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  1. DrDougster

    Ongoing medical conditions - affecting visas??

    If you're on a monoclonal antibody and your condition could, for example require a bone marrow transplant in the future then it's gonna be no dice. If you're on a statin for hypercholesterolaemia with no other risk factors then you'll breeze through. There's a whole lotta grey in between! If you're on fairly routine treatment and likely to remain on this and be managed as an outpatient then you should be fine but if you're on treatment beyond this then I'd get some advice from a migration agent with experience in medical reports.
  2. DrDougster

    Visa medical reassurance

    Good to hear. You can celebrate with some beers and pies tonight!
  3. I think the two bits in bold are the most important things to note when coming to Aus. The first seems to be a fairly well kept secret that must be netting health insurance companies a hell of a lot of money. Get the cheap BUPA cover and cancel it as soon as you have your medicare number. The second regarding gaps between full medicare and reciprocal cover means that for example (I think) routine blood tests in a private hospital are not covered. If you apply to medicare they will reply refusing to pay as "no reciprocal cover" and you then don't have a gap statement for your health insurance to pay out. Another cautionary tale I'd relate is regarding my depression. Things got really tough at one point after being stable for years and I needed some emergency treatment and more recently an admission. We were able to ring HCF and upgrade our super basic policy to cover this immediately and have subsequently easily recouped the costs. Health insurance is invaluable when you need it and it probably isn't an over statement to say it likely saved my life. So my advice would be make sure the money you spend in it is in the right place and not some bollocks overseas policy that covers very little and is sold on the basis that you must have it for your visa!
  4. DrDougster

    Does nobody own a small car in Perth?

    Very odd. Height is under first centile even if you're over 80, sepsis would be covered by reciprocal care if you're a "Pom in Aus" and you can apply for medicare if you've applied for PR and are on a bridging A can't you? In context: you're taller than Danny DeVito but would've been looking up at Prince...
  5. DrDougster

    Visa medical reassurance

    Are you morbidly obese? If not then I would imagine you'll be fine! ps contrary to popular belief COVID doesn't actually contain Calories!
  6. DrDougster

    189 visa on 75 points?

    I'd make sure you have everything ready to go for when the 190 window opens up again. They weren't super strict with the 24hr notice but some of the requirements were a bit unexpected. You'll need an HR letter or copy of your contract if you're permanent and a couple of pay slips. I also got a supporting reference from my boss. You'll probably have the rest of the stuff they need. There's quite a bit of stuff to write in the commitment statement when you submit to BSMQ. The other piece of advice I'd give is put a bit of thought into your covering email. I'd say they almost certainly read this.
  7. DrDougster

    189 visa on 75 points?

    I would go with it and apply now with 75 points asap. It is certainly worth applying in the current climate. However, if you have a job and like where you are then might just as well apply for a 190. We are in last stages of 190 now in the same situation.
  8. DrDougster

    Sri Lankan Family Faces Deportation

    Don't you get such a warm fuzzy feeling reading this thread?! Poor family, I hope they get to stay.
  9. DrDougster

    Queensland 190s

    Moved to "health clearance provided" within 24hrs. Presumably it just needed a case officer to click a button and accept the doctors' panel recommendation. Now it really is just waiting...
  10. DrDougster

    Transitioning to a New Life

    I've just realised nobody has mentioned coffee or gelato. Unless you've spent a lot of time in Italy and adopted their standards then you're in for a treat!
  11. DrDougster

    Queensland 190s

    Yeah. Nothing is ever reassuring either. I have depression which is now well managed but needed an admission earlier in the year and my wife had a positive IGRA for screening to work in the US and had 3 months of latent TB treatment with rifinah a few years ago. Ours say "health examinations ready for assessment - no action required" while our toddler's says "health clearance provided". As you say - hope everything is ok!
  12. DrDougster

    Queensland 190s

    Medicals done Sunday 8th Nov, through panel and pressed go on info requested provided today. Status moved to "further assessment". Time to either check immiaccount every 15 minutes or get on with life. Gonna attempt the latter!
  13. DrDougster

    Transitioning to a New Life

    It really is states rather than nominal counties so there are state driving licences and "reggos" (actually spelt rego) which is Aus for car registration (including plate and paperwork). The highest member of state government is grandly known as The Premier and they make many decisions completely independent of national decisions such as taxation and government salaries.
  14. DrDougster


    Woah! I don’t think anyone was calling anyone a liar! Deep breaths...