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  1. Blue Flu

    Emigrating to Cairns

    It's still a way off two or three years. Lots can happen over that time. But I've been in contact with real estate up in Cairns after viewing some desirable property in the Northern Beaches. Great price compared to prices in a similar location in Perth, but hard to compare as obviously very differerent in so many ways. I have lived in Cairns during the ninties and mostly enjoyed it . The hospital there does not have a high reputation though. Also best be aware of less desirable areas and social issues that persist. But when borders open, a nice international buzz, perhaps too many tourists at times but does give another demension to the city that I enjoyed. With lockdowns and the like, I couldn't get over there to view in person so missed out on the property that looked and sounded ideal. Certainlly would not purchase without sighting though. Not just the house, but neighbourhood and like. Good luck with your intended move to Cairns. It has quite a different vibe to elsewhere in Australia. Odd how Townsville 'down the road' is so different and less desirable IMO .
  2. I had my original photo done through Australia Post but checking on line it was not rated well. Not great attempting it myself either. Ended up going to a pro in passport photos and rated perfectly under British passport guidelines. I thought time and cost to much to risk rejection and hence happy with result.
  3. Blue Flu

    Laurence Fox

    It's the sentiment that matters. It does no harm to knell as a team in solidarity against an issue too common in sport, especially football. I expect there may well be some 'pressure' to conform as a team member to appear united. Political statement? Obviously politics is part and parcel of most things including sport. Direct action tends to be the most effective form . The black power salute being one such time. Still known and talked about today. Better to make political statements than resort to armed insurrection surely?
  4. Blue Flu

    House prices going up??

    I've known so many stressed people working in some socially vocational field, that it appears to be an all too common feature of working life. Often indicative of poor management , an cases a CEO simply not up to the task, or more attempting to impress The Board than 'the team'. I believe hospital Social Workers don't have it good as well. My partner has witnessed incompetency and bullying over the years, often forcing out those working in the clinical, not a hospital setting, but dealing front line social issues area with stress related issues. Too often a result of poor management , (forever revolving door) incompetent CEO's . Basically not a situation to remain for own mental health. This issue is not discussed anywhere near enough. Like so much wiped under the mat.
  5. Blue Flu

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    So very England though. I suspect the better team won. Italy did look a smooth outfit. Azzuri all the way. Looks like we'll be hearing about 1966 way into the future. I congratulated some Italian shirt wearing supporters here in Leederville today.
  6. Blue Flu

    House prices going up??

    How can you say they are wrong? The thread started in what April. There hasn't yet been a withdrawal of factors making for a deflating of the bubble. I think you will see banks taking own action to slow price increases, We remain in substantial bubble territory, regardless of RBA take on things. Cheap money will not witness a likely house price fall. Wa had a fall you may recall. Prices have only just regained territory lost in terms of pricing.
  7. Blue Flu

    Off Grid Living

    Good luck with your Witchcliffe Eco move. There's been a few over time set up down South. Most folded up in time. Sometimes people pulling in different directions fracturing the harmony as I understand. One I recall in the Denmark area seemed a great idea last century. I had in my possession a book on the sustainable alternative setups in that region, Hopefully some time will dig it out. I'd be very interested for one, to see how it materializes . The inner hippy in me applauds such a move. Hope the reality lives up to expectations.
  8. Blue Flu

    Off Grid Living

    Not so many alternatives as decades back. Reason cost. I recall when Denmark had an alternative vibe. before 'alternative' became just another money milking machine. Most likely unaffordable to hippy drop outs. But there was a somewhat successful eco run free spirited enterprise in the eighties,(in Denmark) but the name escapes me. I do recall a number of attempts ended in failure with people not pulling together and personal choices getting in the way. Freo again nothing like it was a few decades back. When it was home to the Orange People , lots of alternatives visible and a more 'hippy type ambiance' . More homeless and drug impacted people these days. Still some degree of some holding out, but fewer as time goes on sadly.
  9. Blue Flu

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    I can't read the story but know it from other sources. Not sure what your point is? England fans misbehaving? Hardly unusual among certain elements, who may well kick off at any given game.I take it these so termed fans were attempting entry without pre purchased tickets?
  10. Blue Flu

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    But it's a bit more than a flurry of goals and brawny blokes in tight shorts. It's on and off the field. The chanting, the songs, the internationalism of the game and fun of being an away fan in another country. Football is way more dominant than AFL in all those things including skill.
  11. Blue Flu

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    But your not suggesting Australians are not as apt as anyone when it comes to cheating surely? Cricket anyone?
  12. Blue Flu

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    I knew it was an issue, but no idea to that extent. That would be annoying. I take it more an issue in particular parts of Scotland?
  13. Blue Flu

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    I wouldn't mind trying Scotland. If ever returned to UK. I prefer rain to wind and cold though. If Scotland left UK and joined EU, that would definitely seal it.
  14. Blue Flu

    Does anyone else feel homesick when...

    You are correct, but know English that have and claimed it a pale comparison to when England go off. I have witnessed numerous times at World Cup fixtures though. Probably the best and worst of all fans, but dull never. Australia on the other hand were dull (seen three Australia games to date) to say the least in comparison. I know what is termed soccer here, isn't as big a deal , but same with cricket. Barmy Army out wits/sings/chants Australia on every level.
  15. Blue Flu

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    Those were the days before the financial industry became the major influence in unaffordable rents, with an industry way out of sync with the rest. In 1981 London was still a working class city. It was harder to rent in later years, as rental agencies wanted to rent on a holiday lease basis. Meaning foreigners preferred. When we left flat in Bayswater, I heard the place was done up and rent increased something like 150% and then sold. London became more exclusive due to cost and policy. (rehousing council tenants in other parts of the city)