PR hurdle over and done with.
  4. Ausvisitor

    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    I totally agree with you statement, but I do have sympathy with the OP. They engaged DUC who are generally talked about as offering a decent service on these forums and generally they have a decent reputation. In their position I would have assumed if that many are saying they do a good job then they must be ok. I guess you just don't expect people you've paid to do a job to screw up like this. I'm always glad I chose to work with an RMA directly - but I was seriously considering DUC when we did our paperwork because they appear to be reputable and dependable
  5. Ausvisitor

    Closing UK Company

    We have a company in the UK (that is basically dormant since moving to AUS in Jan). There is a positive bank balance in the company (enough to be worth not just leaving it there) and wondered what is the best (least tax) way to extract that. The income in the company has had all UK corp tax paid on it (so it is profit) so wondering what the best way to wind it up and minimise the taxation due in UK and AUS on the disbursement Will most likely need some actual help doing it but just looking at options right now to work out how to proceed
  6. Ausvisitor

    482 visa financial requirements

    If Raul is saying you don't need any cash proof for a 482 then I'm sure that's right (he'd definitely know more than me there). What I can say is don't underestimate how much the costs will be until that first pay check, whilst there isn't a requirement to show cash available, it's still a good idea to come over with 3 months worth of living expenses in your pocket to get you going and see you over the first few weeks when everyone will find a way to take a few dollars of the newbie....
  7. Ausvisitor

    Closing UK Company

    Thanks for that. Does that mean you just kept reporting an accounting loss for those two years as I assume no new revenue was going into the accounts? That might be an option
  8. Ausvisitor

    Depositing a foreign currency cheque

    Or leave it with your sister and get her to buy a few Christmas pressies or birthday pressies for your other UK relatives in your behalf to use up the cash.
  9. Ausvisitor

    Relocation agents WA

    I don't really think there is any substitute for doing the "hard yards" and looking for yourself once there. Yes Airbnb isn't cheap but for 4-6 weeks it is probably comparable to the rental price on a property and the services of an agent to find the place for you. The real problem with getting someone else to choose is they might pick a dog of a property and you are stuck with it for 12 months. Also don't underestimate how long it will take to find a rental especially without a job contract, it will take at least 4 weeks before move in date (unless you are looking just for a room share property) so plan on a month in temp accom at least (we were 6 weeks and that was moving quickly according to everyone else I've spoken to)
  10. Ausvisitor


    I don't think that is correct. You got a grant in May 2019, so the expiry of you travel portion is May 2024. The borders were fully open to PR holders in February this year (we know that is when we came over) which would have given 2 years and 4 months on shore if you'd come then. So what you mean to say is we haven't done our 2 years on shore because we failed to make decisions that enabled that, not because of COVID. I wish people would stop using COVID as an excuse to cover up their own decisions
  11. Ausvisitor

    Decided I need a change

    Never lived there, been there quite a bit and it seems totally soulless
  12. Ausvisitor

    Decided I need a change

    Everyone is forgetting in this that Canberra is a complete hellhole and people should be paid to live there not have to pay to opt into that purgatory
  13. Ausvisitor

    Which school-Perth?

    Still seems really high, ours was £9.5k all in for 3 people, all adults (as our kid turned 18 while in process). We also paid for expedited skills assessments and some very expensive police checks as we had lived in Canada, US and two other countries as well as the UK in the last ten years. I think someone is taking their Christmas bonus early at your expense if that £20k is correct. Most agents charge around £2k to £2.5k for their part in the process so if yours is charging much more than that for their work then you should switch and quickly
  14. Canada can do it because autism support (except for very basic help) is a private paid for service by the family/patient
  15. Ausvisitor

    Apply a new Visa

    I must be missing some thing as I can't see why someone holding a 190 visa would be bothering with a different visa, both require 4 years before becoming a citizen so why switch?
  16. Ausvisitor

    Remote Work as a UK Citizen - tax issues?

    The line is drawn at intent. If you have moved over here and intend to reside you can't use the "I'm on holiday and my boss asked a question" excuse. In reality the line is on proportionality. If you really are just taking a 5 minute call or reviewing one email because it's urgent in a week of otherwise ordinary tourist activities then that wouldn't be seen as work by anyone. Actually giving another company tax advise as you would if you had been in the UK is most definitely working and you can't do that until you have a visa with work permissions attached to it.
  17. Ausvisitor

    Moving to Australia with a criminal record

    True, I did feel like maybe I'd over shared after I typed it. I do wish you luck, people do grow into themselves over time despite past mistakes. Despite my flippant comment the rest of the post was intended to be helpful (and I should have stopped at 2 paragraphs ). You will need some professional help to navigate the process as, like me, people (immigration officer) will just see the crime and make judgements without considering the person. Good luck with the application, if you can get here you won't regret it.
  18. Ausvisitor

    Self employed/ umbrella company

    I had similar, although mine was my own company. Your tax returns are useful as they prove you have been employed and the tax you've paid. However the umbrella reference will almost certainly not be enough as they won't be able to comment on your role and daily activities You will need (as I did) documentation from key personnel in each contract role or if all else fails a signed affidavit.
  19. Ausvisitor

    Moving to Australia with a criminal record

    You have no chance if you do the process yourself, you will need to engage an agent to help here. Even then, the statute in most countries to consider a custodial sentence served is 10 years with no re-offence, so you would have been looking at 2025, but your "minor offence" probably pushes this back to 2030 Interesting is your choice of words, to most people an offence is an offence, only to habitual offenders is there a need to grade the severity of an actual offence
  20. Ausvisitor

    Shipping crystal to Oz

    Unless we are talking many glasses, and assuming that's all you want to transport, by the time you pay someone to wrap them and transport them, and pay to replace the one or two that will inevitably get damaged, I'm sure it won't have been much more expensive to replace. We had really good Waterford crystal in the UK, sold it/gave it all away (many 100s of pieces) and when we moved over replaced with much more contemporary riedel plain crystal glasses (the ones Virgin Atlantic and Emirates use in upper/first). So much nicer than the cut crystal we left behind and really easy to replace if you do damage one
  21. Ausvisitor

    Rental Property Hobart and surrounds

    When we came over we needed accomodation for 6 weeks before moving into our rental. We were perfect rental candidates, no specific location need, only one bed, no real budget constraint and no animals. We were looking in Sydney so not TAS but the issue around availability seems common everywhere right now. Probably the most important question for you is you say 2 dogs, now 2 well behaved schitzu are very different to 2 boisterous full grown dobermans (you get the picture).I'm not sure anyone would be keen to rent a property in good condition for just a month to a family with 2 large dogs, for a year or longer with a good deposit then maybe but too much risk for a small rental return
  22. The difference between Engineer and Technician is just a few letters and easy to achieve in the short term. However, the difference between Engineer and Technician is about $30k a year, are you ready to give that up and have to prove you are worth the promotion to engineer later?
  23. Ausvisitor

    Sending funds from UK with Globalreach

    They seem legit enough, but I can't see why you'd waste your time with them when services like Wise money transfer exist and give near perfect exchange fees without having to email for a quote. Whilst the company you quote say they've helped 30,000 people move money abroad, Wise do this sort of number in a day so have a lot more experience. If Wise wasn't effectively market rates with a tiny service fee I might be tempted to look around but honestly unless you are talking millions of pounds being moved, the difference is likely to be miniscule
  24. Ausvisitor

    Medicals and "the jab"

    That could well be true.
  25. Ausvisitor

    Medicals and "the jab"

    In a similar vein to the OP, I don't want to start a discussion here (as it will descend it an unending argument) but if the OP really doesn't want the jab (as opposed to can't have it), the maybe AUS isn't the right country to migrate to. I say this not as a "why won't you have it" way, just on a factual statement. AUS is much more jab-positive than the UK, almost all mid/large size companies have "must be jabbed" employment clauses in their contracts, and many small companies do. It is really hard to get by without COVID vaccine over here. Of course when all said and done it is the OP's choice, but it's good to know what you are going to experience if you do try to get employment here without vaccination. Whatever you decide, it shouldn't affect your ability to pass (or not) the immigration medical