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  1. bug family

    Almost There

    good luck and safe travels
  2. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I am already sick of hearing about it Paul
  3. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    Sorry Marisa, what I mean is, if going back confirms for you that this is not the place for you ( as in Australia) then you can hopefully work a solution that takes you back home permanently, therefore going home can have some positive benefit other than just going home because you miss the place .....interestingly some call it going on holiday...some call it going home, how you feel about where you are may depend on which one you use. I do not see it as a 'Life I lost', as I always intended to go home one day, it is more a break from my old life so to speak....
  4. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    Good Analogy Marisa, But....there is always a but lol.....for some going back is the fix they need, confirming that in doing so it reminds them that the life they have now, may not be the one they want forever, then that also points to a problem that they have with where they are currently in their life, which in turn helps them make a change...bit like Brexit in reverse knowing what you do want, helps with what you don't. As for the marriage breakup...yes...but...some forgive their original partner for their errors (if any) and after a period of exile makeup with them and live happily ever after THE END.
  5. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    leaving and coming back to Australia is going to be so very hard Quoll, I wish you well and good luck
  6. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    In what way Paul?....you obviously love it here, good for you, but others do not and going home is the fix they need, and sometimes its for good its nice, but it gets a bit boring after the umpteenth time, same as the beaches been on one been on them all lol Lucky you
  7. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    Lovely area ....on another note....... I read recently that a gold toilet has been stolen from Blenheim Palace which is one of the places I am visiting on my trip home in December....was looking forward to sitting on a golden throne
  8. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I am looking forward to many things when I go home for three weeks in December, but especially looking forward to........ Mac Donald's banana milkshake and curry dip sauce (not together you understand)..... I would never have come if I realised beforehand that you cannot get banana milkshake here in Australia, what's that all about Oh, and a decent pub don't judge me.... I can feel my itch subsiding already
  9. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    wow...that is a fair old wedge of income just on council tax, are you down south by any chance? ..the fuel price seems to be around what I figured it would be though
  10. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    Interesting...can you give approximate examples of how much for each on average, as I have been away for some 8 years I expected there to be an increase, but in general as I remembered the UK always was cheaper, apart from the fuel I think, but even that is expensive here in Australia now
  11. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    And right there is a good enough reason to move back
  12. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    wow looks beautiful Bunbury61
  13. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    Hi Nikci, Thanks for your post, I am actually the opposite way round to your situation in that my wife loves it here and it is me who gets homesick, I suppose you have to find what works for you when the 'sickness' hits, for me going the beach on a sunny day would make me feel more homesick lol as it would remind me that I am a long, long way from home. We came here some 8 years ago and I have never really settled, I am going back for the first time this year in December and am really looking forward to it, although with a tinge of sadness as I would love to take my two children, but simply cannot afford to (maybe one day)...you are so very right in what you say to potential migrants, in that they need to be so very sure this is what they want, as it becomes very hard to leave once life events such as children come along, it is also as you say way more expensive to live here and we have so much less 'quality time ' than what we did in the Uk (in my opinion).....anyhooo just watching a program about the London underground....got a really bad itch to scratch at the moment
  14. bug family

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    Not anymore your not .....
  15. bug family

    Scratching your homesickness itch

    I love the reject shop...got some mulled wine scented candle wax for my wax heater for $2:50, a bargain as the house now smells of wine and cinnamon very Christmassy lol