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  1. yes.....but you have to look a lot harder and travel a lot further to find them
  2. I know what you mean and really feel for you, personally, I am hoping that me leaving will only be for a temporary time in my children's lives, they are still relatively young so as to get used to a new normal which is that of their dad living thousands of miles away, but seeing him every year to spend some good times together and maybe who knows living back in the UK when ever they please when they are slightly older, at least they will have the option...... your daughter would I am sure also adjust in time and possibly see you moving back home as another outlook and an adventure to be had....another option in life
  3. Absolutely agree you write your own book in life, and for me Australia is definitely not the last chapter in my book
  4. I am possibly a third option Paul, in that I did want to come on this adventure...but, Its came with an expiry date, which I set before I had left, I was always going to give it a go just as much as i was always going to return back home...
  5. bug family

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    no sorry Paul you are miles away on that one, I absolutely love my job yes there are some sad days and some difficult days, but the good days make up for it, I consider myself lucky as I get to meet people of all ages, genders, cultures from all walks of life and get the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life...no matter how small that difference may be.....as for being depressed I do not consider myself to be a person who suffers from depression, I am quite lucky like that I suppose, i am however homesick which in a way leads to a form of exogenous depression but this can be remedied by returning home....I hope
  6. Hi Beketamun welcome to the wonderful site of 'Pomsinoz'.....a warning it does get addictive lol I knew in the beginning that I would have to 'hang on in there' and found it hard going even after the first few weeks, but there is this expectation that you will give it a good go and people used to band around this figure of at least two years being the benchmark for if you are going to like it and stay or not. However I always knew, i have always been 'one of them people' that loves to go on holiday or new adventures....but I always hit a point where I have had enough and want to go home, that feeling has never gone away and here I am 10 years later!! about to go home soon hopefully
  7. bug family

    Stuck in ‘Paradise’

    Not yet ...still stuck in this dusty baron land......but I am working on it, trust me leaving here will be both the hardest and the easiest thing I have ever done, literally.........leaving my children takes my breath away But missing home and being able to go back and start another new adventure pulls me in the opposite direction I have mentioned before that I am returning but with a totally new career and new work area, (an ambulance trust in England somewhere, think big city), but even though I plan to work somewhere new, I also plan to save up and get a house (deposit and mortgage as I am broke:) in or around my home town in North Wales, so that I am not living and working in the same area on my days off (for mental health reasons due to the nature of the job), .......my point is I feel that I have a better chance of making this work as I am not 'going back' to try and fit into my old life, this is a new life .......and my children, after a period of time (which I have accepted will be very hard) will also have the chance of a new life and new adventures...I am not walking away, I am simply opening up new doors for them My job here in Australia really does put life into perspective, when you are around real sickness and death on a regular basis it makes you focus on TIME and how you spend it and more importantly how much you may have left..... The welsh have a saying noun: hiraeth (especially in the context of Wales or Welsh culture) deep longing for something, especially one's home. "I could not begin to put into words the hiraeth that the Welsh feel for the mountains and valleys of their homeland" Hiraeth is not something that you can explain as such, you either feel it or you do not, you do not even have to be Welsh or from Wales to experience it, the longing for home, wherever that may be never goes away ....
  8. I hope in time that you find happiness 22B, where ever that maybe.....also you should know that you are part of POMSINOZ and your opinion and input is both valued and helps, so stick around and have a chat from time to time ...there is no judgment on here, we all have a different view on life as we are all indeed different...take care
  9. I think that you will find that you are 22B, staying despite knowing that your heart and soul belongs somewhere else takes courage in my book
  10. For me I absolutely love my children and always will, I have said to them numerous times that no matter where I am in the world, there will always be a front door for them to walk through when ever they want, and even though they are relatively still young (13 & 8 ) they understand that I am trying to go home and that I miss home, I have sold (i think) them on the Idea that instead of just having one country to live in, they will have the choice of two and two hemispheres as well, I have to to admit the hardest part will be walking away from them, but it wont be forever of that I am sure, just need to get re-established back in the U.K.. I still love my wife in a caring way, but not in a loving husband and wife way, I have accepted that the marriage has been too broken by the whole emigration and homesickness (on my part) and we want different things, however we are lucky in the fact that we both are still really close and I have told her that she is welcome to come over to stay with me anytime once I am back home....when ever that may be, 2022 is looking good for a move I reckon Quoll
  11. bug family


    Hi Unsurebutalwaysdiscussing, I sit in the opposite camp to most on this one, so for balance I thought I would write, I visited home (the U.K.) back in 2019 at Christmas time just before Covid hit, At that point I had been here in Perth for 8 years or so (came with my wife and little boy, and had a daughter out here..... long story played out on here in part, but we are now splitting up and I am trying to go home) anyhow I had never been back, one of the reasons for me going back (apart from missing home everyday for 8 years ) was to see if I still wanted to go home for good or if I could 'get it out of my system' as I have been told many times. For me the trip back cemented where I wanted to be, just going from town to town and seeing the differences in each one, and the food, historic buildings, countryside, culture etc, etc you get the idea...for me rather than 'get it out my system' I knew that I don't belong here, for me (personal opinion) Perth is soul destroying and living in a suburb as I do drains the life out of you and picturing spending the rest of my days here are not an option, so I will be leaving at some stage on my own to try and start all over again, you are possibly in a more favourable position to me in that financially I will leave with very little as I am signing the house over to my wife to ensure my children have a stable future (the house is near the school etc). I have sold the idea to my children that I will be going back to setup again, and that it may take a couple of years to get straight and get a mortgage , house etc, but that it is in their interests as they will have the choice of two countries that they can live in and access to Europe, holidays in the Med, cold Christmases, food, history and culture galore. I think what maybe hits the message home for me more than most on here and indeed generally is the people that I meet in work on a daily basis (a hospital that shall remain nameless), I regularly meet and chat to elderly ex pats from the UK as part of my job, most (not all) but most talk fondly of their country of birth and how they wished to have gone back when they where younger or regret leaving it to long to go back, you can see the sadness in there eyes and hear it in their voice....I do not want to be one of those that regrets not leaving when I am old and grey Anyhow good luck to you there is no easy or straight forward answer, we are all different and have different lives and place value in different things...for me I will be financially poorer in the UK but in life immeasurably richer ....some things cannot have a price put on them I suppose....... good luck
  12. Thanks tea4too I am nearly there just a bit longer x
  13. I am glad you are happy here but not everyone feels that way, I miss home always have and always will, we are all different steveshe I respect that, as for a petition I have no idea on this not heard about it, oh and as for moaning poms ....everyone moans about something or other including you moaning about moaning poms Australia is at a crossroads at the moment, it has done well to keep covid at bay up till now but on the other hand has a very low vaccination rate, meaning if and when covid does make a significant impact which is starting to look likely over east it could be a very different story here....time will tell ..anyhow I hopefully will be going home in the not to distant future
  14. yes its very hard especially at the moment, I personally think it is wrong that as a British citizen I have to apply for exemption to LEAVE the country, even if I plan to not come back! Its a shame your town was not what you expected when you went back, some places have done well others not so much, Prestatyn town was booming when I was there a couple of years ago, in fact North Wales as been voted one of the best regions to holiday in the UK
  15. Yes i know Buckley to, not far from Wrexham and Mold, its funny really because it is so true when people say that you have to live somewhere else to appreciate where you live and now I have done that I can truly say that I prefer back home in the UK