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  1. But I believe you own the property there that you lived in? ( or did I get that wrong?) Hence you have options to return at will. Eight months is quite sometime to get a bearing on the feasibility of moving there or remaining in Surry Hills. Perhaps short six month rents could do the trick? Then at least it would be available for you to pass Sydney winters away? It is odd at times how things fall into place. I guess if your brother was in Kangaroo Island you may well have moved there?
  2. Isolation comes not only in the geographic sense but the mental sense as well. While Perth and WA are certainly remote from elsewhere that is only one aspect to consider. With flights that isolation can be conquered in a matter of hours. It's more than that. It's the insularity that plagues this state. For example working in a specific field everybody more or less knowns everybody else. Or at least know of them. Crossing the wrong person like a CEO can spell end of career . Word gets out in such a small place. I find often see people know/knew at various popular localities. There just isn't enough places to escape recognition to go. I find that claustrophobic to an extent. We lack the vibe of Sydney. Just as Sydney doesn't have the vibe of London or another Alpha City. Obviously this matters not to a lot of people. Perth can of course be a perfectly delightful city to those preferring a slow paced , clean sort of place, even though a dark side exists in its underbelly. It is reasonably well hidden and I know can come as a shock to those impacted by that at some stage. Here I mean the scourge of drugs which is everywhere and increasingly an occupation of choice. (making or cooking) There must be a reason Perth was the capital of meth (ice) consumption in the world on a population basis. Adelaide has stolen that title (how dare they) but believe me it is everywhere and my area and street reflect this. As commented by others, you do possess rather 'a knack' apparently in finding contentment where you wash up . Okay, like me apart from deep, dark suburbia. We share some similarities as I always have attempted to live in inner city localities regardless of country with a buzz and vibe and no need for a car with convenience at hand . Preferably not family over representation but definitely not student either. It has generally worked, although Perth not ideal, even inner city for fans of cosmopolitan living it is doable. (well minus the drug making) There are not that many places to go weekends in WA. The South after being covered and lived in does get a tad the same. I like Albany but really how many times can one endure it? I try and leave it for a few years apart. Not a fan of Mandurah by any means. Far too much social issues around drugs. Bunbury as well. (know that city rather well )All those blink and you miss them country towns you mention are good as a stopover for a meal or coffee but really to stay? Northam? Not a place to linger. Quite bogan and poorly located for dreadful heat in summer. York? Nice for a day trip. but probably once every three to five years. There is far more on the East Coast. WA has its own appeal but does come with limitations on so many fronts.
  3. Blue Flu

    Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

    For me a delight to witness just how much people adore a sunny day. We had the fortune to be staying in Newcastle at the height of a heat wave. So many mentioned how transformed the city had become. One forgets such simple joys coming from a sunny climate with a lot of sun prevention. Same for London. First signs of sun and shirts off with office workers lapping up the rays. Again a transforming experience. In contrast to much of Australia where the opposite tends to occur on very hot days. Another thing how great public transport is in most UK cities. A car was great for driving between places but a definite hinderance within cities. Rather delightful driving on UK roads outside of main centres, with such courteous drivers. People easy enough to chat with. It's not really possible to compare but generally found UK people more 'chatty'. Something different to friendliness. I suspect pretty similar on that level, neither being the most open of people.
  4. It simply doesn't work, at least in line with the initial desired function that being a livable, I believe European influenced in things like walkability, far more inner city living, ambiance and so on. As with so many things, it did not reach expectations and the end result was somewhat ordinary. Yes the park is very good. Hospital I think not so much and shopping centre something I could pass with out caring as well. It is a satellite city , so will provide most of everyday needs. Just not a place I care to or indeed need to visit, more than about once every three years or so.
  5. Horrible drug indeed. I know Tasmania has it very bad as well. I feel they are attempting to disguise the lack of law and enforcement outcomes, by medicalization of outcomes that should never have arrived at that point. Just ask yourself how do many drug manufacturing houses are known to the public but still operate
  6. I agree on most evert aspect you write. Joondalup was a great opportunity to redefine Perth Metro to which was largely a failure. It improved somewhat later, as defects were realized. But still a place I would hardly venture. I used to go to the Old Baily boozer years ago, when feeling in need of a reminder of British culture. Grew out of that though.
  7. More jostle more bussle for sure. The likelihood of more good but equally more bad as well. Perth is great for I suppose the more introverted of us, or perhaps those self contained in themselves is another way to put it. From the Manchester people I know, they can be very out there and sometimes in your face. Open Space? I find that claustrophobic in certain contexts. Just as It could be said empty streets and sterility oppressive. A place of more substance allows more choice . More choice equates more freedom to find own preference in ways of living life.
  8. I can take Hillarys perhaps twice a year max. Not that I know Manchester but I do get to what you mean. I expect like London, never know what's around any given corner. Things to look at. Never quite the same. It doesn't have to be pretty. But please make it human.
  9. Drugs have long been an issue in Scotland. It has been in Australia an issue as well. It's the newish kid on the block, meth (ice) that doesn't (thankfully) play part of the British drug scene, that is the difference here. It is massive. It is everywhere. Those home cooking generally fly under the radar and in my experience (am in the midst of it) I don't detect necessary personal use. What I do detect though, is that some are making a lot of money from this scourge, who are very middle class, even respectable people in their day job, if at all in a position to need to work. It is bound to get far, far worse with little being done by government to combat it and little interest anywhere else to really get to grips with it. While I know some attempt to link alcohol abuse , in an almost attempt to downgrade the drug meth (ice) I don't see too much comparison outside both can and do make people violent. Alcohol has benefits. Both in the social lubrication framework and has some health benefits in moderation.(besides being legal) Where as Meth (ice) is not classed as a 'happy/lovey drug', it is intense and creates very psychotic behaviour in many users. I'm well aware many hold down responsible positions taking meth, but the huge cost involved in those addicted both in terms of money and health, to the hospital system, the mental health , the greed of 'easy' money by those of all ages 'cooking' this in their bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets, can't be of general overall benefit to society. Uni kids. Middle Aged , Professionals. Not to mention the corrosive influence on those influencing social mores in positions of power and trust.
  10. But the long summer day light hours I'd adore. I've read some really positive accounts though from incomers that moved to the islands. What I would hate most of all is the wind. I believe that is a shocker in both Orkneys and Shetlands. I hate dampness as well. All in all, although it looks a lovely spot in the world, I most likely would find the winters too much to manage. Probably better focusing on Langkawi or somewhere tropical for both value and the warmth.
  11. I'd say you made the right decision. I think it would be hard for a late middle aged man to reestablish in Perth. If things had proved to turn out differently with your 'friend, well who knows? I would not describe Perth as an open sort of place by any means. I imagine Surfers, due to the constant ebb and flow of short term arrivals, as well as those that have relocated from other states to create a different vibe to say Perth. I know there is a drug problem of some proportion over there. That's something I would be very wary off, after past two years of experincing it first hand and in your face in Perth. I walked around Surry Hills when last in Sydney. It didn't have the vibe of my favourite location in London, but better than inner Perth, with more on offer. Right idea with regards to spending the money after selling UK house. A house is worthless if not utilizing its capital. Okay you get a rental return , but from my experience having property abroad is hard work . Hard to get help with problem tenants. Taxed on income earned from it . As rented out still have to pay accommodation bills when viewing, to which can no longer get a tax concession for. Besides all that when one gets to a certain age, it is time to wind down and spend the lucre on enjoyment in which form that may take. The virus has totally disrupted my planning. An extensive stay in Europe/UK/North America last year all had to be obviously abandoned. I'm most uncertain as to if I want to retire in Australia. I've some ideas but keeping them to my chest at the moment. But for a time I even entertained the idea of Orkney or similar in far north Scotland.
  12. It was booked out pretty much back in December as well, when we stayed a few weeks in the region. (both Albany and Denmark) First weekend was the Festival with York Street, the main street closed and plenty of activity. Good but shut down a little early I thought. Quite probably why only passing two people the following Friday , walking up and back down York Street, at a quarter to nine came as such a shock. Eating places were doing quite a reasonable business. 6 Degrees is good. I wonder if they still have the Peruvian chief? Next door White Star also very good. Menu changed a little from pervious trip and partner a little disappointed her favourite no longer available on menu. But both worthy ale houses, big change from the rather rough beer barns of decades back that's for sure. We sometimes go to Albany purely to see something at the Entertainment Centre there. Due South is next to it and ideal in location by Princess Royal Harbour. Great place to watch the sunset sitting outside. Acoustics are not great so not a great fan of sitting inside. The food is hit and miss as well. Good selection of local wine (region produces some great wines) But even in moody weather , which can be often in Albany sitting outside, wrapped up viewing the vista is none too bad. The new Hotel next to there on the foreshore should have been opened by now (Hilton) but I believe they are building a further story. (floor) Also The Premier Hotel in York Street should be opening any week now for business. They've done what looks like a good job at restoring it with the verandah upstairs. The original was deliberately burnt down by the owner. Insurance job. Not great loss in a way as somewhat rough in the past. Yep ANZAC museum and restaurant up there worth visiting. Climb up to the memorial for a stunning vista over Albany. Albany is said to be home to one of the finest natural harbours in the world. I believe only Rio beats it. Or at least that the story they spin in those parts. Don't forget Middleton Beach. When not covered in seaweed, as can be at certain times of year is a great beach for walking. Walk to Emu Point and back then breakfast ay Bay Merchants and do The Broadwalk to town. Great views of The Sound and Harbour and stop off at the French La Gourmandaise (near 6 Degrees) for lunch. Yes a lot of money has been spent on The Gap. I'm divided as to if money well spent. Never been to Frenchmans Bay Whaling Museum, as find it expensive what they want. But used to go to the station as a kid, when it was in operation and can recall to smell to this day. Albany resembles somewhat an English seaside town I've always thought. I guess the weather and 7% of the population born in England helps maintain that somewhat. The Earl of Spencer an English theme pub in town, is usually voted one of the best in town. We were not impressed on last visit, but corvid had resulted in odd hours and many tables not being in use. All in all a decent little city. Just crack down on the meth (ice) problem there and other drugs, close that dreadful niteclub (was it really voted the worst in the Southern Hemisphere?) and the city's estimation will rise in my eyes.
  13. WE can't really avoid it. It has entrenched itself and probable impossible or near as to move on. They don't directly bother us (previously had severe altercations with neighbours, but another story, they have moved on but was very feral to say the least ) It's not a matter of being asked to buy meth. These as I think I expressed are very middle class people who hold professional jobs or very clean cut looking students in the main. We are not talking the odd house or two but well lets say we know the score. I'm sure lots of mummies and daddies would be shocked if only they knew. As for FIFO , meth, as I understand does not show up in testing That's a reason it is so popular with those workers. But it seems popular across the board, many seem to hold professional jobs with no ill effects visible. With WA being one of the top hot spots in the world, I'd say it is a major problem. It is shocking Down South. Believe me contacts in Albany I approached when there some months ago even know some of the houses suspected of making it. Bunbury was an absolute shocker a few years back, expect it still bad. I knew of the drug scene in London rather well . But back in the day it wasn't the drugs that provoke aggression and violence. There was nasty stuff like the Big H (smack) cocaine was easy to get hold of, hash could be scored in a matter of minutes, but not the stuff that provoked as mentioned. Even today, with all UK's drug problems , meth (ice) barely features. If you came to my street you may well wonder what the fuss is. It is not in your face so to speak, nor junkies. It is seemingly about greed and making money. It is loading it into cars and so on. If I did not end up with the neighbours that rented for a year and brought utter mayhem to what was a quiet street , I probably would have little insight into meth (ice) in the way I do know. If a near neighbour hadn't knocked on my door and underlined the severe nature of the meth problem, I would not have known of its severity in how widespread in the area it is. Australia though does have a very serious issue with meth (ice) it should not be passed off as just another drug that a few kids to and it is no different when we were that age. This is far bigger. Many levels of involvement with serious longer term effects on society. Sadly I had no idea just how bad this was until it came to my street. I will certainly be looking to leave the inner city but most unclear as to where to locate. Property Managers whom I've been in contact with say it is everywhere. Nothing they can or will do. (most places are kept well. Next door lost the plot and loads of violence but still lasted out their year lease plus extra)
  14. Blue Flu

    Missing the UK

    I do as well. Although The North is very special way up in The Kimberly. I lived Down South for many years. As I mentioned a fantastic coastline.