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  1. Sorry maryrose you miss my point totally ......from what I understand, what you are saying is if for example a Indian restaurant in Sydney is run by staff and cooks who originated in India, have grown up cooking Indian food all their lives and I mention that I prefer Indian food cooked in the UK, that I am somehow being disrespectful etc...huh well what happens if the restaurant in the UK also (which most do) happens to be staffed by those who have originated in India and also grown up cooking their recipes, your saying I am not allowed to prefer their cooking as I am being patronising and possibly discriminating against them me thinks you are looking to be offended by something that does not exist ........I could not care less the ethnicity of the person cooking my food as long as it tastes good ......I simply prefer in general the food back in the UK because that is what I have grown up with, it is what I am used to simple as that, and I can make the comparison based not on the ethnicity of the person cooking it but simply on what I believe tastes better to me ...no discrimination or patronising going on no need to worry,.........my final example being I actually prefer Mc McDonalds (other establishments are available ) in the UK, not because I don't like the food here but because in the UK i can get a banana milk shake (never worked out why they do not do them here) and they also serve a curry dip, sorry I do not think it is authentic curry dip but it tastes great so who cares......at no time do I consider that I am being disrespectful to the clown with the large red boots and curly red hair by making this comparison
  2. Long story, because we initially came out on holiday to look around, and as we all know by now holidaying is not the same as living in a country, then we got taken by a migration agent (after spending money with them) so we had to start all over again and this time I did all the paperwork and lodgements, I had to fly out to be assessed for my then trade, then fly back and wait and wait, looking back we just got carried along by the adventure of it all and our lives just hung on getting through every stage (my wife and her family had been to Perth a number of times and liked it)I was happy to give it a go but always with an eye on returning, I mentioned previously that before i stepped foot in Australia I had voiced that we would return home one day, which with hindsight should have told me something, i also admit to naivety in that like lots of others I am sure, I was sold on the better place, better life, better weather, etc that was and still is sold in the media ....and then finally the old chestnut you never know really how much you miss something until its gone i suppose
  3. well Dusty......last time I checked, I am one of them foreigners and I am BRITISH and hold a British passport (along with a hundreds of thousands of other Brits) therefore i am most definitely a British subject
  4. yep spot on Bulya took me four years in total, all my life's savings, a number of flights to and from Australia to get assessed for my visa at the time, but no research done on my part just did it on a whim, ........you need to look into getting a job as a meet and great at the Airport, you would be great at meeting all the 'pom's' who arrive here looking for sunshine, you could advise them on their lack of research
  5. I think at the last census there where over 1 million British residents of Australia, it may be a 'foreign land' but a percentage of that land is populated by the British, and last time i looked there was a union flag on the top left section of the Australian flag so definitely British subjects
  6. Yep not quite the same there maryrose, Iam afraid ...... Efes is a Turkish beer made in Turkey, with Turkish Hops which is exported around the world, the bottle you buy in Side which is part of the Antalya province in turkey for example, is the same as the one you get in a Sydney bar here in Australia.......the Kebabs however are not, there does seem to be a whiff of looking for some form of discrimination in your post, when there really is none, nothing to see here I am afraid, because as a human I am aloud to discern between different food products and say which i prefer, this has nothing to do with discrimination of a culture or the nationality of the person cooking it, I know this having spent time exploring various regions of turkey, with my wife who lived there for a while and who speaks Turkish (I speak a little) and in general I still prefer the kebabs back in the UK lol ....by the way it has been lost along the way the reason I said I prefer British Kebabs initially was due to the location of the kebab shops being in Britain it was meant as tongue in cheek ...glad we cleared that up
  7. oooo.....greggs cheese and onion pastie with a dollop of tomato sauce
  8. tongue in cheek Paul ...the Kebabs here taste fine (not had that many)............ I am hinting at the fact that I prefer my Kebabs Back home
  9. Yes I totally agree Marisawright, for example I like to watch programs about home (uk) as I have mentioned before, and sometimes Vanessa (my wife-ish) will sit down and watch a program with me, every now and then I will catch her off guard as she admits to loving a particular place that is on whatever TV program we are watching, she almost has a look of feeling guilty for doing so and I have on a number of occasions reminded her that she is British and should feel love for her home country and that there is no shame in saying so.......I also find that when people are extolling the benefits of living in Australia to me, they tend to all be the same reasons given, weather, beach etc and it throws them when I say that actually I prefer it back home and find living here, for me at least, a bit boring, it is almost like they are scared to admit that actually Britain also has some nice places to live, saying so does not take away from their life in Australia at all or put them at risk of being deported
  10. I have also found a lot of what you have said to be the case, I have work colleagues who are all lovely (well nearly all, i work with some angry nurses maybe it is me ) anyhow but none who I could call a close friend, the community aspect is also just not as strong here i have always felt that, maybe it is because i came from a small town to a sprawling suburb of Perth, I will return home also one day, when are you planning on moving back and will you return to Cornwall? I was lucky enough to have returned home for a trip during December 2019 just prior to the Covid pandemic, i went home for the first time since coming to Australia, we (my son & I ) did a road trip all around Britain and loved every minute of it we visited Cornwall and went to lands end (Penzance) staying in a YHA in town, there was a big storm and a power cut in the hostel, it was a bit scary.... I loved every minute of it, it also reinforced for me that i belonged back home and not here, I got the feeling like I had never left within 5 minutes of leaving Manchester airport,.....the hardest part for me as I am sure will be for you is leaving your family behind, .........we get to choose the path we walk, but do not get to choose the outcome