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  1. DrDougster

    Importing ivory

    Has anyone got any experience of importing bits of antique ivory? I wondered if I need to apply for a CITES pre-convention certificate and how difficult this is to acquire. We're in the process of clearing my wife's ancestral home in Penang and there's all manner of stuff! My wife is keen on keeping some ivory carvings from her grandmother that were, I guess, Malaysian elephant in origin and definitely pre 1975 but I'm not sure how we'd prove this and if a statutory declaration would do?
  2. DrDougster

    Receiving MYR

    Which banking details would someone in Malaysia use to send money to your Wise account? Would it appear in your MYR denominated jar (probably not the correct term) in Wise? I can't see any details for the MYR jar. Disclaimer - I'm a doctor and as such know nothing about finance!
  3. DrDougster

    Receiving MYR

    GBP, USD and Euros are all pretty straightforward and we've discussed at length. Has anyone got advice on how to receive Malaysian Ringgit? There are quite a lot of limitations on transfers in/from Malaysia to deal with, but does anyone know of a multi currency account similar to Wise or Revolut that accepts MYR transfers? Or, as I suspect, is this going to need a more traditional multi currency account from somewhere like HSBC?
  4. DrDougster

    Multi Currency Provider

    Would one partner having an Aus Revolut primary account and the other a UK Revolut primary account for fee free transfers be moving into evasion rather than avoidance?
  5. DrDougster

    Multi Currency Provider

    I think you've just pointed out the catch with Revolut that I missed. I really couldn't work out how they manage to make money and why I wouldn't just sit at home whimsically moving money between AUD and GBP. I missed that you actually have to transfer money from your primary account with them direct to an overseas account if you want to spend it from an overseas account that is not theirs. If you want to be fee-free then you need to go all in with them. My Wise account with card is old enough to be without fee. We have a Santander UK account and a Westpac Aus account. BOQ Specialist credit card paid off every month for the points but should probably change this annually. I use the Wise account to move money internationally but I'm tempted by the allure of the metal card! Perhaps we should just move all out banking to Revolut... Any other drawbacks to this? I'm not sure I can work out a way to move a reasonably large amount of money internationally that's better than Wise.
  6. DrDougster

    Cancelling services from Aus

    I found this a useful source to send to solicitors... https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/electronic-signatures-accepted-by-hm-land-registry-pg82/practice-guide-82-electronic-signatures-accepted-by-hm-land-registry
  7. DrDougster

    Revolt Metal vs Wise

    I should clarify that it is Revolut that was spellchecked. https://www.revolut.com
  8. DrDougster

    Revolt Metal vs Wise

    Has anyone used Revolt and Wise and found anything worth choosing one over the other? I have been using Wise since before they started charging for the card and have been happy with it. I have been using it to transfer between UK and Aus (amounts around 10K) and also as an additional account for a bit of "personal" spending - bike parts/golf bats etc! However, the Revolt account looks like you get fee free transfers for a small monthly fee and for 12.99GBP a month you can get a very posey metal card to wow the cashiers and waiters with. My reason for having a look around is the need to move a bigger lump of money and I think doing it by revolt looks like it would potentially be fee free at the same rate instead of 0.32% with Wise. (And shamelessly like the metal card!)
  9. DrDougster

    Great night at the SCG

    I felt a lurch toward Australia when sitting behind Mitchell Starc's arm for the first ball at The Gabba last year.
  10. DrDougster

    Solaris Relocation for UK - AUS shipping??

    Solaris packers came today and were excellent. I guess the proof of the pudding is at the other end though. UK is grim at the moment - I wouldn't recommend coming over!
  11. DrDougster

    Question re medical results

    I asked for our results from the clinic where we had them done. The cxrs were just a low res on email but sufficient to see there was no major mass or consolidation in the lung fields or gross cardiac enlargement or mediastinal widening which is about as much as they're gonna look for anyway. The blood results are useful to have as a baseline for starting in a new healthcare system so if pathology in them is later found you have a prior normal. Anaemia or renal impairment for example.
  12. DrDougster

    Confused UK

    I agree some were caught by not registering to avoid taxes. But, people with holiday homes that intended to retire to had no reason to register for residency and they had their plans dashed. From Australia, the UK looks like an awful place to be at the moment!
  13. DrDougster

    Confused UK

    Not sure why registering for residency was "the right thing" in a European community. I think maybe there's also an argument for "needing" instead of bothering and missing out the "too" in many people's minds. Very easy to see what people might have done differently in hindsight.
  14. DrDougster

    Confused UK

    But, if they're British, I suspect they could no longer live in their Spanish villa given the sh1t5how of the last decade of UK policy? There was a bit of loophole you could get through in France if you were quick but many Brits who were planning on retirement in Europe no longer have that option. Indeed, many of them seemingly voted for it!
  15. DrDougster

    189/190 visa

    Rules: 1. Don't eat yellow snow. 2. Don't F*&@ with Australian border control. 3. Stay off the forums.