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  1. But it is not a competition SWMOYO4, I could not care less if 99 out of 100 people preferred Melbourne over Manchester, good for them its their choice.....I will represent the 1 percent that happen to prefer Manchester or some other city for that matter, its just my opinion it does not need to be graded or given a score.......
  2. exactly ....that is why I moved to Australia like yourself Bulya
  3. Because , i don't know, maybe it has changed possibly? if the poster has not visited in 10,20,30 years it will have changed ....will it not A different poster confirms what a lovely place it is and how investment has made it so
  4. sorry Bulya remind me when you where back in the UK last ?.....
  5. mmmmm....its all about perspective though Jimmy what you find attractive or not is different to what I may find......having been to both Melbourne and Manchester, its Manchester for me hands down, as for Scotland its a stunning place which I would be happy to call home, but then its not about the money for me, i get paid far more here than I ever did back home, yet I would swap for a lower income and happiness back home in a heart beat......over mind numbing boredom and homesickness here in Aus
  6. A bit ridiculous to be honest, trying to compare a major city to a small insignificant suburb area on the coast of western Australia ....ironically I have been to Manchester many, many times and had nothing but a great time and always felt safe, yet on the one odd occasion I have been to Hillary's (a few years back now) I got abused by some young-ish Australian lad who took offence to me wearing boots (soft hike boots, I find them comfy lol) with shorts?? and i thought they looked fine together (must be a British thing)....anyhow he was a proper hard man with his mates, especially seem as I was with my two young children at the time, not been back since and not in any rush to return. just for you Dusty seem as you like statistics Australia Murders with firearms 59 Ranked 25th globally. 4 times more than United Kingdom Murders with firearms 14 Ranked 39th globally.
  7. Sounds like you have swapped countries but kept the same life, to be honest Well you did ask why go to Chester or Liverpool...anyhow moving on In my book looking at 'stuff' IS ''doing stuff'
  8. bug family

    Return UK after 54 yrs left when 2yrold

    Hello Tony, Just a bit of moral support to say good for you, it is never to late, you are meant to be where your heart is, I wish you good luck and keep us all informed of how you are going, this site is a great place for information, viewpoints, or just for a virtual shoulder to cry on sometimes, Good luck
  9. I don't like doing the comparison thing Paul because as I have said everyone is different, but your comparing a small beachy, marina area with a handle of restaurant and cafes and a few overpriced shops, a dot on the western coast of Australia to entire cities....Hillary's is miniscule in comparison. why would I go to Chester or Liverpool ? what apart from the history, castle and Roman walls, river dee, bridges, canals, centuries old 'rows', cinemas, library, cathedral, uncountable pubs, restaurants, street bands and entertainment, night life and clubs, shops, parks, football grounds, business parks, out of town shopping centres, bowling, arcade and entertainment venues, university, top schools, industry such as Airbus UK, the list goes on and on and don't get me started on Liverpool or Manchester who apart from being home to world famous musicians and football clubs have an even vaster array of choice....hillary's really? are you having a laugh
  10. Have you seen Manchester lately? There is absolutely no comparison, way more choice in Manchester, Hillary's is a bit naff in my opinion, it has tried and failed, as for within driving distance of Manchester, errrmmm Chester, Liverpool, lake district northwales haw far do you want to travel ....
  11. Hi happy Heart, yes i live 'down south', can I go home...difficult one my heart is in two places, my children are here (Daniel 13 & Emily 8 ) and leaving them would be very hard if not impossible both for me and them (my daughter has begged me not to leave), but my heart is also back home which i miss regularly, my wife has said I am free to leave and get a job back home with the NHS but i do not know if it is that easy, i would be starting virtually all over again with little funds and the clothes on my back so to speak, we are not like a married couple any more and are 'just good friends' which is a shame as when we came here 10 years ago we where very close and still in love, don't get me wrong I still love my wife and care for her .....just not in love any more if that makes sense, long story which relates to having to live with the in laws here for two years it destroyed our marriage and possibly me being homesick and going on about it cannot have helped if i am honest . will I go home, i am certain of it at some stage, at least that's what I tell myself everyday lol keeps me sane, just do not want to leave it to long i am late 40's and time is ticking...I have likened it to a virtual / mental bridge that I have to cross one day, I know its there and I have to cross it ........
  12. That is what makes us all different Happy heart, as has been previously pointed out, an individuals view is by nature subjective, I accept that someone else may not see or feel the same as me and at the same time I can understand and accept their own point of view, however that does not make my own view and thoughts any less valid, we all see through different eyes and experience different things
  13. Thank you and I am glad you have found your happy place Cleowag