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  1. The real truth about spiders please!

    I was petrified of spiders and creepy crawlies, even now seeing horrible pictures like those above send shivers through me but i have got a little braver. As soon as we got a house here we pest sprayed it ourselves inside and out every few months and for agessss we got nothing inside the house, even now 10 years on, due to actually seeing so few (we live on acerage) we spray maybe once or twice a year and see probably 1 spider every month, normally in the Thank god nothing massive as confronted me yet,lol. You do see them out and about and walking into cobwebs still freaks me out,lol, but i am more 'settled' knowing they are around but dont really bother you. Its funny as i bought a UK womens magazine today and there was a story in it about a NSW lady who had recently moved to the UK and got bitten on her head by a false widow spider, ending up with her being admitted to hospital for a while. It said she had lived in Aus years and never had a bite,lol. So yes they are here but you learn to be careful when gardening etc and before long it just comes naturally and you dont stress aboyt seeing them as much. Cal x
  2. LOL, I think its means F'lip' Off and is a swear word... If they cant do night viewings tell them to do weekend ones during the daytime like you have offered. Cal x
  3. Visa activation: is it possible separately?

    Yes as long as the primary applicant as entered first and activated their visa. Cal x
  4. Tiling and plumbing

    You need a licence for almost anything overe here, it is one of my bug bears with Australia, espevially when hiughly skilled migrants have to jump through lots of hoops. A white card is easy enough to get if i remember right and you used to be able to do that on line Cal x
  5. Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Just quoting the OP again as some of you seem to have forgotten what it said.... Lets stay on track please Cal x
  6. Free TV in Australia (NSW) - how does it work?

    We have the Tesltra T box as part of our landline/internet package and access Netflix etc for $10 month. Its more than adequate for the amount of TV we watch. Cal x
  7. What kind of jobs one can get with 489 visa?

    Look at job sites like Seek and carreer one but also try to find local classifieds as lots of smaller companys advertise this way, especially when out of the city and in more regional areas, which i think your visa is for. Cal x
  8. Aus visa

    A good friend of ours came out as a Barber a few years ago, he has his own salon and is doing great. Maybe speak with an agent about your options. Cal x
  9. Tiling and plumbing

    By the book you should have the aussie licences , but there are alot out there who use the 'handy man' title and dont have the licences. Cal x
  10. Renting property

    Normally the landlord pays rates and building insurance , you pay pretty much everything else. Cal x
  11. Already has 186

    If somewhere on your visa it stated you are tied to this employer for 2 years then leaving before that will cause you issues. If you only have 1 year left ,could you start researching and preparing to set up on your own whilst working out your last year? I didnt think the 186 required job conditions but i could be wrong. On a PR visa without job stipulations you would be free to start up on your own doing whatever you wanted,so really check what the 2 years your locked into is. Cal x
  12. Moving to Australia

    Use the employers adress for shipping, if they will allow you too and update it once your here and have an adress. We did it this way and had no issues. Cal x
  13. sending my tools to melbourne

    If you don't get any takers, we shipped hubbys tool boxes in a shared container with Crown relo and it worked well for us. All they stipulated was the tool chest must be able to be lifted by two men ,so if its a double chest you may need to split it. Also if you lock it , tape a key to the top so they dont break your lock to look inside. Cal x
  14. Not enjoying new job

    A week isnt a long time at all, i would try to hang on abit longer, if your sanity allows it. On saying that not many jobs will be identical to what you left behind as its a different country with very different ways of doing things to what you may know. Part of the migration process is being able to adapt, those that cant rarely last long in Aus. If after a month your still disliking the work and area and your visa doesnt stipulate where you have to live / work then maybe research other areas/ States., but work wise the job will probably be more like what your doing now than what you did in another country. Cal x
  15. Ticket is bought!

    All the best with your new journey and try to pop back in and keep us updated when you have settled. Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are great places for selling off your things. Cal x