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  1. DrDougster

    Transferring money from oz to uk

    Wise AUD account transfer to Santander UK account instantly now with tiny fee. Finally a great international transfer service which cuts out the heart in mouth "where is my money" time.
  2. DrDougster


    With Wise accounts set up on app and linked to my UK account I transferred money from Wise account AUD to UK Santander account at great rate in 4 seconds this week...
  3. I tried to give you a bell to explain but you were on another call
  4. DrDougster

    Working in IT in Australia

    Cost, time commitment, unsure if want to move, not got qualifications yet, not got experience yet, not got skills yet, other commitments in UK at the moment, all of these for partner... But, as to the original question of insight into the IT industry, I can't really help mate as it's not in my lane.
  5. DrDougster

    Working in IT in Australia

    I'd get your ducks in a row and look at what is best for you. I don't agree with the "certainty" that there will be fewer and fewer places. If we've learnt anything over the last year it is that the only certainty is uncertainty. If you have all your qualifications and experience and points look good for an occupation on the list then crack on and apply but don't imagine options will definitely vanish. People on here have been proved very wrong about this assertion in the past. Is your profession one where Australia is going to need fewer of you in the future or where home grown talent will begin to fill the need? Seems unlikely...
  6. DrDougster

    Criminal record

    Come on, don't leave us hanging...
  7. DrDougster

    Working in IT in Australia

    Don't worry, if you asked how much a pint of milk costs in Australia the response would likely be "Very expensive, your experience in milk buying won't be recognised here you know and you'll never get a visa. Also, I can't help but wonder why you want milk? You know you can buy almond milk, and, it's litres not pints..."
  8. DrDougster

    Moving to Darwin

    I think some people are confusing Walkabout Creek with Darwin here.
  9. DrDougster

    Moving to Darwin

    Wow! What a lot of ridiculous scare mongering about what can be a lovely place to live! Darwin is certainly always hot and can be very humid but that's a given and the weather can be lovely. There are some tropical diseases that are more common than other areas but it's not like you're going to be living in a tent in wetlands for heaven's sake. Mosquitos aren't a big problem. I'd look at a nice house or apartment a bit North of the city in Nightcliff, Rapid Creek area. There's no traffic to speak of so you'll be into the town in 20minutes at "rush hour" anyway. It's a great gateway drug to Australia and a place I'd consider moving back to in later years of life.
  10. DrDougster

    Medicals/Police Checks Requested- Advice

    Did you then resubmit? I seem to remember needing to push "go" on it again when we had done the medicals.
  11. DrDougster

    Move cube feedback

    There's a severe lack of Dad holiday boot packing skills here! You could easily have got Marisa's bed and sofa in that 1/3 full cube!
  12. DrDougster

    491,190,189 offshore

    I can't remember what/if you said what speciality you are and where you are heading? I kinda remember interventional radiology but that might have been someone else. We are loving Brisbane. Hard work but compared to NHS it is hard because you make it hard and are able to do it well rather than fire fighting, sometimes not being able to treat people that you would want to and being completely wiped out at the beginning of every day let alone the end.
  13. DrDougster

    491,190,189 offshore

    Congrats. Tis indeed an ill wind that blows nobody any good! Qld has shut up shop now.
  14. DrDougster

    Someone stole my fridge!

    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.
  15. DrDougster

    Someone stole my fridge!

    The dude made $300K in a few months with his shrewd and canny stocks ability and is worried about a fridge! (Reports vary as to the contents.) I await the Netflix deal story...