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  1. Melbpom

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    Are you not tempted to take this offer and run with it? If you have a lot of support in Australia then surely that would compensate for lack of contact with Dad?
  2. Melbpom

    Can I take ......

    Any one know if there would be a problem with an ostrich leather bag? it's years old and has sentimental value.
  3. Melbpom

    Rental income from UK

    Don't know but I've asked Alan Collett to sort mine out. He's on this forum and is very helpful.
  4. Melbpom

    Renting in Adelaide With No References.

    I'd add also, look for a property that's been vacant for a while and ask the agent for a copy of the application form to which you can add your own story. If you apply online it's harder to skip questions that you may not be able to answer.
  5. Entity, I am in the process of moving back to Australia and leaving behind my parents who are in their late 70's. Will they miss me and will I miss them, yes of course but they are fit and healthy and have travelled widely themselves. If they were ill then maybe it would be harder but thankfully they're not. There has never been an expectation that I would care for them (in a hands on way) in their old age. They in their turn were living overseas when their parents eventually went into care homes. I am returning to Australia because I think I have a better quality of life there and have been miserable here. The other really important reason is that I miss my youngest son who stayed behind to go to uni. He is not quite on his feet yet and is pleased that I and my oldest son are returning. What I'm trying to say is that all family situations are different and only you can go with your gut and do whatever feels right.
  6. Melbpom

    Favourite wines?

    Has anyone found a decent Merlot or Pinot Noir (preferably Australian) in the UK without spending a fortune? I can't find anything decent. I've tried all the supermarkets (except Waitrose, other side of town) and the best one came from M&S.
  7. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I agree that there's a lot of ignorance and I include myself in that group but a second referendum is on the cards and the likelihood is that it will be a rerun of the first but a lot angrier. Surely it is possible to bring voters up to speed with a concerted education campaign. Why aren't topics like constitution, honours system, political process, economy etc presented in a non political, fact based manner on TV? It seems these areas are only touched on in a fleeting manner that assumes people know the basics.
  8. Melbpom

    Less of the Mornington Penisula please

    It's the embedded links that concern me. Just don't know where you would be directed.
  9. Melbpom


    Yes, I fully understand having had a son go through maths and sciences at high school recently. But saying that it is easy to get onto a graduate conversion course in these subjects and you would be specialising in one area rather than the whole curriculum for primary level. Good luck with your choice either way.
  10. Melbpom


    It sounds like you've decided on a path, but if you go down the teaching route, then what about choosing STEM subjects at secondary level?
  11. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    It seemed to be just a game to Cummings. I don't believe he cared what the vote was about, only concerned with winning and then pissed off. The really worrying bit is the role of data analysts in grooming disaffected voters. Makes it clearer why Trump won.
  12. Melbpom

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Because it suits the Monarchy and the elites to have people believe in the notion of Great Britain and maintain the status quo. We really should have been a republic by now and had not the Monarchy not evolved into a Constitutional Monarchy centuries ago, we would be. I think people are being misdirected to find issue with the EU instead of looking closer to home. A good start would be to look at the House of Lords but there seems to be no interest from any political party to do so.
  13. Melbpom

    World's Safest Airline - you guessed it.

    Yes probably.
  14. Melbpom

    World's Safest Airline - you guessed it.

    I don't know why everyone has had such bad experiences with Qantas. I flew on their non stop Perth to London flight when it had just started and the service was excellent.
  15. I would put the needs of your family first and if that means a move back to Australia then go. You're already familiar with the lifestyle and while the kids won't remember much given their ages, if you're happy they will be. As for parents, yes it will be hard to leave them and there'll be a certain amount of guilt but you can always make regular visits back and maybe they can visit.