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  1. calNgary

    TFN how long?

    It used to be a couple of weeks, not sure in the latest wait times. If you have an interviews lines up and are asked just tell them its been applied for and on its way. Cal x
  2. calNgary

    God is NOT a man!

    Some people have lost the plot, i think... Cal x
  3. calNgary

    Diesel Mechanics Jobs with 482 visa

    Try calling the number above or drop them an email to check if they still need anyone. Cal x
  4. My son has used a Fiesta daily for work the last 3 years (1 hr each way, daily) ,he uses it and abuses it, has had it in a ditch on it's side and its never missed a beat, he as put diesel in it even though its petrol (cause thats what teens do) and its still being used daily, although smoked like a trooper till the diesel was run out ,lol. The amount of dints etc leaves the bodywork abit yakky but engine was its been invincible. Ive had a Ford Ranger for 9 years and that too has never missed a beat, only thing ive replaced is tyres and battery, filters etc. If i count how many Mondeos, Fiestas etc we had in the UK i cannot fault them at all. There is a big Holden Vs Ford thing over here which IMO is a bit silly but each to their own. All garages will give you a discount for a cash sale, the amount will vary garage to garage so try shopping around. If either of you are clued up on cars you get some bargains on Gumtree or the Facebook marketplace. Houses will vary suburb to suburb, some places have mainly the wooden queenslanders but lots of the newer estates are your normal brick houses. Just becareful with termites if you get wood. Cal x
  5. calNgary

    Adelaide v Gold Coast

    I havent spent enough time in Adelaide to compare but i dont think you would disappointed with the Gold Coast , the suburbs vary greatly and there is pretty much something to suit everyone. Is there no way you can visit prior to making a decision? Cal x
  6. calNgary

    Fun things for non-drinkers and vegans

    A few posts have been removed, please stay on track and avoid personal comments. Cal x
  7. See if this helps you - https://www.uber.com/en-AU/drive/requirements/ Cal x
  8. calNgary

    UK unemployment at lowest since 1975

    Please avoid discussing members and personal comments.. Thanks Cal x
  9. I read it, that he already has PR granted in 2014, but since the application and grant has got married and had children. To the OP I agree with Beffers about contacting George Lombard to advice you on your options ,if any, from here, he has a good reputation for helping those stuck with medical issues.. Cal x
  10. calNgary

    Finding rental over Christmas

    If you know the area and know where you want to be ,you can keep an eye on realestate.com and try emailing a few agents a week or two prior to you moving. I know 3 or 4 families who did this and managed to line up viewings for the first week they were here. Some agents might not respond as your not 'here', so contact a few and the outcome may well depend on demand in that area but it could also pay off and work well for you. Just don't pay or sign for anything until you have seen it in person. Cal x
  11. calNgary

    Child's dad said no

    Good luck with the ex, i hope you can both come to solution without it getting nasty. As for your reasons above, we felt the same before we moved and have no regrets yet as we creep towards the 12 years here mark. We loved being able to explore new places at weekends and were and are still amazed at the difference in scenery you can find within a relatively short distance. One thing Aus has in abundance (or at least QLD) are amazing adventure parks for the kids, there are lots dotted around with some great climbing frames, slides and rope courses for the kids, the fact they are free is just another bonus,lol. Cal x
  12. calNgary

    How far is too far?

    I think its different over here, it seems 'normal' and more acceptable to travel longer distances to get to places. I enjoy driving so it doesn't bother me that much and you cannot beat a good road trip. Cal x
  13. calNgary


    Spiders are my weak spot, i'm better than i used to be if i see one but wouldn't willingly touch/ hold/ go near for any amount of money,lol. Cal x
  14. calNgary

    Why are Britsh people so lazy ?

    Regardless forum rules still apply and off topic / bickering or personal posts will be removed. Cal x
  15. calNgary

    Why are Britsh people so lazy ?

    No where in the OP does it mention Aus... feel free not to comment if you cant stay on track.. As we say over and over again if you cant contribute to the topic ,move along to a thread you can. Cal x