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  1. Does Traffic offense effects citizenship??

    I think the OP as his answers now so will close this thread Cal x
  2. Lots of luck with the move. Im in QLD so cant really help with Melbourne suburbs, although im sure those who can will be along soon. In the meantime have you had a look at realestate.com ? It gives you a great guide to rental and buying prices in the areas your interested in. Cal x
  3. Observations from a Brit returning to the UK

    @LKC when you move and get settled, see if there are any wood yards near by. My dad used buy a trailer load of ''off cuts'' for his fire and they worked great, also it should be much much cheaper than the bags your currently buying. Cal x
  4. Can I take ......

    Depending on the type of tools a hot engine wash brings them up a treat. Hubby did this with his spanners, sockets etc and we had no problems at all with customs. If you dont have access ask a local garage if they will do it for you. Cal x
  5. Kids schools

    In QLD they go back to school (public) for the start of the year week beginning 22nd, although they take enrolments all year round. Cal x
  6. Aussie weather

    Yesterday was certainly one of the few ''too hot to do anything'' days we get and i dont think today will be much better although there is a bit of breeze picking up. Cal x
  7. No entry/exit stamp - Autralian PR first entry

    i think you mean going back in 2019 ? lol i do sometimes wish we could go back in time though,lol Cal x
  8. State of the NHS

    In that article it says '' He said hospitals were short of 10,000 to 15,000 beds and it was time for the government to decide how to fund the NHS in the long term.'' But what do they really expect when they keep closing hospitals and units down ? I really feel for the Dr's and nurses who are on the front line doing their best and yet taking all the crap from those who are kept waiting. I see no other option than to start charging for misuse of service to those who do missuse it and to clamp down on those who just go to the UK for NHS treatment. Cal x
  9. Landline and Broadband providers QLD

    Your best to look into companys and what packages they do and find what best suits you. We use Telstra and have the landline, internet and T box packaged for $100 a month, this also gives us UK calls for a $1. My mobile is tagged on to the package and is an extra $35 pr month. Cal x
  10. 11th Aussiversary

    Happy Anniversaty Ali, it was 11 years for us last November . In one way time flies but in another it feels like we have been here forever,lol Cal x
  11. city and guilds Australian equivalent

    For a skilled visa i am pretty sure the work experience has to be AFTER you qualify..What sort of visa are you thinking about getting? Cal x
  12. Work in sunshine coast

    It is hard to even get a reply to a job enquiry if your not here in the country. Not many secure jobs from the UK before arrival. I dont think there is right direction, you can check out job sites such as seek, career one etc or even local papers and Gumtree were lots of smaller companys advertise, to see which suburbs jobs suitable for you may be in but lots of migrants get jobs by cold calling companys in person and 'selling yourself'. This is the local paper that has some ad's in - https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/classifieds/sunshine-coast/jobs/ Caloundra, Maroochydore type areas have more companys/ shops etc than some suburbs but it can all depend on the actual job you want. Cal x
  13. Our Story... 3.5 years on in OZ

    Great update, good to see your 18yr old settled. I came across a few families with older kids when i was doing relocations who went through similar things, a few years on and they wouldnt move back if you gave them a ticket,lol.. Your son sounds a bit like mine, loves going camping at Inskip, straddie, wavebreak etc there sure are some great places for them to explore over here. Cal x
  14. Beachfront house mid-north Qld

    I dont live there, a friend does and we have visited for short holidays etc quite a few times. Lots of people seem to live in Tannum and do the short drive into Gladstone for work. I prefer it to Bundy. Cal x
  15. Beachfront house mid-north Qld

    Not quite as far up as other places mentioned but have you looked at Gladstone / Tannum Sands area? Quiet compared to the Gold Coast but still everything and more on hand if you need it. Cal x