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  1. We were looking at several home opens over the past two weeks and all had so many people checking them out. Most don't seem to even bother to give a price it seems anymore. Just want offers. This could be a result of rentals being very hard to find , not sure. Usually with interest rates on the rise vendors need to work harder. Another issue we have a major issue of people making the drug Ice in Perth. (all around me) Both Mandurah and Bunbury are very notorious for this sort of business.
  2. Time must remove memory. I recall very well just how unhappy and disconnected (lonely) when you were living in Mandarah.
  3. Blue Flu

    Cost of Living.

    Faux wealth in the main being based on property prices. Look at it the other way. Australians have among the highest personal debt in the world.
  4. I would not move to either Mandurah or Bunbury due to issues ongoing in those places. Although some years back was looking at property in Bunbury. Of the preferences given would more likely pick North of Perth.
  5. Blue Flu

    Best suburbs & schools around Bunbury

    I lived in BY for a few years as a kid. (long time ago) We almost bought a house several years ago there, so have maintained an 'interest' in the city and what is going down there. Very glad a few later did not. It has a major drug problem around the manufacture and use of Ice (meth) sadly. This has resulted in some social issues. Dalyellup has 10% government housing from memory (part of government deal with developer) I've heard it is more than that though and associated problems around that. Somewhat sprawling though and driving around it , I remarked it would not be a place I would want to live. For example an acquaintance told me that the break in rate was quite high. (He was a former Ice addict, and now clear, but said very easy to obtain there as well. (all Bunbury ) I'm not familiar in recent times with Australind. When lived in Bunbury as a child it was a separate town. Now pretty much a suburb of Bunbury so assume similar issues prevail.
  6. Blue Flu

    Cost of Living.

    UK doing exceptionally bad with growing inequality. It appears Truss is yet to discover that the trickle-down theory does not work. More likely knows it, but so laden down the her ideological baggage cannot /will not accept the reality.
  7. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Changed my view a little with regards Daily Mail. They had a front page expose on The Ice (meth) epidemic in Sydney. West Australian over here in WA , doesn't appear to want to pick up the story of what's going down in WA. But back on subject. The right wing tabloids long ago made their minds up about Megan. Not to her favour. But could you expect much else from them?
  8. Blue Flu

    Cost of Living.

    All too sad what is going down in UK. The government had little choice than go against their ideological philosophy and at least cap energy bills at 2,500 GBP. Question is what happens when period of control expires? There's not even the option, (or far harder) to move across to The Continent. I don't think it is solely age though. I suspect Britain remains increasingly divided and those holding the power, find it to their favour to maintain that situation. I'm very concerned about the Health System. NHS and if it will be death by a thousand cuts. I have Decided that any move to The UK in the short or medium term future would be pure folly. Hopefully this situation will not prevail long term, but not holding my breath. It would not surprise me if Truss was even returned in two years. On the other hand, the country may have been run down to such an extent that Labour is put in but find it impossible to rectify the damage done.
  9. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    You have a good point there. I heard though there was a considerable number of people collapsing from the weight. While having such crowds display adoration for The Queen, will do no harm to the future of the monarchy or the reign of King Charles. it would place the health (life) of a number of people , especially older participants at risk surely?
  10. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Yes. He declined preferential treatment from what I heard.
  11. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I don't agree but each to their own. My opinion is Megan played a class act.
  12. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Sadly women too often do compare. But in this case worse is the media where elements describe in detail the attire worn.
  13. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Some sound points raised there. To fit in with ideology of new government, advising The Palace to ensure those in the queue to ensure they have a credit card on person, in order to help with Royal costs, may go towards assisting in thinning out the crowds. I have a feeling interlopers have never had an easy time being accepted by The Family.
  14. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    All the more admiration to Megan then for achieving the impossible. A simply comparison of the three women in their mourning attire should confirm that being so.
  15. Blue Flu

    How is Megan doing so far?

    What is not being commented on from what I can see, is the ridiculous queuing system in place. Twenty four hours and more in a queue. Seriously, it could have been done through a numbered system on line. People in danger of health implications, even dying under such conditions. While I realise it creates the sort of impression that the establishment wants to create but all unnecessary. Back to the OP's question with regards to Megan. Regardless of my personal views towards Megan, it was interesting in how she outshone The Royals present in her dress presentation. She behaved very dignified at the service. Now the question is what will the forthcoming book reveal if anything scandalous at all?