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  1. 5 days at Christmas

    1770 is nice with a great beach, it is a bit of a drive though. A quiet spot we found closer was Poona Palms caravan and cabin park , you turn off at Gympie and drive for a while to get to it, theres only a litle basic shop and takeaway, so buy your main groceries etc in Gympie. We have also stayed at Bagara Beach, quiet compared to down here but more happeneing than at Poona and great for a few days stay, a few little shops in the precinct and varying eateries and takeaways. Also a choice of accomodation syles on offer. Caloundra and Mooloolaba are 2 other places we regually stay at and always have a good time, both nice areas, Caloundra being cheaper accommodation and stay wise than Mooloolaba. Cal x
  2. Ticket is bought!

    Good luck with your journey and once settled pop in and give us an update. Cal x
  3. Yes id say you list everywhere you have been, as its says, business, pleasure etc Im not sure you need places mulitple times unless it specifically ask somewhere for dates/ length of stay etc. Cal x
  4. Brexit

    Just posting another little warning about not being personal in your replies and to discuss the topic not posters or where they live or what they do. We have posted numerous warnings on this thread already and alot of you have already recieved official warnings and infractions but some appear to have short memorys. Anymore will be removed and points given that may cause you to stop posting for a few days. Thanks Cal x
  5. Tent

    You should be fine if you post it as a gift and its less than a 1000 in value, altough you may be better using someone like TNT as id imagine normal post will be quite expensive. Also bear in mind If WA is anything like QLD in January its going to be stinking hot and uncomfy in a tent for more than a few nights here and there. Cal x
  6. The post above is from years ago. Might be worth contacting garages yourself to see if they have vacancies, use something like the white pages on line to get names and contact numbers for places. Cal x
  7. Brisbane-Securing rental whilst off-shore

    Looks great and has fantastic views. I think your safety net was the fact its a new build, i have seen some of the homes people have secured prior to arrival without viewing in person and some leave a lot to the imagination, infact a couple i would not have left my dog at .. Cal x
  8. Noosa

    No idea on your budget but a night at Tangalooma is nice and something different.The ferry departs from Brisbane. Noosa is lovely for a short stay but can be expensive ,we also head up to Mooloolaba for a weekend break a few times a year as that too is a lovely area. On a cheaper budget Caloundra is great for a few days away, plenty of shops, nice beaches massive choice of accommodation etc In Brisbane itself Mantra on felix is a nice hotel ideally located to explore everything or Mantra Midtown, both favorites of ours. Cal x
  9. Bank Account

    We opened an account before we moved with ANZ , 11 years on and we still use them, they have always been good and reasonable with rates Cal x
  10. 9 years on - REAL life in Aussie.

    Great little update that made me chuckle, but LankyLad ,honestly, MOVE Cal x
  11. Small city to start in Australia. Which?

    I have no idea as never been sorry, hopefully 1 or 2 of the others have. Cal x
  12. Small city to start in Australia. Which?

    I agree with Collie, i would fly into Brisbane rather than Gold Coast and do the necessary jobs there. I would also buy a car before heading to Toowoomba, you will struggle without one and they may be slighlty cheaper in Brissy and you will have more choice. I personally wouldnt like to be in Toowoomba relying on public transport, especially on weekends for getting out and about. Cal x
  13. Mission Accomplished

    Good to hear you pulled through the medical issues and are back on your feet. If you can't move back to the UK what are the chances of you making yearly visits to catch up with people? Cal x
  14. Moving to Brisbane - Cheapest Suburbs from $300k

    Plenty of people wnt and do live in these suburbs but you need to look for yourself as Tink mentioned. As a quick ezample, a young couple working inner city with no kids might think an apartment in the valley is ideal for them, whilst if a family they may prefer subrbs like Bracken Ridge with a house and garden. The only way to find a suburb to suit you is to drive, drive and drive some more checking them all out. Head in a different direction every weekend and explore. Cal x
  15. Furnishing your home, as a new migrant

    Yes but they are not as common as the UK, the 'thing' here is garage sales. Cal x