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  1. Less consumption would be better for many and definately The Planet.
  2. You have been suggestive of such.
  3. Really nothing to do with it. An almost Nazi take on what is worth and worthless in society.
  4. Of course they contribute. You may as well take this a step further and say all those suffering any sort of disability, sickness, handicap, should be included in the disfranchising of voting rights. Life should be so much greater than an economy.
  5. Everything has to do with the ethics/integrity or lack of one posses as to outcome. Somebody, to use your analogy, may get picked for the sporting team, the job, the board, not because they are a team player (a loaded term if ever) or the best/strongest but through corrupt practices, knowing some on the inside, paying for favours, really a host of things to obtain position, power, status. Yes a woman, being human , can pass over a host of possibilities, in best looking, earning most money, being a nice guy , for the simple reason no one selection will satisfy every human woman. Hence some take on men in prison that have committed horrendous offences, as one example.
  6. The thing being a society should not exist solely of consumers. A very Thatcher/Reagan like philosophical take on society. It should just as importantly be build on wisdom , that comes through experience and knowledge of what went before. The young cannot, in the main, be expected to arrive at a complete appreciation of that. Change for change sake need not be the ideal, nor better outcome. A shame history is not a subject much known about these days.
  7. They simply in for the most part, do not have the experience, the knowledge, or the maturity . This is where the word mentor comes into being. You most certainly did suggest as much, in your thoughts with regards to refranchising the old and retired. Actually consumption means spending. Exactly what the economy needs to function.
  8. You may as well say that the world is built in corruption and self serving outcomes. That good will not prevail over evil. That the weaker will always be subjected to the will of the stronger more powerful. All these can indeed be so which is why we have mavericks who speak outb and (often inadequate) rules in place in an attempt to at least contain some of the worst of these possible outcomes
  9. It's always, at least over modern times, when the young have played an important role, if not pivotal in protest and disobedience. Only unionists and in certain areas women and gays have played a part in change . I'd have thought quite obvious as to the reasons . More often, it is those in a position to actually implement the change that bring it about, are not young but of middling age. The young are merely the foot soldiers I don't think progressives come with a number called age attached.
  10. Quite. I doubt handing over power to the kids would be necessarily the best way forward. Perhaps the old saying from the sixties, "Don't trust anyone over thirty" would be deemed appropriate by some , disenfranchising those past it by being over that age, unable to adapt, stale, set in ways and best placed out to pasture.
  11. Just why you seek to ignite a generational war, is I suppose for you to know. What I have outlined to you is far from being apolitical/right wing those of a certain age cannot be placed in the same box as the same. I suspect this generation of green horns are in general less political, but more inclined to sprout a few fashionable issues but no broad beyond the surface knowledge. Obviously there are exceptions as there is to most things. Who mentioned any legacy? Didn't you read, I did? My reading is that you are concluding/advocating that the young should have greater rights than oldsters by means of a very dubious argument at best. I mentioned way cooler as well. Something way beyond any argument , but must grate on the millennials for being born in such staid times. I suspect if you are fortunate enough to still have a living grand parent you'll be looking at them in a new light, perhaps even slightly in awe.
  12. Most likely got the hump being part of such an uncool generation. Should feel sympathy for such an unfortunate being born the wrong time , or at least have an understanding.
  13. All sides should have equal influence. As already explained many aged people have additional concerns than self centered wants. Besides many of that generation were way cooler , more progressive, more politically inclined as to protest about inequality, the Vietnam War and conscription, rights for women, and so on. I realize there are those of later generations simply want to trash the legacy of those of that era. I suspect the envy in knowing younger generations today will never be as cool, experience such great music, enjoy so much sex, have very different political views and live in such different times to their parents generation, only stands to reason envy in the guise of ageism will rear its ugly head.
  14. Thank you for being such a grand mentor.