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  1. What grates to me is Geraldton to the north of Perth being called Gero. Rhymes with derro I suppose . Some may deem somewhat fitting.
  2. You certainly can in places like Germany etc.
  3. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    You share my position on the pro's and con's perfectly. In my case, I also prefer a country of smaller dimension in the age. Easier to navigate and all sorts of concessions on coach and rail travel. So many more places within easy reach to travel to and as you say Europe. My feeling is it would be easy enough to purchase an apartment in a favoured location for sunshine getaways at a fairly decent price. I have found the ageism not relevant in UK/EU or not to such a degree as Australia, which has always been heavily focused on a youth culture. Some will disagree and possibly certain locations less so. More to the point, there will come a time, when those long flights to Europe will become so tedious, or indeed harder to manage , as to rule out . That would be a turning point. Thing is none of us know when situations arise that make this the case. I suppose if one loves Australia so much it is of limited consequence.
  4. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Good advise. Things are seldom what may first appear to be. n my case for example, I can easily convince myself that a South Coast English location or even a Scottish beauty spot would satisfy what is what I perceive to be lacking in Australia , only to slowly to arrive at the awareness of a host of other issues not clearly thought out or dismissed as unimportant may come to light.
  5. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Or how about locations with large retiree ex pat existing communities? Places like Corfu, Malta, Algarve, parts of Spain etc? While countries like Netherlands are sound places for retirement for own people, you would really need to know the language if needing care. Even more so in Italy and France. Having lived some years in France, I did chance upon retirees from The States and UK from time to time . I recall the Americans telling me, even though they spoke fair to reasonable French , that they didn't find it easy to develop relationships in the area they lived. There were few ex pats, and locals polite but I had the impression they were lonely for deeper contact.
  6. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Well Newcastle informed me I would get the NI paid (not asset tested) some sixteen or so years plus an added amount that would take it to about GBP 180 from next year (but additional would be asset tested) (also lost if left UK) Nothing in writing so meaningless I suppose , but the payment received living abroad is clear.
  7. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Thanks. That seems to explain it rather well. It seems not a lot of benefit at the end of the day when other costs added. A shame as UK was looking better for retirement on many fronts and that may have proved to be the icing......
  8. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    Quite true. The only factor is it there is at least a limit to costs.
  9. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    But what does one pay in UK to get decent care at the moment? I take your point with regards the GBP 86,000 , but even if sold house, that would leave a substantial amount for rest of life living surely?
  10. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    It is a means tested payment to my understanding in UK to get full amount. ( about GBP 180 per week) Abroad it is paid what has been paid in. This is a top up, not NI paid.
  11. Blue Flu

    Perth rentals

    Well it certainly appeared to be a highlight of stay in Perth, just in mentioning it, but no matter. No idea why who ever it was should have done anything. I seem to recall though that person did attend the following meet . But yes the rental situation is dire and we are in a dreadful situation. Now the push is on to ramp up and turbo charge immigration. Hard to see why anyone would entertain the idea of coming out these days......
  12. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    I heard something quite recently that Boris was adapting an unusual policy for his side of politics. Quite socialist in fact. It went along the lines that nobody would pay more than GBP 90,000 in the age for care. Anybody know more about this? A very attractive feature to living in UK if true.
  13. Blue Flu

    Creating a Gov.UK account

    That's what I was referring to. The amount I have not contributed to would indeed be means tested and not paid if resided in country other than UK. (not sure if that applies to Rep of Ireland, if decided to move there though) I have just been in contact with HM Customs and Revenue and initial payment is about to go through to NI account. I intend to send a large sum tomorrow to cover time remaining allowed still to contribute to. I must say, almost all lovely folk to speak with, be in Newcastle or London and all bar one have been so helpful in the several calls made. It makes a change.
  14. Blue Flu

    UK - Australia Trade Deal 🇬🇧🇦🇺

    The dropping of standards was as you rightly point out the reasoning for pulling out of Europe in the first place. No matter how the Brexiters want to wrap themselves in the flag and claims of making own rules, it was all about lowering standards across the board.
  15. Blue Flu

    UK - Australia Trade Deal 🇬🇧🇦🇺

    They refused to contribute their fair share. Australians left to top up the short fall.