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  1. Each generation has it's challenges. When we bought the interest rates were 17% and the ratio of house price was still around 4 times the average wage. We bought as a couple because by pooling resources we could buy on the very edge of the city. This was at a time of recession, something that Australia hasn't seen for almost 30 years. House prices will drop if interest rates increase but then so will affordability. You can't have it both ways.
  2. Exactly. When I visited Dubai even the bus shelters were air conditioned. Environmentally unsustainable.
  3. Melbpom

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Similar happened with Glasgow School of Art.
  4. Melbpom

    What spider is that ?

    I don't think so. Huntsman spiders are larger and hairier. We had one (called Harry) that lived in the corner of a room at ceiling height, and would move from room to room. Harmless and best left alone.
  5. I think I've stuffed up the NDIS planning meeting and I only get one go at this. Went in with an open mind thinking that teething problems would be ironed out by now. Asked planner what their background was (hoping for some experience in the disability field) and got told that she didn't need to be a doctor to fill in plan....OK? let's move on. Then she wants to charge mobile phone and chews gum in the meeting. Prepared for meeting, respectful... I don't think so. I had to explain the concept of respite and behaviour support and she said she'd have to ask someone about that and get back to me... Hmm Doesn't look at any of the paperwork and reports I've collated. Confidence in planning process, Nil.
  6. Melbpom

    A little bit of a pickle

    I would have thought the most important factor is your girlfriend. Have you discussed long term issues such as marriage and children?
  7. Melbpom

    Releasing equity in UK to buy in Australia?

    At the moment it seems that stock is low, who puts their property up for sale in a falling market. The only stock I can see are the ones that developers are passing by, i.e. it's not worth their time/money/risk to buy an older property on a large block and knock it down and build townhouses. Quality stock is scarce and I think that this is skewing the sold price trend downwards.
  8. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I lived recently in Lichfield and was shocked at number of homeless people on the streets, the twenty something guy with one leg who sat outside McDonalds, the older bloke in the alleyway to the car park, the young woman outside the old M&S store and another young man who sat around the side of the Garrick theatre. These are only the regulars, others would come and go. This was happening in relatively comfortable middle England. I don't mind the royals and I respect the charity work that they do, particularly Harry's Invictus Games but to say that they are the only constant that people can depend on and feel proud of is a bit sad. Brits need more than corgis, weddings and flag waving. The UK tourist industry would survive quite nicely. Don't underestimate the beautiful countryside, natural attractions, people and history that will survive regardless of whether the monarchy does or not.
  9. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Other countries have tourism and don't have monarchs, why should Britain be any different? Think of the royal allowances we wouldn't have to pay and all the prime real estate it would free up. Could house a few homeless. If only this debate was about Rexit, exit royalty and the class system.
  10. Melbpom

    Suburb help!!

    Are you talking about Monash Hospital in Clayton as opposed to Berwick? if so I'd look at Mount Waverley. There's a nice shopping centre close to the railway line and Mount Waverley Secondary College is sought after.
  11. Yes, I have just got word that my shipment is due to depart soon, so I'm panicking unnecessarily.
  12. Yes it is a shared container and I didn't think to ask about shipping times and had no idea that I could enquire about which ship. When I shipped the other way it all happened in a timely manner and I assumed the move back would be similar. The only things I'll miss are proper beds and warm clothing. I can live without the rest.
  13. I'm shipping stuff back to Australia with a well known firm who were excellent when it came to packing. However that was 7 weeks ago and my shipment hasn't moved from the UK base. Now I'm getting concerned that this is taking too long. Anyone else experienced this?
  14. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    To quote Albert Einstein: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
  15. Melbpom

    Camouflage Jacket for sale

    False advertising, this is clearly an invisibility cloak.