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  1. Not too bad I suppose The bread I but over here is over $7. 50 (Rye) Now that's expensive I find.
  2. Thread going great guns. As you may be aware threads do tend to take on a life of their own. But broadly this is remaining on topic. Obviously cannot please all.
  3. Life in Merth continues as expected. But ta very much for asking.
  4. No reason why you should feel 'insulted' by My Flu's comments made. After all only reflecting an agreement with another poster who seemed to censored by some for calling outside the major centres , nowhere land. Some may well consider quite apt under the circumstances. I fully agree though many prefer not to be in 'a somewhere' land. The isolation and escape from metro living suits some just fine.
  5. Not me. But depends whom talking with. As from one of those towns feel fully able to find an accord with that poster, without feeling remotely upset. Some I know would say much the same. I refer to the locals as parochial , simply because most are. If not would be hard to maintain an interest to remain. That's not saying there is something necessarily wrong with parochialism, one just needs to know where one fits though in the greater scheme of things. Wrong to think smaller places are necessarily friendly. Lots of back stabbing , you need a hard shell, a lot of cliques that can be hard for incomers to find a place. Rather small minded when I lived there, but this has changed to a degree. Limited hospital services, poor mental health outcomes for a considerable number of people , especially youth that don't feel belonging. If in WA or Country Vic loads of drugs as well. Certainly suit some people but caution using cliches like 'more relaxed' probably should be exercised. It may be for some , with something quite the opposite for others.
  6. To some it may well be nowheresville. It is a matter of taste into just how many desirable cities there are in Australia. Don't be offended when others think otherwise. Just as nothing wrong with those that prefer more parochial places. No doubt they have terms for those that prefer the major centres. Be that Melbourne, Sydney or London.
  7. Well not that natural if given a little thought. There a host of cities and regions in UK that grant easy access to a London fix, if and when required. Not so in Australia, hence location is very important if not wanting to live a parochial life with little options for respite.
  8. You are quite correct of course. Even Australia's bigger cities will appear somewhat lame in comparison with London, when comparing for vibe, arts, culture, internationalism, geographic location, public transport options, to name a few. Hence living regionally may well seem parochial, small town type existence. This may or may not prove to be a hinderance. It depends on expectations and personal preferences. Never understood why some get so defensive and attempt to argue otherwise.
  9. Snobs are hardly rare in Australia when the surface is scratched a little. Sydney's stunning setting is immaterial to the vast majority that live in the burbs of course. Not a great city for night life either considering the reputation it has. But still the place the world knows if Australia is mentioned. I have never lived in either, but prefer Melbourne from numerous visits to both. As for other regional places, not sure a suitable option. Perhaps Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast? Cairns? I've thought about it and really hard to pick a regional alternative. Nothing remotely like living in a regional town in England of course , with so much close at hand.
  10. Blue Flu

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Blair increased spending in NHS and system was working well in terms of waiting times until The Tories unleashed austerity over the past thirteen years . The may concern now is if the NHS can recover or as the likelihood may be , there will be need to change from its present form of free delivery for all ?
  11. Well if a former Australian PM can term anyone not living in Sydney is camping out, then perhaps not. With teaching, isn't there a good chance newly arrived could end up in remote locations? Not entirely suitable to many, if not most. Some positions in remote towns having been found to be even dangerous. While the bigger cities and some towns may prove very adequate for most , there are places that will prove very taxing for others. The real Australia is a suburban existence in one of the city's for the overwhelming majority of the population.
  12. Blue Flu

    Unsure whether to return to UK

    Not having kids may well ease the pathway if you do decide to return. Saying that, I wouldn't leave it too much longer as still young enough to reestablish. There are most certainly tax implications if wanting to maintain and rent out Australian house. All Aussie earnings if living abroad will be taxed on first dollar earned. With that and all the costs around in agent fees , possible bad tenants, and so on (could name a few more) besides capital gains if decide to sell from abroad , simply questions the validity in maintaining such a property. If unsure if staying in UK long term, then obviously better to wait. The only other thing not of a personal nature in deciding to return would be the state of the NHS.
  13. Blue Flu

    How many members were here from the start?

    Is this from personal experience or assumed?
  14. My advice would be to do your research on the matter. I only know WA conditions for teachers and a lot of dissent over conditions are being expressed. We had protests outside Parliament House a few months back over pay and general conditions. Safety of teachers has also been an issue with increasing threatening and/or violent behaviour. Life is expensive out here. Similar conditions prevail in many areas. Obviously people are not freezing in their homes and warmer weather does help keep costs down , but don't underestimate the cost of living out here. Rentals are hard to find in all states from what I hear, but definitely in WA. As you have family members already over here you will have some insight, although one's own conclusion may differ to an extent. The suburban lifestyle may not suit all , depending on location of course. We have a lot of issues going down that are not being addressed of which I have discussed in other posts. But few seem to want to address this The pay will be better than UK , but as mentioned the cost of living is high. The ideal situation would be to try and come over for a year as an exchange teacher (do they still do this?) and discover for yourself where is preferable to be.
  15. Blue Flu

    Do I have any options?

    Oh right. No doubt we could do with some Danish dynamite. I expect the flood gates will be opened and even whispers around increasing to fifty years of age,