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  1. calNgary

    Schools to start weighing children

    I can't see what they are trying to achieve other than humiliate the bigger kids in society. I totally agree with Simmo but sadly the fun police have stopped lots of the old style active games that did kids moving and outside, along with technology of course. Cal x
  2. calNgary

    Not making friends in Oz.

    No not me, you must be mixed up with another show. My kids hadnt started school when we did the first one and by the time we did 'revisited' 2 of the school mum's were my best friends and 10 years on, still are. Cal x
  3. calNgary

    Where to get best kitchen items?

    K Mart do a kitchen starter set for around $50 when on offer, it should have pretty much everything in it to get you up and running. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/80-piece-kitchen-starter-set/100600 Cal x
  4. Hi Kelly Where will work be? Cal x
  5. calNgary

    Lightning Ridge for Tourists

    I shouldnt laugh at you getting bogged, sorry, but it is a little bit funny,lol... As for the area ,i love how 'country old' it all looks, it is definately going on my to visit list. Cal x
  6. calNgary

    QLD driving licence

    Have a read through this page (scroll down to near the bottom where the list of countries is) but i think if your over 25 you can convert it with no tests required - https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/licensing/driver-licensing/overseas/transfer Cal x
  7. calNgary

    Thai Airways

    We are flying Brisbane to Bangkok with Thai airways in December so its reassuring to hear they are ok. Cal x
  8. calNgary

    Where to now?

    Have you had a look through these articles -https://www.pomsinoz.com/articles.html/where-to-live-in-australia/ Realestate.com used to have a suburb guide that may be of some help. You could also try Goggling areas you may be interested in. Another option is Facebook pages for certain areas you pin point. Cal x
  9. calNgary

    World Cup 2018 Final Pubs

    I had a quick google and came up with - https://www.greenhousetavern.com.au/ - Russia 2018 World Cup - Catch all the action from Russia 2018 live and loud at your local! Its worth checking out to see if they are showing England Cal x
  10. calNgary

    Where to now?

    I would contact Airports about possible jobs and go from there. Sunshine coast has an airport or bigger still is Brisbane , you could commute to both from some lovely beachy suburbs, albeit Brisbane would be a longer commute depending on what type of beaches you wanted. Cal x
  11. calNgary

    Big spider

    Just burn the shed down ! lol Cal x
  12. calNgary

    Not making friends in Oz.

    Totally agree with this post. In Brisbane we didn't find it too difficult to make friends, you come across some real plonkers and learn quickly who you don't want to be with but that's part of the cycle of meeting new people. Most of our friends were met via the kids school and work. Cal x
  13. calNgary


    Does hubby already have a Medicare card? Most familys with kids under 18 go on one card, so if he already has one then don't add him onto your application. Cal x
  14. calNgary

    Anywhere I can buy a hot water bottle?

    I bought my daughter one in a fluffy teddy bear case last winter, it was about $10 from K Mart Cal x
  15. calNgary

    Assaults, Threats and Family Law

    Sorry to hear its not working out Huntersmum, 3 years in tells me you've given it a good shot. When would you qualify for citizenship? We seem to have had loads of posts this last month for people who have returned to the UK and now want to come back on RRV , its definitely something to think about before hopping back on the plane. Is there anyway you can move to another state? I know your visa said NT but if its not working ,its not working and i know people who have had visa's for one area have moved interstate before. It could be a way to get Hubby to move. Cal x