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  1. Just to say a big thank you all for your input and comments, I appreciate the different points of view and advice, ....just got to qualify now and then see where it takes me.....i guess my heart never left home ....watch this space
  2. Hi all, hope you are well, ...sorry for the long post It's been some 5 years since I last posted on here....5 long years and 8 years since we (we being wife and little boy) moved from the UK to Perth and a rollercoaster of a ride and an extra child (little girl) since then, what has changed well, I still miss home (the UK), I did so from the very first week!, saying that I was always 'one of them people' who loved going on holiday but also couldn't wait to go home.... so I guess now that the honeymoon period, where it is expected that after this point, say 2 years you know if you love it or hate has well and truly lapsed, I can say for sure that this is not the place for me, the mind-numbing bordem and lack of culture has litterally sapped my soul...it is like a wedding buffet...its all the same repeated, suburb by suburb, you could place me in one suburb then apply a blind fold and take me to another and I would swear I was in the same place ...its the same shops same sandy beach, same idiots doing burnouts in ridiculous cars (driven by morons who think they can drive), Aussie football, bbq's, alcohol, drink driving all topped off with an unhealthy dose of methamphetamine (the meth use here is some of the worse on our planet) and scorching heat and not much else, day in and day out. (<---- just my opinion) Anyhoo in the 8 long years I have had a massive change of direction ......originally we came out here happy and healthy (never underestimate what stress will do to you read on).....on a skilled visa and I worked as a boilermaker, I worked in a couple of engineering shops and even the megabucks of FIFO in the oil and gas industry, I hated FIFO, yes the money was good but I missed my kids massively (away for a month at a time and back for just over a week), I had this constant ache of wanting to go home (as in the UK), combined with the stress of working away, combined with a wife that loves it here along with her parents and brother and never wants to leave...she told me that if I leave I do so on my own, ( I have no family or friends here other than my children) this all built up .......and then bang.......one day i woke up and my heart was not beating right, I was missing beats, I had to go to the emergency dept and long story short I was cardioverted which in lay mans terms means my heart was shocked by a defibrillator to put it back in rhythm, this happend again about a year later (it is very scary and you litterally feel like you are going to die)....ontop of this I was recently diagnosed with having an autoimmune illness possibly caused by stress, rheumatoid arthritis ..i now have this for life!! and i am in my forties and came here healthy and happy.....(by the way there are no heart problems or rheumatoid arthritis history in my family)...I left the UK never having been ill...ever...I am convinced the stress of living here and the daily ache to go home etc has caused this...but what is done is done ...so I decided to make a change I gave up working in the engineering industry and have had a complete change of career, you see i worked whilst my wife studied and got her nursing degree and then I figured it was my turn, I got a job as an orderly in an emergency dept as a start, a total change from welding and engineering, I always fancied working in medicine...this job is a massive eye-opener and a great levelor.... rich or poor, young or old, they all come through the door, from all walks of life from all parts of the world, .....since working in emergency I have seen the good and the not so good and the really sad.... I have sat and held a hand of those that are scared, had a chat and a cup of tea with the elderly, been spat on and abused by those under the influence and even performed CPR many times in a resus bay and I am one of those who respectfully takes a body to the morgue once life has gone......working in this environment has brought into focus that life really...i mean really is to short...i see it every day...anyhow it is just over two years since i started this new job and change of career and what an absolute different job it is....so i decided to also go one step further and study and am now in my second year of paramedicine and hope to qualify as a paramedic in a couple of years time...as you can see a rollercoaster of a change in direction. The reason for this long-winded post, well i see now that Australia for me has been a massive learning experience some good and some bad, I cannot change my feelings for home and miss it sometimes every day but, my new career should stand me in good stead for when I go back home in hopefully a few years time and Australia has given me that opportunity to have a change and i am forever thankful of that....would i have never come or should i say do i wish i had never come here......i would say probably not as i would always have had that longing to see what this life would have been like .....if i could have one more wish it would be that my wife and children would also come home with me, but i am pretty sure that will not happen.....which means I have another bridge to cross in a few years time, one that I fear will be the most difficult of all, that is leaving them here whilst I go it alone........have a nice day, take care and thanks for reading
  3. bug family

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    a horrible situation to be in ...... I am in the same situation only on opposite sides of the planet, we moved to Perth some 8 yrs ago from the UK (my wife and little boy) and now I am getting ready to return to the UK in the next couple of years as I find it so boring here (Perth) and just not for me, however you have guessed it....my wife loves it and will not want to leave....it sounds like you will have to cross the same bridge as me ...and that will not be easy good luck
  4. bug family

    The wheel is about to come off what to do ?

    Thank you Gbye grey sky......I agree there are two sides to every story and I can only put a small percentage of it on here......I will admit I do need to have more of a positive outlook on living here ( by the way I think Australia is a beautiful country) .....but you ask if Wales is that fantastic why did we ever leave ?......this was agreed in the beginning by both of us before ever setting foot in Australia that we as a couple would not make this home forever it was always supposed to be an adventure in life....a break from Britain .....not a forever thing.....Wales will always be my home no matter where I choose to go in the world ......
  5. bug family

    The wheel is about to come off what to do ?

    Thank you all for your interest and advice .....it helps....it really does ....thank you ....
  6. bug family

    The wheel is about to come off what to do ?

    Hi melza...............I consider myself a typical tough bloke can handle most things....but...yep this one is getting to me ....very stressed is round about right.......for what it's worth I did say to my wife some time back that lets do a deal, I would put up and shut up while she did her nursing training which is a good few years and then before my little boy is of high school age we would sell up and return ......but this seems to have been shelved now ....and to be honest as long as her parents and brother are here I can't ever see my wife leaving .....and I definitely do not see my sanity lasting for the next ten or twenty years here..... I will look at legal advice just to see......funny thing is I do still love my wife.......just not right at the moment....
  7. bug family

    The wheel is about to come off what to do ?

    Hi xenon, yes we are both from Wales in the uk, her parents have come out on a contributory parent visa, basically they sold up everything to pay for it as it was very expensive, they have now moved in with us to try and save up and start all over again.....I know there are two sides to every story and you only have my point of view....but they are really hard to live with....my brother in law also lives here just up the road and he has said point blank they can't live with him.....this by the way is the fourth time!!...they have lived with us!! I think I have done my bit ......
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  9. Where in his question does he say he can't get a visa.....do you reckon....even remotely there is a chance that he may be coming on his partners visa ......just imagine that! ....just like my wife came on my visa.....if the question was regarding getting a visa he would have said that.......I was pointing out to you that he asked a question regarding his work that is all......and if I am a smart ass then you are a dumb ass lol.....now now children..lol :jimlad:
  10. Yes Thank you for your infinite wisdom and knowledge oh wise one.....but I think if you read the question he is asking...'he is semi-skilled with 9 years experience and no formal papers' is he likely to get a job........no where in the question does he mention wether or not he has a visa ....glad to have been of help
  11. I disagree...we came to Perth some two years ago...I am a qualified steel fabricator (boilermaker and steel erector) with over seventeen years of experience working in heavy construction (large cranes etc) I hold numerous uk licences, quals etc but they counted as if I had none at all, what I am trying to say David, is even with all my certs and stuff I had to re do all my licenses and boilermaker qual here in Australia, which I did, during this time I just took a general welding job, ...there are a number of vacancys here in wa as trade assistants (what we call labourers in the uk)....you could get a job as a trade assistant and then work on getting your australian licences, some cost less than others an average forklift course for example is around two days and cost about $500, a mewp licence (cherry picker etc) three days around the same amount .....anyhow good luck hope I have helped a little
  12. bug family

    ok do you want to be buried here

    Ahh now I may not be sure of many things in life but of this I am sure......I specifically told my wife that if I croak over here in oz that part of the deal in us coming out was that I am to be flown back to blighty and am to be buried in north Wales from where I was born and grew up ....I understand that yes I will be dead and that I 'possibly' won't know anything about it .....(who knows for sure).......it's just that I take comfort in the fact that there will forever be a small part of Britain that will be permanently be mine....and it will be there for any freinds and family and even strangers to visit....to be just chucked in the ground or cooked and have your ashes thrown anywhere in a ......'foreign' country seems very impersonal to me ...as if you never existed .......just my opinion for what it's worth :swoon:
  13. <p><p>Hello bug Family <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /> ... I was the guy who asked about the forklift license. I can't send private messages due to have less than 10 posts in the forum, but can you send me a pm with information about institutes to get the ticket to be able to work as a forklift operator? ... I would also like if you can recommend any other certificate or ticket that might help me to get a casual job while I find a job in Chemical Engineering. Thank you very much!</p></p>

  14. bug family

    Forklift Operator

    Hi douglashv, I am doing my forklift licence here next week, (i am a welder fabricator) you need the driving licence only as a form of identification along with a second form of I'd such as bank card, passport etc. if you have experience in driving and operating a forklift you can do a one day course as long as you can provide evidence of prior learning I.e. previous licences, certificates, employer work history etc if not then its a two day course. once you have passed the course you are then issued with a high risk work licence from work safe, this takes a couple of weeks to arrive so you need an address. i can recommend a couple of training places that I have used all of them do various courses for the construction industry. if you do require their names you will have to personal message me as I don't think I am allowed to show the names of them on here due to advertising rules etc. anyhow hope this helps good luck :wink:
  15. bug family

    Should legal protests be allowed at thatcher funeral.

    Check the daily mail online one of a number of sources