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  1. calNgary

    What do you wish you had but never will?

    My mum.. lost her when i was 12 weeks old so despite a fantastic upbringing, I've never known what its like to grow up with your mum. Cal x
  2. calNgary

    Medicare Enrolment

    If one of your children needs emergency treatment the A and E is free so don't worry about that. If your in QLD ambulances are free, but in some states you need to make sure you have ambulance cover or could be hit with a large bill. Cal x
  3. calNgary

    Golden mail

    Congratulations Cal x
  4. calNgary

    Sh*t towns of Australia

    To be fair some suburbs of Logan (mainly around the centre) are pretty dire in comparison to other areas. At the end of the day though i guess it depends what you are comparing too as ive seen way worse places to live, whilst growing up. Cal x
  5. calNgary

    Shark attack - 2 English tourist injured

    According to media reports they did have insurance and so far its covered all ''emergency'' treatment, however loopholes in the policy mean it doesnt cover on going treatment, hence this fund was set up to help the lads. Cal x
  6. calNgary

    482 VISA Change of Sponsor (Nomination)

    Can you check in with the new employer to see if they have heard anything or can chase it? Cal x
  7. calNgary

    Bulk billing??

    Wow, i have found the opposite, yes my GP is a Pakistani man but UK trained and cannot do enough. He is awesome. You can nearly always get an appointment the same day, if not the day after. My specialist at the public hospital is a UK guy from London. Ive used the public system for hospitals, Seen specialists, had scans, x rays ,biopsys, bloods all on Medicare and prompt appointments with great service. I also find lots of the nurses are from Ireland or the UK. Monday my DD is off for a 24 hr heart moniter and ECG, she had x rays and bloods last wednesdsay all from a GP referral on the Monday, not bad at all for a weeks notice .. Oh and all based in a regional postcode area so IMO just goes to show how very different one experience to another can be,, presuming you have written from experience Zack and not just from whats youve read , heard or think you saw somewhere. I would give the medical care i have recieved here 9 out of 10 which to be fair is not much different than what i would rate the care i received 13 + years ago with the NHS. Cal x
  8. I'm confused (yes i know not hard for me,lol) but why do you keep referring to Ali as Cal??? Cal x
  9. calNgary

    Short term rental wanted in Rosebud

    Maybe have a look on Realestate and Domain and see whats around then you can explain your situation to the local agents and see what properties they have available for 6 mths, unless its very different to QLD i cannot see it being too much of an issue. Cal x
  10. calNgary

    This will soon be banned.

    I have merged the threads together Cal x
  11. calNgary

    Is this mass murder ?

    Unless they can say / prove the 39 people were forced into that truck/ container against their will ,then id say no it's not murder, maybe manslaughter??? Cal x
  12. calNgary

    How is Megan doing so far?

    I can take or leave the Royal family and i can take or leave Megan, however i do think she has been hounded by the press and a lot of the British public since day 1,, a bit like Boris.... If the same had happened in a school or workplace a bullying or harassment case would have been filed before now. Cal x
  13. calNgary

    Nostalgia - Classic British TV Moments

    The whole cast was funny in their own way, i think thats why the show was so popular. Cal x
  14. calNgary

    Nostalgia - Classic British TV Moments

    This is exactly what i would have posted too, has to surely be one of the best TV moments back then Cal x
  15. calNgary

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Ive had to chop more posts , stop discussing each other, if you cant handle differing views maybe this is the wrong thread to be on. Remember you all have the ignore function. Back on track please Cal x