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  1. calNgary

    Motor Mechanics Needed

    Thanks for thinking of our members Graham, this is my hubbys trade so i too know how desperate the search is for good mechanics than can actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Fingers crossed you get some good applications and they can get here at some point. Cal x
  2. calNgary

    Migration agent recommendations

    Hi Many years ago we used Visa Bureau to help us and they were fantastic. We do have quite a few agents post in the migration section here and any of them would be a good choice, their contact details are in the signature at the bottom of their posts. Cal x.
  3. calNgary

    Leaving Employer after 186 Direct Entry Visa Grant

    Why do you want to leave? Cal x
  4. calNgary

    Project Man Cave

    Quite a few people still seem to have them, they tend to be in a shed or on a patio area. Cal x
  5. calNgary

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Definitely, and people who do call for silly reasons should be fined. Mental Health seems a big issue too,the call centre staff and paramedics often verbalise this, the amount of calls and ambulances sent numerous times over a short period to someone who doesnt really need an ambulance is terrible. I know on a few episodes they have had numerous serious calls (heart attack. not breathing etc) and do not have enough ambulances to cater. A 92 yr old guy was left on the floor for over 3 hours as all ambulances were busy and keep getting diverted to other calls, its terrible, so you can only imagine how bad it is now Covid is in the mix. Cal x
  6. calNgary

    Would you move to the UK now?

    To be fair i am an avid watcher of Ambulance, Air Ambulance, Whats your emergency and all those types of shows. I just binge watched UK Ambulance(recorded pre covid) and even then ambulances were stuck at hospitals and there were just not enough on the road to cater to the call demand, i think a lack of ambulances certainly cannot be blamed on COVID.. The population is just way to big for the amount of staff the NHS has. Cal x
  7. calNgary

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    But at least you have daylight and a view from a window, the post i quoted said no windows. Cal x
  8. calNgary

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Same here Ramot, 3 days now with no real sun ! Cal x
  9. calNgary

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    What hotel has rooms with no windows? Cal x
  10. calNgary

    Free travel to Tassie?

    We went for a 4 or 5 days a few years ago and it seemed a lovely place. Will definately go back at some point to do more exploring Cal x
  11. calNgary

    Introduction of Covid PCR Tests

    How long is taking to get results at the moment over there? It may be worth going now to get a test incase you need to show negative results somewhere along the way. Cal x
  12. calNgary

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    Going off Facebook the local supermarkets shelves are now nearly empty.. All i went for is facemasks as its the first time we have been told we HAVE to wear them if leaving the house in the next 3 days. Cheeky sales person was just marking up the prices as i walked in too as he said he only had a few left !!! I have never bought them before but paid $35 for a box of a 50 (thats all he had in and chemist was sold out) so dont know if that's expensive or not but either way if stops me getting sick its worth it. Cal x
  13. calNgary

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    To be honest i think even the supermarkets were caught off guard, no one really expected this lockdown i dont think, it certainly took me by surprise anyway. Cal x
  14. calNgary

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    I would rather be fighting over a loaf of bread rather than fighting over a ventilator to keep a loved one alive, but i agree their are some idiots out there panic buying in huge amounts. Most communities bounced back fine after the 3 month lock down, so if everyone does the right thing ,this 3 day lockdown is nothing. (says me, sat here ringing and emailing parents to re- arrange all classes i had scheduled to start back tomorrow !) Its funny as yesterday when they (government) announced about this new case being the more easily spreadable UK strain, lots of comments were popping up from people saying and ''what you going to do about it anna? posting about it does nothing''.. Now she has done something people are complaining!! Damned if they do, damned if they don't. You can never please everyone so i guess all we can do is follow the advice in an attempt to save lives. Cal x
  15. calNgary

    Brisbane Lockdown - Anal or Prudent ?

    I think it is the right thing to do, try and get on top of it now rather than being locked down for weeks and weeks because it has got out of control. You only need to look at the media to see how it took over in the UK and we really do not want that to happen here. Last years lock down was bad enough. At the end of the day its 3 days, so no different to a long weekend really. Cal x