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  1. Melbpom

    The "New Normal"

    But WFH could be anywhere. What's to stop even more jobs being sent off shore?
  2. Melbpom

    How is Trump doing so far?

    It's laziness. He just can't be bothered to rehearse and get the pronunciation right.
  3. Melbpom

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Or that baby was a surprise and that Boris would have seemed like a cad if he had not embraced the idea wholeheartedly. It is Carrie I feel for. The age gap is large and I've known women complain when the older man becomes an old man. But hey there's probably a few posters on here that applies to. I'm sure I'll be reminded how much in love they are and I'm sure Boris will be a good father and faithful future husband.
  4. Melbpom

    How is Post Brexit Britain Doing so Far?

    Does it even matter whether he is married? - yes it matters to his wife and the four children from that marriage. I get that the marriage was over and his wife married him under similar circumstances but his kids would be teenagers and early twenties now. Why not put them first? Let them proudly say their dad is PM, not expose them to his infidelity.
  5. Melbpom

    Kim Jong Un

    Attention seeking by Mr Kim?
  6. Melbpom

    Australia wants Backpackers to leave

    Surely the respective embassies would assist back packers return home if they wanted to go. They'd be a lot easier to repatriate than cruise ship passengers. I saw a quick grab on the TV this morning saying that backpackers visas could be extended so that they could help farmers. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-04/coronavirus-backpackers-allowed-to-extend-stays-in-australia/12121004
  7. Melbpom

    Use for Cruise ships out of service

    Use them as accommodation for medical and essential services staff who are isolating themselves from their own families?
  8. Melbpom

    How is Megan doing so far?

    You mean her own father.
  9. Melbpom

    Day to Day Diary of Coronavirus/Covid-19 2020

    Driving past Austin Hospital today and noticed that some large white tents were being erected in the car park. Not sure what they're for, maybe a testing clinic.
  10. Yes, get rid of local councils. Or at least regulate their activities so that they are administrators and reduce what they can spend rate payers money on, i.e. no art works, no overseas trips, no expensive cars and no politics.
  11. Melbpom

    How is ScoMo doing so far?

    There is such a thing as Robo debts: https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/find-legal-answers/centrelink/robo-debts Centrelink may not be using Robo debts now, but that's only because they were challenged : https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/nov/20/robodebt-class-action-to-go-ahead-despite-overhaul-of-centrelink-debt-recovery
  12. Melbpom

    Corona Virus

    Similar here, starting a veggie patch and made a cake, the first in years because I couldn't bear to let the bananas go to waste.
  13. Melbpom

    How is ScoMo doing so far?

    With all these social security payments being made to workers impacted by Coronavirus, surely they'll be hit by Robo-debts when the their tax returns indicate that their income for the full financial year was greater than the payment threshold?
  14. Melbpom

    Any self isolated in Cairns, Queensland?

    There was a clip on the news a few days ago about how some airbnb hosts were catering to self isolating guests. https://www.domain.com.au/living/what-airbnb-hosts-are-doing-to-ride-out-the-covid-19-crisis-940927/
  15. Melbpom

    Corona Virus

    I don't wish unemployment on anyone, but I'm hoping that a few will consider moving to the disability sector. With the roll out of the NDIS there is a real shortage of support workers and therapists. More interesting that working for woollies.