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  1. bug family


    nope...not in my experience Bulya, prior to coming to Australia some 8yrs ago, I had literally only met one Aussie abroad in a brilliant bar on the Greek island of Rhodes in the port town of Ixia and that's having previously traveled through Europe, South Africa, and the middle east, however I had met loads of Brits abroad all over the place, we must both have had different experiences of life I suppose, anyhow make sure you get a passport for your horse and take it away with you next time you go away ....I hear Benidorm is nice at this time of year
  2. bug family


    sorry, but you are talking about living elsewhere, which is totally different to traveling elsewhere, Bulya and I are talking about traveling, as for not experiencing a culture, I again disagree, Britain is one of the most multicultural countries on the planet! (far more so than Australia in my opinion) and not everyone goes to university Marisa either here or in the UK, most people just go on holiday as they cannot afford to take a year off to busy holding down a job and trying to survive, nothing wrong with Benidorm or Tenerife I have been to both along with many other places around this great planet of ours, every country has its uniqueness and something to offer, Benidorm and Tenerife included, maybe you don't like to mingle with us common people
  3. bug family


    sorry Bulya, I have to disagree there, its not a competition or anything but far more brits, in my experience travel than Australians, its only really the recent generations of Australians that travel anywhere, for example, the second job I had here in Australia I worked in an engineering shop, most of those working there (i was the only brit) had never been out of the state, let alone the country and the thought of getting on a plane to fly to the other side of the world was simply a crazy idea
  4. bug family


    when and where are you going Kev and whats your family situation like, if you don't mind me asking? i.e. kids, married etc...just being nosey as i feel very much the same as you
  5. bug family


    Hi Jennifer, We live in the next town along from Rockingham in a place called Mandurah, if I am honest and just my opinion, I would not personally live in Rockingham, there is literally a beach which is nice if you like beaches (but after the hundredth time they start to get boring...maybe just me) and a shopping center (which is what they call the town center over here) and that's about it, there are shops dotted around and a few parks with swings, and loads of houses etc but not much else. Mandurah (where we live) is a bit nicer with a bit more to do and better schools (all again my personal opinion please don't shoot ). There is a debate over private versus state schools here, with private schooling being judged to be about on par with average British council-run schools, I would probably agree with this we send our kids to a private school and it seems very good, although it is expensive which means we are always skint, but at least they are getting a good education. You say you are only coming for 4 years, does this mean you are returning to the UK after this period? On the question of more to do for the kids, look the sun shines more here so you can get outdoors more I suppose, but in the hight of summer it is like the hight of winter back home, only the opposite way round, as in it is to hot to stay outdoors all day, there are activities if you look, but it is mainly sport and not much else, my kids are not sporty so it leaves them very little to do. I am biased I suppose, as I am looking to return to the UK in the next few years, as I miss home and do not enjoy it here (I find it very, very boring), however somepeople love it and would never return to the UK, we are all different Jennifer you may love it!, whatever happens I wish you good luck Bugfamily
  6. bug family

    Last minute jitters

    Hi Kerry, we (wife and two children 11yrs and 6yrs), have been here (Western Australia) for some 8 years now, being totally honest I have been homesick from the first week and have never really settled, (long, long story)......some weeks if you handed me a plane ticket home, I would have been off like a shot if it was not for (a) my kids and (b) I am broke lol But I would never, ever have not given it a go, we sound the same as you and put a massive amount of work into getting here (took about 4 yrs all up and all our savings) we where virtually broke when we landed here, but we did make it work, my wife loves it and her family are here so she would never go back, me I cannot wait to go back one day, but this should not put you off from having a go, we are all different with different lives and different circumstances. You need to go and give it a good kick and see what happens, at least you will have tried if nothing else and when the time is right (you will know when that is) make a decision if its to stay or return home. I wish you good luck
  7. bug family


    lol...yep totally agree with you Kevo..been in Perth for 8 yrs and bored out my tree
  8. bug family

    checklist for moving back to uk

    Dennyboy, I cannot help with the list I am afraid (as I am still in oz, but will leave one day..hopefully ) But I just wanted to say I am sorry to hear about your son passing away, as a dad myself that must be terribly hard for you, I wish you all the luck in the world Take care Bugfamily
  9. bug family

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    Totally agree chooklady, there is an obsession here with calling everything 'AWESOME' ......your top is 'AWESOME'.....my car is 'AWESOME'.....this area is 'AWESOME'....so americanised (i am not against america by the way) australia is in danger of losing its own identity
  10. Hello starlight7, I have spoken to my wife at length and on many occasions, but she has firmly told me that its Australia or I go it alone, she will not compromise as her parents and brother have moved here, which I can understand in a way as she is very close to her mum, but it also says to me that I obviously do not figure very high on her list of priorities, which is a shame as when we came out to Australia we where so in love and very close, we are still good friends but no longer a proper married couple, the stress of everything has changed us (we have not slept together for years)....as for leaving the children that is going to be the hardest decision for me, they are still young (6 and 11) and I love them and would miss them terribly, but I also feel I cannot spend another ten years or so here waiting for them to get older and gain independence, firstly I fear I would go mad and secondly if I can get resettled back in the UK before they reach teenage years they would visit and get to know the UK as a child, which I feel is important, as otherwise thry will probably only ever see Australia as home and I want them to experience what the UK has as a child, as they may also want to live there when they are older...if that makes sense , also if I wait much longer I feel I may be to old to re settle and gain empl;oyment, I am in my mid forties now
  11. bug family

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    errrr....not sure what you mean Ramot..if you check, I think you will find i was not being rude I was replying to CAN 1983, who originally was being rude and judgemental about the North of England, Liverpool and the UK in general, as for my opinion of Melbourne I am sorry if you disagree but its not my cup of tea simples, I never said it was Melbourne's fault so not sure what you mean to be honest.... it was Can1983 that was making the comparison...as for living in difficult countries I to have lived in a number of locations around this great planet including Africa during the apartheid era, so i also have some idea of what different countries have to offer, I am not rude in the slightest just honest..sorry if that upsets you
  12. bug family

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    You see different folks different strokes I suppose.... I found Melbourne a soulless dull place which struggles to work out exactly what it is trying to be, sort of like a poor impersonation of London, if you count culture being able to sit around drinking your soy latte skinny decafe then its probably for you can1983....... me I prefer the character, rawness and cultural vastly significant Liverpool (the beatles, liverpool football club etc) any day ...have a nice day
  13. Just to say a big thank you all for your input and comments, I appreciate the different points of view and advice, ....just got to qualify now and then see where it takes me.....i guess my heart never left home ....watch this space
  14. Hi all, hope you are well, ...sorry for the long post It's been some 5 years since I last posted on here....5 long years and 8 years since we (we being wife and little boy) moved from the UK to Perth and a rollercoaster of a ride and an extra child (little girl) since then, what has changed well, I still miss home (the UK), I did so from the very first week!, saying that I was always 'one of them people' who loved going on holiday but also couldn't wait to go home.... so I guess now that the honeymoon period, where it is expected that after this point, say 2 years you know if you love it or hate has well and truly lapsed, I can say for sure that this is not the place for me, the mind-numbing bordem and lack of culture has litterally sapped my soul...it is like a wedding buffet...its all the same repeated, suburb by suburb, you could place me in one suburb then apply a blind fold and take me to another and I would swear I was in the same place ...its the same shops same sandy beach, same idiots doing burnouts in ridiculous cars (driven by morons who think they can drive), Aussie football, bbq's, alcohol, drink driving all topped off with an unhealthy dose of methamphetamine (the meth use here is some of the worse on our planet) and scorching heat and not much else, day in and day out. (<---- just my opinion) Anyhoo in the 8 long years I have had a massive change of direction ......originally we came out here happy and healthy (never underestimate what stress will do to you read on).....on a skilled visa and I worked as a boilermaker, I worked in a couple of engineering shops and even the megabucks of FIFO in the oil and gas industry, I hated FIFO, yes the money was good but I missed my kids massively (away for a month at a time and back for just over a week), I had this constant ache of wanting to go home (as in the UK), combined with the stress of working away, combined with a wife that loves it here along with her parents and brother and never wants to leave...she told me that if I leave I do so on my own, ( I have no family or friends here other than my children) this all built up .......and then bang.......one day i woke up and my heart was not beating right, I was missing beats, I had to go to the emergency dept and long story short I was cardioverted which in lay mans terms means my heart was shocked by a defibrillator to put it back in rhythm, this happend again about a year later (it is very scary and you litterally feel like you are going to die)....ontop of this I was recently diagnosed with having an autoimmune illness possibly caused by stress, rheumatoid arthritis ..i now have this for life!! and i am in my forties and came here healthy and happy.....(by the way there are no heart problems or rheumatoid arthritis history in my family)...I left the UK never having been ill...ever...I am convinced the stress of living here and the daily ache to go home etc has caused this...but what is done is done ...so I decided to make a change I gave up working in the engineering industry and have had a complete change of career, you see i worked whilst my wife studied and got her nursing degree and then I figured it was my turn, I got a job as an orderly in an emergency dept as a start, a total change from welding and engineering, I always fancied working in medicine...this job is a massive eye-opener and a great levelor.... rich or poor, young or old, they all come through the door, from all walks of life from all parts of the world, .....since working in emergency I have seen the good and the not so good and the really sad.... I have sat and held a hand of those that are scared, had a chat and a cup of tea with the elderly, been spat on and abused by those under the influence and even performed CPR many times in a resus bay and I am one of those who respectfully takes a body to the morgue once life has gone......working in this environment has brought into focus that life really...i mean really is to short...i see it every day...anyhow it is just over two years since i started this new job and change of career and what an absolute different job it is....so i decided to also go one step further and study and am now in my second year of paramedicine and hope to qualify as a paramedic in a couple of years time...as you can see a rollercoaster of a change in direction. The reason for this long-winded post, well i see now that Australia for me has been a massive learning experience some good and some bad, I cannot change my feelings for home and miss it sometimes every day but, my new career should stand me in good stead for when I go back home in hopefully a few years time and Australia has given me that opportunity to have a change and i am forever thankful of that....would i have never come or should i say do i wish i had never come here......i would say probably not as i would always have had that longing to see what this life would have been like .....if i could have one more wish it would be that my wife and children would also come home with me, but i am pretty sure that will not happen.....which means I have another bridge to cross in a few years time, one that I fear will be the most difficult of all, that is leaving them here whilst I go it alone........have a nice day, take care and thanks for reading