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  1. bug family

    Missing the UK

    Exactly bulya....I would have way more choice for something to do in blighty, some of it available 24 hrs a day, even in the smaller towns the place does not shut down at 6 pm......anyhow as I am here in Aus I suppose I had better get some more batteries for the TV remote................
  2. bug family

    Missing the UK

    You must be very lucky as there are so many to choose from here .....if soulless is your cup of tea then you can have the whole teapot here
  3. Yes i understand how that reads Marisa, but in my experience along with my own suburb and having visited a number of suburbs of Perth, they do seem to be carbon copies of each other with very little to do in the evening and even the day time apart from a few shops not a lot else, even Paul mentions such suburbs exist. I vaguely know the area where Paul lives and agree that there is more available around his area, however this is over a 100 km away from where I am which is a bit to far to just nip out to (not saying that is anyone else's fault though). I mentioned the 24hr availability of shopping back home and pubs and restaurants (and lots more besides) as a comparison to one small part of the difference between what is available here in Australia and back home. I am afraid the point is slightly misunderstood by maryrose02......I am not interested in a random 24 hr IGA shop some 100 k's away, I was trying to get across that something as mediocre as shopping counts as the only source of socialising / entertainment in some suburbs, but even this closes down early in the evenings leaving nothing for entertainment other than television and scratching your mosquito bites
  4. Maryrose sorry but read my original post again especially this line " Yes i agree its like a zombie apocalypse after 9pm here in the suburbs of Perth, nothing open and nowhere to go " ......as in I said suburbs and I stand by what I said it's as boring as dry toast
  5. Not that i am suggesting you should base your social life or entertainment solely on pubs and alcohol, but it would be nice to have more than a coles or a woolworths or an IGA to socialise in, it gets embarrassing trying to make small talk on isle 5 amongst the cans of processed peas and baked beans and an actual pub or two would be nice "And I can't believe you are seriously telling us that pubs, restaurants and cinemas are all closed by 9pm in Perth" your correct...... I am not telling you that the Pubs and restaurants and cinemas are all closed by 9pm .....because there aren't any pubs or restaurants or cinemas in my SUBURB of Perth
  6. bug family

    Missing the UK

    Hi JJ Not, Your in the right place for different viewpoints and advice on this, there are those that love their life here in Australia and those that really don't (I am the latter ) this forum is a great place to gain some insight into those differing views, no matter which side of the fence you sit on. In answer to your question, yes I have been in Australia for 9 years and have unfortunately pretty much missed home (UK) for the whole time, I actually voiced before leaving Britain that I would be going back home one day, I knew after the first few weeks that it was not for me my own fault I suppose, I should have been stronger in the beginning and voiced my concerns and made more of an effort to convince my wife that it was not for me / us, unfortunately I am trapped here, as my children (Daniel 13 & Emily have grown up here and my wife has most of her immediate family here and she and they would not consider going back home to live. I would like to tell you that it gets easier with time but if anything the pull back home gets stronger (at least for me) as you start to realise that time is short (9 years has gone by so quickly) and you have missed so much. I would say that you are in an enviable place for a number of reasons, firstly although you have invested money into your move here you have only invested a relatively short period of time, and therefore home will not have moved on that much and your children are young enough still to settle back home, in my experience the longer you leave it the more difficult it becomes and you risk being 'shipwrecked' here (my boat currently has a lot of holes and is stuck on a big sandbank lol ) secondly you are in the unique position to be able to make the comparison between the two countries (Australia and U.K.) and having lived in both can decide which you prefer and where you would rather live, remember the majority of people you meet do not get the opportunity to live in another country and therefore may have a slightly golden view of what life may be like here in Australia, you have tried both and can compare. I was lucky enough to visit home for the first time since coming here in December 2019, I went on holiday with my son and we did a road trip all round the UK, and loved every minute of it, for me it cemented where I belong and wanted to be, however sometimes in life in order to gain what we want we have to give up what we cannot, I would have to leave my children and I could not imagine doing that. I think you need to get a plan together, set goals and tick them off (either mentally or physically), I have accepted that I won't be going home yet, however mentally I have accepted that I will one day, but in the mean time I have set myself the goal of saving up and obtaining a small holiday apartment back home (this is going to take a few years at the rate i am going ) mentally it will help me to know i have a base back home still that I and the children can go on holiday to (once COVID is under control) and at the same time know that I am not giving up on the place i want to be, but also that i am not just leaving my children here. (if that makes sense) Good luck JJ, I hope you can get some reassurance and lower your anxiety, there are some great members on here with very sound advice, hopefully it helps to know that you are not alone
  7. Yes i agree its like a zombie apocalypse after 9pm here in the suburbs of Perth, nothing open and nowhere to go, its funny how you take for granted certain things back home when your there and do not even think about them at the time, for instance the availability of 24 hr shopping like Tesco's or restaurants open till gone 11pm, or pubs open till whenever they feel like...here the evenings entertainment choice is coles or woolworths
  8. Thanks mum of two, feel free to drop me a line anytime, even just to vent it helps to get it out of your system Take care and good luck
  9. Not really i am afraid, my wife is happy here with her main family also living here, she has said she would never go back to live but would go on holiday, as for the children emily has never visited and is all for Australia, which i understand as she has never known any different, however Daniel loved his trip back in 2019 and would move home tomorrow (I think ) For my sanity i have been concentrating on my degree and trying to get a place back home by getting this holiday home idea of and running, it would help psychologically for me to know that I have a foothold back home, a place that I can call home. We are south of the river what about yourselves? and from North Wales (lovely part of the world). I may see your partner in our emergency department depending on where he is stationed, I have also applied to the graduate entry route and am waiting to hear back they are changing the entry route to make it more like the UK system so i am told. Do you think you will ever go back to live? I can say from experience that the longer you leave it and the older and more settled your children become the harder it is, i feel well and truly marooned here sometimes
  10. Hi Mum of two, sorry for the delay in responding...I am on the home straight so to speak, of my paramedic degree just two more units to complete and then I qualify (this year), I still work in an emergency dept. and it is still just as hectic some days ...I did managed to go home (uk) in 2019 just before covid struck the world, and went on a road tip round the country with my son Daniel (11 years old at the time) we both loved every minute (i posted on here somewhere) it cemented my resolve to return one day, for now i have a plan to try and purchase a small holiday property back home (currently trying to find ways of getting the funds together...legally of course ) along with extra shifts at work i have also started collecting and recycling old drinks containers for the 10 c refund.....i have turned into what the Americans term a 'dumpster diver' lol. I have noticed more recently that there are more of us that are missing home and are also not enjoying their life here in Australia, I think that this terrible Virus has had a part in concentrating what people find important in life, it is good to know we are not alone, do you and your partner plan to go home? how far along is he / she with their para-medicine ? how long have you been over here? where do you originate from? .......sorry for the questions i am being nosey it comes with the job
  11. bug family

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Just goes to show we all see and feel differently, for me Graham I miss the place more than the people so technology does not really play a massive part for me, I possibly have a different view as I grew up in a beautiful part of the country in North Wales, I still say that the UK in summer is as beautiful as anywhere in the world, I am happy that you and the family know where your happy place is.....I know where mine is....... just got to work out how to get back there
  12. bug family

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    male right here, and miss home every day, For what it is worth I think that some of the male species tend to hide their feelings and show less emotion towards admitting that they may have made a mistake, rather than opening up and admitting that they may be struggling with homesickness or just do not enjoy life here as much as 'back home', this is possibly why there seems to be more females. As for me I like to buck the trend, always was a bit out there lol
  13. bug family

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    written perfectly tea4too Hiraeth .......Longing for my home land
  14. my favourite bit....the black land rover would love one (out of my price range) ....snow looked very pretty though
  15. It is a great place to visit and holiday ....but living here (in my opinion) has far less to offer than life back home