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  1. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Totally agree proud preston
  2. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Paul, ......drumbeat was questioning me somewhat on my knowledge of autoimmune disorders and I replied, having studied medicine for a number of years, I helped inform drumbeat on a possible causative link between stress and an autoimmune disorder, using credible sources which I can reference for you if you are really bothered...... as i am not ....anyway you are probably to busy going for your swim or golf or surfing or playing basket ball or hand gliding or skydiving or scuba diving or flying a commercial aircraft or hunting for big foot to read this and be on poms in oz
  3. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    yes absolutely if it is without my children and wife...so its a Lose lose situation...just got to work out which way to go, the rheumatoid is here to stay now no matter where i decide to live
  4. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    My wife had previously visited Australia (different parts including Perth) with her parents on a couple of occasions, so when I met her and we where still in the dating phase (seems like a life time ago now ) she mentioned that she was intending eventually to emigrate to Australia.....seemed like a good idea at the time so I agreed.........but then, i would have agreed to living in Siberia at that stage as I was still in the 'trying to look attractive ' phase ..................the why?...it had a beach and the sun shone, plus we wanted an adventure in life I suppose, all pretty vague reasons I suppose
  5. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    Hi Drumbeat...................Hence the reason I put CAN be caused by stress and not IS caused by, you are right in that there are a number of different triggers, as you are probably aware it is an autoimmune type 2 reaction, known as immunity to self, the causes can be genetic in nature, or environmental, but also faulty point mutations on chromosomal DNA, however continual stress has been identified as a causative factor in the release of and secretion of inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin 1, and 6 and tumour necrosis factor (TNF), the release of cortisol from the adrenal medulla and the control of which, via the Hypo thalamus, is thought to mediate this response to inflammation, however this still leads to an increase in synovial fluid production from synovitis of the synovial membrane in the small joints this is particularly debilitating. ............at no point am I blaming Australia for this, I am saying that in my opinion, stress has caused this ......please feel free to discuss further with your new best buddy bulya
  6. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    your not going to come and get me are you..............
  7. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    To the original poster samt4, On here you will find some very good advice from both sides of the divide, I am possibly one of the 'stuck ones' that are written about on here, I like yourself miss the culture, scenery, people, places, diversity, pubs (especially the pubs lol) and even the weather back home in the UK, I would say that the pull of home only gets stronger and it does not get any easier with time, and that is without throwing children into the mix (i am married with two young children). I am telling you this as its very easy for 8 months as in your case to suddenly become 8 years, as in my case and you will find that you are still in a place you do not want to be going over and over the dilemma of Australia vs the UK, only now it is way more complicated to just 'go home' as time will have passed and circumstances will have changed. Good luck..... as i have said before, don't let your Australian story become another 'shipwreck' to add to those already floundering on here, .........trust me i know, my ship is well and truly sinking lol ...I wish you good luck
  8. bug family

    Been in Oz 8 months and struggling - advice please!

    No I am sorry bulya i have to disagree, i do not think you can put an arbitrary number on it and say after that point you will either be settled or not, i knew within the first month or so that it was not for me, but got sold on the old ' it takes at least two years then you will be fine ' speech, here i am 8 plus years on stuck with either the choice of leaving my children and wife to go back home to the UK on my own or staying here and going completely nuts ............it has already cost me my health to a degree, when i first arrived i was fit and healthy since then i have had a couple of serious heart dysrhythmias and now have rheumatoid disease for life which is an autoimmune disorder that can be caused by stress.
  9. bug family

    Moving back after 31 years

    Hi Amber, I have definitely seen age discrimination in health care here in Australia unfortunately, The hospital that I work in (Perth region) recently they had an internal recruitment drive from the wards for the emergency dept, not one person over 30 got a look in, even though some of those nurses were highly experienced and would have been brilliant for the role; also, each year they run their grad program for new grad nurses, how many over 30's do you reckon they have taken on in the last 4 years in the emergency dept?....zero! not one. I also know of 'older nurses' 30's, 40's and 50's who are told you need more experience to work in emergency, come back in 6 months please, mean while a bunch of twenty some things are welcomed on in with open arms, the attrition rate for the younger nurses is high and I reckon that is because (a) they possibly lack life experience and maturity (b) poor management, Even the CN roles are usually only given to the younger nurses, the older ones are over looked, which I find strange as when you look at the traditional matron / sister role in the UK, it has always been held by those with not just experience but also age on their side as in more mature in age, what happens here in Aus seems to be the opposite and i think it sometimes shows in the level of care, I regularly see nurses with one eye on the patient and the other on their latest snap chat/twitter/facebook feed, not only is it not a good look and unprofessional it is also dangerous and bad mannered, how many of those more mature nurses do you think are guilty of this.... none as far as I have seen, I am not a nurse by the way, but work closely with the nursing team ....i think the icing on the cake for me was the young CN who told me how she likes to lie in her own urine when getting 'smashed' at the weekend as she cannot be bothered to get out of bed......this is a nurse in charge of an emergency department!!! ........ageism and nepotism are both encouraged in Australia in my opinion
  10. bug family

    Decision Made...

    Marisa, just curious about this, how is a person classed as being resident in Australia ?...what i am getting at is can you claim a Australian pension at pensionable age and have it paid into an Australian bank account, but reside in the UK and just transfer it online to your UK account or is this a no no.....just asking for a friend
  11. bug family

    Moved back and confused!

    ^^^^ This is me ^^^^^ this is not me ^^^^^^^ This is me aaannnd this is also me ^^^^
  12. Thanks feeling stuck, rather apt name by the way lol......i know this feeling well, what part of Perth do you live in if you don't mind me asking?
  13. bug family

    Moved back and confused!

    Hi Ramot, wow you really have travelled, It is funny because I also grew up in an air-force family, my father was in the RAF and when I was a child we moved to various parts of the world (south Africa, Cyprus etc) when my dad finally finished his career after nearly 30 years in service they settled in North Wales which is where I then grew up. Maybe it was because of all the moving early in life, that i finally settled in Wales and have always thought of the UK as home...never really thought of it that way ..mmmm anyhow you definitely sound like one of Marisa's Nomads