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  1. DrDougster

    Buying Property to Rent in UK

    This "interest rates are crippling" is an example of repeat until true on this forum. Google very quickly gets you to the above link - https://www.expat.hsbc.com/mortgages/products/buy-to-let/ HSBC are hardly a niche specialist lender.
  2. DrDougster

    Presents to take back to UK

    Well, my passport arrived! We've got some TimTams, Brisbane Heat caps, the predictable Roxy bikinis and RipCurl swimmers. I think a couple of 100 Paracetamol and 96 'brufen packs and some Aussie chocolates would be good. Really don't want to go. Going to be a lot of hard work.
  3. DrDougster

    british passport renewal i need help

    Just to echo that you don't need to go through all this 6months malarky when transiting Singapore. My wife just went to UK and back with a passport that expires in a month or so. Your travel agent is useless. Mine new passport is with DHL. Very easy to go online and order the new one but I maybe shouldn't be flying it quite so close to the wire. I'll know next time.
  4. DrDougster

    Presents to take back to UK

    So I've got a bottle of Green Ant Gin for my sister and that's all I've come up with. Any genius ideas for presents to take back for family, nieces and nephews? Maybe Aussie sports gear?
  5. DrDougster

    Coming back after 14 years......eeekkk

    I'd have thought private hospital cover will be steep. I've been out here as a consultant for almost four years now and I still can't quite work it all out or form an opinion on it. I think specs and dentistry are much better and cheaper here. The dentistry is also MUCH better. I think public care is a bit quicker here than in NHS and there is better access to some drugs, poorer access to others. Some of these are actually life-changing and you'd base moving here or not on them e.g. Trikafta/Kafrtrio for cystic fibrosis has been available in UK for some time but is not on PBS yet whereas I've used Rituximab in a "rescue" situation where I wouldn't have had access in UK. I have used my hospital cover and saved many tens of thousands of dollars personally on mental health care. This wouldn't have been accessible in the public sector or in NHS. TBH I'm not sure I could've got the care I received anywhere in UK for love nor money. So, it's swings and roundabouts really. I'd advise trying to get private cover if you can afford to while the service you receive from public services will probably be a bit better than NHS but very area and condition dependent. If you can afford to pay for the initial consult for a condition privately this can often "get you in" in both countries and speed the process.
  6. DrDougster

    Mortgage and inviting refugees in UK

    Thanks Amber. Lots of questions not on the FAQs! Hopefully more details will emerge and we'll be able to help out when we are back in UK for a few months from April. It would be nice if we could work out how to offer the house on our return to Aus.
  7. DrDougster

    Mortgage and inviting refugees in UK

    Who knows what the details will und up being?!
  8. DrDougster

    Mortgage and inviting refugees in UK

    Indeed 350 a month. It will be interesting to see if there’s further help with tax, insurance etc. It would be great to feel we could do something
  9. DrDougster

    Mortgage and inviting refugees in UK

    Meant to be a website going up this week. My understanding is that you can volunteer room(s) or an entire house. 350 quid a week. But, if it were the whole house then you'd hope the council would do something about the council tax too.
  10. DrDougster

    Shipping a car

    I emailed Iron Lady a few weeks ago and no response. Are they still in business? Any other recommendations for car shipping?
  11. We're considering the implications of inviting a Ukrainian family to use our house in UK. It will be very interesting to see if there's additional council tax relief etc. for properties volunteered for this scheme and what the mortgage companies will categorise it as if remortgaging is needed.
  12. DrDougster

    Sending money from uk

    Don’t use AusPost: they’re so slow!
  13. DrDougster

    Emergency Travel document Airline ticket changes

    Thanks Quoll, sound advice. Passport office has notified me that it's being printed... I don't think AusPost will get it here in time!
  14. You'd know through the normal channels of communication. That is to say, as soon as this topic was brought up on here (which it regularly is) someone would say "Lordy, NO! I lost my house doing that!" Grey is grey. I wouldn't bet much at all. Yes, probably! I tend to agree with can1983 that the "best" action is to let it slip onto SVR and make all the payments. I really doubt there would ever be any problem created by this unless it's a multi-million pound scam. It is a bit of a scam though and you'd have to be ok with that. Losing the ability to make the payments may be uncomfortable. Not sure I'll feel comfortable enough with the strategy to be ok with it...
  15. Has anyone ever made the repayments on their mortgage and actually 'lost the house' because the type of mortgage wasn't correct or they were living overseas?