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  1. Yes, maybe it was because I hadn't had a UK passport for 20 plus years, so it was a new passport rather than renewal. I remember posting it with application form and feeling rather vunerable without any passport. It might be different for OP given her son has previously been issued with one.
  2. When I applied for a UK passport I had to send my Australian one to the UK with my application. I'd be wary of being without a passport if travel date is close.
  3. Melbpom

    Planning to purchase at auction

    Go to a couple of auctions before hand just to get familiar with the process. I'd also watch the auction sold prices of comparable properties and compare these to the previously advertised selling range. Know your bidding limit and be aware of the additional costs such as stamp duty. Have your cheque book ready for the 10% deposit. You can ask the agent prior to the auction if a 5% deposit if acceptable if that suits you better. Good luck, let us know if you're successful.
  4. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    UK's billionaires set to miss out on EU's Anti Tax Avoidance measures due January 2020. https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/company-tax/anti-tax-avoidance-package/anti-tax-avoidance-directive_en
  5. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    There will be plenty along soon to claim it's project fear. At least some MPs are taking this mess seriously, Stephen Doughty MP calls for recall of parliament: https://twitter.com/SDoughtyMP/status/1162838121299546119
  6. I just did a quick search on the company officer of the business and found he's 28 and the director of 11 companies. All the businesses seem to be involved in the buying, selling and leasing of property. Haven't got to the company accounts yet but I will.
  7. Thank you for your reply. The flats are sound, no problems with major work, short leases etc and have passed mortgage valuations. I've replied to all the correspondence promptly because I'm keen to cut the expenditure on council rates and services fees, and also move money back to Oz before the pound loses any more value. I think that both my agent and my solicitor are good. At least I think they are. I've dealt with both previously. I think the real reason might be to do with the fact that the flats are being bought in the name of the business for use by employees. I don't know what the business does but I think it's not suiting them to hurry with the purchase. I told the estate agent to relist the flats a couple of weeks ago and then there was a flurry of activity and a few documents were sent through to the solicitors and then it goes quiet again. Will try another email to my solicitor and ask if it's possible to set a deadline for completion.
  8. Iknowcb, five months ago I accepted an offer on the sale of two flats I own in the UK from a single buyer as part of his business. They're both empty and there's no chain involved but the whole process is taking so long. I'm livid and very tempted to pull out and start all over. There's been different reasons for the delay all on their side including a change of lawyers, difficulty getting mortgage on ex-council property and their PA is incompetent, ill or away at various times. Is this just the way it is, am I being unreasonable? does it always take this long?
  9. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Instead of the smiley faces, maybe some one can tell us when to expect the German car manufacturers racing to the aid of the UK trade? “Within minutes of a vote for Brexit the CEO’s of Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi will be knocking down Chancellor Merkel’s door demanding that there be no barriers to German access to the British market," said David Davis, now the Brexit Secretary, during the referendum campaign.
  10. Melbpom

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Very witty Unzippy. I would "like" or "smile"at your previous post but I can't bring myself to acknowledge such a sad picture of trump making political mileage from this baby's moment of utter tragedy. Maybe one day this young person can sue trump.
  11. Melbpom

    U.S. shootings.

    Ever wonder whether the family and friends of the victims of these mass shootings support the current gun laws after the event? There seems to be the occasional protest but that fades and the lingering picture seems to be people gathering with candles and songs. What does that achieve? It's the same pattern repeated.
  12. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Parliament off on six weeks holiday with a no deal Brexit inevitable in 12 weeks, seriously? What on earth is Boris doing in Wales when he should be off to the EU to renegotiate the Deal that apparently was so easy to achieve? At least Theresa May had the courage to keep going back and try to get a deal. Boris is clearly happy to wait for an automatic no deal. I hope some one's working on a plan C (plan B was Boris).
  13. Melbpom

    Super voluntary for low income workers

    I agree that buying a house is more important than saving for super but the danger is that it's used for a wage top up. Better to have a scheme where people can access super to make a verified home purchase. Imagine the scenario of couples with unequal incomes. Money is tight because of low wage growth and one person's super is accessible.
  14. New Liberal senator Andrew Bragg is proposing that super should be voluntary for low income workers and suggested that by ticking a box on their annual tax returns they can get a refund for contributions made during the year. Can you imagine the temptation, rather than save and reap compound interest, take the cash now and spend? IMHO a bad idea. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/make-super-voluntary-for-low-income-earners-new-liberal-senator-says-20190724-p52aer.html Years ago, a large employer I know ran a subsidised canteen for it's staff. Management thought the canteen too expensive so they gave their staff a choice, canteen or $2000 on your pay. Staff took the cash of course but over time the $2k canteen component got absorbed. After a few years no canteen and no increase in pay. I only mention this because I could imagine that employers would treat the super bonus in the same way.
  15. Melbpom

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Anything to deflect from Brexit.