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  1. rockola57

    Flight cancellation UK.

    Thanks.We will wait.
  2. rockola57

    Flight cancellation UK.

    Hi, We have return flights booked from Adelaide to UK in May/June,with Emirates.Is now (19 March) the right time to contact them for redress,credit,refund.Or do we wait for official confirmation from them.Paid flights up front,Flight Centre.Also up front package hol to Majorca.Also booking . com accommodation up front.Seems to have been a bad decision.We obviously should have left cancellation option open.Insurance not taken out till coronavirus was a known entity. Any advice please,would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  3. rockola57

    10 yrs here.Have our house in UK Rented out.

    Thank you Phoenix my friend.Much the same as us.Got nephew in there,paying sweet FA really.Not happy am i,but at least its not getting trashed.We still pay for all repairs etc though.Cant say too much,as family may read this.Anyway,getting worried about what famously greedy OZGov will want out of us over it ?Aswell as UKGov !!Wish we had sold it sometimes...but then again ??
  4. Hi there.Well we have now been here 10 yrs.Could not sell our house in the UK,so rented it out.It has been a pain in the arse .Never made a carrot on it,loads of issues with bums renting it,or repairs and maintenance,bad agents not doing their job etc.Anyway,we have filled in our uk tax returns regularly ,are straight on that.However ,the mortgage has just finished,and we now own it.What implications for us now,both there,and here in OZ ?We have to tell OzGov i think .
  5. rockola57

    Failed retaining wall.

    Thanks Loopylou.All the best my friend.
  6. rockola57

    Failed retaining wall.

    Thanks Simon.Best wishes.
  7. rockola57

    Failed retaining wall.

    I have offered to go 50/50 for costs.
  8. rockola57

    Failed retaining wall.

    Hiya friends. Has anyone had retaining wall issues.Seems the Landlord of the property next to mine,on the lower side,is not keen to part with a cent.My outdoor area is extremely unstable near the wall,the full length of my property.It is basically falling into his property...slowly.The fencing is all over the place above it.I have posted his agent a recorded delivery letter,asking for a reply in 30 days.I have had one quote,which he has dismissed.The creep said he may consider doing it in sections later next year !It is wooden,and the sleepers have rotted,26 yrs old they are.I have had the council compliance officer out,who confirmed it is downright dangerous.The Landlord is evasive,the Agent is curt,to say the least.The Landlords property is the one which needs access for work to be done.He is moaning about that,and stating his tenant has a dog,which will have to go into care whilst the work gets done,if it ever does.I am going to go to court over this,i reckon.What would you do,as the clown says he will get it done,when he has the money!!!!Advice please.The situation is unacceptable,and very dangerous.
  9. Hiya,I was after my fave Cop Show off the net,so I can put them all on DVDs Discs.Anyone know how to get them all?Thanks Amigos.
  10. Hiya my friends. Well ,after 7 yrs in Oz,we are finally thinking of selling our Uk house.What are the most important things to take into consideration?We really know very little of the process.At present it is tenanted,to relatives(not a great idea)We are fed up with it going downhill,whilst costing constantly for repairs etc,often due to tenants and agents not giving a **** about it(unlike in Oz)Any advice would be greatly appreciated,thanks.
  11. rockola57

    ........words and sayings that drive you nuts.....

    I cant stand that two handed,palms facing you,and raised, with reverse 'V' sign,that people here do,when accentuating a word!!Meant to give maximum effect?What a load of crap!!.:SLEEP:
  12. rockola57

    99 Years ago this morning.

    Let us never forget what took place on The Somme this day 99 years ago.The sacrifice those young boys and men gave for their Country shall be remembered by most of us forever.God Bless you all,rest in peace good men.
  13. How very sad to see this on the News.Disasters such as this do make you realise how vulnerable we are.R.I.P. good people.
  14. rockola57

    UK Taxman Woe.

    Thank you for this info Bridgeman.We will speak again with our Accountant here.As you say,their correspondence is appalling.Snail mail 5th class in 2015!!Deliberate i suspect!Thanks again my friend.
  15. rockola57

    UK Taxman Woe.

    Only for themselves we find. x