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  1. Morrisons Home Delivery

    That's a good idea and I'd love to know if more supermarkets would do it. But a credit card's a credit card, why would it be an issue?
  2. Buying strategy

    Hmm, I've just bought a buy to let and had to show a bank statement. Will avoid doing so next time.
  3. Looking back I think that it can be hard as a young couple when there is no family around on either side to moderate behaviour and attitudes.
  4. Buying strategy

    I think it would be worth paying for a bit of privacy, so I might try the solicitor. Are you having any success with your house search?
  5. Buying strategy

    Is there any way to show proof of funds without displaying your bank statement? I'm in a similar position and looking at a cash purchase and wondered if there's another way, maybe the bank would certify that there are adequate funds or something like that.
  6. I can't add to the excellent posts above, but in the short term what about going back to Cornwall and your folks for a holiday and enjoy what's left of summer? As the others have said look after yourself.
  7. I've just moved to the Mount Waverley area and I'm a bit of a fan. I've lived in a few suburbs around Melbourne over the years and I wish I'd moved here earlier but the truth is that when you get locked into schools you tend to stay put. The train line here is a real bonus as is the proximity of Monash Freeway and there's a good local shopping square as opposed to a shopping mall. What I would advise is don't be put off by an older house. They can look a bit daggy but they can be very comfortable and be a bit cheaper to rent.
  8. Will never fly Emirates again.

    Anyone know if there are any other airlines that stop over in Dubai? I'd like to replace some gold jewellery that was stolen and to my knowledge Dubai is the best place to shop.
  9. Keeping an English bank account

    I didn't think I needed an appointment but it seems to be the new process at ANZ if you want to do anything other than telling transactions. That's ok but I didn't need an hour around Chadstone when I'm trying to get rid of stuff not buy more. I'll give it one more go tomorrow and try to get to Forex department myself.
  10. Returning to the UK as a carer for an elderly friend

    Hi Jay Cee, Check with Centrelink, you may be able to retain your DSP payments overseas.
  11. Keeping an English bank account

    I'm about to transfer money from house sale also. I have a UK HSBC account and have transferred small amounts in the past. I went into my bank today and was told the only rate they would offer me was the published one, the young woman even gave me a slip with the exchange rate for $100 and said there'd be a fee of $32 on top of that. To think I'd made an appointment and waited an hour to get this advice. What I really would like to know though is what is the process for proving that money is from a house sale and not money laundering? I don't want the money rejected or held in limbo especially because I'm using a third party and not my bank for the transfer.
  12. Torn between staying or leaving

    I have great respect for those who chose to stay but right now I reckon it's time for the OP to decide on her next adventure. There's a time at which women in their 50's and 60's (myself included) are free of child rearing and can take a risk, make a change, end the boredom. Don't stay because you think that's what's expected of you. In one of these forums someone mentioned flipping a coin (to decide whether to stay or go) and if you ask for best of three then you already know the answer.
  13. I'm a retired educationist. Have over 18 years experience in Education policy and management of schools from Pakistan.

    i am also a teacher trainer.

    would like to work in Australia

  14. Jobs in Melbourne

    You might have to start with temporary work through an agency. I worked for one briefly called Temporarily Yours and it was ok. If you have time on your hands consider a TAFE course. Good value and a great way to meet people and get a new skill.
  15. House price crisis

    Just out of interest I took a look at the first house we bought in 1989 for a grand total of $137,000. With the wonders of internet, you can look up anything. So at the time the average weekly wage was $26,000 and interest rates went high as 17%. So with a very basic calculation 90% of one wage covered the interest bill. Today the same house is estimated at being worth between $690,000 and $870,000 so let's take an average of $780,000 (bit of a stretch considering it's a rental now). Take an average weekly wage of $60,000 and interest rates of 5%. Again by the same basic calculation 65% of one wage covers the interest bill. Basically it's never easy.