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  1. Ypu need to make sure tools are pretty clean ,no oil etc on (or in) them. Cal x
  2. See if this link helps explain things - Cal x
  3. Hi i just had a google and found this for you, hope it helps UPDATE: the new rules stipulate that after 3 citizenship test failures, the applicant must wait 2 years before retaking the test (the old system allowed applicants to retake the test as many times as they wanted). The new rules apply to all citizenship applications made on or after 20 April 2017 (applications made before 20 April 2017 follow the old rules). Cal x
  4. I use sheet sets in the summer months, but in winter when using a duvet (doona in Aus) i don;t put on the top sheet. Cal x
  5. It will take time to settle and adjust, just as does moving here, so hopefully things will improve for you. The weather is supposed to warm up soon ,so that may help you feel a better. The flight to London sounds horrendous, i could not imagine doing with that journey with no TV.. Did you apply for any compensation off them? Cal x
  6. Ipswich road at Moorooka has lots of car dealerships spread along it,, it is known as the magic mile. Gympie Road in Brisbane also as quite a few. Cal x
  7. Hi Websites like Stayz and AirBnB are great for short term acommodation or furnished homes. Another option people have used is to stay somewhere like Gold Coast holiay Village or Ashmore Palms in cabin type accommodation. Most people seem to book accomodation for about 4 weeks ,as this gives you time to check out the areas, see whats available rental wise, then view and apply for them. Hope this helps a bit and good luck with the move Cal x
  8. Do you mean, old ,as in classic cars, which means your looking for a higher class dealer... or have i read that completely wrong? lol Cal x
  9. Great to hear it's all falling into place for you. Brisbane is a great place so you choose well. Cal x
  10. Yes i agree with the others, that its probably best to leave that behind, the last thing you want is hitting with a bill for fumigation. Cal x
  11. I don;t think you would have any issues..Customs would be more concerned if you have multiple new items for obvious re sale ,like 10 tv's or 5 washing machines. Its not a bad idea to take items out of their original packaging but i don;t think they would even flinch at a bedroom set, in fact theyd probably be more concerned about the wood it was made of,lol. Lots of luck with the move Cal x
  12. My 13 yr old is now on $13.16 pr hour, she loves it !! The wages are crippling us at work though, most staff are on around $28 - $30pr hour part time and its hard for a small non for profit club to cover overheads now. Cal x
  13. Have you had a look on This will give you a good guide to rental and sales prices in areas you like the look of, this way you can narrow down places if they are out of your budget. you would have a host of hospoitals within communitng distance of Northern Gold Coast so that works in your favour. Cal x
  14. Do you have to go to Perth? Other States may be a safer option. As for an honest response, i guess everypnes response would be honest but it's from their experience, so replies will vary. It does seem to becoming common knowleddge Perth is struggling at the moment but we did have a tradie post a few months ago who had arrived and found work within a few weeks,so to an extent its pot luck as well. Could you try applying for jobs before you arrive? Dont really on job ad's , write up a letter and cv and email companys from the white pages, cold call them and sell yourself etc this as worked for some migrants in the past.Lots of luck with everything. Cal x
  15. For a cheaper short stay ,have a look at cabin or caravan parks, lots used to offer discounts if you stayed for 4 weeks or more so worth asking. Remember it is only temporary accommodation for a few weeks so doesnt need to be a big flashy house. Cal x