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  1. Quite a lot of arrivals seem to stay at the Westin in Brisbane CBD for their quarantine. The ones you see there with kids look to have pretty big rooms, its just crap you cant leave the room and use the facilities but just keep thinking you have a lifetime to do that once your free,haha. Good luck with it all and keep us updated. Cal x
  2. Bless you, it is certainly a stressful time moving across the world and with COVID chucked into the mix, i can only imagine how you are feeling about it all. We have a couple of threads going from those who have moved the move and done the quarantine and they have all said it's not that bad. Where are you flying into? Cal x
  3. calNgary

    RIP Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

    Just a little reminder this thread is about the passing of Prince Philip, can we try to stay on track please. Cal x
  4. calNgary

    Booking hotel quarantine

    Hi Im not sure where your partner is flying into but this link tells what to do 'before' you arrive and what to expect 'when' you arrive etc. It is for Brisbane though https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/protect-yourself-others/quarantine/planning-for-your-quarantine-stay-when-arriving-from-overseas#before-you-arrive Cal x
  5. calNgary

    Relationship break up and moving back home...

    What do you mean ' free tests'' ? Do you currently have to pay to have a test????? Cal x
  6. Thank you guys.. unfortunately i had to work from early hours today and have only just got home. Admin managed to get it all i think but your reports are appreciated. Cal x
  7. calNgary

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    Not sure, i never renewed ours ,we just got Aussie ones as soon as citizenship was through Cal x
  8. calNgary

    Citizenship Application + Passport

    We used out of date ones and it didnt affect our application. Cal x
  9. calNgary

    Potential move to Toowoomba

    When where you last there Paul? Its grown loads over the last 12/18 mth and i think the population of Toowoomba is now somewhere around 120.000. Its no longer that little town you want to just drive through. I am only mentioning it to give the flip side as if i was the OP your comments would scare the hell out of me right now. I haven't spent lots of time there, more just stopping for food and a leg stretch when passing through but i do know a couple of families who have moved from the Gold Coast to there and are very happy. Personally i would rather raise my children in somewhere like Toowoomba than on the Gold Coast if they were my 2 choices. Cal x
  10. calNgary

    How is Megan doing so far?

    Apparently he had planned to fly back for Philips birthday in June and the unveiling of the Diana statue in July, so id guess he will now to try to fly back sooner for the funeral. Cal x
  11. calNgary

    RIP Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

    Yea i thought that too, he was only a couple of months away from his birthday Cal x
  12. calNgary

    To renew or not!

    LOL, We did the same, just got Aussie ones and never renewed the UK ones. When flying to UK, Spain, Amsterdam and the Canary Islands we have had no problems and found passport control was wayyy quicker too. Cal x
  13. calNgary

    New Zealand travel bubble

    Possibly not reading this -'' Travelling from Australia to New Zealand People who have been in Australia for 14 days prior to departure are able to travel to New Zealand without applying for an outwards travel exemption. Note: This provision is only applicable when New Zealand is the destination of travel. If you are transiting through New Zealand to another destination you must apply for an outward travel exemption. https://covid19.homeaffairs.gov.au/new-zealand-safe-travel-zone
  14. calNgary

    Are we mad... lol

    I think you would get interconnecting rooms but you may need to ask for them. I am sure there is some procedure set up for larger families as you couldnt all squeeze into a 1 bed apartment.lol. (well not without driving each other insane!) Lots of luck with everything and if you get bored in quarantine a thread on how you found the flight, transfer to quarantine etc would be interesting. Cal x
  15. calNgary

    Brisbane see's huge growth rate

    Brisbane is booming as babies are born and southerners began to flee lockdowns for the Sunshine State’s (usually) COVID-free lifestyle. Brisbane’s population grew by 1.9 per cent during 2019-20, recording the highest growth rate of all capital cities, according to new Australian Bureau of Statistics data. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/brisbane-news/brisbane-records-fastest-growth-of-any-australian-capital-city-20210330-p57fdl.html Pimpama and Caloundra are 2 of the biggest growth areas, which is easy to imagine when you see all the development and new housing estates. I do have a soft spot for Caloundra, it just seems to have everything you can need and prices are still reasonable. Cal x