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  1. As pointed out in a previous post banning anything just beans a few make a lot of money from the product banned. Which is why bans and the making of drugs illegal is supportive in certain sectors of course.
  2. Blue Flu

    Should Donald Trump win Nobel Peace Prize ?

    The War on Woke is shaping up in all Right Wing politics and supporters minds as the way to win elections. Never mind that exactly what 'woke' is, remains a bit fuzzy in many minds. There are plenty of far more serious things to speak out about than social justice (even if hijacked at times) We are living in a world where freedoms are being increasingly curtailed, the bad guys are getting ever more influence in our democratic systems through greed and corruption, yet woke seems to be the focus of many.
  3. One may assume it's on it's last legs anyway. Not sure why you torture yourself to such an extent. But thanks for your contribution in support of differing points of view , regardless of the obvious 'conflict' from within. By the way, any hints on which poster on here is seeking a platform? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Getting more like Speakers Corner by the day.
  4. Lets see now. Heart Surgery Waitlist Blow Out in WA's main hospital . Average wait for cardiothoracic surgery was 95 days in March, compared to 24 days in the same month back in 2017.
  5. After reflection if you at any time have a change of mind ......
  6. Shameful. If you were looking out for meth houses you most likely went to the wrong place. (or not quite the right place) Now if that is what you were in the market for, you should have consulted with me. I'm aware it probably passed you by, my fault for not mentioning it more, but could have set you up with enough of those houses to last you a life time. On the other hand if wanted to avoid such establishments, then probably not your man.
  7. Oh dear. Apologise for what exactly? A poster is fully entitled to remove themselves at will from a thread surely? Your scorn may tread water better, if addressed to the poster responding to my outlining of short comings within the WA Health system. A rather crass and rude reply which obviously enticed a reply in response. They did not put a counter arguement against any of what was written. Simply because they were unable. (hence it was not of topic) That was what made me wonder if they were part of the recruitment process in attempting NHS staff Down Under. You will obviously note perhaps with a better sentiment, that I took the time out to respond with courtesy and explanation to your post. Trust can expect better responses (less finger waving and faux outrage )from you in future posts.
  8. Probably most similar 'normal' tobacco equivalent in Australia would be the rolling tobacco White OX. (I believe popular in prisons as cheap)
  9. They used to grow it in QLD when I lived there. I tried it once, as was still a smoker at the time. Not good , not good at all. I can only suppose the taste varies according to grower and added content.
  10. An exercise in futility to ban anything once out of the bag. No. I expect it will be priced out of existence much as cigarettes. Which will add to the black market desirables.
  11. Thought much the same myself. Even more so perhaps to those that remain all their natural in the dark as a battery hen. World view a touch dubious though.
  12. I have no arguement with any individual . Even if they appear to do so with me. So come now apologise for what exactly? Quite verifiable everything I state. One should never shy from relating the truth, so there it is. If that is labeled 'rambling nonsense' (when as stated readily verifiable) then obviously a response is warranted. You of all people should know, a forum can at times take on elements of a soap box. Anything a bit fleshy , with the grizzle removed (gossip, small talk ) I suppose could fall under such a term under certain circumstances.
  13. Blue Flu

    Rolf Harris is being released from prison.

    I think in those highly sexualised decades mentioned a lot went down in that sense. We just never, or seldom heard about it.
  14. Blue Flu

    Rolf Harris is being released from prison.

    I've heard it mentioned that The Queen preferred Rolf Harris's version of her portrait rather than the official version. No doubt he was a very talented artist.
  15. I'm uncertain as to how relating the truth can deteriorate info online. Not my opinion simply relating what is happening on the ground. As for illegal drugs, surely the biggest threat to Australia's future as things stand.